Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Proline Custom Homes Inc., 16911 Potter St., $52,950.

Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 10409 N. 152nd Ave., $39,950.

Dave Paik Builders Inc. to Biffert, Randy and Claudia, 7904 N. 164th St., $350,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Harris, Ryan Lee and Jaclyn Marie, 9030 N. 172nd St., $328,000.

Julie A. Knight Trust to McCrillis, Daniel R. and Kristen R., 11706 N. 178th Circle, $950,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Zuck, Terry L. and Connie K., 16333 Weber St., $289,925.

Kramer, Michael and Brittany to Penland, Kyle and Lauren, 14471 Jardine St., $193,000.

Real Growth LLC to Capps, Kathleen R., 16216 Mormon St., $235,000.

Majestic C Team LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 7921 N. 173rd St., $58,084.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Rubin, Warren M. and Rubin, Sara E., 7190 N. 165th St., $293,483.

State Street Investments LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 15953 Young St., $43,950.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Bilek Boys LLC, 8608 N. 168th Ave., $131,150.

Hansen, Marcus W. and Alyssa L. to 14521 Grebe LLC, 14521 Grebe St., $166,000.

Doolittle, Jason and Nicole to Skahan, Robert E. and Kathaleen L., 16379 Grebe St., $318,500.

Dave Paik Builders Inc. to Riviera, Justin and Meredith, 14506 Read St., $320,251.

Carey, Charles R. III and Remm, Kari J. to Lambert, Riley R. and Martina M., 122 N. Molley St., $115,000.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Holtorf, Jacob A. and Jennifer E., 16117 Young St., $341,512.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Brown, William and Rebecca, 9015 N. 171st St., $45,800.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Bayagich, Alexander James and April, 14630 Mormon St., $199,750.

Sweetbriar Syndicate LLC to Gary L. Hoffman or Kristen L. Engdahl Hoffman, 17631 N. Reflection Circle, $99,000.


Ramm Construction Inc. to Watton, Mark D. and Diana L., 2456 N. 185th St., $370,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Laughlin, Thomas and Teresa, 18307 Sherwood Ave., $393,900.

Home Company LLC to Scholl, Christopher Virgil and Molly Mabry, 5815 S. 238th St., $491,954.

Romano, Anthony and Carolyn to Friedrichsen, Jason P. and Anne M., 1501 N. 183rd St., $382,000.

Widhalm Custom Homes Inc. to Vaughn, Michael Sean and Lynette Marie, 20918 Cedar St., $568,500.

Kwapniowski, Kevin J. and Lisa A. to Gesiriech, Harley and Janice, 20784 Hemlock St., $336,100.

Benes, David to Benes, Michael, 21105 Arbor Court, $27,500.

Benes, Michael to Benes, David, 21111 Arbor Court, $27,500.

Home Company LLC to Gabel, Norman G. and Gabel, Karen, 19309 Franklin Circle, $275,000.

Bull, Melvin L. to Westerlin, Joseph D. and Dibiase, Elizabeth A., 20617 Laramie Road, $48,500.

203rd Plaza LLC to Omalley, Christine Nicole and Daniel Brian, 24115 U Circle, $194,500.

Gopal, Ratish and Ratish, Smitha to Hall, Matthew M. and Megan E., 18156 Leavenworth St., $442,500.


Monro, Milton W. to Oetter, Kip and Daley, Jessica, 739 Riverside Drive, $420,000.


Mui, Denise Chung-Yee to Shreve, Scott P. and Marjorie R., 312 S. 16th St., $199,950.

Jensen, Aaron D. and Elizabeth to Bradley, Nancy and Heiser, Donna, 312 S. 16th St., $110,000.


Brantley, Nancy L. and William A. to Dixson, Anthony M., 5712 Camden Ave., $91,450.

Floersch, Melinda M. and Peterson, Ben to Zimmer, Stephen and Hulshof, Rachel, 2616 N. 66th Ave., $166,480.

Benes, Collie and Daniel to Uram, Alex S. and Wahl, Jamie L., 2704 N. 63rd St., $157,500.

Gay, Sha Bu and Naw, Paha to Stepanek, Alexandria A., 3706 N. 56th St., $103,100.

Carnley, Mallory L. to Domet, Joseph J. and Linda A., 3403 N. 49th St., $125,000.

Filip, Elizabeth A. and McCandless, Michael J. to Garrett, Robyn, 2045 N. 70th St., $158,000.

Croll, Zachery L. and Stone-Croll, Rita E. to Omaha Fontenelle Property LLC, 3120 Fontenelle Blvd., $163,000.

