Douglas County


Lueth, Shirley to Beacom, Jonah, 7004 N. 153rd St., $167,000.

Hrabovsky Trust and Hrabovsky, Eric S., trustee, to Johnson, Josh and Gross, Sarah, 16269 Young Circle, $380,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Kelly, Rebecca Erin, 7602 N. 156th Ave., $316,645.

Sell, Matthew R. and Westfall, Brittany L. to Stangl, Heath T., 15439 Davidson St., $190,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Morehead, Thomas J. Sr. and Sharon R., 7115 N. 164th St., $311,232.

Moylan Revocable Trust and Moylan, Patrick J., trustee, to Knott, Jireh and Behm, Ryan, 14602 Girard St., $347,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Classen, Joan, 14416 Vane St., $315,470.

Kurt and Jane Wullschleger Family Irrevocable Wealth Succession Trust to Moorhead, Samuel and Kathleen, 14412 Read St., $300,000.

Graziano, Andrew to Ditri, Salvador G. and Natalie T., 7951 N. 146th St., $173,000.

Odermatt, Chad M. and Merritt A. to Bryson, Terry L. Jr. and Barbara A., 15219 Vane St., $420,000.

BPN Investments LLC to Schlotfeld, Deobrah and Doug, 12304 N. 149th Circle, $180,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Watson, Shawn D. and Nicole L., 7131 N. 163rd St., $313,611.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Schultz, Dustin W. and Jo Anna L., 7173 N. 163rd St., $281,315.

CRL Enterprises LLC to Empire Homes & Remodeling Inc., 7356 N. 171st St., $61,000.

Kristie K. Kuo Revocable Trust to Nda, Mmoupientila Nkenon and Dina, 10217 N. 182nd Circle, $950,000.

Ortega, Rony E. and Cara J. to Thomas, Kevin Andrew and Ashley Ann, 7239 N. 154th Ave., $365,000.

Wyman, Patrick and Michele M. to Reisig, Kaitlin E., 14459 Reynolds St., $190,000.

Kracl, Michael R. and Jill R. to Hoffmann, Janene Marie, 8170 N. 158th St., $236,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Pfeifer, Joseph L. and Rachel E., 15914 Whiting St., $351,119.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Tietsort, Joshua L. and Emily A., 7310 N. 168th Ave., $361,516.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Vaughan, Shawn M. Jr. and Lindsey M., 16303 Weber St., $307,197.

Baldwin, Lori S. and Alan J. to Mertens, Blake A. and Dawn I., 17102 S. Reflection Circle, $1,150,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Whitaker, Shelly and James, 7236 N. 132nd St., $285,538.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Nice, Richard E. and Antonia M., 12059 Ashwood Drive, $313,900.

Harris, Kelly B. and Debbie A. to Mack, Garrett R. and Margaret L., 15947 Rosewater Parkway, $277,000.

Vallejo, Jeannine to Bundy, Charles R. and Kathleen M., 7656 N. 147th St., $185,440.


Blondo 186 LLC to Dave Paik Builders Inc., 18528 Patrick Ave., $45,000.

Zych Construction LLC to Quinlan, Sean and Courtney E., 1218 S. 211th St., $548,950.

Flores, Jessica Prusa and Nelson to Rattner, David L. and Jennifer L., 24109 U Circle, $150,000.

Carlisle, Robert and Ashley to Shoquist, Trason and Sarah, 19311 Sahler St., $372,000.

Johnson, Ryan and Margaret to Thomsen, Kurt B. and Lindsay M., 710 S. 201st Ave., $417,500.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Lange, Timothy W. and Carrie M., 2220 N. 186th St., $389,000.

Harder, Terry and Nancy V. to Nigh, Robert and Brooke, 18926 Nicholas St., $510,000.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Kelly, Rosalind, 3928 S. 207th St., $535,000.

Todd Menard Construction LLC to Kevin & Darla Thompson Trust, 1733 S. 221st St., $133,000.

Gustafson, Bryan and Michelle to Meyer, Joshua J. and Jill M., 21921 Hillandale Circle, $550,000.

Koenig, Sarah, personal representative of Burleson, Lynn T. estate, to Vining, Matthew and Jessica, 20828 Charles St., $259,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Smith, Kyle C. and Katherine M., 2317 N. 188th St., $434,422.

Laurie A. Leisey Revocable Trust to Boggy, William and Jami, 18822 Spaulding St., $397,500.

Ervin, Joshua and Amanda to Sheeley, Wesley J. and Elizabeth A., 22215 Brookcrest Drive, $490,000.

Silverstone Building Co. LLC to Srinivasan, Naliny and Venkataraman, Gurumurthy, 3814 George B. Lake Parkway, $501,196.

OM 2939 S. 217 Trust and Western Financial LLC, trustee, to Bailey, Taylor Ray and Tanner Chesley, 2939 S. 217th Circle, $311,000.

Weisenberg, Brian J. and Kelly to Shultz, Jeff and Andrea, 3804 N. 189th St., $475,000.

McNair, Donna L. to Bannister, Torrey and Deana, 20244 Pinkney St., $200,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Manzitto, Bode, 20533 D St., $284,253.

Dave Paik Builders Inc. to Spitznagel, Steven C. and Susan M., 2517 N. 188th St., $430,000.

Worden, Brent A. to Moraczewski, Michael, 226 S. 197th St., $330,000.

Knigge, Devin C. and Ashley S. to Lippold, Shelley Kim, 1616 N. 209th St., $251,000.

David and Brenda Buckley Revocable Trust to Lee, Sangman and Kim, So Youn, 18059 Leavenworth St., $418,000.

Miller, Jarad and Michelle to Hazen, Gage T. and Andrea S., 20116 Farnam St., $350,000.

Royal Development Inc. to Bucher, Ronald E. and Michelle K., 19044 Cuming Circle, $454,900.

Lippold, Shane D. and Shelley K. to McKenna, Kevin P. and Samantha J., 1710 S. 207th St., $382,000.


Harrington, Matthew S. and Stephanie L. to Remmick, Michael and Kimberly, 103 E. Alexander St., $168,500.

Gilsdorf, Doug P. to Mark Brungardt LLC, 6516 N. 242nd St., $25,000.

Remmick, Michael A. and Kimberly A. to Ueckert, Keith and Susan, 7908 N. 281st Ave., $52,000.


KR Properties LLC to KSC Investments LLC, 420 S. 11th St., $505,000.

Grundke, Eric M. and Livingston, Kristen L. to Ole Town LLC, 1308 Jackson St., $453,000.

Pritchett Trust and Pritchett, John, trustee, to Kapsch, Craig and Collett, Jacquelyn, 1308 Jackson St., $485,000.


Johnson, Christopher P., personal representative of Johnson, Frances Marie estate, to Stallings, Benjamin T. and Jessica A., 2811 N. 49th Ave., $142,000.

Jean E. Aulner Revocable Trust and Covey, Cleo E., trustee, to Thakolo, Jester Meek and Ehlahchrist, Deedee Bwint, 5433 Kansas Ave., $202,500.

Barsell, Joshua James and Helen M. to Dominguez, Oscar D., 6116 Spaulding St., $149,500.

Harrington, Nathan T. and Nina to Buckley, David J. and Brenda L., 2624 N. 67th St., $212,000.

Neuhaus, Howard L., personal representative of Kelly, Arnold J. Sr. estate, to Zamora, Luis A., 2716 N. 45th St., $75,000.

BDN Properties LLC to Omaha SFR Holding I LLC, 3728 N. 53rd St., $100,000.

