Douglas County


Island Development LLC to Corum, Matt R. and Becky L., 17824 Island Circle, $130,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Macha, Kenneth E. and Carolyn V., 14702 Mormon St., $211,245.

Moreno, Matthew R. and Melissa L. to Draper, Michael and Sandra, 17805 N. Reflection Circle, $114,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Ukposidolo, Emmanuel E., 7827 N. 144th Ave., $190,900.

Horihan, Neil Brian and Cheryl to Horihan, Kari Ann, 12032 N. 156th Ave., $160,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Silva, Christina Maria and Kosiba, Jeffery L. Jr., 8208 N. 172nd St., $303,053.

Danks, Stephanie to Sherrod, Darise, 14471 Reynolds St., $185,500.


Moen, Brian W. and Kroll-Moen, Kristen A. to Rita L. Miltner Revocable Trust, 18114 Leavenworth St., $475,001.

Classen, Gregg and Sharon to Moen, Brian W. and Kroll-Moen, Kristen A., 19408 Camden Ave., $1,550,000.

Triplett, Elliot J. and Sandra J. to Moses, Michael and Jessica K., 4927 N. 208th St., $309,900.

Estes, James L. and Adria N. to Turman, Ryan and Anna, 1202 Elk Ridge Drive, $580,000.

Newport Homes LLC to Plants, Darren and Katherine, 4921 N. 208th St., $342,486.

Charleston Homes LLC to Poynter, Misti D. and Timothy, 20424 Saratoga Circle, $299,225.

Dolter, Marcia L. to Dolter, Stephen, 2345 S. 218th Ave., $447,800.

Dolter, Stephen to Samson, Thomas C. and Rebecca S., 2345 S. 218th Ave., $500,000.

Vencil Construction Inc. to Vogt, Steven L. and Keri L., 2284 N. 188th St., $439,741.

Tonniges, Tracie to Muench, Austin and Leah, 1041 S. 217th St., $260,000.


Taft, Luke E. and Samantha M. to Sehn, Courtney M., 23714 Cedar Drive, $150,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Vaughn, Shanita, 2228 Thomas Drive, $170,000.


Cimino, Robert Michael to Lebaugh, Robert and Denise, 723 Riverfront Drive, $401,000.


Ngo, Thien and Nguyen, Nga to Ambatobe, Benoit and Apendeki, Francoise, 5620 Larimore Ave., $140,000.

Enders-Toft, Jennifer S. to Boettcher, Marietta M. and Verdel L., 2503 N. 71st St., $140,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Wiggin, Michael, 4145 N. 61st St., $57,100.

Polinko, Robert W. and Patricia to Cordova Estates LLC, 6767 Maple St., $132,000.

Atkins, Kyle M. and Bethany H. to Chavez, Belarmino, 2539 N. 63rd St., $129,900.

Garner, Shelli to Forrest, Eldan, 2758 N. 49th St., $65,000.

Johnson, Rayna M. to Clark, Marcus S. and Erin A., 6306 Taylor Circle, $138,000.

Baudo, James E. and Judith A. to Bronte Companies LLC, 6816 Spaulding St., $76,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to REO Asset Management Co. LLC, 2414 N. 60th St., $72,000.

Meg Enterprises LLC to Fanning, Dustin H., 3304 N. 57th St., $75,000.

Hawk, Camille R. Trust to Bel Fury Investments Group LLC, 4663 N. 45th Ave., $66,280.

Pignotti, Randy and Gary C. to Miller Way LLC, 6935 Binney St., $34,500.

Holloway, Aaron N. Jr. and Payton, Ericka R. to McCormick, Steven D. and Bari L., 5217 N. 60th St., $170,000.

FA Properties LLC to Dee, Saw Naw and Lae, Khae, 4317 N. 53rd St., $135,000.

Gumise, George to Thu, Taw and Lu, Paw, 4609 Fowler Ave., $89,000.

Lemmon, Ryan J. to Kyaw, Min Tun, 4734 Burdette St., $110,000.

