Douglas County


Majestic C. Team LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 8004 N. 172nd St., $55,166.

Neff, Jacob W. and Stephanie R. to Donahue, Breandan Charles, 15531 Knudsen Circle, $235,000.

Nickel, David and Lindsey to Narveson, Alyson and Joel, 14546 Mormon St., $178,000.

Archistructure Inc. to Edsen, Andy and Alicia, 17734 Island Circle, $879,000.

Chase, Tony L. and Amber R. to Hood, Robert E. and Darla S., 11820 N. 157th Ave., $215,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Keil, Jeremy J. and Angela M., 8021 N. 172nd St., $297,349.

Truitt, Jill S. and Matthew S. to Menkov, Max and Klingberg, Karen, 14711 Girard St., $365,000.

Salmon, Julie R. and Brian D. to Anderson, Brett A., 12202 N. 160th St., $297,000.

Harding, James P. and Mary S. to Island Development LLC, 12012 N. 176th Circle, $125,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Hayes, Mary Kathleen, 10402 N. 152nd Ave., $269,900.

Thielen, Nicholas J. and Smith, Jennifer Lynn to Wilberger Properties LLC, 8120 N. 153rd St., $180,000.

May, Michael and Emily A. to Wilberger Properties LLC, 15366 Mormon St., $160,000.

Anderson, Craig and Sarah to Nickel, David J. and Lindsey D., 15044 Cherry St., $295,000.

Landmark Performance Corp to Thompson, Jason and Sara, 7719 N. 151st Circle, $328,491.

Rockey, Vernon C. and Marcia L. to Allen, Karen and James, 16101 Davidson Place, $190,000.

Home Company LLC to Darmody, Dustin and Karin, 16952 Weber Circle, $434,983.

Charleston Homes LLC to Home Company LLC, 17005 Rachael Snowden Parkway, $46,000.

Jackson, Anya W. and Damian A. to Kloeckner, Robert and Christina, 7905 N. 154th Ave., $238,500.

Hill Custom Homes Inc. to Scearcy, David E. and Mary R., 16079 Weber St., $276,000.

Sweetbriar Syndicate LLC to Reller, Cole, 17623 N. Reflection Circle, $122,500.

Charleston Homes LLC to Rohren, Teresa J., 15051 Elmwood Drive, $275,966.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to McGavran, Dale Wayne and Roxanne L., 7190 N. 164th St., $329,429.

Rother, Mike and Cindy to Rasmussen, Katelyn and Tyler, 14506 Sunrise St., $180,000.

Rohren, Teresa Jeanne to Christenson, Paul D. and Christenson, Debra K., 16117 Clay Court, $186,500.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Timeless Homes LLC, 16909 Rachael Snowden Parkway, $42,350.

Sweetbriar Syndicate LLC to Hemmer, Mark J. and Kara A., 12144 N. 178th Circle, $142,500.

Newport Homes LLC to Hennings, Keith D. and Karen R., 16032 Girard St., $344,717.

Sweetbriar Syndicate LLC to Stapleton, Robert James Jr. and Katherine Jeanne, 17711 N. Reflection Circle, $107,000.

LDT Inc. to Protextor, Jeffrey A. and Sheli J., 11916 N. 178th Circle, $577,211.


Cadelynn Properties LLC to Karaus, Timothy, 21265 Edgevale Circle, $270,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Kreifels, Justin A. and Kelly L., 2714 N. 189th St., $309,630.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Kolb, Keith and Christina, 20456 C St., $286,604.

Rogers, Suzanne M. and Grant W. to Jodlowski, Christopher, 19301 Camden Ave., $820,000.

Johnson, Jay C. and Regina M. to NEI Global Relocation Company, 821 S. 198th St., $372,000.

Tige Development & Design Inc. to Choice Homes LLC, 1707 S. 211st St., $80,000.

NEI Global Relocation Company to Bayer, Andrew J. and Jennifer A., 821 S. 198th St., $372,000.

Renner, Kristin and Alan to Ienn, Dana and Stephanie, 20818 Sheffield St., $646,500.

Joerg, Matt and Dawn A. to Croghan, Ryan and Tracy, 4025 N. 211st St., $193,000.

Prairie Homes Inc. to Kitchell, Mark A. and Sharon J., 18351 Lake Circle, $585,724.

Doerr, Anne M. to Renner, Alan and Kristi, 18825 Spaulding St., $388,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Fah, James A. and Amy L., 18859 Patrick Ave., $415,556.

Sickler, John F. and Anna L. to Meyer, Mitchell and Darla, 18124 Mason St., $660,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Steel, Branden D. and Kylie A., 18757 Spaulding St., $407,500.

Charleston Homes LLC to Palmer, Allie Marie and Christopher Carl, 4927 N. 208th Ave., $259,782.

Marsh, Michelle M. and Casey L. to Advantage Development Inc., 20714 Cedar Circle, $135,000.

Prideaux, Marlys Louise to Burgess, James J. and Sarah E., 3531 N. 205th St., $159,000.

Platinum Properties LLC to Peterson, Lance and Hubbard, Kathleen, 1716 N. 207th St., $224,500.

Monzu, David L. and Michele to Truong, Truong Phuc and Dinh, Tuan, 4501 N. 206th St., $390,000.

Stinson, Mark B. and Tracy L. to Phillips, Steven W. and Julie A., 5002 S. 235th St., $690,000.

Hoffman, Jerald H. and April D. to Robertson, Thomas Scot and Lori Ann, 21321 Hickory St., $550,000.

Wilson, Aaron to Dinola, Dustin and Bach, Christine, 21822 Hillandale Road, $350,000.

R & A Builders Inc. to Kirsten M. Yates Revocable Trust, 1726 S. 219th Ave., $180,000.

Yudelson Family Revocable Trust to Kulhavy Family Trust, 19925 Mason St., $311,500.

Benes, David to Dave Paik Builders Inc., 21111 Arbor Court, $55,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Zych Construction LLC, 2121 N. 188th Ave., $70,000.

Benes, Michael and Marchell to Dave Paik Builders LLC, 21105 Arbor Court, $55,000.

Liebentritt, Michael, guardian, and Vonloh, Molly M. to B & F Properties LLC, 915 S. 198th St., $285,000.

Coventry Ridge LLC to Faller Construction and Faller, Daniel B., 6614 S. 209th St., $61,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Pryor, Thomas M. and Aimee R., 4316 N. 190th Circle, $421,073.

Ramm Construction Inc. to Bossert, Craig E. and Ashley D., 4207 N. 189th St., $423,925.

Laid Back Lifestyle LLC to Barry, Daniel and Taj, 20919 Drexel St., $374,441.

