State Street Investments LLC to Mercury Contractors Inc., 8028 N. 159th Ave., $41,950.

Waterford Development LLC to Lpc Properties LLC, 7253 N. 155th St., $562,706.

Ring, Antoinette to Doll, Brande R. and Kathryn E., 14513 Sunrise St., $199,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Ba, Saada W. and Bamalgoubri, Pateda P., 7637 N. 144th Ave., $218,523.

Linpepco Corporation, trustee of Renewable Energy Fund I. Lp to Green, Mary Lou and Lyon, David H., 7279 N. 155th St., $345,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Colon, Ian L. and Cassandra A., 16315 Weber St., $290,612.


Olander, Jeffrey Scott and Theresa Grace to Fair, Robert A. and Joyce M., 21987 Brookside Ave., $570,000.

Kronaizl Investments LLC to Kersch, Roderick and Kari, 20456 A St., $549,187.

Cambridge Homes LLC to Putnam, Kyle M. and Laura M., 2501 N. 186th St., $373,507.

Whisper Rock Holdings LLC to Hildy Construction Inc., 2701 N. 185th St., $62,000.

Sheffield, Raleigh J., trustee of Raleigh J. Willa S. Sheffield Revocable Trust to Huigens, Joseph E., 4806 N. 193rd Avenue Circle, $455,000.

Roberts Family Limited Partnership to Sankaraneni, Ram Mohan R. and Pinninti, Mamatha, 1418 N. 191st Ave., $665,000.

Fools Inc. to Buder, May, 5022 N. 208th Ave., $319,950.

Royal Development Inc. to Starlin, Richard C. and Heng, Julie R., 20709 Shirley St., $485,000.

Whisper Rock Holdings LLC to Hildy Construction Inc., 2511 N. 185th St., $62,000.

Royal Development Inc. to Hornbeck, Jon G. and Rebecca S., 18658 California St., $479,900.

Rucker, Charles M. and Gwendolyn R. to Beahm, John and Laura, 4006 N. 195th St., $400,000.

Jensen, Jon E. and Pamela S. to Johnson, Katherine M. and Paul W., 3321 S. 217th St., $590,000.


Pbk Real Estate LLC to Kava, Gregory C. and Kelly S., 5405 N. 284th Circle, $155,000.

Husmann, Justin and Baily to Davidson, Jonathan and Kendra, 4404 N. 269th St., $385,000.


Century Development Company LLC to Mclaughlin, Nathan J. and Kristin E., 327 S. 243rd St., $92,500.

Bowdino, Bradley S. and Ronda K. to Rolfes, Daniel L. and Amie M., 24720 Mason St., $900,000.


Walla, James and Olson, Sara E. to Jp Olsen Farms LLC, 105 S. 9th St., $318,000.


Kelly, Johnathon J. to Bonita Bungalow LLC, 2506 N. 70th St., $129,400.

Knops, Johannes and Kaup, Tamara A. to Hajduk, Michael and Megan, 5647 Corby St., $167,500.

Cashelmore Bruckheim LLC to Ciochon, Mark and Trina, 6767 Seward St., $390,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Hobson, Crystal, 5349 N. 47th St., $110,000.

Steffi A. Swanson Trust to Reo Asset Management Company LLC, 2735 N. 45th Ave., $36,701.

Pick, Benjamin J. and Matlock, Brianne M. to Clyde, Brent L., 1800 N. 52nd St., $329,000.

Reid-Kuhn, Kimberly to Baum, Michael Cletus, 2417 Fontenelle Blvd., $148,000.

Hawks, Bryan E. to Zsr Properties LLC, 1822 N. 48th Ave., $105,500.

Steinbach Enterprises LLC to 5509 Nw Radial LLC, 5509 Northwest Radial Highway, $185,000.

Reo Asset Management Company LLC to Heartland Holdings A. LLC, 2735 N. 45th Ave., $36,701.

Gardner, Tina and Christopher to Thorson, Daniel J., 7061 Binney St., $142,000.

Hamilton, Troy and Thomas, Zania to Herzner, Tiffani Michelle, 1815 N. 58th St., $243,000.

Swensen, Teble M. to Law, Paw Hay, 6705 Crown Point Ave., $140,000.

