Homes By Premier Inc. to Ladenburger, Joshua R. and Cassandra L., 9804 Rosewater Parkway, $320,000.

Marc David Custom Built Homes to Mercury Contractors Inc., 8908 N. 170th St., $46,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Pape, Bradley W., 8813 N. 156th Ave., $277,900.

Homebuilders LLC to Uhing, Karlie D. and Hanson, Elliott S., 8532 N. 173rd St., $40,000.

Burrows, Jennifer M. to Kehn, Janice, 8206 N. 154th Ave., $192,500.

Strotman, Matthew D. and Nicholette S. to Wiese, Andrew P. and Brooke N., 7947 N. 154th Ave., $204,900.

Kinworthy, Ryan J. and Leah R. to Thompson, Patrick A. and Seim, Mollie E., 7916 N. 154th Ave., $220,000.

Humphrey, Shane M. and April L. to Kinworthy, Ryan and Leah, 7712 N. 164th Circle, $340,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Meyer, Craig J. and Corrigan-Meyer, Sheri L., 7314 N. 155th St., $317,286.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Thapaliya, Anjan R. and Khadka, Sharika, 7166 N. 163rd St., $289,379.

Marque Custom Builders LLC to Miles, Brenda L., 7104 N. 154th St., $239,460.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Silverstone Building Co. LLC, 17220 Sunflower St., $43,950.

Barr Homes Inc. to Strotman, Matthew D. and Nicholette S., 16010 Craig Ave., $355,601.

McDonough, Kenneth L. and Connie K. to Branecki, Steve and Katelman, Lynn, 15507 Potter St., $315,000.

Wright, Jessica L. to Medaris, Samuel M. and Rachel E., 15307 Weber St., $538,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Emerson, Halee A., 14554 Gilder Ave., $192,847.

Cox, Jesse and Gwen to Rea, Anthony J. and Josie L., 14533 Mormon St., $169,500.

Ryan, Tyler and Slotten, Chayla to Whitcomb, Connor, 14458 Sunrise St., $188,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Opsahl, Lindsay C. and Mary P., 14419 Vane St., $337,523.

Garver, Randy and Hatheway, M. Ashley to Feller, Bret A. Trust, 12717 N. 179th St., $90,000.

Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to D & E Custom Building and Design Inc., 10311 N. 152nd Ave., $39,950.

Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to D & E Custom Building and Design Inc., 10307 N. 152nd Ave., $39,950.


Sherwood Homes Inc. to Charleston Homes LLC, 4617 N. 205th Ave., $47,000.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Maranani, Gowtham and Bollapalli, Hari P., 4259 N. 188th Circle, $415,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to Hinchcliff, Steven M. Trust, 3404 S. 228th Terrace, $275,000.

Chelesvig, Pamela A. to Yoo, David C. and Judith B., 21750 Stanford Circle, $302,500.

Egermier, Marshall to Burleson, Lynn T., 20828 Charles St., $245,000.

Reiter, Candis K. and Reiter Wiemer, Lacy to Van Ackeren, Genevieve, 20220 Gateway Road, $177,000.

OELCO LLC to Snyder, Larry L., 20164 Miami Circle, $250,450.

ER-North Development LLC to Nelson Builders Inc., 19604 Parker St., $45,000.

H3 Custom Homes LLC to Peters, Adam and Melissa, 1910 S. 214th Ave., $663,000.

RAMM Construction Inc. to Onken, Justin L. and Smith, Courtney L., 18806 Sahler St., $420,000.

Sindelar, Milton J. and Marcella L. to England, Wanda L., 18711 Mayberry St., $300,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to JKC Construction Inc., 18414 Willis Ave., $48,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Keedy, Brian and Rohrig, Lisa, 18302 Grant St., $368,500.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Reischl, Jeffrey and Michelle, 1322 S. 211th St., $150,000.

Baird, Cheryl S. Trust to Shetlar, James C. and Marjorie A., 21612 Pinehurst Ave., $350,000.


Hathaway, Raleigh D. and Nathalie E. Trust to Greenwood, David J. and Mary E. Trust, 26701 Taylor St., $730,000.

Eckerman, Donald G. Estate to G2G LLC, 7523 N. 285th Avenue Circle, $175,000.


