Kelt, Kenneth E. and Shelley J. to Cecava, Richard J. and Kristine R., 15682 King St., $330,000.

Wilke, Clint and Meghan to Eisenreich, Michael Kaine and Meggie Jean, 8520 N. 172nd Circle, $330,000.

Houston, Elizabeth L. to Peacher, Joshua and Shannon, 16118 Cherry Circle, $287,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Burrows, Kevin, 8005 N. 173rd St., $338,904.

Morgan, Jim to Hall, Ashlee, 14778 Eagle St., $235,000.

Zurek, Jason D. and Brittny A. to Ratigan, Chase, 8821 N. 161st Ave., $227,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Sledge, Clifton T. and Jayrita L., 7157 N. 164th St., $311,654.

Feld, Kerry Trust to Reo Asset Management Company LLC, 114 N. Stark St., $107,100.

Brungardt, Tyler R. to Moorefield, Gavin and Emily, 14550 Gilder Ave., $193,500.

Pierce, Anthony W. and Alyssa M. to Zurek, Brittny and Jason, 7187 N. 165th St., $328,000.

Reo Asset Management Company LLC to HBI LLC, 114 N. Stark St., $117,300.


Dave Paik Builders Inc. to Gadge, Chandra S. and Kamarthi, Silpa, 18309 Willis Ave., $423,000.

Mahloch, Mark to Kraft, Kelly and Cole, Vorshon, 1008 N. 190th St., $525,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Zych Construction LLC, 2545 N. 188th St., $58,000.

Vellek, Matthew and Meegan R. to Frappampina, Pasquale and Sherry Ann, 1205 S. 209th Circle, $475,000.

Stephen, Jedediah L. and Alison J. to Harmon, Matthew L., 23713 Berry St., $415,000.

Bahe, Nicholas A. and Kimberly A. to Sweetwood, Jacob, 807 S. 186th St., $277,000.

Marshall, John K., trustee of David G. Scott Supplemental Needs Trust to Oakley, John Steven and Joyce L., 20504 Laramie Road, $215,000.

Gould, Jay to Smith, William Richard and Jennifer A., 22224 Homestead Road, $615,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Froemming, Stacey and Shari, 2553 N. 187th Ave., $70,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Schoeppner, Collin and Thorson, Heather, 2448 S. 217th St., $65,000.

Oelco LLC to Stawniak, Ryan J. and Giles, Kelli L., 2604 N. 202nd St., $251,400.

Ramm Construction Inc. to Murvin, Daniel and Sefick, Sydney, 2102 S. 209th St., $499,900.

Knoblauch & Murante Enterprises LLC and Flynn, Patrick M. to Flynn, Patrick M. and Gina M., 1317 N. 208th St., $181,170.


Jones, Jason William and Libbie Chantel to Wheeler, Rick W., 7602 N. 279th St., $460,000.

Wooldridge, Terry N. and Teresa to Swanstrom, Stephen and Courtenay, 73 Ginger Woods Terrace, $660,000.


R & A. Builders Inc. to Grages, Todd D. and Heidi, 24410 Mason St., $350,000.


Nowak, Lauren M. and Marti, David D. to Maxwell, Jennifer, 3311 N. 49th St., $145,000.

Barrios, Ana M. to Ridgley, Sara J., 6115 Seward St., $161,000.

Higbee, Brian D. and Marti R. to Engel, Jordan N. and Cook, Gregory S., 6623 Himebaugh Ave., $130,000.

Pettid, James and Jessica to Harris, John W., 7070 Binney St., $170,000.

J & M. Hauschild Houses LLC to Karstrom, Andrew, 4723 Parker St., $96,500.

Albrecht, Kathryn M. and Andeersen, Nicholas R. to Kelly, Brett C. and Rachel S., 6144 Seward St., $150,000.

Meckna, Jerrilynn L. and Paul to Martin, Sherry, 6770 Pratt St., $130,000.

Reo Asset Management Company LLC to HBI LLC, 4234 N. 65th Ave., $122,400.

Schroeder, Patrick Earl to Roka Management LLC, 4836 Pratt St., $96,000.

Bar, Maung to Ogba, Curtis C. and Billups, Yolandra, 5301 Grand Ave., $164,000.

Interstate Securities LLC to Flipping Flanagans LLC, 2310 N. 67th Ave., $97,500.

Hofsommer, Brian Lee and Jennifer Janeen to Lau, Sofia, 1506 N. 58th St., $172,900.

Weske, Derek and Lindsey to Odson, Matthew, 6527 Spencer St., $155,000.

Feld, Kerry Trust to Reo Asset Management Company LLC, 3123 N. 47th Ave., $58,000.

THC & D Inc. to Featherson, Shantel, 6011 N. 48th St., $141,900.

Cooper, William A. and Donna J. to Bartalini, Nicole and Guido, 7053 Binney St., $180,000.

Newton, Bradley to Newton, Bradley and Pavlik, Grace, 2011 N. 50th Ave., $63,350.

Maresh, Steven, personal representative of Vahlkamp, Gustaaf A. Jr. to Cityline Rehab LLC, 1602 N. 53rd St., $100,000.

Reo Asset Management Company LLC to HBI LLC, 3123 N. 47th Ave., $68,000.

Kopun, Sarah Joann to Kaza, Suman, 3015 N. 67th Ave., $137,500.


Schmidt, Mike to Villanueva, Martha, 2906 S. 25th St., $12,000.

Riskowski, Daniel J. and Wendy to Rocha, Fernando and Patricia M., 2511 S. 35th Ave., $128,000.

Vision Properties LLC to Gonzalez, Victor and Juana Castillo De, 1514 S. 26th St., $75,000.

Jimenez, Rene and Guadalupe to Cervantes, Alan and Rivera, Griselda Beltran, 1118 S. 27th St., $145,000.

