Three Nebraska communities have received a total of $125,125 in grants to study damage that occurred in this year’s flooding and how to avoid similar problems in the future.

The Nebraska Department of Economic Development this week announced the following Community Development Block Grants:

Fremont-Inglewood received a $60,000 grant — and provided its own $15,000 match — to fund a study of its levee that was breached in March. More than 350 residential and commercial properties in Fremont were damaged, as were about 90 % of homes in Inglewood. The study will evaluate the levee’s integrity and the feasibility of upgrading it.

Greeley received a $25,125 award — and provided its own $7,375 match — to evaluate the future of its wastewater treatment facility, which was severely damaged. The plant shut down after being flooded by 2 to 5 feet of water.

Schuyler received a $40,000 grant — and provided a $12,500 match — to assess its drainage system. Sewage backed up and spilled out into the streets after all eight of the city’s sewer outlet points were submerged.