Douglas County


Duggs, Georgina to Paul Marc Kaplan Living Trust, 7807 N. 153rd St., $250,000.

Kiger, Jason L. and Emily K. to Hinrichs, Sarah N. and Justin L., 15919 Fillmore Circle, $230,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Thapa, Khadga B. and Sharmila A., 7142 N. 163rd St., $286,491.

Ailneni, Krishna C. and Ponnamaneni, Nishitha to Duggs, Georgina R., 7720 N. 151st Circle, $328,750.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Stromp, Brandon and Kaleigh, 8011 Kilpatrick Parkway, $335,927.

Baker, Zachary R. and Murphy, Jordan N. to Urlaub, Mark, 14537 Mormon St., $139,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Wanek, Tyler A. and Chentel A., 8007 Kilpatrick Parkway, $280,445.

Hunker, Todd A. and Jackie to Mommsen, Diane M. and Edward H. Jr., 7923 N. 154th Ave., $217,000.

Heavican Homes Inc. to Silver Creek Capital Inc., 16965 Rachael Snowden Parkway, $295,000.

Chrystak, Charles F. III and Nicole to Prathan, Kemla, 11907 N. 158th St., $220,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Erickson, David K. and Christine M., 7601 N. 156th Ave., $351,300.

Griffith, Daniel Rudolph to McMurphy, David A. and Kimberly R., 15306 Young St., $167,500.

Richland Homes LLC to Trevarrow, Bradley J. and Kassandra, 7003 N. 162nd St., $278,503.

Waterford Development LLC to R & A Builders Inc., 7210 N. 151st Ave., $25,000.

Marshall, Andrew Jon and Michaela to Jackson, Jessica Lynn, 8039 N. 147th St., $185,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Marshall, Andrew and Michaela, 16959 Rachael Snowden Parkway, $380,631.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Rosenthal, Scott A. and Becker, Kathryn A., 7016 N. 160th Ave., $299,700.

Mohr, Dale J.H. to Henrickson, Mandy and Cody, 110 S. Molley St., $150,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Weddington, Jill E. and Plog, Chad R., 8113 N. 173rd St., $243,609.


204 F Street LLC to Thomas David Builders LLC, 3867 S. 208th St., $39,500.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Daub, Zachary M. and Lisa A., 2106 S. 212nd St., $78,900.

Marasco Homes Inc. to Gorat, Jeffrey and Anna, 3942 S. 207th St., $432,004.

Das, Ranjit and Knudsen-Das, Jill M. to Mohanty, Suraj Kumar and Dasmohapatra, Ranjeeta, 18613 Mason St., $290,000.

Gathman, Deborah E. and Joshua R. to Fowler, Travis A. and Britney K., 18909 Quinn Drive, $280,000.

Willliam G. & Deborah A. Loneman Trust to Barbara K. Mock Trust, 1014 N. 183rd Circle, $324,350.

Troshynski, Patrick J. and Irene M. to Riepl, Jeff and Egbarts, Karen, 20508 Laramie Road, $199,900.

Parlor, Robert R. Jr. and Kerry A. to Reuter, Mark K. and Judy M., 19810 Elkhorn Ridge Drive, $440,000.

Lavigne, Todd J. to Christensen, Corey and Crystal, 6727 Pine Ridge Road, $472,500.

South Hamptons Land Development LLC to Hartz, Ronald and Deborah, 5701 S. 239th St., $82,500.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Bradford E. and Terry C. Schulz Trust, 20726 Nina St., $560,000.

Tina J. Desmet Revocable Trust to Pellan, Kyle, 647 S. 214th St., $217,000.

Ramm Construction Inc. to Michalak, Pamela J. and Daniel J., 18405 Sherwood Ave., $388,835.

Coventry 13 LLC to Thomason, Harry and Kim, 20940 Drexel St., $63,500.

Home Company LLC to Feit, Eugene D. and Martha A., 19310 Franklin Circle, $308,165.

Pohlad Custom Homes Inc. to Kallin, Craig and Tammy, 21963 Brookside Ave., $603,635.

204 F Street LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 20625 E St., $35,000.

Thomas David Builders LLC to Watzke, Ryan J. and Melissa, 3867 S. 208th St., $64,500.

Vencil Construction Inc. to Kerr, Zachary D. and Cherrie A., 18916 Sahler St., $407,787.

Zych Construction LLC to Ramm Holdings LLC, 2420 N. 188th St., $70,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Hildy Construction Inc., 18310 Sherwood Ave., $58,000.

Olsen, Thomas J. and Jamie to Black, Scott R. and Laura E., 21813 Daylily Circle, $845,000.

Paradise Homes Inc. to Badanahatti, Ramesh P. and Radhika R., 1602 S. 207th St., $377,899.

Llewellyn, Ricky and Karan to Hurst, Scott D. and Kumiko, 5713 S. 239th St., $630,000.

Brobst, Daniel and Amy to James H. & Denice A. Mitchell Revocable Trust, 20035 Farnam St., $269,100.

Dave Paik Builders Inc. to Vemula, Karthik and Katabathini, Sandya, 2403 N. 186th St., $412,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Susan M. Hohman Revocable Trust, 1206 Elk Ridge Drive, $500,000.


Olson, Justin and Amber to Hazlewood, Jay and Stefani, 150 Ginger Cove Road, $525,000.

Glassman, Sean P. to Wolfe, Jason R. and Tammy J., 7408 N. 279th St., $437,000.

