Tomlinson, Stephen L. II and Deborah K. to Dinges, Todd J. and Wozny, Ann R., 14712 Weber St., $420,000.

Ridgeland Homes Inc. to Devoe, David N. and Laura L., 16081 Girard Circle, $342,000.

Homes by Premier Inc. to Kipple, Paul D. and Julieanne L., 12949 N. 182nd St., $325,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Radke, Malisa, 14431 Vane St., $281,219.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hungerford, Todd and Carrie, 8807 N. 156th Ave., $277,900.

Urban Homes LLC to Alnazer, Omar F. and Flor M., 14720 Girard St., $272,801.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Lancaster, Jonathan and Kelsey, 7187 N. 164th St., $270,964.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Cherveny, Matthew A. and April L., 8801 N. 156th Ave., $269,900.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Inman, Keith L. and Margaret, 8044 N. 173rd St., $266,650.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Anderson, Kristine M., 8805 N. 161st Ave., $233,929.

Kipple, Paul D. and Julianne L. to Clark, Shawn W., 15508 Knudsen Circle, $230,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Haith, Jamie J., 7955 N. 144th Ave., $201,790.

Weeks, Andrew D. and Sarah K. to Baker, Patrick B. and Heather A., 15315 Clay St., $183,600.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Adler, Andrew, 8009 N. 144th Ave., $181,714.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to O’Connor, Brian A. and Linda M., 7360 N. 170th St., $54,950.

Waterford Development LLC to Healy, Timothy G. and Sheryl L., 14845 Hanover St., $49,900.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Bailey, Andrew, 17209 Rachael Snowden Parkway, $45,400.

Waterford Development LLC to Landmark Performance Corp., 7707 N. 151st Circle, $44,400.


Paradise Homes Inc. to Songster, Jeffrey C. and Stephanie, 1611 S. 210th St., $478,450.

Krepela, Carl E. and Jody R. to Dizona, Michael J. and Blythe I., 922 S. 200th St., $400,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Mislivec, Chad T. and Anderson, Stacey M., 4902 N. 204th Ave., $363,700.

Pugsley, Daniel J. and Tricia M. to Lindsay, William J. Jr. and Lesa R., 20701 Ames Ave., $333,800.

Bortol, Bryan and Emily to Meyer, Jason and Emily, 1437 N. 209th St., $256,000.

Kitchell, Mark A. Sr. and Sharon J. to Joens, Krisann L., 19117 Lake St., $255,500.

FRK Development LLC to LPC Properties LLC, 3909 N. 187th Ave., $235,000.

Pierce, Kevin J. and Kristie M. to Flipping Flanagans LLC, 609 Skyline Drive, $202,500.

FRK Development LLC to RAMM Holdings LLC, 4211 N. 189th St., $158,000.

Circo Strategic Investments LLC to Mercury Contractors Inc., 21258 Arbor Court, $75,000.

FRK Development LLC to Widhalm Custom Homes Inc., 18906 Boyd St., $65,000.

FRK Development LLC to M Group LLC, 3905 N. 187th Ave., $59,000.

FRK Development LLC to M Group LLC, 18814 Spaulding St., $58,000.

FRK Development LLC to Pine Crest Homes LLC, 18768 Spaulding St., $58,000.

FRK Development LLC to Vencil Construction Inc., 4323 N. 191st St., $58,000.

FRK Development LLC to Vencil Construction Inc., 4319 N. 191st St., $58,000.

FRK Development LLC to Pine Crest Homes LLC, 19070 George Miller Parkway, $55,000.

Caniglia, John and Cindy to JKC Construction Inc., 3105 N. 192nd Ave., $49,000.

FRK Development LLC to Vencil Construction Inc., 4207 N. 187th St., $45,000.

Gunning, Roberta L. Trust to Gunning, John W. and Luann D., 6626 S. 244th Plaza, $160,000.

Barker, James R. Estate to Utterback, David M., 20858 Camden Ave., $318,000.


Jensen, James R. and Lynn A. to Hove, Bradley and Kathryn, 42 Ginger Cove Road, $534,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Grigaitis, Lonnie P., 5620 N. 279th St., $418,259.

VanZuiden, Michael R. and Susan R. to Madden, Joshua and Katherine, 4016 N. 269th St., $318,500.


Bohlen, Jodie M. to West Shores 121 LLC, 832 S. 249th St., $797,000.

Hamel, Rodney J. to Reider, Clay S., 505 S. Front St., $77,000.


Leigh, Eric J. and Lauren to Hudson, Richard H. Jr. and Tamara S., 1308 Jackson St., $545,500.

Niederee, Benjamin P. and McCarthy Niederee, Catherin M. to Naseem, Ahsan A., 312 S. 16th St., $185,000.

Deel Investments LLC to Schiltz Properties LLC, 626 S. 19th St., $82,000.


Reece, Jarrod D. and Kaitlin M. to Frey, Nathan and Hannah, 5139 Parker St., $275,000.

Miller, Matthew C. and Zhang, Qian to Almond, Karri L. and Aaron J., 2703 N. 55th St., $265,000.

A3K Construction LLC to Maven Avenue LLC, 5131 Blondo St., $180,000.

H & S Partnership LLP to Oo, Than N. and Htoo, Mint, 4920 Emmet St., $150,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Gey, Nyapal, 3858 N. 65th St., $133,900.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Diew, Nyapak, 3862 N. 65th St., $133,900.

