Douglas County


Awenlimobor, Franca and Ambrose to Mirza, Rizwanbaig and Nazlyabanu, 8803 N. 157th St., $335,000.

Peters, Daniel J. and Sallie J. to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 17221 Rachael Snowden Parkway, $46,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Witherbee, Abbie J., 8073 Kilpatrick Parkway, $242,297.


Loseke, Melissa to Epp, Craig and Katie, 20701 Shirley St., $329,000.

Owings, Brian T. and Melissa M. to Winkle, Bryan Clifford and Stacia, 615 S. 197th St., $305,000.

Daniel & Susanna Leonard Revocable Trust to Czyz, Kenneth and Tricia, 21724 Stanford Circle, $325,000.

Cohn, Shane M. and Jessica L. to Shoquist, James R. and Lepe-Preciado, Margarita, 18309 Farnam St., $345,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Ryan, Tiffany and Garner, Jill, 2434 N. 191st Ave., $291,150.

Charleston Homes LLC to Mull, Christopher M. and Miranda J., 4907 N. 205th St., $325,827.

Blondo 186 LLC to Landmark Performance Corp., 18314 Grant St., $50,000.

204 F Street LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 20535 Howe St., $34,500.

Robinson, James H. and Kerri K. to Dudley, Amanda and Michael, 1307 N. 181st Ave., $366,000.

Dave Paik Builders Inc. to Peggy Jo Bunger Living Trust and Bunger, Richard K., trustee, 2521 N. 188th St., $405,000.


HBC Homes Inc. to Schmigel, Chad W. and Jarzynka-Schmigel, Amber R., 23419 Agee Lane, $301,975.


LEJ Enterprises LLC to McShane Properties LLC, 3818 N. 53rd St., $59,000.

Newsome, Cynthia, personal representative of Newsome, John H. estate, to LEJ Enterprises LLC, 4334 N. 56th St., $69,500.

Campos, Marvin J. and Rosemaris to Rogers, Richel D., 1606 N. 70th Ave., $110,000.

O & H Properties Inc. to Wuestewald, Barbara, 6546 Franklin St., $80,000.

Shuey, Adrianna C. and Ryan Allen to Maakestad, Paul J., 5606 Pratt St., $115,000.


Renaissance Gardens Inc. to Toledo, Jose Gonzalez, 2701 Hickory St., $49,000.

Tiahrt, John and Ashley to Gallardo, Tania Ramirez, 2706 S. 40th St., $127,000.

GRE Properties LLC to Barton, William A., 3611 Leavenworth St., $110,000.

Sudyka, Kristine to Sabin, Ty and Varnum, Gaile, 2107 S. 39th St., $220,000.

Neos Property Management LLC to Bibiano, Abel Perez, 1327 S. 25th Ave., $107,250.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Elsasser, Robert and Nancy, 921 S. 31st St., $267,000.


Davis, Todd R. and Lisa M. to MJLC LLC, 4523 Poppleton Ave., $210,000.

Koenig, Paul L. and Janet E. to Carstens, Jill, 5539 Pine St., $120,000.

Judge, Paul D. and Theresa M. to Elston, Molly and Ayaday, Bill, 4672 Pine St., $220,000.


Nesbitt, Alan L. and Beers, Brittney to Arreola, Floriberto, 4122 S. 29th St., $117,000.

Golden Realty Investments LLC to Toledo, Jose Gonzalez, 2117 I St., $47,000.

Barrera Rentals 1 LLC to Johnson, Carl Jr. and Dolly, 6206 S. 33rd St., $102,500.


Seran, Gungor and Erika to Campbell, Thomas, 1807 Dorcas St., $83,500.


Noland, Jonathan and Anna Marie to Hastings Family Holdings LLC, 1102 Fort St., $25,000.

Page, Jacqueline E. to Men of Honor LLC, 4451 Commercial Ave., $50,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Winston, Dorothy, 4134 N. 17th St., $111,900.


Gesu Housing Inc. to Owen, Jessica, 4013 Corby St., $128,000.

Philmon, Daphne to MM Homebuyers LLC, 6335 N. 33rd Ave., $44,000.

Tabbert, Richard L. to MM Homebuyers LLC, 2018 N. 37th St., $31,500.

MCS Rentals LLC to Kent, Latrice R., 5907 N. 36th St., $117,000.

Vandelay Investments LLC to Janovich, James, 5914 N. 40th St., $32,500.


Agee, Ruby L. and Agee-Shaw, Sandy to Kuhl, Alisha, 7316 N. 39th Terrace, $160,000.

Libert Land Holdings 3 LLC to 11T NE LLC, 6816 N. 24th St., $110,500.