James S. & Judy K. McCoy 1997 Trust to Olson, Justin and Amber, 89 Ginger Cove Road, $556,000.

Coenen, Shawn and Julie to Zabawa, Michael John and Sandra, 26832 Taylor Circle, $583,500.


Housley, John R. and Carmen to D&E Investments LLC, 23920 Cedar Hollow Mall, $140,000.


Ross, Gloria P. and Terry D. to Budler, Jeffrey J. and Ann M., 300 S. 16th St., $99,999.


Drown, Mark A. and Gayla S. to Thompson, Timothy R. and Mabree A., 6060 Fowler Ave., $110,000.

Lamoureux, Stephen J. and Shelby to Widhalm, Amy T. and Peter, 4535 Seward St., $85,000.

Thompson, Thomas R. and Janice M. to Risper, Trent, 5721 Spaulding St., $101,000.

Dugan, Christina L. and Gerald to Dueland, Neal and Laura, 2535 N. 63rd St., $165,000.

Baye, Kathryn E. to Nielsen, Robert and Hayley, 5416 Parker St., $160,500.

Kloos, Angela Christine and Benjamin to Darisco Properties LLC, 6755 Seward St., $72,500.

Tepper, David J. and Blackney-Tepper, Rachel E. to Pomeroy, Suzanne, 2336 N. 50th Ave., $217,000.

McKown, Megan to Wilson, Carly, 3810 N. 65th Ave., $156,000.

Borsh, Frank, personal representative of Donahue, Dennis O. estate, to Ford, Brent R., 2320 N. 65th St., $55,000.

Nereus Land Holdings LLC to 11T NE LLC, 5012 N. 46th St., $34,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to LCT Homes LLC, 5353 N. 47th St., $68,000.

Zimmerman, Lisa M. to Sikorski, Jonathon and Meredith, 1908 N. 58th St., $235,000.


Harrison, Elizabeth K. and Robert to Smith, Regan, 4411 Mayberry St., $140,000.

Corden, Ceara to Polson, Brian L., 2611 S. 35th Ave., $126,000.

HBI LLC to 2424 M Street LLC, 2543 Rees St., $48,000.

Catholic Charities cf Winona, conservator for Schuett, Henry R. estate, to Streetcar 7 Properties LLC, 917 S. 33rd St., $71,500.

Dunn, John C. to Pena, Justin and Paige, 4328 Marcy St., $135,000.

Thompson, Kenneth L. and Corley, Barry R. to Svatora, Linda J., 822 S. 37th St., $218,000.


Catlett, Josie Ann and Brent to Klug, Austin, 2517 S. 50th St., $120,000.

Kaufman, James and Jami to Bruneteau-Joy, Nicole Pualani, 5858 Gold St., $160,250.

Eleanor L. Hasenjager Living Trust to Venditte, Anna, 3607 S. 49th Ave., $170,000.

Michael D. Test & Kathleen A. Havranek Revocable Trust to Kwiecinski, Todd, 517 S. 56th St., $220,000.

Crandall, Nicole L. to 4 Star Properties LLC, 521 S. 70th St., $133,000.

Shaw, Christine P. to Martin, Steven S. and Haddad, Amy M., 5803 Jones St., $768,000.

Daniel & Karen Wolf Revocable Trust to Scannell, Denis and Denise, 5710 Marcy St., $215,200.

Johnson-Carter, Francis Jenell and Carter, James W. to Keys Please LLC, 2122 S. 58th St., $80,000.

Wrieth, Chad W. and Tania to Jacobs, Kristina, 992 S. 50th Ave., $220,000.

Stuberg, Nick to Megan M. Schleisman Irrevocable Trust, 5623 Hickory St., $198,500.

Wrinkle, Landon and Anny E. to Stratton, Megan, 1216 S. 55th St., $185,000.

Clyde & Irene Wengert Living Trust to Barbar Properties LLC, 4676 Oak St., $125,000.

OM 1119 S. 56th Trust and Western Financial LLC, trustee, to Sorensen, Ryan and Prewitt, Leanne, 1119 S. 56th St., $125,000.

Tamisiea, Christopher S. to Paulson, Ryan and Maggie, 1701 S. 55th St., $124,000.


Hauptman, Wesley E., personal representative of Babka, Frank J. estate, to Gutierrez, Jorge Luis, 3642 Y St., $79,950.

Banks, Jason A. and Cynthia to Sanchez-Cordova, Emilio, 4004 S. 38th St., $124,000.

Cortese, Judeanne, personal representative of Marquez, Richard estate, to Lambert, Rene, 2116 J St., $59,150.

Sharp, Robert J. and Monica to Gaskill, Darech S., 1106 Miller St., $139,500.

Pacheco, Naomi R. to Rivera, David Francisco, 4114 Polk St., $112,000.

Bel Fury Investments Group LLC to Lepe-Mora, Hugo Enrique, 1312 Z St., $39,000.

Williams, Aaron J. to Silva, Elizabeth and Silva Rosas, Juan, 5602 S. 13th St., $125,000.

Armbrust, Karl A. and Teresa G. to Gaytan, Jose D. and Ramos, Vaneza, 4004 S. 24th St., $360,000.

Diaz, Maria G. Garcia and Granados, Isidro Diaz to Huizar, Ruben and Rodriguez, Raquel, 3908 S. 26th St., $145,000.