Bevins, Tyriece J. to Francisco, Eva Leon, 3619 Vinton St., $106,800.

Giles, Leon P. and Geraldine L. to Bates, Eric and Hieu, 1111 S. 27th St., $58,000.

Miller, Robert M. and Jada to Westphal, Jason E., 1122 S. 30th Ave., $178,000.

Owens, Scott and Tammi to Birnberg, Emily L., 2118 S. 38th Ave., $162,000.

Tirendi, Anthony J. to Punch It Out Inc., 3220 Pacific St., $73,000.

Kron, Laura Feldman and Alex Nicholas to Clendenen, Andrew S. and Melanie K., 4219 Pine St., $315,100.


Real Growth LLC to Sudyka, Thomas J. Jr., 5636 Emile St., $170,000.

Keeling, Johanna R. to Lewin Investments LLC, 5828 Pine St., $162,500.

Derosear, William H. to Lubbers, Paul C., 854 S. 52nd St., $317,500.

Mattea, Corey S. and Juliana to Lowry, Challa L., 5312 Hascall St., $193,000.

Davis, Joe L. and Sharon K. to Darling, Kyle and Melissa, 2001 S. 60th St., $160,000.

S & M. Realty LLC to JKP Properties LLC, 4676 Frederick St., $990,000.

Collins, Ricky to JKP Properties LLC, 5635 Cedar St., $150,000.

Ostdiek, Thomas A. and Deborah J. to J Ellis Properties LLC, 5005 Poppleton Ave., $135,000.

Johnson, Kenneth Paul, trustee of Kenneth P. & Jennifer K. Johnson Trust to Darling, Kyle and Melissa, 6262 Pine St., $109,000.

Johnson, Jeff A. and Becky M. to Darling, Kyle and Melissa, 6262 Pine St., $109,000.

Blanke, Elizabeth G. to Zin, Thant and Husein, Karimah Binti, 2532 S. 46th St., $127,000.

Becker, Kathryn and Stephen P. to Clover Capital LLC, 5435 Frederick St., $108,500.

T & T. Realty LLC to Engel, Jordan E., 5572 Shirley St., $178,000.

Maher, Robert L. and Jeanne M. to Robles, Saul F. and Tracie A., 3509 S. 48th St., $230,000.

Brewer, Anthony J. and Charlotte L. to Kruger, James, 1416 S. 63rd St., $239,900.

Stanley, Sean M. and Mary E. to Pettipoole, Luke A. and Megan J., 1937 S. 50th Ave., $145,400.


O & O. Investments LLC to McCarthy, Megan M., 4260 Drexel St., $165,000.

Nanfito, Joyce, trustee of Joyce Nanfito Revocable Trust to Ventura, German Salmeron, 5108 S. 20th St., $60,000.

Lyons, Susan M., personal representative of Siedlik, James L. to Siedlik, Timothy J., 3927 W St., $99,820.

Jordan, Corey F. to Oseguera, Fermin Lopez and Lopez, Alma F. Sanchez De, 5026 S. 38th St., $135,000.

Andrade, Sarah to Aguirre, Yosemite and Rafael, 3920 T St., $20,000.

Steinhoff, Charlie and McCoy, Wade to Klesitz Realty LLC, 3140 X St., $46,500.


Riverview Properties LLC to Spring Ridge Plaza II LLC, 110 Pine St., $400,000.

Ciciulla, Frank Jr. and Rhonda G. to Raspberry Beret Enterprises LLC, 1445 S. 13th St., $535,000.

King, Benjamin A. and Olson, Derrick to Flores, Linda Rae and Michael V., 1936 S. 15th St., $60,000.

Spagnotti, Jill C. to Moreno, Ciriaco Cruz, 2601 S. 12th St., $25,000.

Scott Willer Property LLC to Lawrence, Thomas, 1316 S. 6th St., $257,000.

Hambright, Christine M. to Best Price Homebuyers LLC, 3216 S. 20th St., $50,000.

Hsp Investment Properties LLC to Project Houseworks, 1338 S. 21st St., $106,500.


Thomas Properties I. LLC to Robertson, Jordan L. and Meghan N., 2018 Fowler Ave., $85,000.

Cha Properties LLC to Erickson Exteriors LLC, 2110 Evans St., $54,000.

Prestige Property Associates LLC to Thomas, Virgle L., 1826 Pinkney St., $49,900.


Otepka, Janet, trustee of Salvatore & Elizabeth Betty Greco Revocable Trust to Espinoza, Cruz Elda Morga, 4004 Maple St., $77,500.

Zas Corp LLC to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc., 6318 N. 32nd St., $45,000.

Hickam, James B. and Annette M. to Guzman, Juan R. and Martha, 2008 N. 37th St., $15,000.

Berg, Edward L. and Carlene to Second Hand Properties LLC, 4364 Laurel Ave., $11,978.

Riskowski, Patrick T., trustee of John Riskowski Rev Living Trust to 511 Propiedades LLC, 3830 Blondo St., $45,000.

Taddy, Bablue to Payne, Richard and Beverly, 5821 N. 29th St., $85,000.

Bmo Harris to Phoenix Ventures, 4037 Crown Point Ave., $37,300.

K and P Investments Inc. to Franzen, Randall, 6323 N. 34th St., $45,000.

Jackson, Terneicesa, trustee of Delsine Hearst Family Trust to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 3909 Spencer St., $35,000.


Brown, Leslie D. to Tkaczuk Properties LLC, 9410 N. 29th St., $115,000.

Bel Fury Investments Group LLC to Glassroots Real Estate LLC, 3133 Reynolds St., $65,000.

Kracke, Kenneth C. and Joan to Derengowski, Morgan, 2741 Titus Ave., $73,000.

