Dimitroff, Dennis L. and Kellie J. to Eggers, Randal C. and Henry, Lanna D., 18606 Northern Hills Drive, $790,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Hinsley, Thomas C. and Denise L., 18217 Northern Hills Drive, $513,876.

Kotil, Ashley and Darin to Ono, Harry F. and Mary B., 8907 N. 169th Ave., $479,000.

Wickman-Bennett, Margot and Bennett, Edward J. to Nord, Dan J. and Raye A., 14905 Potter St., $431,000.

Eagle Custom Ranch Homes Inc. to Heikes, Tyler, 7410 N. 169th St., $400,000.

Johnson, Clinton A. and Deann M. to Oates, Kevin and Courtney, 14608 Girard St., $399,999.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Liebsack, Jamie and Chalon, 9820 Rosewater Parkway, $372,750.

Faller Construction to Roller, David J. and Elizabeth K., 8527 Kilpatrick Parkway, $350,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Adkisson, Nathaniel A. and Kirsten M., 7318 N. 164th St., $324,637.

Lane Building Corp. to Schlee, Clinton and Katherine, 8627 N. 169th St., $309,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Coovi, Clement and Ganlonon Coovi, Huguette B., 8924 N. 161st St., $280,831.

Charleston Homes LLC to Knajdl, Joshua M. and Erin E., 11934 Ashwood Drive, $280,500.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Hunnel, Amanda L. and Zach T., 8063 N. 173rd St., $262,113.

Salisbury, Ryan and Allison to Franey, Robert and Kayla, 8930 N. 159th Ave., $255,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Chaudhary, Ganga and Mahesh, 8005 N. 144th Ave., $200,890.

Zuroski, Matthew J. and Williams, Karissa J. to Akohin, Houehanou and Adjowa, 8920 N. 155th St., $199,900.

Smrdel, Joseph and Brenda to Saunders, Jonathan M. and Mathers, Alex M., 14759 Young St., $196,500.

Liebsack, Jamie R. and Chalon N. to Sachs, Andrew and Gregory-Sachs, Rachel, 8122 N. 148th Ave., $196,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Ellis, Matthew E. and Genevie V., 8001 N. 144th Ave., $192,259.

Incontro, Richard A. III and Kayla A. to Ariyarathna, Krishan and Lekhani A., 8018 N. 145th St., $175,000.

Hester, Meredith R. to Miller, Brandon M. and Mariko N., 14501 Leeman St., $169,900.

Juett, Mary K. to Kunz, Jordan E. and Jasmin K., 15313 Davidson St., $155,000.

Bear Homes PC to Rasmussen, Makenna J., 11422 N. 156th St., $70,000.

Japp, Pamula M. to Urwiller, Dee A., 413 N. Stark St., $63,625.

Japp, Richard and Alvina Trust to Urwiller, Dee A., 413 N. Stark St., $63,000.

Majestic C Team LLC to Legacy Homes LLC, 8008 N. 173rd St., $55,166.

Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 9820 N. 148th St., $49,950.

State Street Investments LLC to Barr Homes Inc., 16227 Reynolds St., $43,950.


Hock, Marc and Lori to Jackson, Darin E. and Rebecca A., 1201 Ranch View Lane, $679,000.

Morrissey, Brian P. and Kristin J. to Bauhard, William L. and Mary V., 18915 Boyle Circle, $650,000.

Carlson, Scott and Patricia J. to Riley, Randall R. and Annette M., 5744 S. 239th St., $575,000.

Paradise Homes Inc. to Arato, Joseph, 1714 Blue Sage Parkway, $450,000.

Friehe, Samuel and Kayla to Sullivan, Kevin and Marie, 5714 S. 234th St., $442,500.

Fools Inc. to Miller, Daniel N. and Jadi K., 5708 S. 234th St., $442,370.

Oster Construction Inc. to Driftwood Group LLC, 3311 S. 228th Avenue Circle, $1,878,000.

Harsh, Yogesh K. and Kalindee to National Transfer Services LLC, 1209 S. 209th Circle, $439,000.

