Douglas County


Schmaderer, Jeffrey M. and Jennifer M. to Bouaphakeo, Danay and Ann, 15206 Baker Circle, $393,000.

Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 10401 Rosewater Parkway, $39,950.

Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 10501 Rosewater Parkway, $39,950.

Bouaphakeo, Danay and Ann E. to Bryant, Shayna, 8821 N. 157th St., $269,750.

Pagel, Hunter David to Quade, Hayley and John R., 12111 N. 159th St., $210,000.

Sweetbriar Syndicate LLC to Jame K. Jensen Revocable Trust, 17639 N. Reflection Circle, $102,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hays, Cody B. and Heather A., 7166 N. 164th Avenue Circle, $354,499.

Bryant, Shayna A. to McLaughlin, David Jr., 8112 N. 153rd St., $195,000.

Uptagraft, Tyson and Fasanya-Uptagraft, Helen to Island Development LLC, 12132 N. 177th Circle, $147,050.

McCoy, Lee Trust to Lockwood, William H. and Danelle R., 14705 Girard St., $400,000.


Blondo 186 LLC to Nilius Builders Inc., 2527 N. 187th Ave., $70,000.

Pfannestiel, Michael to Dynamic Properties LLC, 3806 N. 211st St., $85,000.

Ramm Construction Inc. to Massa, Peter A. and Chelsey M., 2202 N. 188th Terrace, $453,150.

Shoemaker, Ken and Sarah to Kutler, Murray A., 7737 N. 207th Circle, $580,000.

Burge, Jerod G. and Ann M. to Allen, David Glenn and Cynthia Jean, 19827 Chicago St., $350,000.

Home Company LLC to Neth, Steven D. and Diana K., 19316 Franklin Circle, $353,279.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Cole, Ryan M. and Stacey F., 19603 Browne Circle, $778,337.

GDR LLC to Coralyn C. Burton Living Trust, 18416 Burdette St., $367,500.

Coventry Ridge LLC to Precision Development LLC, 20926 Drexel St., $62,000.

Surman, Thomas G. to Taylor, Eugene Joseph Jr., 21425 Harney St., $205,000.

Coventry Ridge LLC to Bluestone Custom Builders Inc., 20935 Drexel St., $54,000.

Bryan, Gary Lee to Rohlfs, Randon Forrest, 919 S. 188th Court, $255,000.

A1 Built Homes LLC to Ekdahl, David R. and Lisa M., 21871 Marinda St., $1,006,711.

Thomas David Builders LLC to Leslie R. Engebretson Revocable Trust, 21214 Walnut Circle, $150,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Vasquez, Frank J., 5122 N. 208th Ave., $325,862.

R & A Builders Inc. to Gilliam, Michael and Rena, 24103 U Circle, $899,554.

Ideal Designs Remodeling & Construction LLC to Ravula, Srinivasa and Swapna, 1320 N. 191st Ave., $610,000.


Larsen, Jeremiah D. to Shanahan, Joseph Daniel and Michele Lynn, 24414 Bauman Ave., $25,000.


Choice Homes LLC to Steskal, Richard C. and Heidi, 156 S. 243rd St., $250,000.

Oates, William and Emeteria to Maher, Brian G. and Susan A., 534 S. 249th Circle, $750,000.

BMO Harris to Leporis Equities, 23710 Oak St., $108,000.


Kleinberg, Hershel and Cohen, Lisa to Batheja, Ashish and Ludlow, Jody, 1205 Leavenworth St., $398,750.


Ford, Ryan and Emily to Smith, Lucas C. and Rachel M., 5121 Blondo St., $262,584.

Sanibel LLC to DG Homes LLC, 4711 Nebraska Ave., $70,000.

Longboat LLC to DG Homes LLC, 4510 Crown Point Ave., $70,000.

Giles, Thomas M. and Kari J. to Cerveny, Robert L., 4733 Parker St., $101,000.