Terry, Jason R. and Melissa to Duguay, Todd L., 2816 N. 69th St., $130,000.

Lee, Linda R. to Weston, Joshua and Ortega, Patricia, 5103 N. 49th Ave., $127,875.

Thawmoo, Thaw and Htoo, P. Lay to Htoo, Hta M. and Say, Plai, 4137 N. 65th St., $126,500.

Vazquez, Pedro to Harrison, Kyle J. and Meng-Ning, 3135 N. 59th St., $119,000.

Makuai, John M. and Dua, Rebecca to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc., 4689 Curtis Ave., $104,104.

Steimle, Mary L. to Kneifl, Ann E., 5243 Northwest Radial Highway, $85,000.

Ohlinger, Mary J. to Styl Properties Inc., 6230 Park Lane Drive, $68,000.

Saathi LLC to Johnson, Andrew J., 5906 Pratt St., $65,000.

Kean, James V. and Diane P. to Fargo, Abigail, 6026 Birch St., $30,000.

Hawk, Camille R., trustee, to Heartland Holdings LLC, 6147 Bedford Ave., $70,201.

Wells, Willard J. and Paula B. Trust to RKCK LLC, 3815 N. 63rd St., $52,000.


Smith, Megan L. to Murphy, Amanda, 2846 S. 34th St., $153,000.

O’Donnell, Lee A. to Kelly, Jacob D., 2129 S. 35th Ave., $137,000.

O & H Investments D LLC to Lorenzo, Jose C., 2939 Dupont St., $131,500.

Midtown Properties LLC to Luna Enterprises LLC, 3013 Dewey Ave., $46,000.

Manger, Kenneth O. and Barbara L. Trust to Tomasello, Michael P. and Alma A., 1002 S. 37th St., $115,000.


Fries, Frank C. and Diana to Paesl, Jeffrey and Sara, 609 S. 55th St., $344,000.

Anzalone, Sebastiano A. and Amy C. to Sand, Dean R. and Mary E., 6340 William St., $205,000.

Baxter, Donald N. and Peggy L. to Swirczek, Todd and Anna, 5567 Walnut St., $195,000.

Anzaldo, Sebastian A. to Sloan, Robert A., 5716 Hascall St., $176,500.

Brookhouser, Cody E. and Sisney, Amanda to Brookhouser, Susan, 5608 Walnut St., $155,000.

Roberts, Sandra L. and Slavik, Ronald J. to T & T Homz LLC, 6026 Elm St., $113,000.

Fuerstenau, Elroy A. Estate to Fuerstenau, Morgan E., 1428 S. 54th St., $81,000.


Vega, Veronica and Reyna, Miguel to Barron, Eder M. and Torres, Cinthia, 3707 V St., $145,000.

Sibrian, Victor to Garibo, Omar P., 2603 Washington St., $140,000.

Blondie Investments LLC to Rodriguez Murillo, Jose G. and Garcia Fonseca, Diana, 3627 Drexel St., $137,000.

Wagner, Kevin D. and Corby E. to Fringer, Michael D., 6251 S. 41st Ave., $117,500.

Meisinger, Alan C. and Eleanor to MacGillivray, Thomas, 4748 S. 13th St., $90,000.

Oliver, Iva M. Estate to Ramos, Andres, 6214 S. 38th St., $72,000.


Gilbody, Gary D. to Fletcher, Patricia, 1230 Marcy Plaza, $344,000.


Hannah, Edwina L. to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc., 3921 N. 22nd St., $23,000.

Sheppard-Calloway, Deidra Y. and Calloway, Ronald to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc., 3921 N. 22nd St., $22,000.


Gesu Housing Inc. to Abbu, Zeinab, 4208 Erskine St., $128,000.

Light, Moon and Paw, Tha L. to Cha, Saw and Shi, Wah, 4022 Hartman Circle, $80,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Rodriguez, Noemi, 3720 N. 41st St., $20,000.


MEWE Holdings LLC to Bartling, Brian K. and Vanessa M., 637 S. 80th St., $310,000.

Leonard, Anna S. Estate to Dynamic Properties LLC, 10530 Cuming St., $58,500.


Advantage Development Inc. to Jessen, Joseph A. and Carissa J., 3025 N. 177th St., $540,386.

Boganowski, Matthew D. to Maxell, Benjamin E. and Kelsey L., 2008 N. 174th St., $397,000.

Zabel, Barbara A. and Harold L. to Hayden, Michael F. and Marilyn K., 5417 N. 166th Ave., $390,000.

Kobi 5914 Enterprise LLC to Goodsell, Darwin L. and Carla D., 16420 Jaynes St., $385,000.

LaMagna-Reiter, Robert and Reiter, Amanda to Kenny, Benjamin and Elizabeth, 16905 Corby St., $364,000.

Sinos, Christopher and Jennifer to Piepmeier, Kyle and Danielle, 4321 N. 153rd St., $330,000.

Silver, Jeffrey A. and Mary F. to Lambert, Lynn A. and Carol J., 5725 N. 160th Ave., $330,000.

O’Doherty, Dennis R. and Paula J. to Sheng, Peng, 2915 N. 169th St., $320,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Harpenau, Steven P. and Lynda M., 15463 Jaynes Circle, $307,005.