First State Bank to Rotert, William J. and Candi, 23520 Denton St., $32,000.

Ramm, Ted J. and Betsy L. to Johnson, Gregg H. and Carla J., 203 N. 251st St., $930,000.


Egan, David J. and Mary S. to Wang, Wei, 6246 Decatur St., $163,000.

Miles, Bobby and Trena to Dynamic Properties LLC, 6136 Ellison Ave., $75,000.

Mayo, Andrew and Saidah to Sefcovic, Kevin A. and Rebecca A., 5005 Ohio St., $145,000.

Irish Husker LLC to DG Homes LLC, 4858 Jaynes St., $75,000.

Rydberg, Steven J. and Cynthia R. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 4230 N. 65th Ave., $70,000.

Seadschlag, Andy to Gannon, Thomas M. and Janet M., 4117 N. 65th St., $121,000.

Zimmermann, Marilyn A. to Gamble, Agnes, 3532 N. 56th St., $117,824.

Valverde, Ronald J. to McFarlin, Peggy, 3301 N. 56th St., $115,000.

Arias, Maria A. and Miguel to Lathrop, James S., 2916 Fontenelle Blvd., $87,500.

Clark, Jason T. and Whitney to New Beginnings In Christ, 2003 N. 63rd St., $97,500.


Uptown Properties LLC to Polivka, Dallas J., 923 S. 31st St., $309,000.

Hines, Nathan and Andrea to Elwood, Alyssa and Miller, Nicholas, 4212 Mason St., $153,000.

Marter, Darci D. to Olson, Peter I. and Thomas, Grace E., 3018 S. 33rd St., $155,000.

Lupo, Stephen A. and Katherine to Catania, Tyler P., 2402 S. 31st St., $168,500.

FA Properties LLC to Yenko, Jacob, 2108 S. 35th Ave., $170,000.

Gaytan, Nancy H. to De Jesus Hernandez, Jose, 1926 S. 27th St., $140,000.

Alati, David K. and Gina M. to Lowndes, Justin D. and Bethany R., 1334 S. 35th Ave., $280,000.

Belluomini, Michael R., trustee, to Freese, Adam and Wisnieski, Jayne, 1307 Turner Blvd., $319,000.

Lebranch, Jamel and Tamisha to Kyes, Tyler J., 1021 S. 35th Ave., $175,000.


Ksiazek, Brian E. and Brenda to Ciummo, Nicholas M. and Jane E., 6731 Mason St., $137,500.

Kuhl, Joshua J. and Kathleen to Gorat, Louis N. Trust, 6469 Poppleton Ave., $240,000.

Zgoda, Adam E. and Valerie K. to Bennett, Joseph R., 5023 Pierce St., $163,000.

Sevilla, Aleyda S. to Lopez, Alberto R., 3524 S. 49th St., $174,900.

H & S Partnership LLP to HVKT LLC, 1102 S. 60th St., $120,000.

Heckendorn, Joshua and Natalie to Champion, Joseph T. and Alexandra M., 1102 S. 52nd St., $175,000.

Newton, Elizabeth A. Trust to Grieser, Adam D. and Jordan E., 5611 Jones St., $355,000.


Deal, Charles E. Jr. to Lopez, Josefina C., 6013 S. 18th St., $62,000.

Palencia, Hilda L. to Lopez, Antonio M. and Dominguez, Alicia R., 5230 S. 19th St., $105,000.

Willbrand, Marvin and Santos De Willbrand, Judith to Morales, Ana L., 3512 U St., $55,000.

Dountas, Linda Estate to McGrath, Jessi, 3823 S. 33rd St., $112,000.


Novak, Sharon P. to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 3482 S. 16th St., $78,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Quebrado-Rios, Angela, 2505 S. 20th Ave., $134,900.

Bethea, Horace and Deabler, Jeremiah J. and Donna to Solorzano Arceyus, Mario E. and Lanuza De Solorzano, Zoila A., 1026 S. 21st St., $60,000.


Mosley, Brontelle G. Sr. and Nola to Workknhe, Berhanu R., 2541 N. 20th St., $90,000.

Miller Way LLC to Elmar Nebraska Enterprises LLC, 2224 Pratt St., $36,200.

Jones, George T. and Samantha to Washington, Margarita L., 1818 Locust St., $52,000.


