Celebrity Homes Inc. to Bird, Keith H. and Heather L., 7149 N. 163rd St., $297,405.

Sierra Homes and Kronaizl Investments LLC to Ivey, Brandon N. and Rebecca L., 7372 N. 169th St., $438,500.

Smith, Shannon R. and Andrew H. to Hennings, Deborah M., 14755 Eagle St., $219,000.

Landmark Performance Corp to Schwab, Jason C. and Anna, 7301 N. 148th St., $530,551.

Hennings, Deborah M. to Robley, Travis Roy and Kayla Marie, 14538 Mormon St., $179,900.

Waterford Development LLC to Landmark Performance Corp, 15224 Vane St., $26,000.

Wright, Charles W. and Michelle L. to Cobler, Paul W. and Thomas G. Sr, 8215 N. 153rd Terrace, $165,000.

Woods, Ben and Aimee to Johnson, Eric M., 15315 Willit St., $165,000.

Connor, Bruce D. and Beth Ann to Bock, Shane Charles and Kellie, 15657 N. Fourth St., $255,000.

Miller, Steven P. and Jeanne M. to Olbrich, Volker and Chandra, 18725 Northern Hills Drive, $652,000.

Williamson, Tobi L. and Matthew to Ahlers, Douglas O. and Brenda S., 15312 Davidson St., $190,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Wright, Charles W. and Michelle L., 7159 N. 165th St., $288,468.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to McCrillis, Chad M. and Alexis C., 8519 N. 173rd St., $373,841.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Roan, Julie and John T., 12154 Elmwood Drive, $289,369.

Cordes, Andrew and Katherine S. to Nicely, Melanie R. and Joseph W., 8121 N. 147th St., $209,000.

State Street Investments LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 15959 Young St., $43,950.

State Street Investments LLC to Barr Homes Inc., 16361 Grebe St., $43,950.

Home Company LLC to Petersen, Mark D. and Jillian L., 12809 N. 182nd St., $426,423.

Ossenkop Investments LLC to Smith, Reagan and Breitwieser, Jason, 7202 N. 154th St., $335,000.

Norton, Terri to Kriegler, Christy and Matthew, 14906 Grebe St., $233,000.

Brink, Edward E. Trust to 5109 Real Estate LLC, 7802 N. 152nd St., $205,500.

Ackermann, Jason Daniel and Nicole L. to Powell, Jessica L. and Travis Lee, 14850 Eagle St., $225,000.

State Street Investments LLC to Proline Custom Homes Inc., 8101 N. 159th Ave., $43,950.


Er-North Development LLC to Best Team LLC, 1002 Elk Ridge Drive, $100,000.

Kjar, Brett and Jessica to Lett, Shane and Bethannie, 18105 Honeysuckle Drive, $380,000.

Ernstmeyer, Nathan B. and Regan A. to Hernandez, Stephen and Tanya, 20809 Parker St., $234,000.

Shields, Mark A. and Tara R. to Lura, Jason D. and Amanda L., 713 S. 197th St., $475,000.

Koenig, Michael A. and Sarah to Smith, Dakotah and Odonohue, Mary, 18113 Leavenworth St., $459,000.

Prairie Homes Inc. to Lidie, Stephen O., 18416 Grant St., $375,300.

Home Company LLC to Clark, Brenda A., 1439 N. 194th Circle, $299,000.

Belt Construction Co Inc. to Pierce, Mark A. and Sybille L., 19008 Boyd St., $440,000.

Caniglia, John and Cindy L. to Atwater, Frank and Janet A., 3007 N. 192nd Ave., $391,366.

Thomas David Builders LLC to White, Rodney C. and Melanie M., 3712 S. 205th St., $649,900.

Rife, Corey L. to Jensen, Samuel Horace and Taylor, 19606 Dewey Ave., $405,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Kaufman, Brian D. and Chelsea A., 18758 Sahler St., $460,000.

Atchley, Patricia S. to Blodgett, Deborah Ann, 501 Skyline Drive, $159,000.

Lacroix, Pauline Ruth Trust to Frazell, Gregory and Katherine, 740 S. 206th Ave., $410,000.

Kavan Homes Inc. to Dyrdal, Eric and Gerilyn, 3453 Piney Creek Drive, $329,950.

Covolik, Susan D. to Argo, Eric D. and Kim M., 508 S. 201st Ave., $370,000.

Advantage Development Inc. to Conger, Chad M. and Jennifer L., 21110 Cedar St., $621,789.

Kaufman, Chelsea Ann and Brian D. to Stanek, Frank and Peggy, 1408 N. 180th Ave., $355,000.

Huckaby, Curtis B. Jr. and Jennifer L. to Hike, Varner McDonald Jr. and Ann, 1801 N. 196th St., $490,100.

Muhs, Mitchell A. and Melissa L. to Keister, Kimberley Nicole and Joshua Jason, 804 S. 191st Ave., $360,000.

Paradise Homes Inc. to Ford, Keenan I. and Sunquist-Ford, Melissa J., 2404 S. 219th St., $488,799.

Jenney, Robert J. and Skipton, Susan M. to Mcquillan, James M. Trust, 613 S. 199th St., $379,500.

Gniadek, Alissa M. and Brian to Dudzinski, Austin Dean and Jill Nicole, 552 S. 181st St., $347,000.


Lambert, Russell E. and Linda C. to Ulrich, Joseph and Adriana, 610 N. Spruce St., $165,000.

Dana Enterprises Inc. to Henson, Cecil V. and Kocher, Sherry G., 9336 N. 252nd St., $125,000.

Herring, Denise R. to Brewster, Britanie, 212 E. Gardiner St., $100,000.

Muldoon, Loretta J. and Ackerman, Elizabeth M. to Dabney, John R. and Maurer, Joann M., 133 E. Alexander St., $37,500.

Arkfeld Real Estate LLC to Getsfred, Christopher C. and Colleen, 118 W. Reichmuth Road, $185,000.

Cambridge Homes LLC to Salerno, Richard A., 2609 N. 186th St., $411,355.

Holland, Sarah to Living the Dream LLC, 207 W. Alexander St., $85,750.

Hurley Revocable Living Trust to Ficenec, Mary Kay, 37 Ginger Cove Road, $545,000.

Mayer, Jeremy D. and Elizabeth J. to Preister, Matthew V., 8111 N. 281st Ave., $515,000.

Hogan, Michael Luke to Christenson, Dale E. Trust, 62 Shaker Place, $410,000.

Ginger, Gail K. to Olson, Vickie L., 202 Sunset St., $140,000.

Kukoly, Alex and Courtney to Majestic Homes LLC, 6316 N. 289th Circle, $131,250.


Karpisek, Robert A. to Gottsch, Terese and Murphy, Dan, 101 Washington St., $115,000.

First State Bank to HBC Homes Inc., 23419 Agee Lane, $33,200.


