Douglas County


Phillips, Matthew J. and Paula to McClintic, Shane D. and Jamie L., 8922 N. 161st Ave., $276,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Style Craft Homes and Masterpiece Building Group LLC, 9036 N. 172nd St., $45,200.

State Street Investments LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 7236 N. 132nd St., $43,950.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Medeiros, Kokou De, 8041 N. 172nd St., $283,367.

Rasmussen, Mitchell A. and Kimberly J. to Workman, Nicole and Lyle, 8928 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $250,000.

Menkov, Max and Klingberg, Karen to Luhagun, Chandra Buhadur and Bishnu Maya, 15516 Knudsen Circle, $200,000.

Marc David Custom Built Homes and Charleston Homes LLC to Phillips, Matt and Paula, 9019 N. 173rd St., $329,625.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 17017 Rachael Snowden Parkway, $42,350.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Newlin, Jarrod and Mikaela, 7707 N. 151st Circle, $354,759.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Jha, Kumar and Bharti, Kirti, 8230 Kilpatrick Parkway, $294,900.


Failla, Matthew L. and Autumn N. to Corporation of the Presiding Bishop of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 20910 W St., $440,000.

Defelice, Ralph M. and Elizabeth A. to Sood, Akshat, 1707 S. 207th St., $470,000.

Devries, Ashley and Darian to Santamaria, Michael and Rachel, 2006 S. 214th Ave., $658,000.

Heimann, Kenneth F. to WD Enterprises Inc., 3235 N. 207th Ave., $200,000.

Coventry Ridge LLC to Saalfeld Construction Roofing LLC, 6607 S. 209th St., $54,000.

Jensen, Axel C. II to Reider, Jennifer D., 809 S. 216th St., $225,000.

Bedlan, Nicholas J. and Ashley P. to Latham, Kenneth Dow and Karen Kay, 21933 Quail Ridge Circle, $365,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Nallajalla, Karthik and Yakkala, Mounika, 2315 N. 186th St., $346,218.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Kavvadias, John, 4331 N. 191st St., $419,908.

Silverthorn Custom Homes LLC to Wheeler, Steven M. and Linda M., 4411 N. 204th Ave., $44,900.

Riewer, Eric and Traci to Allou, Michel and Antoinette, 1610 Blue Sage Parkway, $445,000.

Advantage Development Inc. to Meyers, Stephen M. and Joyce L., 20714 D Circle, $449,642.

Charles Thomas Homes and TJL Consulting Inc. to Nieves, Cindy D. and Meehan, Jeffrey S., 2102 N. 188th Ave., $450,000.

ER-North Development LLC to Dreamscape Homes and Fools Inc., 1006 Elk Ridge Drive, $50,000.

Equitable Bank Trust to Prime Real Estate LLC, 3603 N. 222nd St., $895,000.

Hansen, Susan B. and Thomas to Castleberry, Anthony W. and Bolz, Angela K., 20845 Roundup Road, $665,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Lemonds, Nicole A. and Justin D., 20603 E St., $276,102.

100 Year Homes Inc. to Houfek, Seth and Emylee, 21213 Welsh Road, $152,500.

Downey, Craig E. and Kayla K. to Robert N. Anderson-Ludrick Living Trust, 19403 Sprague Circle, $365,000.

Silverthorn Custom Homes LLC to Mohring, Mark H. and Karen J., 4415 N. 204th Ave., $284,900.

Blondo 186 LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 2431 N. 187th Ave., $198,000.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Evans, Taina L. and Aaron G., 5275 N. 195th St., $645,000.

Ralston, Patricia R. to Vickie Melies Declaration of Trust, 19311 Franklin Circle, $280,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Waszak, Joseph M. Jr. and Rankin, Angela, 18902 Boyd St., $477,875.

Lambert, Lynn A. and Carol J. to Schoreit, Frank R. and Lori A., 20820 Timberlane Drive, $370,000.


McLaughlin, Cheri to Bassett, Laurie and David, 303 W. Whittingham St., $108,000.

Bluewater Development Corp. to Vibrant Homes LLC, 5903 N. 294th Circle, $860,000.


Plagge, David J. and Wobken-Plagge, Shelli to Tyler, Todd P. and Kimberly J., 24714 Jones Circle, $900,000.

Luxe Design Co. LLC to Ideal Designs Remodeling & Construction LLC, 807 S. 243rd St., $77,000.

Johnson, Jamie, personal representative of Bownes, Jerome E. estate, to Huber, Steven, 606 Washington St., $13,200.


Nared, Debra to Anthony Jane Holdings LLC, 5418 N. 68th St., $50,000.

Larose, Lucas A. and Romshek, Abbi to Zietz, Christopher Mike, 2017 N. 52nd St., $260,000.