Redeker, Ricky A. and Kelly to Schmidt, Andrew and Milnes, Kara, 4348 Seward St., $110,000.

Harmon, Zachary to Liang, Huan Z. and Huang, Wei L., 4340 Maple St., $115,000.

Sherrod, Jacklyn to Rothlisberger, Jeff, 3809 Blondo St., $28,000.

Garcia Bolanos, Alvaro and Garcia, Norma to Talavera, Alma R., 3307 N. 43rd St., $99,000.

Thomas, Clifford D. to Falkner, Damien D., 2515 Himebaugh Ave., $70,000.

McGuire, E. Michael and Linda C. Trust to Perez, Lilia and Garcia, Glenda, 5336 N. 44th Ave., $99,000.

OM 3326 Sprague Street Trust to Alalo, Abdullah and Haddad, Mohammad H., 3326 Sprague St., $25,000.


Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Cesh LLC, 7020 N. 30th St., $57,000.

Ngo, Hao to Hargens, Helen and Pahre, Seth, 6551 N. 24th St., $112,000.

O & H Investments B LLC to Reed, Rowena A., 3409 Martin Ave., $102,500.

Susemihl, Paul A. to Whitney, Alyssa K., 2552 Bauman Ave., $133,500.

Intercessors of the Lamb Inc. to Bauman, David L., 11706 North Post Road, $204,100.

Black, Leo C. Estate to Colling, Steven R. and Larry, 2438 Newport Ave., $32,500.


Harr, Daniel P. to LaRose, Kenneth M. and Cassie, 9158 Charles St., $165,000.

Kendall, Dewitt F. and Rohira, Ashish L. to Huetter, Wolfgang T. and Deborah L., 546 S. 84th St., $165,000.

Militti, Lawrence M. Trust to Sparta, David P. Trust, 770 N. 93rd St., $299,000.

Reynolds, Karen Trust to Bear Homes PC, 1008 S. 92nd St., $222,500.


Bennett, Susan M. to Gopisetty, Venkata M., 5122 N. 177th St., $171,000.

Brooks, Casanova and Julie to Lucas, Austin and Karmann, Chelsea, 2319 N. 167th Ave., $187,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Wineinger, Karen, 17636 Fowler St., $203,185.

Trimberger, Nicholas B. and Cherie L. to Johnson Spencer LLC, 16853 Browne St., $175,000.

Wittleder, Fredrick C. and Kristy L. to Yeh, Mei R., 16611 Dora Hamann Parkway, $260,000.

Van Ackeren, Genevieve L. to Mjelde, James L. and Julie, 16413 Browne St., $175,000.

Cunningham, Douglas D. and Debra J. to McMillan Rossbach, Julie A., 15121 Camden Ave., $217,500.

Choma, Terry L. and Julie to Rohwer, Travis J., 15101 Sahler St., $290,000.

Stepanek, Gerald G. and Joyce W. to McCafferty, William and Mary, 14929 Tibbles St., $214,000.

Perry, Shawn and Sara to Babutzke, Candace and Manchester, Cleveland, 14806 Spaulding St., $220,000.

McCafferty, William J. and Mary P. to Garrens, Jay D. and Gail, 14712 Ellison Ave., $285,000.

Sparta, David P. Trust to Sjogren, Mark E. and Christine A., 15406 Corby St., $250,000.

Meyer, Todd A. and Lisa D. Trust 2014 to Cronin, Nathan and Suzanne, 14811 Erskine St., $275,000.

Opsahl, Mary Trust to Ludlow, Marvin O. and Karen W., 14708 Stone Ave., $315,000.


Reynoldson, James R. and Lisa A. to Medrano, Jose M., 5440 S. 48th Ave., $146,000.

Richard-Reimers, Sandra L. to Built Right LLC, 5021 Q St., $85,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Rogers Bros Inc., 8531 Baker St., $55,600.

Sullivan, Sheila A. to Darius-Alexandre, Ludie and Darius, Deky, 6971 N. 88th Ave., $186,000.

Gross, Greg A. and Jill M. to Sulhoff, Anne B., 10416 Redick Circle, $175,000.


Egeland, Benjamin R. and Kallie R. to Campbell, Mekenzie, 7903 Grover St., $176,000.

