Douglas County


Johnson, Kyle M. and Laura N. to Sekpe, Videgla D., 14537 Grebe St., $187,000.

State Street Investments LLC to Proline Custom Homes Inc., 15908 Whiting St., $42,950.

Schmitt, Nicholas J. and Viviana A. to Kreager, Thane A. II and Kreager, Katie L., 17402 Bondesson St., $405,000.

Barr Homes Inc. to Seaman, Daniel and Brittany, 15907 Grebe St., $385,000.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Linnen, Linda S. and Brasel, Patricia L., 8101 N. 159th Ave., $357,142.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Novotny, Douglas and Elena, 8922 N. 172nd St., $418,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Stapley, Jeremy R. and Stacie B., 8916 N. 172nd St., $387,500.

Charleston Homes LLC to Hilbrands, Corey S. and Kelly J., 9028 N. 173rd St., $327,250.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Jaeger, Christina M., 7631 N. 144th Ave., $198,651.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Meysenburg, Joseph A. and Courtney S., 16917 Potter St., $396,000.

Gary & Mary Johnson Trust to Tod C. Wilcock Revocable Trust, 15535 Potter St., $285,000.

Patel, Jagruti B. and Bharatkumar Chimanlal to Compaore, Lassoure S. and Drabo-Compaore, Barkissa, 14906 Mormon St., $276,000.

Judith J. Dorau Revocable Trust and Laaker, Mindi J., trustee, to Brown, David R. Jr., 15313 Bennington Road, $160,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Mason, John C. and Mary A., 7401 N. 163rd St., $364,563.

Leahy, Callie L. and Wood, Renee M. to Wilberger Properties LLC, 15387 Mormon St., $162,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Samson, Ronald J. and Brandi B., 7143 N. 163rd St., $327,961.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Biffar, Bradley S., 10401 Rosewater Parkway, $279,888.

State Street Investments LLC to Proline Custom Homes Inc., 16253 Reynolds St., $44,950.

Rohwer, Taylor M. and Jordan to Sibbel, Mara, 14607 Sunrise St., $192,000.

McVey, Mason and Emily to Nicklaus, Mason and Hope, 14465 Craig St., $210,000.

Melia, Jacqueline R. and Timothy J. to Tuhy, David, 15818 N. Fourth St., $58,000.

State Street Investments LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 16392 Mormon St., $35,850.

State Street Investments LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 16388 Mormon St., $35,850.

Waugh, Frank M. IV to Hunter, Coleman T. and Coffiel, Ashley N., 9028 N. 155th St., $199,950.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Niroula, Anup and Karki, Tirshana, 16419 Read St., $301,278.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Macht, Nathan J. and Moore, Teresa J., 7136 N. 163rd St., $272,762.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Silverstone Building Co. LLC, 16929 Potter St., $52,950.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Kavan Homes Incorporated, 8521 Kilpatrick Parkway, $40,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Kavan Homes Incorporated, 8605 N. 173rd St., $41,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Synak, Chris, 16452 Vane St., $268,381.

Kneifl, Teri to Macias, Rusbel Christian, 15405 Clay St., $182,500.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Wordekemper, Tara and Scott, 10501 Rosewater Parkway, $283,093.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Wilson, Chas S. and Lindsey A., 16453 Read St., $336,280.

Richland Homes LLC to Grasmick, Tyler and Ashten, 16024 Craig Ave., $319,126.

Home Company LLC to Farrand, Emilee and Robert, 7429 N. 170th St., $402,000.


Coventry Ridge LLC to Barr Homes Inc., 20923 Drexel St., $60,000.

Ramm Construction Inc. to McGowan, Daniel Patrick and Nicole Ann, 20716 Pine St., $483,500.

Hanson, Kirk D. and Jennifer L. to Holmes, Timothy J. and Amy J., 18110 Dewey Circle, $435,000.

Mitten, Joshua to Olson, Sandra J. and Oliver William, 3860 N. 208th St., $279,900.

Baack Enterprises LLC to Hobson, Nathan and Brandy, 2313 S. 220th Circle, $550,450.

Novotny, Douglas R. and Elena V. to Riley, John III and Alyssa, 19505 Wirt St., $290,000.

Donna M. Langbehn Living Trust to Uleman, Joshua D. and Rachel J., 911 S. 218th St., $185,000.

Alfrey, Jeffrey S. and Lisa A. to Ridgeway, David A. and Daphne M., 21809 Chancellor Road, $470,000.

Page, Douglas G. and Lorry A. to Kareiva, Dillon and Emily, 19514 Dewey Ave., $425,000.

Upton, Betsy to Chen, Henry Jay and Kristin Thornblad, 808 S. 189th St., $369,000.

Cambridge Homes LLC to Thomsen, Michaela B., 2511 N. 184th St., $429,487.

Prairie Homes Inc. to Maas, Gerald E. and Jane E., 18522 Patrick Ave., $413,094.

Cambridge Homes LLC to Miller, Linda M., 2609 N. 184th St., $430,940.

Barada, Michael R. and Cheryln R. to Sachs, Charles and Corrine, 18401 Cuming Circle, $330,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Martin, Tanya D., 20464 C St., $379,633.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Devanathan, Ramya and Seshacharyulu, Parthasarathy, 3924 S. 204th Ave., $301,292.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Schleisman, Andrew L. and Nicole L., 20625 E St., $391,488.

McFinch, Debora J. and Thomas to Rainey, Jerry and Cynthia M., 2824 N. 205th St., $169,500.