Elmar & Santina Bolowich Living Trust to Dostal, Glenn, 1308 Jackson St., $470,000.


Hoy, Brook A. and Anderson, Joy to Beitel, Lauren Elizabeth, 5519 Parker St., $201,000.

Adney, Maria P. to 200 Properties LLC, 6119 Camden Ave., $60,000.

Doce Select Vistas LLC to Etekpo, Asserewou, 4733 Erskine St., $110,000.

Willis, Brittany N. and Jacob R. to Briggs, Matthew David and Kimberly Ann, 2328 N. 60th Ave., $167,750.

Hempel, Angela M. and Michael to Schneider, James L. and Arianne M., 1802 N. 49th St., $160,000.

Scoles, Clinton Lee and Lesley Ann to Yein, Paw and Thein, Soe, 5308 Boyd St., $130,000.

Brown, Loyal and Loyal Jr. to Otte, Matthew, 6017 Birch St., $124,000.

Damone, Angela S. to Redlinger, Jonathan P., 6762 Spencer St., $139,350.

Om 4939 Ruggles Trust and Western Financial LLC Trust to KFM Properties LLC, 4939 Ruggles St., $75,000.

Okane, Michaela A. to Murphy, Jesse A., 2024 N. 54th St., $223,000.

Ludrick, Sally A. Trust to Fentress, Janelle E., 6120 Evans St., $90,000.

KR Properties LLC to Perrigo, Marion L. and Deloris, 5412 Boyd St., $135,000.

THC & D Inc. to Foster, Keygan and Megan, 2749 N. 49th St., $130,000.

Forethought Life Insurance Company to Rodriguez, Noemi, 5418 N. 45th Ave., $45,000.

Senkbile, J. D. and Michele to Hitt, Nathaniel J. and Vanessa M., 2507 N. 56th St., $282,000.

Guenther, Grant and Megan to Paley, Brian and Alexa, 5316 Seward St., $245,000.

Hinze, Eric and Engdahl, Kristyna to Henry-Moreland, Benjamin and Clanton, Katherine, 1815 N. 49th St., $220,000.

Zhao, Gege to Allen, Matthew A. and Ogden, Cheyenne R., 5619 Ruggles St., $98,000.

Renshaw, Jacqueline F. to Renshaw, Rebecca A., 5713 Spaulding St., $88,500.


Bailey, Kevin P. and Rebecca E. to Morris, Heather L., 3075 S. 33rd St., $170,000.

Pinwheel Inc. to Grandview Properties LLC, 4421 Pierce St., $88,500.

Selix, Bryan C. and Tina to McCall, Sean and Kristen, 2434 S. 43rd St., $166,500.

Vidales, Jose S. to Cabrera, Librada and Jose N., 2563 Pierce St., $41,150.

Luther, Joseph and Brandi to Wittrock, John and Tamela, 2509 S. 38th Ave., $91,000.

Brink, Edward E. Trust to Doce Select Vistas, 519 S. 34th St., $36,000.

Fagan, Thomas P. Trust to G & R. Investment Group LLC, 1018 S. 38th Ave., $130,000.

Fewless, Michael and Alma Jane to Wang, Yu Xian, 3101 S. 39th St., $123,000.

Aphelia Investment Group LLC to Mejia-Ozuna, Yesenia and Bernal-Moline, Francisco, 1129 S. 28th St., $40,000.

Moreno, Eduveges to Bautista, Leonel H. and Jamilette M., 1522 S. 25th Ave., $77,130.

Wollberg, Jason M. and Kirsten to Espinoza, Christian, 4424 Shady Lane Circle, $168,500.


Mousel, Randall J. and Smith, Stephen Raymond to Dopheide, Angela and Garcia, Edwin, 6180 Hickory St., $225,000.

Belek, Brian J. and Lamkins, Jesica E. to Vaughan, Carl A. II and Alison Christine, 2414 S. 48th St., $154,900.

Cesh LLC to Geiger, James Michael Jr. and Barney, Megan Jean, 6170 Elm St., $178,500.

Bowen, Kristi Marie to Shen, Jiangang, 3606 S. 55th St., $155,000.

Porter, Noah and Henkin, Katherine to Siekman, Grant and Grace, 4551 Walnut St., $233,000.

Knox, Justin and Kelli to Goodell, Joshua and Perry, Emily, 5815 Briggs St., $190,000.

W. Eugene Wilkie Living Trust and Cox, Kelli A., trustee, to Heim, Bryson J., 4690 Marcy St., $53,000.

Arndt, Brian T. and Colleen Marie to Armstrong, Peter M. and Yvonne K., 5215 Mason St., $65,000.

Smith, Christopher D. to Linstadt Properties LLC, 4914 Mayberry St., $67,000.

Lawrence, E. Annette and Ortmann, Annette L. to Greufe, Michael, 2226 S. 46th St., $145,000.

Schafer, Matthew and Nichole to Grace, Leslie Daren and Mary Margaret, 1010 S. 54th St., $185,500.

Moeller, James D. and Mary Pat to McGregor, Karla and Wilson, Jonathan, 5156 Jackson St., $335,000.

Suiter, William T. and Diana J. to Ojinvestments LLC, 4910 Mayberry St., $90,000.

Loring, Anne C. and Peters, Dolan Elizabeth to Parizek, George P. and Connor, Kathleen K., 5923 Jones St., $204,000.

Zurlo, Enzo and Dana to Munford, Nathan C. and Tucker, Miriam E., 1504 S. 52nd St., $205,000.

Lieben, Peter B. and Joan to Lieben, Benjamin T., 1402 S. 49th St., $50,000.

Bonnema, Rachel to Bagnell, Timothy and Kelly, 4693 Pine St., $261,000.


Eden, Frances J. and Sharon K. to Amp Enterprises LLC, 4116 S. 23rd St., $79,000.

Perea, Rafael and Diana to Streit, William, 3625 Monroe St., $142,000.

Leon E. Wirth Revocable Trust and Brown, Barbara Maurine Trust to Zavala, Leticia, 4450 H St., $170,000.

Dasovic, James P. and McKeever, Christine to Blue Jay Investments LLC, 3644 W St., $115,000.

Elsasser, Donald E. to Schmidt, Michael, 4251 J St., $173,000.

Nadrchal, James Jr. and Amanda to Jimenez, Ruben and Palma, Exmir, 1903 Missouri Ave., $40,000.

Clauson, Michael L. and Shirley A. to Ciaccio, Debra, 1515 Monroe St., $48,000.

Snider, Stephen B. and Gutekunst, Charlie L. to Smith, Brandon, 4955 S. 41st St., $65,000.

Lara, Felix J. and Maria J. to Rodriguez, Victor Manuel Martinez and Moreno, Flor Noyret, 5420 S. 19th St., $35,000.