Webster, Brian E. and Megan M. to Meyers, James W., 3717 Westgate Road, $117,500.

Vierregger, Michael E. and Deborah A. to Heckendorn, Joshua S. and Natalie K., 3025 S. 107th St., $224,000.

Westin, Diane M., trustee, to Fahey, Brian J. and Amber J., 9755 Frederick Circle, $730,000.

Fletcher, Kelly M. and David J. Trust to Rupp, Mark E. and Elizabeth B., 7973 Hickory St., $385,000.


Boll, Dawn A. and Gilster, Mary L. to Boll, Greg A., 8009 State St., $140,000.

Mandina, Karen L. to Ellinwood, Judy R., 7442 Washington St., $145,000.

Schmitz, Janet Y. to Kuhl, Benjamin J. and Quint, Katherine S., 6417 S. 76th Circle, $190,000.

Demots, Tamara L. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 5407 S. 80th St., $75,000.

Burright, Pamela K. to Starostka, Makayla, 5119 S. 81st St., $195,000.

Payton, David L. Estate to Linhart LLC, 4903 Sunset Drive, $115,000.


Pappas, James and Lisa M. to Aines, Glen E. and Theresa J., 3928 S. 184th Ave., $357,500.

Moore, Benjamin G. and Kellie J. to Erickson, Alan and Brooke, 3821 S. 186th Ave., $380,000.

Fields, Derek W. to Schmid, Hanna M., 2841 S. 163rd Plaza, $158,400.

Meyer, Joshua P. and Jennifer L. to Kim, Seunghee and Hong, Jung H., 1935 S. 197th St., $285,000.

Cradick, Matt to Adams, Clayton, 1904 S. 183rd Circle, $475,000.

Sorensen, Nicholas J. and Snoza-Sorensen, Zahra B. to Valleley, Christopher, 17733 Shirley St., $322,000.

Guthmiller, Jameson M. and Nicole L. to Engen, Elliott M. and Jessica M., 17238 Woolworth Ave., $272,000.

Flott, Michael C. and Jill R. to Hellyer, Richard B. and Pamela M., 1705 S. 175th Ave., $307,000.

Elder, Richard M. and Stephanie J. to Workman, Russell R., 16455 Pierce St., $108,000.

Klahn, Marilyn S. to Ramos, Robert B. and Naomi J., 16212 Dorcas St., $180,000.


Wolff Contracting LLC to Jurgens, Justin and Eliana, 6791 Charles St., $85,000.

Couto, Katharine E. and Margaret K. to 5 Hands LLC, 5102 Underwood Ave., $165,000.

Staab, Adam M. to Kunkle, Kwin, 5018 Charles St., $167,000.

Prescott, Jana E. Trust to Sewell, Ryan and Katie, 722 N. Happy Hollow Blvd., $860,000.

Jenkins, Joan A. Trust to Friel, Jeffrey A., 4915 Chicago St., $219,000.


Rickard, Joey and Abbey L. to Lueders, Adam and Lynette, 9711 Manderson St., $200,000.

Arandus, Daniel L. and Shayla to Johnson, Christopher and Jessica, 9513 Bedford Ave., $150,000.

Pirnie, Beth and Todd to Ryan, Gage, 9477 Binney St., $137,000.

Cunningham, Justin and Emily to Wilkinson, Richard and Vania, 8505 Boyd St., $162,000.

Dudley, Kathleen and Rick L. to Zhang, Sha, 8462 Grand Ave., $140,000.

Slatten, Bethany M. and Michael to Freedom DH Investments LLC, 8405 Keystone Drive, $140,000.

Hallberg, Doris and Peter to Hollinger, Mark D., 4009 N. 103rd Plaza, $125,500.

Axiotes, Petros A. and Olympia B. Family Trust to Brasch Properties LLC, 2672 N. 93rd St., $225,000.

McMillan Rossbach, Julie A. to Decker, Halee L., 2005 N. 97th St., $169,500.


Rodgers, Haylie M. to Klym, Joshua P., 6776 S. 182nd Court, $110,000.

Iseminger, Andrea J. and Gary to Kelly, Michael J. and Carson, Christina M., 6204 S. 157th St., $251,500.