New Beginnings In Christ to Fischer, Eric J. and Alexandra, 2003 N. 63rd St., $138,000.


Thelen, Hannah L. and German, Hannah L. to Wendell, Joshua and Bentz, Jessalyn, 3517 Gold St., $165,000.

Hovorka, Nick to Smiley, Ronald L. Sr, 4014 Vinton St., $135,000.


Nicole James Properties LLC to Pica, Mark V. and Amy M., 1910 S. 61st Ave., $228,000.

Marsh, Joel R. and Krystin B. to Hiffernan, John M. III, 4701 Shirley St., $150,000.

Franco, Louise to Pieper, Charles T. and Julie H., 3014 S. 48th St., $165,000.

Collins, Christopher W. and Angela F. to Reid Capital LLC, 5522 Jackson St., $244,900.

Caps Enterprises LLC to Maga LLC, 1512 S. 60th St., $565,000.

Janky, Kristen and Johansen, Jerrid C. to Cassard, Colin and Button, Lindsey, 1402 S. 62nd St., $265,000.

Genet, Stefan and Padmanabhan, Rachel to Knobbe, Ariel R., 5512 Pine St., $187,000.

Peterson, Thomas R. and Patricia Schuett to Graff, Thomas and Gill, Mary, 1915 S. 62nd St., $180,000.

Glasford, Richard C. and Neumann-Glasford, Jeanne E. to Clear Creek Tds LLC, 5901 Poppleton Ave., $225,000.

Rolfzen, Dawn L. to 100 Year Homes Inc., 6821 Marcy St., $154,000.

Hellman, Amy M. to Nelsen, Molly Rae, 5848 William St., $237,000.

Dougherty, Mary A. and Terry J. to Yribe, Arthur and Lea, 3318 S. 52nd St., $125,000.


Kmiecik, Michael S. to Godinez, Juan C., 3323 Monroe St., $65,000.

Cascio, Joseph J. Jr. and Sharon Kaye Jr. to Schnase, Eric, 4927 S. 25th St., $142,500.

Scarpa, Andrew and Ashley to Eckley Auto Brokers Inc., 4204 E St., $69,000.

Gittins, Kevin G. to Hugo, David, 3363 Washington St., $115,000.

Struck, Kristine M. to Jelinek, Jasi J., 1351 Kavan St., $223,000.

Cronk, Jerry L. and Cheryl L. to Pasillas-Diaz, Nelson and Rosales, Ada Z., 6202 S. 34th Ave., $55,000.

Puentes, Rogelio to Torres, Miguel Angel Ramirez and Luna, Patricia Brenda Puentes De, 4323 S. 38th St., $84,000.


Grassau, Victoria to Flores, Tito and Bibiana Dominguez, 617 Pierce St., $140,000.

Schmid, Jennifer K. and Cortney J. to Apm Properties LLC, 2917 S. 4th St., $95,000.

Gilbert, Steve to Ottemann, Robert and Kalkowski, Kim, 420 Center St., $144,000.


Webb, Rhonda M. to Owens, Tina, 1502 Ames Ave., $26,000.


Lueck, William E. to Mix, Lisa, 4215 Grand Ave., $31,400.

Coffey, Barbara J. to Ts Global LLC, 4208 Emmet St., $54,000.

Robertson, Paulette Dorothy and Serrano, Paulette Dorthy to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 6337 N. 33rd St., $42,500.

Mbi Inc. to Hendon, Johnathon, 4309 Decatur St., $66,500.


Mis, Jesus Sumaya Paul and Rodriguez, Monica A. Macias to Reicks, Jose Antonio Hernandez and Cardenas, Roxana, 2569 Bauman Ave., $153,000.

Casa Vidor LLC to Integrated Group Seven LLC, 7608 N. 30th St., $2,610,000.

Buck, Michael and Lynette to Johnson, Carolyn, 3664 Ernst St., $120,000.


Hp3 X LLC to Kutilek, Thomas and Annette, 452 S. 85th St., $270,000.

Timperley, Frank R. Jr. and Sasse, Susanne L. to Fernandez, Berenice Ferraez and Mendoza, German Eduardo, 708 N. 76th St., $160,000.