Beckenhauer, Daryll D. and Theresa L. to Stepanek, Lisa, 7718 N. Ridge Drive, $123,000.

Gilbatrar LLC to Worth, Alexandra E. and Miller, Craig Westin, 7151 N. 25th St., $160,000.


Gotschall, Adam T. and Cara M. to Yu, Xiaoyi and Zhang, Xiaoxiao, 1711 N. 105th St., $145,250.

Humphrey, Calvin R. and Eleanor Jeanne to Spellman, Ryan and Douglas F., 9951 Harney Parkway, $340,170.

Debolt, Michael A. and Rebecca M. to Debolt, Michael A. and Rebecca M., 606 S. 93rd St., $190,000.

Jones, Alicia A. to Jones, William F. and Leapley, Linda L., 778 Cole Creek Circle, $127,500.

Debolt, Michael A. to Debolt, Michael A. and Rebecca M., 606 S. 93rd St., $135,000.


Burrows, Jackie to Niehaus, Daniel F. and Erin M., 6617 N. 149th St., $240,000.

Stubblefield, Gary to Wortmann, Travis James, 15903 Manderson St., $363,000.

Schwarz, Sharon A. to Eakin, Candis L. and Crossley, Billy E., 4808 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $240,000.

Lindquist, Eric H. Trust to McCardle, Shawn P., 6510 N. 149th St., $170,100.

Froendt, Bruce, trustee of Froendt Trust to Hile, Mark and Shelly, 15357 Burdette St., $172,000.

Mendoza, Elizabeth A. to Bloch, Kimberly, 3325 N. 148th Court, $129,000.

West, Patrick J. and Patricia to Mashiana, Harmeet and Simran Sekhon, 2110 N. 162nd Ave., $257,000.

Niemann, Karen M. to Langer, Nicholas R., 17184 Ruggles St., $195,100.

Radke, Jessica Marie to Niemann, Karen M., 14668 Boyd Court, $140,000.

Bruce, Sara N. and Bernard W. to Portz, Danielle, 14653 Fowler Ave., $235,000.

Salama, Nilufar and Ahmed to Klein, Justin L. and Leah M., 4315 N. 159th Ave., $297,000.

Cerny, Andrew J. and Amy M. to Thompson, Willis S. and Krista Nicole, 2714 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $417,500.


Robles, Saul F. and Tracie A. to Shuput, Jonathan, 4668 Polk St., $195,000.

Beauchamp, Sierra S. Short to Acosta, Esteban Buenrostro, 6716 S. 49th St., $143,000.

Legrande, Blaudina to Legrande, Blaudina and Ernst, Ryan, 5606 S. 53rd St., $106,800.

Henry, Elmer L. to Wiebelhaus, Jeromy P. and Jessicca R., 5027 S. 53rd St., $145,000.

Clouse, Phyllis to Florido, Marcela Serrano, 4802 S. 50th Terrace, $120,000.

Osterman, Leo L. and Joan M. to Newhouse, David, 6012 P St., $35,000.


Bclinc LLC to Kennedy Legacy 178 LLC, 910 S. 178th St., $1,065,000.


Baumann, Christi to Parker, Samantha and Jonathan, 6958 N. 88th Ave., $175,000.

Thompson, Jeffrey R. and Amber N. to Jorgensen, Kevin, 10659 Girard St., $192,500.

Bryant, Jeremy M. and Elicia E. to Roehr, Anthony L., 7905 N. 85th St., $240,000.

Archer, Anthony A., trustee of Anthony A. Archer Revocable Trust to Varouh, Curtis and Stacy, 8030 Newport Ave., $175,000.

Launsby, Dale A. and Nancy T. to Reh, Law and Meh, Mo, 8323 Girard St., $175,000.

Reichert, Rebecca L. to Robinson, Marion and Simp, 7734 Morris St., $172,500.

Arkkelin, Ryan and Kelly to Craft, Christina M., 7522 N. 75th St., $178,000.

Ericson, Kristofor T., trustee of Kristofor T. & Kristine M. Ericson Revocable Trust to Holley, Jertaya, 7425 N. 107th St., $245,000.


Loehr, Justin M., trustee of Justin & Erin Loehr Revocable Trust to Schultes, Nichole L. and Ray, Tyler J., 3257 S. 102nd St., $310,000.

Elias, Nicole M. to Combs, Justin Tremaine and Ryann Emma, 8717 C St., $150,000.

Love, Katherine to Robine, Joseph P., 7514 Vinton St., $164,000.

Bauer, Barry to Dunn, John D. and Susannah C., 9533 West. Center Road, $427,000.


Rogers, Constance B., trustee oft Constance B. Rogers Living Trust to Jeffers, Craig D. and Gelisha L., 6359 S. 95th St., $260,000.

Bentley, Keith L. Jr. and Molly L. to Malone, Alexander and Mercedes, 4729 S. 80th St., $176,000.

Forest Top Holdings to Story, Scott, 5433 S. 94th St., $134,000.

Hamata, Elden J. and Cynthia M. to Ruth, Joe and Mary A., 5111 S. 82nd St., $224,900.


Dann, Marshall C. and Charlotte I. to Johnson, Janis A., 1219 S. 190th Place, $440,000.

Hanson, Kimley Todd and Charleen Rae to Ageton, Kathleen M., 1815 S. 172nd Place, $242,000.

Blaske, Isaac M. and Heidi M. to Nguyen, Toan and Lam, Trang, 3810 S. 189th St., $240,000.

Kesterson, Stephan and Janice to Beshilas, John G. and Mary Lou, 17113 Pierce St., $300,000.

Foster, Leanna and John E. Jr. to Love, Joshua L. and Katherine M., 1320 S. 165th Ave., $280,000.

Maly, Keith W. and Cheri J. to McWilliams, Robert and Diane, 1917 S. 197th St., $287,500.