Brink, Edward E. Trust to Heartland Holdings A. LLC, 6563 Manderson St., $103,201.

MRC Groups LLC to Oo, Da and Naing, 5714 N. 52nd St., $119,500.

Blobaum, Austen J. to Parsons, Bradley, 3720 N. 60th St., $123,000.

Sweeney, Edward W. and Edward W. IV to Griffith, Todd P. and Jennifer L., 6010 Seward St., $126,000.

Meloccaro, Richard H. and Kathryn R. to GTM Properties LLC, 3115 N. 56th St., $65,000.

Cichorz, Christina A. to Murty, Dayton Neal and Johnson, Alexis Nicole, 3333 N. 47th Ave., $149,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Swigart, Brad, 3333 N. 54th St., $131,000.

Leise Properties LLC to McNeil, William S., 4408 N. 61st St., $67,250.

Temple Baptist Church to Stonebridge Christian Church, 2702 N. 61st St., $650,000.

Ambrose Land Holdings 9 LLC to 11T NE LLC, 5042 Pinkney St., $119,000.

Alice Jean Kalina Trust to Boulton, Meghan E., 6501 Military Ave., $115,000.

BMO Harris to Nectar Assets, 5404 Ellison Ave., $146,000.


Wilkie, Sean Cameron to Trejo, Ruperto and Hernandez, Maria G., 3228 S. 39th St., $135,000.

Whittaker, Brian R. and Naomi M. to Lautt, Tracy, 3223 S. 39th St., $134,000.

Pederson, Pachel A. to Sanchez, Sergio, 2838 S. 35th St., $160,000.

Jones, John F. and Patricia A. to Monroe, Keely A., 3702 Jackson St., $150,000.

Ryan, Theresa M. to Meyer, Noelle L., 4449 Woolworth Ave., $219,900.


Englund, Peter L. and Ashlee to Tietjen, Penny and Tabot, 4505 Vinton St., $134,000.

Ennamate, Loretta to Montes, Maria Esther and Robles, Nara Claudia, 2618 S. 60th St., $105,000.

Panter, Steven D. to Gosnell, Sherri, 2430 S. 46th St., $115,000.


Gonzales, Albert C. to Miranda, Maria E., 4420 S. 23rd St., $84,900.

Nennoc Land Holdings 15 LLC to 11T NE LLC, 6209 S. 39th St., $51,000.

Lafrance, Diane to Chaidez, Maricela, 3906 S. 23rd St., $30,000.


DN Enterprises Inc. to Navarro, Robert J., 1324 S. 20th St., $59,600.

Benavides, Rocio to Barrera, Carmela, 1920 S. 12th St., $42,000.

Monarrez, Flavia to Herrera, Nelly and Gibram, 2926 S. 21st St., $130,000.

Swanson, Steffi A. Trust to Dee Semin Living Trust, 1921 S. 11th St., $37,000.


McDowall LLC to Chumber, Budh P., 4402 N. 24th St., $130,000.

Bharaj, Dawn M. and Bhupinder S. to Saavedra, Alejandro and San Juana, 2919 Florence Blvd., $128,000.

Vandelay Investments LLC to Fleetwood Investments LLC, 2004 Spencer St., $45,000.


Longboat LLC to DG Homes LLC, 6009 N. 36th St., $75,000.

Avila, Silva H. to Avila, Silva H. and Jesus Silva, 5609 Fontenelle Blvd., $15,000.

Washington, Irvin Sr. and Le’Ryan to Ashley, Derrick, 5711 N. 36th St., $20,000.

KCN Group LLC to Oline Properties II LLC, 3976 Seward St., $110,000.

Brye Smith, Lavern to Rogers, Kennedy R., 2425 Evans St., $45,900.

Brink, Edward E. Trust to Rodriguez, Jesus, 3316 N. 37th St., $25,000.

Iontach Investments LLC to Lake Valley Real Estate Investing LLC, 4139 N. 43rd St., $39,000.