Overly, Brian and Kellie to Sripal, Prashanth and Tara, 2448 N. 147th St., $302,500.

Manning, Bryan P. and Emily A. to McCarthy, Philip H. and Ferraro McCarthy, Jennie, 14912 Ohio St., $300,000.

Champion, Craig and Monica to Botos, Tara C., 17419 Redman Ave., $285,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Leach, Judith G. Trust, 3122 N. 176th St., $283,205.

Yaksich, Daniel S. and Maribeth to Oliveira, Patricia, 15021 Himebaugh Ave., $275,000.

Baczwaski, John A. and Jayna to Moore, Tyler R. and Watkins, Lexus L., 16615 Yort Ave., $252,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Gali, Sriramarao and Akkaraju, Venkataseshasailaja, 4722 N. 175th Ave., $251,351.

Myers, Allen L. and Sipple, Walynda L. to VanHorne, Steven and JoAnna, 4921 N. 162nd St., $240,000.

Byers, Steven A. and Leslie L. to Elyea, Adam, 5052 N. 165th St., $234,000.

Wetjen, Matthew D. and Amy M. to Keyser, Stephanie A., 14668 Ames Ave., $220,000.

Steffes, Paul and Ronette to Werner, Brett and Theresa, 14722 Ruggles St., $214,000.

Anderson, Anthony C. and Julie A. to Burkhiser, Jason A., 4719 N. 160th St., $210,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Higgins, Kathryn A., 4521 N. 176th St., $201,103.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Raturi, Amit and Ruchi, 17630 Fowler St., $192,902.

Lally, Robert J. to Cao, Lijuan, 15050 Bedford Ave., $190,000.

Maxell, Benjamin E. and Duckworth, Kelsey L. to Haug, Scott R., 17132 Barnett St., $190,000.

Kneisel, Adam W. and Tammie to Ambrisco, Jason D., 14619 Kansas Ave., $180,000.

Connelly, Tomi A. and Joshua L. to Oltman, Andrea L., 4208 N. 172nd Ave., $180,000.

Horrum, Mark A. and Mary A. to Jones, James W. Jr. and Horrum, Emily A., 3019 N. 148th St., $150,000.

Riedl, Thomas R. and Donna J. Trust to Snyder, Christopher and Whitney, 2214 N. 169th St., $331,900.


Thompson, Ellen E. and Scot A. to Talukdar, Anjan and Andrea, 637 N. 158th St., $630,000.

Ren, Hongmei to White, Timothy W. and Cynthia C., 16211 Chicago St., $305,000.

Mills, Stephen E. to Shada, Farrol J., 17059 Western Ave., $255,000.

Gilmore, John D. to McCarville, Julia R. and Michael, 15703 Hamilton St., $245,000.

Rooney, Margaret M. to Rangasamy, Loganathan and Kavitha, 1780 N. 177th Plaza, $170,000.


Brundidge, Kurtis B. and Sasha to Jacobson, Josh N., 7384 N. 87th St., $205,000.

Akpo-Gnandi, Kokou and Akpo, Victorine L. to Russell, Duane D. and Barbara A., 10709 Craig St., $199,000.

Sleddens, Jill and Fred to Quadrel, Patrice A., 8855 Kimball St., $182,000.

Eklund, Brooke T. and Kelly J. to Kennedy, Chad A. and Samantha J., 8506 Sheffield St., $176,000.

Swanson, Eric A. and Mindee K. to Kuhl, Anthony, 7801 N. 83rd St., $175,000.

McGooden, Shane P. to Black, Latisha, 9164 Scott St., $174,000.

Inman, Keith L. and Margaret A. to Anthony, Andrew and Amanda, 8205 Howell St., $155,000.

Mason, Sharon to Byers, Steven and Leslie, 8407 N. 83rd Ave., $151,000.

Gracie Properties LLC to Klo, Saw P. and Paw, Moo E., 6512 N. 75th St., $139,000.

Christensen, Robert N. Estate to Gurung, Mangal and Tamang, Sumitra, 7425 N. 77th Ave., $165,000.


Markin, Elizabeth A. to Dietle, James S. and Glass Dietle, Emily, 2006 S. 91st St., $450,000.

Lakers, Nathan and Maren to Denning, Kelly M. and Laura P., 3525 S. 101st St., $344,500.

Roth, Donna R. and Melvin N. to Bear Homes PC, 2602 S. 101st Ave., $330,000.

Comerford, John and Phyllis M. to Siebrandt Investments LLC, 9468 Pauline St., $268,000.

Childers, Neil G. and Doris J. to Peters, Douglas M. and Childers, Lauren A., 1604 S. 79th Ave., $251,000.

McCormick, Laura A. to Parde, Luke and Detrick Parde, Linnea L., 7414 Valley St., $185,000.

Olson, David L. and Scott, Lynn K. to Skog, Jeffery A. and Ricki R., 3517 S. 107th Avenue Circle, $184,000.

Bolas, Kenneth H. Trust to Fundamental Investments LLC, 8654 Westridge Drive, $66,000.


Olson, Luke A. and Alexandria L. to Hromadka, Amy J., 4829 S. 92nd Ave., $182,000.

McKibbon, Scott L. and Amanda J. to Frans, Steven M., 5327 Bay Meadows Road, $175,000.

Van Horne, Steven and JoAnna to Worknhe, Elizabete, 10624 N St., $165,000.