Kloos, Angela Christine and Benjamin to Teng, Chun Y., 1615 N. 58th St., $185,000.

Svatora, Linda J. to Christensen, Megan J., 3522 N. 61st St., $90,000.

Mumm, Maggie to Uchtman, Rebecca, 2059 N. 61st St., $153,000.

We Close On Deals LLC to Belknap, Bryant James and Emily Elizabeth, 4946 Pratt St., $157,500.

Batchelder, Blake A. and Terry J. to Hawkins, Zachary and Yee, Kelsey, 1723 N. 57th Ave., $172,000.

Dix, Lonnie D. Jr. to Krumbach, Miles, 1607 N. 49th St., $214,500.

Colabello, Ardena A. to Zitek, Justin D. and Taylor K., 5417 N. 69th St., $105,000.

Moore, Majaree and Jimmy to Poe, Shae Ree and Aye, Tay Mar, 4929 Emmet St., $140,000.

Endurable Investments LLC to Fee, Shayne and Robinson, Sarah M., 2474 N. 45th Ave., $51,500.


Croft, Stanley and Kennedy-Croft, Jennifer to Cryer, Karissa L., 1033 S. 33rd St., $183,000.

Krohn, David M., personal representative of Lueken, Duane F. estate, to Miller Way LLC, 3311 S. 40th St., $38,500.

Pusch Family Trust to Vana, Eric, 2556 Woolworth Ave., $37,500.

Klein-Hewett, Hans V. and Megan E. to Prauner, Seth and Emily, 4324 Mayberry St., $185,000.


Wagner, Stacey to Knight, Seth Roberts, 5710 Mayberry St., $261,500.

Becker, Jeremy W. to Schenck, David W. and Michelle L., 5048 Frederick Circle, $186,725.

Buckley, Jenna B. to Heineman, Teresa M. and Michael E., 1941 S. 50th Ave., $130,000.

Molacek, Genevieve T. to Waddell, Craig R. and Linda S., 5070 Frances St., $116,000.

Steinmeyer, Thomas D. and Amelia L. to Brocaille, Isaac, 1327 S. 52nd Ave., $139,000.

Richards, Derek M. and Leah to Polak, Leslie and Farah, Riley, 4841 Pacific St., $157,000.

Chapin, Bruce K. and Patricia A. to Lutz, William E., 4671 Marcy St., $166,000.

Boone, Dawn Marie and Meisinger, Dawn to Mclaughlin, Sean J. and Kathleen A., 551 S. 70th St., $128,000.


Reid, Monica E. and Jerrett A. to Lee, Alana, 5825 S. 21st St., $73,000.

Onstot, Mark A. to Joe Real Estate Ventures LLC, 921 D St., $36,500.

Brock, Timothy C. to Eisenberg, Madison M., 1121 Arthur St., $14,900.

Henery, Carl W. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 5915 S. 36th St., $50,000.

Semin, Joseph G. and Shelly A. to Huitron, Esber and Ochoa, Yesenia, 3201 Polk St., $70,000.

Bichler, Lisa M. to Moppin, Sean M., 4120 S. 22nd St., $47,450.

Frazier, Jess A. to Foust, Sonni M., 2524 G St., $34,000.

Luckett, Vershaun to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 3344 Drexel St., $50,000.

Edwards, Angela to Overby, Aaron Paul and Deer, Elisa Irene, 4140 N St., $149,500.

Kowal, Frank J. to Walters, Jonathan, 3539 Jefferson St., $31,000.

Mena, Ignacio Centeno to Buenrrostro, Sigifredo Aguilar and Aguilar, Mariecela, 2720 Washington St., $107,500.


City Of Omaha to Magar, Tek B. and Sanika, 1552 Florence Blvd., $150,000.

Jbdhsk Partnership to Wittrock, Daniel L., 321 Fort St., $15,000.

Brown, Robert D. and Banks-Brown, Theresa to Mulligan, Caitlin M., 1630 Lothrop St., $95,000.

Kountze Park Crown II to Avant, Vickie, 2105 Locust St., $21,970.


HBI LLC to Sinclair Group LLC, 3706 Laurel Ave., $50,000.

Pruitt, Alma M. to Craddock, James W., 4708 Fontenelle Blvd., $70,000.

Franklin, Hattie to 200 Properties LLC, 4252 Maple St., $23,500.

Vintage Management LLC to Maly, James R., 2744 Camden Ave., $16,250.

Lee, Haskell J. and Shirley J. to Trejo, Luis, 3162 Pratt St., $13,800.

