Douglas County


McGee, William M. and Leigh Anne to Westerman, Alan Paul and Wanda PL, 15017 Cherry St., $370,000.

Tradesmen Homes Inc. to GCJV LLC, 17233 Rachael Snowden Parkway, $50,000.

State Street Investments LLC to Barr Homes Inc., 8118 N. 159th Ave., $42,950.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Moore, Tyler and Delaney, 10206 N. 152nd Ave., $278,000.

Skelly, Brian and Natalie to Schroder, Ross and Jamie, 9106 N. 169th St., $395,000.

Nelson Builders Inc. to Zirbel, Thomas N. and Merlyn Kay, 7502 N. 168th Ave., $363,750.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Hoover, Erik D. and Natalie M., 16123 Mormon St., $294,700.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Oakes, Dillon S. and Keri A., 7817 N. 144th Ave., $200,195.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Thomeczek, Logan M. and Rachel, 8101 N. 173rd St., $319,900.

Halpenny, Christopher and Brandy to Hagen, Daniel and Katherine, 15122 Gilder Ave., $350,000.


Ideal Designs Remodeling & Construction LLC to Carlisle, Johnny C. and Jaclyn M., 1821 S. 221st St., $643,052.

Koethe, Scott and Julie to Knutson, Andrew and Angela, 2256 S. 218th Ave., $1,200,000.

Koon, Dustin J. and Stefanie N. to Ellingson, Mary A., 3415 N. 207th Ave., $250,000.

Widhalm Custom Homes Inc. to Ramm Holdings LLC, 2519 N. 187th Ave., $74,000.

McClure, Matthew M. and Jill to Elson, Joel Scott and Alisandrea Nicole, 583 S. 180th Terrace, $320,000.

Fools Inc. to Langlois, Paula Kaye, 5027 N. 208th Ave., $269,100.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Rogers, Grant and Suzanne M., 2104 S. 211th St., $475,000.

Leach, Clifford F. and Pamela A. to Rohwer, Jordan J. and Taylor M., 646 S. 215th St., $245,000.


McDowell, Michael H. and Mary Kathleen to Krauel, Nathan and Rosita, 208 Sunset St., $237,000.


Platinum Builders LLC to Greg & Sharon Geiss Living Trust, 225 S. 243rd St., $97,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Novak, Emily and Gottsch, Dillon, 23416 Denton St., $28,000.


Rodriguez, Noemi and Dominguez, Marcelino Cabera to Brunet, Austin, 5418 N. 45th Ave., $133,000.

Douglas Sarpy Investments LLC to Simon, Samantha M., 1901 Northwest Radial Highway, $93,000.

Anthony Jane Holdings LLC to Wieser, Rachel, 5418 N. 68th St., $140,000.

Kline, Vic and Mary to McCright Properties LLC, 2015 N. 50th St., $85,000.

Tyler, Todd R. to Brownstone LLC, 6777 Pinkney St., $30,000.

Lian, Kulh and Cin, Tin to Hla, Shwe and Khi, Cho, 4912 Bedford Ave., $150,000.

Simon, Samantha M. to Simon, Kenneth C. and Toni L., 2517 N. 60th St., $60,000.

Selde, Jessica and Joseph H. to Darling, Daniel E. and Kelly, 2631 N. 71st St., $149,950.

Peyton, Paul D. and Jennifer to Hinrichs, Matthew and Christina, 4808 Binney St., $128,000.

Harris, William Robert Jr. and Carolyn Sue to Newell, Sophie and Vazquez, Vincent, 3018 N. 66th St., $126,000.

Aulner, Alan Evan to TPC Corp., 5209 N. 50th St., $44,000.

Wallis, Susan Dawn to Blevins, Thomas Aaron and Wallis, Susan Dawn, 5646 Ohio St., $63,400.

Pawol, Chris J. to Campbell, Ian and Symphony, 4541 Burdette St., $87,000.

Faulkner, Daniel J. and Clara E. to Faulkner, Devin J., 5437 N. 46th St., $52,000.