Sherrets, Robert Steven and Berzoi, Daniela to Sanders, Daniel J. and Charlette, 578 S. 180th Ave., $285,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Koenig, Michaela C. and Ryan P., 20534 Howe St., $268,141.


Bluewater Development Corp. to Glass, Oris J. Jr. and Barbara J. Glass Living Trust, 6214 N. 293rd Circle, $225,000.

Bluewater Development Corp. to Schipper, Bradley L. and Ann M., 6323 N. 295th St., $225,000.

Kulm, Luann M. to Kirwan, Kody and Holli, 207 W. Valley St., $145,500.

Beyea, Brad and Tammy to Dippel, Todd and Kim, 3804 N. 269th Ave., $335,000.


Scearcy, David E. and Mary R. to Graske, Rick, 611 S. 262nd St., $457,000.


Kreutz, Russell H. and Kristine L. to Tamara Doll Revocable Trust, 1101 Jackson St., $875,000.

Forehead, Stephen P. and Cynthia L. to Thomsen, Thomas B. Trust, 105 S. 9th St., $315,000.


Red Spruce Properties LLC to Kriegshauser, Delaney, 1503 N. 58th St., $230,000.

3LNG Investments LLC to Lindhorst Property Managment LLC, 5762 Browne St., $120,200.

3LNG Investments LLC to Lindhorst Property Managment LLC, 6641 Crown Point Ave., $99,900.

3LNG Investments LLC to Lindhorst Property Management LLC, 4918 N. 58th St., $79,000.

Wright, Jill M. to Soundararajan, Madhavan and Madhavan, Jemima, 2015 N. 56th St., $265,000.

BPJ Real Estate LLC to Braunger, Bart and Nelson, Taylor A., 3344 N. 57th St., $95,000.

Plambeck, Violeta and Moreno, Violeta to Hoffman, Amber and Cotton, Tevin, 4708 Franklin St., $95,000.

3LNG Investments LLC to Lindhorst, Charles and Arlene, 6267 Curtis Ave., $86,900.

3LNG Investments LLC to Lindhorst, Charles and Arlene, 4910 N. 63rd St., $98,600.

3LNG Investments LLC to Lindhorst, Charles and Arlene, 5705 N. 50th St., $115,000.

3LNG Investments LLC to Lindhorst, Charles and Arlene, 5612 N. 69th Ave., $74,000.

Charnley, Christopher and Amy to Currey, Rich and Socorro, 6640 Decatur St., $110,100.

Swan, Bentley and Wisdom, Eryn to Hocking, J., 2220 N. 58th St., $246,999.

Odonnell, Martin J. Sr. and Andrea R. to Lashly, Jared M. and Golightly, Amber E., 2744 N. 47th Ave., $128,000.

Kenneth J. & Ann M. Reynolds Trust to Cashelmore Bruckheim LLC, 3519 N. 60th St., $54,000.

Harral, Benjamin and Laura to Peirce, Jared, 6127 Pinkney St., $123,250.

Wilson, Matthew Daniel to Whitehall, Merica Donnette, 3337 N. 47th Ave., $127,500.

Moser, Coleen, personal representative of Moser, Robert E. estate, to Miller Way LLC, 6207 Blondo St., $32,500.

Moser, Coleen to Miller Way LLC, 6207 Blondo St., $32,500.

Steed, Camille and Henry Trust to Bar, Maung, 5301 Grand Ave., $155,000.

Pugsley, Daniel Joseph to Maven Avenue LLC and Forest Top Holdings LLC, 4521 Franklin St., $60,000.

Ziebarth, Kendall R. to Ziebarth, Allan M., 5720 Fowler Ave., $79,000.


Peter, Michael J. and Shannon D. to Clements, Thomas and Lindsey, 3328 Hickory St., $208,000.

Brungardt, Mark to Gutierrez, Andre Fabian and Orellana, Jessica B., 3627 Spring St., $195,000.

Krohn, Michael R. and Christine M. to Smolen, Christopher and Sarah, 3015 Spring St., $130,500.

Rock, Michael Sham and Angela Majorek to Rock, Angela Majorek and Langel, Ryan, 3566 Woolworth Ave., $255,000.

Price, Andre to Lighthouse Properties LLC, 920 S. 40th St., $175,000.

Cabriales, Victor M. and Gloria to Conn, John Allen III and Boesch, Kristin Suzanne, 1338 S. 25th Ave., $162,000.

Pereyra, Nazaret Llanas and Estracia, Nazaret L. to Conn, John Allen III and Boesch, Kristin Suzanne, 910 S. 25th St., $98,000.

Fuchs, Whitney M. and Thomas to Koehler-Overton, Samantha J., 3840 Grover St., $90,000.

Pedersen, Bryan J. and Glenna L. to Hagenson, Michelle K. and Robert M. Jr., 3071 S. 44th St., $189,000.

Cohen, Beth E. and Berman, Harry to Miles, Brian Edward and Elizabeth Marie, 1320 S. 35th Ave., $301,000.

Brothers, Rosemary to Wiley, Victor Damond, 3130 Hascall St., $147,000.

Freire, Emily Hemingway Diniz to Knorr, Justin and Kelly, Anthony, 4228 Mayberry St., $135,000.

Juarez-Ventura, Hermila to Juarez-Ventura, Guadalupe Victoria and Pinto, Manuel Gonzalez, 3860 Vinton St., $90,000.

Anderson, Laura L. to Purdy, Andrea, 2815 S. 34th St., $164,000.


Byers, Robert R. and Jane F. to Psota, Jared, 2220 S. 58th St., $85,000.

Schlueter, Mark P. and Hilda to Ro-Dan LLC, 4531 Walnut St., $217,000.

Felstow, Lloyd W. to Flynn, Patrick F., 1224 S. 55th St., $120,000.

Heim, Bryson J. to Luna, Samuel, 4690 Marcy St., $102,000.

DGK by Design LLC to Mimick, Larry and Debbie, 5125 Grover St., $157,500.

Epperson, Levi L. and Allyson N. to Kukoly, Alex and Courtney, 4938 Hickory St., $165,000.

Siref, Mark E. and Michael J. to Lowe, Jacob and Stein, Christine, 5059 Pacific St., $180,000.

McKernan, Katie L. to Buckles, Jerry III and Andrea E., 3217 S. 49th Ave., $172,000.

O’Neill, Benjamin A. and Tessa to Ward, Stephen, 2109 S. 61st Ave., $206,000.

Landon, Scott M., personal representative of Landon, Gerald D. estate, to Landon, Douglas M., 3727 S. 49th St., $125,000.

Fey, Michael and Janelle to Torrenti, Michael C. and Jane L., 5116 Pierce St., $118,000.

Keller, J. Irene Trust to Sturek, Jonie D., 4936 Pine St., $142,500.