Adison, Lizzie to Endurable Investments LLC, 3534 N. 28th St., $11,237.


Miller, Adrian D. to Sophir, Jessica K., 2898 Read St., $42,000.

Glasser, Mark A. and Brunella P. to Archuletta, Uel and Olsen, Erin, 2942 Scott St., $115,000.

Muhlecke, Jessica and Steven to Vesta Properties LLC, 2420 Titus Ave., $35,000.

Charles J. Denne Revocable Trust to Dean Properties LLC, 2756 Sharon Drive, $55,000.

Queal, Justin C. and Estes-Queal, Abby J. to Healey, Madelaine, 3132 Willit St., $65,000.

Scobee, Denise N., personal representative of Smith, Darla J. estate, to Jackson, Jordyn Irene, 6703 N. 34th St., $105,000.

Steve A. Brown Revocable Trust to Minturn, Christopher W. and Earlywine, Jessica R., 3960 Weber St., $220,000.


Fox, Chad D. and Wendy C. to Zimmerer, Sherri L. and Curt J., 1823 N. 103rd Ave., $195,000.

McArdle, Kent and Jodeen to McDonald, Silas and Mary, 7314 Izard St., $210,000.

Callaway, Alestin and Sharp, A. to Hemmer, Kaitlyn M., 1742 Hillside Drive, $170,500.

Bro Real Estate LLC to Jimerson, Jason J., 7727 Burt St., $112,500.

Mandl, Catherine A. to Treu, Roland, 706 S. 96th St., $490,000.

Dowdy, James L. to Kane, Steven J. and Tina M., 501 N. 74th St., $165,000.

McAvin, Sarah A. and Sally A. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 1004 N. 77th Ave., $80,000.


Gaytan, Lauro to Eckley, Susan Kay and Stacey Lynne, 4610 N. 175th Ave., $255,000.

Franck, Marlene C. to Staley, Walter L. Jr. and Linda A., 14778 Ellison Ave., $265,000.

Bellar-Gentrup, Frances and Gentrup, Gerald to Gotthardt, Paul and Marie, 15371 Locust St., $194,000.

Melendy, Michael J. and Laura L. to Youngers, Margaret Eryan, 3215 N. 169th St., $268,000.

Creamer, David to Le, An, 4205 N. 164th St., $247,000.

Cuevas, Terrence J. and Douglass, Pamela L. to Stork, Katey and Levi, 16410 Taylor St., $239,900.

Andre, Michael L. to Hagler, Richard D. Jr. and Shirlene, 6433 N. 150th St., $268,500.

Stoner, Sean and Laura to Hendryx, Joshua and Lindsey, 2119 N. 167th Circle, $199,900.

Hadland, Robert K. and Kristin to Sonnichsen, Alexandria Kay, 16458 Erskine St., $172,660.

Headlee, Daniel and Zonker, Jessica to Clark, Michael and Tracy, 2902 N. 170th St., $295,000.

Cecelia M. Peterson Revocable Trust to Hanley, Dennis A., 15320 Ohio Circle, $244,000.

Beckmann, Jeffrey and Shruti to Heffner, Brandi, 4215 N. 162nd Ave., $244,600.

Ortega, Natalie N. to Grajeda, Bryan, 16462 Erskine St., $170,000.


Sass, Martin Allen and Karen Kay to Younes, Francis and Terah, 17118 Douglas St., $499,000.

Lassen, John K. and Jayne D. to Mettenbrink, Timothy A. and Betty A., 17538 Leavenworth St., $348,000.

Gufford, Brandi L. and Justin to Quandt, Brent and Jillian, 17566 Parker Place, $180,000.

Sheryl Weissman Abramson Amended & Restated Living Trust to Cope, Guy W. and Britney R., 435 S. 160th St., $289,950.


Junk, Natalie A., personal representative of Scheerer, Freddie E. estate, to San, Maung and Sui, Ni, 6706 N. 77th St., $125,000.