Bentley Properties LLC to Array Group LLC, 5821 N. 29th St., $28,500.

EMC Mortgage Loan Trust 2004-B Mortgage Pass-through Certificates Series 2004-B to Lux Mundi LLC, 4207 Ohio St., $30,500.

Kean, James V. and Diane P. to Loya, Geronimo R. and Teresa, 3215 N. 40th Ave., $23,000.


Irish Husker LLC to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc., 6508 N. 33rd St., $70,000.

DRC Properties LLC to Meyer, Kale and Meyer, Diane, 2418 Newport Ave., $146,000.

Connerley, Patricia Marten to Meier, Danielle E. and Pfister, Patrick L., 9646 N. 29th St., $210,500.

Ransom, James E. and Patrica K. to Fey, Adam, 3402 Sheffield St., $113,900.


Schaaf, Joseph W. and Hefeli, Lori K. to Orr, John and Brenda, 8215 Seward St., $167,000.

Connie K. Sash Revocable Trust to Cox, John D. and Diane, 1031 N. 77th Ave., $85,000.

Cahill, M. Margaret to Scoville Hofts LLC, 801 N. 78th St., $88,000.

Lawyer, Jason M. and Dayne to Miller, Alexandria B. and Andrew G., 1517 N. 76th St., $162,000.


Mercury Contractors Inc. to Jardee, Alice A., 15444 Norwick Drive, $316,575.

Lindquist, Eric H., trustee, to REO Asset Management Company LLC, 14522 Grand Ave., $179,100.

Sucnayan, Rosemarie N. to Wellwood, Gerald M. and Stone, Susan C., 5109 N. 154th St., $191,500.

Nordahl, Eben and Kendra to Woodhull, Brenda J. and Colburn, Darcy J., 16527 Meredith Ave., $200,000.

Kelsey, Keith and Sandra to Kelley, Rhonda Moore and Kevin Paul, 17061 Corby St., $396,000.

Boehm, Austin and Megan to Mehrer, Gregory Michael and Rhianna Marie, 14725 Meredith Ave., $220,000.

Klabunde, Jerad J. and Alexa to Thorne, Stacy, 5910 N. 167th Place, $139,000.

McCrillis, Daniel and Kristen to Martinez, Marcus M. and Amy, 6223 N. 153rd Ave., $341,000.

REO Asset Management Company LLC to HBI LLC, 14522 Grand Ave., $204,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Kriz, Patrick and Marcia, 3121 N. 178th St., $68,500.

Stinn, Ronald E. and Gina M. to Dalziel, Robert and Lorraine, 2411 N. 155th St., $272,900.

Johnson, Lois M. to Kramer, Emily Mae, 4115 N. 146th Court, $127,500.

Hampton, Ronald H. and Cynthia J. to Salsbury, Zachary A. and Julie M., 2109 N. 151st Avenue Circle, $225,000.

Correll, Thomas G. to Bengier, Julia A. and Donald J., 4205 N. 166th St., $236,500.

Weinhold, Jonathan A. and Abbott, Hailey N. to Mustoe, Dylan J. and Rawlings, Haylie B., 16515 Burdette St., $190,000.

Chavez, Beto and Humberto Jr. to Karr, Andrew W. and Haley E., 17215 Spaulding St., $185,000.

Castle Brook Builders LLC to Gille, Chris and Carey, 3101 N. 177th St., $632,922.


Beedle, Lucas to Eglseder, Angela, 5911 S. 50th St., $120,000.

Yates, Jon Thomas and Emily Erin to Johnson, Christy J., 4655 Polk St., $181,500.


Eary, Davey J. and Nina R. to Lahman, Jared D. and Jessica L., 213 N. 161st Circle, $245,000.

Hojnicki, Mark and Jenna L. to Romano, Anthony and Carolyn, 17219 Douglas St., $450,000.

Wilder, Courtney and Wallace S. to Weinhold, Jon and Abbott, Hailey, 1228 N. 160th Avenue Circle, $270,000.


Sandquist, Philip G. and Anna to Gurung, Duk B. and Purna B., 9211 Summit St., $175,000.

Salinas, Tamara K. to Moore, Majaree and Jimmy Ladell, 10269 Newport Ave., $240,000.

Downs, Constance V. to Rockwell, Dylan and Utecht, Kinzie, 9227 Summit St., $190,000.

Wiggins, Michael and Thomas Michael to Iudiciani, Xavier and Hayley E., 8107 Potter St., $178,500.

Tripp, Patrick N. and Sarah J. to Li, Haibin, 8955 N. 81st St., $160,000.