Dodenhof, Nicholas S. and Sarah A. to Allerton, Kenneth L., 3424 N. 50th St., $135,000.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 2414 N. 60th St., $114,750.

Bel Fury Investments Group LLC to HBI LLC, 4663 N. 45th Ave., $140,000.

Krampe, Christopher A. and Emily A. to Hemmer, Brian A., 3909 N. 66th St., $123,500.

Johnson, Marva J. to Htu, Rosy, 6159 Park Lane Drive, $82,000.

Hardy, James F. and Laurie J. to Parker, Morgan and Elijah, 5425 Ellison Ave., $175,000.


Gale, Linda, personal representative of Tanner, Lois Lavonne estate. to Huss, Ronald and Shirley D., 3264 Hascall St., $80,000.

Clark, Georgia Lucille to ATM Investments LLC, 3312 Hickory St., $60,000.

Harvest Development I LLC to HD I Freddie Asset LLC, 1317 S. 36th St., $879,060.

Harvest Development I LLC to HD I Freddie Asset LLC, 3938 Wright St., $804,804.

Schulte, Raymond A. Sr. to Gray, Patrick William and Kelly Ann, 2735 S. 41st St., $65,000.

Hillyer, Robert R. and Nora A. to Hillyer, Timothy C. and Catherine J., 3222 S. 44th Ave., $144,000.

Ellefson, Dean and Becky to Garcia, Amador Rangel and Rangel, Cira Velazquez De, 1733 S. 27th St., $33,000.


Tab LLC to Johnson, Sierra and Carey, Joseph, 5511 Hickory St., $143,000.

Conklin, Robert E., personal representative of Conklin, Jack H. estate, to Lawson, Mark Sr. and Mark, 3315 S. 58th St., $225,000.

Ridder, Paul and Jackie to Ridder, Emily A., 6461 Pierce St., $75,000.

Tierney, Kenneth McCord to Eckerman, Erin Marie and Buhrman, James Michael Jr., 5621 Pine St., $181,000.

Murphy, Shamus and Noelle to Wieland, Joseph H., 1336 S. 51st Ave., $122,500.

Jaros, Karina B. and Schaffart, Philip L. to Pentzien, Robert Taylor, 833 S. 60th St., $224,900.

Candace M. Billingsley Revocable Trust to Hubbard, Alexandra J., 822 S. 54th St., $184,900.

Cubro, Dzevad and Rafija to Yang, Chheang, 2118 S. 47th St., $120,000.

Kieffe, Patrick R. and Michelle to Micek, Scott T., 3227 S. 45th St., $160,000.

Mansfield, Tricia A. and Brink, Laura N. to Aponte, Veronica L., 3621 S. 46th Ave., $165,350.


Krug, Jody L. and Tina S. to JWN Investco LLC, 4417 Q St., $200,000.

Mendoza, Christine G. and Gauff, James E. to Rodriguez, Leopoldo Puentes, 3023 R St., $43,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Heartland Holdings B LLC, 3829 S. 24th St., $60,100.

Milczski, Raymond R. to Johnson, Rachael A. and Ryan M., 3411 F St., $96,500.

Garrido, Hilario Nava and Nava, Margarita S. to NR LLC, 4013 S. 34th St., $65,800.

Barbara R. Hyer Revocable Trust to Hernandez, Rigoberto, 1623 Jefferson St., $130,000.

Harvest Development I LLC to HD I Freddie Asset LLC, 4751 S. 18th St., $884,557.

JBM Investments LLC to Rivas, Jose H. Soriano and Soriano, Enma, 4136 M St., $75,000.

Lopez, Linda to Lopez, Linda and Romero, Luis Jesus Calderon, 5057 S. 39th St., $50,733.

Graeff, David and Jennifer A. to Phekhit Properties LLC, 5622 S. 32nd St., $90,000.


Bells Capital LLC to Light, Cecilia, 1901 S. 13th St., $25,000.