Miller, Carly K. and Caleb to S3H Properties LLC, 2304 N. 65th St., $128,500.

Craddock-Hamilton, Glenda and Hamilton, Edward to Ludwick, Todd O. and Ludwick, Julie M., 5116 N. 46th St., $87,000.

Jensen, David and Sherry to Sher, Kaw and Aung, Moe, 5225 Fowler Ave., $185,000.

Webb, Jean L. to Zimmerman, Daniel and Lisa, 1901 N. 60th St., $230,000.

Transformation Realty LLC to Reilly, Pegeen M., 3108 N. 69th St., $330,000.

Buchholz, Jeremy J. and Maureen to Adams, Carolynn, 3345 N. 59th St., $82,500.

DS LLC to Kamysz, Stephen H. Jr. and Peischl, Jennifer, 7002 Spencer St., $164,500.

Killion, Paula M. and John to Allen, Jesse J. and Hill, Sandra D., 2605 N. 70th Ave., $128,000.

Bourn, Josua G. to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 7080 Wirt St., $68,024.

Gonzales, Amanda Rose to Kostansek, Joseph A. IV and Amanda P., 3156 N. 47th Ave., $145,000.

HVAC Doc Trust to Fuller, Colby, 2352 N. 71st St., $120,000.

Ninja LLC to Savage, Shantel, 4547 Larimore Ave., $24,500.

Meeker, Joshua R. and Clare E. to Lafetra, Noelle M., 5116 Decatur St., $232,000.

Qualified Property Solutions LLC to Satorie, Spencer and Shaun, 4516 Blondo St., $27,500.

Geyer Johnson, Katlin M. and Johnson, Tate M. to Markley, Anastasia and Aaron, 5036 Parker St., $305,000.


Legacy Ventures I. LLC to Bevins, Tyriece J., 3619 Vinton St., $110,000.

Boosalis, Bronson J. and Kaitlyn to Kenai Properties LLC, 4331 Mayberry St., $190,000.

Topil, Noah Farwell and Melissa Rachel to Patricia L. and James J. Schrier Trust, 3604 Valley St., $155,428.

Roberts, Justin A. Trust to Post & Lintel Construction Inc., 3011 S. 39th St., $33,966.

Lorence, Elizabeth M. and Synowiecki, Gregory A. to Synowiecki, Greg, 2999 S. 28th Ave., $71,400.


Ellsworth, Ross H. and Patricia A. to Hansen, Amy E., 4575 Pacific St., $130,000.

Harter, Jeff and Mekush-Harter, Amber to Fahey, John P. and Patricia, 2119 S. 49th Ave., $149,000.

Apk Ventures LLC to Parr, Amy, 4679 Pierce St., $155,000.

Vandelay Properties LLC to Jowini Properties LLC, 4929 William St., $67,500.

Zaracki, Jane R. to Cuevas, Eliseo, 6109 Elm St., $175,000.

Vacanti, Ruth A. to Beck, John R. and Hanneke B. C., 808 S. 67th St., $400,000.

Bystrom, Eric and Okereke, Alvin to Marcy68 LLC, 6841 Marcy St., $160,000.

Allen, Dennis E. and Karen to Hallman, George D. and Jean, 3506 S. 46th Ave., $43,000.

Daneff, Joseph Jr. and Alberta to Hallman, George D. and Jean, 3506 S. 46th Ave., $43,000.

Andersen, Scott J. and Eileen M. to Kocol, Audrie, 5715 Mayberry St., $187,000.

Sjolie, Sarah E. M. and Brandon, Sarah E. M. to Sullivan Vincent P. III, 4540 William St., $190,000.


Udron, Teresa M. to Udron, Patrick J., 3924 V St., $91,000.

Parrott, Linda to Stanesick, Tracy M., 6202 S. 41st St., $130,500.

Barrera, Oscar to Salvador, Ernesto, 4360 Polk St., $88,000.

Novak, Patricia, personal representative of Novak, John C. Jr. estate, to Anaradian, Peter and Machuca, Francisco, 3816 M St., $85,000.

Block, James R. to Cahill, Donna, 4118 S. 37th St., $102,500.

Joan I. Fox Trust to Gener, Cristobal and Aura, 3905 Q St., $35,000.


Dornbush, Jennifer and Gonzalez, Ariel to Yazowski, Robert Frank, 2023 Pierce St., $58,000.

Meridian Holdings LLC to Adair Asset Management LLC, 2907 S. 16th St., $63,000.

Wallace, Gregory to Del Carmen, John and Nicole, 3629 S. 23rd St., $159,000.


Banks, Veronica K. to Rodriguez Caceres, Domiciano Rafael and De Rodriguez, Evelin Olivo, 1475 Wirt St., $54,000.


Henry, Carson to Terry, Albert D. Jr., 2812 N. 26th St., $13,000.