1 Chron 29:11 LLC to Brandt, Madison M., 7616 N. 79th Place, $155,000.

Posey, Richard W. and Angela L. to Baye, Randy D. and Elizabeth K., 8106 Howell St., $163,000.


Johnson, Wallace Todd and Mary Elizabeth to Reames, Bradley N. and Christina D., 9718 Frederick St., $807,000.

Fischer, Mark R. and Constance L. to Patterson, Genevieve A. and Korene, Seamus, 3326 S. 78th St., $192,000.

Ruehl, Kate E. and Moore, Bruce A. Jr. to Schaeffer, Renee, 2321 S. 91st St., $170,500.

Sciscoe, Zachary and Mary to Jones, Nancy L., 10415 Krug Ave., $230,000.

Elizabeth M. Anderson Trust to Lassek, Caitlynn Maree, 8713 Westridge Drive, $158,000.


John M. & Helen R. Kozeny Revocable Trust to Thelander, Brandon T. and Kozeny, James R., 6711 S. 73rd Terrace Circle, $170,000.

Norma J. Fletcher Living Trust to Georgius, Jared Arlo and Jana Renae, 6231 S. 106th St., $259,000.


Moore, Carly to Buckley, Jordan and Kara A., 3142 S. 158th St., $165,000.

HBI LLC to Allen, Todd M. and Tina M., 1708 S. 162nd St., $200,000.

Mosley, Kevin D. and Amy S. to Alloy, David and Carol, 1629 S. 187th Circle, $905,000.

Cope, Guy William and Britney to Carlson, Jill D., 3323 S. 158th St., $172,000.

Keady, Brenda M. and John to Frohardt, Nicholas and Jill M., 18850 Vinton St., $591,000.

Osborne, Terry E. and Virginia R. to Smith, Christine M., 16339 Dorcas St., $185,000.

Argo, Eric D. and Kim M. to O’Doherty, Gerald M. and Jennifer L., 19264 Briggs St., $505,000.

Reelfs, Chad and Tera to Herman, Steve and Nielsen, Gail, 3918 S. 192nd Ave., $442,000.

Richardson, Rodney K. and Pretelin Kelly, Consuelo J. to Chisholm, Amy, 1711 S. 173rd Place, $257,000.

Melander, Mike R. and Janice L. to Cadwallader, Justin W. and Small, Eva R., 1611 S. 170th St., $250,000.


Sheldon, John to Marinus, Brian C., 134 N. 35th St., $223,000.

East Campus Realty LLC to Engler, Robert Klein, 220 S. 31st Ave., $194,900.

Rubin, Ron and Halpine, Kathleen to 4413 Cali LLC, 4413 California St., $50,000.

Shawhan Properties-One LLC to Stunkard, Cole and Kresnik, James D., 204 N. 35th Ave., $110,000.

Beck, Justin M. and Jonathan R. to Rubin, Ron and Halpine, Kathleen Clare, 3000 Farnam St., $70,000.


Barnes Interior Remodeling LLC to Fisher, Suzanne, 6617 Glenwood Road, $360,000.

Nadine Johannes Trust to Amsd LLC, 5119 Underwood Ave., $75,000.

Buller, Wesley Alan and Laurie Ellen to Annarino, Sarah, 5017 Burt St., $389,900.

Blazek, George T., personal representative of Krupicka, Otto J. estate, to Koziol, Courtney, 918 Dillon Drive, $160,000.

Talida Land Holdings 15 LLC to 11T NE LLC, 4857 Cuming St., $85,000.

Mark A. & Stacey D. Evans Revocable Trust to Todd, John A. Jr. and Krisana, 5205 Izard St., $525,000.


Womochil, Robert J. and Shelton, Carol L. to Special T. Masonry Inc., 5041 Terrace Drive, $95,000.

Moseley, Harold and Sharon to Pohren, Matthew, 4335 N. 81st Avenue Circle, $179,500.