Men of Honor LLC to Loehr Property Management LLC, 4641 Larimore Ave., $39,500.

Demkowski, Marian C. to Demkowski, Michael J., 2706 N. 60th St., $40,000.


Wichert, Robert J. and Judith A. to Houlton, John Thomas, 2802 S. 39th St., $140,000.

Chan, Paul to Fahey, Joe, 500 S. 37th St., $116,000.

11T NE LLC to Huerta, Arturo Avalos, 2517 S. 35th Ave., $70,000.

L and L Realty LLC to JDADAMS LLC, 4301 Leavenworth St., $138,000.


Frank Jr. and Beverly Bianchi Family Revocable Trust to Miller, Christopher and Rinn, William M., 6213 Bancroft St., $125,000.

Muci Enterprize LLC to Clara, Jayme R., 5208 Pine St., $238,800.

Navarrette, Sean M. and Chelsea R. to Philbin, William R., 3028 S. 45th St., $190,000.

Connealy, Holly Kristin to Zitnik, Tracy, 1905 S. 62nd St., $142,000.

Bily Living Trust and Bily, Lorraine H., trustee, to Kelley, Connor J. and Robinson, Morgan I., 3225 S. 55th St., $179,450.

Sloma, Elizabeth J. and John S. to Broveak, Aaron and Jessika, 1312 S. 55th St., $245,000.

Heartland Holdings B LLC to Hinkel, Dustin, 1202 S. 55th St., $210,000.


Gibson, Joan S. to Elite Properties LLC, 5406 S. 16th St., $11,500.

Rody, Jacqueline L. and Terry L. to Flores, Tito, 4507 S. 22nd St., $52,000.

Lilledahl, Sharon D. to Peterson, Jerry A., 2312 C St., $52,500.

Elite Properties LLC to Ramos, Hilario and Cervantes, Maria, 5406 S. 16th St., $31,000.

Gaytan, Roberto and Trudy Dalene to Moreno, Juan A. Arenas and Rodriguez, Omayra E., 5029 S. 21st St., $120,000.

Kucera, Timothy Michael to Vest, Isaiah I., 4131 S. 42nd St., $115,000.

Brisbois, Devin H. and Amanda J. to Ledezma, Jose Manuel, 4217 S. 40th Ave., $129,000.

Eisenberg, Madison M. to Barrera Rentals 1 LLC, 1121 Arthur St., $36,000.

Semin, Joseph G. and Shelly A. to Guerrero, Lorenzo and Inda, Antionette, 3519 Madison St., $125,000.

Horst, Jessica A. to Grzebielski, Joshua and Elizabeth, 2201 F St., $132,000.

Sheehan, Ronald F. and Bridget to Avalos, Maria Guadalupe Diaz, 3528 X St., $130,000.

Gomez, Javier Llamas and Flores, Alexia Rosy to Vasquez, Marcos Antonio Lopez, 5106 S. 39th St., $64,623.


Johnson, Angel Luis to Ag Real Estate LLC, 1907 S. 14th St., $65,000.

Ine LLC to Mader, Paula R., 1201 S. 10th Court, $332,000.

Mech, Alice A. and Mahoney, Sharon A. to Gandara, Bernardino and Mercedes, 2306 S. 11th St., $65,000.

Tash Invest LLC to Zan Properties LLC, 1219 Pacific St., $210,000.

Red Ladder LLC to Reedy, Nathan A. and Samantha F., 2449 S. 17th St., $95,500.

Jimenez, David and Francisca to Castellanos, Francisco Joel and Jimenez, Guillermo Castellanos, 2510 S. 10th St., $40,000.


Lincoln, Mark A. to Cambero, Asuncion, 4544 N. 17th St., $67,000.

Philmon, Debbie to Devers, Markel Daron, 4133 N. 18th St., $19,300.


Memon, Malika to Finocchiaro, Joseph, 2405 Emmet St., $58,000.

Salazar, Eva Real to Corado, Dimas Ramirez, 4108 N. 25th Ave., $34,000.