Revered Home Solutions LLC to Bycenski, Levi and Carly, 8104 Grover St., $170,000.

Hellman, Rosalee A. to Hellman, Jerry J., 3003 Paddock Place, $33,208.

Hellman, Jerry J. and Tami to Gay, Debbie, 3003 Paddock Place, $130,500.

Sickler, Kathryn to Maven Avenue LLC and Forest Top Holdings LLC, 7618 Ridge Ave., $109,500.

Wagner, Robert and Tammy to Dillon, Matthew J. and Maranos, Rosetta, 1323 S. 78th Ave., $660,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Handke, Luke David and Shawna Lynette, 2723 S. 102nd St., $224,000.

Scott, Ryan and Molly to Jophlin, Loretta L. and Postier, Travis R., 7712 Pine Circle, $422,000.


Bernal, Mario to Jaure, Ron E. and Harmony S., 5810 S. 104th Ave., $209,000.

Belluomini Family Trust to Fontaine, Amy M. and Jacob J., 5630 S. 92nd Place, $125,000.

Kousma, William E. to Coffey, Jeremiah J. and Noble, Sara, 6327 S. 72nd Ave., $197,000.

Red Ladder LLC to Monical, Ray E., 5030 S. 94th St., $120,000.

Sena, Kristine M. to Lill, Jordan and Abigail, 10538 O St., $206,000.


Mclarnon, Elizabeth P. and Scribner, Ryan to Nguyen, Bup Thi, 2218 S. 164th Ave., $216,000.

Samler, Julie K. to RLM Realty LLC, 15947 Arbor Circle, $136,500.

Reynolds, Jeffrey M. and Jaime L. to Gartner, John, 16572 Nina Circle, $355,000.

Carrier, Jim M. and Laurie L. to Bredthauer, Cassandra F. and Jacob T., 2211 S. 166th St., $213,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Fauss, Michael G. and Jessica K., 3835 S. 192nd Ave., $358,449.

Vosik, Scott A. and Christine to Knier, Matthew J. and Jessica A., 2514 S. 186th Circle, $456,000.

Shipp, Daniel and Vanessa to Thurmon-Shonka, Cynthia L. and Shonka, Dana J., 2203 S. 184th Circle, $419,000.

Rohrbach, Michael and Jennifer Lynn to Davids, Jason and Brenda, 18660 Nina St., $437,000.

Edlefsen, Steven B. and Christine L. to Shipp, Daniel and Vanessa, 3335 S. 188th Ave., $510,000.

Grant, Andrew J. and Laure L. to Delarosa, David and Robinson-Delarosa, Courtney L., 16621 Vinton Circle, $369,900.

Wolf, Matthew and Patricia to Burkoski, George S. Jr., 1920 S. 182nd Circle, $390,000.

Ellene M. Boettcher Living Trust to Wayne J. and Lois J. Vandertuin Trust, 1408 S. 177th St., $330,000.


Hasanain Properties LLC and Qureishi & Khan Properties LLC to Grima, Gabriel and Topete, Arminda, 3120 Hamilton St., $42,500.

Manning, John William and Don T. to Gilbatrar LLC, 510 N. 36th St., $85,000.


Hendee, David L. and Paulette S. to Gilroy, Shannon M., 1006 N. 64th St., $425,000.

Himmelstein, Kenneth J. to Hergert, Zachary J. and Kalee A., 5022 Lafayette Ave., $166,000.

Nielsen, Richard D. to Lauvetz, Thomas Justin and Megan, 5601 Western Ave., $310,000.

Morse, Georgina E. to Grossman, Terry M. and Julie A., 6601 Lafayette Ave., $138,000.

Halbur, Maureen T. and Paul J. to Stohs, Todd and Erica, 5103 Cuming St., $538,000.


Kenny, Douglas F. to Beck, Brass A., 8017 Browne St., $182,000.

Tosel Revocable Trust to Mabu, Deesar and Langwang, Ja Pim, 9216 Sprague St., $160,000.

Kessler, Theodore J., personal representative of Kessler, Rita A. estate, to HVAC DOC Trust, 8020 Bedford Place, $140,700.

Franck, Tanya and Young, Darren to Marmelat, Vivien and Telinhos, Annabelle, 3842 N. 100th Ave., $175,400.

Stine, Christopher E. and Amanda J. to Langan, Laura, 9512 Taylor St., $192,225.

Bear Homes PC to Montague Properties LLC, 8014 Maple St., $17,600.

Julin, Jay R. and Therese A. to Liscum, Chelsea and Kenneth, 2903 N. 78th St., $65,000.