Cudaback, Christina to Silva, Ramon S., 5116 S. 18th St., $45,500.

O & H Properties Inc. to Garcia, Esther Hernandez, 4023 S. 37th St., $145,000.

Benavente, David and Maria to Arenas, Leonard, 4492 Hillsdale Ave., $135,000.

Ramirez, Jesus and Mercado, Guadalupe to Garcia, Oscar Armondo Calderon and Beatriz Pena, 3543 Jefferson St., $85,100.


Avila, Lourdes Lechuga and Gomez, Felipe Hernandez to Sanchez, Clayton L. and Marroquin, Marta C. Sanchez, 1402 Bancroft St., $135,000.

Nebeker, Gary L. and Denise A. to Cascio, Alfred and Michelle, 1435 S. 11th St., $178,000.

Gurney, Peggy A. to Rogers, Denise L. and Yopp, Debra S., 408 William St., $11,200.

Chacon, Maria De La Luz to Chacon Hernandez, Miguel Angel, 2313 S. 20th St., $42,400.

Chacon Hernandez, Miguel Angel and Aguilar, Maria Adriana Valdez to Taqueria El Rey III LLC, 2313 S. 20th St., $76,000.

Greene Acres Property Management LLC to Orange Investments LLC, 2220 S. 10th St., $101,000.

Dostal Estates LLC and Yazowski, Robert to General Business Solutions Inc., 401 William St., $47,500.

Kellogg, Jason Matthew and Monica L. to Olson, Erik Lloyd, 2222 S. 14th St., $310,000.

Lucas, Keith A. and Amy M. to Ziebarth, Allan M., 1702 S. 10th St., $180,000.

JVT LLC to Oline Properties LLC, 3628 S. 24th St., $265,000.

Antonio, Eulalia Miguel to Kehud Royal Estates LLC, 1824 Martha St., $47,500.

Gomez, Emilia to Gintz, James D. and Kathryn M., 2301 Castelar St., $137,000.


4-T Irrevocable Trust to Wright, Latonya, 1905 Spencer St., $10,600.

Woodruff, Martha and Larry to Martinez, Suriel, 1604 Laird St., $15,000.

Nolan, Frederick to Kehud Royal Estates LLC, 2511 N. 18th St., $48,000.

Mr G. Properties to Jobson, Bryan and Oliva, Gloria Chavez, 1514 Willis Ave., $30,000.

Mr G. Properties to Jobson, Bryan and Oliva, Gloria Chavez, 1509 Willis Ave., $20,000.

Moore, JT and Adams, Minnie B. to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc., 3926 N. 21st St., $32,000.

Pittman, Maggie L. and Porter to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha, 3926 N. 21st St., $33,000.

ITM LLC to Fleetwood Investments LLC, 3303 N. 20th Court, $50,000.


US Home Ownership LLC to Washington, Eulice, 6344 N. 36th St., $16,000.

Iontach Investments LLC to J. Adams Investments LLC, 3710 N. 36th St., $33,000.

Philmon, Walter S. and Earleen D. to MM Homebuyers LLC, 3171 Sprague St., $165,000.

Gesu Housing Inc. to Saintvry, Betie Altimo and Altimo, Garibaldi Peralte, 4306 Lake St., $140,000.

DTS Vending Inc. to Brown, Steve A., 1513 Military Ave., $30,000.

4-T Irrevocable Trust and Hanzlick, Ryan Tr to Cordero, Yenner Gustavo Escobar, 4237 Lake St., $10,500.

Nagel, Chris R. and Jill E. to Linear Properties LLC and Sinclair Group LLC, 4010 Bedford Ave., $40,000.


Haney, Matthew D. to Workman, Ashley S., 2867 Titus Ave., $79,900.

Chohon, John Shannon and Christina to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 3133 Willit St., $46,050.

Swanson, Mary M. to Haberling, Chris and Lavin, 3128 King St., $45,000.

Brown, Ronald G. and Mary E. to Marisett, Fredrick and Martin, Joseph, 7612 N. 31st St., $82,500.

Rodabaugh, Edward E. to Simpson, Jeremy, 3901 King St., $113,000.


Cody-Ereikat, Sheryl to Moreno, Veronica, 7571 Charles St., $125,000.

Johns, Brian K. and Toni Ann to Pinnacle Bank, 8319 Chicago St., $212,500.

Byam, Irma C. to Townley, Theresa A., 1906 N. 100th St., $378,000.

Kreiling, Brandon L. and Jodi to Ziegler, Ian, 814 N. 78th St., $65,000.

Sautter, David E. and Krystal M. to McGree, Frank J. and Kendra L., 8813 Edgevale Place, $345,000.

Hintz, Debra J. and Thomas F. to Mundell, Melody E. and Johnson, Daniel P., 7770 Lafayette Ave., $130,000.


Schmitz, Derek D. and Chelsie to Vijayakumar, Arun, 4904 N. 161st St., $255,000.

Vankooten, Bruce H. to Schmitz, Derek and Chelsie, 2602 N. 169th St., $385,500.

Goering, Justin L. and Molly A. to Demuth, Josie and Laurent, Dillon, 14812 Sprague St., $210,000.

Lausterer, Anthony D. and Shavonna to Gannon, Mark W. and Megan L., 2408 N. 150th Ave., $253,000.

Wasner, Ralph E. and Erin to Bolding, Hunter J. and Christina M., 2410 N. 150th St., $267,000.