Mitilier, Michael to Eldorado Enterprises LLC, 1039 Atlas St., $133,000.


Johnson, Virginia L. and Joann R. to Baker, Mark W. and Tara J., 3021 S. 19th St., $84,000.

Stein, Bradley A. and Carolyn to Douglas C. Latka Living Trust, 1117 S. 10th St., $275,000.

Flores, Catherine to Hernandez, Dolores, 2217 S. 18th St., $25,000.

Betty A. and John J. Jr. Cap Revocable Trust to Tordoff, Jason G. and Rachael A., 2431 S. 14th St., $137,800.


Julius Davis Investments LLC to Mendoza, Brenda De La Cruz, 4119 Florence Blvd., $91,000.

Rmac Trust Series 2016-Ctt and U.S. Bank National Association Trust to Reyes, Ariel and Kimberly, 1810 Spencer St., $29,900.

Patlung, L. Joel to Habitat For Humanity Of Omaha Inc., 1624 Corby St., $12,867.

Adams, Wilda D. to Sherrod, Antony, 3716 N. 19th St., $11,700.

Gordon, Joyce M. to Mendoza, Wendy, 5217 N. 11st St., $75,000.


Vanhook, Anita D. to Ngo, Dai Alexander, 3481 Pratt St., $60,000.

Miller Way LLC to Suggs, Anastacia, 3241 N. 41st St., $27,000.

Houghton Properties LLC to Atol LLC, 5539 N. 33rd Ave., $48,000.

Apple Grove Investments Inc. to Cgt Realty Investments LLC, 2732 Camden Ave., $22,000.

Bear Homes PC to Fleetwood Investments LLC, 5357 N. 33rd Ave., $45,000.

Fleetwood Investments LLC to Peach, Matthew, 5306 N. 25th St., $50,000.

Holloway, Aaron N. Jr. and Payton, Ericka R. to Swain, Larry V. and Deangela E., 3732 Hartman Ave., $82,110.

Parker, Frank Thomas Jr. to Reed, Jason D., 1824 N. 32nd St., $120,000.

Brewer, Clarence to Muhammad, Justin, 2527 Bristol St., $15,000.

Larry J. Russell Investments LLC to Hernandez, Francisco Gabriel Mendez, 4728 N. 40th St., $23,000.

Quality Choice LLC to Aguilar, Hipolita Marin, 3404 Parker St., $11,500.

Caruthers, Henry Jr. to Power House Church Inc., 2559 Browne St., $25,000.

Veasley, Alfred Jr. to Inter City Properties LLC, 3716 Lake St., $55,000.


Romano, Marie to Bolan, Lisa M., 2730 Read St., $126,500.

Smith, Kristy M. to HVKT LLC, 6860 N. 28th Ave., $65,000.

Rudsinski, Ronald H. and Melanie C. to Roach, Allegra M., 3403 Sheffield St., $125,000.

Winfrey, John and Willie N. to Iverson, Ashley R., 2732 Mary St., $126,000.

Raml, Keith M. to Geraldine W. Zerse Trust, 3121 Grebe St., $30,000.

Siemer, Douglas J. and Randall, Anne M. to Brungardt, Randy T. Jr. and Erin N., 7724 N. 28th Ave., $25,000.

Lorang, Melissa A. and Timothy S. to Richart, Carol E. and Frederick G., 7112 Minne Lusa Blvd., $120,000.

Hodges, Clifton L. and Sandra J. to Johns, Melissa and Daron, 4020 Mary St., $95,000.


Reale, Casey L. and Andrea S. to Moss, Kristan, 758 Cole Creek Circle, $130,000.

Lavelle, Mary Ellan and Michael Joseph to Pacheco, Candido and Brianna, 923 N. 74th Ave., $172,000.

Campbell, Bruce W. and Karen L. to Belford, Mark, 8214 Franklin St., $157,000.

Becic, Marlys A. and Wendt, Pamela B. to Kirby, Erika L., 7429 Schuyler Drive, $159,000.

S & M. Realty LLC to Johns, Phillip, 7610 Cass St., $115,000.

Hiffernan, John M. III and Cristen to Brown, Richard, 912 S. 84th St., $506,000.

Cahill, Kevin R. and M. Margaret to Eschliman, Jerry and Lovie, 701 N. 75th St., $150,000.


Gottsch, Terese K. and Murphy, Daniel P. to Bell, Brenda K., 17220 Spaulding St., $182,000.

Carlson, Amber J. and Probst, Joseph to Syrek, Abbie M. and Beitz, Matthew, 3911 N. 161st St., $282,000.

No Equity Homes LLC to Porter, Terry L. and Sharon K., 15006 Spaulding St., $226,660.

Lappe, Jeffrey A. and Sandra L. to Schafer, Dale D. and Deborah S., 16315 Sahler St., $217,000.

Rafiq, Naureen and Omar to Jankiewicz, Alan and Leah, 2521 N. 157th St., $294,000.

Rude, Matthew S. and Katherine M. to Amouzou, Kwamivi K. and Stacey Lynne, 16514 Yort Ave., $234,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Sennert, John N. and Erin E., 17481 Tibbles St., $295,900.

Nelson, Maija and Larce to Dolejs, Jeffrey and Laura, 4620 N. 164th St., $224,000.

Sturgeon, Ashley N. and Raymond G. to Witt, Jack, 14673 Fowler Ave., $120,000.

Trieb, William P. and Anne M. to Schnathorst, Grant, 16620 Grand Ave., $197,000.

Bents, Eric R. and Marna Kay to Warnock, Nathaniel J. and Andrea L., 16218 Burdette Circle, $285,000.

Clausen, Trenton and Clausen, Mae to Sand, Stacy, 14661 Meredith Ave., $200,000.

Lane Building Corp to Wilkinson, Peggy and Rich, 16710 Miami St., $334,371.

Charleston Homes LLC to Gish, Larry and Erica, 5704 N. 153rd Ave., $342,893.

Ferney, Joycelyn K. to Schafer, Richard Benedict and Diane Teresa, 5507 N. 166th Ave., $380,000.

McCrillis, Chad M. and Alexis C. to Tanya R. Riggan Trust, 4737 N. 167th St., $259,900.

Moran, Robert F. Jr. to Forrest, Betty J. Trust, 14905 Spencer St., $161,500.

Hefta, Daniel G. and Carissa M. to Donovan, Delaney, 16405 Patrick Ave., $237,000.

Franks, John H. and Violet K. to Karpan, William and Susanne, 4814 N. 160th St., $169,000.

Mittelstedt, Bradley to Charles R. Hein II Trust, 15960 Taylor St., $272,000.

Garrison, Jered C. and Shana A. to Gerloff, Mark Kenneth and Mistry-Gerloff, Noopur Suzie, 15315 Ohio Circle, $243,000.

Killion, John D. and Hill, Paula M. to Odonnell, Mick, 5926 N. 167 Place, $140,000.