Thompson Property Holdens LLC to 4506 JLC LLC, 4006 Ida St., $110,000.

HBI LLC to Wolf, Nicholas G. and Jade, 2447 Bauman Ave., $107,500.

Jacobson, Gary A. and Nancy J. to Pittman, Andrea and Enoch, 3706 Mormon St., $223,000.


Luna Enterprises LLC to Johnson, Matthew, 8210 Bowie Drive, $182,000.

Gordon, Christine K. to Hatchell, Luke, 8821 Nicholas St., $131,500.

Bruhn, Adam and Nicholle to Ciciulla, Katie E., 1512 N. 87th St., $185,000.

Kronberg, Andreas E. to Kronberg, Daniel W., 7758 Lafayette Ave., $100,000.

Cramer, Justin Scott and Crabb, Stephanie to Turner, Christine Elizabeth and Matthew David, 10605 Parker St., $164,000.

Qualified Property Solutions LLC to Belling, Michael J. and Spaan, Kelly S., 7432 Page St., $279,500.

Mears, Ian M. and Sokha L. to Mears, Andrew R., 909 N. 85th St., $125,500.


Shoquist, James R. and Lepe-Preciado, Margarita to Clairlind LLC, 4820 N. 160th St., $160,000.

Wanninger, John A. and Goldsmith, Bridget R. to Arroyo, Brian D. and Jessica, 3305 N. 179th St., $524,900.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Jacob, Arul Newton David Issac and Ramasubrahmanian, Prabha, 5540 N. 153rd Ave., $327,100.

Eker, Nicolas J. and Alexandra J. to Michel, Michaela, 14665 Boyd Court, $123,500.

REO Asset Management Company LLC to HBI LLC, 15074 Bedford Ave., $165,750.

Hansen, Scott W. to Cassidy, Lucas and Victoria, 4907 N. 151st Circle, $236,000.

Dudley, Amanda R. and Michael A. Jr. to Chick, Patrick M. III and Smith, Amanda M., 4901 N. 169th St., $191,000.


Arroyo, Brian D. and Jessica R. to Scholz, Stephanie L. and Jonathon C., 16729 Marcy Circle, $450,000.

Waddell, Robert L. and Lisa E. to Steckman, Christopher and Williams, Emily, 17327 Decatur St., $255,000.


Pane, Charles J. to Gark Homes SHV 3 LLC, 7805 N. 86th Ave., $161,500.

Funk, Kyle H. and Jones, Crystal B. to Funk, Kyle H., 7757 N. 86th Ave., $88,050.


Kwapnioski, Kyle F. and Jennifer to Olshove, Valerie, 1513 S. 96th St., $235,100.

Sharifi-Arani, Vesal to Worley, Derek and Marino, Jaclyn, 3718 S. 95th St., $433,500.

Yoo, Lawrence Ho Seung and Delaney, Jessica T. to Haffey, Patrick and Kylie, 2411 S. 102nd St., $880,000.


Patterson, Sara N. to Sherry, Cody and Alexus, 8480 Lakeview Drive, $168,500.

Jasa, Stephen S. and Ivy to SISSS LLC, 10731 Borman Circle, $195,000.


Dunne, William B. and Renee L. to Nielsen, Aaron, 20194 D St., $339,000.

Mull, Christopher Michael and Miranda to Delrosario, Janel and Nguyen, Shalamar, 1329 S. 162nd Ave., $190,000.

Martin, Kristine K. and Dan to Bourgeois, Lowell and Christy, 18314 Nina St., $458,000.

Mario Edward Baccari Revocable Trust to Dunne, William and Renee, 1509 S. 190th Place, $297,500.

Stark, Christopher R. and Angela J. to Fields, Philip L. and Anjelica, 1323 S. 195th St., $390,000.


Kendall, Ronald to 1026 N. 33rd LLC, 1026 N. 33rd St., $125,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Ann and Kendall Au Revocable Trust, 3125 California St., $260,000.


Manganaro, Michael R. and Maureen to Hatala, Ellen A., 5017 Underwood Ave., $185,000.


Starzec, Megan Elizabeth to Gregerson, Brandon, 9644 Boyd Circle, $170,000.

Wolfert, Ryan and Kasandra to Hardy, Karen Elizabeth and Alex Michael, 10015 Pinkney St., $170,000.

Lenagh, Luke A. and Agnes A. to Olbur, Brittany, 4622 Parkview Drive, $140,000.

REO Trust 2017-RPL1 and U.S. Bank Trust to Marshbanks, Aaron, 5623 N. 96th St., $85,000.

O & H Properties Inc. to Bardon, Martin and Soto, Tania, 9366 Pratt Circle, $164,900.