Yong, Nging and Hernandez, Marissa to Amp Enterprises LLC, 2211 N. 37th St., $53,500.

Welty, Carole J. to Pelayo, Oscar Garcia, 4331 Fort St., $30,000.

Pelayo, Oscar Garcia to Morales, Analaura Ortiz, 4331 Fort St., $38,295.

Icaria LLC to Rasky Properties LLC, 4071 Paxton Blvd., $52,000.

Avenue Scholars Foundation to Kock Properties LLC, 3632 Ellison Ave., $110,000.

Faulkner, Daniel J. and Clara E. to Faulkner, Devin J., 3941 Himebaugh Ave., $40,000.

Faulkner, Daniel J. and Clara E. to Faulkner, Devin J., 5801 N. 36th St., $55,000.

Alramadan, Ahmad Hamad and Zobida to Hunt, Valerie J., 4224 Wirt St., $55,000.

Faulkner, Daniel J. and Clara E. to Faulkner, Devin J., 3617 Ellison Ave., $42,000.

Faulkner, Daniel J. and Clara E. to Faulkner, Devin J., 1514 N. 40th St., $60,000.

Dominguez, Marcelino Cabrera and Rodriguez, Noemi to Guzman, Bertha, 3519 Fowler Ave., $135,000.

KR Properties LLC to Olson, Veronica Nicole, 3027 Arcadia Ave., $135,000.

11T NE LLC to Sinclair Group LLC, 4274 Maple St., $45,000.

Riewe, Jerry and Stephanie to Brown, Donell, 3301 Laurel Ave., $64,000.

Eagle Properties LLC to Peeples, Andrea D., 2880 Camden Ave., $49,000.

SAS Properties LLC to Memon, Malika, 5906 N. 34th St., $40,000.

Thomas, James E. and Ruth P. to Favre-Smith, Erin K., 2560 Laurel Ave., $17,000.


Faulkner, Daniel J. and Clara E. to Faulkner, Devin J., 2857 Titus Ave., $67,000.

11T NE LLC to Heartland Holdings A LLC, 6816 N. 24th St., $47,144.

Faulkner, Daniel J. and Clara E. to Faulkner, Devin J., 2578 Newport Ave., $70,000.

Turris Group LLC to Johnson, Rodney, 6716 North Ridge Drive, $225,000.


Goetz, Jeffery F. and Rachel to Reid, Clinton J. and Ashley A., 1723 N. 105th St., $160,000.

Bles, Anthony J. and Jodi A. to EFM-4855-Apts LLC, 818 N. 107th Ave., $410,000.

Johnson, Howard M. Jr. and Barbara L. to Pamela Brandin Revocable Living Trust, 710 Ridgewood Ave., $905,000.

Kelvin Chan & Irene Au Revocable Living Trust to Bowden, Thomas W. and Janice C., 413 S. 86th St., $273,000.

Peterson, Carter to Bang, Maria E. and Bartsch, Lynda M., 911 S. 88th St., $290,000.


Mercury Contractors Inc. to Beaty, Jane A., 15408 Norwick Drive, $299,900.

Barnes, Veronica A. to Lampkin, Ted and Elisha, 16303 Saratoga St., $215,000.

Jasa, Candace S. and Matthew to Winchester, Barton P. Sr. and Kimberly D., 6238 N. 154th St., $242,250.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Richland Homes LLC, 5604 N. 153rd St., $46,950.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Richland Homes LLC, 5911 N. 154th St., $45,950.

Schramm, Jennifer E. to McPhee, Will and Martin, Lindsey, 14812 Grant St., $310,000.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Pine Crest Homes LLC, 15467 Ellison Circle, $43,500.

McMahon, John and Cindy to Connolly, Donald J., 15756 Hartman Ave., $265,000.

Incontro Family Trust and Incontro, John, trustee, to Ross, Brandon and Narzisi, Anne, 2404 Nelsons Creek Drive, $260,000.

