Rodney C. Daniels, 34, and Marquetta D. Love, 34.

Jesus C. Rubio, 33, and Alejandra A. Pozos, 22.

James A. Legge, 54, and Catherine S. Fowler, 63.

Nathan W. Sommer, 32, and Julia D. Warnke, 25.

Clayton T. McIntyre, 25, and Shannon M. Carroll, 31.

Alex R. Cook, 30, and Stephanie L. Cramer, 28.

Juan M. Sanchez Escamilla, 29, and Angela Meza Loeza, 26.

Corey B. Hora, 27, and Laura J. Christianson, 27.

Adrian Barraza, 29, and Enoe G. Alvarado Torres, 27.

Curtis A. Pittman, 41, and Tonya D. Hegel, 39.

Jonathan E. Kozeny, 32, and Jessica A. Schroeder, 26.

Justin D. Kruse, 30, and Jami M. Tamblyn, 30.

Oman I. Herrera, 21, and Tianna J. Montoya, 21.

Boone W. Evans, 23, and Allison F. Jackson, 22.

Aaron M Heiden, 34, and Leigh M. Malik, 47.

Ethan W. Yarolimek, 26, and Theresa A. Ryck, 28.

Eric A. Heidemann, 22, and Sarah N. Finley, 22.

Joseph O. Glaser, 23, and Kali S. Upton, 23.

Spencer M. Brown, 27, and Nicole L. White, 27.

Clark D. Rutledge, 31, and Megan A. Manire, 32.

David A. Cannon, 32, and Danyel R. Wiegel, 36.

Yao A. Adoukonou, 25, and Laura A. Garst, 24.

Cameron C. Moore, 24, and Grace N. Fischer, 22.

Skyler R. Kruse-Asmussen, 29, and Ashley M. Eggers-Sinatra, 28.

Jeffrey K. Peprah, 33, and Anita Wolfram, 30.

Megan J. Maly, 36, and George F. Barton, 35.

Cody R. Wolf, 28, and Sonya A. Paulsen, 27.

Aleksander Dietrich-Heinz Berzins, 32, and Lacey L. Barron, 32.

Zachary N. Curtis, 24, and Cyanne N. De Castro, 24.

Daniel E. Johnston, 20, and Brenda V. Rumualdo Gallardo, 20.

Colton A. Palmer, 25, and Stephanie J. Sheridan, 27.

Lukas H. Rathjen, 25, and Lauren A. Lennard, 24.

Jeffrey S. Canfield, 27, and Sarah Macaitis, 27.

Michael J. Schutt, 28, and Denise G. Scholl-Serrett, 43.

Oscar D. Sanchez Vargas, 26, and Maria G. Bernabe, 21.

Charlie M. Lara, 42, and Nicole S. Smith, 36.

Gary L. Warner, 32, and Sarah E. Daley, 26.

Joseph J. Wright, 48, and Crystal E. Wright, 48.

Arthur L. Hampton, 33, and Dena N. Dourisseau, 29.

Craig A. Bryant, 56, and Patricia R. Lewis, 49.

Ryan C. Fries, 23, and Julia E. Schnell, 20.

Andrew M. Bayly, 23, and Emma L. Friesen, 21.

Troy A. Skinner, 46, and Jennifer K. Marie Tigani, 32.

Charles W. Wester, 29, and Shaoqing Guo, 29.

Jesse L. Trede, 33, and Lindsey A. Stava, 31.

Gibril Trawally, 37, and Kaddy Komma, 30.

Jacob C. Sexton, 30, and Michelle L. Meisinger, 27.

Ronald K. Lowe, 39, and Janet L. Wilson, 29.

David C. Steinacher, 61, and Sallie A. Bundy, 55.

Michael L. Lyons, 47, and Carolyn M. McNew, 45.

Michael W. Horsman-Best, 23, and Kaylin J. Wyllie, 22.

Steven J. Cooprider, 41, and Jennifer L. Kindt, 42.

David J. Williams, 29, and Amber L. Swenson, 27.

Aaron M. Albert, 31, and Karin M. Culotta, 35.

Edward W. Dillon, 57, and Anna C. Sheppick-Hall, 44.

RonRico E. Devers, 28, and Ashley L. Irvin, 27.

Mark A. Winkelbauer, 49, and Jessica M. Alley, 31.

Wayne C. Blackburn, 25, and Marina A. Del Castillo, 22.

Delano A. Henderson, 28, and Gracie M. Campbell, 29.

Andrew P. Roberts, 27, and Meghan L. McDonough, 27.

Klayton L. Kasperbauer, 29, and Jaclyn M. Sorensen, 28.

Warren D. Anderson, 66, and Jaclynn A. Finn, 61.

Jeffrey J. Swope, 45, and Rebecca L. Sievert, 42.

Travis W. Polan, 21, and Breanna R. Moore, 22.

Jeffrey T. Vacek, 30, and Ashley M. Lafrance, 25.

Benjamin C. Degner, 35, and Madeline R. Thompson, 27.

Jeffrey S. Hillman, 33, and Teresa L. Hale, 46.

Lee R. Bailey, 23, and Kimberly J. Keane, 24.

Zachary S. Blonien, 29, and Jennifer J. Kirbey, 25.

Mark P. Ridder, 26, and Natalie O. Gorup, 24.

John M. Christiansen, 53, and Leigh E. Blauvelt, 54.

Sage D. Tweton, 36, and Melissa M. Snyder, 43.

Pancho D. Rodriguez, 25, and Katelyn D. Dewitt, 25.

Jose M. Luque Moreno, 27, and Elizabeth L. Fernandez, 31.

Bryan J. Pedersen, 27, and Glenna L. Freemyer, 27.

Ryan J. Brasch, 38, and Sharla K. Slagle, 32.

