Both candidates in Nebraska’s 2nd District headed to the polls bright and early Tuesday.

Rep. Don Bacon, R-Neb., voted at 9 a.m. at his Papillion polling place, along with his wife Angie and his granddaughter, 6-year-old Hadley.

“This is what the republic, our democracy is all about,” Bacon said.

Bacon said turnout appeared to be higher than normal at his precinct.

“Normally you see (lines) three- to four-deep. That line is all the way back.” He noted that “Sarpy County is my firewall” but added that it’s good when people vote everywhere.

Accompanied by her husband Scott and daughter Sabina, Democratic challenger Kara Eastman cast her ballot a little before 9 a.m. at the A.V. Sorensen Community Center in Dundee.

A couple of voters posed for selfies with her as others offered encouragement.

“Good luck today,” one woman told her as she left the polls.

“I’m rooting for you,” another said as she walked by.

After leaving the polling place, Eastman took off her coat and reporters could see that her T-shirt read “My place is in the” above an image of Congress.

Eastman said she was proud of her campaign for Nebraska’s 2nd District and that her team was feeling confident about her chances Tuesday. She lamented the divisiveness dominating today’s politics.

“When I’m elected I will represent everybody,” Eastman said. “We’re not always going to agree, but at least I will commit to answering questions and being transparent about the things that I do because that’s what the voters deserve.”

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