Ekdahl, Lisa M. and David R. to McClelland, Christopher G. and Eden T., 2108 N. 176th St., $436,000.

Rech, Robert and Erica to Kanan, Walid and Adrienne, 15105 Spencer St., $187,500.

Arment, Taylor and Fischer, Molly Ryanne to Wilder, Mark J. and Paige P., 16321 Saratoga St., $220,000.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Larson, Timothy and Pamela, 3001 N. 177th St., $100,000.

Property Plus LLC to Saquib, Abu Taiyab Md Nazmus and Juliann, 17036 Sprague St., $165,000.

Home Company LLC to Glandt, Darren W. and Lisa M., 6228 N. 152nd St., $267,500.

Wilkie, Jacqueline and Mason, Richard to Williamson, Craig and Dilla, Paige, 14702 Laurel Place, $285,000.

Daniel, Taylor L. to McRoberts, Vicky, 16461 Patrick Ave., $170,000.

Aikman, Gary Alan and Allison L. to Smith, Kyle L., 4675 N. 149th St., $180,000.

Brue, Erinn to Incontro Enterprises LLC, 16526 Ames Ave., $222,900.

Dotzler, Caleb J. and Kaitlin E. to Janjua, Parminder Singh and Kaur, Sukhwinder, 16416 Redman Ave., $218,000.

Hoover, Jessica A. to Susan J. Fisher Revocable Trust, 14630 Ames Ave., $127,500.

Flavell, William L. to Dailey, Katie L. and Kellen T., 3104 N. 151st St., $210,000.

Burton, Jon P. and Burton, Julie D. to Wendelin, Dana L. and Ruth M., 16125 Sahler St., $321,180.


Holden, Donald L. Jr. to Dall, Colin Jeffrey and Eckert, Danielle Marie, 5818 S. 50th St., $155,000.

Wilhelm, Stephen and Urszula to Garcia, Jesus and Apolonia, 5205 S. 57th St., $96,140.

Huff, Demi Lee to Bentley, Raelea Lynn and Curran, Travis James, 6102 Buckingham Ave., $115,000.

Hayes-Maytum, Jennifer L. and Maytum, Steven to Dickson, Francis Joseph, 4723 P St., $75,000.

Taylor, Kindra L. to Farley, Tyler, 6820 S. 49th Ave., $135,000.

Jones, Robert J. to Orozco, Manuel Mendoza, 5114 O St., $168,000.


Guyer, Amy, personal representative of Behm, Byron R. estate, to Nath, Steven, 1847 N. 175th Court, $155,500.

Kirke, Marvin A. and Hedy H. to Sutherland, Heather, 15654 Lafayette Ave., $230,000.

Dickerson, M. Hollis to Glassman, Sean, 16723 Marcy Circle, $455,000.

Baricevic Administrative Trust to Robles, Marco A. Sr. and Jennifer N., 15837 Decatur St., $199,000.

Nathan, Pamela B. to Brau, Nicholas J. and Methe, Stephanie A., 15611 Franklin Circle, $206,000.


Sirovatka, Curtis and Chelsea to Etherington, Timothy J. and Terri L., 7430 Weber St., $175,000.

Romero, Edgar to Khu, Ah and Nao, Ah, 6612 N. 78th Terrace, $165,000.

Glandt, Lisa M. and Darren W. to Al-Salim, Bashar and Sarah, 7021 N. 88th St., $160,000.

Wichert, Krystal R. to Agbadji, Gnalestassi and Eklo, Afi Abue, 7428 N. 89th Ave., $185,000.

Bower, Erica A. and Justin R. to Vaughn, Veronica, 8849 N. 81st Ave., $158,000.

McKinney, Matthew M. and O’Meara McKinney, Colette to Hurley Properties LLC, 7511 N. 73rd Circle, $163,375.

Panneton, Derek W. to Sosa, Miguel Francisco and Desosa, Alma Rubia Menjivar, 9014 Black St., $170,000.


Keyes, Elizabeth E. to Fasse, Scott and Kim, 8221 Arbor St., $163,720.

Hinrichs, Mark and Caroline to Cohn, Daniel Louis and Miller, Andrew Faust, 1201 S. 91st Ave., $515,000.

Shannon, Gary Allen, personal representative of Shannon, Ardelle E. estate, to Johnson, Eric G., 9606 Frederick St., $410,000.

Kenneth E. Dreessen Revocable Trust to Raj, A. Nirmal and Nirmalraj, Hemalatha, 2719 S. 96th Avenue Circle, $340,000.

Cogdill, Richard A. and Patricia A. to Hansen, Jeffrey and Stephanie, 10704 Cedar St., $466,000.


McGee, Angelynn, personal representative of Larson, David estate, to Kort, Thomas M. and Diane L., 7819 Heritage Place, $217,000.

Powell-Shipe, Sheri L. to Escobedo, Jorge and Janet, 7630 Serum Ave., $154,000.

Dabney, Kyle E. and Tara to Newman, Faith M., 8010 Wildewood Drive, $155,000.

Minardi, Rhonda to Thoene, Bruce and Clara, 5222 S. 83rd St., $107,000.


Wade, Eric T. and Sherry to Shanmugam, Naveenkumar and Govindan, Prakasam Chinna, 3931 S. 191st St., $235,000.

Rangel, Casimiro to Tichota, Robert J. and Bourgeois-Tichota, Michelle, 1809 S. 171st Court, $237,000.