Horton, Michelle M. to Guichard, Bruce, 6318 Parkview Lane, $88,000.

Dubbeld, Judith A. to Rosso, Larry, 2007 N. 71st St., $80,000.

Ostronic, Christine M. to Juszyk, Eric, 6335 Spencer St., $118,000.

HKM Investments LLC to Kline, Corey, 1502 N. 61st St., $120,000.

ZKS Homes LLC to Peeler, Donald D. and Melissa A., 2504 N. 62nd St., $105,000.

Niedbalski, Christopher J. and Natalie to Martinez, Guilherme, 5851 Lake St., $205,000.

Louis-Charles, Hans and Schneiders, Laura J. to Wilson, Zach and Weber, Haley, 4940 Pinkney St., $190,000.

Royers, Colin A. and Charlotte K. Sa to Angus, Steven D. and Jauregui, Araceli, 4811 Wirt St., $81,000.

6026 Manderson Street Property LLC to Schacht, Shawn, 6026 Manderson St., $115,000.

Hane, David Robert to Lewis, Judy, 4814 N. 48th St., $120,000.

Olson, Kerstin to Estee, Jordan, 2535 N. 64th St., $100,000.

Cryer, Christina A. and Delmar D. to Kyra LLC, 2330 N. 67th St., $95,000.

Marks, Laura L. to Turner, David G. Jr. and Raisa A., 2624 N. 51st Ave., $200,000.

JLD Laird LLC to Reh, Klaw and Meh, Ngay, 5120 Vernon Ave., $156,000.

Mathews, Robert A. and Jennifer S. to Lenaghan, Laura B. and Timothy J., 5807 Miami St., $148,000.

Trevino, Joe Angel III and Grizelda to Tvrdy, Susan K. and Schmidt, Michael, 2308 N. 52nd St., $292,500.

Marchese, Mark A. and Lund, Kip J. to Zboja, Jim and Laird, Mary Dana, 2320 N. 55th St., $415,000.

Liescheski, Mary Clare and Smith, Charles Patrick to Hennings, Michael, 6535 Binney St., $138,000.

Satorie, Spencer and Jessica to Dillard, Angeline, 4516 Blondo St., $107,500.

Gluck, Karen L. to Sandhoefner, Neil, 2501 N. 53rd St., $395,000.


Smith, Gary E. and Christine M. to Coleman, Matthew J., 814 S. 37th Ave., $81,000.

Vonstup, Jennifer N. to Pederson, Pachel, 3323 Frances St., $144,000.

Cusic, Marie to Keblesh, James P., 3415 Martha St., $125,000.

Gonzalez, Victoria to Legado Group LLC, 1549 S. 26th St., $60,000.

Weibel, Brandon Michael to Weibel, Brandon Michael and Richards, Jaclyn, 3807 Castelar St., $72,500.

Kyler, Willard and Judie to Diamante, Lee, 1521 S. 26th St., $135,000.

Sevrench LLC to Kracher, Michael J., 2120 S. 42nd St., $90,000.

Champion, Teresa M. to Shannon, Jacob Matthew and Smolak, Erin Laurel, 2801 S. 34th St., $177,000.

Blakely, Mary E. and Christopher M. to Timko, Dana J., 2954 Martha St., $120,000.

Castro Enterprises PC to Rabideaux, Joseph, 2601 S. 32nd Ave., $141,000.

Hiser, Samantha A. and Robert B. Jr. to Burgess, Michael F. and Soto, Maricruz, 1031 S. 33rd St., $268,000.


Bates, Brandon D. to Poellot, Tylor J., 4628 Krug Ave., $112,500.

Scott, Kayla to Jahns, Connor J. and Robinson, Kelli L., 4912 Vinton St., $165,000.

Bruno, Miguel Marcelino Reyna and Vega, Veronica to Reyna, Yesenia, 2709 S. 60th St., $117,000.

Ninemire, Taryn A. to 3M Realty LLC, 5816 Pierce St., $264,000.

Kozol, Christopher R., personal representative of Kozol, Susanne I. estate, to Moore, Theresa, 865 S. 50th Ave., $139,000.

Hike, Sarah A. and Adam G. to Zhu, Wei, 6102 Bancroft St., $158,000.

Klein, Sara to Ferzely, Elizabeth, 2102 S. 49th Ave., $178,500.

Tolstedt, Gina M. to Petro, Josh and Danielle, 4562 Pierce St., $200,000.

Le, Nicholas Alexander Hung and Anthony Tuan P. to Rachel K. H. Le Revocable Living Trust, 2509 S. 49th Ave., $69,000.

Collins-Henderson, Katie L. to Snyder, Daniel and Starns, Vanessa, 6452 William St., $225,000.

Smith, Maria L. to Zhang, Jian and Miao Hui, 2108 S. 62nd St., $169,000.

Hawkins, Michael F. and Erin E. to Pierce, Christina M. and Madeline, 1511 S. 58th St., $174,950.

Ratliff, William J. to McClure, Kayla D., 5124 Pierce St., $163,500.

McNeill, Michael L. and Mike to Alaniz, Perla E. Gonzalez, 3502 S. 49th St., $146,000.

Filipowicz, Constance M. to Glynn, Victoria A., 3308 S. 45th St., $135,000.

Steube, Justin and Ward, Mary Ann to Cesario, Nancy R., 1706 S. 58th St., $175,000.


Franklin, Cristabet R. to Ramos, Maria D. Salinas, 4417 S. 38th St., $87,500.

Heartland Holdings B LLC to Dubois, James and Guzman, Laura, 3829 S. 24th St., $143,000.

C130 LLC to Gonzalez, Hazel V. Ornelas, 6201 S. 33rd St., $118,000.

Garcia, Maria Cristina to Omahouse LLC, 2519 G St., $63,000.

Burnice V. Wolff Living Trust and Ernst, Karen, trustee, to Sanchez, Jannette, 4055 I St., $145,000.

Dee Semin Living Trust to Lopez, Reynaldo and Quiroz, Ana G. Cruz, 1919 F St., $125,000.

HMD Holdings LLC to Christoffersen, Thomas, 3125 S St., $187,500.

FA Properties LLC to Moreno, Karla, 2417 K St., $110,000.

Hernandez, Dolores and Gonzalez, Rafael to Mora, Julia and Saturnino, 2113 N St., $70,000.

Sheriff to Guardian Tax Partners, 5417 S. 33rd Ave., $12,801.

BPJ Estate LLC to Delgadillo, Carly Camille and Ecliserio Jr., 3331 Polk St., $80,000.

Cordova, Maria Isabel and Sanchez, Rafael Reyes to Bautista, Juan and Vaca, Veronica, 3526 V St., $41,100.


Schlick Properties LLC to Luma, Patrick Stanley, 1421 S. 12th St., $90,000.

Shorb, Alexis E. to Jackley, Daniele G., 2791 S. 9th St., $105,000.

Petersen, Jimmy Dean to Wright, Kendra and Spector, Harrison Zachary, 2405 S. 11th St., $147,500.

Kruse, John G. to Raymond Evans Real Estate PC, 2017 S. 2nd St., $140,000.

Chaidez, Brian to Vargas, Catherine Dawn, 1513 Dorcas St., $95,000.

McEwan, Joseph W. and Joseph W. Jr. to McEwan, Shannon R., 1705 S. 18th St., $25,850.


Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Palencia, Hilda Lorena, 4731 N. 15th St., $17,500.

Jones, David to Clark, Deandra I. and Ronald, 3710 N. 17th St., $85,000.