Manuel C. Ortigoza, 32, and Esmeralda C. Soriano, 28.

Jonathon W. Haldeman, 27, and Koleen K. Andres, 27.

Aristotle N. Rodopoulos, 36, and Jamie L. Krueger, 30.

Julian D. Brunt, 37, and Amber L. Pallas, 37.

Travis D. Stutzman, 35, and Mary P. Goaley, 43.

Juan H. Ortega-Luna, 20, and Tanya N. Morales, 22.

Charles E. Howard, 39, and Kollette Hamelin, 28.

Bryan P. Thornton, 40, and Amanda M. Beacom, 30.

Lynn H. Johnson, 55, and Kathleen M. Marek, 55.

Jonathan D. Anderson, 27, and Nicole R. Koster, 25.

Andrew J. Van Surksum, 29, and Erin M. Claborn, 25.

Jeffrey W. Easdale, 34, and Danielle A. Williams, 34.

Charles W. Reed, 34, and Rowena A. Carino, 32.

Cory J. Soejoto, 25, and Caela M. Schutt, 25.

Tyler L. Bryson, 29, and Reem M. Al-Turk, 27.

Steven Buford, 46, and Paula Smith, 46.

Joe L Welch, 39, and Marlene K. Moravec, 45.

Joseph T. Sledge, 37, and Rebeca Presler, 39.

Keenon A. Robertson, 24, and Tashaun L. Wrenn, 21.

Charles D. Hurley, 27, and Emily R. Patera, 28.

Ethan J. Kimball, 19, and Michaela G. Moore, 20.

Sean T. Bresnahan, 21, and Bethany L Hillmer, 21.

Steven G. Ranum, 32, and Erin C. Groenewold, 26.

Jacob A. Kavan, 31, and Amy C. Shipley, 34.

Joshua R. Meeker, 22, and Clare E. Smith, 23.


Ryan S. Aeschliman, 30, and Sara L. Martin, 33.

Christopher J. Pleiss, 47, and Barbara A. Essi, 48.

Austin S. Beal, 24, and Sarah E. Backhuus, 22.

Michael R. Fuehrer, 44, and Allyson M. Horne, 40.

Brian W. Gayer, 43, and Heather E. Carroll, 40.

Matthew J. Young, 26, and Jaclyn C. Deram, 27.

William C. Pierce, 44, and Sheri L. Mason, 50.

Justin J. Meis, 33, and Elizabeth M. Pitzer, 32.

Adam B. Blair, 22, and Jessica S. Thomas, 20.

Eric M. Cavanaugh, 25, and Audrey L. Hume, 23.

Chad M. Warren, 24, and Lindsey M. Weinert, 24.

Kyle J. Jenkins, 27, and Sarah A. Epp, 31.

Adam P. Scott, 23, and Katlin E. McKinney, 26.

John R. Nicholson, 27, and Michaela J. Hardee, 45.

Thomas D. Qualters, 45, and Kellie D. Fox, 50.


Jacob Matthews, 27, Jessica Wakelin, 31.

Jacob Bahr, 19, Jean Phillips, 20.

Branden Brown, 25, Brianna Hobbs, 24.

Joseph Cozad, 48, Melody Williams, 47.

Marvin Thayer, 67, Tanya Donney, 60.

Joshua Davis, 21, Allyson Marlenee, 19.

Roger Hashemeyer, 36, Patricia Kriley, 34.

Thomas Chatterton, 34, Sherri Exley, 37.

James Flynn, 34, Morgan O’Hara, 32.

Timothy Mutchles, 28, Katrina Nelson, 25.

Peter Valiviez, 70, Arlene Wright, 70.

James Nichols, 50, Danethea Kaye, 46.

Nicholas Stangl, 24, Katelyn Harrison, 21.

Darrell Foote, 57, Deborah Myers, 61.




LeAnn R. Spencer and Marco L.

Claudia Aguero and Jose Cortes Valadez

Vicki D. Neu and Jeffrey L.

Elvia A. Feldmiller and Jared P. Grewe

Shawn C. Davidson and Dawn G.

Jeannine Bauer and Gary

Jon McWilliams and Patricia

Orlando Flores-Chaidez and Evelina Jacobo

Joseph D. White II and Rachael L.

Ebony Jones and Amel Jackson

Laura Pedigo and Stephen

Lindsay McConnell and Richard

Carolyn M. Peers and John J.

Edward L. Pope and Cindy R.

Mandel L. Belgrave and Deonne A.

Jamal U. Abro and Sharonne L.

Sheila R. Minty and Troy

Gloria A. Belt and John R.

Scott A. Vieth and Lori A.

Emily A. Straight and Cody W.

Kristin P. Toledo and Jonathan

Christina R. Bautista and Oswaldo O. Lopez-Reynoso

Martin D. Antholz and Pamela S.

Jenny L. Basch and Dennis J.

Irwin T. Hernandez-Perez and Andrea L.Hernandez-Maran

Justin A. Heinrich and Anita B.

Christian M. Proud and Daisy Robles-Proud

Sulin D. Hamik and Bradley J.

Christopher Vincent and Kristian

Jennifer L. Soby and Erick J.

Charles and Sullivan and. Louri B. Fellman-Sullivan

Jonathan L. Larsen and Mary M.

Kathryn A. Reed and Donald S.


Tami M. Coren Leeper and Timothy L. Leeper

Kathryn K Stacoffe and Michael P Stacoffe

Ferman Reyes and Ferman (annulment)

Eugene S. Faust and Kamila J.

John E. Robinson and Sheila J.

Thomas C. Keown and Joan H.

Deena J. Schmidt and Jeffrey S.

Denise Devereaux and Jeffrey

Kathleen M. Frazer and David A. Snell

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