Blue Key Rentals LLC to Coppertree LLC, 15724 Valley St., $150,000.

Daubert, Douglas A. and Shannon to Huh, Sung-Ho and Ryu, Borum, 20009 Hansen Ave., $373,000.


O’Neill, Gordon and Colleen to Claassen, Shaina, 120 S. 38th Ave., $89,000.

KB Enterprises LLC to K419 LLC, 610 N. 33rd St., $125,000.

Smith, Anthony M. and Anne M. to Taylor, Bernadet, 200 S. 31st Ave., $399,900.

Kempf, William G. to Grace, Helen F., 443 N. 38th Ave., $385,000.

Zindel, Jeffrey W. II to Olivia Rose Murphy Revocable Trust, 220 S. 31st Ave., $264,000.

Kohlhaase David Lyn Jr. and Pamela C. to Coffey, Angela I., 200 S. 31st Ave., $280,000.

Zastrow, Brenda to LIB LLC, 4328 Chicago St., $135,000.


Sparkman, Debra to Dynamic Properties LLC, 6904 Lafayette Ave., $61,000.

Fred S. Breci Revocable Trust to Wiley, Joshua S., 5503 Dodge St., $202,500.

Novak, Nicole R. and Kevin to Pane, Charles J., 115 S. 69th St., $137,000.

Busch, Ronald L. and Phyllis M. to Ward, Alexandra M. and Snedigar, Tyler D., 5111 Underwood Ave., $225,000.

Straub Realty LLC to RAH 4501 LLC, 4501 Lafayette Ave., $435,000.

Thorp, Marjorie to Theophilus, David C. and Karol L., 7064 Izard St., $155,000.

Macrander, Chris and Amin-Macrander, Meriam to Ingham, Marlee and Cowdrey, Collin, 4805 Burt St., $150,000.


Pyle, Sheila, personal representative of Pyle, Michael N. estate, to Barilla, Maritza Carolina Carcamo, 6308 N. 80th St., $137,000.

Wheatley, Hope E. to Benjamin, Marilyn Kay, 10359 Sprague St., $153,500.

Robert P. & Sharon L. Schmidt Trust to Kavan, Paul and Molczyk, Sheila, 2606 N. 96th St., $175,500.

Shirley S. Anderson Revocable Trust to Glass, Phillip, 4411 Crestline Drive, $160,000.

Saunders, Sandra M. to Lwin, Tun and Paw, Mu Nae, 9148 Meredith Ave., $149,000.

Overton, Christopher J. and Lisa to Hall, Daniel L. and Bower, Erica A., 6201 N. 104th St., $237,500.

Jespersen, Gerald L. and Ann L. to Ortmeier, Blake and Kaitlin, 9722 Jaynes Circle, $164,000.

Burge, Tracy L. to Green, Patrick M. and Warren, Casseah E., 8420 Vernon Ave., $117,350.

Michael & Shirley Gude Living Trust to Weinert, Catherine S., 8603 Templeton Drive, $165,000.

Lee, Micaela E. and Jeremy to Rosete, Esther J. Becerra, 9330 Camden Ave., $140,000.

Morillo Sanchez, Daury to Badgley, Michelle D., 8030 Vernon Ave., $155,000.

Ma, Scott to Ruis, Maria D. Pina, 2517 N. 84th St., $90,000.

Galles, Gregory L. Trust to REO Asset Management Company LLC, 9306 Ames Ave., $27,708.


Allely, Chad M. and Kara J. to Sorensen, Kaylee, 19374 Laci St., $178,000.

Hendrickson, Mark and Daryl to Peterson, Scott and Anne, 19902 Tyler St., $379,500.

Kawa, Michael T. and Jaeme A. to Labelle, Benjamin R. and Kelli R., 16461 Drexel St., $250,000.

Daniels, Lisa M. to Honig, Joseph and Sasha, 18914 U St., $175,000.

Red Ladder LLC to Revered Home Solutions LLC, 4822 S. 157th St., $150,000.

Hince, Jason R. and Suzanne M. to Matthewson, Barry and Angela, 17026 Cinnamon Circle, $345,000.

Hanson, Jeff G. and Cari L. to FRPO Investments LLC, 4970 S. 177th Circle, $344,500.

Silva, Christopher and Misty L. to Bleibaum, Jordan and Boland, Alicia, 18770 Holmes St., $225,000.

Miller, Andrew C. to Nienaber, Zach and Wade, 19374 X St., $175,300.

Tweedy, Matthew J. and Jennifer J. to Tompkins, Cori Lyn and Troy Edward, 17816 Jacobs Circle, $233,000.

Strehle, Amonique A. to Gage, Sharon M. and Anthony D., 5905 S. 161st St., $292,500.

Pesek, Alex N. to Gaeta, Seth, 16354 R St., $304,950.

Fletcher, Douglas S. and Tanya H. to Tweedy, Matthew and Jennifer, 5615 S. 170th St., $368,000.

Shald, Brett D. and Cailyn Larie to Rohlf, Nathan and Lacy, 5376 S. 194th St., $190,000.

Wescott, Kathy J. to Treloggen, Tami, 5833 S. 191st St., $252,500.

Morris, Shawn M. and Marcie to Conway, Colin D. and Mary K., 4823 S. 160th St., $216,000.

Perrin, Kimberly A. to Will, Dee Ann M., 6713 S. 191st Ave., $170,500.