Horton, Bryan W. to Winkler, Galen and Sheldrake, Robin, 9413 Taylor St., $174,000.

Carter, Louis D. to McGhee, Rickie L., 6323 N. 76th St., $145,000.

Coon, Victoria J. to Sanchez, Victor Pena and Chapero, Liliana Lopez, 5634 N. 81st St., $175,000.

Turnovsky, James A. and Susan K. to Lazum, Brang Li and Nhkum, Kai, 6129 N. 76th Circle, $172,000.

Coppa, Cassandra Marie to Taylor, Jason, 8327 Bedford Ave., $130,000.

Skutnik, Lukas N. and Meagin J. to Hill, Megan M., 8102 Evans St., $154,000.

Madonna J. Runco Revocable Trust to McCoy, Luther, 4906 N. 103rd Ave., $322,000.

Horst Investments LLC to Buckley, Michael and Porto, Hannah, 9510 Binney St., $189,000.


Fleming, Edward H. and Heather R. to Ebong, Fabian N., 19621 W St., $185,000.

Buttry, Ernest H. and Lori A. to Swain, Daniel J. and Barbara J., 17519 Madison St., $389,000.

Schwetschenau, James P. and Lisa M. to Bomar, Kayla and Michael, 18701 Birchwood Ave., $268,000.

Corbett, Lucas J. and Lauren J. to Pfumojena, Junior and Ngwenya, Brian, 6307 S. 161st Ave., $318,000.

White, Deborah K. to Jensen, Scott E. and Michelle L., 17620 Cinnamon St., $310,000.

Driskel, Craig E. and Julie R. to Draper, Roger L. and Mary Kathryn, 6301 S. 165th Ave., $224,000.

Solko Christina T. to Dubas, Dustin and Melissa, 16603 Weir St., $132,000.

Kehoe, Michael J. and Brenda S. to Hatfield, Shelby L., 18705 Borman St., $183,000.

Rolfe Family Trust to Major Consulting & Real Estate LLC, 4962 S. 167th Ave., $166,500.

Garth, Paul and Heather to Kirke, John R. and Eisler, Lindsay A., 4558 S. 198th St., $318,000.

Specialty Auto Sales Inc. to Hawthorne, Bruce W. and Rhonda J., 5040 S. 163rd Ave., $185,000.

Adams, Andrew and Jacquelyn to Smith, Bruce Edward and Pamela Sue, 18669 U St., $185,000.

Keenan, Robert A. and Theresa L. to Thomas, Donald and Mical P., 4912 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $355,000.

Introfiant LLC to Rich, Christopher, 16428 Jefferson St., $198,000.

Dodge, Tammie J. to Larsen, Ryan L. and Kristin L., 19468 T St., $162,500.


Higgins, Tony L. and Lori K. to Taft, Ryan Michael and Calledo Taft, Aibigyl Jeanice, 12912 Old Cherry Road, $245,000.

Team Properties Inc. to Smith, Gregory J. and Sharon L., 4605 S. 149th St., $233,000.

Moore, Douglas R. and Laci K. to Valente, Nicholas Cosimo and Toner, Rachel Rose, 5626 Oak Hills Drive, $290,000.

Briley, Shane and Amie to Smith, Steve M., 15026 Patterson Circle, $250,000.

Ziegenfuss, Cameron M. and Stephanie to Bain, Lester J. and Mary Lea, 4359 S. 146th St., $215,000.

Wyant, Lewis A. and Sharon Kay to Charles R. Heaton Living Trust, 13814 Polk Circle, $103,300.

Ficenec, Brandon L. to Erickson, Ted, 12416 Anne St., $186,900.

Cunningham, June C. to Pestryakova, Larissa, 6381 S. 139th Avenue Circle, $140,000.

Heravi, Younus M. and Amena to Shadman, Mohammad Wasiq and Hafiza, 4510 S. 145th St., $185,000.


Gordon & Reba Humbert Living Trust to Baumann, Mark and Jane, 11781 Whitmore St., $420,000.