Kardell, Joel and Kathryn to KJG Properties LLC, 2930 N. Main St., $187,000.


Bluewater Development Corporation to Rehder, Jacob and Rachel, 5501 N. 292nd Circle, $199,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Wentz, Robert V. and Jeri L., 7608 N. 281st Ave., $361,794.

Mielak, Aaron M. to Koborg, Erin, 7720 N. 281st Ave., $405,000.


Marasco, John T. and Deborah A. to R & A Builders Inc., 24410 Mason St., $337,740.

Campagna, Sam R. and Rose Marie to Thompson, Jaymi S. and Michael E., 23259 Agee Lane, $208,000.

Countryman, James M. and Roxann K. to Jensen, Jon E. and Pamela S., 329 N. 245th Circle, $800,000.

Maas, Gerald E. and Jane E. to Schaffer, Christian R. and Lisa A., 24426 Mason St., $825,000.


Hamann, Deryl F., personal representative of Peterson, Kathy Jo estate, to Eisenbeisz, Valerie, 2932 N. 55th St., $125,000.

Creasy, Jerome A. Jr. and Crystal R. to Shellenberger, Timothy J. and Brytany N., 4223 N. 65th Ave., $158,000.

Jensen, Nick and Betsy to Shirley, Edward C., 6807 Ogden St., $112,500.

Baker, Gloria J. to Estee, Jordan P., 2308 N. 63rd St., $108,000.

Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc. Asset-Backed Pass-Through Certificates Series 2002-4 and Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, trustee, to Matrix Properties LLC, 2715 N. 48th St., $93,000.

Cryer, Delmar Dean and Christina A. to Forrest, Eldan, 6201 Blondo St., $59,000.

Wiig, Linda to Friesen, Garrett and Jenna, 4918 Spaulding St., $65,000.

Karbowski, Amy Lynn and Michael to Lewis, Marc G. and Stephanie M., 2614 N. 70th Ave., $135,000.

Bivens, Jonathon Mark and Droge, Jillian to Johnson, Mitchell Tyler and Ashley N., 2004 N. 51st St., $287,000.

RE Imagined Residential LLC to Cryer-Harris, Pallas, 4954 Miami St., $234,375.

Morehouse, Yvette to Filbrandt, Jeffrey Ryan and Daniela, 1725 N. 57th Ave., $178,500.

Westerfield, Jeffrey and Westerfield, Jeff to Turpen, David E., 6530 Emmet St., $72,000.

Schmidt, Donald W. to Harris, Marquita, 4117 N. 56th St., $98,000.

Bailey, Daniel A. and Zhang, Weiwei to Knudsen, Sean, 4728 Burdette St., $120,000.

Todd, Jack D. Jr. and Rhonda D. to Jimenez, Salvador Garduno, 6115 N. 52nd St., $102,000.

Yirak, Susan K. to Ward, Justine, 2712 N. 48th Ave., $118,500.

Victor A. & Marilyn J. Christensen Family Revocable Trust and Lund, Vicki, trustee, to Leisey, Vincent, 2308 N. 64th St., $37,000.

Nodean, Rachel Ortmeyer to Stroeher Properties LLC, 2911 N. 49th Ave., $55,000.

Lee, Sharon K., personal representative of Washington, Marjorie estate, to Jenkins, Vickie L., 5515 Himebaugh Ave., $115,000.

Rodino, Thomas J. to Rodino, Curt T. and Kelly E., 2513 N. 50th St., $51,000.

Nectar Assets to Adair Holdings LLC, 5404 Ellison Ave., $173,100.

B.A.D.S. Investments LLC to Reh, Day and Meh, Baw, 6818 Laurel Ave., $156,500.

Hilburn, Dennis Paul to Brakebill, Benny, 4128 N. 55th Ave., $30,000.

1017 Properties LLC to GTM Properties LLC, 2733 N. 49th St., $50,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Loya, Geronimo R. and Teresa, 5514 N. 56th St., $93,000.

O & H Investments D LLC to Schuoler, Jay D. Jr., 6541 Emmet St., $117,000.

Byers, Barbara to Precision Properties Group LLC, 3548 N. 53rd St., $85,000.

Vesta Properties LLC to Reinwald, Cecelia L. and Altstadt, Brandon R., 2314 N. 48th St., $165,000.

Carter, Louis C. and Paulette to Grow, Alice M. and Andrew J., 3916 N. 53rd St., $115,000.


Kaftan, Harold A. and Juliann to Nguyen, Lien N., 814 S. 37th Ave., $75,000.

Bradley, Glenn and Cheryl E. to Siebrandt Investments LLC, 1916 S. 35th Ave., $100,000.

Miller, Dorothy I. to Wilson, Sharon R., 3264 Vinton St., $125,000.

Heartland Holdings A LLC to Goldsberry, Tyler and Bailey, Cheyenne, 3076 S. 34th St., $147,900.

Soma Park 343 LLC to Klenk, Benjamin D. and Katherine L., 1336 S. 30th Ave., $180,000.

Kleinmeyer, Joseph Edward Jr. and Ottosson, Katy V. to Stolarskyj Family LLC, 2316 S. 35th Ave., $142,500.

Boucher, Angela N. and Morton J. to Stecker, George and Julie, 3122 Woolworth Ave., $287,000.


Calderon, Lourdes A. and Wilson, Fernando A. to Castillo, Lourdes Gizelle, 1315 S. 51st St., $140,000.

Schroeder, Karen J. to Vigneri, Vincent M., 1427 S. 52nd St., $190,000.


