KLM Enterprises PC to Ravipati, Chaitanya and Gondi, Hanitha, 7322 N. 168th Ave., $386,000.

Rogge, Scott S. and Laura L. to Harding, James P. and Mary S., 12627 N. 178th Circle, $695,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Detjens, Megan M. and Andrew D., 8058 Kilpatrick Parkway, $366,413.

Home Company LLC to Newton, Jessica and Jeffrey, 9704 N. 151st St., $358,471.

Tremblay, Joel D. and Chera M. to Baumgart, Bryan and Summer, 7201 N. 154th St., $345,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Fools Inc., 16904 Bondesson St., $44,900.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Almquist, Bradly M. and Samantha D., 17014 Bondesson St., $326,107.

Landmark Performance Corp to Spaan, Peggy S., 7320 N. 155th St., $282,038.

Waterford Development LLC to Dave Paik Builders Inc., 7265 N. 155th St., $42,425.

Landmark Performance Corp to Newlin, Della Turvold, 14419 Read St., $296,682.

Charleston Homes LLC to Fusselman, Douglas D. and Pamela J., 15018 Elderberry Circle, $381,933.

Gottsch, Brett to Mortenson Family Trust, 11825 N. 172nd Circle, $295,000.

Henzel, Brenda J. and Jeffrey L. to Caldwell, Paul D. and Maja M., 12901 N. 184th St., $475,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Shaff, Alice W., 10405 N. 152nd Ave., $234,837.

Holz, Ryan and Sarah to Kramer, Michael and Brittany, 8223 N. 150th Terrace, $245,000.

Julie A. Knight Trust to Toelle, Mark and Rachael Brooke, 11718 N. 178th Circle, $84,000.


Baack Enterprises LLC to Berger, Joshua James and Jill Christine, 2361 S. 220th Ave., $80,536.

Ehresman, Mitchell and Sheila to McCarthy, Clinton and Sabrina, 18305 Mason St., $267,500.

Poynor, Christopher H. and Shunkwiler, Sara M. to Beran, Brock and Nichole, 22232 Brookcrest Drive, $610,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Showcase Homes Inc., 18410 Patrick Ave., $52,000.

Todd Menard Construction LLC to Redwood Homes LLC, 1623 S. 207th Ave., $76,500.

Maniktala, Naten C. and Jaya A. to Graham, David M. and Angela N., 916 S. 198th St., $430,000.

South Hamptons Land Development LLC to Fletcher, Douglas and Tanya, 5726 S. 238th St., $83,500.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Fesperman, Steven and Griffith, Megan, 2014 S. 211st St., $500,000.

Hathaway, Richard P. and Lauren G. to Bartek, Daryl T., 18112 Mason St., $481,000.

Nowka, Anson and Amy to R & A Builders Inc., 2273 S. 218th Ave., $103,500.

Ewoldt, Lynn A. and Kristyn A. to Murray, Ted William and Julie Michelle, 106 S. 201st St., $308,000.

Braithwaite, Steven M. and Raejean B. to Braithwaite, Steven M. II and Renee, 21724 Greenlawn Road, $250,000.

Butler, Michael J. and Darla J. to Tweedy, Mark and Karen, 19876 Chicago St., $377,500.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Martin, Jennifer A. and Alvarez, Santiago, 18303 Willis Ave., $415,000.


Vencil Construction Inc. to Lewis, Robert R. II and Diane V., 5311 N. 281st Circle, $445,045.

Willmer, Donald J. and Angela A. to Laverdure, Kristine M., 104 E. 3rd St., $62,500.

Lewis, Robert R. II and Diane V. to Dale, Levi Jameson and Taylor Mariella, 310 W. Whittingham St., $175,000.


Shamsnia, Sam to Sewell, Deborah J., 1403 Farnam St., $358,000.

Collins, James V. and Mary J. to Boomgaarden, Jennifer L., 1403 Farnam St., $449,000.


Thieman, Ann M. and James S. to Goldberg Chalet LLC, 4716 Seward St., $12,000.

Geary, Travis R. and Cherie C. to Beetz, Kristina, 2527 N. 60th Ave., $176,000.

Punch It Out Inc. to Jones, Kamesha, 5121 N. 53rd St., $145,000.

Vaughan, Ryan J. and Holly to Swanson, Edward Alan and Hamilton, Karlene Rae, 2728 N. 62nd St., $152,550.