National Transfer Services LLC to Phillips, Lori and Bradley, 1209 S. 209th Circle, $439,000.

Ramm Construction Inc. to Dorius, Timothy H. and Maria C., 1808 S. 208th St., $421,950.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Barstow, William J. and Colleen R., 2541 N. 188th St., $420,000.

Charles Thomas Homes to Harris, Christopher B. and Chloe R., 19008 Sahler St., $405,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Buchupalli, Ravinatha R. and Velakacherla, Shilpa R., 18810 Spaulding St., $387,500.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Anderson, Austin J. and Harris, Leanne G., 18516 Patrick Ave., $367,641.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Dholakia, Vikas and Jayshree, 3923 S. 205th St., $320,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Zuroski, Matthew and Williams, Karissa, 4723 N. 204th Ave., $299,950.

Avery, Scott M. and Ginger H. to Mataele, Ezra K. and Sarah K., 1713 N. 214th St., $290,000.

Strub, Mary K. to Shanahan, Sean P. and Jessica L., 19501 Cottonwood Circle, $284,500.

Clanton, Orville S. and Jayne E. to Chandler, Ryan R. and Lacey J., 3409 N. 207th Ave., $279,900.

Bennett, Joyce M. to Dale, Virginia M., 4020 N. 210th St., $210,000.

Curt Hofer Construction LLC to Malibu Holdings LLC, 1610 S. 218th Ave., $185,000.

Malibu Holdings LLC to Baumert, Paul R. and Michaelle L., 1610 S. 218th Ave., $185,000.

Foral, Brian and Ferguson-Foral, Laura to Curt Hofer Construction LLC, 1607 S. 218th St., $185,000.

Byrom, John W. and Viola Trust to Pravecek, Alyssa L. and Stephen J., 4005 N. 211th St., $185,000.

Shanahan, Sean P. and Jessica L. to Thurston, Robert, 20116 Gateway Road, $180,000.

Malibu Holdings LLC to Millard, Matthew J. and Stephanie L., 21829 Dorcas St., $165,000.

Caniglia, John and Cindy L. to Flannigan, Cynthia L., 19204 Binney St., $100,000.

Thomas David Builders LLC to Kovar, Jeffrey D. and Jennifer M., 20738 Nina St., $90,700.

LPC Properties LLC to Willadsen, Bradley A. and Kelsey K., 2427 S. 219th St., $90,000.

ER-North Development LLC to Heckman, Clarence M. and Rosalind, 19410 Hamilton Circle, $80,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Hildy Construction Inc., 18505 Grant St., $75,000.

Mercury Contractors Inc. to Frost, Karen L., 21258 Arbor Court, $50,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Landmark Performance Corp., 2525 N. 187th Circle, $48,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Whisper Rock Holdings LLC, 18404 Grant St., $45,000.

Home Co. LLC to E & A Consulting Group Inc., 1430 N. 194th Circle, $42,950.


Eckerman, Donald G. Estate to Griger, Rhonda and Robert Jr., 907 Valley View St., $180,000.

Powell, Delbert W. and Holly A. to Ramm, Ted J. and Betsy L., 58 Ginger Woods Road, $178,885.


Rogert, Donald W. and Don to Lake Aero Investments LLC, 26464 Blondo Court, $515,000.

Century Development Co. LLC to Stefanski, James M. and Deborah K., 319 S. 243rd St., $92,500.


Farrell, Sean P. to Turner, John W. and Julie B., 555 Riverfront Plaza, $900,000.


Berry, Thomas R. and Sophia M. to Kuncl, Adam R. and Elizabeth A., 1724 N. 51st St., $350,000.

Luther, Thomas R. Jr. and Thomas-Luther, Jessica A. to Brooks, Matthew J., 2051 N. 61st St., $240,000.

Penke Properties LLC to Covalt, Dallas and Howitt-Covalt, Tammy, 2020 N. 48th Ave., $192,500.

Carroll, Andrew D. and Bailey to Paesl, Lance, 1509 N. 58th St., $190,000.

Chiappone, Alethea L. to Warming, Robert E. and Cynthia G., 2330 N. 67th Ave., $170,500.