Kaiser, Blaine D. and Jessica L. to Omaha RJ2 Rents LLC, 5375 S. 194th St., $168,000.


Knapp, Jeffrey W. and Kasie to Zaniboni, Brett Joseph and Morgan Faith, 14024 O St., $131,000.

Campbell, Barbara J. to Phillips, Kevin B. and Janet M., 13109 N St., $127,000.

Introfiant LLC to Knapp, Jeffrey W. and Kasie S., 6707 S. 139th Avenue Circle, $188,500.

Sullivan, Christopher J. to Ebel, Tyler and Alicia, 11305 Jefferson St., $185,000.

Raymond & Margaret Horky Revocable Trust to Vaughan, John, 12423 Ohern St., $180,000.

Hornig, Robert A. and Teresa L. to Czaplewski, Glenda D., 5806 S. 152nd Ave., $214,000.

Herstein, Russell and Kelli to Hayne, Alexandra, 11222 Jefferson St., $178,000.

Gillotte, Dana L. to Emerton, David L. and Gina C., 10811 Borman Ave., $189,999.

Sulzbach, Zackery and Randi to Hruza, Kegan J. and Pipes, Jennifer M., 6423 S. 137th St., $182,000.

Janice A. Besch Trust and to Douglas, Jessica P. and Harms, Tom, 5705 Oak Hills Drive, $311,052.


Deer Creek Reserve LLC to Landmark Performance Corp., 12915 Reynolds St., $80,000.

Lassley, Sage A. and Ashley E. to Moulder, Charles T. and Shelli R., 10918 Weber St., $171,000.

Petersen, Jeffrey L. and Julie A. to Gary & Kaye Micek Family Trust, 11904 Deer Creek Drive, $492,000.

Deer Creek Reserve LLC to Clearwater Homes LLC, 7920 N. 131st Circle, $47,000.


Webb, Marjorie M. to Jerald J. Brandenburg Family Trust, 12619 Shirley St., $307,327.

Wilhelmi, Joseph H. and Ann F. to Powell, Jeannie, 3223 Augusta Ave., $171,000.

Arlyne E. Geschwender Revocable Trust to Travnicek, Alan and Kathryn, 11417 Shirley St., $320,000.

Tilts, Zachary D. and Shelby S. to Vandervelde, Tracey L., 12512 Crawford Road, $220,000.

Bossow, Paul G. to Mohr, Denise, 12704 B St., $155,000.

Billy A. & Dorothy A. Johnston Living Trust to Bernier, Robert E. and Mary T., 1641 S. 113th Place, $300,000.

LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Nyagblodjro, Kossivi Ferdinand, 11529 Oak Circle, $150,000.

McGranahan, Nathan and Kelly to Gohr, Joseph and Jaimee, 1418 Holling Drive, $270,000.

Ayers, Morgan E. and Austin to Young, Michael G. and Vanessa R., 12409 Shirley St., $184,850.

Lorene L. Jewell Revocable Trust to Tilts, Zachary D., 1412 S. 126th St., $201,100.

Kenney, Margaret G. to Allard, Jennifer and Joseph, 12638 Augusta Ave., $160,000.


REO Asset Management Company LLC to HBI LLC, 5289 Clay St., $191,250.

Regan, Michael K. and Edith M. to Larry L. Lincoln Revocable Trust, 11008 N. 69th St., $250,000.

Hopkins, John Michael and Marti Rae to Connor, Shane M. and Ashley A., 10105 Bennie Day Road, $325,000.

Nelson, Brenda L. and Lee W. to Roach, Lee A. and Kristin M., 6729 Country Club Road, $330,000.

Double A Homes LLC to Cesh LLC, 5307 Tucker St., $170,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to McDonald, Martin, 7507 Fairway Drive, $311,404.


Peet, Carole S. and Detrick, Sharon E., guardian and conservator, to West, Dean, 1118 N. 153rd St., $143,000.

Raynovich, William and Mary C. to Curtin, Lynelle M. and Eugene, 12306 Franklin St., $215,000.

Rodriguez, Barbara A. to Jill of All Trades LLC, 11117 Farnam St., $150,000.

KP3 Investors LLC to Konen, Aaron J. and Ely L., 11807 Leavenworth Road, $318,000.

Hadden, Kayla L. and Wahlmeier, Paul F. to Votrain, David N. and Sade M., 1210 N. 131st Ave., $310,000.

Easley, Gregory J. and Elizabeth A. to Talbitzer, Sheila and Mansfield, Neil, 12330 Izard St., $269,950.

Hutchison, Kevin D. and Leslie A. to Loughrey, Andrew D. and Carissa, 518 S. 127th St., $275,000.

Seng, Patricia Ann and Jeff to Coleman, Madison Brooks, 11306 Jones St., $169,000.

Townsend, Chad D. and Megan A. to Breetzke, Michael R. and Sara M., 1211 N. 123rd Circle, $305,000.

Lukken, Derek T. and Megan to Hjorth, Clete and Angela, 15032 Douglas Circle, $190,000.


Weiler, Timothy L. and Laura A. to Ace Properties LLC, 11712 Camden Ave., $231,500.

Carpenter, Philip Richard and Shauna Rae to Wilson, Moreal D., 12706 Larimore Ave., $153,000.

James & Theresa Preston Revocable Trust to Enloe, Derek D., 5006 N. 129th St., $120,000.