Brock, Adam T. to Wulff, David, 1424 S. 54th St., $180,000.

Ostronic, Janet K. and George to Ostronic, Daniel and Linda, 3628 S. 51st Ave., $168,000.


Swanson, Steffi A. Trust to Safe Harbour Eat-XXIV LLC, 4336 Polk St., $92,000.

Mora, Lionel and Martha B. to Cisneros, Ramon Alvarez and Mora, Martha B., 6609 S. 35th St., $26,500.

Emmanuel Realty LLC to Cisneros, Ramon Alvarez and Mora, Martha B., 1502 Jefferson St., $41,000.

Inda, Jose L. to Caroma, Oswaldo and Natalie, 3201 Monroe St., $65,000.

Dower, Jacqueline A. to Omaha Zoo Foundation, 930 D St., $125,000.

Partida, Vanessa and Palacios, Sergio to Jones, Rosser Merritt and Megan Rose, 3944 L St., $116,250.

Joe Real Estate Ventures LLC to Chavez, Cornelio and Maria T., 921 D St., $110,000.

Marguerite I. Carr Revocable Trust and Comstock, Judith K. Tr to Simmons, Ernest, 3928 Y St., $85,000.

Dinovo, Morie L. to Skradski, Robert Lee and Skradski, Veronica, 3810 X St., $100,000.

Ephrem Land Holdings 4 LLC to 11T Ne LLC, 5135 S. 41st St., $51,000.

D & S. Investments LLC to South O. Roofing Inc., 6222 S. 23rd St., $950,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Rueda, Juan Paulo De and Rueda, Maria De Los Angeles De, 5915 S. 36th St., $65,000.


Kapoun, Robert A. and Kapoun, Pauline M. to Flores, Gabriel, 1468 S. 14th St., $145,000.

King, John A. and King, Sharon D. to King, Jesse and King, Brittani, 2421 S. 7th St., $170,000.

Dee Semin Living Trust and Semin, Dolores M. Tr to Escalante, Alvino, 3456 S. 15th St., $100,000.

Bellhorizon LLC and Bell Horizon LLC to Davis, Terri Lynn, 1920 S. 15th St., $130,000.

Thi Inc. to Ziebarth, Allen M., 1704 S. 10th St., $33,000.


Apple Grove Investments Inc. to Cuellar, Jose Carlos, 2222 Fowler Ave., $21,000.

3LNG Investments LLC to Lindhorst Property Managment LLC, 2009 Maple St., $48,000.

Goodwin, Alice and Nelson to Brown, Donell, 2014 N. 24th St., $100,000.

Fitzgerald, Todd to Maeda, Byron Escobar, 2027 Spencer St., $12,500.

Deabler, Jerry and Donna R. to Robinson, George and Tiwana M., 3713 N. 24th St., $65,000.

Prestige Property Associates LLC to 4D Management Holdings Inc., 2017 Fowler Ave., $47,000.

Dunn, Annie Nyree and Charles to Pettid, James, 1616 Lake St., $54,000.

Stewart, Gale L. and Juanita R. to Loya, Geronimo R. and Teresa, 4739 N. 14th St., $35,000.

HLJ Properties LLC to SKMCG Investments LLC, 5901 N. 24th St., $55,000.

Floyd, Quana M. and Deano D. to Floyd, Quana M. and Deano D., 1801 Evans St., $35,200.


Rieckman, Ronald H. and Rita to Simon, Steve, 4128 N. 38th St., $112,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Bel Fury Investments Group LLC, 4712 N. 39th St., $16,600.

Bel Fury Investments Group LLC to Rothlisberger, Jeffrey K., 4712 N. 39th St., $21,600.

Marmie, William R. Jr. and Kim, Kyounghee to Dick, David B. and Winter, Mary C., 4303 Parker St., $125,000.

3LNG Investments LLC to Lindhorst, Charles and Arlene, 4101 Paxton Blvd., $67,900.

Salvador Gonzalez Revocable Trust to Buckeye, Karen and Flyte, Jamie, 3526 N. 36th Ave., $37,000.

Bharaj, Dawn M. and Bhupinder S. to Zukaitis, Raymond Richard, 5941 N. 34th St., $34,000.

Ramsey, Jon E. and Teresa to Rothlisberger, Jeffrey K., 5801 N. 27th St., $15,000.

HS Kittrell & Associates Inc. to Reyes, Jaime Guzman and Lopez-Balbuena, Nereida Francisca, 4318 N. 39th St., $39,000.

Matheson, Gaylen and Amanda B. to Stephens, Rachel L. and Wade, 4433 Vernon Ave., $36,000.

Qualified Property Solutions LLC to Flores, Gerardo Fernando and Crescencio, Josefina Gregorio, 2571 Meredith Ave., $38,983.

Pike, Dan and Angela to Bnco Inc., 4330 Miami St., $48,000.

Gildon, Terry L. and Cynthia R. to Pascual, Julia A. Pascual, 5512 N. 33rd St., $98,500.

Muldrew, Thelma to Muldrew, Thelma and Payne, Roshawna T., 2423 Larimore Ave., $10,100.

Bar, Maung to Oo, Kyaw Naing and Htoo, Mu, 4121 Maple St., $87,000.

Hasanain Properties LLC and Qureishi & Khan Properties LLC to Dville Properties LLC, 3552 N. 40th St., $38,000.

Broadway, William H. to Broadway, Mark T., 3158 Sprague St., $20,000.

Suggs, Anastacia to Valdivieso Investments LLC, 3241 N. 41st St., $19,000.

HS Kittrell & Associates Inc. to Amp Enterprises LLC, 2237 N. 39th St., $42,000.

Hill, Robert J. and Holly to Swett, Jordan M. and Hasenkamp, Michael R. Jr., 5902 N. 34th St., $75,000.


Delarosa, Keith J. and Joy M. to Cameli, Matthew F., 9613 N. 31st St., $100,000.

Willis, Noreen C. to Young, Dashawna, 6726 N. 35th St., $58,000.


Nice Properties LLC to Voss, Kristina, 779 N. 73rd St., $285,000.

Trofholz, Alice M. and Farrens, Carol, guardian, to Houlton, Richard J. and Amy M., 741 N. 77th Ave., $88,328.

Matthews, Troy J. and Audrey R. to Melia, Kyle M. and Chelsie L., 7647 Windsor Drive, $174,000.

Schuttler, Mark and Janelle M. to Callaway, Aaron and Alestin, 8353 Western Ave., $225,000.

Sorensen, Tori A. to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 7432 Page St., $160,000.

Cate, Sydney L. Jr. to Dietrich, Marvin L. and Marjorie E., 9978 Fieldcrest Drive, $500,000.