Hood, James R. and Darla R. to Rodriguez, Jose Antonio and Sirvia Contreras De, 16006 Wood Drive, $153,900.

Knolla, Peter A. and Michelle S. to Vrotsos, Debra, 1602 S. 198th Ave., $430,000.

Shellbert, Susan K., trustee of Kathleen M. Weigel Revocable Trust to Souchek, Joshua J. and Jenna M., 16205 Wright Circle, $280,000.

Kaiser, Donald R. Jr. and Lindsey R. to Mazhar, Mustansar and Mustansar, Nuzhat, 19677 Lamont St., $395,000.

Bos, Steven Patrick to Jelinek, Jason Dennis and Blankenship, Sarah Ann, 3902 S. 191st Ave., $250,000.


East Campus Realty LLC to Zach, Mark H., 120 S. 31st Ave., $434,900.

Wilwerding, Terrence M., personal representative of Wilwerding, Leo J. to Peck, Jean M. and Kirk M., 3512 California St., $170,000.

Tab LLC to Gilbatrar LLC, 131 N. 34th St., $760,000.

Closingtime Holdings of Omaha LLC to 116 N. 37Th LLC, 116 N. 37th St., $1,054,000.

Nielsen, Kenneth A. and Nelson, Paul D. to Burden, Ryan D. and Lacey L., 3000 Farnam St., $83,000.

Nielsen, Kenneth A. and Nelson, Paul to Avila, Edgar and Lida, 3000 Farnam St., $79,950.


Miller, Stephanie A. to Fornoff, Linden, 710 N. 56th St., $775,000.

Brownrigg, John C. and Rosemary F. to Rywelski, Milissa, 673 N. 59th St., $335,000.

Sorenson, Mary Ann and Darrell D. to Anderl, Kathleen and Shalev, Aleksiy, 801 Parkwood Lane, $325,000.

Stormberg, Donald F. and Paula to Cade, Peter and Kelly, 1025 N. 64th St., $350,000.

Schultes, Nichole and Ray, Tyler to Klenk, Benjamin and Katherine, 6167 Lafayette Ave., $172,000.

Vacant, I. Anthony and Muth, Alecia to Laughlin, James and Harding, Julie, 5116 Burt St., $415,000.

Theobald, Marla J., trustee of Marla J. Theobald Living Trust to Nguyen, Andre and Pham, Hoang, 304 S. 68th Ave., $372,000.

Sohl, Elaine to Macrander, Christopher and Amin-Macrander, Meriam, 6101 Charles St., $86,000.

Mantich, Patricia A. and James to Royce, Michael, 4511 Nicholas St., $36,000.


Blazek, Ron and Lori to Morcous, George, 5714 N. 79th St., $22,500.

Quintana, Marguerite L. to Heanue, Joanna, 4105 N. 94th St., $174,000.

Anderson, Norman and Sarah J. to Davis, Jackie L., 8012 Himebaugh Ave., $165,000.

Stemmermann, Brian A. and Patricia D. to Jehlik, Laura Elaine, 9424 Sprague St., $171,100.

Atonement Lutheran Church to Temple Baptist Church, 4530 N. 85th St., $399,000.

Bell, Russell, trustee of Russell & Willie Mae Bell Living Trust to Wright, Lynda and Boose, Sherry, 4911 N. 105th St., $205,000.

Vaughn, Scott R. and Barbara A. to Dabbs, Joseph and Samantha, 7627 Taylor St., $350,000.

Rohde, Jerald D. to Rohde, David J. and Kristen N., 4805 N. 95th St., $78,000.

Provident Trust Group LLC to TFI LLC, 4128 N. 101st St., $105,000.

Spencer General Partnership to Cleveland, Deidra K., 7636 Davis Circle, $130,500.

Billings, Robert B., trustee of Robert Billings Revocable Trust to Rybin, Richard W., 8513 Pinkney St., $220,000.

Chase, Steven S. and Perciveranda A. to Haffke, Austin, 3608 N. 104th Ave., $152,500.

Siwa, Ronald J., trustee of Ronald & Joan Siwa Living Trust to Morton, Philip and Jessica, 4212 N. 94th St., $184,400.

Brink, Edward E. Trust to Reo Asset Management Company LLC, 4216 N. 92nd Ave., $103,600.

Reo Asset Management Company LLC to HBI LLC, 4216 N. 92nd Ave., $144,500.

Dworak, Thomas A. and Bonnie to Martinez, Juan M., 8703 Grand Ave., $159,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Vanree Property Management LLC, 7734 Nebraska Ave., $85,174.

Edick, Molly J. and Parker to McDermott, James P. and Lori A., 9329 Ellison Ave., $175,000.

Oldenhuis, Willem P. and Kim D. to Butler, Jacob J. and Nicole E., 9405 Brownley Drive, $147,500.

King, Jennifer and Jalbert, Jennifer to Clites, Clarence and Michiko, 4708 N. 103rd St., $230,000.


Brittian, Brett to Bowen, Bryant A. and Megan E., 17469 Renfro St., $289,000.

Ascherl, Zachary and Leae to Collins, Nathaniel A. and Dunn, Amanda L., 4631 S. 168th Ave., $234,000.

Heldridge, Scott R. and Mary Emily to Henderson, Jerad and Ashley, 6733 S. 164th Ave., $280,000.

Eastwood, Matthew A. and Lacey J. to Nesler, Eric and Molczyk, Jennifer, 19006 S. Circle, $187,500.

Danenhauer, Robert A. Jr. and Robert A. to Gentile, Brian, 6117 S. 189th St., $210,000.

Seidl, Kevin P. and Amber L. to Ruikis, Victor and Alexandra, 5843 S. 191st Ave., $260,000.