Finn Rentals LLC to Blue Jay Investments LLC, 2311 I St., $67,000.

Wolf, James K. and Ronda R. to Mater Filius of Nebraska Inc., 3614 Y St., $115,000.

Blue Jay Investments LLC to Damgaard, Keith and Danielle, 4488 Hillsdale Ave., $143,750.

Fletcher, John R. to Abarca, Tamara Jean and Juan J., 3916 N St., $145,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Zaracki, Ray Sr. and Ricki, 4145 T St., $113,000.

Schwery, Lacey A. to Lopez, Alvaro Espejo, 4161 J St., $110,000.

Buenavida LLC to Seavers, Depree, 4507 S. 15th St., $103,500.

Nguyen, Kim V. and Hue T. to Stoneco Real Estate LLC, 4422 S. 25th St., $360,000.

Rodriguez, Lori M. and Ricky L. to 3907 S. 24th Street Apartments LLC, 3907 S. 24th St., $168,750.

Qualified Property Solutions LLC to Tucker, Thomas James, 3344 Drexel St., $135,000.

Wit Investments LLC to Martinez, Mario A. Silva, 5029 S. 36th Ave., $141,000.

Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Hernandez, Guillermo Garcia and Castorena, Martha Garcia De, 5415 S. 32nd St., $25,500.

Ho, Victor E. and Lee-Ho, Rico to Villezcas, Jesus H. and Irma B., 3905 S. 14th St., $35,000.

Stevens, Thomas F., personal representative of Stevens, James Fredric estate, to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 5409 S. 19th St., $26,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Izon NE Properties LLC, 3921 Q St., $80,000.

Wedemeyer, Frederick C. to Ellison, Heidi J., 4121 S St., $18,000.


Andre, Zackery J. and Adriana to Legado Group LLC, 1709 S. 9th St., $46,000.

Beck, David to Gonzalez, Ricardo, 1921 S. 18th St., $24,000.

Soma Park 343 LLC to Klenk, Benjamin D. and Katherine L., 2502 S. 10th St., $150,000.

Guevara, Felix B. and Ana V. to Cadillac Investments LLC, 2115 Martha St., $190,000.

Toomas E. Allisma Revocable Trust to Gastali, Chandi R. and Lizabeth T., 1147 Marcy Place, $280,000.

A & A Cortes Properties LLC to Kline, Stephen, 3108 S. 19th St., $75,000.


Anglin, Judy E. and Dehaven, Michelle M. to Lincoln, Mark A., 4747 N. 17th St., $13,000.


Thompson, Carolyn S. and Timothy L. to Miller Way LLC, 4011 Paxton Blvd., $26,000.

Dizona, Nicholas J. and Agne to Cully Enterprise LLC, 4144 N. 39th St., $48,000.

Lsf10 Master Participation Trust and U.S. Bank Trust, trustee, to Coleman, Elaine and Cindy M., 3818 Saratoga St., $65,125.

Tatum, Merle G. and Hoang, Nina to Mott Properties LLC, 3326 N. 39th St., $51,000.

Bana Investments LLC to MSD Properties LLC, 5503 N. 34th St., $142,000.

Mah Lee Properties LLC to Maly, James R., 3015 Decatur St., $27,000.

David A. Oas Revocable Living Trust to Miller Way LLC, 4101 Ohio St., $23,500.

Deanery Partners LLC to KCN Group LLC, 3304 Bedford Ave., $27,600.

Cabrales, Roxanne Marie to Atol LLC, 4401 Pinkney St., $55,000.

Garcia, Otoniel and Maria A. to Viveros, Eliazar Carreon and Marquez, Alma Neri Marin, 4219 Patrick Ave., $37,100.

Miller, Cheryl to KCN Group LLC, 3606 Grant St., $60,000.

Garcia-Leyva, Osmar to Bazan, Vladimir N., 4333 Fort St., $35,295.

Williams, Dana R. Sr. and Tasha Yvonne to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc., 3346 Bedford Ave., $17,700.

Arc Property Resource LLC to Mak Development LLC, 1802 N. 28th St., $99,000.

Men of Honor LLC to Bieranowski, John and Janice, 3716 N. 37th St., $25,000.


Kahn, Allen I. and Esther S. to Kahn, Nathaniel Jacob, 1208 N. 95th Ave., $150,000.

Morefield, Nancy L. to Red Ladder LLC, 514 S. 84th St., $100,000.

Langenfeld, Michael A. to Burnett, Michael and Mary, 1718 N. 91st Circle, $183,000.


McKay, Diane K. to Marks, Laura Lynn and Mary Elizabeth, 16204 Camden Ave., $179,000.

Gibson, Thomas and Gaul, Bridgett to Lambert, Larry A. and Brenda L., 14659 Fowler Ave., $155,500.

Kuehl, John E. and Patricia A. to Sanchez, Hilario and Tiffany, 16313 Himebaugh Circle, $465,000.

Gurung, Rajesh and Chhetri, Nar Maya to Winters, Koni and Joshua, 4732 N. 167th Ave., $255,000.

Dunker, Jan W. and Eliana to Fenske, Austin, 15267 Locust St., $205,000.

Reding, Kyle A. to Jako Investments LLC, 6206 N. 149th St., $145,000.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 5363 N. 152nd St., $44,950.

Shriver, Gregory and Diana to Khan, Brent and Terri, 4310 N. 160th Ave., $275,000.