Christiansen, Kurt S. and Rebecca L. to Starkel, Beau and Heiliger, Jordan, 4616 S. 163rd St., $486,000.

Gordon, Joshua B. and Hollie J. to Caffery, Larry E., 4420 S. 179th St., $165,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Dawson, Shane and Lindsey, 19888 L St., $279,606.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Miller, Kristi D., 19879 L St., $257,900.

Riecken, Joseph M. to Rao, Ranganath S. and Mallya, Kavita B., 19514 U St., $175,000.

Burley, Kylie to Lindmier, Kevin M. and Davis Lindmier, Elizabeth, 19378 V St., $185,000.

Busse, David J. and Elecia to Albahrani, Ehsan I. and Alkattan, Zahrah M., 17519 J St., $290,000.

Evans, Samuel R. and Kristi K. to Miller, Paul M. and Ferreira Miller, Renata, 17063 Orchard Ave., $256,000.

Webber, Robert K. and Legg-Webber, Mary E. to Al-Badran, Mohammed and Ahmed, Aseel Y., 17007 O Circle, $288,500.

Dodd, Dana S. to Hutton, Andrew and Katie J., 16760 M Circle, $287,500.

Wilson, Jimmie II and Yvonne M. to Jansen, Carrington Y. and Brady J., 16005 R St., $220,000.

Jones, Kimberly A. Estate to Bochnicek, Mitchell W., 19102 K St., $169,000.


Sommerer, Kody and Sara to Hewitt, Tanner and Tanya, 6821 S. 147th St., $189,900.

Mora, Manuel and Sonia to Shirk Management LLC, 6306 S. 108th Ave., $170,000.

Korb, William D. to BPN Investments LLC, 6107 S. 151st St., $154,000.

Ovens, Russel A. and Michelle E. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 5811 S. 113th St., $100,000.

Betka, Karina J. and Travis to Hulke, Connor J. and Dillon, Brooke E., 5618 Borman Ave., $170,000.

Kershaw, Stephen V. and Rong to Reel Properties LLC, 15336 Drexel Circle, $149,000.

Steffes, Paul and Ronette to Garcia, Jamie L. and Curtis, Collyn L., 15013 G Circle, $210,000.

H & S Partnership LLP to Kerr, Allan R. and Kenna L., 14712 Weir St., $180,000.

Collins, Roland and Mae R. to Collins, Andrea M., 13716 V Circle, $120,000.

Moore, Darryl K. Sr. and Lisa A. to Svendsen, Sam, 13570 Berry Circle, $175,000.

Barlow, Kay L. to Schumacher, Kelli, 12730 Gail Plaza, $115,000.

Chrastil, Timothy J. to Knudsen, Kimberly A., 12630 Bartels Drive, $158,900.

NVESTCO LLC to Degante Reyna, Pedro and Carlos, 12206 Orchard Ave., $118,600.

Gonzalez, Luis F. and Riggs Gonzalez, Tina M. to Tot, Bidong Y. and Victoria M., 11312 Z St., $172,000.

Great Western Bank to O & H Properties Inc., 12148 Sandra Lane, $90,751.


Lewis-Starostka Inc. to Bailey, Gary L. and Holstein, Sarah A., 12509 Read St., $50,900.

GW Tackett Inc. to Dave Paik Builders Inc., 12365 Potter Circle, $75,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Kelly, Steven W. II and Ann E., 11826 Whitmore St., $381,720.


Alspach, Joshua to Rochford, Quinn M., 3567 S. 121st Ave., $163,000.

O’Brien, Dolores A. to McManus, Laura A., 2909 S. 122nd St., $101,000.

Scott, Catherine M. to Sorum, Mathew and Erdinc, Hande, 2618 S. 152nd Circle, $218,000.

Monaghan, Michael S. to Schweitzer, Mark and Yanovytska, Svitlana, 2611 S. 152nd Circle, $222,000.

Sprouse, Lisa and Ben to McNulty, Michael P., 12727 A St., $135,000.

Sweetbriar IV LLC to Stuehm, Jonathan L., 12706 Woolworth Ave., $181,925.

LaPier, Deborah J. Estate to Freye, Edwin J. Jr., 11360 Gold St., $90,000.


Larkin, Cheryl M. to Hoing, Francis and Thomas, Ann, 729 S. 153rd Circle, $185,000.