Pittman, Phyllis J. to Strawn, Tailla and Blandon, Alexander, 2197 Parker Circle, $110,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Drawsand, August James, 3921 N. 22nd St., $60,000.

Guy, Justin and Sarah to Jesus-Ramon, Nicolas M. and Garcia, Annabel, 3711 N. 24th St., $117,000.

Guyton, Robert L. to Hall, David, 1454 Emmet St., $35,000.


Ida Inc. to Harris, Earlene Hopkins, 5803 N. 43rd Ave., $88,900.

Lopez, Jose A. II to Olivarez, Zenaida, 2712 N. 33rd St., $35,000.

Miller Way LLC to Wakan Path LLC, 4101 Ohio St., $32,000.

Hasanian Properties LLC and Qureishi & Khan Properties LLC to Julian, Joseph and Whitney, 4332 Parker St., $80,000.

McQuin, Peggy Karlene and Scott S. to Julian, Joseph and Whitney, 4362 Seward St., $145,000.

Spotted Duck LLC to Rangel, Ruben Arredondo and Rangel Martinez, Lisbeth, 5315 N. 25th St., $64,000.

Min, Hsa and Nguyen, Jonathon to Kler, Kyaw and Kyi, Tway, 4615 Fontenelle Blvd., $130,000.

Freeman, James C. and Deborah A. to Harley, Alyssa La Rosa, 1811 N. 32nd St., $110,000.

Harbour, Ladavid and Denise to No Lender Fee Home Loans LLC, 3867 Seward St., $15,000.

James, Q. Marie and Leo E. to Keaton, Brian J. and James Keaton, Ralphine Peaches, 3417 Manderson St., $40,000.

Edison Street LLC to Codina, Cecilia and Rodriguez, Zeferino, 3907 N. 38th St., $12,500.

Rail, Philip D. to Maly, James R., 5337 N. 27th St., $17,500.

Omaha Dreamvesting LLC to Kendall, Ronald, 5924 N. 36th St., $25,000.

Rotella, Albert J. and Rotella, Brenda S. to Ramirez, Ruben Castelan, 4708 N. 38th St., $69,000.

Rotella, Albert J. and Rotella, Brenda S. to Ramirez, Ruben Castelan, 4918 N. 34th Ave., $41,000.

McDowall LLC to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc., 3372 Grand Ave., $89,000.

Wooten, Richard and Coffey, Shirley to Jackson, Vera, 3188 Fowler Ave., $36,000.

DRC Properties LLC to Abbott, Ernest, 3056 Stone Ave., $128,000.

Omaha Dreamvesting LLC to Bullock, Jacob, 5910 N. 35th St., $119,250.


Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Gurung, Bhim, 3049 Huntington Ave., $89,900.

Nelson, Betty J. to Costello, Thomas and Ritsuko, 12522 N. 40th St., $230,000.

Huber Living Trust and Huber, Carole A., trustee, to Double A Homes LLC, 2523 Sharon Drive, $65,000.

Geraldine W. Zerse Trust to Murphy, Amanda, 3121 Grebe St., $86,000.

Gnahn, Myrtle L. to Brooks, Joshua and Cusic, Marie, 3709 Mormon St., $232,000.

Baer, Ashley J. to Baer, Ashley J. and Cochran, Aaron C., 3026 Redick Ave., $43,500.


Berkshire Family Building LLC to Koehler, Justin C. and Hellman, Amy M., 610 S. 76th St., $500,000.

Frevert, Brett to Rock, Christopher W. and Kate, 307 S. 96th St., $395,000.

Styl Properties Inc. to Raval, Samir, 1018 S. 92nd St., $270,000.

White, Carolyn Joy and Anthony Gerald to Kadima Properties LLC, 8207 Bowie Drive, $80,000.


Wallace, Gene E. and Nancy F. to Peyton, Robert H. and Sally A., 2812 N. 160th St., $540,000.

Crowe, Jordan to Davis, Michelle, 16508 Grant St., $180,250.

KRT Construction Inc. to McQuillan, Ryan and Cara, 3211 N. 178th St., $484,916.

Oney, Jamie A. to Barber, Cornellius D. and Kelly, Heidi J., 4607 N. 174th Ave., $250,000.

Drazic, John P. and Karla to Miller, Jacob A. and Rebekah L., 17111 Sprague St., $173,000.

Cvejdlik, Kent R. and Michele R. to Alwin, Cody, 5064 N. 154th St., $171,900.

Davis, Katie to Heer, Anthony, 3122 N. 150th St., $180,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Foltz, Courtney E. and Michael D., 16659 Dora Hamann Parkway, $295,525.

Prodjinotho, Augustine J. to Jeffrey S. Broady Revocable Trust, 14655 Sahler Court, $135,000.

Palermo, David to Lambert, Brenda L., 14465 Grand Ave., $181,000.

Field, Kerry, trustee, to McCright Properties LLC, 15031 Camden Ave., $176,900.

Roy, Nicholas K. and Cynthia V. to Bork, Eric Thomas and Kathryn, 17410 Grand Ave., $300,000.

Heer, Anthony G. to Alberts, Jared T. and Natalie N., 14867 Laurel Ave., $295,000.

Boggy, Jami A. and William R. to Anderson, Laurel and Fuller, Laura Mariel, 5008 N. 161st St., $235,000.

Trible, Vicki Ann to Cvejdlik, Kent R. Jr. and Michele R., 4720 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $233,500.

Humble, Leeann M. to Niedbalski, Christopher J. and Natalie R., 4322 N. 153rd St., $305,000.

Cooke, Sarah and Simon to Keblesh, Michael and Hanh, 3408 N. 161st Ave., $399,900.

Holcomb, Daniel J. and Dayag, Jessica Lagundino to Kuhl, Morgan M. and Scott, Lucas M., 15416 Crown Point Ave., $304,000.

Muck, Edwin L. Jr. and Catherine to Zimmerman Real Estate LLC, 3138 N. 151st St., $160,000.

Pfeifer, Joseph L. and Rachel to Stoysich, Nicholas A. and Kaitlin A., 16005 Sprague St., $290,000.

Khanna, Sameer and Sheveta to Halme, Kevin and Britney, 2710 N. 178th St., $467,400.

Lacroix, Meghann L. to Ahmed, Molly and Mustafa, 16880 Camden Ave., $187,000.

Svec, Duane Michael and Angie Gay to Simonson, John S. and Sarah N., 2312 N. 179th St., $457,000.

Schave, David and Dana to Johnson, Jake N. and Molly J., 4829 N. 162nd Ave., $289,900.

Joshi, Rajendra N. and Poonam S. to Wilson, Adam D. and Tara K., 14809 Boyd St., $219,000.

Jenkins, Deborah A. to Tapia, Cathleen A., 16411 Browne St., $189,900.

Mercury Contractors Inc. to Slump, Scott B. and Lori S., 15412 Norwick Drive, $317,000.

Norton, Justin M. and Myers-Norton, Cyndi to Poots, Rachel A. and Joseph M., 14512 Larimore Ave., $200,000.


Phyllis A. Jirka Revocable Trust and Jirka, Joseph J., trustee, to Kyler, Willard and Judie, 4504 Monroe St., $190,000.

Cochran, Luke J. to Lime Box Properties LLC, 5214 Q St., $80,000.

Hallett, Joseph J. Sr. and Joseph J. Jr. to Villanueva, Adan and Kayla, 4663 P St., $180,000.

Reisdorff, Gerald A. and Diane M. to Reisdorff, Matthew, 5037 S. 51st St., $130,000.