Callahan, Robert Patrick and Laura A. to Markos, Matthew E. and Olson, Angela R., 9922 Cady Ave., $203,500.


Bishop, Steven D. and Janelle K. to Ryan, William C. and Jennifer, 6619 S. 163rd St., $264,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Sepich, Gordon L. and Debora K., 6212 S. 193rd St., $302,230.

McClintock, Dennis J. and Kim L. to Geerts, Matthew and Megan, 19712 Jacobs St., $435,000.

Braymen, Charles Byron to Gustafson, Ronald W. and Julie A., 4954 S. 178th St., $345,000.

Laughlin, Thomas F. and Teresa M. to Ip, Ming S. and Wang, Yan Shen, 16512 Weir St., $210,000.

Hurd, Kristen K. and Joseph to Pierson, Brandon J. and Newell, Sarah E., 6754 S. 191st Ave., $160,000.

Hoscheid, Brian P. and Julie M. to Paulsen, Craig and Lindsay, 16913 Karen St., $225,000.

Hatcher, Jonathan D. and Katie M. to Graves, Kyle and Tessa, 18733 Birchwood Ave., $258,000.

Thibault, Lorie J. and James to Bernal, Mario and Vance, Jesse Glover, 5320 S. 163rd Ave., $339,000.

Garren, Raymond E. II and Shannon L. to Harder, Terry and Nancy V., 17311 Monroe Circle, $435,000.

Mulledy, Scott B. and Jane E. to Brittian, Brett, 17469 Renfro St., $275,000.

Nguyen, Thu T. to De La Fuente, Gabriel and Christine, 17817 Jacobs Circle, $220,000.

Rodney T. and Thyra R. Welsh Living Trust to Minton, Thomas A. and Sue A., 17812 Adams Circle, $338,000.

Hill, Greta L. to Carson, Jennifer M. and Koestner, Tiffany J., 19519 Weir St., $172,000.

Kirnarskiy, Igor G. to Snowdon, Kirk and Helen, 19364 U St., $181,000.

BSR-FW LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 6619 S. 199th Ave., $95,200.

BSR-FW LLC to Lane Building Corp, 19923 Polk St., $56,700.

Kaup, Megan M. to Garrity, Patrick and Mary, 6108 S. 189th Ave., $210,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Eberhart, Sarah K. and Amanda J., 4469 S. 193rd St., $286,875.

Jones, Ralph W. and Aksamit-Jones, Joan to Bresel, Michael A., 5915 S. 175th Circle, $275,000.

Halstead, Rodney A. to Peters, Erik and Marucel, 17710 Karen St., $207,000.


SAS Properties LLC to Brown, Austin J. and Brown, Julia J., 6440 S. 149th St., $179,500.

Vallier, Janis L. and James L. to Bryan, Whitney A. and Herbert, Michael J., 12625 Orchard Ave., $59,000.

Albertson, Vincent C. and Sara M. to Hraban, Marcia K., 13720 Madison Circle, $161,000.

Lafave, Melissa M. and Robert to Hutcheson, Brenda M., 12206 P St., $150,500.

Gapinski, Paul A. to Kommineni, Sridhar and Nannapaneni, Kalyani, 15314 Amy Place, $165,000.

Lobb Revocable Trust to Thomas, Benjamin G., 12935 Old Cherry Road, $202,500.

Dawson, Marcus T. and Ashley M. to Walker, Ely V. and Elizabeth E., 6705 S. 140th Ave., $170,000.

Valadez, Amy L. to Dawson, Marcus and Ashley, 12525 V St., $285,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Ratute, David A., 13919 Weber St., $193,602.

Lewis-Starostka Inc. to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 11568 Scott St., $54,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Bandi, Sahana Reddy, 13911 Weber St., $204,570.

Niroula, Dipak and Indu to Moeller, Daniel F. and Mildred, 11155 Hanover St., $170,000.


Alvis, Dominic A. to Tolliver, Elizabeth Gilchrist and Tammell Luedeene, 2829 S. 118th St., $183,000.

Goeschel, Marcus and Brandy to Serrano, Menalco A., 1716 S. 138th St., $200,500.

Davis, Ember R. to McDonald, Betsy A. and Jerald, 13468 Spring St., $160,000.

Miller, William Ryan and Dragon, Jennifer to Javorsky, Dylan D. and Jordan T., 2318 S. 123rd Ave., $175,000.

Kortan, Yuriy and Oksana to Le, Trung and Do, An Vuong Thi, 12129 Bel Drive, $161,000.