Weidner, J. Daniel and Brenda A. to Gayden, Anthony Patrick and Steward, Princess Danielle, 2310 Nelsons Creek Drive, $265,000.

Lindquist, Eric H. Trust to 5109 Real Estate LLC, 4304 N. 147th St., $185,000.

Kaasch, Ted and Jessica to Van Zee, Tyler and Erin, 3537 N. 151st Circle, $225,000.

Martinez, Marcus Manuel and Amy M. to Hathorn, Kyle L., 4620 N. 144th Ave., $182,000.

Cummins, Maurine E. to Worner, Ruth Ellen, 4902 N. 155th Ave., $168,000.

JHBF LLC to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 3016 N. 179th St., $95,000.

JHBF LLC to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 3001 N. 177th St., $95,000.

Robin N. Lauterback Trust to Reinke, Matt, 15203 Ohio St., $234,900.

JHBF LLC to Ramm Construction Inc., 3203 N. 177th St., $85,000.

JHBF LLC to Advantage Development Inc., 3011 N. 178th St., $210,000.

Williams, Silas and Ronelle to Busby, Ruth A., 17238 Manderson St., $193,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Admire, Justin L. and Chelsey L., 17469 Tibbles St., $309,312.


Pace & Lee LLC to Hostetter, Alexander and Butchko, Mikayla, 4517 S. 62nd St., $118,000.

Eash, Kristy M. and Coleman, Kristy M. to Ziegler, Ian, 4502 S. 62nd St., $52,000.

Andersen, Daniel and David to Arellano, Heriberto Ramirez, 4606 Q St., $25,000.

Andersen, Daniel and David to Arellano, Heriberto Ramirez, 5163 S. 46th Ave., $25,000.

Snyder, Albert H. and Charlene to Alcantara, Mauricio, 6817 S. 51st St., $175,000.

Lesley, Neal R. and Donna F. to Rinn, Kevin, 4613 S. 63rd St., $73,428.

Johnson, Edward R. to McMahon, Christopher J., 6101 S. 48th St., $75,000.

Lewis, Jack W. and Betty L. to Hess, Adam and Jennifer, 6213 J St., $94,000.


Sarangdevot, Dilip and Jhala, Rajendra K. to Plucker, Terry L. and Amy, 15908 Farnam St., $305,000.

Witt, Jackie D. to Kim, Christine E., 1710 N. 175th Place, $165,000.

Ptacnik, Emily Ann and Bartlett, Emily Ann to Brant, Kyle and Amy, 16190 Wakeley St., $300,000.


Bell, Regina I. to Vieyra, Edgar A., 8422 Girard St., $159,000.

Worner, Ruth E. to Thang, Thawng and Khun, Hniang, 7010 N. 87th Ave., $162,000.

Dutemple, Christopher and Dulce A. to Hounsougbin, Oscar, 7722 N. 80th St., $161,500.

Quigley, Charles M. Jr. and Emily R. to Younglove, Steven R. and Amber L., 7506 Howell St., $175,000.


Orear, Thomas Edward and Katherine Elizabeth to Hiser, Benjamin Burton, 8711 Grover St., $165,000.

Kresl, Virginia M. and Lanum, Virginia M. to Breitinger, Kathleen, 7618 Grover St., $151,000.

Kipper, Debora L. and King, Robert L. Jr. to Prestito, Justina M., 7479 Rogers Road, $135,000.

Bradley, Rebeccah and Jerome to Quigley, Emily and Charles M. Jr., 9341 Krug Ave., $250,000.

Arani, Faran Sharifi to Kwiatkowski, Ronald H. and Cindy J., 1510 S. 93rd St., $360,000.

Ruch, Joseph Brian to Kaipust, Patrick, 7413 Hascall St., $183,000.

Amoura, Mahmound M. and Jo Anne Cons to Hempel, Michael and Angela M., 8706 Arbor St., $325,000.

Odd Properties LLC to Quincy, David and Veronica, 2205 S. 90th St., $320,000.

Powered Up Electric Inc. to Olmstead, Mindee, 7302 Grover St., $165,000.

Wickersham, Danielle to Manning, Meghan J. H. and, David, 8229 Castelar St., $194,900.


Tolan Veteran Legacy Trust to Monroe, Mark R. and Nina M., 7711 Sunset Drive, $163,000.

Minnis, Paul E. Jr. and Polly B. to Davis, Norman Scott and Chap, Nitharee N., 9905 Orchard Circle, $195,000.

Zadina, Gerald J. and Marcella R. to Hiffernan, John III and Cristen, 5131 S. 84th St., $115,000.

Fraser, Randolph S. and Susan D. to Magana, Juan and Cindy, 6322 S. 100th St., $291,900.

Peterson, Kendall M. and Haas, William F. to Merkel Properties LLC, 6632 S. 86th St., $130,500.

Lambert, Thomas and Michelle L. to Weisbrod, Richard S., 6331 S. 104th St., $262,182.

Jobeun, Helen M. and James to Neuzil, Christopher K. and Andrea Y., 4938 S. 98th St., $226,500.


Quest Construction Co to Kellner, Kirk L. and Teresa M., 1403 S. 200th Circle, $444,000.

Arun, Mathagondapally and Anuradha to Rife, Corey and Tara, 1513 S. 192nd Ave. Circle, $427,000.

Ashley, Aaron D. and Sarah to Self, Brad and Natalie, 16626 Frances St., $242,500.

Dickey, Gordon R. and Susan L. to Runge, Henry J., 15617 Hickory St., $359,000.

Singh, Sanjay P. and Vandana to Stutheit, Rachel, 2265 S. 186th St., $390,000.

Becker, Andrea L. and Matthew to Deaton, Jeremy and Rachel, 19268 D St., $370,000.

Holzapfel, John P. and Paula K. to Anderson, Tyler and Abby, 16318 Spring Circle, $290,000.

Joyce B. Schuldt Living Trust to Boyd, Matthew B. and Sara A., 16917 Pasadena Court, $560,000.

Smith, Paul R. and Danielle R. to Frerichs, Todd and Courtney, 3604 S. 197th St., $343,000.


Omeara, Dennis and Kerry to Witti Investments LLC, 366 N. 40th St., $100,000.

Rall, Kevin and Hammes, Rachel to Liccione, Alex and Kate, 4161 Cass St., $169,900.

East Campus Realty LLC to Gillespie, Stanley B. and Rene R., 120 S. 31st Ave., $199,900.

East Campus Realty LLC to James, Michael S. and Teresa R., 120 S. 31st Ave., $209,900.

Kendall, Ronald to Miyashiro, Gary Y. and Sydney-Ann L., 1028 N. 33rd St., $132,000.

Larson, Luther and Debra to Grode, Robert M. and Amber N., 4166 Cass St., $235,000.

