Kim Reynolds

While touring flood-damaged Pacific Junction, Iowa, Gov. Kim Reynolds receives a shirt declaring, "We will rise as the water recedes."

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds toured Pacific Junction flooding on Monday, witnessing continued water damage during the rain.

According to Reynolds, ongoing rains are delaying the repair of the four main levee breaches that flooded the community.

Although repair of the levees is ahead of schedule, the rain has delayed a proper assessment of costs.

Reynolds, along with the governors of Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri, continues to work with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to mitigate damage done by continued rains.

“We’re not backing away from what we’re asking for,” Reynolds said.

In Pacific Junction, Reynolds was told that around 55 individuals are looking for housing, but individuals and companies are apprehensive due to the ongoing risk of flooding.

Reynolds said transportation is also a challenge as some roads have needed to be repaired every three to five years because of flooding.

“We need flexibility, we need to do things differently to focus on the people and community and talk about the flow of the river.”