Nelson, Aleksander T. and Brandy L. to De Stefano, Vinicius Silbiger and Sofia Sayuri Kawamura, 2402 N. 175th St., $410,000.

Kim, Cheryl J. and Keith J. to Hansen, Julie K. and David A., 16525 Grant St., $150,400.


Brauner, William E. and Vivian A. to Schramm, Nikolas William and Elizabeth Margaret, 4936 S. 49th Ave., $149,000.

Maverick Property Group LLC to Cowley, Elizabeth and Gullberg, Dylan, 4914 S. 56th St., $168,500.

Lahair, Terri, personal representative of Gosch, Ardith A. estate, to MMAJ Investments LLC, 4829 Orchard Ave., $100,000.


Rasmussen, Nancy, personal representative of Thormodsgard, Audrey A. estate, to Zimmerman, Ronald L. and Marilyn K., 1817 N. 176th Court, $160,000.

Ayers, Travis and Lori to Rodriguez, Carl A. Jr. and Greenway, Brianna J., 1630 N. 173rd St., $320,000.

Stanley, Gerard J. Jr. and Erin Marie to Herber, Garrett and Jennifer, 16027 Davenport St., $252,500.


Noland, Henry S. and Andrew S. to Sanchez, Reinier Pena, 8949 Quest St., $162,500.

Carlin, Marcy A. to Pace, Josh and Marisa, 8834 N. 82nd Ave., $173,000.

Laseinde, Olaoluwa Peter and Oluwadare, Seyi Precious to Lackas, Michael and Lisa, 6969 N. 88th St., $185,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Maganda, Herminia Salazar and Rangel, Raul Banderas, 8261 Craig Ave., $197,274.

Bader Construction LLC to Moore, Colin and Lorber, Mara, 7806 Read Place, $145,000.

Stefan, Marcella J. to Zi, Hmet, 7515 Newport Ave., $147,000.

Stubblefield, Lauren to Roth, Jordan, 7328 N. 107th St., $204,000.


HBI LLC to Hughes, Craig and Bethany, 2243 S. 85th Ave., $300,000.

Winchester, Barton P. Sr. and Kimberly D. to Bowron, Dustin and Alyssa M., 3609 Westgate Road, $178,000.

Kocourek, John and Karen to Waggoner, Nicholas K. and Jillian L., 8757 Dorcas St., $251,000.

Dworak, Mike and Paige to Parr, Andrew S. and Katie L., 1724 S. 76th Ave., $310,000.


Sramek, Thomas J. and Joyce A. to McDaniel, Thomas A. and Walden-McDaniel, Gloria J., 6429 S. 92nd St., $254,900.

Hoy, Christina L. and Sailors, Christina L. to Nebrigich, Justin, 7529 Hayes Circle, $189,000.

BT2 Omaha Assets LLC to Ace Properties LLC, 8042 Maywood St., $139,120.


Kurz, Matthew and Emily to Chapman, Morgan and Rachel, 2117 S. 162nd Circle, $197,000.

Peshoff, Bobby Keith and Cathy Maria to Hemmer, Emirson L. and Danessa M., 2429 S. 166th St., $175,000.

Carlisle, Johnny Capati and Jaclyn M. to Demarco, Kevin Michael and Jessica Mack, 3320 S. 188th St., $405,000.

Blue Sage Development LLC to Quest Construction Co., 1411 S. 200th Avenue Circle, $72,500.

Liu, Huan to Biz Enterprises LLC, 1310 S. 166th St., $128,800.

Gehring, John F. and Carolyn J. to Strickland, Edward J. and Lindsay, 17070 Pasadena Court, $785,000.

Stepp, James M. and Alecia K. to Yu, Yuebin and Daihong, 1501 S. 192nd Ave., $400,000.


Jones, Mary to Cusack, John, 3424 Hawthorne Ave., $95,000.

Jones, Lori R. to Jochim, Alex M., 3810 Davenport St., $188,000.

Bostwick, Susan Marie to Maples, Kris Dann, 3000 Farnam St., $193,000.