Hallett, Joseph J. Jr. and Sherri L. to Hallett, Joseph T., 4667 Ohern St., $185,000.

Leibman, Douglas L. and Amy to Van Nornam, Joseph, 5022 S. 49th St., $173,500.

Herrmann, Lyle Jason to Clouse, Phyllis, 4802 S. 50th Terrace, $75,000.


Clements, Sandra Lee to Lalk, Jamison Dewey and Courtney Jae, 15916 Capitol Ave., $230,000.

Scott, James S. and Lynette J. to Titus, Steven E. and Sara E., 512 S. 178th St., $490,000.

Walz, Thomas J. III and Carolyn N. to Stuifbergen, John Gerard and Jaclyn M., 330 S. 158th Ave., $336,000.

1807 N. 176th Plaza LLC to Edwards, Matthew A., 1807 N. 176th Plaza, $185,000.

Ruhlman, Thomas J. and Pamela T. to Hall, Nicholas S. and Kiley O., 415 S. 161st St., $335,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Blair, Christian I. and Tsvetkova, Maya B., 8538 King St., $191,243.

Omaha Property Group LLC to Mora, Vanessa Acosta, 8709 Quest St., $169,000.

Contretas, Jessica to Diop, Amadou, 8001 N. 85th St., $97,000.

Jont LLC to Kanoy, Joshua Michael, 8837 N. 83rd Ave., $178,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Paul, Prestyn and Alexus, 8545 King St., $228,265.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Sinclair, Jaime L., 8508 Baker St., $199,582.

Reckamp, Bradley R. and Tina S. to Galle, Kara E. and Manley, Laura A., 6819 N. 102nd Avenue Circle, $268,000.


Campbell, Mekenzie to Campbell, Aaron L., 7903 Grover St., $185,000.

Marsh, Mary Clare and Melvin A. to Lindburg, Levi M. and Abbott, Stephanie L., 3426 S. 77th St., $174,900.

Williams, Timothy R. and Shelley D. to Kavan Homes Inc., 1146 S. 93rd St., $199,000.

Bucchino, Marie to KR Properties LLC, 8753 Dorcas St., $224,000.

Brown, Terrance J. and Teresa L. to Nathan, Garrett A., 7623 Ontario St., $152,000.

LeGrand, Seth and Lana to Slane, Thomas J. and Eileen M., 10213 Elm St., $325,000.

Burright, Pamela K. to Rusin, Robert and Christa, 3342 S. 89th St., $191,000.

Schunk, Susan M. to Rohr, Danielle M. and Nathan S., 7405 Rogers Road, $64,560.


Endo, Tsutomu and Geraldine R. to Waterfront Investments LLC, 4840 S. 93rd Ave., $131,100.

Corporation of the Presiding Bishop of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to Preddy, Richard L. and Zimmer, Molly A., 10410 Washington Drive, $276,000.

Christensen, Hedelisa G. to Reestman, Kyle, 9942 Orchard Circle, $202,500.

Koziol, Thomas J. and Linda R. to Ice, Nancy and Jay III, 5606 S. 91st St., $195,000.

James P. and Geraldine R. Phillips Trust to Kuhnle, Jesse D. and Lindsey L., 10456 W St., $178,000.

Larsen, Thomas C. and Micaela J. to Rhone, Steven D. and Samantha M., 7324 Jefferson St., $190,000.

Locale Properties LLC to Rogers, Andrew and Alyssa, 9110 R St., $195,000.

Belt, Joshua Thomas and Baldwin, Katie to Stroik, Walter and Rina, 8715 Drexel Circle, $195,000.


Briscoe, Richard Scott and Sally Melissa to Essner, Mark D. and Traci D., 18320 Dupont Circle, $445,000.

Kelly, Pat and Robin to Kavan Homes Incorporated, 3401 S. 188th Ave., $94,000.

McCasland, Linda K. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 2930 S. 157th Circle, $115,000.

McGrath, Kevin D. and Mary R. to Seaman, Daniel L. and Montgomery Seaman, Mary D., 1436 S. 158th Circle, $312,975.

King, Laura J. and Kaleb to Christensen, Bryan William and Stock, Mackenzie Dawn, 16967 Poppleton Ave., $235,700.

Crow, Tyler A. and Alessandra B. to Fluckey, Troy Andrew, 1705 S. 165th Circle, $250,000.

Bray, David J. and Lindsey to Sagrero, Katie and Miguel, 15819 Valley St., $207,500.

Smith, Keleigh and Colby W. to Klein, Hannah W. and Packer, Hans L., 19307 Woolworth Ave., $475,000.

Eslinger, Nathan J. and Carly M. to Leader, Douglas, 18902 D St., $267,000.

Shubert, Kris A. and Nicole D. to Shah, Kushan and Chandracumar, Roma, 18901 Hansen St., $250,000.

Thayer, Freddie J. and Connie L. to Gibson, Melissa and Jonathan, 1729 S. 167th Circle, $280,000.

Zinkov, Maksim M. and Ashley D. to Gamboa, Terisa J. and Manuel J., 19702 Poppleton Ave., $300,000.


Zelaya, Anna and Pelton, Anna to Schaible, Phillip and Brown-Schaible, Karen, 112 S. 37th St., $182,000.

Linden, Robert and Sandra to California Acres LLC, 3515 Burt St., $175,000.

Ninety Two Thirty One LLC to Owens, Scott A. and Tammi M., 105 N. 31st Ave., $116,500.

Covington, Alonda to Trejo, Luis O. and Gonzalez, Virginia Martinez, 943 N. 28th Ave., $150,000.

Dregelid, Olav and Paulis, Mary L. to Braaten, Abby, 415 N. 39th St., $177,500.

Thomas Properties I LLC to Omaha Prospects LLC, 1417 N. 31st St., $207,000.

Foster, Sherald to Pacific Tradelink Inc., 200 S. 31st Ave., $295,000.


Assaad, Sylvia to Storch, Douglas and Sharon, 732 N. 58th St., $425,000.

Larandeau, Michael and Amanda to Kennedy, Paulette, 4916 Hamilton St., $115,000.

Kadima Properties LLC to Ten-Square LLC, 626 N. 46th St., $162,000.

Baxter Company to Watson Properties LLC, 4728 Wakeley St., $192,500.

Escobedo, Benjamin Ryan and Amanda Aimee to Atkinson, Richard and Stacey, 6546 Western Ave., $170,000.

Hulac Inc. to Gilbatrar LLC, 4516 Izard St., $240,000.

Kendall, Ronald E. to Ten-Square LLC, 618 N. 46th St., $275,000.

Constantino, Richard T. and Diane K. to Mills, Rodney L. and Mussoni, Sarah K., 5021 Cuming St., $300,000.


Daisy M. Styles Trust and Billingsley, Sondra R., trustee, to Shwe, Pu and Ku, Ku, 4911 N. 93rd Ave., $174,000.

Baxter, Gary D. and Vicki S. to Barrett, Allison and Van Moorleghem, Michael, 4649 N. 81st St., $170,000.

Bollich, Brian F. and Susan M. to Bollich, Matthew and Amber, 5732 N. 107th St., $173,500.

Remmers, Neeley A. and Lechy, Garin to Galley, Jason and Jaklyn, 5635 N. 93rd St., $182,000.

Uleman, Donald M. to Hultquist, Austin B., 10641 Boyd St., $235,000.

Hutchins, Derek and Elizabeth to Fu, Xiaohui, 9415 Jaynes St., $149,500.

Stinson, Sampson Hammer to Dynamic Properties LLC, 9618 Boyd Circle, $123,000.