Monroe, Amber to Pfeifer, Brian J., 7478 N. 139th St., $173,000.

Johnson, Brandon J. and Kristina M. to Newton, Bryan and Balogh, Arlette, 7059 N. 142nd St., $237,500.


Matrov, Kosta Nikolov and Matrova, Elza Gueorgieva to Stratton, Blaine L. and Nika S., 14465 Spring Circle, $217,500.

Bowen, Richard R. and Brentleigh L. to Ahlers, Rebecca Arlene and Scot Richard, 2149 S. 113th Ave., $210,000.

Lawson, Sarah Faye and Fola to Soole, Jonathan Taylor, 2818 S. 117th St., $156,000.

Grant, Connie R., personal representative of Jacobsen, Evelyn N. estate, to Steelman, Lacy, 13475 Frederick St., $140,000.

Hendrickson, Jonathan Mark and Jennifer Lynne to Woita, Kendall K., 13648 Atwood Ave., $182,000.

Michael & Laurie Richards Revocable Trust to Weidner, Raymond J. and Porter, Chelsea C., 10925 Hascall St., $182,500.

Slingwine, Richard A. and Anne E. to Bojanski, Nicholas and Michaela, 14716 Frances Circle, $268,000.


Dynamic Properties LLC to Schieffer, Ronald H. Jr., 6406 Newport Ave., $100,000.

Frazer, Robert C. to Egr, Michael M. and Joy O., 4656 Willit St., $185,000.

Witte, Jerry L. and Doris L. to McClelland, John R. and Lois R., 9029 Raven Oaks Drive, $269,000.


Ubbinga, Gwendolyn to Tweedy, Norman L. and Mary Jane, 10964 Marcy Place, $214,500.

Nathan, Patrick and Kelsey to Derisson, Desir Jr. and Katherine Anne, 15306 Lafayette Ave., $242,000.

Peterson, Troy and Lindsay to Paczosa, Dylan and Makala, 15395 Hamilton St., $249,900.


McCoy, Luther C. to Al-Salim, Bashar and Sarah, 4812 N. 109th St., $165,000.

R & B Properties LLC to Smith, Arnitria, 12211 Erskine Circle, $205,000.

Lucinda R. Carroll Revocable Trust to Dawson, Jehramie W. and Sarah V., 11735 Sunburst St., $170,000.

Johnson, Stephen R. and Grote Johnson, Lorraine M. to Hezel, Patricia J., 5017 N. 115th St., $216,000.

Union, Buffi L. to Kuhl, Eric W. Jr., 6623 N. 110th Ave., $164,950.

Simpson, Marsha, personal representative of Mayer, Dennis R. estate, to Adair, Marjorie Ann, 2223 N. 129th St., $174,000.

Sarpy County


Bacon, Timothy J. and Kristi M. to Ludwig, Robert, 501 Lorraine Drive, $175,000.

Keller, Margaret M. and Chris to Kielion, Timothy J., 1910 Lindyview Lane, $135,000.

Ross, Carla S., personal representative of Thompson, James E. estate, to Taylor, Robert D., 2611 Crawford St., $115,000.

Wustrack, Robert R., personal representative of Temple, James Roderick estate, to Jacobs, Joel M. and Larel R., 1206 Bellaire Blvd., $140,000.

McCormick, Jeff and Sharon to Russell, Brian S. and Shaylinn P., 103 Hillcrest Ave., $189,000.

Jacobs, Joel M. and Larel R. to Bridger, Stanley and Michelle, 118 Kirby Ave., $136,000.

Wallar, Amanda K. to Ashley, Kara B., 608 Laurel Drive, $195,000.


Fools Inc. to Gould, Jeffery A. and Patricia R., 7902 S. 194th St., $345,000.

Home Company LLC to Curry, Helen and Dominguez, Michael, 7709 S. 194th Ave., $330,000.

Schumacher, Cindy to Hess, Janice C., 502 N. Park Drive, $167,000.