Parker, Kimberly N. and Josiah D. to Garcia, Rosselyn, 811 N. 43rd St., $170,000.

Vesta Properties LLC to First Higgins Holdings LLC, 4403 California St., $77,100.

Hernandez, Jessica and Mollao, Cristian to FA Properties LLC, 432 N. 34th St., $45,000.


Faulkner, Daniel J. and Clara E. to Faulkner, Devin J., 6554 Lafayette Ave., $96,000.

Faulkner, Daniel J. and Clara E. to Faulkner, Devin J., 6931 Lafayette Ave., $74,000.

Wiener, Andrew A. and Erica L. to Zanella, Pavel Eduardo Patino and Patino, Catherine N., 5121 Hamilton St., $290,000.

Joseph M. Engle Trust to Saalfeld, Seth D., 321 S. 51st Ave., $300,000.


Hoover, Natalie and Erik to Bowden, Ryan L., 9611 Boyd Circle, $179,500.

Stevenson, Tara to Kadima Properties LLC, 9719 Larimore Ave., $105,000.

Hopkins, Dorothy and Justin to Shuss, Edward and Conn, Dana, 2304 N. 104th Circle, $165,000.

Pensco Trust Company LLC, custodian FBO for Olmstead, Jeanine R. IRA, to Classen, Jonathan, 8320 Bedford Ave., $75,000.

Ryan, Gage to Donelan, Blake Matthew and Laura Elizabeth, 9477 Binney St., $145,000.

Connolly, Donald to Vinson, Hope M. and Thaddeus N., 4328 N. 81st St., $172,500.

Carpenter, Andrew and Amy to Bolling, Tyler and Hailey, 8012 Manderson St., $168,000.

Ruff, Clifford R. and Kingery-Ruff, Phyllis Ann to Cubrich, Mitchell A. and Nancy R., 8427 Spaulding St., $100,000.

Wheelock, Cody W. and Laura J. to Liston, Steve D. and Susan M., 2011 N. 99th St., $190,000.

Mendoza, Norton E. and Feregrino, Ginny to Reh, Thaw and Meh, Kig, 5205 N. 96th St., $167,000.


Deffenbaugh, Matthew W. and Wittman, Dimitria M. to Charrlin, Jake, 17610 H Circle, $197,700.

Richland Homes LLC to Burianek, Nicholas W., 4605 S. 193rd St., $302,000.

Abboud, Mark F. and Lori S. to Clarke, Sheryl A., 5513 S. 170th St., $415,000.

Sempeck, Lori and Steven to Weil, Nicholas M. and China R., 4105 S. 173rd St., $325,000.

Schipper, Bradley L. and Ann M. to Kurz, Matthew J. and Emily C., 6157 S. 181st St., $345,000.

Vincent, Christopher T. and Holmes, Carol A. to Faraj, Zach and Dixon, Shanita, 5532 S. 161st St., $297,500.

Consalvi, Aaron W. and Kimberly A. to Lindstrom, James B. and Diane R., 4428 S. 199th Ave., $325,000.

Stenger, Jeffrey and Amy to Fitzpatrick, John J. and Kellin De Brito, 17527 Karen St., $325,000.

Blauser, Michael S. to Johnson, James Howard and Anderson, Heather May, 5502 S. 169th St., $365,500.

Moore, Kristine Kay to Moore, Cassandra R. and Wulff, Austin F., 6208 S. 189th St., $190,000.

Moura, Marco and Sonia to Brookfield Relocation Inc., 17110 I St., $315,000.

Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Lane, William R. and Lucy Ames, 17110 I St., $315,000.

Spence, Dan and Cristi to Cavanaugh, John P., 15902 T St., $245,000.


Hamzhie, Bijan and Laurie G. to Peters, Evan J. and Cano, Mariana Layseca, 14930 N Circle, $184,000.

Josten, Neal and Kacy to Kuony, Debra, 6729 S. 110th St., $189,100.

Cano, Carlos and Amanda to Rangel, Douglas, 4864 S. 143rd St., $148,750.