Poe, Ronald and Ronald L. to Endurable Investments LLC, 3027 Myrtle Ave., $80,000.

Mcmillans Inc. to GS Homes LLC, 627 N. 41st St., $250,000.

Nockai, Delores to Royce, Michael, 3101 Lafayette Ave., $28,000.

Carlson, Greg W. and Sarah K. to Waits, Errol R., 3000 Farnam St., $305,000.

Buchheit, Richard and Carol to Rehbein, Shane, 4332 Charles St., $166,500.

Wall, Gary W. and Dorothy L. to Schoenrock, Laura A., 3000 Farnam St., $81,295.

Cesh LLC to Zenon, Terry Winthrop II and Smith, Simone Raquel, 609 N. 41st St., $159,900.

Murnan, James R. and Sandra M. to DRBC LLC, 3302 Lincoln Blvd., $133,000.

East Campus Realty LLC to Rosenthal, Randy R. and Hazel P., 120 S. 31st Ave., $174,900.

Bear Homes PC to Munoz, Ivonne E., 915 N. 41st St., $133,500.

Hasty, Darrell W. and Deborah J. to Ives, Rodney D. and Norsted, Leslie C., 200 S. 31st Ave., $375,000.


Teo, Alan E. and Engtong to Aubry, Ashley Trust, 6609 Lafayette Ave., $103,000.

Archer, Thomas J. Jr. to Summitt, Adam J. and Haag, Courtney F., 5007 Lafayette Ave., $199,000.

Payne, Brent D. and Ann M. to Roberts, Stephen, 225 S. 68th Ave., $225,000.

Sarah C. Helvey Revocable Trust to Gaddie, Todd and Taylor, Whitney, 5510 Harney St., $706,000.

Whealy, Andrew J. and Darby A. to Paintin, Christopher J. and Meghan M., 5012 Chicago St., $425,000.

Hadley, Marilyn M. and Bidroski, Kimberly Robin to Watson Rei LLC, 304 S. 49th Ave., $165,000.


Doig-Gray, Leanna S. and Gray, Charles to Moody, Michael A. and Pamela, 9837 Hartman Ave., $190,000.

Kotliar, Chizu to Tsogbevi, Kokuvi Sena and Massaba, Tamehene, 7920 Vernon Ave., $125,000.

Scanlan, Mitchell to Alvarez, Martin and Amelia, 9181 Boyd St., $169,500.

Goode, Daniel R. and Alberta A. to Rosas, Otilio Castro, 9610 Corby St., $150,000.

Kenneth H. Bolas Trust to Spain, Sheryl, 2507 N. 84th St., $48,000.

Gubbels, Joseph to Wright, Nelson and Brittany, 9147 Sprague St., $147,000.

O & H Properties Inc. to Mendoza-Isidoro, Ignacia and Rodriguez-Ramos, Jaime, 9129 Sprague St., $160,000.

Becerra Quintero, Joe and Becerra, Maria De La Luz to Tlatenchi, Saturnino and Becerra, Yolanda, 4919 N. 84th St., $163,000.

Litherland, Timothy M. and Jordan R. to Seaton, Donnel L. and Sharon L., 9807 Maple St., $185,000.

Brink, Edward E. Trust to Moo, Hei Nay, 9131 Tomahawk Blvd., $118,561.

Galvan, Amy I. to Vickers, John, 4817 N. 83rd St., $57,500.

Hills, Arlene E. to Kirsch, Sheila, 2302 Benson Gardens Blvd., $123,000.

Bell, Brent O. and Tara A. to Wilkinson, Larry L. and Corinne R., 4005 N. 95th St., $177,000.

Boomgaarn, Monica L. to Hanner, Matthew, 8115 Grand Ave., $145,000.

Jensen, Veronica to Johnson, Justin C., 9478 Spencer St., $153,600.

Meyers, Thomas L. Jr. and Sara to Lukasiewicz, Adam and Wildeman, Vera, 2662 N. 96th Drive, $165,000.

Moore, Matthew R. and Dana to Smith, Kristy M., 7854 Fort St., $172,500.

Jeff Orr Inc. to Bledsoe, Kary Jr. and Teresa, 4542 N. 95th St., $168,000.

Murphy, Timothy D. and Elizabeth A. to Meyer, Todd A., 7614 Blondo Drive, $105,000.

Grimes, Terri M. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 7932 Curtis Ave., $115,000.

Barth, Bryson L. and Kelli J. to Oehm, Lauren, 9247 Fowler Circle, $145,500.

Gardner, Erich and Jessica M. to Say, Dee, 9630 Ames Ave., $160,000.

Morris, Charlene L. Trust to Phillips, Matthew and Ellen, 3315 N. 101st St., $149,000.

Stayer, Elizabeth Anne to Katz, Jeremy A., 9227 Meredith Ave., $130,600.

Cin-Oma Properties LLC to Warren, Brent, 8941 Miami St., $71,850.


Broders, Nathan and Carrie to Merrill, Richard and Kimberly, 18919 U St., $177,000.

Glenn, Scott E. and Briana V. to Belbachir, Nabil and Sara S., 6102 S. 190th Terrace, $220,000.

Jeannette, D. Ryan and Stephanie A. to Piasecki, Matthew C. and Marcy, 19762 N St., $325,000.

Marsh, James A. and Amanda L. to Cook, Nicole D. and Michael S., 16120 Adams St., $272,000.

Popa, Catalin Andrew and Shannon to Rossum, Kira Van and Bencker, Gabrial, 4730 S. 167th St., $324,900.

REO Asset Management Company LLC to Heartland Holdings A. LLC, 5727 S. 160th St., $187,201.

Ficenec, Edward A. Jr. and Muir, Tara L. to Brown, William, 4402 S. 168th Ave., $205,400.

Arimilli, Rao and Sailaja to Harris, Caitlin E., 6406 S. 191st St., $168,000.

Ford, Justin W. and Gaddey, Heidi L. to Rochelle, Paul A. and Sara S., 16968 Polk St., $275,000.

Straw, Bradley to Kirby, Rian N. and Robinson, Andrew J., 17722 K St., $195,000.

Brant, Kyle and Amy to McNeil, Henry and Hokett, Megan, 5105 S. 162nd St., $235,000.

Schroeder, Cary and Jennifer to Allen, Ryan Alexander and Amy M., 16040 Orchard Circle, $220,000.

Dannehl, Kevin F. and Abby L. to Hill, Johnny and Lori, 19418 R St., $181,000.

Fairchild, Christopher C. and Reinarz-Fairchild, Seana L. to Thomas, Justin Michael, 16107 Monroe St., $360,000.

Nealon, Daniel J. and Martha J. to Ellenberger, Adam P. and Kristin R., 5218 S. 166th Ave. Circle, $325,000.

Harskamp, Thomas J. and Dana L. to Anzures, Daniel and Erin, 17611 S St., $265,800.