Sloma, Kevin C. and Rachel L. to Lindberg, Frank and Shelia K., 7702 Sunset Drive, $147,000.

Gruber, Randall and Coral to Slepicka, Craig, 7604 Serum Ave., $143,500.

Baber, Amanda L. to Alferd, Riley B., 8037 Main St., $141,900.


Assmann, Allan G. to Pufahl, Scott and Katherine, 2110 S. 186th St., $469,900.

Haarberg, Jacqueline L. Trust to Rutter, Brett E. and Kelly J., 3538 S. 200th Ave., $359,500.

Boustead, Barbara E. and Joshua M. to Bennett, Linda I., 2320 S. 183rd Circle, $351,000.

Crutcher, Robert L. and Sandra R. to Godinez, Francisco T. and Felix, Kimberlee A., 17579 Shirley St., $337,000.

Janet, Matthew and Amanda to Hagge, Nathan R. and Amanda S., 16318 C St., $307,500.

Murphy, Nancy L. and Mark E. to Smith, Marcella H., 17312 Hickory Plaza, $250,000.

Roma, Brian and Heather to Wolatz, Brian D. and Osborne, Destiny F., 19003 Grover St., $225,000.

Garland, Ross and Lauren to Cordova, Karle E., 1279 S. 165th St., $214,000.


Bridge RWC to Central American Enterprises LLC, 1023 N. 40th St., $350,000.

Pace & Lee LLC to Reinhardt, Zacharie and Melissa, 4152 Davenport St., $225,000.

Stading, John and Tina to Fredrickson, Andrea C., 200 S. 31st Ave., $184,900.

Tafolla, Jeffrey L. and Wurth, Melissa to Taylor, Alexandra K., 408 N. 43rd St., $166,000.

Cornell, Christopher G. to Kinney, Stephanie and Sullivan, John, 4328 Wakeley St., $75,000.

Thomas Properties I LLC to Wonder Tortoise LLC, 2916 Myrtle Ave., $70,000.

Manger, Kenneth and Barbara Trust to Gilbatrar LLC, 127 N. 35th St., $300,000.


Shick, Michael J. and Rhonda E. to Horn, Ryan B., 5016 Webster St., $352,000.

Patton, Kelly R. to Schroer, Alisa, 6627 Western Ave., $146,000.

Andersen, Marian L. to Guo, Tinglei, 4907 Davenport St., $129,000.

Hagaman, Jailyn A. and Greenblatt-Seay, Django to Bexten, Camtrice L., 5602 Charles St., $100,000.

Rottmann, Leon H. Estate to Styl Properties Inc., 745 N. 58th St., $121,000.


Larson, Francis V. and Karen M. to Kinsey, Shane and Catherine, 5605 N. 78th Ave., $208,500.

APR Holdings LLC to Witte, Jeffrey J. and Heidemarie, 4316 Terrace Drive, $195,500.

Buffinton, Margaret M. Trust to Winter, Dale, 9820 Saratoga St., $168,000.

Tegels, Connie A. to Tulson, John and Mary, 9678 Maple Drive, $156,000.

Bates, Paul and Kaitlin to Par, Ngun H. and Hnin, Za, 9128 Boyd St., $155,000.

Andreesen, Mark S. and Earl C. to Mink Resources LLC, 2623 N. 98th St., $125,000.

U.S. Bank to Brummel, Mary J. and Baylor, Bruce, 9373 Ohio St., $98,000.


Smith, Gregory J. and Carol A. to McMullen, Matthew and Mary, 17617 O St., $515,000.

Luth, Aaron M. and Catherine L. to Hinsley, David L. and Sarah J., 6609 Van Buren Drive, $386,500.

Goeser, Jeffrey J. and Christa A. to DeMarco, Arvin, 17522 Jefferson St., $325,000.

Knust, Joseph M. and Kathleen M. to Obando, Mindy J. and Arnoldo J., 16510 Drexel St., $257,000.

Sheldon, Mark A. and Jennifer M. to Elsasser, Richard M. and Jaclyn E., 6728 S. 162nd Ave., $250,000.

Raffety, Nathan J. to Wilson, Darrell E., 16309 Polk St., $219,000.

Glass, Jared O. and Kristin to Rowe, Max E., 19623 Gail Ave., $195,000.

Hansen, Steven R. and April A. to Bugajny, Sarah C., 18723 Borman St., $181,700.

Cherveny, April L. and Matthew to Pearce, Andrew J. and Lisa M., 19642 W St., $180,000.

Azar, Kelly C. to Podrazo, Joseph W., 18174 Hayes Plaza, $115,000.

Weiss, Greg M. and Sarah F. Trust to Jones, Andrew P. and Ezinne N., 5904 S. 172nd Ave., $316,000.


United Equity LLC to Spindel, David and Davis, Kimberly, 6717 S. 139th Avenue Circle, $218,000.

Elsasser, Jaclyn E. to Gapp, Erik J. and Mary L., 6518 S. 136th St., $187,100.

Smith, Holly M. to Westling, Nicholas J., 15118 Z St., $180,000.

Grosvenor, Joshua S. and Allison M. to Janousek, Daniel and Rene, 11217 Jefferson St., $178,000.

Williams, Leonard W. and Peggy J. to Christensen, Dallin N. and Michelle C., 11034 U St., $173,000.