Fred H. Horning Revocable Trust to Fruge, Robert Paul, 1822 N. 38th St., $28,000.

Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust to Hutcheson, Doug, 4443 Decatur St., $60,000.

Khalafalla, Khalid and Elatta, Sally to Gilbreath, Joshua M. and Kelli, 3603 Patrick Ave., $56,000.

Commercial State Bank to Fillbach, Jerry M., 4021 Crown Point Ave., $45,000.

Iontach Investments LLC to New Key LLC, 4939 N. 36th St., $43,000.

LSF9 Master Participation Trust and U.S. Bank Trust, trustee, to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc., 6314 N. 32nd St., $45,000.

Marks, Sharon K. to Gonzalez, Ana Cecilia Espinoza, 3516 Fowler Ave., $97,000.


Engel, Timothy L. and Jodi L. to Brammer, Justin and Voorvart, Marjori E., 6932 Florence Blvd., $110,000.

Commercial State Bank to Willams, Rudolph Jr. and Judith, 4030 Redick Ave., $55,000.

Commercial State Bank to Fleetwood Investments LLC, 6712 N. 31st Ave., $56,000.

Lueth, Robert M. and Mary L. to Fleetwood Investments LLC, 2872 Ida St., $65,000.

Frazier, Stephanie to Lee, Stacey B., 7210 N. 34th St., $120,000.

Bro Real Estate LLC to Kean, James V. and Diane P., 3043 Read St., $45,000.


Dhd Investments LLC to Banik, Brandon L. and Karen C., 1517 N. 87th St., $145,000.

Lenagh, Jason A. and Jill E. to Rogers, Steven P. and Aimee R., 8829 Nicholas St., $175,000.

Sally A. McBride Trust to Hatterman, Ruth and Robert, 8203 Franklin St., $126,950.


Harrington, Patrick M. and Mary Kristin to Phillips, Daniel R. and Julie A., 15102 Sprague St., $295,000.

Ferguson, Amanda J. to Early, Gabriel J. and Hannah E., 3905 N. 158th St., $274,000.

Wiseman, Jordan Patrick to Qu, Qiru, 5913 N. 166th Court, $142,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Labat, Daryl and Sharon, 15127 Himebaugh Ave., $308,725.

Strehle, A. Louise and Mendicino, Thomas R. Sr. to Kelly, Benjamin T. and Carol A., 6405 N. 159th St., $340,000.

Vogt, Robert J. to Bliven, Darrell R. and Kathleen K., 14805 Camden Court, $210,000.

Haupt, David E. and Denise J. to Garvey, Lydia, 3315 N. 147th Court, $137,500.

Garst, Tarah L. to Taylor, Autumn and Jody, 16909 Tibbles St., $185,000.

Anderson Ludrick, Robert N. and Ludrick, Sally A. to Beecham, Patrick, 14905 Jaynes St., $260,000.

Nelson, Kathryn A. to Rachunok, Rachel E., 14470 Tibbles St., $160,000.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to KRT Construction Inc., 3211 N. 178th St., $68,750.

Lane Building Corporation to Kotera, Nevin and Anderson, Caroline, 2613 N. 166th Ave., $278,500.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Lubash, Thomas A. and Frances J., 3306 N. 179th St., $523,400.


Kocanda, Jaime, personal representative of Kocanda, John J. estate, to Gonzalez, Yajaira and Ramirez, Derek, 6530 S. 51st Avenue Circle, $146,000.

Adler, Helen M. to Nordboe, Jeremy T., 5434 S. 50th St., $122,000.

Lucas, Claudia J. to Pote Investments LLC, 4514 S. 61st Ave., $25,000.

David J. & Lynn M. Allison Revocable Trust to Mohatt, Sean and Burns, TJ, 4833 S. 48th St., $85,000.

Nye, Daniel A. to Solis, Nicole, 4851 S. 50th Ave., $155,000.

Twohig, Tyler and Julie E. to Trejo, Sarai E. Ventura, 4306 S. 62nd St., $119,900.


Stephens Revocable Trust to Stoner, Laura and Sean, 514 S. 158th St., $237,000.

Straley, Joseph to Straley, Joseph and Tighe, Terri, 17866 Harney St., $132,500.

Kruger, Ivan A. to Haynie, Madonna, 1813 N. 176th Court, $155,000.

Karstens, Brent A. and Lesley J. to Sander, Gina M., 1730 N. 175th Place, $165,000.

Marvin Charles Kent Revocable Trust to Flood, Joann G., 17511 Parker Place, $153,000.

Engles, Patrick and Jeanne M. to Sohm, Brandon and Amanda, 605 S. 157th Circle, $245,000.


Spence, Charles L. III and Deborah M. to Rumbaugh, Ronald K. II and Brenda H., 8818 Wyoming St., $215,000.

