Talk show hosts Jimmy Fallon, Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres now have something else in common.

All three have Omaha falcons named in their honor.

People were asked to submit names for the one male and two female peregrine falcons hatched atop the Woodmen Tower this spring. A set of finalists was made available for public vote.

The winning names: Jimmy Falcon, Oprah and Ellen.

Jimmy Falcon, but not Oprah Wingfrey? Ellen DeGenerNest?

Formerly classified as endangered, peregrine falcons were introduced to the 28th floor of the Woodmen Tower in 1998. WoodmenLife also offers an online link to a view of the falcons.

The falcons are the offspring of Chayton, who has lived at the Woodmen Tower for two years, and Mintaka, who was born at the State Capitol in Lincoln and has lived at Woodmen since 2012. Three of four eggs hatched.

The falcons were banded June 3 by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and Fontenelle Forest’s Raptor Recovery. The bands will allow the birds to be tracked. One Woodmen Tower-born falcon was spotted in Peru, in South America.

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