Pinder, Kathleen M., personal representative of Lynch, Henry T. to No Equity Homes LLC, 9406 Douglas St., $308,000.


Kamhaka, Memory S. to Luong, Tommy, 4914 N. 150th Ave., $185,100.

Rockwell, Jeffrey E., trustee of Rockwell Family Trust to Fleissner, Greg and Hayley, 15505 Nebraska Ave., $307,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Hanson, Paul and Rhodes, Micah, 2611 N. 167th St., $313,138.

Showalter, Lisa K. and Bell, Thomas A. to Benolken, Richard R. Jr. and Marcia J., 14534 Saratoga St., $247,500.

Knight, Joshua D. and Heather E. to Soares, Kyle D., 4901 N. 165th St., $215,000.

Patel, Sujataben and Nainan V. to Webber, Jason and Danielle, 16319 Meredith Ave., $200,000.

Danquah, Sylvia A., personal representative of Danquah, Wilson A. to Moore, Jadyn, 4109 N. 146th Court, $135,000.

Todd Menard Construction LLC to Song, Peifang, 2341 N. 177th St., $363,000.

Johnson, Monty Lynn and Darlene Faye to Laville, Jacob Eugene, 14733 Meredith Ave., $205,000.

McCright Properties LLC to Meyer, Gene and Marilyn, 15031 Camden Ave., $225,000.

Snyder, Carol A. to Kulus, Bradley S. and Melissa M., 15952 Bauman Ave., $383,450.

Hollman, Ricky D., trustee of Dwane & Doris Hollman Fam Trust to Johnson, Monty L. and Darlene F., 15134 Taylor St., $300,000.

Mclaughlin, Kenneth M. and Moore, Elizabeth A. to Henderson, Phillip R. and Maxey, Sarah, 6412 N. 159th St., $300,000.

Friend, David Jr. to Prinz, Thomas and Boulay, Elizabeth, 2909 N. 152nd Ave., $207,000.

Helwig, Stephen G. to Heuertz, Lawrence and Linda, 4742 N. 150th St., $237,500.

Brazda, Tiffany M. and Gann, Tiffany M. to Suing, Matthew T. and Morgan, Brooke E., 14525 Saratoga St., $186,000.


Crites, Kelsey A. and Emily L. to Carter, Kent, 4412 S. 62nd St., $119,000.

Headlee, Ellen A. to Zonker, Taylor and Jessica, 6221 H St., $105,000.


Werner, Matthew P. and Leora A. to Cornell, Judd and Bridget, 405 S. 159th St., $280,000.

Frazier, Paul L. and Mary E. to Kirchner, Elizabeth and Michael, 17834 Harney St., $430,000.

Greene, Ryan M. and Amy L. to Shawng, Lashi Gam and Lashi, Ah Roy, 15821 Parker St., $200,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Rai, Bidesh and Aita Raj, 8449 Craig Ave., $220,403.

Jorgensen, Tyler A. and Kristina to Hendrix, Nicole and Moore, Cody, 7302 N. 89th Ave., $199,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Honeycutt, Randolph E. III, 8315 Craig Ave., $184,652.

Peterson, Christopher and Ali to Engen, Lucas, 8813 N. 83rd Ave., $192,000.

Brenneman, Ross A. and Emily C. to Stahlecker, Jay, 8814 N. 79th St., $160,000.


Marcuccio, Mary K. and Graham, Mary K. to Ro-Dan LLC, 7806 Ontario St., $145,000.

Houlton, Timothy L. and Susan E. to Maverick Property Group LLC, 2525 S. 88th St., $215,000.

McMillen, Lindsay C. to Byrnes, Riley and Calista, 7506 Valley St., $178,000.

Rosso, Patrick J. to Walters, James, 7727 Nina St., $180,000.


Red Ladder LLC to L & B. Lamay Properties LLC, 10335 V St., $168,900.

Blue, Anthony T. and Christina M. to Taylor, Kerri A., 10217 Mockingbird Drive, $175,000.


Bartholomew, Marsha K. and Bensley, David to Bartholomew, Nicholas and Christina, 19310 Atlas St., $360,000.