Bork, Corinne K. to Baker, Beverly Jean, 5115 N. 165th St., $174,000.

McPhaull, Shanika to Slater, Ami K., 16412 Redman Ave., $216,000.

Sanford, Todd C. and Adrianna J. to Distefano, Mark and Ann, 5515 N. 153rd St., $345,000.

Brown, Allison R. and Alex C. to Epperson, Levi and Allyson, 15401 Locust St., $195,000.

Westbrook, Gaynel A. and James D. to Christina Li Stolp Living Trust, 16704 Crown Point Place, $140,000.

Tiwald, Richard J. and Holly L. to Shehan, Joseph and Nadla, 15810 Burdette St., $435,000.

Treva J. Danielson Revocable Trust to Page, James N. and Juanita G., 5714 N. 160th Ave., $415,000.

Igo, Donald J. and Robert J. to Igo, Robert J. and Carol L., 14484 Saratoga St., $56,900.

M Group LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 6417 N. 157th St., $52,900.

Bialas, Bryan to Anderson, Craig M. and Sarah B., 14714 Sahler St., $180,000.

Terkelsen, Erik V. and Lori M. to Belmont, Timothy C. and Cheryl R., 4664 N. 163rd St., $205,000.

Pietrocola, Grant Stephen to Zanders, James Kent, 16404 Browne St., $181,000.

Ramm Construction Inc. to Linden, Kasey C. and Laura M., 3201 N. 179th St., $430,000.

Stevenson, Mark B. and Robin L. to Zhao, Yanhui and Wang, Chunjing, 3119 N. 169th St., $300,000.

Circo, Christopher D. and Katie M. to Findley, Nels, 16714 Burdette St., $185,000.

Bartling, Brian K. and Vanessa M. to Jones, Kristen and Laura, 3327 N. 161st Ave., $448,000.

Rockey, Allison K. to Hayes, Dennis K. and Traci L., 15308 Saratoga St., $174,000.

Henley, Janis M. to Waitt, David and Nancy, 15122 Spaulding St., $225,000.

Rutter, Wendy L. to Valeika, Morgan M. and Schrotberger, Sean T., 14528 Larimore Ave., $202,000.


Salazar, Audelia and Orellana, Audelia to Zyla, Chris and Desiree, 5255 Drexel St., $150,000.

McGinnis, Tracey to Ryan, Guffrey E. and Linda S., 6805 S. 51st St., $142,500.

Hallett, Joseph J. to Cabrera, Joel Guzman, 5112 S. 46th Ave., $135,000.

Conn, Zackery S. to Square 1 Property Solutions LLC, 5024 S. 55th St., $66,400.


Frishman, Martha to Kinzer, Cody and Ashley, 16235 Western Ave., $275,000.

McFarland, Roberta L. to Patten, Robert L. and Sally J., 913 N. 169th St., $13,500.

Schroeder, Luella L. and Elmer W. to Kelly, James C. and Catherine L., 337 S. 169th Circle, $322,500.

Wilson, Patrick C. and Bargstadt-Wilson, Kari to Magnuson, Thomas A. and Amy L., 1605 N. 162nd St., $299,000.


Brown, Khadijah F. and Matthews, Ronald Jr. to Le, Ngoc Van and Thi, Ngo Van, 9149 Summit St., $170,000.

Stratman, Matthew P. and Lindsay M. to Ochouomare, Edgar and Ayele, 6502 N. 81st St., $165,000.

Fahey, Joseph M. and Mary E. to Holliday, Jason D., 8016 Morris St., $130,000.

Timothy & Joanne Zabawa Revocable Trust to Adler, Ronald G. and Pamela L., 7326 Northland Circle, $349,500.

Marrero, Kathleen to Lah, Kaw Kee and Yoshu, Neutron, 7251 N. 76th St., $252,500.


Burk, Arlo E. Jr. and Sandra D. to Lu, Yuzhen, 3017 S. 87th St., $240,000.

Rivas, Frank W. and Anne to Lehmann, Daniel J. and Elizabeth W., 1854 S. 91st St., $332,000.

Thompson, Dlorah L. and Kenneth E. to Jackson, Todd and Mamie, 3638 S. 91st St., $132,000.

GN & Sons Inc. to Sullivan, Charles V., 2304 S. 89th Court, $380,500.

Faust, Christopher R. and Stacie M. to Johnson, Wallace Todd and Mary E., 9721 Spring St., $955,000.

Berry, Karen L. to Benson, Brandon M. and Stacey M., 2246 S. 86th St., $370,000.

Gilmore, Donald A. to Red Ladder LLC, 8113 Castelar St., $125,000.

Benson, Brandon M. and Stacey M. to Brock, Adam, 2914 S. 102nd St., $365,000.

Jeffrey D. & Mary D. Sayre Trust to Kalwitz, Joseph M. and Rehan, Kelly, 3406 S. 94th Ave., $425,000.

Willits, Joshua R. and Meredith J. to Stukenholtz, Janet, 3136 S. 105th Ave., $271,000.

Mekiney, Kristen M. to Verzal, Joshua, 7524 Pasadena Ave., $160,000.

United Equity LLC to Brom, Kyle Z. and Beth E., 9118 Pauline St., $178,900.


Eldred, Steven A. and Paige to Christensen, Bruce A. Jr., 5038 S. 83rd St., $135,000.

RGH Holdings LLC to Ramon, Nicolas M. Jesus and Garcia, Annabel, 7941 Drexel St., $590,000.

Clark, John W. and Bonnie to Stuchlik, Rachel and Johnson, Anthony W., 5845 S. 91st St., $170,000.

Westlake, Jessica A. and Michael to Wesselmann, Hannah and Bestenlehner, Robert, 7746 State St., $145,000.

Wilch, Elizabeth M. to McDaniel, Steven, 8305 Main St., $133,000.

Blakely, Doreen D. to Johnson, Justin and Mariana, 6246 S. 100th St., $270,000.

Ptacek, Matthew S. and Jennifer R. to Anderson, Marge A., 9230 V Place, $114,000.

Ehlers, Nancy G. and Hutchinson, Louis B. III to Reed, Corinne, 9812 O Circle, $215,000.

Albrecht, Leon F. III and Linda A. to Runde, Jared R. and Downey, Kendal J., 10735 Borman Circle, $240,000.


Covey, Pamela and Randy to Covey, Jake and Kameran, 2915 S. 159th Avenue Circle, $205,000.

Westmeyer, Ryan M. to Hergenrader, Matthew A. and Melanie D., 17908 Shirley Circle, $375,000.

Bartos, Kellie Jo to Schuttler, Mark and Janelle, 16965 William St., $265,000.

McEleney, Andrew J. and Leah M. to Kemp, Kevin Michael and Allison, 3208 S. 185th Ave., $549,000.