Dao, Bao to Pham, Doan V. and Dao, Huong Thi, 6307 N. 102nd Ave., $65,866.


Regency Homes and Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Johnson, Michael R., 6565 S. 199th Ave., $302,560.

Gregory & Dianne Palik Living Trust to Evans, Dan J., 5106 S. 167th Ave., $189,000.

Hoffmann, Brian and Janene to Clawson, Gary W. and Wellwood-Clawson, Donna M., 4957 S. 174th Ave., $355,000.

Pearson, Thomas D. and Karen A. to Standifer, Kim Christine and Steven Michael, 5037 S. 163rd St., $214,000.

Brownfield, Cheryl L. and Terry D. to Kohl, Frank A. and Rhonda L., 6504 S. 159th St., $266,500.

Alberico, Jason M. to Dugan, Shawn R. and Liliana E., 4712 S. 157th Circle, $275,000.


R&B Properties LLC to Huston, Matthew J., 5644 S. 111th St., $195,000.

Mensah Investments LLC to Erwin, Amanda R., 12204 Ohern St., $175,000.

Epp, Katie and Craig to Jefferson, Melissa, 6635 S. 108th Ave., $162,000.

Prine, Marcia Jean and Harry William to Moore, Jeremy D. and Bosiljevac, Nicole M., 13555 Polk St., $170,000.

Fields, Philip and Anjelica M. to Mason, Rhea A., 14811 Drexel St., $200,000.

Stull, Eldon J. and Michaela to Guern, Caleb, 13804 Polk Circle, $160,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Galvan, Luis Michel, 12210 Gail Ave., $121,210.

Gatz, Larry D. and Vicky L. to Coulombe, Nathan M. and Oropeza, Kassandra M., 6624 S. 149th St., $220,000.


Cooper, Tyler J. and Jodi D. to Apker, John L. and Kimberly A., 7402 N. 108th St., $165,000.


Cybulski, Deborah C., personal representative of Clow, Patricia T. estate, to Hodgson, Ann B., 1635 S. 113th Place, $280,000.

King, Steven Darrell to Ruda, Chris and Sara, 1829 S. 133rd St., $164,500.

Nielsen, Joyce M. to Triggs, Jacob and Bayli, 14704 Arbor St., $224,000.

Kittrell, John F. and Breasch, Cynthia L. to Reisbig, Katharine A., 15323 Hickory St., $345,000.

Zimmerman, Cynthia K., personal representative of Engquist, Irene D. estate, to Taormina LLC, 2405 S. 123rd Ave., $134,500.


Oak Point Properties Inc. to Boelter, James, 6509 Girard St., $40,000.


Czyz, Kenneth J. and Tricia M. to Kroymann, Ethan and Angela M., 15369 Page St., $242,000.

Heartland Holdings A LLC to Stockamp, Mark and Alison, 14953 Lafayette Place, $203,000.

Jacobson, Devin K. and Colleen C. to Mannino, Mary L., 15433 Cuming Circle, $227,500.


Janda Construction LLC to Laughlin, Thomas, 5757 N. 130th St., $190,000.

McAdams, Marianne to Gustafson, Mark and Amanda, 6332 N. 128th St., $165,000.

Sarpy County


Vernier, Lucien P. and Karen S. to Bailey, Sage L. and Sean P., 805 Lincoln Road, $210,000.

Strodtman, Vanessa M. P. and Kirk L. to Butler, Roger and Hayden, Sherry, 613 Lasalle Circle, $260,000.

Becerra, Andrea and Richard II to Oliver, Dedee, 1006 Martin Drive West, $239,000.

Partners for Payment Relief — DE II LLC to Pena, Jorge Jr. and Melanie, 712 Willow Ave., $101,000.


Tangen, Brian A. and Friedrichsen-Tangen Mary S. to Lawrence, Amanda, 11823 S. 210th Circle, $198,000.

Julie R. Odermatt Trust to Wills, Shawn and Hilger, Julie, 7614 S. 195th St., $370,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Stowell, Bryan L. and Anne M., 16912 Doreen St., $273,000.


Shobe, Jennifer J. and Edward L. to Austin, June L., 707 Oak Ridge Road, $220,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Nguyen, Khanh, 10565 S. 110th Ave., $303,000.

Chloupek, Ronald and Stephanie to Kuncl, Eric J., 655 Antelope Circle, $310,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Caveny, Michael P. and Brittney R., 10425 S. 110th St., $284,000.

McLane, James and Rebekah to Garcia, Jamie L. and Gabrielle E., 2111 Glacier Drive, $305,000.

Krasa, Gregory J. and Allison M. to Thompson, Brandon A. and Amanda, 913 Hogan Drive, $270,000.