Lemmers, Nico J. and Jennifer K. to Rodriguez, Sonia, 2520 N. 70th St., $150,000.

Anderson, John E. and Judy K. to Cesh LLC, 5721 Manderson St., $75,000.

DBK Properties LLC to Coleman, Angela, 3335 N. 55th St., $98,000.

Niverson, Jacqueline A. to Gillham, Dena M., 5819 Sprague St., $100,500.

Tipton, Jeremy L. and Abby F. to Mercado, Amber, 2931 N. 58th St., $188,000.

Turner, Darla S. to Botos, Theresa M., 5642 Lake St., $22,080.

Ross, Jacobie G. to JD & SC Investments Inc., 5315 N. 48th Ave., $105,000.

Newton, Allen J. to Dolton, John and Carrie, 6017 Seward St., $80,000.


Pipkins, Katherine J. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 4052 Valley Circle, $80,000.

Bitter, Shawn H. and Aubrey to Heer, David, 2765 Hazel St., $77,600.

Scott, Donna, personal representative of the Beck, Vera M. estate,to Vallejo, Rodrigo M. Solano, 925 S. 25th St., $37,000.

Cap, William J. Sr. and Julie A. to Flegg, Michael J. and Marissa K., 2602 S. 35th St., $133,000.

Snyder, Mary C. to Edwards, Randy L. and Gardner, Colton Lee, 2763 Dupont St., $68,200.

Gilchrist, Nancy to Steffes, Laura A., 3079 S. 32nd St., $138,000.

G & R Investment Group LLC to Treetop Properties LLC, 1018 S. 38th Ave., $155,000.

Shields, Charlotte A. to Tait, Caden and Sheila, 3212 Poppleton Ave., $165,000.

Scholer, Steven A. and Susan G. to Lindstrom, Loma S., 3702 Jackson St., $142,500.

Lingren, Leon L. to Jolovich, Christopher M. and Taci L., 4320 Walnut St., $154,000.

Kruse, Ashley M. to Steinke, John G. and Barbara C., 2839 S. 32nd St., $179,950.


Marcum, Gregory James and Patricia Amy to Beran, Jeff V., 4912 William St., $130,000.

Spencer, Edward to Spencer, Edward Earl IV, 2507 S. 49th St., $156,000.

Shnayder, Michael and Elena to Guo, Bo and Xu, Yonghui, 740 S. 69th St., $113,000.

Snow, Jeff and Kayla to Harness, Brian R., 2120 S. 61st Ave., $185,000.

Broadway, George A. and Tremont, John A. to Blanke, Elizabeth G., 2532 S. 46th St., $95,000.

Seevers, Andrew Douglas to Dornbush, Ethan Jacob, 978 S. 50th St., $172,000.


JCBT LLC to Moreno, Marcela, 4619 S. 32nd St., $92,500.

Flanders, Daniel Cope and Alexandra Page to Timmons, Stephen C., 4225 S. 39th Ave., $131,500.

Jones, Kirt and Holly to Retiz, Eladio Gomez and Mendez, Monica, 6106 S. 32nd St., $71,500.

Bacome, Adam and Mary to Ambriz, Noe Regalado and Manzo, Mario Regalado, 5115 S. 23rd St., $50,000.


Melchor, Miguel Aguilar and Trejo, Irene Mirando to Jaar, Monica, 2928 S. 18th St., $48,000.

Dufek, Rudolph M. and Phyllis to Kaiser, Jeremy J., 608 Hickory St., $75,000.

Qualified Property Solutions LLC to Hintze, Linda D., 417 William St., $105,000.

Torres, Rodolfo Rivera and Ramirez, Evangelina Alcala to Lemus, Luis A. and Cordova De Lemus, Mayra Lissette, 1937 S. 17th St., $86,250.


Kountze Park Crown II Limited Partnership to Wilburn, Lataunya, 2022 Wirt St., $21,970.

Kountze Park Crown Limited Partnership to Collins, Nichole R., 1814 Binney St., $18,968.

Kriebs, Opal L. to OM 6333 N. 24 Trust, 6333 N. 24th St., $23,000.

Om 6333 N. 24 Trust to Cesh LLC, 6333 N. 24th St., $37,500.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Kaw, Saw Nay and Saw, Ef Per, 4115 N. 21st St., $112,000.