Ball, Bradley J. to Junge, Kent and Ellen, 6176 S. 177th St., $305,000.

Marino, Denise P. and Rosario E. to Onate, Cesar and Hernandez, Jessica, 5803 S. 157th St., $228,000.

Nunes, Darryl and Haley to Miles, Cory and Nancy, 6017 S. 187th St., $215,000.

Leinen, Pat to Minino, Cory, 18182 Polk Place, $135,000.

Dvorak, Tomas M., trustee of TSDS Trust to Stagemeyer, Michele, 16930 K St., $250,500.

Young, Katrina to Munson, Kelly and Kathy, 19632 V St., $185,000.

Birdwell, Evelyn A. to Heftie, Darin and Elizabeth, 19452 R St., $175,000.

Wade, Christopher M. and Staci D. to Eastwood, Matthew A. and Lacey J., 19351 Patterson St., $304,500.

Rief, Amee L. to Holst, James A. and Susan L., 5902 S. 190th Terrace, $240,000.

Thornton, Timothy R. and Melanie S. to Gonzalez, Blair N. and Carlos A., 6322 S. 179th St., $295,000.

Harvey, Jack to Saunders, Martin and Diane, 5004 S. 163rd Ave., $235,000.

Hochstein, Ben M. and Brooke M. to Hunt, Andrew and Kochanowicz, Elizabeth, 16325 Jefferson St., $220,000.

Glasshoff, Wanda J. and Grebe, Erwin to Stage, Lois Ann, 4935 S. 190th St., $225,000.

Johnston, Donna J., personal representative of Johnston, Michael W. to Bradshaw, Rodney A., 16011 R St., $127,000.

Johnston, Donna J. to Bradshaw, Rodney A., 16011 R St., $126,000.

Rohlfs, Russell S. and Maureen M. to Rashmawy, Timothy and Jessica, 5005 S. 194th Ave., $218,000.

Dierkhising, Richard A., trustee of Richard A. & Judith M. Dierkhising Revocable Trust to Hofstetter, Clayton J. and, Tracy E., 5019 S. 178th St., $343,750.

Berryman, Richard C. and Anne C. to Allen, Clinton M. and Ashley, 16832 L Circle, $275,000.

Bsr-Fw LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 6237 S. 194th Ave., $64,800.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Ogrady, Joseph S. and Kimberly A., 6024 S. 193rd Ave., $305,043.

Merritt, Michelle to Mu, Keli and Liu, Yongge, 19060 T St., $185,000.

Beck, Mark T. and Sheila R. to Lane, Deborah L. and Leroy D., 18208 Hayes Place, $131,000.

Hipwell, John C. and Roxane A. to Malchow, Douglas Harm and Karisa Lea, 16520 M St., $315,000.

Laubert, Jonathan Douglas and Susan Hathaway to Preciado, Maira and Baezrodriguez, Melvin E., 4713 S. 194th Ave., $254,000.


Felise, Jordan A. and Gene L. to Bohac, Alisa and Morton, Tyler, 14729 Drexel St., $247,000.

Fogelstrom, James to Rager, Stephanie and Ernstmeyer, Constance, 14733 Polk St., $110,000.

Petersen, Nicholas R. and Brianna L. to Perez, Felipe and Gabriel-Perez, Rhiannon, 12468 Woodcrest Drive, $232,000.

Fogelstrom, Julie to Rager, Stephanie and Ernstmeyer, Constance, 14733 Polk St., $110,000.

Colony, Kyle to Schrage, Bruce L. and Escritt, Sasha R., 14436 Weir Circle, $199,000.

Krebs, Melinda and Carter, Walter to Herrera, Marchinta, 12214 Ohern St., $116,400.

Kerr, Allan Ray and Kenna Lee to Roney, Daniel and Jordan, 14712 Weir St., $190,900.

Lacroix, Elane and Steven D. to Howard, Michael and Kelly, 6734 S. 152nd St., $150,000.

Thomas, Susan L. to Oelkers, Kent D. and Messbarger-Oelkers, Sara B., 6009 Oak Hills Drive, $186,000.

Wheeler, Elizabeth S. to Rafe, Mike and Egan, Nicole, 11603 Tyler St., $208,000.

Gentile, Brian J. to Janisch, Samantha and Nelson, Robert, 5133 S. 121st St., $161,000.

Herman, Curtis M. and Laura M. to Johnson, Jenna, 5210 Magnolia St., $175,000.

Wulff, Brandon L. and Breanna R. to Kuehl, Michael, 6718 S. 142nd St., $143,000.

Dallan, Robert M. and Suzie R. to Wright, Justin and Jacobson, Lora, 5812 S. 155th St., $198,500.

Plummer, Jason D. and Susan M. to Marro, Michael and Amanda, 6386 S. 139th Avenue Circle, $210,000.

LT Investments LLC to Grieve, Donovan A., 4430 S. 154 Circle, $232,000.

Scholz. Mark, trustee of Mark & Chelsey Scholz Fam Trust to Galvan, Jaime and Jocelin, 4357 S. 149th Terrace, $278,000.

Spillman, Cassidy and Jeremy to Sinclair, Susan Elizabeth and Robert John, 6631 S. 153rd St., $175,000.

Farnsworth-Livingston, Derrald and Thomas, Holly L. to Birschbach, Jason J. and Valencia-Gerardo, Anavel, 6618 S. 108th Ave., $180,000.

Pearson, Daniel Nathan and Jaclin Ann to 3G Home Solutions LLC, 5629 S. 138th Ave., $155,000.

Rmbs Reo Holdings LLC to Nagel, Jill, 14923 M St., $118,000.

Walker, Carolyn K. to Jones, Amanda M., 11628 Drexel St., $195,000.

Sader, George W. and Jane M. to Lambert, Lisa, 5060 S. 149th Court, $172,000.