Tompkins, Cori and Troy to Al-Salim, Bashar and Sarah, 7008 N. 88th St., $162,000.

Walker, Elaine L. and Terrill A. to Hartwig, Kacie E., 7319 N. 91st St., $170,000.

Noameshie, Rebecca M. and Kossi to Chai, Chai and Paw, Ester, 8745 Quest St., $165,000.

Fisher, Adam J. to Tamang, San Bahadur and Jash Maya, 7326 N. 92nd Ave., $161,000.

Martins, Jeremy A. to Mangar, Prem and Tamang, Dhan Maya, 9177 Weber St., $170,000.

Clark, Tracy L. and Semier-Jones, Tracy L. to Wood, Tyler, 8348 Hanover St., $155,000.

Wilkins, Paul A. and Christina M. to Clary, Robert T. and Connie S., 7579 Bondesson St., $165,000.

Nelson, Ann M. to Weides, Jeffrey Thomas, 7917 N. 85th St., $220,000.

Egr, Michael and Joy to Peterson, Michael G., 10414 Mary Circle, $265,000.

Thoms, Donald J. and Ann E. to Vail, Timothy and Jill, 10303 Newport Ave., $219,000.

Bottom, Linda A. to Honkala, Laurie M., 7720 N. 80th Ave., $153,000.

Baumann, Margaret A. and Yakel, Seth J. to Gajmer, Sova, 7314 N. 89th Ave., $205,000.


Busler, Eunice Joanne to Doloto, Rafal and Kaminski-Doloto, Megan, 1725 S. 93rd St., $259,000.

Clemens, Diane B. to Belling, Joshua and Brockhaus, Taylor, 9720 Nina St., $188,000.

Dunning, Andrew F. and Shannon K. to Rieb, Kathleen M., 3333 S. 78th St., $184,000.

Red Ladder LLC to Miller, Ryan, 8113 Castelar St., $163,000.


McKean, David M. and Lorri to Livermore, Thomas J. Sr. and Ellen, 5005 S. 89th St., $169,500.

Stuckenschmidt, Christine M. and Escobar, Jennifer A. to Green, Scott, 7921 Oakwood St., $135,000.

Caradori, Tom M. to Caradori, Shane T. and Billie Jo, 8324 Main St., $70,000.


Dietrich, Jason to Prine, Harry W. and Marcia J., 19213 Ontario Circle, $370,000.

DJW Enterprises LLC to Morgan-Meza, Ernesto and Loera, Olga G., 1435 S. 162nd Ave., $185,000.

Frohardt, Nicholas J. and Jill M. to Boosalis, Bronson J. and Kaitlyn A., 18704 Vinton St., $679,000.

Ogren, John R. and Kelly M. to Ahlers, Bryan E. and Colleen J., 19511 Cedar Circle, $345,000.

Toni A. Gunter Revocable Trust to Jeffrey W. Perdue Living Trust, 16405 Pasadena Circle, $341,768.

Huston, Jeffrey R. and Roni L. to Witchell, Noah and Marlena, 1721 S. 166th Circle, $275,000.

Kendel Enterprises Inc. to Adams, Richard A. and Pamela A., 3608 S. 185th Ave., $238,981.

Alsina-Sanchez, Angel A. and Vega-Figueroa, Nancy to Grosc, Christopher and Blair, Melissa, 16618 Dorcas Circle, $243,000.

Gamble, Donald E. and Linda J. to Broniecki, Kathleen A., 16567 Pine St., $219,900.

Volin, Tina P. and Garcia, Charles Anthony to Kozelle, Christopher L. and Debora R., 2523 S. 162nd Circle, $187,703.

Buchanan, James M. and Ashley to Horton, Bryan and Hutchinson, Susan M., 2911 S. 165th Ave., $278,000.


Wicks, Joseph and Cynthia to Nott, Graham D., 3000 Farnam St., $120,000.

Kulikowsky, Thomas J. to Olson, Erik Loyd, 4366 Lafayette Ave., $725,000.

Peavy, Michael A. and Rhonda K. to Robbins, Jonathan J., 3033 Myrtle Ave., $96,800.


Kauer, Terri Lynn, personal representative of Medders, Paul Raymond estate, to Howell, Kevin A. and Stephanie L., 6922 Charles St., $141,400.

1966 LLC to Hanson, Roberta L., 6608 Charles St., $87,200.

Zimmer, Benjamin Michael and Kelsey to Plt LLC, 1024 N. 47th Ave., $203,500.

McGinnis, Tyler C. and Ashleigh F. to Downs, Daniel Justin and Connelly, Odessanicole Carter, 6305 Lafayette Ave., $185,000.


Melton, Robert S. and Aimee S. to Kelly, Robert W. and Vaunita L., 5905 N. 92nd Ave., $187,500.