4-T Irrevocable Trust and Hanzlick, Ryan, trustee, to Cordero, Yenner Gustavo Escobar, 2319 S. 18th St., $24,000.

Watkins, Steve L. to Saldivar, Samuel Rosas and Rosas, Gloria I., 2322 S. 23rd St., $100,000.

Harvest Development I LLC to HD I Freddie Asset LLC, 2536 S. 7th St., $939,222.

Orange Investments LLC to Gemerson Properties LLC, 2220 S. 10th St., $125,000.


Burke, Jennifer M. and Jason to Nice, Richard E. and Antonia M., 4425 N. 16th St., $63,000.

Woodruff, Larry and Martha A. to Quintana, Kitzia, 1605 Laird St., $12,000.


Iontach Investments LLC to Willcock, Julie Ann, 5368 N. 29th St., $41,500.

Huber, Steven to Susano, Isabel and Angelica, 2835 Parker St., $37,500.

Perry, Lee and Winzetta to Barraza, Magali Gonzalez, 2556 Spencer St., $25,000.

Polk, Hattie P. to Thompson-Brown, Bridgette, 5321 N. 27th Ave., $38,700.

Equity Trust Company for the benefit of Jeff Rothlisberger IRA to Walker, Benjamin R. C., 3809 Blondo St., $130,000.

Christensen, Lisa K. and Jerry E. to KCN Group LLC, 3223 N. 40th Ave., $24,700.

Smith, Travis J. to Harder, Victoria R., 3047 Arcadia Ave., $38,830.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Wah, Mai Mai and Ye, Than Than, 3920 Hartman Ave., $120,000.

Vera, Rodolfo Romero and Christine Romero to Aldaba, Lorena Camargo, 2812 N. 26th St., $20,000.

Brungardt, Mark to Reyes, Natasha L., 6012 N. 25th Ave., $118,000.

Commercial State Bank to Williams, Rudolph Jr. and Judith, 3724 Grand Ave., $25,000.

Gesu Housing Inc. to Okech, Rosalyn A., 4219 Corby St., $128,000.

Phoenix Realty Fund B LLC to Brame, Dana K., 4138 N. 37th St., $12,000.

Gesu Housing Inc. to Gurung, Patali, 4304 Miami St., $128,000.

Drake, Willie J. to Santos, Marta Dos, 2105 John A. Creighton Blvd., $44,000.


Wiegel, Linda F. to Kean, James V. and Diane P., 2866 Iowa St., $51,008.

Moore, Dwight J. and Linda E. to Reinsch, Gerald W. and Jill, 10229 N. 29th Court, $490,000.

Pony Farm Real Estate LLC to Reilly Culver LLC, 8507 N. 30th St., $160,000.

Qualified Property Solutions LLC to McCormick, Steven D. and Bari L., 4015 Redick Ave., $67,000.

A-Team Investments LLC to Gray, Douglas and Deborah, 2872 Mary St., $125,000.


Ray, Clay A. and Sally A. to McCan, Matthew L. and Janel E., 1920 N. 103rd Ave., $207,000.

Palmer, Constance L. to Steinspring, Amanda, 1705 Hillside Drive, $186,000.

Sichmeller, James R. Sr. and Barbara A. to Wells, Brady M. E. and Madsen, Kaitlin A., 9306 Meadow Drive, $156,000.

Reiners, Diane E. to Argo, Kim M. and Eric D., 1818 N. 94th Place, $162,450.

VanBriesen, Leslie J., personal representative of Blauw, Donna J. estate, to Gler, Eh and Wah, Wah, 1609 N. 84th St., $145,000.


Loos, Robyn Lynn to Iwanski, Peter and Emily, 2919 N. 152nd St., $207,500.

Knobbe, Michael J. and Morgan J. to Lowman, Carter, 2309 N. 167th Ave., $195,000.

Weiss, Curt to Combs, Nick G. and Allycia M., 6005 N. 146th St., $290,000.