Hansen. Leslie A. to Bryson, Sean Tray E. and Taylor E., 5706 S. 110th Circle, $199,900.


Perumal, Venkat and Venkat, Uma Kris to Garrigan, Casey and Valerie, 7610 N. 124th St., $605,000.

Solano, Nicholas J. to Swenson, Michelle, 13875 Wood Valley Drive, $195,500.

Bitzes, Allison M. to Wilcynski, James C., 7508 N. 110th Ave., $175,500.

Deer Creek Reserve LLC to Platinum Builders LLC, 12761 Mormon St., $80,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Goltl, Timothy J. and Joan M., 13007 Reynolds St., $526,900.

Ideal Designs Remodeling & Construction LLC to Greer, Trevor Jon and Harin Kim, 7504 N. 117th Circle, $572,280.

Ossino, Jeffrey R. and Claire A. to Carpenter, Michael W. and Joyce A., 14079 Wood Valley Drive, $191,500.

Deer Creek Reserve LLC to Marquis, Darral and Patricia, 8002 N. 129th St., $60,000.


Kohl, Brian C. and Christine to Nelson, Christian, 12659 A St., $205,000.

Mowat, Bruce, trustee of Bruce & Grace M. Mowat Trust to Siedlik, Kyle and Kelly, 3506 S. 117th St., $233,000.

Page, Traci C. to Unck, Autumn M., 11645 Westwood Lane, $180,000.

Paintin, Theodore and Susan to Steele, Jason W. and Sarah M., 1631 S. 155th St., $355,000.

Rome Properties LLC to Kendrick, Derrick O., 2723 S. 116th Avenue Circle, $175,500.

Havlet, Tammie C. and Delores D. to Hayes, Brooke D. and Tyler W., 2117 S. 113th St., $165,000.

McMenamin, Joseph P. and Kimberly J. to Kirshenbaum, William and Linda, 11117 Pine Place, $325,000.

Jacobs, Kendra R. and Jason B. to Kassera, Stephanie, 2836 S. 136th St., $178,000.

Berkland, Cynthia K. to Omaha Rj2 Rents LLC, 3717 S. 126th Ave., $125,000.

Juvrud, Kelly Marie, trustee of Kay Parker Revocable Trust to Cifuno, Johnathan N. and Megan, 12524 C St., $114,000.

Haskell, Paul A. and Kelly M. to Holden, Jeffery and Marian, 1514 S. 139th St., $215,000.

Lewis, Thomas I., trustee of Thomas and Anne Lewis Revocable Trust to Teague, Rick and Donna, 3616 S. 119th St., $210,000.

Christner, Rhonda and Dorsey, Rhonda Rae to Ibarra, Mario, 1529 S. 141st Circle, $212,000.

Five F. Realty LLC to Lucas, Mark, 1220 S. 120th Place, $83,000.

Dushan, Gregory J. and Jordan, Jennifer to Benoit, Joseph and Ashley, 14914 Dorcas Circle, $273,000.

Geiger, Matthew R. and Meredith M. to Nesbitt, Brenton and Janelle, 15417 Lloyd St., $355,000.


Dewild, David B., personal representative of Dewild, Vernon B. to Heikes, Cale and Melissa, 6324 Whitmore St., $120,000.

Weibel, Michael A., personal representative of Weibel, Jeanne M. to Weibel, Michael A., 5711 Read St., $64,700.

Fox, William and Nollett, Kristin to Peters, Jason A., 4722 Mormon Circle, $345,000.

Snow, Michael David and Jennifer to Hosier, Thomas W., trustee of Thomas & Karen Hosier Revocable Trust, 5801 Cherry Lane, $654,000.

Zurlo, Enzo and Dana to Hostetler, Kevin J. and Lori L., 7942 Raven Oaks Drive, $250,000.



Tsr Eos LLC to Calibraska Properties LLC, 10810 Harney St., $1,400,000.

Maurer, Harold M., trustee of Maurer Revocable Family Trust to Oestreich, Marlys, 825 S. 112th Place, $329,000.

Washington, Maxine E. to Kratzenstein, Josie and Monte F., 12254 Burt St., $125,000.

Helligso, Thomas A., trustee of Helligso Family Trust to Complete Real Estate LLC, 15029 Mason St., $145,000.

Braun, Kristine M. and Gebhart, Paul James to Braun, Kristine M., 824 Grey Fawn Drive, $115,400.

Furl, David L. and Renae A. to Patel, Heena and Sapan, 15411 Burt St., $248,000.

Hagen, Kenneth J. Jr. to Sokolovska, Yuliia, 12812 Burt St., $450,000.

Michaels, Barry D. and Elizabeth M. to Mullen, Tyler J. and Laura A., 1520 N. 132nd Ave., $598,000.

Langston, Gary E. Jr., trustee of Margaret Lou Johnson Trust to Holtmeier, Tamara and Alan, 961 S. 110th Place, $320,000.

Rasmussen, Larry and Rita to Butler, Seth J., 12727 West Dodge Road, $95,000.

Wurgler, William and Kristine to Bassett, Andrew and Bridget, 12712 Burt St., $575,000.

Schultz, Kathryn, personal representative of Herfindahl, Genevieve P. to Lukashonak, Oksana and Alexander, 12106 Leavenworth Road, $260,000.

Conley, Barbara S. to Martin, Thomas P., 15528 Mason Circle, $190,000.

Dewald, Terrance S. and Dorothy M. to Scholz, Mark and Chelsey, 13052 Franklin St., $475,000.

Perez, Fanny Z. and Calderin, Miguel Rodriguez to Webben, Devon, 1722 N. 110th Ave., $136,800.

H & S. Partnership LLP to Clure, Matthew W., 1201 N. 138th Circle, $1,175,000.