McCarthy-Buban, Marietta L. to McClure, Scott and Amy, 204 S. 118th St., $215,000.

Elliott, Christopher W. and Jessica L. to Perkons, Aaron and Ashley, 1874 N. 152nd Plaza, $175,000.

Nebraska Properties LLC to Gaene Investments LLC, 15010 Davenport Circle, $145,000.

Hanscom Homes LLC to Seeley, Jeffrey and Telia, 12362 Burt St., $125,000.

Thomas, Lynette M. to Iske, Patricia A., 11937 Miracle Hills Drive, $109,500.

Goette, Richard A. and Candace J. to Cervantes, Bibiana, 1041 N. 145th Circle, $247,000.


Gibilisco, Michael and Jacquelyn to Labedz, Robert L. and Paulette K., 6622 N. 142nd St., $209,000.

Viswanathan, Krishnamurthy and Jeyanthi to Johnson, Ryan D. and Allison L., 5141 N. 135th Ave., $280,000.

Rajan, Sandeep K. and Saxena, Namrata to Rathbun, Eric C., 4913 N. 126th Ave., $169,000.

Rabiei, Shahnaz-Husain A. to Serhan, Nizar A. and Mroue-Sergan, Omayma N., 2908 N. 120th Avenue Circle, $187,500.

Combs, Dale R. to Auxier, James E., 2706 N. 122nd Circle, $155,000.

Plath, Bruce A. and Deanna L. to Plath, Austin B. and Loth, Jennifer N., 13031 Browne Circle, $143,000.

Gralheer, Brandon and Kristina M. to Hansen, Jacob W., 12731 Nebraska Ave., $175,000.

Creamer, Whitney E. and Knox, Whitney E. to Hinman, Matthew J., 11641 Spaulding St., $130,000.

Allen, Stanley R. and Jane E. to Malashock, Andrew J. and Nieman, Kimberly R., 11469 Nebraska Circle, $225,000.

Snyder, Tiffany L. to Knutson, Kyle D., 11265 Martin Ave., $160,000.

Honke, Craig I. to Macholan, Ross, 11015 Martin Ave., $160,500.



Alves, Martha J. to Alves, Michael A. and Birgit, 114 Westridge Ave., $69,000.

McKinley, Sean P. and Amber L. to Titus, Kyle and Teal, 1403 Franklin St., $132,000.

Schoenagel, David and Morgan to Brown, Jeremy and Heather, 1604 Farrell Drive, $176,000.

Milner, Melissa L. Trust to Goodell, Eric M. and Sara J., 1707 Thurston Ave., $197,000.

Cotrell, Margaret E. Estate to SJ Mora LLC, 1909 Lindyview Lane, $96,000.

Kramer Johnson, Katharine R. to Miller, Breanna N. and Leibert, Seth R., 2407 Madison St., $61,000.

Freebird Property Solutions LLC to Crider Zebulon, Joseph and Menzel, Rebekah B., 2528 Main St., $133,000.

Beman, Izsac D. and Elizabeth M. to Pitzl, Lorissa M., 2606 Van Buren St., $100,000.

Phillips, Jeffery G. to Bahlburg, Jake and Alanna M., 2607 Madison St., $125,000.

Yates, Gregory and Valerie to Rogers, Regan, 303 Rexroad Plaza, $205,000.


Rhedin, James J. and Eileen J. to Barrett, Kyle D. and Peckham, Brooke D., 10008 S. 202nd St., $255,000.

Roff, Jill E. to Feik, Justin and Sarah, 10025 S. 203rd St., $270,000.

Lindquist, Aaron T. and Maegan J. to McArdle, Gary E. and Madonna J. Trust, 10701 S. 211th St, $230,000.

Kmiecik, Todd M. and Helen M. to Urwiler, Jon W. and Circo, Laurie A., 11321 S. 173rd Ave., $285,000.

McCaul Contracting LLC to Ochs, Theresa J. and Christopher G., 11509 S. 199th St., $371,000.

Allemann, Benjamin J. to Sanor, Kevin and Rebecca, 19338 Bellbrook Blvd., $440,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to Home Co. LLC, 19518 Redwood St., $47,000.

