Schultz, Joni M. and Craig to Helfrich, Rick and Mindy, 7714 N. 158th St., $349,500.

Charleston Homes to Britton, Troy J. and Jody K., 16017 Reynolds St., $315,463.

Celebrity Homes to Swindle, Edward L. and Yolanda G., 8928 N. 161st St., $301,400.

Chase, Kurt M. and Brenda L. to Schnuelle, Sheila B. and Fraser, Catherine M., 9007 N. 156th Ave., $230,000.

Robb, Chris and Danielle L. to Beberniss, Ronald Jr. and Kirkpatrick, Andrea, 7962 N. 146th St., $150,000.

NS Newhill LLC to Doan, Truong H. and Danielle M., 12929 N. 182nd St., $58,000.

Waterford Development to Barr Homes, 7660 N. 154th St., $41,150.

Stratford Park Development to Nelson Builders, 9014 N. 169th Ave., $40,500.

Stratford Park Development to Home Co., 17207 Clay St., $34,200.


R & A Builders to Wehbe, George and Liza, 1909 S. 214th St., $789,000.

Royal Development to Nair, Narayanan K. and Aswathy C., 18676 Webster Circle, $664,994.

Widhalm Custom Homes to Fett-Jones, David and Brian, 2114 S. 214th Ave., $535,000.

Maxin Enterprises to Teruel-Cruz, Mari and Marquez, Zayra, 18716 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $502,737.

Concept Homes & Design to Buskevicius, Amanda J. and Benjamin A., 1801 S. 208th St., $495,000.

Northridge Residential to Woodland Homes, 928 S. 184th Avenue Circle, $395,000.

Moline, Joshua W. and Carrie A. to Messnik, Jr. C. and Michelle B., 1736 N. 207th St., $182,500.

Home Co. to Hanfland, Lawrence W. and Mary G., 1414 N. 194th Circle, $323,000.

Charleston Homes to Betz, Sean W. and Rachel L., 4618 N. 206th St., $282,918.

Sherwood Homes to McGuire, Michael J. and Dana L., 2713 N. 190th St., $282,282.

Mutual of Omaha Bank to Ott, Steve and Michele, 607 S. 186th St., $250,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Pohland, Custom Homes, 2433 S. 219th St., $155,750.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Ideal Designs Remodeling Construction, 2375 S. 218th Ave., $89,250.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Julch, Adam and Teresa, 1909 S. 220th St., $80,000.

Pacific Windgate II to Paradise Homes, 1707 S. 207th St., $60,000.

EVE LLC to Showcase Homes, 3127 N. 193rd Ave., $50,000.


D & E Custom Building Design to Price, Richard L. and Deborah C., 4416 N. 269th St., $353,575.


Henery, Trevor A. and Jacki D. to Henery, Michael L., 1102 Harney St., $100,000.


Sibert, Ricky L. and Kerri L. to Robinson, Matthew D., 5311 N. 64th St., $104,500.

Metschke, Elisa R. and Twidwell, Jeremy J. to Too, Daliu and Nay, Baw, 6423 Ellison Ave., $93,700.


Mutual of Omaha Bank to Kinney, Lisa A., 2138 S. 34th St., $110,000.

Richardson, Eugen W., personal representative, to Barrera, Alejandro and Bernarda, 3869 Arbor St., $63,000.


Schiedel, Scott to Cavanaugh, Nicole L., 4565 Walnut St., $196,000.

Benjamin, Christopher J. and Laura A. to Medhi Properties, 6839 Leavenworth St., $162,500.

Baxter, Donald N. and Peggy L. to Olsen, Debera, 5563 Walnut St., $156,000.

Thomas, Howard E. and Dorothy M. to Peasinger, Carrie, 5540 Hickory St., $147,000.

Sauvageau, Jeffrey and Maria to Gustafson, Andrew C. and LaVelle-Gustafson, Caitlin A., 6157 Hickory St., $132,500.

Bolte, Laurie L. to Cole, Charles W. and Kathryn K., 5811 Cedar St., $100,000.

Petersen, Jeanne L., personal representative, to Petersen, Morris A. and Bailey, Julie J., 971 S. 50th St., $78,000.


Semin, Dolores M., trustee for Dee, Semin Trust to Martinez, Rafael, 1210 Blaine St., $75,000.

Midstates Bank to TSV A LLC, 4435 S. 20th St., $67,000.

Carlson, Kimberly A. to Passmore, Ross P., 4219 S. 12th St., $65,000.

