Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert followed through on her threat to veto the plastic bag ban that a narrow majority on the City Council passed Tuesday.

Stothert’s veto message Wednesday echoed her concerns about the ban, including questions about its effectiveness fighting litter.

She repeated her stance, shared by at least three members of the council, that the city would do better working with retailers on a nonbinding resolution that encourages them to continue moving away from plastic bags.

The measure Stothert vetoed would ban single-use plastic bags from all retailers larger than 10,000 square feet. It would cover grocery stores, big chain stores, home repair stores and more. Affected retailers would have until 2022 to stop using the bags.

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One of the ban’s sponsors, Pete Festersen, has said he would pursue a veto override. That would require a fifth vote. The ban passed 4-3.

Festersen said that while he and co-sponsor Ben Gray are hopeful they can override Stothert’s veto, it’s also important to get people thinking about what they use and throw away.

The only no vote of the three who might waiver is Councilman Rich Pahls, who has sounded open to considering the ban throughout the process and said before casting his vote Tuesday that the measure’s time would come.

Pahls told The World-Herald Wednesday that he hasn’t changed his position. He said he “believes we are in the first inning of this ballgame” and he wants to see the next steps the business world takes on plastic bags.

An override vote, if it happens, would be scheduled for the council’s next meeting, June 4. That’s the same week the mayor’s recommended trash contract will come back up for a possible vote.