Whitman, Robin K. to Lemmon, Ryan and Alarie, Vanessa A., 16234 Elm St., $225,000.

Vogt, Keri L. and Steven L. to Hoskey, Teresa M., 3912 S. 191st St., $235,000.

Clure, Brett and Meagan to Taylor, Beau R. and Konsel-Taylor, Kimmylea, 20228 Nina St., $285,000.

Landenberger, Richard J. and Amanda J. to Ogren, John R. and Kelly M., 2416 S. 186th Circle, $445,000.

National Residential Nominee Services Inc. to Benis, Melinda and Justin, 2006 S. 198th St., $295,000.

Anderson, Connie L. to Willis, Leslie G., 19708 Poppleton Ave., $230,000.

Potmesil, Fred J. and Jennifer to Whitesel, Yan, 1529 Peterson Drive, $159,000.

Lang, Christopher M. and Lyndsay to Arya, Lalit and Das, Meenu, 18923 Hansen St., $230,000.

Sands, Michael and Shannon to Circo, Christopher D. and Katie, 17341 Poppleton Ave., $290,500.

McManis, John Scott to Ranslem, Gerald and McManis, Meghan, 16112 Arbor St., $186,000.

Petersen, Daniel S. and Barbara M. to Maple CLVI LLC, 2603 S. 159th Place, $550,000.

Bayer, Andrew J. and Jennifer A. to Haggerty, John P. and Cecily M., 2203 S. 185th St., $482,500.

Allgood, Judith A. to Vanbuskirk, Brandon D. and Melissa J., 16106 Ontario Circle, $312,000.

CRD Construction LLC to Ballard, Leland A. and Nancy A., 19227 Pasadena Circle, $350,000.


Blackboard Design Build LLC to Swan, Bentley Landon Steemer and Wisdom, Eryn Danielle, 3515 Hawthorne Ave., $360,000.

Royal Properties Inc. to Voss, Pete, 3871 Charles St., $100,000.

Castleman, Scott E. and Vicki L. to Rai, Man and Budhi, 4319 Charles St., $98,000.

Tom, King Wah and Jennifer U. to McClenathan, Jeffrey T. and Sean, 105 N. 31st Ave., $116,000.

Robert Benzel Revocable Trust to Ballarin, James A., 403 N. 39th St., $250,000.

Provest LLC to Orange Investments LLC, 1112 N. 40th St., $95,000.

PNP LLC to Kudym, Christina M. and Jason, 3000 Farnam St., $83,000.

Wiemer, Samantha L. to Cornelius, Andrew and Kona, 4012 Nicholas St., $93,400.


Katleman, Robert E. and Esther J. to Hearthland Healing Center, 909 N. 51st St., $140,000.

Serbian, Joshua to Bascle, Gerard F., 1035 Hillcrest Drive, $265,000.

Yazdi, Jon and Jessica to Fuchs, Thomas and Whitney, 6959 Cuming St., $210,000.

Kjeldgaard, Mary E. and Howard to SP Build LLC, 4808 Underwood Ave., $100,000.

Dempsey, Joseph and Chantel to Davis, Elizabeth M. and Hansen, Nathan, 681 N. 59th St., $300,000.

Grosvenor, Cynthia J. to Lambert, Lisa, 101 N. 69th St., $83,000.

Gregg Memorial AME Church to Transformation Realty LLC, 1322 N. 45th St., $55,000.

Konen, Aaron J. and Ely L. to Struthers, Michael and Leah, 5117 Webster St., $269,900.


John & Margaret Guggenmos Living Trust to Steinacher, Susan K., 10065 Manderson St., $110,000.

Mazzuca, Frank to MPL Ranch LLC, 3802 N. 100th Ave., $120,000.

3LNG Investments LLC to Lindhorst Property Managment LLC, 7711 Nebraska Ave., $111,500.

3LNG Investments LLC to Lindhorst Property Managment LLC, 6308 N. 76th St., $103,200.

Master Commissioner to Reo Asset Management Company LLC, 9528 Sprague St., $100,621.

3LNG Investments LLC to Lindhorst, Charles and Arlene, 7729 Vernon Ave., $118,400.

Cleo A. Lamoureux Living Trust to Wise, Scott and Tye, 6417 N. 106th St., $244,400.

Car, Pamela A., personal representative of Heiser, Margaret R. estate, to Hotovy, Jordan, 8457 Browne St., $125,000.

Sharon Bradley Revocable Trust to Morgan, Kevin J. and Kathleen R., 8757 Larimore Ave., $157,000.

Dauel, Justin R. and Heather to Craig, Austin J. and Dylan, 3118 N. 77th Circle, $160,100.

Burress, Michael D. Jr. to Wemhoff, Evan Ronald and Pena, Michael John, 9152 Sahler St., $145,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Svehla, John and Kristen Lebeda, 8240 Grant St., $88,000.

Misiolek, Rachel E. and Jeffery M. to Strode, Roger A. and Andrea N., 8465 Browne St., $160,000.

Rick L. Andersen Trust to Holman, Christopher J., 10324 Prairie Road, $156,500.

REO Asset Management Company LLC to Heartland Holdings A. LLC, 9528 Sprague St., $130,441.

Fliam, Doug to Curado, Daniel and Julianne, 4006 N. 95th St., $224,711.

Gerber, William J. and Kathleen A. to Mausbach, Todd and Mary, 2012 N. 99th St., $39,000.

Downey, Kendal J. and Runde, Jared R. to Maher, Andrew and Kristin L., 5330 N. 97th Ave., $168,000.

Baumunk, Chad L. and Janelle A. to Wagner, Dale and Victoria, 9622 Meredith Ave., $143,000.

Carlson, Marlowe D. and Asper, June J. to Optic Creations Corp, 7234 Pratt St., $130,000.

Ott, Jane H. to Novak, Kassy Jo, 8711 Fowler Ave., $140,000.

Hayes, Dennis and Traci to Jackson, Todd and Mamie, 9458 Bedford Ave., $136,000.


Falcon Ridge Land Corp to Pine Crest Homes LLC, 18551 Madison Circle, $37,550.

Brower, Damon G. and Tiffany to Suggitt, Camden S., 19371 X St., $191,250.

Angela M. Manley Revocable Trust to Briley, Shane and Amie, 17545 Ohern St., $370,000.

Ehlers, Brett R. and Sarah to Thyfault, Michael and Andrea, 5711 S. 159th St., $245,000.

Carpenter, Eric A. and Terry A. to Cooper, Brian and Kessler, Lindsey, 4607 S. 168th Ave., $268,000.

Matthew and Amanda Jochum Revocable Trust to Brockevelt, Lauren Elizabeth, 5459 S. 194th St., $192,100.