Midstates Bank to Dizona, Nicholas J., 5029 S. 21st St., $46,000.


Hoit, Christine M. to Hernandez De Graham, Noemi, 3323 Hoctor Blvd., $80,000.


Bessey, Brad C. and Rachel to Swahn, Curtis, 2610 Weber St., $98,000.


Koenig, Loren and Jerri to Hauptman, Maxon K., 1733 N. 84th St., $124,000.

Romans, Dennis M. to King, Brittany, 1009 N. 76th St., $115,000.

Barton, Douglas and Diane to Arnold, Maximillian S. and Hope J., 8332 Burt St., $114,800.

Ostrom, Dolores M. and Carl Trust to Miller, Michael V., 1822 N. 78th St., $108,000.


MJ Design Build to Hoesing, Michael D., 5710 N. 153rd Ave., $341,000.

J Henry Homes to McGarvey, Joanna L. and Carey D., 6404 N. 160th Ave., $332,555.

Lane Building Corp. to Bernhardt, Mary J., 2502 N. 166th St., $246,538.

Miner, Kimberly H. and Tyson D. to Schave, David and Overbaugh, Dana, 4829 N. 162nd Ave., $232,900.

Celebrity Homes to Green, Russell L. and Glenda F., 16303 Redman Ave., $216,400.

Leiting, Chelsey E. and Phalen, Christopher W. to Carson, Keenan L. and Allison M., 6104 N. 147th Ave., $169,000.

Bain, Sharon L. Trust to Riekes, Ari D., 15532 Burdette St., $163,000.

Hitz, David and Robin to Hughes, David, 17108 Camden Circle, $156,000.

Curbeam, James to McKay, Diane K., 16204 Camden Ave., $146,000.

Czarnik, Anneliese and Andrew to Neef, Kacy, 3325 N. 148th Court, $105,000.

Castle Creek Development to Mercury Contractors, 15376 Norwick Drive, $40,000.


Scott, James R. to Stowe, Adam and Carissa, 5659 S. 51st Ave., $80,800.

Cunningham, John F., personal representative, to Ondracek, Larry E. and Eileen R., 4819 S. 50th St., $80,000.


HBI LLC to O’Brien, Christopher M. and Cape-O’Brien, Cheryl M., 17013 Franklin St., $280,000.

Kriegler, James A. and Jody A. to McPhail, Steven T., 405 S. 160th St., $222,000.

McDermott, Laura B. to Hartley, John A. and Mary A., 17515 Parker Plaza, $135,000.


McGuire, Michael and Margarita to Nya, Hope and Emmanuel, 8717 Wyoming St., $171,000.

Kuhn, Jeffrey D. and Nicole to Cannon, Robert R., 7412 N. 73rd Ave., $146,000.

Ruden, John J. and Kochevar, Valerie A. to Wonder, Kaitlin A., 10751 Girard St., $144,000.

Jordan, Matt and Marcie to Land, Austin, 8965 N. 79th St., $134,000.

Legacy Ventures I to Growth Equity Group, 8233 Tucker St., $126,000.


Miller, Sally A., personal representative, to MCS Rentals, 3034 S. 107th St., $179,000.

Ziegler, Jeffrey R. to Jodis, Megan, 3442 Westgate Road, $137,500.


Johnson, Mark B. and Emily M. to Leo, Cataldo A. and Rigel, Michele, 10507 Madison St., $308,000.

Schumacher, Megan A. and Brent to Schwede, Daniel R. and Joanna K., 4840 S. 92nd Ave., $150,000.

U.S. Bank and LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Comer, Jason and Shannon, 4928 S. 91st St., $75,000.


Maher, Mary M., trustee for Maher Family Trust to Maher, Christopher M. and Cynthia M., 1625 S. 189th St., $550,000.

Rouw, Mike L. and Kellye A. to Johnson, Emily M. and Mark B., 18531 Marinda Circle, $473,000.

Steidle, Robert E. and Kelli S. to Merwald, Bernard J. and Barbara, 18520 Dupont Circle, $412,500.

Rooftop Investments and Legacy Ventures I to Shannon, Brian and Henning, Kaleena, 16204 Elm St., $280,000.

Rediger, Justin and Alison N. to Horton, Aaron and Amiee, 16305 Spring Circle, $230,000.

Clausen, Justin and Kiley to Carlson, Joel W. and Teresa, 17012 Pierce St., $210,000.

Jackson, Brad A. and Jessica to Hardesty, Nicholas and Tina N., 3929 S. 191st Ave., $195,000.

