NRD work

Dirt is being moved on an area north of 114th Street and Cornhusker Road where the Papio Missouri NRD is constructing a reservoir. Another reservoir is being constructed along 108th Street and Lincoln Road. Both projects are expected to be completed sometime in late 2020.

Construction is underway for two new recreation areas in western Papillion.

The Papio Missouri River Natural Resources District will be constructing two reservoirs, one north of Cornhusker Road between 114th and 120th streets and another near 108th and Lincoln Road, over the next two years.

Dirt is already being moved along the Cornhusker Road reservoir while work is expected to begin this winter on the other reservoir.

According to Amanda Grint, a water resource engineer with the Papio NRD, the reservoirs are both flood control reservoirs.

“They will help protect the areas that drain into the West Papio Creek levees,” she said. “They will provide reduced flows through the levee system.

“All the reservoirs will work in conjunction with Prairie Queen to protect the drainage area of each tributary.”

Grint said the area near Cornhusker Road, currently referred to as WP 6, will have a 34-acre lake. That area will have a concrete trail as well as fishing and picnic areas. It will also allow for boating.

The area along Lincoln Road, referred to as WP 7, will feature a 12½ acre lake. Boating will not be allowed on the lake, but it is equipped for canoes and kayaks. There will also be fishing and picnic areas.

Grint said the NRD is working with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission to provide fishery enhancements at both locations.

“We will work with them to enhance the area and provide a good habitat,” Grint said.

Grint said if all goes according to plan, both reservoirs should be completed in September 2020.