Brown, Theresa A. and Kevin S. to Amezcua, Francisco R., 9105 Grand Ave., $150,000.

1 Chron 29:11 LLC to Fung, Chern Voon and Yuan, Wei, 9635 Grand Ave., $142,000.

Hartung, Jason Robert, personal representative of Anderson, Debra Florence estate, to Clear Creek Holdings LLC, 7955 Vernon Ave., $140,000.

Wilkinson, Larry L. and Corinne R. to Little Malik, Jenna L. and Malik, Jerry S. III, 4005 N. 95th St., $180,071.

Valgora, Raymond L. and Cynthia A. to Hutton, Maxwell J. and Ingalise, Laura K., 5624 N. 96th St., $145,250.

Dunning, Richard L. and Mary Ann to Dunning, Kevin Carl and Angelica M., 4830 Parkview Drive, $157,000.

Shirley A. Lippy Revocable Trust to Rausch, Annette M., 5817 N. Oaks Blvd., $167,000.

REO Asset Management Company LLC to Heartland Holdings A LLC, 9306 Ames Ave., $91,208.


Calvez, Anthony and Brittany to Drazic, John and Heavin, Kaitlin, 19637 U St., $178,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Mock, Charles T. and Kim L., 19956 Polk St., $409,361.

Latham, Kenneth and Karen to Murray, Josh and Emily, 4410 S. 199th Ave., $288,000.

Toman, Mark S. to Failla, Matt and Autumn, 17312 P St., $245,000.

Longacre, Mark E. and Kathleen M. to Davis, Jack D. II and Jacquelyn G., 6118 S. 175th Terrace, $336,750.

Long, Jimmy L. and Mary L. to Feist, Justin, 5626 S. 161st Ave., $300,000.

Taphorn, Kevin A. and Janet S. to Perry, Zachary E. and Bridget C., 5517 S. 173rd Ave., $345,000.

Anstead, Timothy M. and Gretchen to Petersen, Evan Daniel and Amber R., 15965 R St., $224,000.

Feist, Justin to Sturgeon, Abby R., 19507 S St., $187,000.

Huff, Robert R. Jr. and Shirah A. to Markham, Nicholis and Alexis, 4955 S. 167th Ave., $225,000.

Buda, Brent A. to Bier, Donald E. and Karlee M., 19635 T St., $182,000.


Weis, Debra, personal representative of McCracken, Telford F. estate, to Jensen, Maria, 14056 Weir St., $125,000.

Fishburn, Andrew and Kristy to Garcin, Joanna C. and Ruiz, David Camacho, 13839 W Circle, $169,050.

Sue Ann Bierbaum Revocable Trust to Heeren, William, 4844 Marshall Drive, $145,000.

Haubensak, James, personal representative of Haubensak, Karen A. estate, to Linden, Daniel Joe, 12272 Signal Drive, $135,000.

Early, Gabriel J. and Hannah E. to Hough, Justin, 11124 V St., $190,000.

Brumbaugh, Adam to Seagren, Kyle D. and Austin L., 11601 Monroe St., $60,000.

Hanigan, Mark J. to Morgan, Scott G., 11118 Madison St., $200,000.

Edward W. & Jill J. Mullen Revocable Trust to Dodge, William E. and Gabriela, 15009 Holmes St., $176,500.

Mahoney, Kyle C. to Nolan, John and Rebecca, 15224 Adams St., $175,500.


Ruhter, Lon B. and Marie C. to Shields, Tyler and Sally, 7435 N. 139th Ave., $217,000.

Noren, Roy E. and Kelly A. to Platinum Builders LLC, 7310 N. 124th St., $70,000.

Platinum Builders LLC to Noren, Roy E. and Kelly A., 13011 Reynolds St., $82,000.

Chantiam, Clement and Eather to Davis, Paul A. and Martha A., 13115 Craig St., $545,000.

Deer Creek Reserve LLC to Pohlman, Shane M., 12768 Reynolds St., $70,000.

Spittler, Daniel R. to Hanigan, Mark J., 7213 N. 126th Ave., $311,500.

Pfeiffer, Travis J. and Kimberly A. to Tackitt, Raymond and Becky, 7106 N. 142nd Ave., $217,000.


Olson, Chris and Abby to Biz Enterprises LLC, 2215 S. 122nd Ave., $120,000.

Amoura, Buthaineh O. to Kohlbek, Justin and Brittany, 1350 S. 133rd St., $212,500.

James C. & Marian P. Nelson Revocable Trust to Markey, Margaret M., 3722 S. 114th St., $197,500.

Harwood, Patrick J. and Valerie K. to Aliano, Anthony V. and Julie K., 1726 Crawford Road, $349,900.