Gibilisco, Mary C. to Lower, Timothy G., 2824 S. 162nd Place, $150,000.

Kittle, Patrick J. and Little, Lacy J. to Platt, Adam and Jaimye, 1913 S. 182nd Circle, $462,500.

Haldeman, Lois E. to Schuller, Patricia, 16128 Wright Place, $141,000.

Daub, Zachary M. and Lisa A. to Shada, Frank P. II and Ashley J., 1714 S. 179th St., $389,900.

Elliott, Brett and Sallie to Feaster, Rebecca A., trustee of Rebecca A. Feaster Living Trust, 17429 Valley Drive, $1,007,500.


Dorcy, Clifford C. and Lucy P. to Roche, Lauren Katherine, 105 N. 31st Ave., $280,000.

Glover, Guyla R. to Jackson, Denise M. and Glover, Guyla R., 3159 Myrtle Ave., $48,000.


Ward, John A. to H & S. Partnership Llp, 4652 Douglas St., $250,000.

Britigan, Bradley E. and Denise H. to Bleicher, Helen J. and Jon J., 723 N. 57th St., $900,000.

McKeever Investments LLC to Roberts, Carin and Joseph, 6939 Cuming St., $297,500.

Baker, Kali L. to Ziskey, Michael Edward and Stern, Sandra Elaine, 5103 Lafayette Ave., $300,000.

Hervert, Charles E. and Julie A. to Leon, Nathan M. and Meghan L., 7026 Hamilton St., $140,000.


Gordon, Marilyn to Tarwater, David Glen, 9453 Tomahawk Blvd., $134,900.

Valle, Norma G. to Ram, Sein and Khinlay, Mary, 4417 N. 94th St., $175,000.

Lutz, Alfred P. to Gilmore, Cody and Brandl, Greg, 8711 Grand Ave., $111,000.

Hbi LLC to Thiel, Edward and Angela, 10532 Larimore Circle, $239,000.

Extreme Properties LLC to Ericksen, Kenneth V., 3105 N. 72nd St., $15,000.

Mcpherson, Danielle and Palmer, Matthew to Wright, Tiffany and Tibbetts, Brooke, 7722 Curtis Ave., $151,000.

Matrix Properties LLC to Spearman, Andrew and Hynek, Christine, 9430 Fowler Ave., $164,500.

Arkfeld, Thomas to Leonard, Benjamin and Sara, 4129 N. 101st St., $170,000.

Blue, Richard W. and Claudell C. to Blue, Anthony T. and Christina M., 3860 Parkview Drive, $190,000.

Hotovy, Jordan to Pride, Edgar and Nola, 8457 Browne St., $186,000.


Rosso, Nicholas L. and Emily to Kuss, Kelsey A., 18911 L St., $188,000.

Putler, Kevin C. and Jodi A. to Snow, Ethan and Alyssa, 17475 L St., $288,000.

Thomas, Ronald R. and Donelle S. to Danahy, Mary Jo, 16531 Ehlers St., $216,900.

Hurd, Zach and Amy to Thomas, Ronald R. and Donelle S., 6112 S. 190th Terrace, $255,000.

Dunwoody, Craig and Carrie to Zabawa, Michael Jordan, 16110 Rolling Ridge Road, $214,500.

Rickert, Jeffrey R. and Jenna to Novachich, Donald E. Jr., 18762 Holmes St., $264,000.

Ricke, Jerry and Sandi to Pflughaupt, Dana and Kari, 5911 S. 160th St., $279,000.


Langel, Kevin J., trustee of Kevin J. Langel Revocable Trust to Weigel, Kathleen Marie, 6416 S. 118th Place, $243,500.

Collins, Daniel R. to Tweed, Arlen Jr. and Debra, 6617 S. 108th Terrace, $135,500.

Joiner, Monica J. to Bauer, Jared J. and Ana C., 6712 S. 135th Terrace, $161,000.


Deer Creek Reserve LLC to Blue Ridge Builders LLC, 8209 N. 127th Ave., $48,000.

Metz, Thomas R. and Joni A. to Coffman, Creig M. and Anne J., 7807 N. 124th St., $530,000.