Dewitt, Donald A. and Peggy J. to Renteria, Eric Steven, 7622 Blondo Drive, $80,000.

Wilson, Jennifer L. and Franck, Brian M. to Radke, Natasha and O’Neil, Jason, 8303 Grand Ave., $152,000.

Douglas County, continued


Johnson, Joshua to Peterson, Kale and Kinsey, 10279 Nebraska Ave., $215,000.

Cameron, Amber to Bird, Jacob, 8822 Sprague Circle, $170,000.

James, Douglas M. and Cheryl L. to Ledger, Cody, 9112 Larimore Ave., $155,500.

Bunting, Cheryl to Waddell, Craig and Linda S., 8838 Ruggles Circle, $70,000.

Schwahn, Haley L. to Malvaso, William Frank and Marianne, 8110 Grant St., $133,500.

Michael & Vivian Kesar Living Trust to Medeiros, Matthew and Carlee, 7524 Glenvale Drive, $227,000.

Wells, Mary K. to McGovern, Micaela, 9215 Meredith Ave., $153,000.

Cave, Charles Dean and Lopez, Joshua Michael to Lopez, Joshua Michael and Dennis M., 4209 N. 91st St., $56,000.

Stevens, Nikki to Hickey, Claire, 9519 Spencer St., $82,500.

Stevens, Nikki, personal representative of Stevens, Darin estate, to Hickey, Claire, 9519 Spencer St., $82,500.


Simonson Trust and Simonson, John S., trustee, to Busskohl, Alexander and Chelsea, 4807 S. 162nd Ave., $280,000.

Keyes, Matthew Waye and Cheri Lynn to Mues, Julie, 18960 Cinnamon St., $203,000.

Spencer, Julie A. to Smith, Hurchel and Kristen, 4949 S. 197th St., $450,000.

Zych Construction LLC to Milam, Matthew and Jan, 17517 T St., $337,702.

Locum, Kristin Kay to Smith, Walter and Laura A., 6412 S. 157th St., $274,500.

Sullivan, Michael C. and Heather M. to Pesek, Alex N., 16420 R St., $290,000.

Anthony & Cheryl Gerace Trust and Gerace, Anthony J., trustee, to Margritz, Joseph F., 19612 Laci St., $197,500.

Hall, Gilbert R. and Karolina to Wilkins, Brianne, 4242 S. 178th St., $174,300.

Zimmer, Claudia to Hathhorn, William T. and Jean A., 19023 N St., $150,000.

Roberts, Kory L. and Cody E. to Blakely, Alyssa, 5413 S. 191st Ave., $190,000.

Sis, Audra A. to Scheer, Mary, 4817 S. 189th St., $185,000.

Novak, Anne M. and Kluthe, Becky L. to Leuschen, Melissa A., 5128 S. 195th Circle, $180,000.

Young, Doris A. to Novak, Anne M. and Kluthe, Becky L., 5002 S. 196th Circle, $200,000.

Barnhardt, Gregory T. and Beth K. to Scruggs, Stephen and Jennifer, 6016 S. 161st St., $312,200.

Lindhorst, Dustin D. and Brittany J. to Morelli, Angela, 4558 S. 178th St., $200,000.

Dewitt, Robert M. and Gretchen P. to Lexicon Government Services LLC, 17803 Adams Circle, $100,000.

Metz, Lindsey and Parker to Geist, Taylor and Marie, 15710 T St., $228,000.

John J. Young Revocable Trust to Christiansen, Bradley J. and Brook R., 15813 Polk Circle, $270,000.

Harder, Terry and Nancy V. to Jennifer J. Parker Living Trust, 17311 Monroe Circle, $450,000.

Dame, Jodi to Ohri, Kevin James, 19341 H St., $320,000.

Yokel, John H. and Joan H. to Horak, Duane F. and Joyce A., 17120 O Circle, $295,000.

Ellison, Cameron L. and Christina M. to Medinger, Ryan and Amanda, 20201 I St., $251,000.

Faiola, Daniel L. and Meagan L. to Rezac, Ryan Stanley and Abby Jo, 16510 Riggs St., $226,000.

Daley, Pamela M. and Jeffrey L. to McCormick, Richard Alan, 18182 Southdale Place, $127,000.

Hasenjager, Lindsey and Paul to Lier, Sarah A. and Andrew J., 4832 S. 167th Ave., $285,000.

Schmidt, Ashley A. and Christopher R. to Aistrope, Trent A. and Candi A., 16530 Monroe St., $245,000.

Delgadillo, Carmen Robles and Macy, Joseph Paul to Briese, Douglas R. and Elizabeth S., 19307 K Circle, $338,000.

Bucher, Ronald E. and Michelle to Wavrin, Sean and Kristin Leland, 5714 S. 174th Ave., $308,000.

Maher, Ruth and Michael to Smith, Joni and Anderson, Eric, 17606 R St., $320,000.


Lindell, Jean C. to Hallberg, Pamela K., 6213 S. 116th St., $215,000.

Spidell, Jeffrey to Darling, Mitchell R. and Berger-Darling, Dena, 13624 Z St., $191,000.

Widhelm, Joseph A. and Kylie L. to Hintz, Michael and Sharla, 11130 Z St., $168,000.

Dasovic, Linda A. to Fowler, Reagan William James, 12669 Holmes St., $130,000.

Hawley, Jerry Lee Jr. and Hawley, Steven Michael to Hawley, Steven Michael, 12110 Sandra Lane, $59,450.

Moyers, Christopher T. and Marie F. to Naidas, Mario Jr. and Ann, 14108 Ohern St., $165,000.

Koehler, Ben to Nguyen, Khoa and Do, Mai N., 10824 Borman Ave., $184,815.

McCormack, Scott Riley and Adrienne Michelle to Alexander, Christian and Hilary, 14861 Polk St., $200,000.

Knowlton, Roger A. and Theresa A. to Gonzalez, Yiscauris Guzman and Maria, 12280 Signal Drive, $192,000.

Warren, Matthew T. and Emily to Cooley, Mikayla, 11626 Polk St., $190,000.

Endo, Tsutomu and Geraldine R. to Tran, Nha and Nguyen, Nguyen, 6234 S. 140th Ave., $149,300.

Habeeb, Jane M. to Wondercheck, Riley, 12105 N St., $170,000.

Chapman, James Stephen and Valeri J. to Vida Enterprises LLC, 4526 S. 150th St., $157,000.

Bickham, Megan N. and Sova, Megan N. to Richards, Nicholas and Haleigh, 11629 Drexel St., $220,000.

Portwood, Nathaniel Adam and Shannah L. to Henggeler, Christopher W., 14172 Karl St., $170,000.

Buettner, Tracey E. to Zych Construction LLC, 11621 Jefferson Circle, $162,000.

Mann, Murray C. and Sharie A. to Nelson, Ashley and Noodell, Benjamin, 6711 S. 139th Avenue Circle, $175,000.

Scheer, Mary E. to Tiley, Edward Joseph and Victoria Ann, 5529 S. 151st St., $215,000.

Louise F. Wagner Irrevocable Trust and Wagner, Timothy, trustee, to Bumpus, Michael and Simons, Rebecca, 14230 Karl St., $142,000.

Martens, Brant E. and Obannon-Martens, Teya T. to Kaffenberger, James and Lisa, 4135 S. 148th St., $242,000.

Seelye, Jordan S. and Cortney A. to Moss, Leah L., 6370 S. 139th Avenue Circle, $138,000.

Hamell, Michael J. and Rainey-Hamell, Rebecca to Holland, Tyler and Kala, 13530 Z St., $197,000.