Wallace, Molly A. and Matthew to Dunne, Adela Unay and Kieran R. Jr., 16503 Yates St., $158,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Ramos, Jorge and Jacqueline, 6075 N. 155th Ave., $314,047.

Strampe, Robert D. to Lenagh, Paul A., 3909 N. 157th St., $270,000.

M Group LLC to Silverthorn Custom Homes LLC, 6423 N. 157th St., $40,000.

Brenneman, Cynthia Ann to Kugler, Dusty D., 2310 N. 178th St., $390,000.

William and Elenore Welniak Family Trust and Maggio, Vicki L., trustee, to Connie M. Krueger Living, 3206 N. 176th St., $302,000.


Pedersen, Judy Frees and Raymond to Mendez, Sixto Florentino, 4726 S. 53rd St., $140,000.

Hensley, Rick D. to Valladares, Rosa I., 4427 S. 62nd Ave., $75,000.

Harvest Development I LLC to HD I Freddie Asset LLC, 5613 S. 51st St., $816,628.

Petersen, Rand S. and Cheryl Anne to Petersen, Raymond Jay, 4855 S. 54th St., $43,000.


Pelster, Martin P. and Rebecca S. to Hurley, Matthew W. and Mary Ellen, 16337 Seward Circle, $310,000.

Murphy, James T. and Elaine M. to Murphy, Shamus E. and Noelle, 1129 N. 156th Ave., $220,000.

Jones, Richard J. and Donna R. to Krampe, Christopher A. and Emily A., 15617 Capitol Circle, $220,000.


Silva, Christina M. and Kosiba, Jeffery L. Jr. to Stechschulte, Nathan, 7420 N. 87th St., $190,000.

Sullivan-McPherson, Rebecca D. and McPherson, Khalid P. to Grauel, Cody James, 9126 Summit St., $167,000.

Schellhardt, Thomas M. to Dean, Sheila K., 8432 Baker St., $199,000.

Harvest Development I LLC to HD I Freddie Asset LLC, 8165 Clay St., $305,282.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Magar, Rohit Thapa and Hasta M., 8513 King St., $222,336.

Jill Sleddens Realty PC to Rodriguez, Juan Sergio, 7606 Howell St., $176,500.


James, Beth A. to Harp, Kurt and Kimberly, 3310 S. 90th St., $147,000.

Walters, Anthony J. and Virginia L. to Watkins, Steve and Rawson, Becky, 8512 C St., $160,000.

McFadden, James J. and Kelly A. to Puccioni, Mark, 3125 Armbrust Drive, $730,000.

Masters, Louis J. III and Meghan to Vorland, Renae C. and Jonathan, 3422 S. 77th St., $118,000.

McKenna, Matthew and April to Rensch, Richard J. III, 2811 S. 105th Ave., $230,000.

Townsend, Dean E. and Nancy R. to Ronk, Jaime, 8715 Valley St., $120,000.

MJ Construction Inc. to S3H Properties LLC, 3334 S. 82nd St., $110,000.

United Equity LLC to Schumacher, Cynthia J., 7804 Poppleton Ave., $364,500.


Hospodka, Ronald J. and Linda R. to 5634 Bay Meadows Rd. LLC, 5634 Bay Meadows Road, $180,000.

Kenneth Liebschwager Trust to Potts, Danny and Pamela, 10782 Berry Place, $145,000.

Kowal, Joan to Wrieth, John L. and Judith A., 7611 State St., $110,000.

Ellis, Douglas D. and Celeste E. to Bundy, Austin Taylor and Gisele, 5814 S. 105th St., $205,000.

Safe Harbor Homes LLC to Guy, Justin and Sarah, 10635 O St., $180,000.

Whitman, Natalie M. to Payne, David E., 6323 S. 94th St., $170,000.


Schreurs, Jill E. to Takapoo, Maysam and Soleimani, Somayeh, 16725 Pierce Circle, $223,000.

Ronald L. Fauss and Connie L. Fauss Revocable Trust Agreements to Rockwood, Terri J., 1303 S. 190th Place, $356,000.