Nicas, Nancy to Kimpson, Amanda S., 14820 N St., $160,000.

Davis, Joe L. and Sharon K. to Kocsis, Kristyn E., 12122 Orchard Ave., $145,000.

McNeill, Mike to Patton, Terry J. Trust, 12215 Signal Drive, $125,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to LV Group LLC, 5811 S. 113th St., $120,000.

Giwoyna, Kyle J. and Susan to Bratka, Jill and Gaylen L., 12776 Deauville Drive, $110,000.


Merrill, Cecilia to Robinson, Dana, 10905 Black St., $158,500.


Young, Justin D. and Ashlee K. to Reece, Jarrod D. and Kaitlin M., 3705 S. 114th St., $261,500.

Mohs, Regina to Acton, Benjamin and Anderson, Rebecca, 1855 S. 151st St., $230,000.

White, Blaine M. to Simon, Dave and Bacome, Adam, 1718 S. 114th St., $165,000.

Cemore, Andrew J. Sr. and Jenny L. to Gottschalk, Eric P. and Susan M., 2927 S. 148th St., $162,500.

Belknap, Debra, trustee for Belknap Family Trust to Thomas, Josh P. and Shelly E., 3366 S. 112th St., $160,000.


Ramos, Paul J. and Polly to Royce, Michael, 6416 Country Club Road, $206,000.


Threefour Properties LLC to Centralrentals LLC, 15316 Westchester Drive, $205,000.

Twelve Foundations LLC to Viegelmann, Yacqueline, 15439 Farnam Circle, $150,000.

Markey, Everett F. and Granger-Markey, Patricia A. to Warwick, Wauneta S., 12727 West Dodge Road, $129,000.


Vereen, David M. and Lesley J. to Hancock, Regina and Mohs, Pat, 12956 Eagle Run Drive, $365,000.

Schroeder, Brenda L. to Gannon-Simpson, Barbara A. and Simpson, Marlan M., 2634 N. 131st Circle, $177,000.

Nazhmidinov, Mansur and Jamolova, Parastu to Posthuma, Natasha, 5004 N. 126th St., $173,000.

McKibben, Ashley to Ma, Ken and Linda, 5712 N. 128th St., $160,000.

Pitzl, Timothy P. to Boe, Lindsey, 13078 Meredith Ave., $142,000.

Home Building Consultants Inc. to Seeing Double LLC, 6109 N. 108th Avenue Circle, $28,000.

Home Building Consultants Inc. to Seeing Double LLC, 6025 N. 108th Avenue Circle, $28,000.



Halverson, Daniel H. and Leticia to Hobbs, Stephen J. and Tiffany A., 1017 Day Drive, $280,000.

CMS Mowing Services Inc. to Fisher, Kelli, 105 Kirby Ave., $136,000.

Otteman, Matthew D. and Michaela M. to Potter, Robert A. and Kelly E., 1301 Potter Road, $155,000.

Cook, William C. and Marcelyn and Zachary C. to Lindahl, Michele M., 2106 Twin Ridge Drive, $137,000.

Fries, Michael J. and Delanna L. to McDaniel, Rebecca, 2232 Wilson Drive, $80,000.

Wall To Wall Enterprises LLC to Ryan, Steven and Susan, 309 Bellevue Blvd. North, $240,000.

Harrison, James to Diego, Mario C., 7006 Railroad Ave., $125,000.

Sigman, Thomas E. and Donna M. to Ericksen, David S. and Andrea, 780 Harrington Ave., $68,000.

Wiles, Jennifer N. and Alexander S. to Dimmick, Rebecca and Brian, 802 Bellevue Blvd. South, $126,000.


Robidoux, James E. and Judith L. to Risney, Teddy E. and Nola R., 10016 S. 203rd Circle, $242,000.

Schriever, Daniel R. and April J. to Scott, Megan and Peter, 10022 S. 201st St., $262,000.

Bell, James A. and Kristi L. Trust to Elgan, Jeffrey and Elisabeth, 10768 S. 231st St., $175,000.

Davis, Kim A. and Rebecca A. to Greiner, Nicholas M. and Robin A., 11275 S. 202nd Circle, $248,000.

Moore, Bruce D. and Stacie J. to Hodge, Staci, 11910 S. 219th Ave., $192,000.

Barr Homes Inc. to Hoffman, Aaron L. and Alicia K., 18820 Cypress Drive, $358,000.

Kounovsky, Mike M. and Marilyn R. to Schumacher, Cynthia J., 20217 Oak St., $338,000.

Peterson, Jon K. and Shelly M. to Calderon Trujillo, Juan M. and Calderon, Rocio, 20235 Glendale Avenue Circle, $254,000.

McCallum, Daniel R. and Laci D. to Tomair, Alexa and Sean, 21109 Shiloh Drive, $240,000.

McCune Development LLC to Jeck & Co. Inc., 517 Sherwood Drive, $47,000.

Hildy Homes to Riggins, Tricia, 615 Brentwood Drive, $450,000.

Beaudoin, Matt and Julie to Campbell, Harold E. and Karen, 7911 S. 193rd St., $378,000.

Home Building Consultants Inc. to Blasberg, Dennis L. and Mary F., 8002 S. 194th St., $410,000.

Timberline Homes Inc. to Carnazzo, Joseph W. and Angela P., 8116 S. 194th St., $381,000.