Hopper, Steven M. and Kacey D. to Blatz, Brian A. and Jessica L., 21213 Stonehaven Court, $240,000.

McCoy, James M. and Kathleen L. to Lockwood, Eric and Kind, Jennifer, 213 Shamrock Road, $175,000.

Steinauer, Ronald and Helen Trust to Patterson, Joanne F., 216 Glenmore Drive, $205,000.

Combs, Patrick J. and Laura M. to Baker, Tony L. and Jennifer A., 21750 Mandy Lane, $675,000.

Nelson Builders Inc. to Moss, Henry P. and Melanie L., 619 Brentwood Drive, $374,000.

Doose, Richard D. to Thompson Farms, 7108 S. 225th St., $335,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to Home Co. LLC, 8002 S. 196th St., $55,000.

Andresen, Janelle to Buttercase, Ramona F., 804 Pawnee Drive, $72,000.


Mosley, Irma J. to Black Rhino Enterprises LLC, 1004 E. Cary St., $199,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Rocz, Tiffany M., 1013 Jacqueline Drive, $39,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Friederich, Michael and Kimberly, 10592 S. 111th Ave., $303,000.

Home Co. LLC to Gaydos, Daniel and Mott, Katherine, 11055 Edgewater Drive, $325,000.

Boehmer, Adam M. and Kristina R. to Summers, Cecil E. III and Katherine E., 1106 Apache Circle, $190,000.

Styl Properties Inc. to Cordray, Robert L., 1113 Rousseau Court, $222,000.

Herchenbach, April S. and Michael R. to Tangeman, Marc and Hoxmeier, Meredith, 1140 Rawhide Road, $189,000.

A1 Built Homes LLC to Mahan, Andrew J. and Amber N., 11607 S. 109th St., $365,000.

Ashbury Creek LLC to Nelson Builders Inc., 11614 Cooper St., $66,000.

GDR LLC to Wolf, Philip D. and Regina E., 11753 S. 111th St., $357,000.

Sonnier, Clay and Kathryn to Pearson, Robert M. III and Miranda L., 1207 Colonial Circle, $233,000.

Bainbridge, Todd A. and Beth A. to Lowry, Kevin W. and Rachel D., 1222 Limerick Road, $285,000.

Stock, George E. and Eileen D. to Klinkacek, Thomas and Nadine, 12403 S. 124th Ave., $429,000.

Mehrer, Ronald to Briggs, Charles T. and Ma Erica B., 2312 Walnut Creek Drive, $217,000.

Aragon, Jan M. and Margaret N. to Yusem, Salina and Scott, 2402 Crystal Drive, $230,000.

Little Orchard Properties LLC to Hawkins, Terry and Cheryl, 480 Cedar St., $110,000.

Hauschild, Thelma L. to Dover, Marc E. and Lori L., 526 N. Jefferson St., $85,000.

Buscher, Jonathan C. and Kristin J. to Reinhard, Robert B. and Miller, Erica R., 808 Port Royal Drive, $206,000.


Wilson, Keith D. and Brooke M. to Belt, Justin P. and Nicole, 13502 S. 34th St., $206,000.

Clearwater Falls LLC to Marc David Custom Built Homes, 13803 S. 50th St., $60,000.

Corcoran, Daniel J. and Tammy L. to Maughmer, Drew and Jessica, 14214 S. 30th Ave., $268,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Anderson, John E. and Judy K., 14502 S. 20th St., $232,000.

Lamberty, Elaine J. and Larry R. to Reineke, Bill and Jennifer, 2209 La Platte Road, $506,000.

Baxter, Christopher J. and Melissa J. to Wolin, Spence F. and Emily L., 2903 Yorktown St., $198,000.

Maughmer, Drew T. and Jessica L. to Lantigua, Ryan M. and Audrey A., 2907 Ponderosa Drive, $190,000.

Reo Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 3111 Leawood Drive, $192,000.

United Equity LLC to Biederman, Evan I. and Tracy, 3205 Redwing Drive, $214,000.

Briggs, James P. Jr. and Sherry L. to Jolley, Ronald and Michelle, 3206 Redwing Drive, $190,000.

Fileccia, Eric J. and Carly S. to Lambert, Mark W. and Elizabeth A., 3219 Wilhelminia Drive, $165,000.