Hyland, Stephen M. and Gina to Hueser, Josias and Sabrina, 12618 Westwood Lane, $177,000.

Nowling, Stephan D. and Janalyn S. to Hickory Homes LLC, 3121 S. 117th St., $187,000.

Streit, Karol F. and Ivan L. to Wong, Shannon L. and Sullivan, Daniel P., 1228 S. 113th Place, $607,000.

Trump, Catherine E. to Adams, Zachary J. and Arrick, Allyson M., 3406 S. 130th St., $155,000.

Nolle, Sandra L. to Sandoz, Jason, 1626 S. 136th St., $209,000.

Epley, Alan W. and Mullins, Heather L. to Lafleur, Steven and Kelly, 3310 S. 121st St., $155,000.

Scott Hansen Revocable Trust to Molnar Investments 401K Trust, 12404 Pierce St., $147,500.

Sundsboe, Eric Daniel and Lauren M. to Brisbin, Jason J. and Crystal A., 1506 Mayfair Drive, $210,000.

Ronci, Wayne L. and Eileen to Vipond, Matthew and Larson, Amber, 2225 S. 110th St., $429,000.

Kruse, Deborah M. and Ryan M. to Dunning, Andrew F. and Shannon K., 3305 S. 115th Ave., $255,000.

Kobjerowski, Marilyn to Green, Robert F., 2115 S. 122nd St., $95,500.

Seitz, Donna to Stogdill, Jamie and Christine, 15220 Dorcas Circle, $225,000.

Sivinski, Brian and Wakefield, Angela to Glenn, Jesse and Melissa, 2405 S. 135th Ave., $198,000.


Campbell, Thomas F. and Marianne to Willey, Laurie J. and Roger D., 10806 N. 51st St., $315,000.

Troia, Marie A. and Samuel D. to Weiselogel, Janice S. and Arthur G., 6311 Country Club Road, $239,900.


Beberniss, Doris E. and James E. to Brien, Shaun P., 1025 N. 145 Circle, $259,000.

Fangman, Barbara A. to Mary J. Murray Trust, 14802 California St., $200,000.

Jones, Tracy L., personal representative of Jones, Dwane R. Jr. estate, to Harrington, Mary K., 12305 Grey Fawn Drive, $193,500.

McKain, Dawn J. and Mokler, Patricia to Engdahl, Robert Allen Jr. and Molly Hammond, 10817 Oakbrook Circle, $155,000.

Debuse, Kyle L. and Lori S. to Ellison, Chad N., 1517 N. 146th St., $185,000.

Holstein, Neil E. and Catharine M. to Gartlan, David and Amanda, 1006 N. 145th Circle, $325,000.

Hilgenkamp, Brent A. and Brooke J. to Dawson, Ronald E. and Mary, 11675 Burke St., $224,000.

Eleanor M. Wingender Revocable Trust to Vanwinkle, Kevin and Elizabeth, 625 S. 122nd St., $285,000.

Sohm, Brandon and Amanda to Massanet, John and Jodi, 15116 Hillside Drive, $180,000.


Pizinger, Jerome M. and Deborah C. to Naylor, Charles D. and Pamela S., 6204 N. 108th Avenue Circle, $179,900.

Carr, Mindy R. and Kirk to Smrdel, Joseph J., 6703 N. 110th Ave., $175,000.

Meyers, Stephen M. and Joyce L. to Brown, Kevin S. and Theresa A., 5112 N. 112nd St., $230,000.

Clippinger, Mark and Jamie to Heser, Michael and Mahannah, Kari, 11727 Mary St., $167,000.

Palmer, Glenn Charles and Heather D. to Tompsett, Ryan P. and Anne C., 13406 Corby Circle, $340,000.

Peitzmeier, Timothy J. and Aimee to Kizer, Joseph B., 11408 Sunburst St., $180,000.

Glenn, Jesse and Melissa to Whitfield, Dean and Miller, Morgan, 12618 Camden Ave., $180,000.

Sarpy County


Pogge, John David and Elizabeth K. to Weitzel, Corey L. and Kelly, 14 Martinview Road, $117,000.

Vocelka, Joseph H. to Mansfield, Amanda Marie, 2010 Jefferson St., $99,000.

Thompson, Angeline J. and Devin W. to Rivera, Marvin Lopez, 1315 Englewood Drive, $140,000.

Johnson, Cameron Thomas and Anne Elizabeth to Jamerino, Shiloh Fabray, 1912 Freeman Drive, $145,000.

Glassburn, Kevin L. and Wilkins, Sarah E. to Henry, Benjamin R. II, 111-111 1/2 W. 19th Ave., $90,000.

Michalak, Richard to Rhoads, Nathaniel A. and Weber, Mia K., 2819 Greensboro Ave., $167,000.


Barr Homes Inc. to Kohlbek, John M. Jr. and Amanda P., 19450 Redwood St., $374,000.