Zas Corp. LLC to Williams, Veda and Milton, 4432 N. 21st St., $14,000.


Mah Lee Properties LLC to Maly, James R., 1916 N. 34th St., $38,700.


Miles, Jerry E. and Linda L. to Deason, Amanda F., 9636 N. 31st St., $92,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Mensah Investments LLC, 7220 N. 33rd Ave., $50,000.


McCarthy, Sabrina and Clint to Bhavaraju, Srinivasa, 16914 Grand Ave., $193,000.

Plato, Kathi to Legacy Capital Management Group LLC, 3821 N. 171st Ave., $162,500.

Fullford, Steven and Denise to Fullford, McKenzie A., 17179 Spaulding St., $160,000.

Christensen, Cindy S. to Townley, Michael J. and Barbara J., 15076 Fowler Ave., $207,000.

Torrence, Kelly and Cathy to Boehm, Austin and Megan, 4124 N. 153rd St., $365,000.

Lang, James E. to Kerrigan, Lawrence Mark and Marlee A., 3325 N. 148th Court, $148,000.

Gilmore, Joshua J., trustee of Gilmore Capital Holdings Trust, to Ripper LLC, 4004 N. 162nd Ave., $36,000.

Wright, Stephanie A., personal representative of Wymore, Kenneth W. estate, to Grantski, Darrell L. and Divina C., 16867 Larimore Ave., $182,500.

Ridder, Jacob and Katelin to Galbraith, Keifer K. and Lashelle A., 17164 Ruggles St., $197,000.

Hale, Allan and Julia to Ridder, Jacob and Katelin, 5902 N. 160th Ave., $457,500.

Rau, Roger J. and Cheryl R. to Stewart, Andrew, 2708 N. 159th St., $440,000.

JHBF LLC to Trademark Homes Inc., 3006 N. 177th St., $66,000.

Oz, Levent and Yeshim to Kranjc, Enrique J., 15304 Camden Ave., $159,950.

Hockinson, Richard E. and Rhonda K. to Myers, Kevin and Patricia, 3904 N. 156th Ave., $173,000.

Patterson, Kristen R. to Rever, John D. and Jodi L., 15328 Corby St., $260,000.

Hamm, Christopher and Jenna to Jayanti, Venkat Raman and Madduri, Mallika, 4031 N. 172nd Ave., $185,000.


Beninato, Elizabeth A. to Castellanos, Adriana and Lizzeth, 4519 N St., $182,000.


Dalziel, Robert R. and Lorraine D. to Thota, Sreedhar and Staci, 1212 N. 164th St., $286,000.

Johnson, Philip D. and Scarlett-Johnson, Rana A. to 15878 Mrj LLC, 15878 Farnam St., $235,000.

Lago, John K. and Lago, Jaclyn R. to Li, Xiaowei and Liu, Xiaoyan, 17811 Harney St., $370,000.


Avila, Rolando A. and Amy R. to Jennings, Jessica R. and Schrawyer, Joseph L., 10275 Huntington Ave., $250,000.

Dougherty, Timothy J. III to Giacovelli, Justin and Rowden, Jessica, 8065 Newport Ave., $164,900.

Cat in the Lamp Home Rentals LLC to Dappen, Ariel J., 8832 N. 83rd Ave., $151,500.

First National Bank Omaha Trust to Heartland Holdings, 8624 Potter St., $104,401.

Mohr, Levi T. to JSLeddens Properties LLC, 7606 Howell St., $85,000.

Nunez, Marcus to Bowers, Jerrick D. and Mackenzie R., 7431 Weber St., $174,000.

Moo, Plotaw and Paw Rah to Dun, Kap and Par, Iang Cin, 7864 Redick Ave., $153,000.

Schrawyer, Joseph L. to Thawmoo, Thaw and Htoo, P. Lay, 9019 Hanover St., $180,000.


Patty J. King Revocable Trust to Morris, Michelle C., 7921 Hascall St., $184,800.

Richardson, Samantha J. and Adrian to Alitz, Micah Clay and Rainey, Christina Allison, 7414 Grover St., $156,500.

Strain, Aaron M. and Shannon to Jackson, Anastasia K., 8710 Valley St., $135,000.

Griego, Joshua B. and Amber L. to Kline, Patricia L., 7623 Nina St., $189,000.