Reestman, Daniel J. and Peggy L. to Neterer, Jonathan M., 1329 Scott Road, $190,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Young, William and Amy, 10575 S. 111th Ave., $330,000.

Worthington, Patricia J. and Peter to Murphy, Eric T. and Cassandra L., 1607 Madison Circle, $253,000.


Schulze, Kevin A. and Kaitlyn D. to Esparza, Efrain and Guadalupe R., 13906 S. 42nd Ave., $210,000.

Dominguez, Tito Flores and Bibiana to Recinos, Ana Elizabeth, 3813 Joann Ave., $209,000.

Mills, Joseph W. and Madison C. to Roush, Justin M. and McCabe, Liza N., 3302 Leawood Drive, $183,000.

Binns, Patrick S. and Tran-Binns, Phung K. to Tran, Hau and Nguyen, Paulina, 3413 Lookingglass Drive, $150,000.

Duke, Terry L. Jr. and Danuella R. to Stratman, Paul and Emily, 13210 S. 38th St., $170,000.

Oliver, DeDee J. to Willitzer, Joel M. and Megan, 2709 Yorktown St., $238,000.

Barnes, Brandon M. and Kanost, Eileen Michelle to Nevitt, David and Christy, 13012 S. 36th St., $178,000.

Shaw, Devin and Victoria to Berger, Jeremy S. and Bree L., 13903 S. 44th St., $227,000.


Woodland Homes Inc. to Holmes, Tony D., 9933 Emiline St., $413,000.

Ghosh, Hilton B. and Sheila V. to Lesch, Alexander Edward, 7833 La Vista Drive, $184,000.

Sebeck, John A. and Christine A. to Mahoney, William M. and Ulrich-Mahoney, Linda L., 7618 S. 87th St., $125,000.

Sanders, Charles H. and Katie L. to Mosley, Robert and Regina, 8630 S. 97th St., $312,000.

Atchinson, Michael and Deborah M. to Kocol, Christopher and Kelly, 8529 S. 101st St., $310,000.


Kocol, Christopher J. and Kelly L. to Buettner, Chad and Headley, Tiffany, 605 Rosewood Ave., $230,000.

Mercury Contractors Inc. to Madden, Julie A. and Joseph W., 6773 Harvest Drive, $336,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Odermatt, Julie R., 18917 Blackwalnut St., $325,000.

Dubas, Benjamin J. and Mary K. to Brosnahan, Christine M., 17833 Josephine St., $185,000.

Holmes, Tony Dale to Goering, Jenna Y. and Goering, Jody and Addison W., 7314 S. 174th St., $175,000.

Harrison-Moody, Susan Diane to Vernon Industries LLC, 15613 Cottonwood Ave., $169,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Meyer, Daniel J., 18812 Robin Drive, $223,000.

Homestead Custom Builders LLC to Mogensen, Kyle and Tabatha, 10640 S. 190th St., $424,000.

Fowler, Lee L. II and Laurie L. to Stoll, Matthew J. and Rojas, Angela, 9611 S. 171st Ave., $344,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Groth, John P. and Sandra L., 8207 S. 186th St., $240,000.

Western Springs Land Corp. to Westcoast Properties LLC, 10312 S. 168th Ave., $115,000.


McKean, Ryan A. and Shannon E. to Kamisar, Jason D. and Katelyn J., 12807 Olive St., $160,000.

Jacobsen, Nicholas to Carrothers, Alec C. and Bethany Jean, 12808 Olive St., $180,000.

Koster, Charles D. and September to Kirch, Michael and Devon, 7907 S. 151st Avenue Circle, $184,000.

Pearson, Holly M. and Bryan to Hamik Housing LLC, 7308 S. 155th St., $115,000.

Schroeder, Drew A. and Christina to Stogner, Shelby L. and Kightlinger, Zachary S., 7012 S. 140th St., $215,000.

Donica, Ethan C. and LeMaster Donica, Tamra to Small, Jason W., 14009 Jennifer Road, $188,000.

Douglas, David and Michelle Y. to Homemade Holdings LLC, 15346 Papio St., $122,000.

Molnar, Steve, trustee of Molnar Investments 401K Trust, to Woodard, Gerald E. and Olson-Woodard, Victoria M., 13801 Meadow Ridge Road, $132,000.


Carmichael, Stefan and Elisha to Farmer, Curtis, 2721 Lillian St., $96,000.

Davis, Caleb T. and Sadie to Miller, Kimberly and Wagner, Kelsey, 7534 Chandler Hills Drive, $138,000.


Hawk, Camille R., master commissioner, to 100 Year Homes Inc., 4515 Margo St., $128,000.

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