Monson, Joan G., trustee of Dean and Joan Monson Revocable Trust to Kr Properties LLC, 2326 S. 118th Court, $115,000.


Powell, Delores to Latt, Naw and Mazung, Meram, 7216 N. 71st Ave., $185,000.

Lalumendre, Jordyn A. to Coble, Madeline, 7030 N. 65th Ave., $155,000.


Fleissner, Hayley R. to Shukis, Mike and Gdowski, Gessica, 1865 N. 149th Court, $206,000.

Red Ladder LLC to Hahn, Brendt R. and Amber Joleena, 15424 Cuming Circle, $255,000.

Polsen, Minnie Carline to Hove, Alan C. and Barbara A., 1001 N. 145th Circle, $275,000.

Derr, Sonia A. to Cunningham, David and Diane, 14806 Cass Circle, $206,000.


Gray, William and Barbara A. to Klesitz Realty LLC, 5118 N. 108th St., $120,000.

Newcomer, Chase J. and Kati L. to L & B. Lamay Properties LLC, 2116 N. 141st Ave., $177,000.

Swift, Robert M. and Rebecca A. to Andres, Raschel, 2614 N. 122nd Circle, $170,000.

Thielen, Mark A. and Deborah M. to Abboud, Michael, 11426 Kansas Circle, $167,000.

Eric H. Lindquist Trust to Langendorfer Properties Five LLC, 12656 Laurel Ave., $150,000.

Hooi, Dan and Lisa to Frazier, Paul and Mary, 13522 Taylor St., $283,900.



Kmail, Zaher and Lyneea K. to Berry, Michelle, 1226 St. Andrews Road, $170,000.

Alberts, Sara M. to Long, Steven E., 2005 Winnie Drive Unit 4, $92,000.

Mayland, Tiffany to Olson, Eric and Nicole, 521 Bellevue Blvd. N., $187,000.

Targy, Stephen T. and Tina M. to Petersen, Andrea Rose and Sleight, Bret, 1905 Lindyview Lane, $120,000.

Johnson, Adam T. and Beitenman, Rebecca R. to Sharon E. Duncan Trust, 906 Ridgewood Court, $265,000.

Banning, Arleen to Valle, Maria M., 1505 Mildred Ave., $160,000.

Wright, Andrew and Dorothy E. to Levesque, Stephine, 709 W. 32nd Ave., $137,000.

Clark, Vickie J. to Garcia, Chaidez Lisett and Diaz, Victor Rodrigo Rogel, 513 N. 4th St., $141,000.

Chapman, David L. Jr. and Alisha to Stoddard, Ryan and Sikyta, Caitlynn, 610 W. 29th Ave., $155,000.

Crick, Kyle D. and Lindsey A. to Alford, Alexis T. and Simmonds, Christopher David, 1317 Hansen Ave., $174,000.

Qualified Property Solutions LLC to Howard, Brittni N., 701 W. 32nd Ave., $151,000.

Foxley, Lynn Raye to Mixan, Sharon and Nicholas, 1607 Main St., $135,000.

Bishop, Adam and Preas, Elizabeth to Lyons, Larry and Jill, 128 Gregg Place, $265,000.


Eric H. Lindquist Trust to Jah LLC, 12174 S. 217th Ave., $230,000.

Seery, Shureen D. to Dahlheim, Roxanne M., 21109 Flagstone Circle, $245,000.

Upcal Group LLC to Kage Properties LLC, 10819 S. 204th Ave. Circle, $1,450,000.

Dittmar, Deanna M. to Red Ladder LLC, 12530 S. 217th St., $168,000.

Charleston Homes LLC Dba Marc David Custom Built Homes to King, Corey and Kelly, 7714 S. 194th Ave., $325,000.

Ball, Andre and Anne T. to Loeffler, Christopher A. and Tammy Sue, 11418 S. 173rd St., $285,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Schuett, Carl D. and Ann M., 16920 Christensen Road, $305,000.


Haveman, Joel and Mary to Davis, Hugh D., 1808 Southview Drive, $205,000.

Kleinschmit, Andrew J. and Shelby L. to Buck, Nicholas and Amber, 2201 Erin Circle, $196,000.

Coco, Matthew James to Alexander, Michael N. and Michelle, 809 Michael Drive, $300,000.