Hawk, Camille R. Trust to REO Asset Management Company LLC, 7773 Oakwood St., $88,201.

Hoffman, Melissa A. and Daniel to McCasland, Lydia Ann and Scott C., 6236 S. 74th St., $172,000.

Johnston, April to Lawler, Kurt D., 5324 S. 107th Ave., $179,000.

English, Loyd J. to Waterfront Investments LLC, 4979 S. 87th St., $115,000.

Christy, Salvador M. and Wilke Christy, Heather E. to Zueter, Kimberly K., 5087 S. 106th St., $191,000.


Mancini, Vincent E. to Abbott, David, 1718 S. 179th Ave., $150,000.

Bullock, Anne and Mark to Abbott, David and Teri, 1718 S. 179th Ave., $150,000.

Baker, Jennifer and Tony to Luth, Kurt L. and Heather S., 3559 S. 196th Ave., $470,000.

Jacobi, Robert J. and Estes, Stephanie J. to Ortez, Leonard R. Jr. and Michelle L., 2370 S. 183rd Circle, $455,000.


Lindquist, Eric H., trustee, to REO Asset Management Company LLC, 502 N. 40th St., $120,001.

HSH Holdings LLC to Optimal Holdings LLC, 3207 Hamilton St., $11,800.

Hendershot, Kristen and Timothy Jr. to Hill, Autumn, 612 N. 41st Ave., $125,000.

Mike Construction LLC to Fortress Holdings LLC, 1422 Military Ave., $150,500.

Cole, Maggie and Conner to Destache, Amanda M., 4312 Davenport St., $160,000.

REO Asset Management Company LLC to HBI LLC, 502 N. 40th St., $170,000.


Castro Enterprises PC to Banks-Lewis, Iris M., 6548 Western Ave., $172,000.

Steffen, Frederick J. and Karen K. to Vehr, Jennifer and Reyes, Anthony, 4907 Davenport St., $124,900.

Steven P. Rumbaugh Revocable Trust to Lundberg-Martini, Elisabeth and Martini, Michael R., 4916 Cass St., $425,000.

Johnson, Eric G. to Alpha Fund LLC, 1017 N. 47th Ave., $75,989.

Moore, Matthew B. and Jessica to Briggs, Jason and Karla, 5217 Chicago St., $725,000.


Eagle Properties LLC to SJK Real Estate LLC, 8932 Blondo St., $180,000.

Schoenrock, Laura A. to Becker, Joseph and Valerie, 2606 N. 97th Ave., $175,000.

Kobza, Bernard A. and Patricia A. to Wilson, Brent D., 2327 N. 81st St., $30,000.

Sachs, Andrew and Gregory-Sachs, Rachel to Pickett, Logan T., 4523 Crestline Drive, $176,000.

O’Connor, Shannon and Garcia, Norma to Drvol, Alexander J., 3623 Clifton Court, $199,000.

Woodhull, Brenda J. to Wilson, Brent, 2323 N. 81st St., $130,000.

Lucero, Shaun and Heidy to McKenna, Michelle, 9811 Ohio St., $150,000.

Sudtelgte, Rachael A. to Klay, Pawpaw, 9112 Ames Ave., $148,000.

Koesters, Rachel L. and Kyle D. to Drvol, Nathan, 4204 N. 101st St., $150,000.

Bargstadt, John L. and Lori S. to Brooks, Jacob L. and Micheala A., 9156 Ogden St., $188,500.


Davis, Donald R. Jr. to Russell, Delaney, 5719 S. 193rd St., $182,300.

Doyle, Jennifer to Bhurtel, Bhishma and Bhattarai, Sunita, 5635 S. 190th Terrace, $192,550.

Green, Matthew A. and Quigley Green, Mikayla Lin to Lafave, Robert and Melissa, 17012 Karen St., $280,000.

Allen, David W. and Mary P. to Ertelt, Gary A. and Mary E., 18907 Drexel Circle, $230,000.

Mcghay, Jason E. and Tina to Doyle, Jennifer L., 18306 Drexel St., $365,000.

Mann, Christopher J. and Buckley, Kimberly M. to Mann, Christopher J., 6214 S. 191st Terrace, $80,000.

Schmit, Collin E. and Ashley M. to Omara, Kyle Dustin, 6175 S. 187th St., $261,000.

Reid, Austin C. to Wilson, Jaclyn N., 19626 W St., $185,000.