Richland Homes LLC to Wessel, Jonathan R. and Alicia R., 10576 S. 112th St., $275,000.

McMillan, David A. and Rosalie J. to Hugie, Jason L. and Amy J., 1110 Creighton Road, $300,000.

Schendt, Scott A. and Jodi L. to McCarthy, Brooke H. and Watts, Andre D., 1114 Timber Drive, $400,000.

Jensen, Alexander R. and Jennifer M. to Tolar, Andrew and Molly, 1126 Rawhide Road, $186,000.

Ashbury Creek LLC to Nelson Builders Inc., 11417 S. 114th Ave., $62,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Kruse, Geoffrey and Ludwickson, Megan 11511 S. 110th St., $392,000.

MJ Design Build Inc. to Wallar, Timothy and Abbie, 11519 S. 110th St., $311,000.

Home Co. LLC to Godsil, Michael A. and Margaret A., 11734 S. 110th St., $340,000.

Szynskie, Michael L. and Debra J. to Voisin, James M. and Tammy S. Trust, 12349 S. 78th St., $458,000.

McIntyre, Brian P. and Kirsten E. to Pinder, McKell V., 12411 Osprey Lane, $400,000.

Hicks, Randall S. and Denise M. to Geist, Allen A. and Michelle R., 12709 S. 83rd St., $383,000.

Schendt, John M. and Karin L. to Muma, Vincent K. and Fryzek, Amanda L., 1903 Petersen Drive, $398,000.

Sorensen, Robert and Brandi to Smith, Aaron and Sara, 2008 Diane St., $237,000.

Hattabaugh, Travis and Megan to Boyer, David L. and Abigail J., 2010 Ann Marie Court, $197,000.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to Zach, Broderick D. and Mustoe, Chelsea E., 2102 Walnut Creek, $246,000.

Dowse, Geri L. and Patrick M. to Market Place Real Estate LLC, 513 E. Third St., $120,000.

Mitchell, Debra J. to Clear Creek Holdings LLC, 727 Fenwick St., $185,000.

Huhmann, Sherry R. to Reese, Michael K. and Gina M., 8162 Legacy St., $355,000.

Chadstar LLC to Smith, Zander Z. and Ronan, Sharyl L., 914 & 916 Woodland Ave., $345,000.

Averill, Gregory R. and Cheryl J. to Dowse, Patrick and Geri, 916 Haverford Drive, $215,000.


Richland Homes LLC to Jensen, Jennifer and Alexander, 10584 S. 111th Ave., $274,000.


Gilbert, Pamela S. to Parker, Samantha, 10210 Sutter Ave., $34,000.

Springfield Pines LLC to Nelson Builders Inc., 915 Elm Circle, $57,000.


Felix, Kimberlee A. to Pizano, Victorino H. and Espino Galeana, Nadia, 10312 S. 27th Circle, $195,000.

Yunevich, Kenneth J. and Jodie E. to Russell, Michael T. and Tina M., 13604 S. 40th Circle, $260,000.

Clearwater Falls LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 13705 S. 52nd St., $55,000.

Ruszczyk, Lawrence D. and Lorraine H. to Symonsbergen, Richard Jr. and Lori, 13713 S. 14th St., $235,000.

Bicket, Michael K. and Nicole L. to Allen, Miranda, 13808 S. 43rd St., $211,000.

Symonsbergen, Richard S. Jr. and Lori J. to Brinkley, Andrew and Corine, 14013 S. 35th St., $201,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Homan, Clint M. and Kylie J., 14809 S. 22nd St., $316,000.

Hopp, Carolyn J. and Kevin R. and Magelli, Merrell A. to Linhart, Joseph M. and Prusha, Makenzie A., 17101 Perch Drive, $315,000.

Watson, Bryon N. and Maranda M. to Wenger, Zachary and Whitehead, Haley, 2007 Nottingham Drive, $164,000.

Hanna, Benjamin and Kandace to McLaughlin, Anthony and Kelsey, 2209 Coventry Drive, $160,000.

Seals, June E. to Seals, Robert J. and Alexandra R., 2409 Circletown Place, $150,000.

Nedelin, Dmitry Z. and Alisha V. to Graff, Lisa K., 2510 Coffey Ave., $195,000.

Wheeler, Vanessa M. to Gladbach, Julie D., 2602 Joann Ave., $250,000.

Toomer, Michael L. and Mia T. to Salopek, Gregory, 2605 Arrowhead Lane, $183,000.

Strong, Travis A. and Michelle R. to Mason, Theodore J. and Victoria A., 2904 Halifax Drive, $231,000.

Vasko Brothers Properties LLC to Sigman, Thomas E. and Donna M., 3420 Bline Ave., $190,000.

Clark, Thomas R. and Caroline M. Trust to James, Michael E. and Nona J., 3732 Pinehill Road, $215,000.

Ortega, Jose A. and Oliva to Gomez, Eberto and Alma, 4209 Heartland Drive, $260,000.

Flack, Ellis G. and Christina L. to Bateman, Daniel R. and Nikki M., 4303 Hike Circle, $197,000.

Bird, Jesse D. and Szymanski Bird, Tara L. to Martinez, Jerome W. and Kimberly A., 10905 S. 17th St., $175,000.


Campbell, John M. and Kristen M. to Harger, Richard J. and Angela D., 10112 Virginia St., $328,000.

