The Nebraska Bankers Association has awarded $88,000 in grants to six entities to help with flood recovery.

The money is part of the more than $155,000 that the group has raised in conjunction with the Nebraska Community Foundation and various United Way groups.

Grants to assist with home repairs will go to: City of Wood River, $15,000; Fremont Area Habitat for Humanity, $10,000 for greater Dodge County; Northern Heights Baptist Church, $34,500 for Lynch and Bristow; and the Village of Lynch, $25,000.

The Pierce Historical Society will receive $1,500 to help with repairs to the museum and the MCH Auxiliary Thrift Shop will receive $2,000 to help replace fundraising equipment.

Previously, the bankers association board awarded $25,000 to help Boyd County Rural Water District No. 2 rebuild infrastructure damaged by the Spencer Dam collapse.