Meysenburg, Joseph A. and Courtney S. to Praus, Alexander W. and Laura C., 15062 Ohio St., $275,000.

Banerjee, Ratan and Dipanwita to Stiles, Randy J., 16462 Burdette St., $195,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Wong, Ryan Y., 2525 N. 166th St., $279,950.

Burgett, Marsha L. to Engel, Jennifer L. and Todd A., 15368 Grant St., $278,500.

Ranchod, Shailesh and Varsha to Gomez, Bianca H. Favela and Andrade, Miguel Angel Favela, 15264 Wirt St., $187,000.

Ross, Thomas M. II and Stacey L. to Agostino, Michael R. and Kristina J., 15302 Spencer St., $180,000.

Bratetic, Tara K. and Sean M. to Valenzuela, Eli, 14709 Sprague St., $216,500.

Ramm Construction Inc. to Robinson, Cheryl P., 3203 N. 177th St., $529,000.

Dada, M. Olubunmi and Solape M. to Kam, Hugh K., 4016 N. 152nd Circle, $375,000.

Barrett, Bradley T. and Mariah to Penmatsa, Venkata K., 17414 Burdette Circle, $405,000.

Behrens, Marc D. and Angela M. to Gilinsky, Connor J. and Chelsey L., 17258 Ruggles St., $198,000.

Bakhshi, Amit and Deshmukh, Priya to Chintamadaka, Jitendra R. and Gayathri R., 2301 N. 174th St., $330,000.

Kirchhoff, Sandra A. to Mohmand, Feroz and Katawazai, Gharghashta, 4221 N. 147th St., $222,000.

Doghman, Mohamad I. and Mary K. to Tipler, Nathan A. and Corbin-Tipler, Bridget A., 15289 Wirt St., $182,900.

Lancaster, Jamie M. to Patterson, Amy Marie and Jonathan David, 15323 Butler Ave., $220,000.

Hobson, Brandy D. and Nathan R. to Bhatti, Rajneesh K. and Goel, Vaishali, 2407 N. 173rd St., $340,000.

Clements, Eric M. and Julie to Jones, Daniel D. and Tricia D., 16161 Bedford Ave., $417,000.

Raur, Nathan A. and Elizabeth A. to Kirkegaard, Zachary S. and Bridget C., 2168 N. 162nd Ave., $238,100.

Meyer, Anthony N. and Betty J. to McCarty, Jessica J., 6037 N. 167th Court, $159,000.

Canelli, William J. and Susan K. to Cates, Randall L. and Pamela M., 5519 N. 155th St., $325,000.

H & S Partnership LLP to Rentschler, Trevor, 4352 N. 147th Place, $92,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Johnson, Andrew C., 5911 N. 154th St., $308,265.

Hunter, Aaron J. and Anna L. to Muthunayagham, Akashthambiran and Raman, Owai Abinaya Harihara, 16014 Butler Ave., $260,000.

Kimnach, Denise R. to Miklas, Joseph and JC, 16605 Taylor St., $235,000.

Waheed, Rauzatullah and Saifora to Nguyen, Mytien, 2901 N. 170th St., $308,500.

Frye, Kenneth and Tina to Okeefe, Lori L., 4817 N. 161st St., $299,000.

Rasmussen, James D. and Naida N. to Jensen, Jennifer R. and Clint, 16204 Jaynes St., $353,000.

Osborn, Raymond G. and Shawn Cons to Fiske, William L. and Mardelle L., 5919 N. 154th Ave., $285,000.

Bitter, Klint A. and Lindsey B. to Gamelin, Russell J. and April V., 6439 N. 150th St., $280,000.

Soballe, Erik Jensen and Kristina M. to Mendoza, Norton E. and Feregrino, Ginny, 2463 N. 150th Ave., $275,500.


Jamil K. Jones Special Needs Trust and Ginzkey, Hilda, trustee, to Dynamic Properties LLC, 4618 S. 61st Ave., $57,000.

Jungman, Lester Dean and Phebe to Daniel, Kenneth Lee, 5458 S. 49th Ave., $110,000.

Daniel, Kenneth Lee and Stephanie to Felipe, Maria Francisco and Tule, David C. Cisneros, 5458 S. 49th Ave., $165,000.

Gordon, Nicholas Michael and Cassandra to Cornell, Jared T. and Jill M., 5650 S. 48th St., $128,000.

Goldsberry, Tyler M. to Sinnett, Shawn and Anne, 5614 S. 48th Ave., $120,000.

Simmons, Kathleen E. and Richard A. Jr. to Sloan, Nichole, 5016 S. 49th St., $132,500.

Square 1 Property Solutions LLC to Pettit, Mark and Hartman, Kelly, 5024 S. 55th St., $198,000.


Ji, Guangwei and Guo, Lili to Hardin, Grady and Stewart, Calli, 1825 N. 159th St., $213,000.


Sasser, Donnie H. and Sherry L. to Schumacher, Thomas, 8162 Tucker St., $165,000.

Kennedy, Jason A. and Shaina to Livingston, Margo R., 7752 N. 107th St., $216,000.

Vazquez, Edgar to Wei, Baw and Moo, Paw, 7402 N. 88th St., $215,000.

Scheetz, Addison J. and Ryan A. to Molina, Robert L., 9132 Hanover St., $200,000.


Stang, Deborah L., personal representative of Gass, Brownie J. estate, to Fish Joint Revocable Trust and Fish, Brian A., trustee, 3003 Paddock Place, $200,000.