Wang, Jing to Skinner, Aaron T. and Alexandra M., 13310 Sherwood Circle, $295,000.

Mansfield, Neil R. and Talbitzer, Sheila R. to Ayala-Roman, Juan C., 12411 Yates St., $170,000.

Hayes Family LP II to Ervin, Denise M. and Lorretta M., 4918 N. 112th St., $198,000.

Wilson, Randy L. and Molly A. to Earl, Pat, 13625 Ohio St., $237,000.

Gross, Joseph to Holst, Allison, 12730 Yates St., $179,000.

Hinrichs, Justin and Sarah to Henery, Matthew and Arlt, McKayla, 11723 Mary St., $167,200.

Gannon, Mark W. and Megan L. to King, Brenna C., 5812 N. 131st St., $168,150.

Yarnell, James A. Jr. to Himelick, Jason A. and Annette T., 11506 Spaulding St., $210,000.

O&H Properties Inc. to Eldred, Paige and Peterson, Michael, 12946 Himebaugh Ave., $185,000.

Green, Robert F. to Aikman, Gary A. and Allison L., 12417 Binney St., $239,500.

Johnson, Gerald R. and Janet K. to Cooperrider, Nalissa, 5011 N. 118th St., $205,000.

Steadman, Jay M. to Plater, Corine, 11808 Mary St., $180,000.

Moore, Austin M. and Alyssa K. to Tasler, Andrew, 12958 Miami Circle, $182,000.

Molacek, Gilbert and Renelda E. to Cottle, Quintin, 2603 N. 124th Circle, $183,000.

Bengen, Lavonne M. to Blazer, Mel A. and St. Pierre, Ruth M., 11024 Fowler Ave., $190,000.

Sarpy County


Adam Investments LLC to Hurley Properties LLC, 811 W. 31st Ave., $414,000.

Miller, Marlene F. and Miller, Colby F. and Cortez, Yolanda to Fitton, Reggie M. and Michele E., 1701 Sherry Drive, $200,000.

Jahla, Sean Michael and Patricia A. to Sonntag, Tina M. and Brown, Marcus A., 828 Hidden Hills Drive, $225,000.

Vaida, Michael L. Sr. and Patricia A. to Grob, Jeffery J., 103 E. 34th Ave., $222,000.

Anthis, Tracy L. to Gofta, Taylor, 2727 Lloyd St., $129,000.

Hain, Virginia R. to Yoachim, Paula S. and Jeffery A., 212 Bellevue Blvd. N., $275,000.


Carson Custom Homes Inc. to Anderson, Matthew J. and Vacek, Cynthia M., 10755 S. 183rd Avenue Circle, $377,000.

Schram, Rodney K. to Hemenway, Michael and Janet, 8132 S. 194th St., $406,000.

Schaetzle, Tracy and Scott Eugene to Jenkins, Chad J. R. and Leah J., 10713 S. 210th St., $295,000.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Hadland, Harold L. and Barbara A., 522 Brentwood Drive, $378,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Silva, Christopher R. and Misty L., 12108 S. 212nd St., $348,000.

Home Company LLC to Beckmann Jeffrey and Beckmann Shruti, 8136 S. 194th St., $432,000.


Boucher, Michael and Elizabeth to Elmer, Eric and Kathy, 12725 S. 83rd St., $415,000.

Tschetter, Charles John and Lydia Ruth to McDowell, Dennis Ray and Laurie, 910 Hogan Drive, $258,000.

Carnes, Amy L. to Urban Firebird LLC, 604 S. Monroe St., $90,000.

Jeck & Company Inc. to Wright, Darin W. and Janice M., 10216 S. 123rd Ave., $429,000.

Noda, Rickey D. and Nancy Jo E. to Buehler, Van A. and Marianne S., 403 Matthies Drive, $175,000.

Panovec, Kent and Colleen to Hose, Nadine and Daniel, 10618 S. 111th St., $290,000.

Home Company LLC to Fry, Justin and Megan, 11717 S. 111th St., $397,000.

Anderson, Jerry L. and Dianne M. to Szynskie, Thomas D. and Vanessa T., 205 Matthies Drive, $176,000.

Anderson, Ronald V. and Sharon K. to Petak, Francis J. Jr., 818 Clearwater Drive, $191,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Turecek, Joseph F. III and Maria G., 11002 Cove Hollow Circle, $294,000.


Nelson Builders Inc. to Richards, Brett A. and Julie A., 545 N. 10th Ave., $374,000.

Sorensen, Robert Jr. to Salberg, Clayton A. and Regina A., 280 Maple St., $170,000.


McKinney, Matthew and O’Meara McKinney, Colette to Hurley Properties LLC, 311 W. 20th St., $164,000.

Merrihew, Shawn P. and Beth A. to Bootin, Alexander Martin and Natalie, 2108 Brighton Drive, $170,000.

Emeott, Timothy J. and Teresa F. to Pearson, James D. and Christy R., 13810 S. 42nd Ave., $205,000.

Perry, Patricia W. to Garcia, Manuel, 9910 S. 10th St., $180,000.

Brown, Danley W. and Duen A. to Hotz, Anna and Joshua, 3739 Pinehill Road, $170,000.

Nicholson, Corrine J. to Albers, Debra A., 13422 S. 35th Ave., $180,000.

Fowler, Michael L. and Ashlee A. to Vanleuven, Cody Z. and Todd, Shelby M., 13202 S. 33rd St., $175,000.