McCord, Dustin W. to Sheets, Joshua C., 10855 Polk St., $189,900.

Baca Properties 3 LLC to Wang, Yihe, 4962 S. 142nd St., $155,000.

Archer, Eleanor G. to Nelson, Brett A. and Terrie Jean, 5052 S. 150th Place, $174,000.


Agbatchi, Euphrem O. to Patterson, Jena M. and Agbatchi, Euphrem O., 13913 Vane St., $80,000.

Sorapuru, Angela to Jaros, Joseph and Joline, 11511 Iowa Circle, $265,000.


Peyton, Paul D. and Jennifer to King, Amanda Christina, 1424 Holling Drive, $242,000.

Yadlapalli, Santhi Sudha and Shaik, Rafiulla to Molnar Investments 401 K Trust and Molnar, Steven, trustee, 14037 Shirley St., $159,000.

Benson, Jacob L. and Heidi N. to Smith, Michael J. and Esch, Anna M., 14191 Pine St., $205,000.

Christensen, Jeanne E. Dodd to Davis, Kaitlyn and Ely, Tyler, 2324 S. 147th St., $216,000.

Barnhart, John F. to Stessman, Brian M. and Feser-Stessman, Holly A., 13035 Shirley St., $280,000.

Amato, Scott J. to Mettenbrink, Derek C. and Kadee A., 12691 C St., $155,000.


Miller, Timothy J. Sr. and Angela K. to Miller, Timothy J. Jr., 5012 Vane Circle, $115,000.

Oak Point Properties Inc. to Blankman, Tom and Michella, 6403 Girard St., $35,000.

Faulkner, Daniel J. and Clara E. to Faulkner, Devin J., 4617 Redick Ave., $53,024.


Villalongo, Kevin O. and Rosario, Milka L. to Medbery, Joel D. and Renee P., 12335 Decatur St., $275,000.

Belford, Thomas M. and Lee E. to Jones, Craig T. and Kate, 12810 Hamilton St., $420,000.

TSV A LLC to Brown, William J. and Melissa K., 15505 Leavenworth St., $225,000.

Erkes, Corey J. and Peet-Erkes, Laura K. to Thomas, Allison C., 905 Palamino Road, $300,000.


Zarembinski, Erin and Megan to Thomas, Montaveous T., 12125 Spencer St., $235,000.

Lerner, Martha H., personal representative of Goldenberg, Irwin estate, to Hamzhie, Bijan and Laurie, 2307 N. 133rd Circle, $205,000.

Giri, Deepak and Amrita to Shrestha, Rajendra K. and Malla, Urvashi, 3141 N. 124th St., $135,000.

Newbill, Joan M. to Wilcox, Blake and Lyons, Amber, 6719 N. 110th St., $165,000.

Moore, Tyler and Delaney to Frazee, Dean D. III, 6507 N. 110th Ave., $180,000.

Rindone, Guido S. and Elizabeth A. to Langford, Gary and Joanne, 5125 N. 134th St., $235,000.

Johnson, Ronald M. and Jody L. to Amoruso-Fecich, Hunter S., 2613 N. 112th St., $173,300.

Jah LLC to Tallman, Benjamin J. and Audra M., 4811 N. 126th St., $192,000.

Jarrett, Edward W. and Sylvia to Coverdell, Anthony and Phyllis, 2717 N. 126th Circle, $192,000.

Herber, Garrett S. and Jennifer to Koch, Zach A., 12404 Wirt St., $210,100.

Sarpy County


Kenneth J. and Donna L. C. Cousino Living Trust to Cleaver, Amber Marie and Duncan, Christopher Jay, 1306 Potter Road, $143,000.

Brown, Willis T. II to Rock, Jeffrey P. and Kristine M., 2112 Twin Ridge Drive, $145,000.

Vasko Brothers Properties LLC to Muckey, Richard Allan, 2004 Hancock St., $113,000.

Glassman, Sean to Grzywa, Richard, 303 W. 19th Ave., $95,000.