Tobin Winters, Marjorie, personal representative of McNair Tobin, Helen Jean estate, to McKinney, Matt and Kruszka, Sharon, 3426 S. 94th Ave., $310,000.


Smith, Herman A. to Namn LLC, 9280 Z St., $140,000.

Monson, Karen L., personal representative of Monson, Leland A. estate, to Issaka, Saluhu, 5879 S. 104th Ave., $140,999.


Hall, Aaron Patrick and Mary Kathleen to Hilderbrand, Ryan, 3716 S. 202nd Ave., $185,000.

Schmid, Hanna M. to Wright, Jeannie, 2841 S. 163rd Place, $167,000.

Latacha, Matthew and Kimberly to Pauley, Brooke N. and Daniel L., 3216 S. 185th St., $580,000.

Miller, Harold H. Jr. to Monte, Ted Jr., 16106 Wright Place, $131,000.

Hall, Bonita L. to Hall, Christopher A. and Tabitha M., 1605 S. 168th Ave., $187,100.

Roberts, Mark J. and Catherine M. to Beach, Ryan and Kylee, 3235 S. 172nd Circle, $700,000.

Langendorfer Properties Management LLC to Steffen, Joshua and Michelle, 18915 Howe St., $245,000.

Crow, Tracy Charging to Ahola, Jessica Nicole and Buntemeyer, Rachel Ann, 3921 S. 191st Ave., $250,000.

douglas county, continued


Miyeno, James B. and Mary F. to Barbara S. Watson Living Trust, 610 N. 32nd St., $55,000.

Maly, James R. to Light Bulb Realty & Investments LLC, 362 N. 40th St., $1,100,000.

Levell, Shane to Felton, Kim C., 200 S. 31st Ave., $270,000.

First National Bank of Omaha Trust to REO Asset Management Company LLC, 3022 Lafayette Ave., $59,486.

REO Asset Management Company LLC to HBI LLC, 3022 Lafayette Ave., $93,500.


Furlow, Otis G., personal representative of Furlow, Marianne G. estate, to William Street Enterprises LLC, 5002 Chicago St., $210,000.

Mejia, Jorge Luis to Herrera, Brenda, 4517 Lafayette Ave., $72,300.

Peters, Theodore and Allison to Gibbons, Janet Kay, 5024 Lafayette Ave., $265,000.

Shroder, John F. Jr. and Nye, Susan to Loschen, Avery and Perkins, William, 336 S. 70th St., $460,000.


Heartland Financial Estates LLC to Allington, Joshua J. and Brianna R., 9836 Evans St., $155,000.

Tardy, Sarah Louise and James Christopher to Svehla, John K. and Lebeda-Svehla, Kristen M., 9623 Sahler St., $126,000.

Phoenix Realty Fund A LLC to Luu, Truong Van and Tran, Thi Thu Huong, 5224 N. 105th St., $105,000.

Community Alliance Residential Services to Faulkner, John Barkley and Michelle Rene, 7724 Miami St., $204,000.

Zaleski, Dianna and Jeff to Cerutis, Delie Roselyn, 4020 N. 103rd Place, $148,700.

Vaughan, Ryan J. and Holly Marianne to Bremer, Robert and Kristin, 2311 N. 102nd St., $246,000.

Koehn, Lyndsay N. and Brett to Staab, Samantha K., 4502 Eastridge Drive, $255,000.


Holmes, Amy J. and Tim J. to Weaklend, Brendan, 19250 N St., $237,500.

Hilscher, Travis A. and Krystal to Watson, Serena M., 4826 S. 161st Circle, $239,900.

Hiemstra, Erika and Thomas to Carroll, Allen and Carroll, Amanda, 19417 X St., $190,000.

Hileman, Amanda M. to Kreun, Matthew Leroy and Lindsey Marie, 6139 S. 190th Terrace, $205,000.

Martha Bedoya Trust to Hansen, David L. and Linda A., 6617 S. 171st Circle, $300,000.

Lawrence, Joshua D. and Amity R. to Kwapniowski, Kevin, 6008 S. 188th St., $215,000.

Pietig, Brenda A. to Garcia, Che R. and Colette, 4787 S. 167th St., $370,300.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Dawson, Ryan Michael and Dawn N., 19628 G Circle, $420,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Thomas, Prescott and Karen M., 19964 Monroe St., $341,500.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to West, Zachary C. and Leslie A., 20009 Polk St., $326,000.

Lam, Kok Chen to Naujokaitis, Gus and Elizabeth A., 5609 S. 159th Ave., $230,000.

Freshman, Lawrence R. and Alexis M. to Anderson, Steven W. and Jennifer L., 19320 K Circle, $317,500.

Paben, Derek and Tiffany to Weiss, Logan and Jennifer, 6104 S. 190th Terrace, $258,000.

Randy J. Sump Trust to Wayne, Michael L. and Arianys E., 16762 J Circle, $500,000.

Chittenden, Jonathan and Kelsey to Duden, Zach and Kopf, Maggie, 18717 U St., $189,500.

Luther, Gregory A. to Tyler, Donald P., 17310 Washington St., $320,000.

Howell, Thomas James and Bailey D. to Hansen, Scott M. and Bonnie J., 6713 S. 188th St., $251,500.

Mittelstedt, Heather D. to Devney, Andrew P. and Riley A., 5716 S. 188th St., $190,000.

Lazoritz, Stephen to Luberski, Jeffrey T., 6310 S. 176th St., $324,000.

Murphy, Edward Jr. and Lindsey to Maus, Michael K., 18911 R St., $196,000.