Zikas, Erica L. to Dodge, Tammie J., 19814 Birch St., $314,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Chambers, Benjamin R., 21014 Castlerock Lane, $262,000.

Desautels, Jaime D. and Shayla to Homan, Amanda J., 11308 S. 210th Ave., $214,000.

Burke, Tami J. and David to Jansen, Larry, 17104 Jessica Lane, $42,000.


Paschal, James J. and Amy C. to Metzger, Andrew, 310 Overland Trail, $175,000.

Zuehlke, Guthrie W. and Rhana L. to Holdsworth, Brian and Anna, 10621 S. 112th St., $300,000.

Wehry, Brian L. and Natalie Marie to White, Sarah A., 2119 Corn Drive, $185,000.

Grosz, Gary C. and Melissa A. to Darden, Dalton S. and Jessica D., 1914 Walnut Circle Drive, $293,000.

Padilla, Daniela R. and Manriquez Martinez, Gerson G. and Padilla, Carolina R. and Daniel A. to Maris, Christopher and Talisa A., 600 S. Harrison St., $130,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Sky Properties LLC, 903 Donegal Circle, $153,000.

Grace, Thomas F. and Lisa D. to Lynam, Thomas and Donna, 505 W. Perry St., $165,000.

Stanley, Scott T. and Stefanie to Ziegler, Jeremy J. and Karen M., 646 Bailey Drive, $385,000.

Holmquist, Tony L. to Brokofsky, Roderick L. and Ellen E., 505 W. Centennial Road, $285,000.

Hernandez, Olga M. and Pombrio, Stephanie M. to Szynskie, Thomas and Vanessa, 724 Beadle St., $130,000.

Davis, Jack Daniel II and Jacquelyn Grace to Krieger, Tyler and Lauren, 805 Clearwater Drive, $190,000.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Faith, Scott A. and Marisa L., 11514 Schirra St., $425,000.

Rumleanschi, Mihail and Pierce, Stacey to Taggart, James J. and Joanne B., 2308 S. Mineral Drive, $222,000.

Baranko Construction to Powers, Cory Gene and Shannon Dee, 11515 S. 110th St., $430,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hoachlander, Ian M. and Alexandra L., 14905 S. 22nd St., $321,000.

Liberty Land LLC to Lane Building Corp, 12311 Quail Drive and 12024 S. 44 St., $109,000.

Howard, Joseph C. and Amy E. to Highbargin, Lowell Q. R. and Megan E., 14117 S. 34th St., $233,000.

Peters, Troy and Kortney Renee to Buman, Melissa S., 14101 S. 18th St., $240,000.

Crane, Christopher J. and Marianne to Lowe, Christina L. and Dennis C., 2703 Sheridan Road, $230,000.

Sullivan, Heather Lee and Mark to Root, Tiffany, 3308 Granada Parkway, $168,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Franquez, Paul V. and Terry L., 14711 S. 24th St., $328,000.

Chucta, Christopher J. and Lawren to Bass, Bradley A., 9707 S. 28th St., $261,000.

Clint, Aaron M. and Melissa J. to Mathew, Nisha, 14415 S. 29th St., $219,000.

Alvarado, Robert E. to Gonzalez, Tania and Gonzalez Castillo, Victor Manuel, 13902 S. 42nd Ave., $215,000.

Stallsworth, Ryan L. and Brandie to Thomaston, William, 3718 Burr Oak Drive, $200,000.

Davis, Robert Hayes Jr., administrator of Davis, Robert H. estate, to Denstad, Paul and Stephanie, 2810 Ponderosa Drive, $155,000.


Nelson, Stacie L. and Bradley L. to Hackett, Blake and Jessica, 8510 S. 101st St., $335,000.

Noble, Jon and Gayle to Hulsebus, David Brent, 7212 S. 71st Ave., $107,000.

Behr, David A. and Joyce A. to Dawson, Laura D., 7345 S. 69th St., $123,000.