Streif, Richard C. and Michelle A. to Hauptman, Casey Joe, 105 Heavenly Drive, $415,000.

Clure, Matt W. and Carrie to Syslo, Kimberly S., trustee of Kimberly S. Syslo Revocable Trust, 1225 N. 138th Circle, $400,000.

Greiner, Richard J. and Laura J. to Thiel, Augustine J. and Laura D., 14824 Charles Place, $215,000.

Reding, James Joseph and Sandra A. to Faylor, Jay J. and Carolyn E., 1527 N. 131st Ave., $410,000.

Callaghan, Martin J. III and Callaghan, Martin Joseph IV to Kellogg, Jason M. and Monica L., 848 S. 122nd St., $235,000.

Green, Scott and Jill to Dekok, Taylor and Sintija, 14549 Franklin St., $215,500.

14924 Franklin Plaza LLC to Hoskins, Gregory and Whitney, 14924 Franklin Place, $210,000.

McGinnis, Jeanne M. to Candor Properties Vi LLC, 15011 Davenport Circle, $165,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Candor Properties V. LLC, 1423 N. 149th Court, $165,000.

Klein, Justin L. and Leah to Bentley, Molly L. and Keith L. Jr., 342 N. 153rd Avenue Circle, $210,000.


Sattler, Michael J. and Susan G. to Monge, Saul Antonio, 14112 Sahler St., $315,000.

Schrunk, Sharon L., trustee of Sharon L. Schrunk Living Trust to McClurkin, Nicole M. and Seth J., 2612 N. 143rd St., $182,000.

Molnar, Steven to Donaldson, William and Zoe, 12729 Yates St., $181,000.

Friend, Anthony J. and Laura to Hennig, Nancy J., 11254 Corby St., $175,000.

Zipay, Andre P. and Kimberly R. to Heinen, David P. and Melissa L., 5519 N. 140th St., $315,000.

Menkov, Max and Klingberg, Karen to Martin, Joshua Rose and Jessica Rose, 11218 Ellison Ave., $184,000.

Stormberg, Janelle to Spilman, Brooke Ann, 12423 Wirt St., $230,500.

Provident Trust Group LLC and Steven Steinsnyder Traditional Ira to Miranda, George C. and Elda C., 6802 N. 116th Circle, $168,000.

Black, Michael P., trustee of Michael P. Black Living Trust to Bryson, Felicia M., 12961 Larimore Circle, $161,000.

Collins, Richard E. Jr. and Toni V. to Hejkal, Joseph J. and Shannon M., 12551 Bristol Circle, $90,000.

McAvoy, Lisa M., trustee of Lisa M. McAvoy Revocable Trust to Forsyth, Kyle K. and Debbie A., 13550 Miami St., $269,500.

Leatherman, Timothy D. and Christy B. to Irwin, Mark J., 13015 Nebraska Ave., $174,900.

Brink, Edward E. Trust to Jah LLC, 4923 N. 129th Ave., $118,700.

Carlson, Nicole and Smith, Nicole M. to Ramirez, Brenda and Francisco Javier, 12806 Erskine St., $185,000.

Niehaus, Darlene N. to Grubb, Lynn, trustee of Lynn M. Grubb Revocable Trust, 2314 N. 133rd Circle, $275,000.

Mead, Sharron J., trustee of Sharron J. Mead Living Trust to Yuz-Mosenkis, Anna, trustee of Anna Yuz-Mosenkis Revocable Trust, 12423 Yates St., $160,000.

Horner, Ramona L. to Sullivan, Mark T., 12329 Binney St., $98,000.

Fratt, Harold M. Sr to Holthus, Jordan and Hannah, 2722 N. 121st Ave., $157,000.

Morey, John Timothy and Nancy Jean to Greiner, Richard J. and Laura J., 4219 N. 143rd Circle, $292,700.

Herlein, Jared J. and Amanda to Christel, Patrick Craig and Hayley Paige, 12746 Corby St., $208,000.

Wood, Tony G. and Shelley S. to Lewis, Michael and Leszinski, Jessica, 12945 Nebraska Ave., $185,000.

Dawley, David G. and Carrie B. to Barber, Shaylia Ann, 6219 N. 128th St., $170,000.

Enholm, Rebecca A. to Huss, Pamela, 12210 Wirt St., $215,000.

Brink, Edward E. Trust to N2J LLC, 12736 Ellison Ave., $131,700.

Boysen, Harold R. to Chase, Troy, 13006 Himebaugh Ave., $200,000.

Walker, Mark E. to Candor Properties V. LLC, 2711 N. 143rd St., $180,000.

Mickeliunas, Joseph M. and Jenny L. to Clark, David and Linda, 13962 Ames Ave., $273,000.



Cooper Transitions LLC to Hardin, Brandon, 1311 Hancock St., $162,000.

Davis, Raymond M. to Graham, Lance C., 1308 Englewood Drive, $173,000.

Conwell, Yesennia Judith and Dex to Brown, Larry L. and Maureen A., 1214 Bryan Ave., $135,000.


HBC Homes Inc. to Landmark Performance Corp., 10003 S. 184th St., $98,000.

Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC to Marshall, Ryan Joseph and Amanda Marie, 19706 Redwood St., $380,000.

Ulmer, Brandon and Liza to Deichert, Rory and Mary, 11623 S. 202nd St., $324,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Shue, Samantha and Zachary, 11380 S. 169th St., $323,000.

McCright Properties LLC to Lonberger, Sherri, 19823 E. W. Plains Road, $270,000.

Heavican Homes Inc. to Maryott, Michael J. and Jennifer L., 7706 S. 195th St., $353,000.

Kounkel, Rich and Jan to Hawkins Development Group LLC, 109 N. McKenna Ave., $35,000.

