State troopers encounter a little bit of everything on the road.

Now a Nebraska trooper can add a new one to his list.

Sgt. Jamey Balthazor was sent Sunday morning to investigate what appeared to be an abandoned motorcycle and motorcycle trailer along Highway 71 in western Nebraska near Scottsbluff.

When Balthazor placed an abandoned vehicle tag on the trailer, he heard growling, said Capt. Kurt Von Minden.

But he didn’t see a dog.

The trooper hustled back to his pickup. Then Balthazor saw a man and a dog pop out of the trailer, which wasn’t much bigger than a large suitcase.

The man told the trooper that he had pulled over because of thick fog and climbed into the trailer with his dog to get out of the damp, chilly weather, Von Minden said. There couldn’t have been much room because the dog didn’t look small.

The man told the trooper that the dog rides in the trailer, with a hole cut in the top so he can poke his head out while wearing shades as they cruise along.

People have definitely gotten a kick out of the whole deal. A Facebook post by the State Patrol showing photos of the man, his dog and trailer has received 4,800 likes and has been shared more than 1,700 times.

The trooper and the man had a friendly chat, and then the motorcyclist and his pooch got back on the road.

Von Minden said that when troopers encounter someone on the road it’s not always about enforcement.

“Sometimes it’s making a friend,” he said.

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