Vaughn, Russell J. and Shannon M. to Embry, Steven R. and Sara E., 4307 McCarty Drive, $210,000.

Parkhurst, Holly and Gene to Magana De Nieto, Adriana and Nieto-Diaz, Guadalupe, 9709 S. 22nd Circle, $170,000.


Martinez Silva, Melissa D. to Hayes, Herbert S., 7609 Terry Drive, $150,000.

Shores, Christopher and Kari to Wallick, Brett and Stephanie, 8812 Pine Drive, $125,000.


Sherwood Homes Inc. to Rose, James and Dutton, Rebecca, 13702 S. 46th St., $316,000.

Marc David Custom Built Homes to Dawkins, Paul A. and Becky J., 13821 S. 49th St., $314,000.

Johnson, Daniel Jr. and Julia to Owings, Matthew R. and Kristen N., 1601 Savannah Drive, $194,000.

McRoberts, Michael M. to Desrochers, David M. and Brooke H., 5206 Woodlane Drive, $335,000.

Blair Construction & Remodeling Inc. to Marmino, Randall A. and Diana M. Trust, 9050 S. 71st Avenue Circle, $420,000.


JMF LLC to Hildy Homes, 10807 S. 176th St., $67,000.

Bergman, Ashley E. to Smith, Samuel C. and Crystal M., 16439 Cary St., $217,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Gubser, Kyle C. and Iverson, Jessica M., 16856 Portal St., $258,000.

Cunningham, Justin A. and Emily G. to Stokes, Luanne M. and Nathan, 17011 Briar St., $302,000.

Rivera, Ricardo to Mishra, Shailendra, 17773 Olive St., $166,000.

Feik, Justin L. and Sarah L. to Franklin, Thomas J. and Leah R., 18012 Olive St., $185,000.

Zimmerman, Lori to Koory, Shayla, 18055 Margo St., $187,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Marxsen, Frank L. and Ursula M., 18603 Robin Drive, $228,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Lennen, Michael D. and Katherine R., 18828 Rosewood St., $261,000.

Cummings, Robert V. and Jazmina D. to Boryca, Kenneth B. and Anne M., 18923 Redwood St., $249,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Dallmann, Seth, 19005 Redwood St., $259,000.

Fennen, Shirley J. and Charles K. III to Wise, Candice S., 7003 S. 164th St., $231,000.

Roseberry, Rusty A. and Kerry B. to Brueggemann, Molly and Justin, 7010 S. 183rd St., $190,000.

Engel, Chad R. and Kari L. to Rhedin, James and Eileen, 7210 S. 169th St., $310,000.

Frank, Casey M. and Lesley D. to Johnson Spencer LLC, 7407 S. 176th Circle, $173,000.

Behm, Daniel W. and Kristine L. to Bredenkamp, Nicolaas and Karien, 7410 S. 176th St., $180,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Gibbs, Jennifer and Joshua, 8421 S. 169th St., $260,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Peppard, Justin and Krista, 8521 S. 169th St., $265,000.

Henrichsen, Jeffrey A. and Crystal L. to Barnhill, Ann M., 9216 S. 169th St., $280,000.


Reager, Stephanie and Matthew to Gazda, Kelsey M. and Lassek, Nick A., 13702 Margo St., $184,000.

Carlock, Byran D. and Sarah L. to Houessoukpe, Houenagnon and Soulton-Agboton, Nathalie P., 13812 Jennifer Road, $169,000.

O’Malley, Virginia F. and Brian to Lambert, Joseph R., 7019 Joyce St., $163,000.

Nelson, Daniel R. to Mays, Randy and Martha, 8106 S. 151st Ave., $163,000.


Flott, Rikki M. to Young, Aliea, 7222 S. 33rd St., $115,000.

Byrd Properties LLC to Selman, Jason and Tera L., 9513 Linden Ave., $129,000.

Kruger, Mark A. and Ann M. to Zakaras, Anthony J. and Amber L., 9605 S. 20th St., $220,000.


Robertson, Steven L. and Theresa to White, Anthony J. and Kathy L., 7002 S. 45th St., $225,000.

Balwanz, Melissa A. to Valadez, Ramiro and Padilla De Valadez, Yessica M., 8412 S. 49th Terrace, $155,000.

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