Bridge near Stanton

The collapsed approach to a bridge over the Elkhorn River sits in water on the south side of Stanton after flooding in mid-March.

For the second time since late March, human remains have been found along the Elkhorn River in Stanton County, most likely flushed out by record flooding.

Sheriff Mike Unger said skeletal remains were found on private property Saturday about 3 miles southeast of Stanton, Nebraska. In late March, skeletal remains were found about 3 miles southwest of Stanton.

This stretch of river is downstream from Norfolk. A winding river, the Elkhorn flows south of Norfolk and south of Stanton on its trek southeastward across eastern Nebraska to the Platte River.

The remains from March have been sent to experts for analysis, and those found Saturday will soon be as well, Unger said.

“We’ll do our best to find out who it is and go from there,” he said.