JKP Properties LLC to APM Properties LLC, 6605 Stratford Circle, $193,000.

Daniel E. McCarthy Living Trust and Fletcher, Kelly M., trustee, to Luis and Arlene Burianek Trust, 6028 Oak Hills Drive, $270,000.

Donald T. and Ava D. Quinn Living Trust to Wiese, Aaron, 6527 S. 117th St., $194,000.


Hunt, Lisa L. to Moore, Tyler S. and Owens, Aimee R. Vandoren, 10853 Weber St., $185,000.

Judson, William A. and Svehla, Anne Michelle to Manko, Corey S., 10809 Girard St., $175,000.


Muller, Lon Robert to Delgado, Jose Clemente and Rebecca A., 3713 S. 154th St., $242,000.

Miller, Paula R. to Halverson, Marilynn Kay, 12311 C St., $80,000.

Rolover LLC to Gabrielson, Gary and Jennifer, 13921 Walnut Circle, $152,200.

John and Patricia Eisenach Joint Revocable Trust to Kracl, Michael and Jill, 14042 Woolworth Circle, $225,000.

Christiansen, Bradley J. and Brook to Young, John J. and Dana K., 3205 S. 131st Circle, $185,000.

Dietrich, Joshua and Whitney to Desormeaux, Zachariah and Amy, 3347 S. 126th Ave., $155,000.

Gibson, Bradley R. and Dawn N. to Ostronic, Cindy and Kmiecik, John, 1413 S. 117th St., $235,000.

Lundgren, Michael E. to Devries, Kevin C. and Stacie D., 1506 S. 120th St., $225,000.

Denise A. Hill Living Trust to Egawa, Fumiko and George, 11577 Cryer Ave., $227,000.

Slattery, Patrick J. and Elizabeth A. to Howard, Daniel John and Jennifer Mary, 15532 Lloyd St., $350,000.


Po, Tar and Soe, Rebecca to Reh, Law and Meh, Kay, 6331 Vane St., $160,000.

Holts, Alois and Betty to Huss, Ronald, 7947 Raven Oaks Drive, $70,000.

Smidt, Caleb and Donna to Prochaska, Scott and Melissa, 5209 Clay Circle, $280,000.

HBI LLC to Hubert, Paul D. II, 5289 Clay St., $225,000.


Smith, Kyle C. and Katherine to Dizona, Paul and Andrea, 607 N. 152nd Circle, $249,000.

Rotschafer, Robbie L., personal representative of Balzerick, Connie L. estate, to Fangman, Ann R., 1822 N. 132nd Avenue Circle, $375,000.

Millard, Scott Ken and Michele L. to Putschoegl, Adam and Casey, 14221 Seward St., $435,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Darling, Daniel and Joslyn, 1235 N. 145th Plaza, $140,000.

Dale A. and Judith A. McPheeters Trust to Rahmatullah, Fnu, 1909 N. 152nd Plaza, $186,000.

Gary and Kristen Hoffman Trust to Clowe, Anthony J., 133 S. 126th Ave., $412,500.

Nathaniel Shaw Revocable Trust and Shaw, Beverly D., trustee, to Scott, Christopher F. and Sheryl, 912 N. 148th Ave., $260,000.

Madeline E. Linehan Revocable Trust to Molyan Revocable Trust and Moylan, Jennifer M., trustee, 13506 Paul Circle, $1,300,000.

Young, David A. and Krystina to Paul and Jennifer Miller Family Trust, 14571 Decatur St., $150,000.

La Lune LLC to Chaney, Andrea M., 510 Piedmont Drive, $259,000.


Weber, Travis L. and Kristine to Thacker, Alexander and Brianna, 2735 N. 113th St., $196,800.

Ramsbottom, Jake T. and Katie E. to Albers, Tregan P. D. II and Vacha-Albers, Sarah R., 11910 Mary St., $186,000.

Vernon, Briana L., personal representative of Kruger, Jennifer L. estate, to Anthony Jane Holdings LLC, 14161 Corby St., $105,000.

Hall, Roger W. and Hall, Roger William to Hall, Roger W., 6504 N. 110th St., $89,000.

Williams, Sena M. to Folkers, Carrie, 5001 N. 135th St., $299,900.

Lienemann, Shelby M. to Eppenbaugh, Steven and Amber, 11668 Sunburst St., $190,000.

Langendorfer Properties-Five LLC to Noonan, Joshua R. and Catherine, 5618 N. 126th Ave., $183,000.

Ciborowski, Pawel S. and Elzbieta to Moon, Kevin C. and Sabra K., 13425 Willis Ave., $285,000.

Heartland Holdings B LLC to McKee, Josh and Peters, Kortney, 12729 Ellison Ave., $202,000.

Castleberry, Donald L. Jr. and Annette to George, Austin and Hailee, 11267 Bauman Ave., $180,000.

Dods, James E. and Carolyn L. to Adokpe, Afi E., 5428 N. 129th St., $153,500.

Luettel, Greg and Mandy to Whalen, Jacob M. and Anna J., 11414 Hartman Ave., $192,000.

Walker, Jessica Leigh to Pierce, Alan Michael and Elizabeth Joan, 6312 N. 109th Circle, $175,000.

Doghman, Mohamad I. and Mary K. to Gutierrez, Carly Jo, 6306 N. 131st St., $175,000.

Vorthmann, Tom E. and Allmon, Dawn E. to Liescheski, Mary C. and Smith, Charles P., 6018 N. 110th Circle, $194,500.

Thraen, Andrew P. and Mary to Friedrichsen, Joshua and Caitlyn, 6014 N. 116th Circle, $182,000.

Fritz, Tyler and Marissa to Moe, Maggie C. and Noah H., 6601 N. 117th Circle, $180,000.

Francine K. Luxa Revocable Trust and Luxa, Michael L., trustee, to Grimes, Joe M. and Ewing-Grimes, Patricia A., 5008 N. 134th St., $235,000.

Tietsort, Emily A. to King, Taylor A., 10914 Mary St., $185,000.

Hussey, Patrick J. to Grap, Asel, 12093 Burdette Circle, $146,000.

McNeal, Jeremy L. and Heather L. to Ambrose, Renee R., 4024 N. 117th St., $170,000.

* * *

Sarpy County


Wisniewski, Michael J. to Long, Justine, 309 E. 17th Ave., $130,000.

Sexton, Clinton and Mabel E. to Compton, Kenneth, 1314 Sunbury Drive, $183,000.

Freebird Property Solutions LLC to Hounsougbin, Gerard Nkoghe, 2006 Washington St., $172,000.

Peterson, Michelle R. and Kevin R. to Tanner, Patrick A. and Sarah J., 2529 Madison St., $143,000.

Conley, Bill and Sabrina to Vasey, Bradley A., 2505 Van Buren St., $136,000.

Plesuk, Sara D. to Orr, Zachary M. and Jennifer M., 1906 Warren St., $132,000.

Black, Adam M. and Turin G. to Albertson, Matthew D. and Kathryn M., 708 Kountze Memorial Drive, $200,000.

Slater, Timothy L. Jr. and Marie L. to Pommells, Jennifer S., 103 Crestridge Drive, $157,000.

Usmanov, Rustam and Ishankulova, Zukhra to Johnson, Sharon and Kevin, 3510 Hancock St., $36,000.

Doohen, Sarah Jennifer to Tucker, Thomas James, 313 E. 17th Ave., $127,000.

CMS Mowing Service Inc. to Agosto, Keila Rivera, 405 Robinson Ave., $155,000.