Watters, Robin, personal representative of Watters, Jean A. estate, to Langpaul, Alan J. and Jane B., 701 Sherman Drive, $156,000.

Gable, Lacey to Fahnestock, Jacob, 101 Cedar St., $142,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Stabenow, Jordan and Billie, 12114 S. 210th St., $320,000.

Van Long, Christopher M. and Jeri Lynn to Wadsworth, Heath D. and Michele L., 12516 S. 218th St., $248,000.

Corbett, Chad E. and Laura E. to Krueger, Jordan and Stubblefield, Lauren, 17124 Jessica Lane, $308,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Hrabik, Ronald and Donna, 16905 Samantha Road, $364,000.


Booth, Kimberly A. to Heaberlin, Paul Edward and Rebecka Ann, 308 Pheasant Run Lane, $295,000.

Patricia K. Schlake Revocable Trust to Payne, David, 1110 Gold Coast Road, $169,000.

Dynasty Homes LLC to Ingram, Brady J. and Stacey L., 11019 Edgewater Drive, $390,000.

Husak, Bryce S. and Kelsey B. to Zarembinski, Erin M. and Megan S., 12614 S. 82nd St., $367,000.

Mclvor, Jennifer A. to Hanks, Ashley M. and Micheal L., 10617 S. 111th St., $297,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Randall, Charles David, 10009 S. 106th St., $412,000.

Elder, Daniel B. and Buffie M. to Reyna Maynez, Paula and Mikhail, 1211 Buckboard Blvd., $211,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Schilmoeller, Michael J., 918 Crest Drive, $299,000.

Smith, Josh M. Jr. and Angela D. to Sky Properties LLC, 803 Redwood Lane, $115,000.

Oren, Kipling C. and Kimberly to Harnett, Barrie G. and Kathryn L., 916 Oxford Circle, $240,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Shoup, Keith and Miyuki, 1810 Mayflower Road, $264,000.

Jason M. & Sharon M. Phelps Revocable Trust to Millard, Timothy and Serina, 2811 Jack Pine St., $180,000.

Beutler, Joshua W. to Krambeck, Daniel A. and Gabriela A., 11776 McCarty Loup, $263,000.

Moore, Benjamin H. and Luella A. to Bagley, Ryan J. and Ronda L., 2602 Winding River Drive, $163,000.

Klingelhutz Price, Joann M. and Price, William L. to Townsend, Michael and Stacey, 3417 Scott Drive, $180,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hodges, James E. and Heidi H. H., 14902 S. 22nd St., $297,000.

Robey, Randall D. and Melody L. to Hubbell, James M. and Dorothy V., 14703 S. 23rd St., $285,000.

Rozema, Daniel M. and Pamela to Snider, Kenton Scott and Megan, 11722 Fisher House Road, $205,000.

Clauson, Steven J. and Roxanne E. to Miller Way LLC, 3113 Crystal Drive, $210,000.


DeYoung, Daniel S. and Julie S. to Creasy, Jerome A. Jr. and Crystal R., 10310 Joseph Circle, $356,000.

Red Ladder LLC to Guevara, Diego M. and Cordova, Katherine A. Alvarado, 7211 Bess St., $156,000.

Kosel, Patricia, personal representative of Price Fred E. estate, to Foreman Jennifer, 8526 Birch Drive, $146,000.

Abell, Austin and Brooke and Abell, Patrick and April to Stover, Tyler, 7316 S. 71st Ave., $128,000.

Erickson, Robert and Maureen to Oswald, Jonathan and Christine, 8626 S. 97th St., $282,000.

Acamo, Patrick J. and Erica M. to Clampitt, Matthew, 7910 Hillcrest Lane Court, $196,000.

Campbell, John N. and Deborah J. to Kahlandt, Matthew R. and Lori L., 10435 Elmhurst Drive, $309,000.

Schilmoeller, Michael J. to Boucher, Morton J. and Angela N., 9235 Bayberry Road, $368,000.

Black, Scott R. and Laura to Camp, David and Michelle, 9408 Edna St., $365,000.