Derouchey, William J. and Kathy A. to Talburt, David M. and Patricia A., 12128 Lewison Lane, $430,000.

Talburt, David M. and Patricia to Herndon, James K. Jr. and Elena K., 11259 S. 202nd Circle, $229,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Randolph & Sheryl Cox Living Trust, 16860 Samantha Road, $294,000.

Waters, Andrew and Danielle J. to Baguian, Abdramane and Stefanie, 17202 Jessica Lane, $264,000.

Dowling, Claudia J. to Smith, Kipling E. and Stacey A. and Smith, Kipling B., 324 Highland Drive, $95,000.

Saltzgaber, Derek T. and Rachel J. to Ruzicka, Stephanie and Clinton, 20621 Frances St., $193,000.

Hurd, Joseph W. and Kristen to Hawk, Jacy J. and Motsinger, Colton P., 21405 Buffalo Road, $253,000.

Bartenhagen, Lisa to Cowsky, Sabrina and Joshua, 21213 Schofield Drive, $285,000.


Hayes Roddy, Michelle L. to Dougherty, Nancy J., 1308 Cedarwoods Drive, $205,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Hubbard, Josh and Desarae, 10564 S. 111st St., $270,000.

Matos, Carlos E. and Zoraya to Neuroth, Aaron and Laura, 2314 Ridgeview Drive, $240,000.

Neuroth, Aaron and Laura to Lowe, Mary, 1129 Rawhide Road, $184,000.

Greunke, Martin R. and Yvonne E. to Korbitz, Ian B. and Melissa, 906 Chisholm Trail, $184,000.

Canterbury, Terri A. to Lentini, James Francis, 1015 Michelle Parkway, $187,000.

Snyder, Jonathan M. to Thomas, Tyson and Kimberly, 713 N. Beadle St., $122,000.

Nelson Builders Inc. to Purdum, Aaron and Ashley, 11518 Cooper St., $437,000.

Visty, Annisa R. and Fallica, Michael A. to Wiebold, Joseph M. and Anne M., 12215 Windward Ave., $385,000.

Black Rhino Enterprises LLC to Poulicek, Ann M. and Snyder, Jonathan M., 1004 E. Cary St., $230,000.

Nourse, Christina L. to Nourse, Jeffrey M., 2303 Mineral Drive, $210,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Paasch, Jacob J. and Kellie K., 10556 S. 111th St., $292,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Palmer, Jacqueline and Patrick, 10579 S. 111th Ave., $296,000.

St. Pauls United Methodist Church to Wilson, David R. and Paula K., 315 S. Jackson St., $155,000.

Lauer, William R. to Anson, Joseph and Amy, 910 Port Royal Drive, $210,000.


Adams, Thomas W. and Kathy R. to Liebentritt, Jack and Amber, 440 Chestnut St., $275,000.

Burgett, Lanyard C. and Catherine to Kerlik, Tiffani A., 516 S. 7th Ave., $325,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Flores, Weyler E. and Eduimar S., 1917 Canyon St., $240,000.

Frederick, Timothy C. and Donna M. to Schopperth, Ryan C., 11722 S. 27th Circle, $222,000.

Loza, Pedro A. to Ruiz, Jose A., 9705 Briarwood Lane, $147,000.

Waddell, Eric M. and Brynn to Nunn, Christopher, 3207 Blackhawk Drive, $170,000.

JMC Enterprises LLC to Kroeze, Cathryn L. Revocable Trust, 10319 S. 26th St., $168,000.

Silverstone Building Co. LLC to Zona, Dustin and Jennifer, 13807 S. 50th St., $435,000.

Aldridge, Donald O. and Hlebica Aldridge, Hallie Jan to Gillmore, William C. and Kara J., 4003 Quail Drive, $130,000.

Carriger, Henry N. and Linda L. to Sullivan, Heather L. and Mark, 14307 S. 21st St., $245,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Fowler, Timothy M., 1929 Canyon St., $239,000.

Svagera, Cassandra and Logan to Waddell, Eric M. and Brynn E., 4453 Brook Drive, $275,000.

Strong, William Michael and Brittany to Killian, Mitchell and Sydnay, 13529 S. 31st St., $180,000.

Richard, Michael R. and Wendy K. to Vazquez, Ernesto and Rivera, Lizbeth Ivon, 9911 S. 9th Ave., $194,000.

Morgan, Scott G. and Morgan, Vera E. and Galbreath, Peggy A. and Morgan, David L. and Warthen, Linda M. to Oddo, Sarah and Gearhart, Joshua W., 2501 La Platte Road, $321,000.

Starling, Cristi and Randy to Billingsley, Jayme, 3216 Tammy St., $180,000.