Grant, Teresa to Douglas, Steven K. and Norma, 7191 Thorn Apple Lane, $285,000.

Faulkner, Daniel J. and Clara E. to Phillips, Rickie D., 7355 La Vista Drive, $110,000.

Winters, Donald J. Trust and Stoddard, Jacelyn B. Trust to Atkinson, Hugh M.K. and Linda M., 7416 S. 85th St., $120,000.

Williams Enterprises LLC to Slobodnik, Tracy P., 7432 La Vista Drive, $108,000.


Rogers Construction Inc. to Hermosillo, Jose, 9310 S. 71st Ave., $310,000.

Barr Homes Inc. to Chavis, Joe N. II and Shawnta T., 13708 S. 51st St., $439,000.

Spear, Blaine J. and Van Rilland, Ingeborg Kim Zandee to Napo, Fare and Nyabuony, 614 Rosewood Ave., $196,000.

Pilcher, Katie and Wayne to Widman, John and Jerri, 1904 Franklin Drive, $245,000.

Pittman, Amy K. and Daniel E. to Cummings, Brendan, 4609 Clearwater Drive, $232,000.


River Oaks Development LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 7813 S. 184th Terrace, $35,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Lewis, Anne, 16852 Portal St., $261,000.

Kiss, Michael J. and Jessica L. to Heckman, Kristen and Derek, 16120 Cottonwood Ave., $178,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Klein, Janet and Marc, 16859 Aurora St., $262,000.

Boro, Theodore and Sheryl to Omaha RJ2 Rents LLC, 15814 Willow St., $174,000.

Kramer, Anne P. to Kramer, Anne P. and Myers, Roy L., 16625 Josephine St., $110,000.

Vest, Todd and Sarah to Gibbs, Joseph M. and Shelly J., 18830 Josephine St., $293,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Desautels, Jaime D. and Shayla C., 18314 Hampton Drive, $360,000.

Beaver, John J. and Nancy L. to Khose, Shailesh and Swati Shailesh, 7105 S. 162nd Ave., $285,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Hoyman, Adam D. and Karen L., 16902 Greenfield St., $316,000.

Mayfield, Denae Annette Revocable Trust to Rice, Dustin and Anesha, 16305 Olive Circle, $260,000.

Mock, Barbara K. Trust to Paben, Andrew D. and Rebecca S., 17852 Margo St., $183,000.

Fordyce, Elisa L. to Zhang, Jie, 17851 Margo St., $153,000.

Kreifels, Justin Andrew and Kelly Lyn to Anderson, Danielle, 15833 Redwood St., $175,000.

Liu, Tingting and Chen, Zhi to Smrcka, Jace and Ericka, 7607 S. 186th St., $336,000.


Georgius, Jared and Jana to Stough, Earl E. Jr. and Celeste J., 8805 S. 143rd Ave., $152,000.

Chase, Peter R. and Tracey to Lusch, Adam, 7416 S. 136th St., $179,000.


Torres, Maria R. and Jesus to Terrero, Maura Marcos, 3409 Cherry Lane, $134,000.

Spillers, Ricky Dane to Kucirek, Mary Marie and Caddell Jones, Heather Ann, 7108 S. 18th St., $37,000.


Black, Gina N. and Justin M. to Coppa, Cassandra, 5208 Galloway St., $167,000.

Haag, Robert D. and Pham, Thoa N. to Sapkota, Raghunath and Bhusal Sapkota, Sabita, 6471 Elmhurst Drive, $225,000.

O’Hara, Thomas III, personal representative of O’Hara, John Keeley estate, to Fliam, Doug, 4921 Lillian St., $119,000.

O’Neill, Patrick J., personal representative of O’Neill, Michael Francis estate, to Henderson, Trevor and Mascarello, Jessica, 4918 Greene Ave., $181,000.

Rush, James to Lopez, Roberto and Wendy Ann, 8514 S. 47th St., $122,000.

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