Culler, Sheila L. to Scoville Hofts Investments LLC, 1337 S. 162nd Ave., $79,900.

Barden, Matthew R. and Michelle Stephens to Buragadda, Avdesh and Mudugal, Dharani, 3304 S. 188th St., $610,000.

Brisby, Dainna to Schuman, Dale D., 2639 S. 191st Circle, $187,350.


Pauley, Kurtis and Caila to Roads to 30 Series 1 LLC, 140 N. 31st Ave., $210,000.

Bostwick, Leah Marie to Long, David and Cynthia, 3000 Farnam St., $112,500.

Stone, Steven M. and Elaine M. to Bostwick, Laura and Brent, 3000 Farnam St., $55,600.


MFA Properties Inc. to Lin, Wenyin, 6623 Charles St., $92,000.

Watson Rei LLC to Hanson, Kyle and Fritch, Jordan, 304 S. 49th Ave., $264,950.

Fuchs, Thomas B. and Whitney to Maxwell, Daniel and Messina, 6316 Hamilton St., $114,300.

Lane, Douglas M. and Judy to McCormick, Steven D. and Bari L., 6306 Charles St., $97,500.

Kronberg, Korwen A. and Julie A. to Askew, James William, 6926 Charles St., $153,500.


Brueggemann, Evelyn M. to Williams, Kerry and Laela, 8822 Lake St., $180,000.

Piner, W. Louise to McPherson, Rebecca and McPherson, Khalid, 2710 N. 102nd St., $155,000.

Stuart, Thomas A. and Kimberly A. to Rich, Tamara, 6419 N. 78th Ave., $159,900.

Peters, Brian and Heather C. to Airtech Properties LLC, 9205 Ames Ave., $120,000.

Karbowski, Amy L. to Espejo, Jesus, 7816 Military Ave., $15,000.

Vincent, Donald and Cheryl to Koumaka, James G. and Kokou, Linda M., 2619 N. 90th St., $271,000.

Harvest Development I LLC to HD I Freddie Asset LLC, 2019 N. 83rd St., $756,997.

Carol J. Henn Living Trust to Vogt, Maximilian W. and Jaycie M., 4906 N. 105th St., $260,000.

Milne, Larraine M., personal representative of Yingling, Della M. estate, to 9819 Emmet St Intervivos Trust and Ekici, Ubeyd and Natasha, 9819 Emmet St., $145,000.

Cress, Joanne M. to Pacheco, Cristian Garcia and Ramirez, Tiffany N., 9117 Taylor St., $137,000.

Midstates Holdings LLC to Griffing, Sean, 8404 Evans St., $150,000.


Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Seaton, Brian T. and Amy E., 6703 S. 199th Ave., $412,365.

Heartland Holdings A LLC to Krier, Aaron S. and Stanek, Amanda K., 19409 T St., $187,000.

Allaire, Joshua M. and Stephanie L. to Ciminski, Deborah A. and Scott R., 6216 S. 191st St., $189,400.

Skinner-Chiburis, Jenny J. and Chiburis, Michael C. to Kriege, Ronald A. and Yang, Jinping, 16818 N Circle, $218,000.

Greenwood, Stephen R. and Brittani C. to Dust, Kimberly N. and Rogers, Lori B., 16517 Adams Circle, $209,900.

Krueger, Constance S. to Stuart, Thomas A. and Kimberly Ann, 4753 S. 194th Ave., $220,000.

Guido, Perry L. and Scarpello-Guido, Theresa A. to Greenwood, Stephen R. and Brittani C., 17602 Jefferson St., $309,600.

Santelli, Ashlee and Arnold, Isaac to Wagoner, John and Karen, 19358 J St., $304,000.

H & S Partnership LLP to Kilgore, Shawn and Cally, 16811 N Circle, $213,000.

Boos, Edward J. and Barbara A. to Garber, Daniel L. and Shu H., 18427 Cinnamon St., $345,000.

Chrans, Matthew J. and Anne D. to Bentley, Janelle M. and Dominic J., 4414 S. 198th St., $349,000.