Hawks, Bobby B. and Singleton, Charmaine J. to Arthur, Isaac and Ayite, Adzoyo S., 3804 S. 191st Ave., $187,000.

Riley, Mary S. to Morcous, George, 16468 Pierce St., $140,000.

Corns, Eileen J., personal representative, to Langendorfer Properties, 1425 S. 163rd St., $130,000.


Medeiros, Theresa B. to H & S Partnership, 4411 Wakeley St., $108,150.

Munoz, Leah A. and Joe P. to Glass, Brandon M. and Nicholas A., 4169 California St., $80,000.

Dixon, Winnie to Dudley, Shannon M., 3211 Myrtle Ave., $77,500.

Vesta Properties LLC to Gilbratrar LLC, 311 N. 38th Ave., $65,000.


Akerson, Adam and Mollie to NEI Global Relocation CO., 4812 Chicago St., $193,500.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Mills, Melissa S. and Guderian, Bret A., 4812 Chicago St., $193,500.

Crum, Daniel G. to Nesbitt, Ross R. and Cara C., 1002 N. 49th Ave., $160,000.

Kresnik, Michael A. and Jennifer L. to Lothrop, Jenna R., 6324 Hamilton St., $97,000.

Golden Realty Investments to Willcock, Brian C. and Julie A., 1310 N. 49th Ave., $36,000.


Usonia Properties to Lutz-Priefert, Zachary W. and Megan E., 9441 Brownley Drive, $145,000.

Punch It Out Inc. to Gabrielson, Forrest and Grizzle, Heather, 9503 Wirt St., $141,000.


DeJano, Rogelio O. Jr. and Sara L. to Arshad, Nazir and Nabila, 16962 Polk St., $290,000.

Richland Homes to Budd, Dawn M., 19309 I St., $273,310.

Hagen, Eric R. and Melissa to Lonas, Tim Jr. and Amy M., 17541 Jefferson St., $252,000.

Dahlen, Adam and Laura to Preister, Nicole S. and Hoit, Christine M., 17113 Orchard Ave., $240,000.

Hansen, Michael R. and Minerva to Christian, Jack and Kaylene, 6720 S. 162nd Ave., $225,000.

Christi, Nicholas R. and Amanda L. to Mahoney, Jennifer, 16455 Drexel St., $218,000.

Riesselman, Jeff and Karisa to Ullsperger, Terry R. and DuBay, Tammy S., 15917 Berry St., $198,000.

Celebrity Homes to Leichner, Marcus, 19624 S St., $169,000.

Celebrity Homes to Worsfold, Chad and Young, Brittany, 19615 R St., $165,800.

Hammer, Cody J. and Bruce, Bailey R. to Schreiner, Logan R., 19607 S St., $165,000.

Ruma, Carl Jr. and Darlene to Frohardt, Christopher T. and Sara L., 18656 Berry St., $155,500.

Poole, Justin and Laura to Kennedy, Chad and Shanna, 19409 R St., $150,000.


Paul, Brian L. and Brandi L. to Rickley, William J. and Morgan D., 15103 Dayton St., $249,000.

Carlson, Donald E. III and Larissa N. to Baker, Anthony C., 15071 Sharp St., $227,500.

Sharar, Troy R. and Jennifer M. to Stava, Stephanie M., 14601 Karen St., $169,000.

Neher, Bryan to Bier, Julie K., 6230 Cypress Drive, $152,000.

Alberts, Van D. to Gommermann, Richard and Marian J., 6514 S. 154th St., $150,000.

Neman, Michael G. and Addie T. to VandenBurg, Jianna and Kory, 13947 Y Circle, $150,000.

Petersen, Aaron to Kelly, Garrett A., 14073 Monroe Circle, $149,900.

Legacy Ventures I to Growth Equity Group, 4962 S. 142nd St., $126,000.

McIntyre, Jeff M. and Debra J. to Citro, Valerie, 5507 S. 114th St., $125,000.

Zednik, Amber L. and Ladislav to Epp, Tasha M., 11215 Roxbury Drive, $120,000.

Bray, Richard and Tierry to Cano, Carlos and Amanda, 4864 S. 143rd St., $118,000.

Midstates Bank to Dizona, Nicholas J., 12629 Weir St., $96,000.


Edward Bedel Construction to Kuhlmann, Michael D. and Theresa M., 8240 N. 123rd St., $459,349.

Lorenz, Gregory P. to Mueller, Leslie M., 12730 Read St., $245,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Ramirez, Fredley and Amber, 7936 N. 116th St., $217,641.