Wilson Family Trust to Boxwood Investments LLC, 13309 S. 35th Ave., $152,000.

Badgley, Adam and Rebecca to Lyster, Charles D. and Ciara L., 13304 S. 20th Ave., $169,000.


Riddle, Byron L. and Jenna J. to Jones, James C. and Susan K., 7713 Leaf Plum Drive, $126,000.

Kline, Roger Alan and Kimberly Ann to Moehring, Andra, 8805 Bayberry Road, $160,000.

Burger, Brian James and Erin Michele to Levering, Larry L. and Connie P., 10017 Olive St., $335,000.

Brunt, Terrence D. Jr. to Marroquin Barrera, Edgar A. and Garcia, Maria Estela, 7403 S. 97th St., $195,000.

McGee, Shawn and Christensen, Kara to Gomez, Damian M. Jr., 7222 James Ave., $132,000.

Boland, James Bradford and Megan Murrill to Furukawa, Makoto and Bayliss Furukawa, Kari, 8608 S. 98th Circle, $275,000.


Nelson, John B. and Julie Mae to Erland, Angela M. and E. Peter III Trust, 129 Oakmont Drive, $365,000.

Parks, Cindy M. to McDaniel, Teresita, 1806 Ashwood Ave., $210,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to List, Robert and Nicole, 2118 Skyhawk Ave., $271,000.

Jones, James C. II and Alicia M. to Stevens, Emily Marie and Sanchez, Gabriel Estevan, 115 Carolina Drive, $225,000.

Premoe, Iu Dok and Douglas F. to Cobb, Steve and Maureen, 4505 Anchor Mill Road, $190,000.

Gasko, John A. Jr. and Larkin, Kristine H. to Martin, Frank J. and Susan J., 2807 John St., $257,000.


Wolfe, Jason R. and Tammy Jo to Griffin, Thayne A. and Kristen N., 7209 S. 160th St., $250,000.

Red Ladder LLC to Knudsen, Steven K., 14615 Willow Circle Drive, $111,000.

Eades, Cassandra L. to Christopherson, Benjamin Glenn and Melissa Glen, 19072 Robin Drive, $205,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Ashchi, Tristen S. and Carrie M., 18907 Rosewood St., $272,000.

Payne, John M. and Sherry A. to Luedtke, Jeffrey J., 7030 S. 183rd Terrace, $217,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Leonard, James and Stephanie, 18406 Schofield Drive, $412,000.

Bishop, Brett and Katrina to White, Joshua A. and Jessica M., 18805 Olive St., $276,000.

Jarecki, Eric J. and Mindy M. to Czerwinski, Dana and Sarah, 7016 S. 167th Ave., $260,000.

Money, Ronald A. and Patricia J. to Swierczek, Rick and Debra, 7524 S. 186th St., $310,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Bell, Preston and Andrea, 800 S. 184th Ave., $343,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Skoog, Maureen Kay, 8510 S. 169th St., $276,000.


Werner, Daniel L., personal representative of Carter, William L. estate, to Money, Patricia J., 7304 S. 140th Ave., $228,000.

Johnson, Leslie and Deanna L. to Topil, Noah and Melissa, 15352 Chalco Pointe Drive, $271,000.

Zona, Dustin L. and Jennifer Anne to Kyriss, Edward D. and Lana K., 8014 S. 155th Ave., $295,000.

Papstein, Kenton to Watson, Shawn W. and Pamela M., 8506 S. 143rd Ave., $155,000.

Morrison, Ann M. to Hohman, Bryce and Joyce M. and Richard M., 12827 Olive St., $155,000.

Wiebold, Joseph M. and Anne to Butler, Daniel and Janet and Steve, 13445 Olive St., $157,000.

Walter, Craig A. and Kathryn M. to Peters, Holly, 15202 Redwood St., $219,000.

Simba Realty LLC to Carpenter, Cherri J., 9035 David Circle, $145,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Bohnenkamp, Michelle L. and Troy M., 8656 S. 143rd Ave., $155,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Rao, Arjun Chandar Shankara, 11267 S. 114th Ave., $277,000.

Puls, Larry A. and Mary Ann to Wood, Charissa K., 8505 S. 142nd Ave., $146,000.


Selk, Albert H. and Ila Faye to Henggeler, Scott D. and Cynthia M., 7901 Cedar Island Road, $200,000.

Palmer, Brian and Diana to Brunner, Steven R. and Jill A., 2516 Alberta Ave., $190,000.

Sorensen, John and Teresa to Bennett, Matt and Emily, 2906 Bonnie St., $104,000.

Barela, Paul to Guzman, Alejandro Barriga and Abalos, Marisol Barajas, 3317 Cherry Lane, $121,000.


Wells Fargo Bank to Espinoza, Olga and Valadez, Eleuterio, 7010 S. 50th St., $111,000.

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