One bill concerned forming a state commission to push for a "complete count" during the 2020 census. The other would have redefined real property as personal property in an attempt to provide a tax break for military housing.

Rep. Don Bacon said he wrestled with what he views as serious flaws in the measure, but ultimately felt he had to support the Dreamers and temporary protected status recipients. “They’re in no man’s land, and we should provide them some security,” he said. He also said Democrats are fooling themselves if they think the legislation will go anywhere in the Senate absent enhanced border security and bipartisan compromises.

State Sen. Kate Bolz of Lincoln had sought to include an $174,000 study of the access to long-term care facilities in the budget bill. But some conservative senators said the study was unnecessary because the Department of Health and Human Services has already looked at the issue, and is better suited to find a solution.