HBI LLC to Santo, Jonathan B. and Neufeld, Cara M., 5024 Pratt St., $150,000.

Hanke, Benjamin D. to Long, Kelli A., 2615 N. 69th St., $145,000.

McCright Properties LLC to Martinez, Mainor O. and Rowe, Sarah E., 2021 N. 50th St., $145,000.

Koch, Rachelle to Rice, Aubri and Steven H., 6917 Spencer St., $135,500.

Longe, Brian A. and Simonds-Longe, Angela L. to Gurung, Kumar, 4545 N. 63rd St., $130,000.

Egger, Nathan to Calvin, Charlotte, 2916 N. 67th Ave., $120,000.

Danielson, Lucretia A. Trust to Denton, Richard L. III, 1714 N. 55th St., $120,000.

Johnson, Sarah E. to ZSR Properties LLC, 4956 Maple St., $117,000.

Scott, Doretha R. and Williams, Keyonna to Dah, Pah and Paw, Lah, 5343 N. 47th Ave., $113,000.

Tristan, Jose to Hashim, Faizal, 3041 N. 50th St., $106,500.

HSBC Bank to Fundamental Investments LLC, 4866 Vernon Ave., $100,500.

Green, Linda to Ngo, Thien and Nhuyen, Nga, 5620 Larimore Ave., $85,000.

H & S Partnership LLP to Hassen, Fadumo A., 4325 N. 65th St., $80,000.

Thornton, Amanda M. to Unified Investments LLC, 6104 Pratt St., $63,500.

Muller, Henry and Lavonne Trust to Staats, Joseph R., 2024 N. 67th St., $55,000.

U.S. Bank to Rose, Nicholas and Honeyman, Mason, 1906 N. 45th St., $50,000.


Tripp, Kali and Samuel T. to Flick, Matthew J. and Coughlin, Kelly E., 3080 S. 31st St., $230,000.

McDonnell, Nick and Josie to Jonell, Gabrielle and Samuel, 4472 Shady Lane Circle, $195,000.

Reeves, Jeffrey T. and Hageman, Susan M. to Huddleston, Tawny A., 3110 S. 38th St., $135,000.

Joe Real Estate Ventures LLC to Martinez Flores, Jose A., 2511 S. 42nd St., $90,000.

Severa, James D. and Otten, Julie A. to Haggar, Fred T. Jr. and Lynne M., 2211 S. 42nd St., $83,000.

Midwest Management Services LLC to Dewey Properties LLC, 3631 Frederick St., $77,000.

Ettesvold, Peter M. to Joe Real Estate Ventures LLC, 2511 S. 42nd St., $71,000.


Prazan, Michael J. to RCN Development LLC, 2102 S. 45th St., $317,500.

Miller, John J. and Neely W. to Price, Andrew, 5227 Mason St., $195,000.

O’Keefe, Robert, personal representative, to Grimshaw, Joseph and Dawn Trust, 5553 Mason St., $187,000.

Holst, Debra J. to LeBlanc, Jean, 5817 Hascall St., $180,000.

Kappenman Enterprises LP to Kelly, Olivia C., 2604 S. 48th Ave., $180,000.

Pantano, Elizabeth J. Trust to Olsovsky, Nick and Kate, 5052 Jackson St., $177,000.

Budny, Sandra A. to Langan, Angela E. and Michael P., 4860 Krug Ave., $150,000.

Campbell, Rebecca L. to Busch, Daniel B., 1328 S. 51st Ave., $149,000.

Sheldon, Stephen to Kore LLC, 5615 Grover St., $147,500.

Stocking, Jill K. to Griffin, Bethanie, 6316 Pierce St., $145,000.

Fricke, Kurtis and Caroline to Fricke, Marissa M., 2418 S. 48th St., $140,000.

Pattee, Marilyn A. to Hanson, Tarin J. and Sharp, Kylla E., 1017 S. 46th St., $127,000.

Wathen, Karen to Sheer Delight LLC, 6031 Pine St., $112,000.

Magnussen, Stephanie L. and Christopher J. to Lepez-Mora, Jose, 6614 A St., $105,000.