Jody Van Houten Successor Trust and Jewell, Charles D. and Peggy J., joint trustees, to Arnold, Timothy G. and Kimberly Lynn, 2509 Van Buren St., $121,000.

Berryman, William J. and Donna J. to Brown, Chad, 1105 W. Mission Ave., $151,000.

Falt, Marianne M. to Rytych, Linda Jo and Darrell D. and Masters, Jamie J., 204 E. 16th St., $37,000.

Markantonis, Michael J. to Nieves, David Mark and Michelle J., 312 Basswood Court, $234,000.

Klaus, Matthew J. and Darcy R. to Stamper, Jeffery H., 510 Bellevue Blvd. N., $270,000.

Jackson, Daniel S. and Gretchen N. to Lafollette, Olivia and Schulz, Skylar, 1022 Parkway Drive, $175,000.


Advantage Development Inc. to Larsen, Thomas C. and Micaela J., 22721 W. Angus Road, $401,000.

Stoltenberg, Sondra J. and Alan R. and Powell, Jeanne L. and Reesman, Ward H. III and Cheryl K. and Ecklund, Robyn L. and Scott N. to Bartenhagen, Lisa, 12615 S. 218th Ave., $229,000.

Urban Homes LLC to Berry, Steven and Lindsey, 503 Brentwood Drive, $430,000.

Berry, Steven A. and Lindsey A. to Aldana, Rogelio Carlos and Courtney M., 11829 S. 210th Circle, $236,000.

Wilken, Joshua C. and Cecilia J. to Bryson, William L. Jr. and Amanda J., 12117 S. 214th St., $295,000.

Dewey, Kyle and Marie E. to Laue, Timothy E. and Tamara S., 21306 Castlerock Lane, $360,000.

Kocharov, George to Dewey, Kyle L. and Marie E., 128 Wesgaye St., $180,000.

O’Rourke, Susan J. and Patrick J. to Koziol, Thomas J. and Linda R., 17802 Country Lane, $335,000.

Ehlers, Gary G. and Mary L. to Asay, Austin and Dani, 19111 Schram Road, $300,000.

Bailey, Douglas L. and Linda L. to Stade, Merrie Kay, 12118 S. 213th Ave., $300,000.


Rucker, Noel D. and Virginia P. to Henrich, Mark, 1003 Rogers Drive, $230,000.

Scott, Matthew E. and Kate L. to Smith, Austin J. and Amanda N., 2417 Corn Drive, $252,000.

Parker, Christopher D. and Jessica E. to Porter, Ruth A. and Kanecia Q., 1133 Patricia Drive, $190,000.

Dodson, Christopher and Jackie to Defranco, John M., 2303 Lakewood Drive, $211,000.

Deturk, Theodore J. and Dawn G. to O’Loughlin, April L., 8514 Kauai Drive, $435,000.

Schreck, Daniel B. and Marika B. to Anderson, Bradley R. and Melissa M., 2204 S. River Rock Drive, $260,000.

Allen, Joseph A. and Joy K. to Shuler, Christopher James and Jessica Autumn, 10614 S. 110th St., $283,000.

Poston, Alan John and Wetherell, Dawn Michelle to Gowan, Jarryd D. and Brooke J., 1106 Roland Drive, $327,000.

Plowden, Shepard N. and Valerie D. to Brisbois, Devin H. and Amanda, 1111 Fenwick St., $208,000.

Castlebridge Homes Inc. to Avalos Andrade, Glenda A. and Andrade, Jose, 7301 Swallowtail St., $432,000.

MJ Design Build Inc. to Johnson, Trevor and Anne, 12240 Montauk Drive, $360,000.

Stephens, Josef and Erin to Skaggs, Jacob J. and Sarah J., 10511 S. 125th Ave., $375,000.

Rainbolt, Patrick J. and Ashley A. to Fuller, Gary D. and Jessica R., 602 Crest Drive, $216,000.

McPeak, Bradley D. and McPeak Dorothy D. and Denzil W. to Sheehan, Valyn, 2350 Placid Lake Drive, $319,000.

Hodges, James A. and Kristen M. to Clark, Scott and Kristi, 808 Arlene Ave., $225,000.

Cloyd, Tyler J. and Tonya K. to Johnson, Brian and Deanna, 12402 Caspian Drive, $420,000.

Anderson, Ryan P. and Amy B. to Bjornstad, Julia C. and Jarred S., 2405 Quartz Drive, $245,000.

Moore, Seldrick O. and Parsha, Myisha J. to Schroeder, Kelsie and Cory, 12309 Longshore Ave., $375,000.

La Furney, Rustin A. and Kimberly K. to Stewart, Andrew Blake and Jami E., 10801 S. 110th Ave., $330,000.

Konrad, Zachary K. and Katherine E. to Trelford Thompson, Emma N., 2108 Marilyn Drive, $190,000.

Helwig, John Frederick and Helwig, Katherine and Helwig, Matthew James and Helwig, Adam Michael and Helwig, Joshua Dale and Helwig, Jacob Daniel and Helwig, Kyla to Helwig, John Frederick and Helwig, Matthew James and Helwig, Adam Michael and Helwig, Joshua Dale and Helwig, Jacob Daniel and Helwig, Elizabeth Noelle, 13110 S. 84th St., $151,000.

Fry, Jesse J. and Melissa A. to Schultz, Allen T. and Angela J., 910 E. Aberdeen Drive, $230,000.

Judith & Gerald Lachner Trust to Light, Michael Shane and Amanda, 807 S. Fillmore St., $317,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Ramasamy, Venkatesh and Srinivasan, Gayathri, 11017 Cove Hollow Drive, $301,000.

Frank, Judy and Michael J. to Petersen, Emily A., 2101 Petersen Drive, $265,000.

Mattheis, Matthew S. and Dawn M. to Ahlers, Paige E., 2109 Walnut Circle Drive, $250,000.

Tim McCollough Living Trust to Danielson, Joel Christopher and Megan R., 1328 Scott Road, $20,000.

Victor James Beal Living Trust to Danielson, Joel Christopher and Megan R., 1328 Scott Road, $172,000.


Carson Custom Homes Inc. to Mattheis, Matthew and Dawn, 1015 Hazel Lane, $351,000.


Bergin, Colette K. to McDaniel, Christopher J. and Kristyn N., 4402 Waterford Ave., $208,000.

Robert T. O’Donnell Trust to Balis, Daniel and Peggy, 17313 Gate Drive, $115,000.

Rodriguez, David and Felicia to Pfeil, Shaun A. and Amanda L., 13408 S. 38th Circle, $255,000.

Wilson, Timothy David Jr. and Rachel to Strickler, Kelly Elizabeth and William Reid, 2304 Circletown Place, $220,000.

Burling, Deborah A., personal representative of Woerth, Joseph M. estate, to White, Blake K. and Marie Louise, 3304 Duane Ave., $194,000.

Epperson, Brandon C. and Isele Epperson, Sharon S. to Ortega, Amanda J., 3109 Mirror Circle, $158,000.

Alverson, Steven M. and Jennie E. to True North Properties LLC, 2906 Bar Harbor, $132,000.

Froemming, Darold and Melissa to Deese, James and Rebecca, 13507 S. 22nd St., $300,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Walford, Rhonda, 14420 S. 20th St., $238,000.

Lehman, Jeffrey Michael and Candice V. to Barraza, Ubaldo Jr. and Ruellas, Adriana Estrella, 2410 Circletown Place, $185,000.