Celebrity Homes to Taylor, Matthew R. and Danielle J., 7501 N. 142nd St., $216,500.

Celebrity Homes to Strange, Karan and Gary, 13815 Wood Valley Drive, $164,600.

Celebrity Homes to Glore, Robert D. and Rickie R., 14305 Wood Valley Drive, $161,500.

Blessen, Michael P. and Jodi L. to Northern Ponca Housing Authority, 10867 Black St., $130,000.

Deer Creek Holdings to Pine Crest Homes, 12324 Mormon St., $35,000.


Mauro, Andrew F. and Meredith J. to Harrill, Chad and Ashley, 1511 S. 152nd Circle, $308,900.

U.S. Bank and LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Home Remodeling By David, 12006 Woolworth Ave., $129,000.

Legacy Ventures I to Growth Equity Group, 12650 Westwood Lane, $121,000.


Claymore Properties to Kiefer, Joshua S. and Lindsay A., 6248 Whitmore St., $145,000.


Allen, Catherine G. to Lokonon, Lcas A. and Carrie A., 336 S. 124th Circle, $349,000.

Friedman, Suzanne N. Trust to Simpson, Edith A. and Becker, Benjamin, 1404 N. 150th St., $240,000.

Blue Moon Properties to Cadwallader, Julie and Gillispie, Amy, 15387 Hamilton St., $209,000.

Maaske, Scott I. and Sara E. to Sibbernsen, Jeffrey and Heimann, Jodie, 1504 N. 144th Avenue Circle, $170,000.

Tosyali, Marylynne and Akin U. to Kinder, Zachary, 12318 Decatur St., $167,000.

Growth Equity Group to Twelve Foundations, 15439 Farnam Circle, $161,000.


Brink, Edward E., trustee, to United Equity, 13262 Bedford Ave., $515,000.

Biben, Michael A. and Denise S. to Hitz, David A. and Robin A., 4902 N. 140th St., $275,000.

Sievers, Charles and Jackie to Huber, Jacob R. and Sievers, Kelsey R., 4303 N. 134th St., $204,000.

Wattier, Michael G. and Arlis K. to Phillips, Amy J. and Michaud, Michael W., 6312 N. 115th Circle, $165,000.

Growth Equity Group to Freundlich, Andrew J., 6602 N. 119th Ave., $150,000.

Fuhrmeister, Eric to Meeves, Briana, 2921 N. 120th Avenue Circle, $150,000.

Doty, Gregory A. and Suzanne M. to Skelley, Patric C. and Jennifer, 12561 Yates St., $135,000.

SevRenCh LLC to MMBD LLC, 4930 N. 112th St., $121,000.

Clark, Krista M. and Geiser, Jack L. to Cornerstone Investment Properties, 2616 N. 125th Ave., $112,000.

Johnson, M. Travis and Julie to Bilek, Richard and Jaycie, 12735 Erskine St., $100,000.

U.S. Bank and LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Elm Home Services, 12671 Crown Point Ave., $97,083.



Van Voorhis, Teresa A. to Friedman, Jeffrey M. and Anna M., 1611 Lorraine Ave., $162,000.

Baldwin, Robert J. and Donna M. to Baldwin, William P., 1802 Washington St., $32,000.

Whitehurst, Brynn E. and Jonathan to McCormick, Andrew and Melissa, 2010 Van Buren St., $125,000.

Saqui, Jose F. and Martha L. to Miller, Alan J., 2810 1/2 Emiline St., $87,000.

Zipse, William J. and Abendroth, Marie C. to Kaufman, Zachary and Lindsay, 3202 Madison St., $138,000.

U.S. Bank to Zoucha-Steinkrauss, Mary H. and Smith, Dennis R., 704 Sherman Drive, $123,000.


Muths, Terry A. and Cynthia K. to Hinton, Paul J. and Christina A., 10280 S. 230th Circle, $670,000.

Silverstone Building Co. to Zabokrtsky, Dustin, 10640 S. 189th St., $374,000.

Jensen, Eric M. and Catherine M. to Molina, Dario and Kristi J., 11657 S. 209th St., $195,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Schulz, Kyle and Crystal, 11816 S. 224th St., $523,000.

Audas, Joseph R. and Kalie M. to Wait, Carol L. and Schriner, Linda F., 17209 Christensen Road, $246,000.

Harrison, Christopher B. and Kristine E. to Shramek, Troy, 19620 Bellbrook Blvd., $388,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Rangeloff, Daniel L. and Amy K., 19821 Gertrude St., $592,000.