Menicucci, Robert Mitchell and Traci Lorraine to Gark Homes Shv 3 LLC, 5315 S. 191st Ave., $168,000.

Sutter, Joseph E. and Dawn M. to Rosenthal, Daniel, 16010 Adams St., $325,000.

Hike, Varner M. Jr. and Ann M. to Mussack, Jason and Rebecca, 17524 T St., $335,000.

Marks, Timothy A. to Gark Homes Shv 3 LLC, 18906 R St., $168,000.

Magrans, Michael G. to Havelka, Brooke L., 5346 S. 189th St., $175,000.

Allen, Nancy and Genaidy, Nancy to Stephens, Ian K. and Meyer, Anna M., 17661 K St., $194,000.

Shoiab, Sadia and Mohammad to Aguilar, Chloe, 6207 S. 180th Ave. Circle, $310,000.


Charles R. Hein II Trust to Gubbels, Joseph G., 14522 M St., $162,000.

Grace, Judy to Seadore, Nathan and Laura B., 12159 Sandra Lane, $183,500.

Moore, Steven W. and Ryan R. to Andersen, Steven G. and Kathryn L., 6430 S. 149th Ave., $145,000.

Fitzsimmons, Jonathan M. and Danielle to Erb-Woods, Derek and Potthoff, Brady, 6625 Winthrop Circle, $235,000.

Osmera, James G. and James G. Sr to McCoy, Sarah, 6729 S. 145th St., $127,000.

Fitch, David N. and April L. to Kulper, Aaron, 15225 Madison St., $180,000.

Stinauer, Diane M. to Horwart, Mitchell and Portsche, Gregory, 12734 Deauville Drive, $75,000.

Palensky, Susan C. and Mount, Rebecca Cons to Link, Zachariah T. and Alicia N., 5112 Magnolia St., $138,000.

Debold, Ashley T. to Mann, Nathan A. and Amanda K., 15223 Adams St., $155,000.

Groth, Linda L. and Rons, Travis J. to Rogers, Sara H., 5139 S. 126th Place, $154,900.

Red Ladder LLC to Meinke, Colette Lea, 14953 L St., $151,000.

Burns, Brian J. to Wagner, Gabriel M. and Melinda K., 6428 S. 149th St., $225,000.


Newport Homes LLC to Meier, John and Michelle, 12963 Eagle St., $345,600.

Pappas, Sarah L. to Hammer, Scott and Leisha, 7006 N. 115th St., $350,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Crouch, Chadwick M. and Angela L., 7526 N. 143rd Ave. Circle, $195,200.


Asset Backed Securities Corporation Home Equity Loan Trust 2003-He3 and Wells Fargo Bank Trust to Lin, Jianzhao, 12503 Pierce St., $224,000.

Mcginty, Jane A. to Johnson, McClain A., 15324 Garfield St., $175,000.

Freed, Nathan E. and Katie M. to Hinze, Eric and Engdahl, Kristyna, 11831 Shirley St., $310,000.

Donald Jay & Sandra L. Peer Revocable Trust to Cortes, Felix and Norma N., 10957 Prairie Hills Drive, $170,000.

Sevrenci LLC to Smith, David M. and Susan, 13226 Westwood Lane, $252,000.

McDermott, Carol L. to Mertz, Jared, 15224 Arbor St., $154,500.

Finch Family Living Trust to Williams, Daniel T. and Linda J., 2109 S. 121st St., $176,000.

Clark, Brenda A. to Fry, Joshua N. and Sara M., 13329 Woolworth Ave., $265,000.

Murdoch, David to Hoffman, Christopher J. and Christine E., 14624 Shirley St., $210,000.

John F. Jr. & Joyce E. Gibbs Revocable Trust to Sobczyk, Thomas J. and Janet M., 12916 Shirley St., $269,900.

Atwater, Franklin W. and Janet Ann to Fraser, John J. and Laura M., 14730 Castelar Circle, $223,000.

John W. Cooney Revocable Living Trust to Armendariz, Daniel, 1211 S. 121st Place, $82,900.


Fredrickson, Norman Lee and Richard A. to Strehle, Gary and Yvonne, 8806 Raven Oaks Drive, $180,000.

Royce, Michael to Thornton, Amanda M. and Bryan, 6416 Country Club Road, $206,000.

O&H Properties Inc. to Coontz, Wayne, 6908 N. 56th St., $129,900.


Jankiewicz, Alan R. and Leah to Haskell, Randall R. and Susan A., 625 S. 120th Ave., $221,000.

Schmidt, Elizabeth B. to Marsh, Zachary and Dana, 592 N. 153rd St., $242,500.

West, Alan J. and Sara E. to Al-Salim, Sarah and Bashar, 817 N. 149th St., $295,000.

Dorothy L. Fuchs Revocable Trust and Great Western Bank Trust to Piotrowski, Martin and Lavonne, 119 N. 130th St., $350,000.

Clayton, McCathorn Jr. and Kelli P. to Mainelli, James and Karina, 207 N. 118th St., $240,000.

Oddo, Paul to Wiseman, Jordan Patrick, 15012 Hawthorne Circle, $225,000.

Griffin, Jenna L. and Barclay, Jenna L. to Zimmerman, Jonathan and Mary, 15115 Douglas Circle, $195,000.

Connely, Erin M. to Gibson, Kevin B. and Christine L. M., 1876 N. 153rd Ave., $270,000.


Haug, Kevin J. and Kelli K. to Voycheske, Jennifer, 12527 Patrick Circle, $175,000.

Atkins, Stephen and Pilon to Kraay, Brent A. and Rebecca J., 12943 Cady Ave., $205,000.

Jws Property Management LLC to Trant, Sarah C. and Lee, 4221 N. 129th Ave. Circle, $128,500.

Strehle, Adam and Sarah to Pofahl, Tyler and Molly, 11243 Taylor St., $195,000.

Guthrie Living Trust to Kriegshauser, William A. and Marilyn Q., 5103 N. 134th St., $210,000.

James H. Ruby Family Trust to Hirsh, Aaron and Lydia, 11436 Spaulding St., $220,000.

Satorie, Shaun P. and Keri E. to Gass, Ryne, 11205 Corby St., $164,000.

Penland, Kyle T. and Lauren A. to Clark, Donte L. and Jennings, Paulina, 11353 Raleigh Drive, $190,000.

Vaughan, John H. to Hunt, Ernest E. and Ann M., 13436 Erskine St., $255,000.

Marilyn H. Roe Revocable Trust and Andersen, Leslie R., trustee, to Niemann, Nancy E., 13310 Miami St., $275,000.

Claudia M. Loker Revocable Trust to Le, Thanh M. and Hannah H., 11579 Rambleridge Road, $165,000.

Gomez, Shawn and Malia to Devlin, Patrick T. and Parker, Colleen M., 11459 Queens Drive, $185,000.