Hoffman, Christine E. and Christopher J. to Deharty, Arthur A. and Patricia A., 1814 S. 133rd Ave., $173,000.


Lindsay, Donald J. and John D. to Deeb, Van C., 5307 Tucker St., $92,500.

Fish, Cassandra to Sukstorf, William C. and Manning, Debra J., 8928 N. 56th Avenue Circle, $320,000.

Delich, Michael J. and Holter, Denise E. to Walker, Torian T. and Allisa, 7032 Northland Drive, $455,000.


Clark, Roberta J. to Griffel, Meghan and Marvin, 810 N. 155th Ave., $223,500.

Gustafson, Ronald W. and Julie A. to Paskvan, Thomas J. and Bowen, Megan E., 12923 Harney St., $300,000.

Fell, Molly M., personal representative of Doyle, James B. estate, to Rahaman, Jaclyn S., 12346 Izard St., $244,000.

Thomas, Michael L. and Lois F. to Winther, Richard W. and Christine M., 12304 Grey Fawn Drive, $230,000.

Seaton, Maximilian C. and Natalia A. to Gubbels, Jamie P., 14501 Franklin St., $172,000.

Motts, John L. and Susan to Oz, Levent and Yeshim, 1013 Grey Fawn Drive, $245,000.

Riviera, Meredith M. to Hukill, Madison Renee, 15208 Harney Circle, $205,000.

Donna M. Johansen Trust to Kosmacek, Kimberly A. and Donald R. Sr., 522 S. 130th St., $245,000.


John E. & Marilyn L. Hansen Revocable Trust to Hufford, Vanessa and Collier, Trenton, 5108 N. 135th Ave., $250,000.

Anderson, Janice M. to Fink, Troy H. and Stefanie L., 12845 Binney St., $288,000.

Wilson, Chad and Jinny to Weispfenning, Ethan Jerome and Belle Elizabeth, 12903 Camden Ave., $195,000.

Wetzstein, Karl S. and Lydia M. to Dillon, Russell J., 3002 N. 131st St., $325,000.

Chen, Xiaolong and Wang, Yuyu to Zhao, Yu, 5512 N. 128th St., $155,000.

Coslor, Virginia L. and Cade to Yuan, Wei and Fung, Chern Voon, 10907 Ellison Ave., $153,700.

Yates, Amanda M. to Brooks, Cindy, 11105 Martin Ave., $180,000.

Naumann, Robert A. and Maureen C. to Stone-Croll, Rita E. and Croll, Zachery L., 4252 N. 139th Ave., $277,500.

Waltermire, Ginger S. and Robert C. to Brady, Sheryl L., 5816 N. 126th Ave., $161,500.

Marilyn A. Kearney Revocable Trust to Walsh, Michael P., 3222 N. 135th St., $509,000.

Barry, Bart E. to Orr, Jeffery L. II, 13517 Hillsborough Drive, $198,000.

Skahan, Robert E. and Kathaleen L. to Sheppard, Thomas W., 6624 N. 116th Circle, $160,000.

Petersen, Janelle L. to Ott, Harold E. and Sharon L., 13433 Hillsborough Drive, $255,000.



Hood, Amy L. to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 1405 Wilshire Drive, $100,000.

Qualified Property Solutions LLC to Anthony Jane Holdings LLC, 1405 Wilshire Drive, $120,000.

Darts LLC to Loving Homes Svcs LLC, 204 Galvin Road N., $400,000.

Habitat for Humanity Sarpy County Inc. to Gootkin, Tyler M., 2406 Madison St., $120,000.

Loveless, Tyrell and Brindee to Dickson, Robert E. and Brittania U., 1104 Culpepper Ave., $180,000.

Stevens, Joseph R. and Judy to Barber, Richard and Cook, Debra, 515 N. 3rd St., $145,000.

Doherty, Brian to Osantowski, John, 1901 Winnie Drive, $94,000.

Younger, Steven to Hoover, Kristina Ross, 1003 Parkway Drive, $140,000.

Wickman Polak, Elizabeth and Polak, Matthew J. to Wall to Wall Enterprises LLC, 1705 Avery Road, $125,000.

Ryan, William C. and Jennifer to Nelson, Aaron and Ariana, 1601 Washington St., $160,000.


Charleston Homes LLC to Beermann, Robert and Beth, 11321 S. 170th St., $364,000.

Home Company LLC to Wilken, Kaylin M. and Samuel A., 7853 S. 196th St., $359,000.

McCaul Contracting LLC to Heese, Christopher Alan and Katina Lopez, 515 Brentwood Drive, $360,000.