Pick, Brian J. and Lori J. to Branton, Michele M., 209 Acorn Circle, $118,000.

Quinn, Ava D. and Donald T. Trust to Hofer, Steve J., 21805 Quail Drive, $250,000.

Celebrity Homes to Sweitzer, Alison S. and Jeremy L., 8211 S. 190 Ave., $210,000.

Wiltech Properties to Cross Canyon Properties, 18501 S. Highway 31, $80,000.


Wait, Carol L. and James to Kemp, Derek S. and Callie E., 1006 Bison Circle, $149,000.

Pine Crest Homes to Bisgrove, Kenneth E. and Camille K. and Andrew R. and Stacy C., 10454 S. 125th Ave., $367,000.

Prue, Andrew G. and Kristen J. to Pesek, Lewis Q. and Rachel R., 1111 Stony Point Drive, $208,000.

McNally, Mary A. and Spielman Trust to Fletcher, Cassiopeia L., 1115 Colt Circle, $149,000.

Rowe, Christopher A. to Kennedy, Bryce A. and Chelsea L., 2004 Queen Drive, $163,000.

Hanson, Vance and Christine to Blankenship, Ashley N. and Vavak, Benjamin P., 2201 Glenwood Ave, $192,000.

Jatczak, Mark A. and Kim R. to Knorr, David E. Trust, 2431 Big Sky Drive, $340,000.

Cunningham, Steven J. and Krystal L. to Marrs, Kelly, 607 Pioneer Road, $204,000.

RME Properties to Arnold, Ron A. and Linda L., 721 S. Madison St., $137,000.

Dodd, Beth, personal representative for Wydeven, Alice C. Estate to Knapp, David R., 807 Waterford Circle, $170,000.

Walby, Charles W. and Anne M. to Scott, Michael C. and Anna M., 825 Spruce Drive, $200,000.


Berthelsen, Loren J. and Frederica C. to Boulet, Adam J. and Kelley L., 10814 S. 19th St., $180,000.

Wessling, Timothy J. and Patricia D. to Wessling, Sara L. and Morris, Christopher, 13529 Glendale Circle, $118,000.

Celebrity Homes to Stephens, Darrell R. and Tamara L., 15006 S. 23rd St., $291,000.

Tyrrell, Robert and Jill to Snell, Joshua M. and Christina, 2715 Duane Ave., $205,000.

Kouba, Thomas J. Jr. and Kimberly A. to Vogt, Richard W. and Ruth L., 9805 S. 22nd Circle, $128,000.


Schlickbernd, Paul J. and Debra M. to Jako Investments LLC, 7508 Elm Drive, $89,000.

Home Co. to Nissen, Ryan O. and Janelle E., 8430 S. 104th St., $355,000.


Christenson, Corey P. and Maureen A. to Wilson, Andrew J. and Theda J., 1811 Aberdeen Drive, $235,000.

Schriner, Linda F. to Schultz, Cody M. and Brooke, 502 Charleston Drive, $163,000.

Bulli, Dante E. to Harrison, Craig R. and Love, Adele A., 5807 Hilltop St., $268,000.

Empire Homes of Remodeling Inc. to Christenson, Corey P. and Maureen A., 6644 Park Crest Drive, $396,000.

Dupell, Ronald J. and Joan M. to Smith, Matthew A. and Jennifer E., 702 Eagle Crest Circle, $275,000.


Hamik, Michael G. and Vergene L. to Hetzel, Steven C. and Karen S., 10015 172nd Circle, $202,000.

Schmid, Patrick A. and Albertha C. to Gednalske, Kevin and Tonia S., 15834 Timberlane Drive, $225,000.

Iwan, Nicole R. to Abboud, Nicholas, 16925 Colony Drive, $141,000.

Celebrity Homes to Gregory, Kyle D. and Ricki L., 17004 Rampart St., $207,000.

Byers Sweitzer, Alison S. and Sweitzer, Jeremy to Johnson, Jeffrey S. and Kristina N., 17650 Emiline St., $140,000.

McCullough, Donald E. and Isabel J. to Fitzpatrick, Stephen A. and Ream, Gayle E., 7005 S. 163rd St., $198,000.

Ibrahimi, Michelle to Limpach, Kevin, 7026 S. 183rd Terrace, $181,000.

Harrill, Chad R. and Ashley E. to Vetsch, Katlin and Justin, 7721 S. 162nd Ave., $250,000.