Schoenradt, Rickard Dean II and Kindra L. to Patino, Vanessa, 2105 Virginia Ave., $135,000.

Meston, Christopher P. and Laura L. to Adams William T., 1606 Farrell Drive, $175,000.

Timmons, Stephen C. to Cruz, Timothy and Andrea, 2610 Jefferson St., $94,000.

Kluver, Derwood L. and Barbara J. Trust to Meston, Christopher P. and Laura L., 1708 Avery Road, $315,000.

Bank of New York Mellon to McGrath, Kristi A., 1309 Pelton Ave., $120,000.

Kaiser, Heather J. and Jesse L. to Overland, Bricker A. M. and Keri L., 1705 Madison St., $166,000.

Brenden, Sara A. and Luke A. to Vandervort, Steven K. and Denise R., 1304 Lincoln Road, $127,000.

Hawk, Camille R. Trust to REO Asset Management Co. LLC, 903 Jewell Road, $100,000.


FRK Development II LLC to Hinman, Andrew and Shannon, 22810 Ponderosa Road, $90,000.

Marc David Custom Built Homes to Scheer, Doris M., 7812 S. 196th St., $390,000.

Seaglass Real Estate LLC to Mackling, Chad, 10275 S. 204th St., $981,000.

Barr Homes Inc. to Thorne, Dustin and Jennifer, 18718 Schofield Drive, $369,000.

Rosentreader, Krista M. and Stefan, Michael J. to Staley, Allison A., 21439 Hampton Drive, $220,000.

Fools Inc. to Fernley, Dennis R., 19479 Willow Circle, $349,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Pecha, Brandon M., 17211 Morgan Ave., $250,000.

Hatcliff, Marilyn Ann to Przybysz, Joshua Michael and Sabrina Kaye, 12306 S. 218th Ave., $220,000.


Cummings, Robert A. and Janice C. to Bowen, Kristi, 306 Remington Road, $308,000.

Nissen, Matthew G. and Tracy L. to Omeara, David and Laura, 2240 Crystal Creek Drive, $355,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Riley, Matthew A. and Elisabeth E., 10591 S. 112th St., $293,000.

Ulfers, Rodney B. and Regina M. Trust to Brooks, Wayne and Rhonda, 913 Crest Road, $210,000.

Gazdagh, William E. and Daphne M. to Thorpe, Randall and Kakuta Thorpe, Mai, 1101 Clearwater Drive, $315,000.

Morfeld, Shauna to Anderson, Adam Scott and Tennille, 1809 Ridgeview Drive, $260,000.

Keefer, Susan M, personal representative, and Okeson, Marcene J. Estate to Oliver, Stacey and Glathar, Brad, 427 N. Grandview Ave., $160,000.

Koperski, Mary G. and Chris to Crittenden, Eli T. and Sharona L., 403 Chisholm Trail, $197,000.

Driggins, Karen M. and Michael J. to Ingram, Lindsey M., 300 Overland Trail, $175,000.

Gustin, Lisa Ann to Nosal, Zachary and Kaitlyn, 810 S. Grandview Ave., $172,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Dreismeier, Rhonda J., 8133 Ponderosa Drive, $425,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Ambler, Robert J. and Lori L., 12553 Cove Hollow Drive, $328,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Langley, Patrick and Lauren, 10215 S. 124th St., $350,000.

Barnes, Scott A. and Kayla J. to Mumma, Spencer and Whitney, 819 Lake Vista Drive, $195,000.

Prokop, Kevin J. to Veys, Ann E., 806 Mineral Drive, $250,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Liebentritt, Martin T. and Shayla M., 10588 S. 111th Ave., $282,000.

Geist, Benjamin R. and Katherine A. to Bodine, Brett and Laura, 2407 Marilyn Drive, $196,000.

Zederkof, Carrie A. and Morten to Klein, Kevin and Ana, 1910 Lakewood Drive, $293,000.

Valgora, Anne M. and Olson, Steven D. to Geist, Benjamin R. and Katherine A., 709 S. Taylor Circle, $265,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Kalkwarf, Justin J. and Michaela N., 10104 S. 106th St., $388,000.


Nolte, Chad C. and Sherry L. to Williams, Dan and Jennifer, 19260 Riha Road, $180,000.

Latimer, Dewitt Talmadge IV and Jennifer Rebecca to Klusaw, Jessie and Krista, 190 N. 7th St., $190,000.


Onstot, Mark A. to Shapland, Gregory Thomas and Patricia Jean, 2504 Platte River Drive, $221,000.

Geis, Timothy G. and Staci R. to Siedlik, Jeffrey A. and Carri J., 17133 Bojanski Drive, $320,000.

Embrey, Amanda J. and Ortega, Brandon to Pooley, Tyler M. and Olivia K., 3217 Chad Ave., $175,000.

Reese, Edward and Jessica L. to Williams, Kevin, 13603 S. 33rd St., $225,000.

Riggins, Tricia K. to Irvin, Joshua and Kelsey, 13605 S. 27th St., $225,000.

Gantz, David W. and Michelle E. to Antonini, Nicholas J. and Clarion J., 3203 Chad St., $219,000.

Roberts, Jason T. and Krista R. to Stronck, Scott and Ashley, 15006 S. 21st St., $275,000.

Stronck, Scott and Ashley to Whitfield, Steven and Carlea, 3302 Wilhelminia Drive, $173,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Markve, Robert T. and Ponec, Jordan D., 1911 Mesa St., $204,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Olsen, Donald E. and Linda M., 14608 S. 23rd St., $293,000.

Farley, Fabiola C. Trust to Leggio, Marc Barrett, 4305 Longview St., $185,000.

Miller, Stuart D. and Madison L. to Torres, Mariah and Chris, 14904 S. 23rd St., $269,000.

Hyde, Mitchel R. and Erin A. to Williams, Darryl L., 13722 S. 43rd Ave., $215,000.

Donaldson, John W. and Julie M. to Lockhart, Sheldon, 14329 S. 35th St., $185,000.

Money, Daniel J. and Rachel B. to Lamm, Danielle M. and Matthew J., 10811 S. 18th St., $185,000.

H & S. Partnership LLP to Springer, Daniel A. and Morgan N., 9705 Oak Ridge Drive, $180,000.

Blake, Christopher and Rachelle to Goodwin, Nicholas C. and Goodwin, Bruce C. and Johnson, Sydney, 3207 Spring Blvd., $196,000.

Jenkins, Shealan and Gomez Jenkins, Evangelina D. to Dimitroff, Henry John III and Catherine, 3105 Joann Ave., $169,000.

Morrison, Richard H. and Marissa A. to Mixan, Holly, 13608 S. 43rd St., $351,000.

Reinsch, William R., personal representative, Lasure, Connie J. Estate to Markel, Edward L., 14008 B. Tregaron Ridge Ave., $151,000.