Walton, Clarence E. and Mary J. to Berens, Linda J., 5019 S. 163rd Ave., $235,000.

Norris, Brian and Jennifer to Dobkins, Thomas William and Laura Murray, 18304 Tyler St., $373,000.

Scott, Christopher F. and Sheryl B. to Wade, Robert M. and Judy J., 17024 I St., $340,000.

Pollitt, Eugene W. and Karen A. to Bylund, Christopher W. and Kerry A., 5035 S. 174th St., $360,000.

Mabrey, Robert and Kathleen to Merklen Properties LLC, 15706 Orchard Ave., $185,000.

Parker, Jennifer J. to Gark Homes Shv 3 LLC, 19611 T St., $165,000.

Wordekemper, Tara and Scott to Randazzo Vacanti, Zadia Ann and Vacanti, Jason Patrick, 19354 W St., $198,000.

Moss, John P. and Maria A. to Federico, John R. III and Michelle, 6423 S. 159th Ave., $307,125.


Dan C. & Aleta J. Munhall Trust to Groene, Jeffrey Scott and Mary Elizabeth, 5056 S. 129th St., $190,000.

Rohlfs, Ryan and Lynette to Perry, Sean and Allison, 4424 S. 147th St., $205,000.

Bertholf, Mathew to Moritz, Paula Ann, 6642 S. 152nd St., $133,500.

Ronald & Annette Mehok Revocable Living Trust and Kantor, Linda, trustee, to Killion, Jason David, 14742 Jefferson Circle, $198,000.

Siedlik, Eric J. and Leann M. to Carlson, Matthew J. and Heidi K., 6215 S. 120th Place, $388,000.

Counsell, Donna C. to Luberski, Patricia, 15361 U St., $187,900.

Overbrook Properties LLC to Autumn Array NE LLC, 6523 S. 139th Circle, $99,433.

Baumwart, Shawn J. to Johnson, Jorji Jo, 5075 S. 129th St., $165,000.

Cleven, Michael A. and Janel L. to Lerner, Steve and Wiese, Brooke, 13641 V St., $181,000.

Arthur, Gregory H. and Sarah L. to Mantz, Craig and Paige, 4404 S. 152nd Circle, $248,900.

Morse, Bryan V. to Hartigan, Lea, 12722 Gail Place, $90,000.

Leahy, Patricia A. to Pecha, Ted S. and Breanna M., 5311 S. 116th St., $150,000.

Hornocker, Georgianne and Myrle Allen to Frank, Doug and Perman, McKenzie L., 11637 Drexel St., $195,000.

Pierson, Scotty and Tanya J. to Martinez, Jose Cruz Sanchez and Acevedo, Anita Sanchez, 14722 N St., $173,000.

Wandvik Tolle, Kim Nicole, personal representative of Wandvik, Oma J. estate, to Sterling, Laura A. and Stephanie L., 14105 Weir St., $120,000.

Curry, Skyler G. and Allison E. to Booker, Brandie, 6216 S. 142nd St., $187,500.

Albrecht, Cody Allen and Lacy Rae to Thomas, Colton and Klasi, Bridget, 13326 Adams St., $199,000.

Radicia, Michael E. to Packard, Jonathan W. and Wilkison, Jennifer S., 5728 S. 152nd St., $196,000.

Thomas C. Wilson Living Trust to Wilson, Christopher T. and Stephanie R., 6241 S. 142nd St., $134,348.

Dugger, Gary to Hamell, Cory and Kimberly, 13922 Washington Circle, $196,000.


Gelbman, Evan and Shannon M. to Kabore, Moctar, 7419 N. 108th Ave., $185,000.

Baker, Danette H. to Johnson, Mikesha L.R., 14309 Wood Valley Drive, $179,900.

Jones, Knox S. and Anastasia to Frost, James J. and Michele M., 7336 N. 125th St., $595,000.

Martinez, Amanda Marie and Troutman, Daniel to Rentschler, Megan and Pleshek, Erik, 11203 Hanover St., $185,000.

Elatta, Mohammed and Ibrahim, Balgees to Smith, Robert E. IV, 12253 Ida Place, $216,124.

Carlson, Jacob D. and Chelsea C. to Cox, Bonnie, 13903 Iowa St., $210,000.

Randolph, Zach to Reiber, Jamison R. and Raeann M., 7506 N. 111th St., $175,000.


Zikas, Barbara A. to Fink, Alexander S., 11714 Cryer Ave., $319,000.

Flores, Flor and Lair, Dustin to Frevert, Brett, 1657 S. 114th St., $263,000.

Fink, Joy E. to Tonniges, Emily, 12670 Krug Circle, $191,100.

Khan, Brent and Terri to Nodskov, Paul and Hannah, 1705 S. 154th Circle, $261,000.

Davis, Paul A. and Martha A. to Johnson, Gregg and Carla, 14079 Pine St., $215,000.

Lorna M. Robinson Revocable Trust and Reeves, Diane K., trustee, to Dineen, Cale Richard, 1715 S. 126th St., $177,000.

Federico, Michelle and John to Johannsen, Karen, 1856 S. 155th Circle, $270,000.

Lathrum, Kip D. and Jennifer J. to Feilmeier, Laura, 11433 Martha St., $195,000.

Trebilcock, James A. to Anthony Jane Holdings LLC, 12664 C St., $100,000.

Gracie Properties LLC to Brown, Robert M. and Andrea E., 2415 S. 109th St., $375,000.