Pedersen, Andrew D. and Jennifer L. to Rimer, Jeremy and Amy, 19314 K Circle, $335,000.

Roberts, Rye C. to Colshan, Megan M. and Schelling, Steven M., 6026 S. 187th St., $198,000.

Ewing, Ryan T. and Johnson, Sausha A. to Lawrence, Lance, 19370 X St., $170,000.

Kooienga, Brian and Samantha to Long, Scott and Rachel, 17716 I St., $220,000.

Johnson, Corey A. and Maleah D. to Nider, Laurie A. and Robert J., 5814 S. 191st Terrace, $195,000.

Martin, Robert A. and Connie J. to Macdonald, Matthew F. and Brianne C., 16423 Jefferson St., $235,000.


100 Year Homes Inc. to JJLS Properties LLC, 5132 S. 126th Place, $137,500.

Rodriguez, Yessica C. and Julian to Belitz, Jordan, 12117 N St., $138,500.

Bresel, Michael to Bailey, Stephen F. and Brittany A., 15261 Blackwell Drive, $177,000.

Phipps, David H. and Amy to Heyen, Ernest and Susan, 5027 S. 149th St., $185,000.

Christiansen, Scott G. and Mann-Christiansen, Catherine E. to Malik, Ken, 6235 Cypress Drive, $169,900.

Doorknob LLC to Rodriguez, Jose Antonio and Eligio A., 15129 Adams St., $150,000.

Oglevie, Jeffery A. and Semroska, Patricia J. to Polivka, Elizabeth A., 5005 Magnolia St., $135,000.

Watson, Matthew S. and Daniela to Hart, Kevin M. and Marlee A., 5915 S. 152nd St., $176,000.


Luethge Homes LLC to Groller, David J. and Shonka, Alisa M., 11562 Scott St., $399,500.

Gray, Daniel R. and Brenda H. to Subba, Rudra B. and Magar, Dil M., 14215 Weber St., $200,000.


Runge, Kellie R. and Curtis R. to Monro, Milton W., 13977 Hickory Circle, $220,000.

Rife, Jody M., trustee of Ruth I. Schweitzer Irrevocable Trust, to Schumacher, Ross A. and Hannah G., 12721 C St., $146,000.

Davis, Heather M. and Clinton to Rodrigo, Koralalage N. and Veronica S. N., 3615 S. 152nd St., $185,000.

Dropinski, Mary Beth and Darin to Zhao, Yu, 13005 Westwood Lane, $143,000.

Younglove, Bradley C. and Martha A. to Savoie, Patrick and Shasta, 3208 S. 120th St., $119,000.

Wachholtz, Alex E. and Bastian Lindsey to Phelps, Daniel W., 13427 Marinda St., $195,000.

Moore, Bernard J. to Banks, Ian, 12442 B St., $153,000.

Peterson, Steven M. and Melinda A. to Etzelmiller, Diane, 15005 Cedar Circle, $240,000.

Vivian D. Neff Family Trust to Bunjer, Teresa S. and Noah, Michelle L., 13965 Hickory Circle, $199,000.

Flatowicz, Nicole Danielle to Xie, Yan and Jiang, Haihong, 2808 S. 148th St., $177,500.


Benne, Dale L. and Sally A. to Mann Christiansen, Catherine E. and Christiansen, Scott G., 8415 N. 52nd Ave., $242,500.


Berry, Courtney A. to Gardner, Glenn C. and Joyce G., 1624 N. 126th St., $200,000.

Ivey, Brandon Neil and Rebecca Lyons to Shuman, James A., 1632 N. 150th Place, $235,000.

Dockery, John M. and Christine C. to Wilder, Courtney, 15241 Wycliffe Drive, $178,000.

Lujan, Cameron L. and Mercado, Amber M. to Underwood, Amanda M. and Ryan Paul, 12824 Jones St., $270,000.

Newsome, Jason N. and Joanne to Ewing, Ryan and Sausha, 303 S. 154th St., $183,000.

Saucier, Timothy and Sarah to Wolford-Linnerson, Willa A. and Lossi, Tia A., 12318 Deer Hollow Drive, $225,000.


McClanathan, Matthew and Andrea to Bummer, Aaron James, 12556 Bristol Circle, $310,000.