FRK Development II LLC to Bogseth, Barry L., trustee and Bogseth, Shelley R., trustee of BSB Trust, 22460 Ponderosa Road, $163,000.

Cooper, Barbara L. to Dickey, Bradley W. and Elizabeth A., 12201 S. 180th St., $275,000.


Demanss, Carel G. and Alexander C. to Barton, James and Whitney, 12433 S. 83rd St., $397,000.

Monk, Jessica to Strange, Selina Marie and Christopher, Mason Elliott, 303 W. Gold Coast Road, $200,000.

BMO Harris to India Investments, 1013 Patricia Drive, $30,000.

BMO Harris to Mtland, 1015 Patricia Drive, $30,000.

Erb, John S. to Baker, Anthony J. and Waskel, Monica G., 2410 Ridgeview Drive, $280,000.

Grotte, Todd A. and Brenda L. to Jacque, Barton D. and Whitney R., 1124 Joy Circle, $325,000.

Kazr Holdings LLC to Sky Properties LLC, 508 N. Beadle St., $180,000.

Jones, Jason W. and Melanie J. to Goesch, Cory M. and Tara L., 1001 Shawnee Road, $209,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Spencer, Julie and Navarra, Gerald V. Jr., 11031 Cove Hollow Circle, $312,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Miller, Michael and Cheri, 10455 S. 111th St., $312,000.

Schuemann, Richard G. to Daley, James P. and Carol A., 7921 Shadow Lake Drive, $400,000.

Greiman, Ann V. to Meyers, Thomas George and Rebecca Catherine, 1107 Wicklow Road, $385,000.

Cripe, James C., personal representative of Hauschild Thelma L. Estate to Hajduk, Michael and Megan, 803 S. Adams St., $106,000.

Peterson, Monty L. and Ilene M. to Modlin, Jeffrey K., 645 S. Adams St., $106,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Russell, Ronald R., co-trustee, and Russell, Sharon K., co-trustee of Ronald & Sharon Russell Living Trust, 7950 Ponderosa Drive, $428,000.

Vaughn, Joel B. and Prall Vaughn, Stacey Vaughn and Vaughan, Emily B. and Mayzik, Neal to Tyson, Thaddeus and Hannah, 607 Mikelluke Circle, $175,000.

Brink, Edward E. Trust to Ivy Properties Inc., 912 Claudine Ave., $160,000.

Moore, Patrick M. and Nancy K. to Jones, Phillip I. and Peggy H. C., 12119 S. 124th Ave., $900,000.

Head, Linda S., trustee of Linda S. Head Revocable Trust to Kathol, William J., trustee of William J. Kathol Living Trust, 10000 Schram Road, $1,000.

Turecek, Joseph F. IV and Heather to Motawar, Binal and Vilceanu, Daniel, 1022 Sherwood Lane, $285,000.

Griffin Homes Inc. to Eluk, Matthew and Sarah, 12714 S. 75th St., $429,000.

Erickson, Brandon D. and Paul to Pallas, Zachary J. and Sarah A., 918 Iron Road, $266,000.


Hudson, David L. to Kreger, Michael and Melody, 555 Locust St., $160,000.


Swanson, Gerald L. to Silva, Jennifer, 1225 St. Andrews Road, $173,000.

Barker, Chad L., personal representative of Charles R. Barker Estate to Barker, Jaimi L. and Hug, Frederick M. Sr, 2404 Pilgrim Drive, $145,000.

Daniels, Tiffany and Matthew to Conwell, Yesennia Judith and Dex A., 2210 Brighton Drive, $175,000.

Cockerill, Charlene A. to Raur, Doreen, trustee of Charlene A. Cockerill Irrevocable Trust, 2305 Circletown Place, $183,000.

Fenoglio, Charles L. II and Yvonne L. to Stallsworth, Brandie, 11769 Amos Gates Drive, $216,000.

Buman, Jeremiah L. to Brown, Shannon R., 14907 S. 24th St., $357,000.

Morrow, Jeff and Reagan to Wise, Donita M., 14404 S. 23rd St., $281,000.

Wedemeyer, Holly J. to Wilson, Nathan and Carrie, 4311 Jerry Gilbert Circle, $225,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Meadows, Brittany N., 1808 Mesa St., $318,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Kincade, Patricia and Zachary, 14308 Tregaron Drive, $229,000.

Johnson, James M. and Diane M. to Campbell, Thomas A.M., 3003 Joann Ave., $174,000.


Leavengood, Julie D. to Whitney, Connie Jean, 7344 La Vista Drive, $138,000.

Red Ladder LLC to Freeman, Alicia, 9820 Melissa St., $235,000.

Anderson, Carli J. to Bradley, Jordon, 7701 Braun Ave., $137,000.

Conaway, Daniel R. and Sarah W. to Griffin, Wendy L., 8520 S. 105th St., $328,000.

Wilson, Amanda and Benjamin to Stilmock, Betty, 8566 S. 102nd St., $300,000.

Souza, Debra and William to Kelly, Shannon C., 7607 S. 88th St., $160,000.

McFadden, Sean M., trustee, and Thatcher, Kay C., trustee of Sean M. McFadden Trust and McFadden, Sean M., trustee, and Thatcher, Kay C., trustee of Kay C. Thatcher Trust to Wees, Paul S. and Shelby N., 9223 Brentwood Drive, $325,000.

Cao, Thien T. and Nguyen, Hoa T. to Dinh, Huyen T. and Nguyen, Uy D., 8136 S. 103rd St., $250,000.


Dubbs, Andrew M. and Glazebrook, Kimberly Joy to Durham, Cynthia J. and Terrance E., 6629 Ridgewood Drive, $435,000.

Bitar, Fabian and Diana to Campochiaro, Kelly A., 706 Tupelo Lane, $180,000.

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