Baker, Diana, personal representative of Strawhun, Terence estate, to A Place to Live LLC, 9114 Autumn Lane, $94,000.


French, Mark P. and Jill M. to Popham, Jacob B. and Claudia M., 1507 Durham Drive, $188,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Wiener, Andrew A. and Erica L., 13705 S. 52nd St., $360,000.

Kunschke, Tod M. and Diane J. to Kim, Sung Pal and Mi Jung, 2118 Christine St., $258,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Undajon, Zach and Emily, 4601 Sheridan Road, $317,000.

Schultz, Cody M. and Brooke to Butsyak, Marko and Wisniewski, Bethany, 502 Charleston Drive, $190,000.

Lifetime Structures Inc. to Zach, James G. and Denise K., 13809 S. 51st St., $409,000.

Jensen, Therese A. to Dietterle, Lucas and Andrea, 2105 John St., $290,000.

Buzan, Robert M. and Kristen to Rieck, Russell and Nicole, 6820 Park Crest Drive, $348,000.


H & S Partnership LLP to Beers, Brittney and Nesbitt, Alan, 8008 S. 167th St., $210,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Meisinger, Devin and Kimberly, 11013 S. 186th Ave., $311,000.

Cole, Scott D. and Karissa M. to Brooks, Derek L. and Kayla S., 15839 Cottonwood St., $190,000.

Andersen, Stephen R. and Mary E. to Hopkins, Michael G. and Beverly M., 15310 Redwood St., $228,000.

Brester, Michelle K. to Hoy, Benjamin and Christina, 15802 Stony Circle, $308,000.

Gieser, Lauren J. and Vera J. to Jill of All Trades LLC, 16413 Willow St., $276,000.

Moore, Roy J. and Vanessa to Khadka, Aayush, 17766 Lillian St., $186,000.

Wilkie, Roberta L. to Wilkie, Erin and Cameron, 17828 Edna St., $170,000.

Hart & Olsen Property Group LLC to Levey, Sean P. and Morgan D., 2409 Aberdeen Drive, $269,000.

Samler, David L. and Patricia A. to Brown, Willis and Blevins Brown, Kaye, 17328 Edna St., $254,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Kunz, Joel C. and Peterson, Ashley L., 7864 S. 190th St., $322,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Robertson, William B., 18820 Robin Drive, $234,000.

Lee, Roger R. and Kathy T. to Gordon, Nicholas and Cassandra, 16116 Audrey St., $255,000.

Siders, Anthony and Sucha, Jon E. L. to McIntyre, Haley A. and Dylan M., 15603 Willow St., $185,000.


West, Margaret J. to PRN Properties LLC, 8663 S. 143rd Ave., $130,000.

Stock, David B. and Jocelyn A. to Jeffrey A. Bonnstetter Revocable Living Trust and Bonnstetter, Rhonda S., trustee, 7914 S. 151st Ave., $215,000.

LaCroix, Richard G. and Karen L. to Hower, Kevin M., 7943 S. 154th St., $171,000.


Morris, Glenn and Maria to Timmerman, Charlotte Kay, 7907 S. 24th St., $170,000.

Eagle Custom Ranch Homes Inc. to Hodson, Thomas and Patricia, 1702 Alberta Circle, $318,000.

Profera, James R. and Tho T. to Lerette, Damien A. and Katrina M., 9310 S. 28th St., $265,000.

Nebraska Home Investors LLC to Styl Properties Inc., 3826 Gertrude St., $15,000.

Donald J. Mixan Sr. Trust to Mixan, Nicholas J. and Nicole M., 2502 Cornelia St., $140,000.

Wolff, William W. II and Erin E. to Wyatt, Brianne N. and Haskett, Scott, 4151 Patricia Lane, $163,000.


Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Becerra, Matthew and Lindsey, 8606 S. 63rd Circle, $425,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Harden, Clarence Anthony and Susan Dawn, 6429 Peters Parkway, $419,000.

Bader Construction LLC to Szczepaniak, Blase, 5042 Trail Circle Ave., $172,000.

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