Charlotte K. Timmerman Irrevocable Trust and Richt, Brenda, trustee, to Krug, Jeremy and Mattke, Kylie, 2503 Sheridan Road, $218,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Jordan, Matthew A. and Linford, Linda M., 1703 Mesa St., $272,000.

Gilbert, Edward F. and Ellen K. to Runyan, Amy G. and Follmer, Richard J., 1919 Hanson Drive, $140,000.

McCollor, Robin L. to Taylor, Richard D. and Patricia A., 14507 S. 22nd St., $288,000.

Nieves, David M. and Michelle J. to Davis, Brent and Carli, 2924 Blackhawk Circle, $350,000.

Gable, Charles J. and Krystal A. to Holland, Jonathan and Rebecca, 2803 Parkside Drive, $226,000.

Lehman, Timothy Benford and Charity G. to Veys, William J. and Sharon, 4212 Edgerton Drive, $302,000.

Bathgate Enos, Crystal and Enos, Shane T. to Breeden, J. Aaron and Maggie L., 4462 Brook Drive, $295,000.

Dempsey, Bradley L. to Watts, Jeffrey C. Sr. and Shelley A., 3106 Annabelle Drive, $245,000.

Williams, Laroy E. and Angela D. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 2909 Courtney Drive, $180,000.

Bresley, Robert A. and Lisa A. to Ring, Judith L., 14208 Tregaron Ridge Ave., $150,000.

Christensen, Matthew E. and Denise M. to Van Sant, Fred and Susan, 14417 S. 25th Ave., $180,000.

Walker, Paul M. Jr. and Jinny to Andrews, Steven D. and Karen I., 2203 Raven Ridge Drive, $298,000.

Schreck, Jared and Ashlee to Carr, Hope and Alan, 13808 S. 44th St., $213,000.

Miller Way LLC to Bader Construction LLC, 3113 Crystal Drive, $228,000.

Andrews, Karen I. and Steven D. to Chant, Jacqueline, 13905 S. 42nd Ave., $208,000.

Stewart, R. B. and May D. to Givens, Travis R., 2808 Hunter Drive, $235,000.

Davis, Genevieve I. to Carmona, Edward, 13008 S. 30th St., $220,000.

Horejsi, Matthew J. and Luana M. to Rolli, Josh and Donnica C., 10012 S. 9th Circle, $230,000.


Joy A. Gambill Family Trust and Adolf, Veronica L., trustee, to Griffin, Raymond and Doris, 8722 S. 100th St., $286,000.

Richard & Sandy Preister Living Trust to Koraleski, Robert J. and Rita F., 9946 Olives St., $385,000.

Davis, Christy and Zachary to Ace Properties LLC, 7307 La Vista Drive, $100,000.

Johnson, Anne L. and Trevor to Harris, Spencer C. and Julie N., 8722 Honey Locust Drive, $220,000.

Conkling, Beth A. to Uryasz, Zachary A. and Jourdan T., 7524 S. 76th Ave., $159,000.

Jon and Amy Pesce Revocable Trust to Reasoner, John E., 10220 Edna St., $363,000.


Kelly, Cristin M. and Christopher P. Jr. to Miller, Brian and Erin, 11318 S. 47th St., $300,000.

Schneider, Thomas J. and Ashley C. to Thraen, Andrew P. and Mary Katharine, 8910 S. 66th Ave., $260,000.

Gray, Aaron T. and Jessica A. to Frazier, Edwin B. III and Corrine R., 13808 S. 49th St., $367,000.

Crouse, Nancy L. to Van Winkle, Leigh and Jennifer, 701 Diamond Lane, $233,000.

Ogburn, Michael Joshua and Colleen Anne to Vancleave, Jody and Kathy, 8712 S. 67th St., $263,000.


Adamson, Cory W. Sr. to Sorensen, Amy, 16112 Cottonwood Ave., $194,000.

Lane, Jeffery M. to Miller Way LLC, 17720 Margo St., $99,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Blagdon, Robert M. and Shauna S., 18819 Rosewood St., $260,000.

Miller Way LLC to Light Bulb Realty & Investments LLC, 17720 Margo St., $133,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Longcrier, Luke D., 7816 S. 187th St., $302,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Granatowicz, Andrew D. and Jamie L., 18408 Hampton Drive, $318,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Emmons Family Revocable Trust and Harvey, David Jr., trustee, 16916 Virginia St., $235,000.

Toews, Cortney J. to Tjards, Jerry and Shari, 7106 S. 177th Avenue Circle, $165,000.

McCright Properties LLC to Bumgardner, Jerome L. and Diane L., 10009 S. 179th St., $255,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Horinek, James D. and Vanesa R., 18603 Blackwalnut St., $306,000.

Mostek, Jamie L. and Brenda J. to Denise A. Blazek LLC, 17816 Josephine St., $205,000.

Yadlosky, Sabrina to Ehrenfried, Mackenzie and Trout, Brenden, 17856 Josephine St., $199,000.

Mroczek, Melissa A. and Nick to Forsman, Christopher and Ashley, 7216 S. 184th St., $287,000.

Carol A. May Living Trust to Daniell, Anthony and Kiley, 7213 S. 171st St., $338,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Smith, Andrew R. and Karen W., 16854 Cary St., $286,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Cordova, Erika P. Cordova and Perera, Jose D. Martinez, 19085 Cottonwood St., $246,000.

Blank, Nicholas J. and Misti to Rush, Cora F., 17229 Musket St., $270,000.

Sheeley, Wesley and Belew Sheeley, Elizabeth to Isacco, John and Molly, 17206 Banner St., $270,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Karren, Wade S. and Tonja S., 11517 Grissom St., $325,000.

Umbertone Santo, Mark Jr. to Becker, Brandon J., 12810 Chandler St., $172,000.

Aldana Rogelio, Carlos and Aldana, Courtney Marie to Daum, Douglas Ray, 14916 Josephine St., $158,000.

Clark, Paul R. and Lisa M. to Antisdel, Gage G. and Wemmer, Lydia M., 14007 Mango St., $190,000.

Zulkosky, Elisabeth J. to Kreifels, Hannah Kay, 7928 S. 151st St., $190,000.

Shook, Christine R. to Oliva, Brandon and Jensen, Miraya, 8124 S. 152nd Ave., $175,000.


Hartman, Andrew J. and Lauren D. to Callao, Christopher and Saldana, Elissa, 2613 Tulip Lane, $235,000.

McCracken, Ortensia G. to Ashelford, Shane, 7404 S. 28th St., $95,000.

Reed, Tyler J. and Amanda Jean to Almanza Zurita, Martin and Almanza, Angelica, 7220 S. 41st Terrace, $138,000.

Provident Trust Group LLC FBO Karyl Lynn Fiddyment Traditional IRA to Kaufman, Keith and Carol, 3954 McMahon Ave., $118,000.

Brandley, Mary Kay B. to Cox, Katrina A., 2509 Mose Ave., $105,000.

Callahan, Toni L. to Charal, P.C., 2615 Margo St., $105,000.


Zerzan, Jeremy A. and Samantha A. to Nulsen, Ryan Adam Glen and Elizabeth Wilhite, 6472 Elmhurst Drive, $242,000.

Tidmore, Matthew A. and Michelle L. to Tavizon, Yesenia I. and Escobar, Saul Del Cid, 4601 Ruth St., $189,000.

Schultz, Cassie L. to Ocampo, Carmelo and Guerrero, Ivonne, 7518 Sun Valley Drive, $173,000.

Benson, Arthur S. and Jane to Laabs, Roger L. and Dorothy L., 8432 S. 64th St., $245,000.

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