Streeter, Troy D. and Ann M. to Scofield, Cody A., 2726 N. 113th St., $173,500.

Severa, James D., personal representative of Severa, Mamie Emma estate, to 3G Home Solutions LLC, 6229 N. 114th St., $61,500.

SevRenCh LLC to 3G Home Solutions LLC, 6229 N. 114th St., $61,500.

Youngman, Clark R. and Caitlin A. to Clark, Robert S. and Stinebaugh, Sarahjoe L., 12849 Grant Circle, $175,000.

Dotche-Togbe, Eli to Sogbadji, Komlan and Jennifer, 11803 Bauman Ave., $70,100.

Thiel, Matthew E. and Rebecca L. to Sullivan, Mark T. and Horner, Ramona L., 12329 Binney St., $225,750.

Sell, Christina L. and Travis to Huang, Qunying, 12902 Hartman Ave., $190,500.

Meridith, Lois to Brumbaugh, Kristen L. and Kirk E., 13310 Willis Ave., $250,000.

Clay, Winston J. II and Ginger to Thiel, Matthew E. and Rebecca L., 5531 N. 140th St., $318,000.

Healy, Richard S. and Beth to Welch, Daniel S. and Kelli D., 3403 N. 128th Circle, $354,000.



Stevens, Robert D. Jr. and Estefania to Ohnmacht, Sabrina S., 907 Willow Ave., $165,000.

Lind, Nicole R. and Schutt, Donald J. to Rathwell, Alice, 2506 Sidney St., $150,000.

Tweedy, Norman L. and Mary Jane to Mead, Kay L. and Vos, Joel E., 405 Douglas Drive, $200,000.

Brown, Theodore C. to Andrade, Cristian, 711 Vannornam Drive, $171,000.

Brown, Kevin C. and Lori D. to Holtmeyer, Eric, 305 Brooks Place, $136,000.

Bacon, Bryan to Aston, Ruanmoon, 1324 Englewood Drive, $118,000.

Ferrin, Benjamin to Smith, Candria Re and Brandon Craig, 1005 Julius Place, $211,000.


Witherspoon, Stacie A. to Rageth, Jessica and Witherspoon, Colten, 12514 S. 217th St., $178,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Dickson, Justyn A. and Sarah M., 19612 Redwood St., $320,000.

Paradise Homes Inc. to Campbell, James L. and Cindy S., 8136 S. 193rd Ave., $392,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Hungerford, Richard and Debra, 11353 S. 168th Ave., $287,000.

Christensen, Joel D. and Christina M. to Duke, Reginald D. and Julie L., 12606 S. 218th St., $242,000.

McCaul Contracting LLC to Newman, Thomas L. and Casteel, Jeanna A., 508 Devonshire Drive, $315,000.

Whitney, Charles Nathan and Katherine J. to Good, Cale and Jacqueline, 21317 Castlerock Lane, $306,000.

Thomas, Travis and Alyssa to Mattes, David J. and Harrison, Kayla A. and Mattes, Dennis D. and Karen M., 22202 Fairview Road, $270,000.

Brehmer, Sandra K. to Heavican Homes Inc., 22603 Schram Road, $165,000.

Heavican Homes Inc. to Gurbacki, Eric, 8009 S. 195th St., $322,000.


Reilein, William R. and Kelly S. to Havenner, Charles and Jennifer, 7660 Leawood St., $369,000.

Neri, Miguel and Everilda to Raffloer, William D. and Patricia A., 10725 S. 113th Ave., $345,000.

Pelley, Scott J. and Nicole C. to Shank, Craig and Rebecca, 1108 Conestoga Road, $209,000.

Mills, Gina A. to Engel, Timothy L. and Jodi L., 2128 Ashwood Ave., $220,000.

Davis, Randy J. and Marjorie A. to Caniglia, Michael, 1001 Haverford Drive, $260,000.

Tinnell, Diana J. and Phillip W. to Dubay, Nathaniel, 704 S. Adams St., $140,000.

Timberline Homes Inc. to Nguyen, Lim and Lieu, 12027 Longshore Ave., $393,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Belton, Thomas Jr. and Pamela D., 11016 Superior Drive, $321,000.

Shank, Craig and Rebecca to Neterer, Johnathan M. and Mary J., 1113 Conestoga Road, $189,000.

Stanley, Danny L. and Gloria E. to Roddy, Nicolae and Alexandra, 1127 Parc Drive, $174,000.