JRM Properties I LLC to Garcia, Stacy, 7206 S. 69th St., $98,000.

Drinnen, Blake A. and Landers, Brittany N. to Godfrey, Mitchell and Nicole, 7426 Meadow Lane, $200,000.

Kline, Olan D. Sr. Trust to Pippin, Jacquelyn S., 7707 Lillian Ave., $145,000.

Marquez, Longfellow and Deborah to Long, Aaron H. and Keri L., 9947 Brentwood Court, $335,000.


Voisin, James M. Living Trust to Preto, Alessandro F. and Kayla A., 115 Oakmont Drive, $394,000.

Craig, Scott C. Jr. and Rachael to Perkinson, Charles P. and Kendra E., 116 Carolina Drive, $200,000.

Wood, John H. and Robin C. to Schriever, Daniel and April, 117 Fall Creek Road, $277,000.

Home Co. LLC to Finigan, Anthony S. and Amber L., 13610 S. 46th St., $355,000.

Henderson, Theodore G. Jr. and Lori A. to Darting, Joshua and Nichole, 1403 Beechwood Circle, $193,000.

Kalbach, David and Deckard, Brittney to Cooper, Tanner and Jenna, 1514 Raleigh Circle, $189,000.

Fausett, Trent D. and Staci C. to Reyna, Miguel M. and Vega, Veronica R., 1807 Titan Springs Drive, $327,000.

Flynn, Brian P. and Meghan to Sorensen, Robert and Brandi, 1914 Franklin Drive, $255,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Seals, Steven F. and Clista K., 2126 Skyhawk Ave., $253,000.

McCann, Kevin J. and Denise C. to Derra, Sandy and Breanna, 4502 Helwig Ave., $323,000.

Aschwege, David C. and Keri E. to Martin, Sutton and Kathryn, 4602 Springview Drive, $210,000.

Bellino, Vincent J. and Kara to Powers, Kevin and Amber, 508 Oakwood Drive, $232,000.


D & E Custom Building & Design Inc. to Hill, Steven and Linda, 10626 S. 191st St., $355,000.

JMF LLC to Wilmert, Kyle and Ellen, 10901 S. 176th St., $66,000.

Oss, Eric and Rachel to Mann, Evan W. and Alyssa, 10910 S. 172nd St., $315,000.

Gentrup, Luke and Kayla to McDonald, James and Kayla, 16302 Timberlane Drive, $245,000.

Kimbell, Kevin J. and Susan J. Trust to Peterson, Jon K. and Michelle M., 10938 Lake Ridge Drive, $500,000.

McCright Properties LLC to Rodriguez, Chris M., 16112 Greenleaf St., $149,000.

Ruzic, Predrag and Stana to Upton, Matthew and Bruck-Upton, Elizabeth, 16401 Greenleaf St., $275,000.

Voth, Jesse and Elida to Rajendran, Pavithra and Ranganathan, Arunkumar, 16514 Loop St., $235,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Hale, Keith M. and Lindsey N., 16855 Rose Land Road, $294,000.

Porter, Jacob D. and Jacqueline M. to Olson, Christopher and Kathryn, 17212 Palisades Drive, $243,000.

Hale, Keith M. and Lindsey N. to Kocharov, Andronik E. and Sarah M., 17216 Palisades Drive, $235,000.

Desouza, Cyrus to Larson, Jeffrey A. and Jessica L., 17230 Musket St., $320,000.

Olson, Christopher E. and Kathryn C. to Tier Properties LLC, 17729 Chandler St., $169,000.

Hall, Joseph D. and Laurel E. to Rivas, Fabiola A., 17825 Josephine St., $172,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Gottner, John B. and Deborah A., 19005 Briar St., $260,000.

Kinsey, Mark L. and Kathleen P. to Banke, Mark A. and Bridget M., 7116 S. 183rd St., $215,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Wilson, Jody, 7212 S. 184th St., $246,000.

Staber, Thomas D. and Kelley B. to Hall, Joseph and Laurel, 7817 S. 190th Ave., $270,000.

Quagliariello, Rosanne M. to Ochsner, Rebecca and Geoffrey, 8007 S. 158th St., $175,000.

Herman, Robert and Melissa to Quagliariello, Rosanne, 8618 S. 164th St., $220,000.


Robinson, David C. and Andersen, Linda to Mollak, Susanne M. and Luttrell, David S., 12912 Lillian St., $188,000.

Pierce, Nicholas to Loeffelholz, Mckenzie R. and Larsen, Zachary L., 13014 Chandler St., $206,000.

Vivian Leonard LLC to Wallis, Bridget, 13310 Grissom St., $150,000.

Van De Kreeke, Tricia A. and Wolfe, Chris to Thurman, Johnathan A. and O’Connor, Kristina M., 13417 Olive St., $163,000.

Doney, Brian and Jordan E. to Colbert, Louis III and Tiffany L., 13579 Chandler St., $190,000.

Upton, Matthew D. and Bruck-Upton, Elizabeth A. to Pawlik, Theodore and Erin N., 8726 S. 142nd Ave., $148,000.


Gering, Macs and Jessica to Moore, Timothy J. and Joan C. Trust, 2604 Geri Drive, $181,000.



Sutton, Angela and James to White, Trevor S., 2614 Third Ave., $150,000.