Greckel, Gary and Lori to Dynamic Properties LLC, 16722 Riggs St., $145,000.

Spencer, Kelly J. to Kruid, Traci, 17657 H St., $190,000.

Baker, Beverly J. to Ruenholl, Bonnie L. and Brokaw, Nickole J., 6217 S. 160th St., $295,000.

Talamantes, Kevin J. to Urwin, Jared and Alexis, 4954 S. 193rd St., $230,000.

King, Richard A. and Julie A. to Meyer, Kevin and Julie, 17464 J St., $315,000.

Homstad, Thomas and Trina Gayle to Elite Nebraska PC, 5009 S. 186th Ave., $222,500.

Havel, Gayle M. to Hancock, Adam, 18951 Y St., $192,000.

Timm, Cally F. to Mora, Kaleena, 19380 U St., $186,000.

Breazier, Christine to Turco, Travis, 5521 S. 186th Ave., $184,000.

Pennington, Paul L. and Regina K. to Melendy, Michael J. and Laura L., 19501 Adams St., $390,000.

Mills, Shaun M. and Megan M. to Patrick, Nicholas John and Regina Marie, 18719 Allan St., $180,000.

Starr, Stephanie L. and Jay G. to Taylor, Ty and Brandy, 17105 T St., $317,500.


Paladino, Michael C. and Michelle L. to Gobbett, Lindsey, 5620 S. 140th Ave., $206,000.

Bush, Gregory E. to Kelley, Christopher J., 5706 S. 151st St., $190,000.

Lemek, John F. and Eleanor J. to Belt, Julia L. and Steven A., 15218 Dayton St., $210,000.

Nancy Rae Siegert Revocable Trust to Siegert, Scott J. and Jennifer L., 11827 Washington Place, $409,000.

Westphal, Scott G. and Whitney M. to Henningsen, William and Melinda, 5435 S. 124th St., $283,000.

Connie K. Sash Revocable Trust to Shelton, James Arthur, 13003 L St., $64,000.

Sash, Roger to Shelton, James Arthur, 13003 L St., $64,000.

Wilwerding, Larry D. and Sharon E. to Wilch, Bryan William and Elizabeth Marie, 15233 T St., $204,000.

Johnson, Debra Lee to Staub, Linda Ann, 14930 Holmes St., $29,777.

Pecha, Thomas J. and Susan S. to Diaz, Ricardo Mercado and Saucedo, Guadalupe, 6320 S. 115th St., $188,000.

Gollehon, Grant H. to Sanders, Nicholaus and Megan, 14237 Adams St., $165,000.


Lewis-Starostka Inc. to Trademark Homes Inc., 11757 Deer Creek Drive, $59,900.

51 Home Services LLC to Wassenberg, Lisa, 10862 Weber St., $166,000.

O’Connor, Norma C. to McCann, Elmer W. and Clarene Kay, 6910 N. 142nd Ave., $205,000.

GDR LLC to Elatta, Mohammed and Ibrahim, Balgees, 8007 N. 129th St., $48,000.


Bourne, Beverley to Corbett, Andrew, 1865 S. 123rd St., $175,000.

Herrera, Russell and Monica Arroyo to Rolfe, Michael A., 13320 William Circle, $229,000.

Meyer, Julie to Norviel, Troy B., 11318 Gold St., $225,000.

Vocelka, Susan M. to Hester, Lavon, 2929 S. 117th St., $162,000.

Johnson, Debra Lee to Staub, Linda Ann, 13315 B St., $57,442.

Red Ladder LLC to Peters, Morgan Todd, 3524 S. 130th St., $168,000.

Rowe Living Trust to Soukup, Levi and Ciera, 3325 S. 120th St., $130,000.

Podwinski, Corey and Ashley to Clark, Brandon W. and O’Neill, Brianne N., 3259 S. 128th Circle, $182,000.

Graham, Margaret K. to Keanaaina, Nahinahi, 12671 A St., $166,000.

Petersen, Evan Daniel and Amber R. to Navarro, Jose, 12187 Pedersen Drive, $145,000.

Johnston, Joseph G. and Judith A. to Gall, Adam, 13543 Grover St., $175,000.


Baughman, Barbara L. to Peterson, Alex James, 7011 Northland Drive, $315,000.

Naffziger, Brian to Shaw, Phyllis L., 7012 N. 54th St., $80,000.

Anderson, Christopher Robert and McColley-Anderson, Kelly to Brown, Jill R., 6731 Stones Throw Drive, $250,000.

Hult, Earl B. and Edith A. to Anderson, Christopher R. and McColley-Anderson, Kelly, 5286 Clay St., $189,900.


Kohlmeier, Robert A. and Roxanne M. to Eddy, Benjamin Lee and Kara Elizabeth, 14507 Franklin St., $220,000.

Hood Family Trust to Pane, Joseph F. Jr., 11021 Jones St., $150,000.

Smith, John Douglas and Andrea R. to Al-Salim, Sarah and Bashar, 324 N. 154th St., $164,000.

Love, Donald C. and Linda M. to Lenagh, Jason and Jillian, 11735 Howard Road, $350,000.

James R. Whitmore Revocable Trust to Sterns, David, 1431 N. 132nd Avenue Circle, $405,000.

Kaplan, Ronald N. and Marlene L. to Smith, H. Wayne and Jeanette A., 111 S. 108th Ave., $325,000.

Greve, Michael J. and Anne M. to Conrad, Chad and Claire E., 406 S. 154th St., $240,000.

Morgensen, Jeffrey J. and Sarah J. to Alba, Jesse J. and Joanne K., 12727 West Dodge Road, $110,000.


Vendetti, John P. Jr., personal representative of Vendetti, Joseph Carl estate, to Good, Michael J., 5740 N. 114th St., $160,000.

Hora, Corey B. and Laura to Friend, Kelsey L., 13020 Vernon Ave., $149,000.

Camenzind, Case A. and Joscelyn C. to Burnside, Tanya, 10814 Larimore Ave., $162,000.

White, Eric and Stephanie to NEI Global Relocation Company, 11429 Queens Drive, $184,000.

NEI Global Relocation Company to Schack, Eric J., 11429 Queens Drive, $184,000.

Balhorn, Kurt E. and Melissa A. to Kroeger, Nick L. and Beutler, Brandy M., 5525 N. 113th St., $172,000.

Homer, Benjamin and Megan to Olsen, Michael A., 11318 Taylor St., $183,000.

Schoonover, Ardyce Olson to Parlor, Robert R. and Kerry A., 13318 Meredith Ave., $265,000.

Clayton, Wynda T. and Kevin to Banto, Oluwatobi O., 2746 N. 113rd St., $175,000.

Fanning, Terry F. to Krumbach, Greg and Karen, 13818 Sahler St., $225,000.