Jungers, Alvin P. and Kimberley A. to Gates, Kelly R. and Chandler Gates, Erika G., 2804 Yorktown St., $245,000.

Grams, Scott W. to Seager, Payton D., 833 Bordeaux Ave., $175,000.

Piazza, Matthew Mayes and Ulrike Sophie to Hunter, Alexis and Dustin, 13518 Westport Circle, $185,000.

Gilbert, Michael and Amy to Price, Joann M. and William L., 3417 Scott Drive, $194,000.

Hartzell Real Estate to Albertson, Katrina and Zachery, 13203 S. 35th Avenue Circle, $205,000.

Yoachim, Jeffery A. and Paula S. to Hibberd, Joshua L., 3724 Lawnwood Drive, $190,000.


Albertson, Zachery R. and Katrina A. to Rivard, Brandon, 7411 S. 72nd Ave., $136,000.

Miner, Jerry J. and Jessica to Patino, Adriana Lopez and Guerrero, David Lopez, 7757 Greenleaf Drive, $148,000.

Korus, Dallas L. and Ashley N. to Wilcox, Daniel J. and Nicole J., 7731 S. 101st St., $299,000.


Bell, Kathleen S., personal representative of O’Grady Richard P. estate, to Wayne, Emmett and Sheila A., 6654 Crest Ridge Drive, $355,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Moya, Sara L. and David, 2111 Skyhawk Ave., $273,000.

Horizon Realty Inc. to Remollena, Gerry P. and Janice Lyn L., 2202 Barbara Ave., $394,000.

Mengler, Joni L. to Stokes Williams, Charu and Williams, Jimmie K., 710 Eagle View Drive, $204,000.


Krumbach, Greg and Karen to Balcer, John R. and Paige D., 9609 S. 179th St., $285,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Campbell, Alexander and Christine, 8505 S. 169th St., $289,000.

Balcer, John R. and Paige D. to Harris, Michael D. and Celeste H., 18911 Margo St., $288,000.

Neiman, Brice A. and Cecilia to Lahman, Dustin and Sarah, 18613 Chandler St., $328,000.

Lahman, Dustin M. and Sarah J. to Burton Family Trust, 8610 S. 164th St., $208,000.

McClanahan, Kurt D. and Scharlene A. to Schaetzle, Scott and Tracy, 16142 Virginia St., $220,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Dunphy, Jason and Jennifer, 8428 S. 169th St., $279,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Thies, Nathaniel D. and Diedra A., 18913 Blackwalnut St., $275,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Fisch, David A. and Fleming, Carolyn A. Lyman, 18421 Schofield Drive, $419,000.

Kuchta, Robert D. and Melanie J. to Miller, Jeremy P. and Nichole E., 16527 Briar St., $270,000.

Beermann, Robert P. and Mary Beth to Hansen, Kenneth E. and Jill, 9853 S. 161st St., $375,000.

TGGY LLC to Hagemoser, Cari and Kevin, 7033 S. 183rd Ave., $190,000.


Smith, Judith A. Trust and Rerucha, Mary Lou F. Revocable Trust to Kroll, Aaron and Houchin, Erica, 7832 S. 155th Ave., $158,000.

Adelson, Craig, personal representative of Adelson, Gary L. estate, to Clark, Peter P. Jr., 13814 Virginia St., $115,000.

Nelson, Christopher C. and Debra L. to South, Phillip Linn and Nancy Kay, 13917 Edna St., $230,000.

Mark & Emmy Revocable Trust to Walling, Camren, 15312 Green Ave., $184,000.

Kintzle, Kaylee M. and Nathan R. to Kizer, Douglas D. and Vickie S., 15539 Josephine St., $212,000.

Double Vision Development LLC to Crisman, Melanie N. and Horn, Audrey F., 14918 Willow Creek Drive, $162,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Shrestha, Amit and Nabina, 11506 Shepard St., $296,000.

Nomenyo, Apelete and Gbenyedji, Awoussi Chimene to Schultz, James and Alissa T., 7112 S. 155th St., $229,000.

Dunphy, Jason P. and Jennifer L. to Al Salim, Bashar and Sarah, 8217 S. 152nd St., $163,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Mumm, Jodi R., 11514 Shepard St., $299,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Egeland, Benjamin R. and Kallie R., 11523 Shepard St., $245,000.


Sonntag, Kristina to Fettig, Kerianna, 7709 S. 42nd St., $145,000.

Stoneybrook Estates LLC to Guinan, Kenneth J., 4011 Valley View Ave., $142,000.

Johnsen, Linda S. and Neal M. to Kuenstling, Max V. and Tess E., 8801 S. 34th St., $360,000.

Barna, Robert George and April to Nunez, Armando Valdovinos, 3313 Cherry Lane, $129,000.

Pitts, Jeffree S. and Rebecca J. to Longcrier, Jonathan C., 8209 S. 38th Ave., $156,000.


Shinoskie, Anne and Barkley, Joseph Eric to Jaramillo, Martin G., 8426 S. 65th St., $237,000.

Horner, Maureen K. and Stephens, Cassandra A. to Griffiths, Joshua S. and Bridget N., 8308 S. 48th Terrace, $243,000.

Doyle, Arthur Conan Jr. to Villella, David V., 5303 Emiline St., $172,000.

Fettig, Kerianna K. to Preston, Jenessa Rae and Salazar, Jose Giovanni, 4916 Bernadette Ave., $190,000.

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