Peterson, Joann C. and John F. to Storey, Allison N., 2205 Sixth Ave., $66,500.

New Community Development Corp. to Tomair, Jesse, 1809 Fourth Ave., $144,000.

Miklas, Joseph M. to Bowman, Brian L. and Rebecca R., 619 S. 10th St., $135,000.

Andrews, Timothy and Tracie to Axiotis, Allison A., 4208 Savage St., $79,000.

Key Development LLC to Koopmeiners, Kirk A., 2707 S. 16th St., $145,000.

Rankin, Connie J. to Dalrymple, Jerry, 811 27th Ave., $98,000.

Bishop, Martin L. and Paskar, Molly to Starks, Jolene, 2638 Third Ave., $97,500.

Bloom, Donna R. and Bridges, Christine L. and Paulsen, Charlene A. and Jerry to Higginbotham, Mark T., 2534 Ave. H, $90,000.

Hiebner, Diahn and Steward to Springer, Jordan M. and Naomi E., 722 N. 22nd St., $130,000.

Collins, Cheryl R. to Clouse, Virgil L., 2012 Ave. E, $85,000.

Hively, Howard L. Jr. and Melinda E. to Hively, Tracy R. and Neve, Gregory D., 945 N. 26th St., $105,000.

Mesenbrink, Carol A. and Dennis L. to Bembenek, Alicia L., 5220 Navajo St., $424,500.

Albers Sherle L. to Sharp, Jeremiah L. and Melanie, 5817 Harrier Hollow, $179,000.

Laire, Jacqueline L. to Brown, John J., 3021 Ave. C, $120,000.

Pizano, Juan M. and Maria C. to Bartholomew, Kal and Vieyra-Villeda, Maria C., 2414 Ave. H, $180,000.

Perkins, Michael R. to Jones, Shelley, 1402 S. 10th St., $150,000.

Arnold, Jenny C. and Russell to Corum, Brent, 1614 Ave. L, $143,000.

Pribramsky, Albert F. and Dorothy I. to SVV Holdings LLC, 4041 Ave. C, $35,000.

Dietrich, Dustin B. and Heidi M. to Olsen, Kelly M., 328 Sylvan Drive, $172,500.

Cross, Kate K. and Colin M. to Crawford, Kristin S., 2307 Delmar Ridge Lane, $335,000.

Clifton, Erin A. and Michael G. to Norton, Ashton and Saiyu, 2404 Lockwood Place, $215,000.

Beckman, Jean M. and Mark M. to McCoid, Matthew and Stacie, 290 High School Ave., $189,000.

Saldivar, Kelly M. and Raul to Cate, Dawn E. and John M., 726 Mynster St., $50,000.

Olsen, Kelly M. to Dietrich, Dustin B. and Heidi M., 115 Brentwood Hights, $292,000.

TS Development LLC to Homes by Premier Inc., 1787 Spruce St., $63,000.

TS Development LLC to Pine Crest Homes LLC, 17 Forest Glen Drive, $59,500.

Richardson, Dianne and Gary W. to Jones, Hope K. and Jeffrey A., 133 Sunny Ridge Road, $287,000.

Wright, Susan C. and Todd O. to Miller Way LLC, 700 Washington Ave., $58,500.

McManigal, Patti J. and Terrance L. to Welch, Joseph, 18178 Sunnydale Road, $180,000.

Spinler, Anthony O. to Meier, Robert J. II, 1411 Pleasant St., $90,000.

Red Light Properties LLC to Carey, Christopher and Gloria, 34 Happy Hollow Blvd., $90,000.

Walburt Quality Management LLC to Sandau, Roger, 526 Voorhis St., $116,000.

Mendoza, Maria Y. and Ruben to Lopez Battista, Magdelin V. and Gonzalez Santana, Humberto A., 118 Fleming Ave., $120,000.

Sheppard, David B. and Tiffani A. to Evans, Britney N. and William M., 426 McGee Ave., $119,000.

Axiotis, Allison and Hunter, John H. to Sutton, Angela, 302 Park Ave., $130,000.

Rankin, Lucas D. and Molly to Lake, Benjamin and Shawn, 124 Dorothy Ave., $50,000.

Caputo, Megan to Michael, Karli M., 30 Susan Lane, $155,500.

Rybar, Stacey R. and Williams, Courteney S. to Nicholson, Brittney, 119 McGee Ave., $149,000.

Dick, Richard A. to Tigges, Colleen A. and Steven J., 222 Timber Drive, $300,000.

Christiansen, James L. to Arbogast, Denise and Neil, 1406 Fairmount Ave., $44,000.


Mikel USA to Hall, Jennifer , 1318 Dorene Blvd., Carter Lake , $91,500.

Abdallah, Anthony W. to Cash, Mary L. Trust, 1105 Ave. K., Carter Lake , $128,000.


Robinson, Rhett III to Boles, Jared G., 109 N. Chestnut St., Avoca , $102,000.


Miles, Jeffrey T. and Jody P. to Blackburn, Seth A. and Moore, Nicole L., 410 Brady St., Minden , $122,000.

Overgaard, Cheryl K. and Terry K. to RD Valley Rentals LLC, 506 Park St., Minden , $38,000.


Nickman, Aaron and Laura to Miles, Jeffrey T. II and Jody P., 105 Second St., Neola , $164,000.

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