Moses, Jessica K. to Gaytan, Jesus and Amber, 15128 Patterson Drive, $232,000.

Gottwals, M. R. and Diane Waldner to Clements, Justin and Jennifer, 12623 Oakair Drive, $277,298.

Urban, Charles A. to Mueller, Gail M., 14734 Drexel St., $199,000.

Line, Bryon S. and McQueen, Patti A. to Keiser, David L. and Wenda M., 4966 S. 150th Place, $200,000.

Beckman, Judie E. to Heggen, Elson Truett and Judith Ann, 15307 T St., $195,000.


Givens, Betrail M. to Sentel, Gregory L. and Rae Dene V., 7115 N. 138th Avenue Circle, $189,000.

Beedle, Robert S. and Elli to Rsun Group LLC, 11110 Black St., $150,000.

Steven & Cynthia Gilmore Trust to Ray, Clay A. and Sally A., 12662 Iowa Circle, $292,000.


Leroy N. & Lillian R. Rasmussen Revocable Living Trust to Lee, Randall and Shelley, 11926 Hickory Road, $165,500.

Nvestco LLC to Hernandez-Hernandez, Ana and Sanchez-Oliveros, Emerson Eduardo, 12418 Martha St., $87,013.

Rauth, Philip J. to Black, Sara and Ian, 13305 William Circle, $175,000.

Garvey, Chris T. and Savannah to Wang, Xiaofang and Qin, Jianbing, 2524 S. 123rd Ave., $143,800.

Anderson, Jeffrey and Ciciulla, Katie to Pflug, Anthony M. and Alyssa C., 1922 S. 113rd St., $236,000.


Merrill R. Christensen Revocable Trust and Elliott, Penny M., trustee, to Knight, Murphy L. and Erica, 7243 N. 71st Ave., $167,000.

Leader, Mikel Paul and Troubridge-Leader, Helenna to Kendall, Ronald E., 4520 Kelby Road, $315,000.

Hawkins, Keasha A. and Moore, Oliver J. Jr. to Hardy, James and Laurie, 7435 N. 60th St., $145,000.


Koile, William A. and Sheryl L. to Rios, Albert and Martha A., 11937 Miracle Hills Drive, $126,500.

Turack, Sara J. and Caleb M. to Paczkowski, Kody and Flowers, Marissa, 256 N. 118th St., $238,000.

Baudo, James E. and Judith Ann to Bronte Companies LLC, 12094 Leavenworth Road, $210,000.

Rockwood, Terri J. to Zacharia, Renee D., 12134 Parker Circle, $185,900.

Kelley, Karen A., personal representative of Ridder, Robert E. estate, to Karhoff, Anthony M. and Kelly L., 917 N. 148th St., $260,000.

Master Commissioner to REO Asset Management Co. LLC, 15219 Charles St., $181,549.

Rediger, Bradley to Lerdahl, Don and Sue, 10838 Seward St., $123,500.

Soden, Brandon J. and Amy J. to Toft, David E. and Enders-Toft, Jennifer, 15444 Cuming Circle, $235,400.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 15219 Charles St., $199,750.

Richard P. Miner Revocable Trust to Alperson, Joel, 817 Leawood Drive, $245,000.


Hose, Isabella to Balakrishnan, Ramesh and Chandramouli, Sangitha, 6416 N. 131st St., $153,500.

Taylor, Pamela Ann to Ralston, James and Jennifer, 5022 N. 112th St., $205,000.

Galles, Gregory L. Trust to 5109 Real Estate LLC, 2146 N. 141st Ave., $124,600.

Smutz, Keegan and Stephanie A. to Corry, Jack A. and Jennifer N., 13025 Laurel Ave., $166,000.

Combs, Nicholas G. and Allycia M. to Waldron, Nicholas R. and Schmitz, Bailey, 13031 Cady Ave., $198,900.

Chedester, John K. and Mary L. to Walker, Vincent Craig Jr., 5411 N. 129th St., $179,950.