Celebrity Homes to Bouasym, Pouthasone and Linda S., 8005 S. 190th Ave., $228,000.

Helfrich, Rick A. and Mindy S. Trust to Meyer, Eric J. and Dawn M., 8108 S. 166th St., $285,000.

Bossaers, Jacques and Barbara to Johnson, Barbara K. and Bowley, James J. Sr., 9509 S. 175th Circle, $350,000.


Matthes, Brandon W. to Hudalla, Theodore A. and Chelsea R., 8718 S. 138th St., $135,000.


Hassel, Daniel L., trustee for Hassel, Leslie J. Trust to Wendl Properties, 1802 Chandler Road, $150,000.

Prusha, Jerome C. and Linda L. to Prusha, Andrew J. and Frank, Jessica J., 2627 Greene Ave., $157,000.

Ferguson, Kimberly J. and Robert K. II to Del Margo, Christina and Mica, 2801 Childs Road, $155,000.

U.S. Bank to Howell, Jason and Jodi, 7539 S. 41st St., $70,000.

Frank, Jessica F. to Rotundo, William A. and Kurcz, Stacy R., 7602 S. 41st St., $112,000.

U.S. Bank to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 7664 S. 41st Ave., $52,000.

Nordbrock, Keith, personal representative for Nordbrock, Allan O. Estate to Anglemyer, Taylor and Jillian, 7905 S. 23rd St., $154,000.


Johnson, Jeffrey D. to Flott, Andrew J., 6301 Harrison St., $82,000.

Jackson, James Sr. and Loretta K. to Brookfield Relocation, 7513 S. 50th St., $128,000.

Brookfield Relocation to Espinosa, Oscar J. and Gonzalez, Genesis M., 7513 S. 50th St., $128,000.



Slaughter, Angela and Jason E. to Morales, Fatima L., 2310 S. 17th St., $131,000.

Ebertowski, Krista K. and Lonnie L. to Miller, James and Peters, Chelsie A., 2524 Ave. F, $115,000.

Sulley, Jake D. to Prichard, Chris and Kim, 1515 Ave. B, $92,500.

Hughes, Emily K. and Kirk R. to Burns, Jeremy D. and Kristin A., 2612 S. 16th St., $180,000.

Taylor, Blake E. and Erin M. to Espinosa, Roxana A., 616 28th Ave., $131,000.

Habitat for Humanity to Ramos, Rosa C., 2226 Sixth Ave., $17,000.

Loose, Carol A. and Edward J. to Hardy, Amber M., 2700 Ave. H, $87,500.

Henry, Leroy C. and Linda B. to Lerette, Lisa, 514 N. 19th St., $139,000.

Century Asphalt Co. to QTC Investments, 830 12th Ave., $138,000.

Prof-2013-S3 Legal Title Trust and U.S. Bank to Krause, Bradley D., 2701 Ave. B, $62,000.


Petry, Alexandra and Edward J. to Jones, Stacey and William R., 204 Ferndale Drive, $220,000.

Streit, Melissa and Mitchell to Hughes, Emily and Kirk R., 209 Winchester Circle, $231,500.

Jones, Stacey A. and William R. to Ann, Melissa E. and Simonin, Jon A., 212 Zenith Drive, $172,000.

Emge, Ashely N. to Bartles, Jerry and Mary E., 327 N. First St., $110,000.

Wallace, Rosemary to McAlpine, Larry J., 125 Happy Hollow Blvd., $79,000.

McKern, Rita to Emge, Ashley N., 19549 Perry Road, $147,000.

Rockwell, Larry D. and Marliss C. to Rocha, Janice and Valentino, 228 Harmony St., $120,000.

LaFerla, Christopher S. and Lea M. to Edwards, Adam M., 385 Kenmore Ave., $162,500.


Stinehagen, Jolynn K. to Nymann, Lupe G. and William C., 312 Allen St., Carson, $67,500.


McMullen, Nancy V. and Patrick R. to Muths, Cynthia K. and Terry A., 18390 Jefferson Ave., Crescent, $160,000.


Lone Pine Capital to Vixen Construction LLC, 30223 175th St., Honey Creek, $110,000.


Christensen, Marvin B. and Norma P. to Meeker, Kevin S. and Rebecca L., 411 Hill St., Oakland, $80,000.


Welcome Homes to Wright, Kathleen M. and Roger D., 22322 Norman Drive, Underwood, $416,000.

Welcome Homes to Leaders, Edward D. and Robin M., 22769 Tonya St., Underwood, $435,500.

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