At War, At Home

The World-Herald has a long history of covering our nation's conflicts. From the battlefronts to the home front, the newspaper is committed to capturing the commitment and sacrifice of servicemen and servicewomen and their families.

Older jets like Offutt's half-century-old RC-135s are notorious for leaks in the hydraulic systems. The hydraulic systems allow the movement of an aircraft's moving parts such as flaps, landing gear, ailerons and rudder. The RC-135s have two separate hydraulic systems, known as "left" and "r…

Despite periodic overhauls and “a lot of maintenance love,” the 55th Wing’s 29 planes average more than 80 emergencies and aborted flights per year. Some 55th Wing veterans fear for crews that take to the sky in the aged, overworked jets. Yet the Air Force plans to keep flying them for 30 more years.

The idea for this World-Herald series on the safety of the 55th Wing C-135 reconnaissance fleet was sparked three years ago, when 27 crew members narrowly escaped a raging fire aboard an RC-135V Rivet Joint on the Offutt runway. The aircraft was salvaged, but the fire burned a hole near the …

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The World-Herald takes a special look back at the Nebraskans and Iowans whose courage and commitment helped prevent nuclear war and lift the Iron Curtain. The book relates the history of the decades-long struggle with gripping archived stories and photographs. Newly collected memories of those who served in Korea, Vietnam and the Strategic Air Command provide vivid detail of the period. Coverage of the 2012 Cold War Victory Salute parade also is included. To preview the book and order, visit the OWH Store.