Tello, Edgar S. and Alyssa M. to Eviglo, Jacqueline A., 10912 Martin Ave., $192,000.

Winther, Richard W. and Christine M. to Mitchell, Will and April, 11311 Grant Circle, $193,000.

Hays, Cody and Heather A. to Nedved, Kelsea and Brom, Tyler J., 6462 N. 113th Circle, $166,000.

Sarpy County


Krause, Jane Marilyn Trust to Hatfield, Nicholas E., 902 Douglas Drive, $199,000.

Chase, Verl A. Jr. and Shizuko M. to Graves, Steven S. and Ashley R., 2312 Denise Circle, $220,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Bel Fury Investments Group LLC, 50 Martinview Road, $20,000.

Teske Living Trust to Dynamic Properties LLC, 904 Kohl Road, $170,000.

Medbery, Joel D. and Renee P. to Chardian Enterprises LLC, 1602 Wayne St., $118,000.

Deruiter, Gary A. and Janet E. to Liddick, Terri Lynne, 908 Lemay Drive, $140,000.

Jensen, Lois to Martinez, Maria J. Reyes, 1323 Franklin St., $143,000.

Hreig LLC and Huynh Properties Inc. to Lira, Sixto and Abbie, 514 Martin Drive, $310,000.

Pickett, William A. and Rochelle J. to True North Properties LLC, 307 Marian Ave., $178,000.

Titus, Kyle and Teal to Osborne, Dean P., 1403 Franklin St., $170,000.


Charleston Homes LLC to Hassan, Stephen and Samantha, 11309 S. 170th St., $323,000.

Bridgeport Development LLC to Pilgrim, Randy and Kelli, 10213 S. 183rd Avenue Circle, $100,000.

Heppner, Virgil F. and Vaneta S. to Frederick, Tom and Kristin, 20203 Pearl Drive, $418,000.

Bridgeport Development LLC to Scheef, Adam and Sara, 10204 S. 183rd Avenue Circle, $100,000.

Peacock, Montgomery W. and Melissa S. to McCord, Colby J., 11305 S. 212th St., $179,000.


Santiago, Ruth D. to Smulling, Shirley M. Revocable Trust, 1121 Devon Drive, $172,000.

Maier, Kenneth K. & Greta M. Family Trust to Morgan, Matthew and Kristen, 319-321 S. Polk St., $253,000.

Home Company LLC to Eckhoff, Daniel and Vicki, 11605 S. 110th St., $385,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Killian, Sean C. and Megan N., 10413 S. 110th St., $284,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Miller, Chad and Jessica, 10404 S. 110th St., $304,000.

Huston, Bill A. and Daneen E. to Hastings, Richard M. Jr. and Kimberlye M., 12051 S. 79th St., $435,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Soria, Raul A. and Garcia, Diana, 10412 S. 110th St., $307,000.


Ahmann, Patrick N. and Dena S. to Koziar, Joseph A. and Denys A., 13712 S. 18th St., $295,000.

Mitchell, William C. and Janet M. to Widner, Adam J. and Kimberly, 4305 Edgerton Drive, $288,000.

Phipps, J. Jared and Annalisa M. to Bullock, Andrew M. and Halmes, Rachel D., 2109 Nottingham Drive, $178,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Jacober, Michael, 13604 S. 43rd St., $355,000.

J&B Resources LLC to Oestmann, Jamie and Melissa, 3406 Blackhawk Drive, $218,000.

Thomas, William III and Tammy to Taylor, Josiah and Emily, 2801 Rahn Blvd., $253,000.

O’Donnell, James P. and Amber and O’Donnell Properties LLC to Baker Cindy M., 2412 Circletown Place, $207,000.

Betts, Kathy R. and Nicholas to Ferge, Mary Elaine, 10013 S. 11th St., $153,000.

Donovan, Mark and Amy J. to Bemley, Dimple C., 9703 S. 9th St., $155,000.