Cesh LLC to Waldron, Zachary and Harding, Lauren, 5408 Mary St., $174,000.

Red Ladder LLC to CT and Son LLC, 8305 N. 47th St., $150,000.


Heartland Financial Estates LLC to Croghan, Jerad, 318 S. 154th St., $215,000.

Simpson, Barbara J. to Miller, Monica, 1728 N. 110th Ave., $165,000.

Wright, Jeannie M. to Lannon, Jason E. and Carma D., 15526 Western Ave., $233,000.

Kaping, Kaden A. to Olsen, Brad and Moore, Emily, 1512 N. 144th Avenue Circle, $221,500.

Meier, Michael A. and Rene M. to Jeffrey Charlotte McDonough Trust, 758 N. 153rd Ave., $237,500.

Falke, David R. and Jennifer L. to Shorney, Nicole L., 15024 Pepperwood Drive, $235,000.

VanCleve, Judy A. to Hughes, Ryan N., 1623 N. 109th Place, $115,500.

Wanda V. Harris Trust to Horgan, John D. and Melissa, 12905 Harney St., $222,000.

Kinyon, Scott J. and Donna M. to Little, Timothy, 912 N. 154th St., $220,000.

Maher, Brian and Susan to Erker, Daniel F. and Cheryl L., 1420 N. 131st Avenue Circle, $329,000.

DFK Property Management LLC to Wang, Xiaofang and Qin, Jianbing, 15112 Lincoln Circle, $160,000.

Nigh, Robert and Brooke to Parker, Steven J. and Kimberly S., 15403 Windsor Drive, $340,000.


Thompson, Scott C. to Voss, Peter B., 11418 Camden Ave., $167,000.

Letizia, Jeffrey A. and Lauren A. to Lefthand, Echohawk, 13010 Jaynes Circle, $196,500.

Brittain, Aaron J. and Kelsey to Moreland, Alexander S. and Radowski, Ashley R., 5276 N. 110th Avenue Circle, $215,000.

Powers, Daniel J. and April M. to Lewald, Andrew, 13722 Sahler St., $288,000.

Hullinger, Rick T. and Lori J. to Waage, Katie, 5272 N. 129th St., $179,000.

Klute, Joyce L. to Johnson, Clint and Taylor, 3315 N. 124th St., $200,000.

Denson, Ricky L. and Suzanne Sterling to Wolfert, Melissa, 5001 N. 139th Ave., $300,000.

* * *

Sarpy County


Smith, Margaret A. to Mendez, Tad and Tasha, 1612 Sycamore St., $200,000.

Williams, John T. and Marcia to Williams, Jason T., 905 Bayberry Drive, $191,000.

Paulus, Sheila M. and Raymond to Biz Enterprises LLC, 1514 Betz Road, $157,000.

Heiser, Melissa L. to Dooley, Melissa, 3303 Madison St., $150,000.

Smith, M. Judith to Kowalczyk, Adam Stephen, 1801 Brenda Drive, $157,000.

Caldarelli, Jennifer to Purvis, Annie R., 2303 Wayne St., $118,000.

Pritchett, Marvin L. and Renee L. to Huser, Stacy J. and O’Hara, Timothy P., 605 Martin Drive N, $310,000.

Debauche, Jeffrey J. to Wilson, Roy Alan Sr. and Jeanne L., 2002 Main St., $138,000.


Vickers, Zach and Sara to Pettepier, Nathan A. and Sarah K., 8110 S. 193rd Ave., $340,000.

Soneson, Andrew T. and Lynn M. to Widhelm, Joseph A. and Kylie L., 10703 S. 212th St., $320,000.

Heltz, Kimberly K. and Gillett, Mark to Gomez, Pedro Ivan Franco and Rosas, Veronica Castro, 11917 S. 180th St., $360,000.

Tasler, Nathan M. and Natasha R. to Bragg, Patrick and Amber, 611 Apache Drive, $236,000.

Rhoads, Scott and Allyson K. to Oliver, Robert and Tiana, 10019 S. 203rd Circle, $265,000.


Richland Homes LLC to Ellinger, Aaron and Lauren, 11005 Cove Hollow Drive, $297,000.

Bennett, Wayne A. and Jean A. to Deseck, Matthew J. and Danielle N., 806 Tara Road, $241,000.

Cardenas, Pete P. and Sarah Y. to Keerthi, Rajasekhar and Bommideni, Madhulatha, 11009 Superior Drive, $310,000.

Barr Homes Inc. to Upton, Betsy, 11460 Schirra St., $437,000.

Douglas & Kelly Pitcairn Living Revocable Trust to Wetter, Carrie and Welty, Ann, 1005 Edgewater Drive, $350,000.

Bette J. Wischmann Living Trust to Getzschman, David and Barbara J., 801 S. Harrison St., $195,000.

Spaulding, Merle D. to Lundy, Dana K. and Jennifer M., 10609 S. 111th St., $285,000.

Aerts, Daniel J. and Margaret J. to Aerts, Jeremiah J., 1000 S. Jackson St., $158,000.

Martin, Susan K., personal representative of Christensen, Joan E. estate, to Augustus, Matthew C. and Alysia D., 1108 Edward St., $163,000.

Peachtree Properties LLC to Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc., 910 Arlene Circle, $20,000.

Percifield, Kyle J. to Chappell, Darlene, 1135 Devon Drive, $189,000.

Paulk, Phil H. and Lisa to Karnowski, Adam Louis and Sara, 11732 S. 111th St., $340,000.