Gornall, Brad and Carla to Buttell, Timothy and Natalie, 3417 N. 129th Circle, $420,500.

Hennings, Keith D. and Karen R. to Waters, Jaclyn M., 13514 Camden Ave., $235,000.

Sarpy County


Herrick, Terence S. and Katie J. to Batastini, Scott D. and Angela J., 2525 Madison St., $96,000.

Urwin, Jared M. and Alexis to Lara, Mayra, 1201 W. 15th Ave., $140,000.

Thomas, Jeanette to Ryan, Jeffery L. and Dawn M., 2220 Main St., $175,000.

Fitzgerald, Adam and Angelica to Enriquez, Rafael, 1310 Hansen Ave., $135,000.

Wintergreen Real Estate Holding LLC to Galaxy Ventures III LLC, 1720 Galvin Road South, $300,000.

Price, Kenneth and Kimberly to Special T Masonry Inc., 2802 Franklin St., $95,000.

McCormick, Jeannine and Mike to Bray, Kerrie J. Trust, 2012 Bluff St., $220,000.

Key, Walter and Samantha to Ha, Giao Nam Khanh, 1503 Willow Ave., $177,000.

Park Murray, Jean M. and Murray, Edward L. to Bauman, Kevin, 1209 Bellaire Blvd., $150,000.

Bales, Jennifer to Echenique, Gregory and Kelsey, 1330 Hancock St., $89,000.

Hart, Mark D. and Tina L. to Jackson, Charley A. and Stephane C., 2206 Greensboro Ave., $142,000.

Campbell, Willie L. and Marshella to Wilmington Savings Fund Society Trust, 711 Pluma Drive, $91,000.


Charleston Homes LLC to Hill, Abelyne B., 16958 Christensen Road, $251,000.

Trewhitt, Thomas R. and Pamela S. to Reny, Brian Allen and Amber Marie, 20917 Oak St., $215,000.

Eickhoff, Michelle M. and Jeremy to Vincent, Shawn D., 11669 S. 209th St., $218,000.

Diaz, Sean M. and Ellie B. to Marsh, Casey and Michelle, 10324 S. 232nd St., $170,000.

Kotera, Jessica L. to Kranz, Michael and Stacey, 7409 S. 198th Circle, $316,000.

Jollensten, Jared D. and Lindsey R. to Modrell, Kevin M. and Christina M., 11731 S. 210th St., $220,000.

Hanson, Todd L. and Cynthia A. to Wescott, Kathy J., 10017 S. 201st St., $260,000.

Broski, Gary M. and Stacey P. to Sorrick, Lee A. and Kathleen R., 9048 S. 230th Plaza Circle, $180,000.

Thornburg, Michael D. and Lora K. to Ready, Richard and Tanna, 213 Barrington Drive, $275,000.

Falldorf, Richard D. and Linda G. to Byington, Michael G. and Kendra A., 7111 S. 193rd St., $350,000.

Clark, Douglas A. and Joyce C. to Fowler, Lee L. II and Laurie L., 405 Brentwood Drive, $218,000.

Rhodes, Erin L. to Vorel, Matthew Dean and Ashley Nicole, 11004 S. 215th St., $265,000.

Bellanti, Samuel J. and Laura A. to Stieren, Kristen M. and Dahir, John A., 11317 S. 212th St., $193,000.

Bailey, Christopher L. to Dehaven, Randal C. and Tracy L., 11224 S. 212th St., $239,000.

Kritenbrink, Lawrence E., personal representative of Kritenbrink Eugene L. estate, to Hanson, Todd and Cynthia, 706 N. Park Drive, $155,000.


Stumpf, Erin L. to Ford, Michael, 713 Laredo Circle, $193,000.

Incorvaia, Nicholas P. Sr. and Cynthia M. to Condrey, Ryan P. and Cynthia E., 1602 Walnut Creek Drive, $255,000.

Petersen, Denise M. to Pelletier, Joel G. and Lanpher Pelletier, Tina M., 516 S. Monroe, $115,000.

Pille, Vincent R. and Cynthia L. to Healy, John F. and Buso Healy, Kathryn A., 1402 Clearwater Circle, $435,000.

Nelson Builders Inc. to Danziger, Micheal E. and Crystal K., 11709 S. 110th St., $310,000.

Armstrong, Michael W. and Jane M. to Oxford, Brian L. and Violet L., 1115 Summit Ridge Drive, $251,000.

English, Cynthia A. and Eric S. to Hehn, Michael J. and Kimberly J., 809 Fenwick St., $192,000.

Thompson, John M. and Stephanie F. to Mize, David and Crystal, 711 Leprechaun Lane, $194,000.

Core, Matthew Robert and Katherine Elizabeth to Burns, Jeffrey Alan and Claudia, 1207 Mackensey Drive, $282,000.

Condon, Wendi J. to Kawa, Michael and Jaeme, 203 Crest Road, $190,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Laughlin, Meghan D. and Joseph D., 11034 Cove Hollow Drive, $289,000.

Gall, Adam L. to Hodges, James A. and Kristen M., 808 Arlene Ave., $205,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Thornhill, James W. and Tumurbaatar, Oyun-Erdene, 11511 Glenn St., $295,000.

Stewart, Ray G. and Roberta R. to Hemphill, Valerie G., 610 N. Beadle St., $150,000.

Rischling, Darlene L. Trust to Wheatley, Hope E. and Sullivan, Bruce A., 815 Lexington Lane, $222,000.

Widhalm Custom Homes Inc. to Cominoli, Nick and Mary, 12314 Pintail Drive, $388,000.

Campbell, Craig G. Jr. and Heidi J. to Porrata, Raymond and Jean, 11104 Sherman St., $284,000.

Vogel, Timothy A. and Karen L. to Kirtland, Trevor and Couch, Heather, 813 Tipperary Drive, $190,000.

Schievelbein, Robert Lane and Samantha Rose to Catron, Aaron and Clarissa, 1125 Coach Road, $174,000.

Pope, Charles and Heather to Rizya, Jason, 2112 Lakewood Drive, $240,000.


Whitney, Paula K. and Earl to Kulm, Luann, 425 Valley Drive, $140,000.


Batien, Brennan Dewayne and Julie to Woodcox, Kirsten and Travis S., 1203 Terry Drive, $196,000.

Godemann, Christopher L. to McGuire, Robert, 11925 S. 33rd St., $160,000.

Thompson, Jessica Hope to Lukowski, Mark Ray, 11801 S. 33rd St., $160,000.

Ucman, Samuel J. and Lisa N. to Huntley, Chad and Natalie, 1401 Grove Road, $175,000.