Taylor, Josiah W. and Emily to Carr, Megan, 9810 S. 10th St., $197,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Cieslik, Christine K., 5104 Waterford Ave., $318,000.


HSBC Bank USA Trust to Complete Rentals LLC, 7513 Thorn Apple Lane, $160,000.


Flipping Flanagans LLC to Wong, Armand and Sherri Leigh, 307 Charleston Drive, $205,000.

Poulin, Dolores Living Trust to Brennan, Alexis Lynne and Nicholas Edward, 2810 John St., $254,000.

Jeck, Gary R. and Sandra G. to Barlow, Randall and Gayla, 802 Fall Creek Road, $355,000.

Oestmann, Jamie S. and Melissa M. to Dean, Kristoffer and Joann, 13812 S. 49th St., $308,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Gragert, Nickolas D. and Jami D., 18614 Blackwalnut St., $333,000.

Wilkinson, Justin to Watson, Mitchell and Middleton, Holly, 7008 S. 176th St., $171,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Gulizia, Justin and Donna, 8008 S. 184th St., $314,000.

Johnson, Thomas F. and Jeanne E. to Hoffman, Jeffrey P. and Nicole, 16624 Olive St., $290,000.

Cruz, Timothy J. and Andrea M. to Arnold, Breanna Marie and Darrell George, 7914 S. 167th St., $258,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Wilke, Rebecca J., 18367 Schofield Drive, $330,000.

Sibson, Greg and Laurie to Cochran, Ed, 7709 S. 156th Ave., $185,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Birdsell, Richard W. and Nelson, Lani N., 7906 S. 190th St., $352,000.

14506 Schram LLC to Fireball Group LLC, 14506 Schram Road, $15,497,000.


Burgess, Nathan W. to Perelman, Daniel J. and Karen S., 7020 S. 130th St., $184,000.

Burke, Michael C. and Kristine M. to Spencer, Christopher M. and Tiffany S., 12939 Chandler St., $165,000.

Gulizia, Justin and Donna to Bremer, Denny R. and Amanda, 15113 Robin Circle, $169,000.

Watson, Mitchell and Middleton, Holly to Otis, Trey, 13209 Carpenter St., $110,000.

Gulizia, Anthony J. and Marisa J. to Miller, Justin E., 9009 David Circle, $135,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Baines, Cody and Alisha, 18513 Hampton Drive, $406,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Masten, Kevin L. and Debra K., 10722 S. 127th Plaza, $410,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Dunsing, Robby, 11612 Shepard St., $330,000.

Krambeck, James L. and Connie S. to Fireball Group LLC, 15302 Schram Road, $2,871,000.

Miller, Chad M. and Jessica J. to Hernandez, Clarissa L., 8702 S. 143rd Ave., $158,000.


Thomas, William J. and Lisa D. to Clayton, Baylee and Dustin, 7619 S. 41st St., $109,000.

Owens, Henry E. and Emily G. to Wyman, Laura, 7804 S. 24th St., $155,000.

Kempton, Stephanie to Zagal, Gracila and Rivas, Alexis Arturo Gutierrez, 7509 S. 42nd St., $138,000.

Crisp, Thomas Anthony and Miranda Lee to Zeleny, Jamie, 2614 Rose Lane Road, $125,000.

U.S. Bank Natl Trust, trustee, to Perez, Miguel Nuno, 8224 S. 25th St., $136,000.

1 Chron 29:11 LLC to Chavez, Bryan F., 3809 Suburban Drive, $152,000.


Donnellon, John W. and Nicole Marie to Foreman, Mark and Traycie, 4956 Dumfries Circle, $185,000.

Render, Brett D. and Erin N. to Van Zante, Matthew W. and Nicole A., 4606 Glenmorrie Drive, $255,000.

Rowe, Deborah J., personal representative of Janssen Dolores estate, to Mendoza, Jesus and Gonzalez, Andrea, 7306 S. 50th St., $113,000.

Coles, David M. and Betty L. to Hollis, Ebony Vonn, 4714 Emiline St., $43,000.

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