The World-Herald creates lots of important journalism — stories, photos, video — that is both timely and compelling. But we also know our readers are busy.

Here is a convenient roundup of some of our best work from the last several days that's worth checking out.

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Dirk Chatelain's latest installment in his "24th & Glory" series: Gale and Roger Sayers. Growing up, they knew every corner of North Omaha. They ran circles around kids from 30th Street to Kountze Park. They proved that the strongest family is a tight community.

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College fees chase students like flies at a picnic. There are mandatory fees. There are specific course and lab fees. There are one-time fees and miscellaneous fees. There are fees at the start of a student’s college years and fees at the end. There are fees with bewildering names — like “UPF” and “cultural enrichment.”

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 Boosters across Nebraska are trying to get the word out that while, yes, the flooding was tough, towns and businesses haven’t been totally wiped off the map — and they need customers now more than ever.

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Omaha’s first Irish neighborhood, if you can call it a neighborhood, was a hill full of dugout shanties lovingly named Gophertown. It’s barely a footnote in the history of the Irish in Omaha. But here's one story that survived Gophertown’s short-lived history.

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Tt’s not surprising that President Trump, even in his latest controversy, is viewed differently through the experiences and perspectives of different people. But outside of cable news echo chambers and social media free-for-alls, and even breakfast clubs, where can people of different minds meet and understand one another?

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Saturday, July 20, 2019, was the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing, and people all over the country have been playing “Where were you when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon?”

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My sense is that many Nebraskans still aren’t emotionally tied to the Big Ten. I think if you gave them a truth serum, some would say they wanted to go back to the Big Eight/12. Some would talk tough about not wanting to go back to Texas. But Nebraska had an identity there, a history. Nebraska was a big deal.

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