Lafave, David A. and Anne L. to Feilmann, Ian and Bennett, Sarah K., 2909 Blackhawk Drive, $245,000.

Farmer, Nicole and Aaron to Wilson, Nathan and Carrie, 3411 Lookinglass Drive, $175,000.

Nieves, Ricardo Manuel and Rodriguez, Eva M. Ocasio to Smith, Sharner and Julie, 14811 S. 23rd St., $289,000.

Charlton, Darrell D. and Loretta M. to Midland Trust Company, 10808 S. 18th St., $172,000.

Davis, Anthony D. to Boxer, Matthew, 14904 Marseille Ave., $180,000.

R & B Properties LLC to Mendoza, Bryan and Yolanda, 4308 Hike Circle, $215,000.

Dirkschneider, Clayton Paul and Harney, Jennifer Catherine to Herrold, Kiley and Maddux, Tanner, 9802 S. 27th Ave., $258,000.

Castagna, Richard Jr. and Tori L. to Guzman, Fidel and Maira, 4206 Victoria Ave., $290,000.


Santana, Jesse Devin to Schouboe, Ashlea Bryanne, 7506 Elizabeth St., $152,000.

Cunningham, Jonathan W. and Jennifer L. to Nguyen, Bang and Giang, Ngoc, 7908 S. 97th Circle, $240,000.

Blue Steel Investments LLC to Spurlin, Candace, 7426 S. 77th Ave., $149,000.

Sweet Flippin LLC to Lenz, Stacy, 6906 Edna St., $130,000.

Mattsen, Michael and Joy A. to Golka, Judson L. and Angela M., 6825 Hillcrest Lane, $260,000.

Gabriel, Eric J. and Traci L. to Alderman Dreher, Alison and Dreher, Timothy A., 7418 S. 94th St., $340,000.

Beaver, Jerry Jr. and Bobbi Jo to Wentz, Stephanie, 9924 Idora St., $275,000.

Gadberry, Lindsey to Lindau, Alison R., 7774 Greenleaf Drive, $170,000.

APK Holdings LLC to Merkel Properties LLC, 7429 S. 69th St., $97,000.

Nagler, Matthew T. and Cortney L. to Dupey, Justin K. and Susan L., 9923 Idora St., $275,000.

Blake, Jeffrey P. to Johnson, Benjamin, 7795 Greenleaf Drive, $180,000.


Oliver, Stacey L. and Glathar, Bradley L. to Meister, Karl R. and Callie E., 1515 Applewood Drive, $189,000.

Jungers, Matthew K. and Russell, Nathaniel E. to Carnes, Amy L., 1904 Apollo Lane, $325,000.

Mys, Steven A. and Audra R. to Dil, Kamran, 5216 Woodlane Drive, $344,000.

Schlenker, Jared D. and Hope to Patton, Shae and Sarah, 13911 Springview Drive, $205,000.

Houser, Joseph A. and Christine M. to Hoffman, Jess, 1904 Longview St., $317,000.

Long, Jason and Chung, Kayleigh to Wagner, Jarrod D. and Elizabeth N., 612 Ruby Road, $205,000.

Carvell, Joshua W. and Angelyn M. to Miller, Jeffrey David and Jaime Breann, 13614 S. 46th St., $318,000.

Perkins, Matthew L. and Felicia L. to Sheffield, Adam and Caitlin, 8902 S. 67th St., $225,000.

MacCaffrey, Joseph E. and Lynne E. to Pina, Christine, 1921 Franklin Drive, $250,000.


Hokens, Daniel E. Trust to DKDunne Properties LLC, 9810 S. 180th St., $300,000.

Spence, Teri P. to Swift, Esther Marie, 7738 S. 162nd St., $248,000.

Arnold, Bonnie L. and Clifford A. to Richards, Lyle Edward and Susan C., 16415 Cary St., $220,000.

Gleason, Michelle to Omaha RJ2 Rents LLC, 16149 Cottonwood St., $162,000.

Trust Bryan Living Trust to Hoffman, Jerald H. and April D., 7411 S. 170th St., $342,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Dierking, David and Sadie, 18912 Briar St., $300,000.

Edwards, Derek S. and Amy R. to Smith, John Douglas and Andrea Ruth, 17215 Rampart St., $287,000.

Van Essen, Todd Alan and Jessica E. to Forster, Michael J. and Julie A., 18610 Gertrude St., $312,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Mroczek, Melissa A., 7216 S. 184th St., $285,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Zimmerman, Sarah and Andrew, 7912 S. 184th St., $277,000.

Coleman, Virgil A. to Rhodes, Erin L., 16124 Josephine St., $254,000.

Connor, Patrick Hugh to Kallepalli, Rambabu and Sunitha, 17713 Lillian St., $170,000.

Kanger, Robert J. and Hill, Terri L. to Morris, Shawn M. and Marcie A., 16911 Briar St., $330,000.

Pfeifer, Preston and Crystal to Diaz, Tyler Michael and Penne, Ashley Marie, 7935 S. 157th Ave., $180,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Homan, Ellen R. and Scott, Noel R., 18815 Rosewood St., $279,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Carnes, Daniel W. and Ann E., 8115 S. 186th St., $290,000.

Belieu, David S. and Molly M. to Dierking, Cody and Gubbels, Elizabeth, 16406 Portal St., $205,000.


H & S Partnership LLP to Turk, Nathan A., 13611 Carpenter St., $193,000.

Modrell, Kevin and Christina to Hasanzoda, Gulnoza, 8128 S. 154th St., $170,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Christiansen, Dennis A. and Gorham, Kathleen A., 11512 Glenn St., $380,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Miser, Christopher and Amanda, 11606 Grissom St., $351,000.

Div Investments LLC to Ambekar, Muralidhar, 17836 Josephine St., $182,000.

Hughes, Stacy P. to Kaiser, Jesse and Heather, 15419 Birch Ave., $325,000.

Widick, Roger A. to DBA Properties LLC, 13964 Greenfield Road, $131,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Bunting, Michael and Aprilbie, 11274 S. 117th Ave., $388,000.


Brudny, Dean A. and Rose to Kempnich, Amanda, 2608 Geri Drive, $165,000.

Hutchinson, Patrick A. and Erica A. to Nance, Philip and Noelia, 9308 S. 21st St., $330,000.


McMahon, Mary Catherine Trust to Franco, Ruvin A. Miranda and Alvarenga, Morena Recinos, 4655 Greene Ave., $160,000.

Ronk, Gabriel A. and Janell to Burnside, William, 5017 Gertrude St., $151,000.

Povich, Deanna Jo to Wolf, Ryan M. and Shelby N., 4906 Giles Road, $143,000.

Guzman, Maira and Fidel to Lopez, Alan and Menjivar, Erica, 4609 Greene Ave., $157,000.

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