Hajek, Kevin R. and Amy N. to Yarolimek, Nathanael Paul and Janelle L., 12603 S. 124th Ave., $435,000.

Ali, Imran I. to Iqbal, Javid, 11112 Cimmarron St., $280,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Monson, Derek A., 10585 S. 110th Ave., $277,000.

Deiml, Jean E. and Keith W. to Gentry, Stephen A. and Samantha K., 905 Crest Road, $214,000.


Schuhmacher, Sarah K. and Jason H. to Ybay, Jonathan, 1608 Hogantown Drive, $179,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hancock, Brent T. and Lauren E., 1704 Mayflower Road, $294,000.

Fleckten, Beverly L. to Fernandez, Armando, 13011 S. 31st St., $215,000.

Mutlu, Serdar and Lisa A. to Nothnagel, Jonathon P. and Smith, Renee L., 3206 Chad St., $265,000.

Williams, Raymond J. to Gonzalez, Beatriz, 12720 S. 28th Ave., $130,000.

Noland, Jeri E. to Larsen, Gregg A., 10713 S. 25th Ave., $199,000.

Tilton, Jacob C. and Amanda M. to Young, David M., 14010 Kelly Drive, $205,000.

Antoniak, Derrick T. and Joanna E. to Block, Elias Greyson and Noor Mojahed, 13902 S. 43rd Ave., $215,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Phan, Minh Trieu, 14906 S. 22nd St., $284,000.

Miltenberger Lauren, personal representative of Steier, M. David estate, and Steier, Joseph E. and Kelly to Candor Properties III LLC, 3411 Sierra St., $133,000.

Norton, Dale E. and Kathy A. to Valdez Chavarria, Benjamin and Valdez Hernandez, Benjamin, 14219 S. 34th St., $233,000.

Alcantara, Arthur A. and Charity to Schmitz, Scott M. and Linda M., 13517 S. 32nd St., $165,000.

Fischer, Ruth A. and John M. to Daw Properties LLC, 2306 Whitted Drive, $115,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Guynn, Kyle A. and Lori L., 1905 Plymouth Rock Road, $239,000.

Snodgrass, Steven K., successor trustee of Snodgrass Survivors Trust, to Habitat for Humanity Sarpy County, 8316 S. 48th Terrace, $10,000.

Danner, Stephanie A. to Kirby, Kelly P., 3408 Mirror Lane, $167,000.

Stednitz, Michael Ray and Deborah Ann to Imboden, Tyler D., 911 Thurston Ave., $200,000.

Stubbs, Roger N. and Bernice H. to Mallow, Kevin and Stephanie, 4006 Heartland Drive, $210,000.


Epperson, David R. and Kelly C. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 8206 S. 105th St., $240,000.

Mayer, Cynthia A. to Hulen, Jason and Kelsey, 7427 La Vista Drive, $124,000.

Epps, Douglas E. and Barbara J. to Mancuso, Michael K. and Leah D., 8629 S. 97th St., $297,000.

Miltenberger, Lauren, personal representative of Steier, M. David estate, and Steier, Joseph E. and Kelly to Candor Properties III LLC, 7832 S. 71st St., $158,000.

Beil, Jeff and Gretchen to Shockley, Brian John, 7705 S. 70th Street Circle, $225,000.

Schenkelberg, Makayla and Maximillian to Keller, Kyle and Marta, 8208 S. 66th Ave., $236,000.

Geer, Scott S. and Keffeler, Sheri to Mora-Buenrostro, Josue J., 7516 S. 76th Ave., $186,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Wolf, Joseph P. and Kathleen M., 6503 Peters Parkway Circle, $351,000.

Peachtree Properties LLC to Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc., 911 Arlene Circle, $20,000.

Dritt, Richard D. and Tacy D. to Schenkelberg, Maximillian and Makayla, 2101 Crest Ridge Drive, $350,000.


Menard, Yves Guy, trustee of the Linda Marie Menard Revocable Trust, to Brooks, David Sr. and Melissa, 10014 S. 175th Circle, $336,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Hiemstra, Thomas and Erika, 7219 S. 184th St., $288,000.

Richland Homes LLC to J3K Housing LLC, 17014 Aurora St., $324,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Rhoads, Scott and Allyson, 18416 Merion Drive, $368,000.

Fischer, Anthony M. and Laura A. to Young, Ralph Steven and Kimi Jeanine, 16536 Briar St., $261,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Jones, Eric D. and Keslie L., 18803 Greenleaf St., $256,000.

Home Building Consultants Inc. to Schroeder, Keith and Sandra, 18924 Cypress Drive, $410,000.

McClannahan, Robin and Julie to Rokon, Kamrul and Emily, 18007 Edna St., $170,000.


Wallace, Danny E. and Jennifer A. to Galvan, Elias A. and Whitney R., 7501 S. 134th Circle, $195,000.

Heartland Holdings A LLC to Foster, Dee, 9013 David Circle, $126,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to White, Vlinda Marie, 11454 Glenn St., $273,000.

Paulsen Ronald J. to RKR Investments LLC, 11310 S. 146th St., $143,000.


Fernandez, Armando A. to Masterson, Tyler, 3414 Spruce St., $152,000.

Loukota, David J. to Melgar Miranda, Jose Noe and Melgar, Alicia Marie, 2613 Lillian St., $110,000.

Cesh LLC to Wilson, Deborah S., 2818 Betty St., $185,000.

Henry J. Sudbeck Builder Inc. to Hall, Shane and Amelia, 2022 Geri Circle, $277,000.

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