Buck, Nicholas K. and Amber to Coco, Matthew James, 821 Janes View St., $170,000.

Hadaway, Nicholas and Jenna to Waechter, Kristopher and Susanne, 10901 Lake Tahoe Drive, $385,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Nguyen, Andy T. and Rachel Kim, 10110 S. 105th Ave., $370,000.

Tims, Mark R. and Kathleen A. to Neesen, Matthew J. and Brandi S., 906 Michael Drive, $295,000.

Franklin, Brandon and Lanesha R. to Sebeck, Justin J. and Nicole, 10915 S. 113th St., $332,000.

Nelson Builders Inc. to Word, Zack R. and Ellen K., 12713 S. 75th Ave., $404,000.

Carpenter, Joel Tyler and Dunn, Michelle Lea to Dunn, Dixie A., trustee of Dixie A. Dunn Revocable Trust, 8011 Maui Circle, $300,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Pefley, Eric and Gina, 10105 S. 106th St., $413,000.

Tyler, Timothy D. and Deborah A. to Fichtl, James R. and Tracey A., 803 S. Taylor St., $250,000.

Borcina, Mark C. and Christina A. to Sherwood, Alexander and Hayley, 908 Summit Ridge Drive, $215,000.


McCaul Contracting LLC to Baughman, Karry S. and Ward Baughman, Danielle J., 160 N. 10th Ave., $385,000.

Liddell, Donald L. and Sharon K. to Miller, Jonathan J., 995 N. 2nd Ave., $123,000.


Burns, Matthew and Alison to Ivanchuk, Timofey, 11716 S. 26th St., $250,000.

Perkins, Charles T. III to Goetzinger, Ryan William, 3223 Golden Blvd., $126,000.

Sharratt, Thomas Lee and Lyndsay Jenness to Noirot, William Russel and Melissa Ann, 2204 Oriole Drive, $325,000.

Boyett, Randy Leon and Barbara J. to Maurice, Hern and Pelerin, Blandine, 11006 S. 25th Ave., $203,000.

Wessling, Steven J. to Price, Chad T. and Cassandra Maria, 9701 S. 10th St., $235,000.

Joiner, John W. and Theresa L. to O’Connell, Joseph and Jane, 13716 S. 43rd St., $238,000.

Graveline, Sean and Heather to Prusha, Andrew and Jessica, 17216 Buttons Drive, $110,000.

Bader Construction LLC to Maher, Robert L., trustee, and Maher, Jeanne M., trustee, of Robert L. & Jeanne M. Maher Revocable Trust, 3113 Crystal Drive, $365,000.

Pizzini, Gregory M. and Lynne to Johnson, Carol A., 3411 Comstock Ave., $159,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Trabosh, Evan M. and Jessica K., 14314 S. 17th St., $264,000.

Leuck, Theresa Sue to Rosseter, Sean and Brandie, 3215 Golden Blvd, $175,000.

Bader Construction LLC to Vazquez, Erika Garcia and Mejia, Everardo Rodriguez, 917 Sycamore St., $105,000.

Broome, Pamela and Herman F. to Vazquez, Erika Garcia and Mejia, Everardo Rodriguez, 917 Sycamore St., $103,000.

Chisler, Nicholas M. and Jodi D. to Hunt, Taylor J. and Elizabeth A., 13602 S. 26th St., $255,000.

Mattson, Jacob M. and Amber L. to Pautz, Matthew A. and Velez, Ortiz Cristina, 14106 S. 21st St., $240,000.

Horizon Realty Inc. to Castro, Ronald and Penelope A., 12315 Quail Drive, $330,000.

Torres, Ayrton S. and Geairn, Shauna to Mora, Angelica Maria, 2204 Scarborough Drive, $167,000.


Monson, William A. to Miller, Frank J., 7013 Gertrude St., $124,000.

Mahoney, Molly A. to Sundsboe, Bradley M. and Kampschnieder, Elizabeth A., 10313 Frederick Circle, $330,000.

Richardson, Nicholas S. and Jennifer S. to Sands, Charles T. and Sharon K., 10511 Elm Hurst Drive, $278,000.