Oelschlager, Thomas J. and Lindsay N. to Bland, Michael and Brenda, 20702 Cedar Circle, $234,000.

5109 Real Estate LLC to Hensley, Darrell H., 11713 S. 201st St., $350,000.

Dowd Grain Company Inc. to Sands Jerod L. and Sands Kristen M., 10609 S. 231st St., $135,000.

Kuenning, Shane M. and Tanya L. to Fauber, Dustin A. and Kara L., 17120 Jessica Lane, $275,000.

Stark, Deniz A. Trust to Lenz, Philip V. and Kari E., 19201 S. 204th St., $375,000.

Stark, Douglas R. to Lenz, Philip V. and Kari E., 19201 S. 204th St., $375,000.


Krenzer, Jason and Angie to Christianson, Jarrod B. and Jodee A., 7326 Leawood Circle, $443,000.

Nolte, Bruce J. and Mary A. to Wallin, Gene and Mary Lou, 8101 Ponderosa Drive, $430,000.

Levan, Douglas R. and Sherri J. to Jawlah, Lamin and Cana, 7604 Leawood St., $369,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Parra, Ernest Paul and Wallace Parra, Sheryl Lynn, 12015 Pintail Drive, $357,000.

Pribil, Thomas L. and Margaret A. to Reynolds, Jeffrey and Jaime L., 7445 Fairview Road, $420,000.

Mock, Kathy to Manriquez Martinez, Gerson G. and Padilla, Daniela R., 813 Lexington Lane, $206,000.

Jacobsen, Denise and Randolph and McGuire, Cheri to Johnson, Crystal Marie and Eliot Richard, 307 Valley Road, $120,000.

Born, Phillip G. and Kelly M. to Soethout, Mark C. and Jill E., 1008 Clearwater Drive, $366,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Arrance, Edwin & Sandra Revoc Trust, 11504 Grissom St., $380,000.

Nelson Builders Inc. to McArthur, William S. and Hericks, Krista L., 10308 S. 106th St., $428,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Kudym, Brian M. and Andrea M., 11735 S. 110th Ave., $321,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Baker, Shannon D. and Erika C., 11518 S. 110th Ave., $390,000.

Hines, Warren Donald and Rebecca Ann to Orellana, Miguel E. and Audelia, 607 E. Cary St., $225,000.

Hollman, Rebecca L. to Sanchez, Kevin and Christina Leigh, 1007 Bryn Mawr Drive, $242,000.

Edwards, Geremy A. to Smith, Ladonna D., 1953 Kingston Circle, $161,000.


Carter, Annie R. to Tellin, Erik E., 2503 Hogantown Drive, $200,000.

Riera, Jason M. and Gwendolyn T. to Mcnaughton, Mick J. and Marijean K., 14014 Kelly Drive, $247,000.

Snow Family Trust to Trosper, Sean, 11733 Fisher House Road, $245,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Camp, Lonny L. and Priscilla J., 15102 S. 19th St., $238,000.

Bartenbach, Blake and Swanson, Lita, personal representatives of Bartenbach, Fred S. estate, to Olive Street LLC, 2204 Annabelle Drive, $150,000.

Belton, Thomas Jr. and Pamela D. to Ortiz, David G. Jr., 3413 Henery Road, $173,000.

Adamski, Mark Arnold and Carol J. to Bissonnette, Christopher and Andrade Bissonnette, Maria, 2503 Century Road, $205,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Schultz, Ryan D. and Taylor K., 1916 Mesa St., $286,000.

Ramsey, Scott A., personal representative of Ramsey, Louise M. estate, to Szymanski, James R. and Eva J., 10703 S. 25th Ave., $230,000.

Gossage, Gregory A. to Erickson, Kristin I., 10517 S. 25th Ave., $156,000.

Evans, Jodi to Keel, Norma M., 3522 Comstock Ave., $141,000.


Grieser, Ladonn M. to Chavez, Juan G. and Juana, 7808 S. 72nd Ave. Circle, $200,000.

Lacy, Seth C. and Abbey E. to Fryar, Rachel A., 7003 Edna St., $125,000.

Stockham, Joshua B. and Amanda J. to Ginkel, Bruce E. Jr. and Erin L., 7837 S. 98th St., $230,000.

Wheeler, Britnye L. and Samuel A. to Cripps, Ryan M. and Lisa M., 9825 Florence St., $245,000.

Lapke Family Revoc Living Trust to Sartin, Sherry A. and Kenneth R., 8162 S. 93rd Circle, $247,000.