Borschel, Corey J. and Katherine S. to Titan Blue Enterprises LLC, 9712 S. 9th Ave., $175,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Martin, David E. and Sonia K., 14505 S. 17th St., $292,000.

Schneider, Chaelly and Jason to Borschel, Corey J. and Katherine S., 3902 Heartland Drive, $215,000.

Coquerille, Luke J. and Bethany J. to Walsh, Braydon J. and Dawn M., 4411 Waterford Ave., $260,000.

Johnson, Jay L. and Nanci D. to Bise, Abby and Kenneth C., 3215 Chad St., $235,000.


Cavey, Arinn to Collins, Cody D. and Laurie A., 10201 Emiline St., $350,000.

Jones, Joel A. and Cahdi S. to Cheeryble Brothers LLC, 7732 S. 71st Ave., $165,000.

Roche, William F. and Teresa M. to Gosevac, Kornelije and Germaine R., 7426 Joseph Ave., $135,000.

Berger, Todd and Lisa to Holbus, Benjamin Peter and Stephanie Terese, 9713 Florence St., $305,000.

Lopez, Kimberly S. to Prorock, Jeffrey and Lauralee, 8539 S. 101st St., $300,000.

Skripsky, Adam J. and Sarah M. to Weiss, Russell E. and Karolyn, 7817 S. 70th St., $232,000.

Oldham, Thomas E. to Om 7017 Valley Trust, 7017 Valley Road, $162,000.


Capazo, John D. and Diane M. to Goodman, Michael and Pamela, 4509 Waterford Ave., $262,000.

Horizon Realty Inc. to Tassello, Jeremiah B. and Traci J., 1304 Troy St., $313,000.

Heinz, Ronald and Joan M. to Black, Brien and White, Cynthia, 701 Castle Pine Drive, $259,000.

Home Company LLC to Mandolfo, Natalie C. and Joseph S., 5015 Clearwater Drive, $368,000.

Cunningham, Joseph A. III and Stacey M. to Freeman, Katie L. and Karrie D., 11828 S. 52nd St., $345,000.

Childs, Herbert L. Jr. and Pamala J. to Ouedraogo, Dieudonne, 214 Fleetwood Drive, $260,000.

McCullough, Steven W. and Tina L. to Johnson, Derrik and Shannan, 201 Allison Ave., $349,000.


JMF LLC to McCune, Paul and Suzy, 22810 Ponderosa Road, $37,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Osborn, Zach and Alexis, 8162 S. 186th St., $230,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Halsey, Lieska K., 18807 Rosewood St., $263,000.

Mcnaney, Jonna C. to Dexter, Debra A. and Randy W., 7510 S. 178th Circle, $173,000.

Vescio, Bob and Jen to Lane, Andrea D. and Curtus J., 17603 Ventana Circle, $340,000.

Bailey, Steven A., personal representative, Bailey, Craig K. Estate to Gark Homes SHV 3 LLC, 16129 Cottonwood St., $167,000.

Jaquith, William J. and Gwen to Fleming, Dennis L. and Elizabeth J., 16222 Redwood St., $265,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Melsheimer, Jason L. and Stephanie L., 10628 S. 190th St., $390,000.

Ortez, Leonard R. Jr. and Michelle L. to Hora, Maninder S. and Joshi, Tanushree, 7709 S. 162nd Ave., $292,000.

Nielson, Jonathan C. and Alaina L. to Snook, Dennis J. and Sun Hui, 7717 S. 162nd Ave., $292,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Dvorak, Justin L. and Emily A., 7109 S. 184th St., $247,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Larison, Samantha N. and Adam R., 7409 S. 184th St., $278,000.

Bos, Robert L. and Tara to McDonough, Paulette, 15602 Redwood St., $205,000.

Creighton, Larry S. and Kimberly S. to Stefka, Paulette S. Trust, 17729 Edna St., $150,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Scoular, Ryan D. and Holley R., 8202 S. 186th St., $236,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Long, Lynda W. Trust, 8154 S. 190th St., $266,000.

Rush, Timothy Michael and Cox, Rebecca Anne to Jessen, David J., 16607 Edna St., $270,000.

Barr Homes Inc. to Leavitt, Alan Troy and Dawn, 18816 Merion Drive, $363,000.

Stohlmann, Nathanial J. and Tracy L. to Krambeck, Leon H. and Briana R., 17118 Oakmont Drive, $438,000.

Hamilton, Benjamin R. and Christine L. to Mcmillen, Megan and Kiger, Nicholas, 9220 S. 171st St., $280,000.


Lange, Robert K. and Kortni A. to Randall, Cory J. and Stephanie, 13519 Edna St., $182,000.

Cadwell, Justin D. and Holly B. to Dana, Joshua D., 14622 Margo St., $179,000.

Anzures, Danny and Erin to Dyer, Matthew and Amber, 6909 S. 154 St., $174,000.

Sheehy, Anthony to Gark Homes SHV 3 LLC, 7734 S. 159th St., $160,000.

Keeling, Jared J. and Tesa M. to Hill, Kelley M. and Alyssa K., 14707 Gertrude St., $155,000.

Schmidt, Dolores A., personal representative, Farrell, Helen L. Estate to James, Karla M., 7816 S. 155th Ave., $150,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to McKim, Megan and Jacob, 11274 S. 114th Ave., $287,000.

Rosenberger, Nicholas J. and Kiamas Rosenberger, Jeannette G. to Terry, Heather M. and Paul M., 7101 S. 151st St., $266,000.

Fisher, Raymond A. and Sherry D. to Huber, Kenneth Jr. and Kristen, 13908 Gertrude Circle, $216,000.

Koontz, James E. III and Amy L. to Sasse, Brett and Warren, Nicole, 7503 S. 137th Ave., $225,000.


Katalenich, Linda L. to Pinkham, Jared K. and Sakakini, Maureen K., 9605 S. 9th St., $200,000.

Morse, Mike and Sandy to Rogers, Robert, 7234 S. 24th Ave., $145,000.

Kuehmichel, Benjamin H. and Amanda K. to Ferris, Mike and Janece, 2710 Tulip Lane, $278,000.

Erickson, Adam C. and Gregg, Shawna A to Hernandez-Silva, Baltazar, 8005 S. 37th St., $121,000.


Parker, Trevor Dillon and Charolete and Jordan Scott to Hale, Keith D., 4713 Schroeder Drive, $135,000.

James, Rachelle M. to Callier, Stephanie M., 8704 S. 45th Ave., $145,000.

Lebranch, Jamel E. and Tamisha L. to Buwalda, Kelcie Lee and Lane Thomas, 7209 S. 53rd St., $173,000.

Heidbrink, Martin D. and Ann M. to Schmidt, Kelly, 5201 Galloway St., $167,000.

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