Olson, Stephen R. and Smith, Ronee L. to Molczyk, Steven R. and Bober, Samantha J., 6834 Hillcrest Lane, $190,000.

Estes, Mallory C. and Robert to Mahoney, Molly, 7006 Michelle Ave., $196,000.

Brons, Ryan and Krista to Devose, Greg and Krystle, 8624 Park View Blvd., $192,000.

Staub, Jacob and Cezara to Kuechenmeister, Michael J. and Lisa K., 10231 Cimarron Woods Drive, $390,000.

Brown, Sheldon G. and Diana L. to Popken, Derek and Stephanie, 7213 S. 95th St., $358,000.

McCoy, Trace R. and Paige M. to Harmon, Daniel John, 7420 S. 75th Ave., $160,000.

Rodningen, Jon O. and Laura M. to Ant & Vz Realty LLC, 7002 Emiline St., $133,000.

Bennett, Jared M. to Goodman, Kara, 7322 S. 71st St., $130,000.


Werner, Andrew R. and Lindsey L. to Bair, Adam L. and Goeppner, Jacqueline C., 2104 Franklin Drive, $270,000.

Smith, William C. and Anne M. to Jensen, Martin D. and Erin L., 2710 Liberty Lane, $380,000.

Hardebeck, Matt and Karli to Bodenner, Michael J. and Amy D., 4609 Springview Drive, $220,000.

Nedved, Loretta M. to Anderson, Robert E. Sr and Linda A., 2303 Aberdeen Drive, $213,000.

Jensen, Martin D. and Erin L. to Johansen, Jerrid and Janky, Kristen, 1805 Deerfield Way, $285,000.

Cinnamon, Andrew R. and Jessica L. to Cox, Roger and Gayla, 2311 Aberdeen Drive, $270,000.


Richland Homes LLC to Ahern, Thomas S. and Sabrina R., 16905 Aurora St., $309,000.

Schneckloth, Darrin J. and Tina M. to Lind, Jeffrey and Kelsi, 18729 Olive St., $286,000.

Nichols, James C., trustee, and Nichols, Mary A., trustee, of Nichols Living Trust to Adams, Roger and Louann, 16306 Olive Circle, $330,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Grice, Daniel K. and Nancy A., 8364 S. 169th St., $310,000.

Silverstone Building Co LLC to Elliott, Jason and Heather, 18703 Camelback Ave., $441,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Goytla, Miguel Angel and Jason Robert, 10906 S. 185th Ave., $310,000.

Grice, Daniel K. and Nancy A. to Harris, Alexander and Lauren, 19018 Margo St., $244,000.

Sjulin, David H. and Ann M. to El Jamal Properties LLC, 9962 S. 168th Ave., $150,000.

Fools Inc. to Terrill, Laurence Sherwin and Betty, 18659 Camelback Ave., $334,000.

Ziegenfuss, Matthew L. and Howes, Katherine A. to Banderas, Juan, 7917 S. 157th St., $180,000.


Rwanda, Lisa K. and Vogel, Michael to Vogel, Steven and Diane, 13217 Glenn St., $102,000.

Vaughan, Evan and Vaughan, Michelle L. to Smith, William W., 13422 Olive St., $175,000.

Miller, Chase and Amanda to Daniels, David and Dana, 8006 S. 152nd St., $182,000.

Fickel, Kellie M. to Fickel, Kerry E., 13809 Meadow Ridge Road, $35,000.

Hasanzoda, Gulnoza to Spellman, Greg, 8128 S. 154th St., $176,000.

Burke, Jason A. and Ashley to Beck, Alex, 12834 Lillian St., $185,000.

Hagerty, Andrew V. and Sarah to McCoy, Trace and Paige M., 13816 Jennifer Road, $185,000.


Trumble, Brandi N. to Garcia, Skyler, 7522 S. 22nd St., $141,000.

Allen, Mary Ann and Jacob, Larry to Miller, Brandon E., 3306 Tamarac Drive, $186,000.

Hahn, Brendt R. and Amber J. to Karle, Sharon K., 2820 Irene St., $180,000.


Sharpe, Lorraine A. to Griesbach Construction Inc., 7406 S. 52nd St., $120,000.

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