Nguyen, Tu and Huynh, Phuong to Van Horn, Andrew, 9109 Park View Blvd, $159,000.

Eledge, Trenton L. and Pearson, Christina M. to Yribar, Daniel, 7306 Park View Blvd, $115,000.

Luna, Brandy and Daniel to Gonzalez de Rosas, Sandra and Rosas, Abel Jr., 7025 Hillcrest Lane, $250,000.

Ellingson, Kyle Anthony and Diana Margarita to Nguyen, Dung N. and Le, Nhung, 6733 Hillcrest Lane, $200,000.


Kline, Cody A. to Bowers, Carla, 2127 Alexandra Road, $248,000.

Vest, Sherri L. and Donald Eugene to Vavrick Barbara L., 10606 S. 27th St., $212,000.

Hall, Justin L. and Julie A. to Bloomer, Tyler and Garcia, Melissa, 1533 Papillion Drive, $215,000.

Hedgepeth, James B. and Leanne Heidi to Norton, Jonathen S. and Norton, Heather M., 4622 Brook St., $215,000.

Lee, James D. and Lindsey E. to Hippe, Nathan and Karly, 4608 Victoria Ave., $295,000.

Adams, Michael J. and Camille W. to Madej, Marcus and Stephanie, 8709 S. 69th St., $253,000.

Wiltowski, Maciej M. and Marta Barbara to Ringer, Kenneth E. and Erica J., 6833 Park Crest Drive, $380,000.

Rogers Development Inc. to Hart & Olsen Property Group LLC, multiple address, $266,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Agbassou, Gildas, 2123 Skyhawk Ave., $250,000.


Richland Homes LLC to Toppa, Jeffrey and Wendolyn, 8522 S. 169th St., $309,000.

Baxter, Alicia and Nicholas to Wheeler, Tovarin Darnell and Amy Gail, 16321 Greenleaf St., $256,000.

Lindholm, Karl B. and Angela D. to Obermiller, Michael, 17632 Josephine St., $166,000.

Good, Cale B. and Jacqueline Ann to Seyler, Steve C. and Kristen, 17236 S. Creek Circle, $295,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Pijewski, Josh J. and Brittany M., 7807 S. 186th St., $301,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Rice, Ethan M. and Chelsea A., 8103 S. 188th St., $267,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Meredith, Kenneth M. and Judy I., 8166 S. 190th St., $245,000.

Minton, Thomas A. and Sue A. to Baxter, Alicia and Nicholas, 7414 S. 168th Ave., $350,000.

Brown, Mark and Amy to Rix, Matthew D., 7513 S. 178th Circle, $178,000.

Wiese, Richard F. III and Jana K. to Ziegler, Bethany A., 16104 Cottonwood Ave., $185,000.

Love, John J. III to Funkhouser, Richard and Cynthia, 17406 Riviera Drive, $348,000.

Mitchell, Nicole L. to Sadil, Ryan and Taryn, 15965 Virginia Circle, $307,000.

Wesson, Tracie R. and Jeff O. to Faimon, Scott T. and Melanie L., 8815 S. 143rd St., $157,000.

Schnabel, Brett Allen and Molly Ann to Eedara, Manoj Kumar and Bodavula, Mounika, 16559 Birch Ave., $270,000.

Madej, Marcus and Stephanie to McClannahan, Robin and Julie, 18007 Edna St., $172,000.

Paulsen, Craig R. and Lindsay A. to Delaware, Michael J., 7931 S. 157th Ave., $174,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Kopun, Alexander and Jennifer, 8007 S. 184th Ave., $285,000.


Wilson, Brett L. and Jaclyn N. to Albertson, Vincent and Sara, 7908 S. 151st Avenue Circle, $195,000.

Special T Masonry to Schiavone, Vincent P. and Dana J., 11512 S. 132nd St., $112,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Fiedler, Angelique and Lechner, Karen S., 11519 Glenn St., $288,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Muell, Lee A., 11275 S. 114th Ave., $309,000.


Rickley, Joseph L. and Natasha to Szczepaniak, Raymond A. and Paula S., 8616 S. 38th Ave., $202,000.

Ging Properties LLC to Cervantes, Bella C. and Murray, Russell C., 8310 S. 11th St., $147,000.


Carlberg, Linda L. to Finch, Erika and Kevin, 5114 Aspen Drive, $200,000.

Olsen, Donald E. and Linda Z. to Havranek, Stewart and Jaquelyn, 7214 S. 52nd St., $147,000.

Felt, Gayle A. to Felt, Gayle A. and Otzel, Mark A., 4709 Glenmorrie Drive, $162,000.

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