Gibbs, Jason, personal representative of Gibbs, Marilyn L. estate, to Sothmann, Monte J. and Gayle M., 12237 S. 79th St., $328,000.

Thomas David Builders to Belt Construction Co Inc., 11409 S. 120th Ave., $104,000.

Oumar, Abakar I. to Osman, Brian P. and Dana L., 2410 S. River Rock Drive, $257,000.

Rivers, Todd S. Sr. and Meghan M. to Grosz, Gary Christopher and Melissa A., 906 W. Centennial Road, $415,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Lichty, Brent A. and Potrzeba Lichty, Amy J., 7956 Westshore Circle, $384,000.

Home Company LLC to Pham, Ha and Nguyen, Xuandi, 11728 S. 111th St., $387,000.

Baker, Kenneth A. and Kim M. to Calfee, Tyler C. and Megan M., 9720 Choke Cherry Lane, $412,000.

Home Company LLC to Campos, Abraham and Katherine, 11733 S. 110th St., $358,000.

Griffin Homes Inc. to Lamplot, Daniel P. and Jill A., 11602 Schirra St., $443,000.

Daley, Jessica V. to Swanson, Kurt K. and Cleveland, Hayley, 8428 S. 64th Ave., $234,000.

Legacy Ventures I. LLC to Bjorling, Edward J. and Holley C., 901 Sally St., $218,000.

Hauck, Lucas to Alt, Richard A. and Margaret E., 7413 Legacy St., $323,000.

Westerdale, James J. and Lauren E. to King, Matthew and Rachel, 1004 Port Royal Drive, $275,000.

Atkins, Geoffrey T. and Christina L. to Chastain, Josh and Summer, 813 Lake Vista Drive, $195,000.


Morrison, Dale G. to Newell, Christi L., 320 N. 3rd St., $180,000.


Vavrick, Barbara L. to Dworak, Curt T., 14412 S. 29th St., $170,000.

Bennett, Jamie L. and Anne M. to Petit, Meredith M., 3743 Schuemann Drive, $185,000.

Frederick, Kristin Ann and Thomas C. to Frederick, Thomas C., 10413 S. 26th St., $17,000.

Suleiman, Mennen and Karen to Crane, Christopher J. and Marianne, 2925 Blackhawk Drive, $245,000.

Dilda, Michael L. and Mary E. to Aumiller, Derrick J., 3101 Leawood Drive, $170,000.

Brunner, Chad M. and Stephanie Lynn to Failor, Timothy and Rosemary, 2207 Pilgrim Drive, $250,000.

Thoma, Peter B. and Vivian L. to Wichert, Scott B. and Lisa M., 4003 Fox Ridge Circle, $435,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Rex, Benjamin B. and Kathleen M., 13704 S. 44th St., $319,000.

Jorgensen, Colin R. to Robertson, Christopher and Scott, Melissa, 10701 S. 26th St., $191,000.

Black, James L. and Jane E. to Kienholz, Sarah, 4202 Heartland Drive, $232,000.

Allen, Anthony G. to Frizzell, Brent M. and Kara C., 2706 Canyon Circle, $165,000.

North, Robert W. and Eudeana A. to Hogue, Mark D. Jr. and Buettner, Kathryn A., 13607 S. 33rd St., $173,000.

Bacon, Theodore II and Vickie and Tuttle, Sherry Rose and Anthony T. to Lund, Kaleb Wayne, 3304 Sheridan Road, $150,000.

Steponik, Thomas D. Jr. and Tabitha K. to Rau, Nicholas Frederick and Kelli Ann, 3201 Redwing Drive, $211,000.

Baker, Shannon D. and Erika C. to Cartwright, Arthur Jr. and Tami, 4403 Edgerton Drive, $287,000.


Hug, Stacy Elizabeth to Woodall, David and Jamie, 7307 Park Crest Drive, $160,000.

Duran Schaefer, Stephanie E. to Richardson, Adrian D. and Samantha Jo, 7006 Wood Lane Drive, $186,000.

Rough Diamond Management Group Inc. to Bliven, Aaron M. and Danielle J., 7613 Terry Drive, $126,000.

Romagiem LLC to Murray, Patrick and Angela, 8702 Wilbur St., $162,000.

Buettner, Kathryn A. and Hogue, Mark Jr. to Hodge, Brett Allen, 7606 Lillian Ave., $128,000.

Small, Brady E. and Regan R. to Martinez, Giovanni M., 7712 S. 76th Ave., $175,000.

Reverse Mtg Solutions Inc. to Abel, Ariana M., 7012 Gertrude St., $89,000.


Horton, Jason D. and Angela M. to Peterson, Connie and Omolayo, Mofolorunso O., 4813 Coffey St., $318,000.

Calfee, Tyler C. and Megan M. to Thompson, Devin W. and Angeline J., 1205 Troy St., $325,000.

Graham, John S. and Lucy G. to Rohrbough, Robert P. and Poulin, Dolores A., 122 Allison Ave., $404,000.

Knott, Shiloh A. and Jeffrey S. to Kandel, Amrit and Sarita Adhikari, 8803 S. 68th St., $236,000.

Home Company LLC to Sronce, James D. and Julia D., 4910 Waterford Ave., $367,000.

Mikesell, Jeffrey T. and Stacy B. to Cooper, Timothy and Patricia, 313 Fall Creek Road, $198,000.

Stricklin, Brenda L. to Simpson, Robert, 114 Citadel Drive, $170,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Lopez, Alejandro and Loera, Rubi E., 7820 S. 185th St., $311,000.

Roe, Kylie to Marquez, Jose A., 7526 S. 191st St., $225,000.

Push, Brian E. and Brianna C. to Slinkard, Brandon and Elisabeth, 7405 S. 177th St., $175,000.

Jurgens, Kyle and Stephanie to Huxoll, Craig and Sarah, 7304 S. 182nd St., $235,000.

Struble, Vincent and Kami to Shavrnoch, Jared Frank and Jennifer Elaine, 7011 S. 167th Ave., $299,000.

Sadil, Ryan J. and Taryn to McCormack, Megan, 16120 Redwood St., $193,000.

Balla, Binaya and Maskey, Neerisha to Kishore Kancharla, Venkata Ramana, 16318 Birch Ave., $287,000.

May, Diane E. to May, Fred C., 16006 Greenleaf St., $150,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Murray, Michael J. and Kasey M., 16861 Portal St., $248,000.

Buckland, Phyllis T. and Kevin M. to Magar, Nirmal Thapa and Dhana Shreesh Thapa, 8911 S. 166th St., $242,000.

Gregory, Kyle D. and Ricki L. to Taylor, Vincent and Sheila, 17004 Rampart St., $230,000.


Segrell, Christopher W. and Catharine A. to Houdek, Kathleen M. and Kristen L., 7623 S. 137th Ave., $205,000.

Quinn, Michael R. and Amy J. to Davis, Aaron Craig and Sarah Tess, 13221 Schirra St., $170,000.

Ruiz, Joshua D. and Rachael to Newton, Allen, 13911 Lisa Circle, $175,000.

Vrbka, Colby and Ashley to Pittack, John T. and Krista J., 8203 S. 151st Ave., $173,000.

Introfiant LLC to Li, Yiping, 13613 Redwood Circle, $132,000.

Wuller, Sean T. and Amanda to Harbison, Lucas and Nicole, 7509 S. 136th St., $180,000.

Villalobos, Daniel B. and Mae J. to Bush, James Raymond and Laurie R., 15438 Briar St., $269,000.


REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 2113 Gertrude St., $111,000.

Toledo, Jennifer A. and Ibarra, Ruby to De Luna Zapata, Cesar and Rodriguez De Luna, Lizbeth, 7009 S. 33rd St., $145,000.

Patel, Thakor R. and Nayana to Barajas, Gonzalo and Antonia, 9605 S. 25th Ave., $251,000.

Conner, William Raymond to Matantsev, Ilya and Lindsey, 7305 S. 33rd St., $150,000.

Lett, Chad E. to El Paraiso Dorado Inc., 6908 & 6922 S. 25th St., $425,000.

Chandler Gates, Erika G. to Gullie, Galen and Bryttney, 3329 Spruce St., $140,000.


Dynamic Properties LLC to Zimmerman, Pamela Rocio and Taco, Fermina Hilda Ranilla, 5225 Emiline St., $175,000.

Young, Douglas M. and Eileen C. to Orozco, Miguel A. and Flores, Maria C., 7118 S. 49th Ave. Circle, $190,000.

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