JKP Properties LLC to Brown, Grace, 6629 A St., $94,000.

Heesch, Maurine E. to Becker, Kathryn, 5435 Frederick St., $87,900.


Roth, Douglas A. and Cheryl M. to Chancey, Jamie L., 4268 Drexel St., $187,500.

Bonnell, Steven II and Mass, Rachel to Powell, Michael and Mach, Alexandra, 4066 Hillsdale Ave., $129,000.

Leggitt, Gary and Lauren to Jameson, Taylor S. and Heather A., 6017 S. 36th St., $119,000.

Qualified Property Solutions LLC to Ramos, Alma, 4124 T St., $119,000.

Zubrod, Kerry J. and Carleen G. to Betancourt, Maria E. and Juan, 3810 S. 23rd St., $95,500.

Sanchez, Selina to Esparza, Alicia D., 4308 S. 17th St., $95,000.

Jaskey, Lisa N. and David to Nelson, Sarah M., 1321 O St., $94,998.

Herrera, Rosa E. and Alfredo to Hernandez Carrera, Gregorio and Cervantes Escamilia, Olivia, 2708 Washington St., $66,000.


Cipriana LLC to Woolf, Fara B., 1218 Marcy Plaza, $232,000.

Hunter, Kathleen A. to Moore, Alice F., 3322 S. 19th St., $107,200.

Miller Way LLC to CSP Properties LLC, 2230 S. 15th St., $65,000.

Magdalen Land Holdings LLC to HBI LLC, 2220 Mason St., $38,250.


Morris, Michelle to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc., 1821 Manderson St., $45,000.


Ngo, Hao to Nguyen, Thomas and Tran, Trinh T., 2520 Fort St., $70,000.

Gumise, George to True Investments LLC, 2516 Hartman Ave., $52,000.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 3706 Laurel Ave., $42,500.

KTKT Realty Investment LLC to Guardado, Ernesto A. and Del Carmen Guillen Sanas, Veronica, 4529 N. 37th St., $25,000.

Hollingsworth, Helen K. and Larry to Shellhase, Hunter, 2883 Camden Ave., $24,000.

U.S. Bank to Casiano, David C., 2423 Spaulding St., $23,000.

Tomjack, Brandon R., trustee, to REO Asset Management Co. LLC, 3706 Laurel Ave., $20,000.


Kerwin, Brian D. and Sharon M. to Williams, Simonne M., 7404 N. 39th Terrace, $150,000.

OR LLC to Taylor, Cory A. and Abigail V., 2737 Mary St., $134,000.

Bittner, Sherry L. and Gary to Bittner, Ricky D., 3981 Scott St., $125,000.

Woods, Brian M. and Jacquelyne L. to Stokes, Alisha A. and Serrano, Justin M., 7424 N. 28th Ave., $110,000.

Dunn, Mary M. to Mahdi, Yasir, 6736 N. 34th St., $92,500.


Larson, Larry R. to Cooper, Patrick S. and Frances, 9841 Harney Parkway, $530,000.

Ruback, Faye S. Trust to Schuring, Gregory D., 9403 Harney St., $455,000.

Gettman, Jill and Steven H. to Buonafede LLC, 307 N. 91st St., $425,000.

O’Connell, Kelley and Desciscio, Marc to Petto, John and Kateri, 7802 Leavenworth St., $320,000.

Farrell, Robert A. and Hansen, Sarah E. to Sodoro, Carl F., 8413 Brentwood Road, $300,000.

Groller, David J. and Shonka, Alisa M. to Anderson, Lindsey and Ryan, 7921 Leavenworth St., $260,000.

Lecolst, Leslie to Kraatz, Kaitlin and Haas, Joel, 1308 Cole Creek Drive, $154,000.

Johnson, Marlyne N. to Miller, William F., 7606 Seward St., $150,000.

Wingert, Kathryn J. to Hiffernan, John M. III, 531 S. 85th St., $145,000.

Ford, Gerald E. and Melissa S. to Peterson, Daniel A. and Keith E., 7754 Lafayette Ave., $135,000.

Palmer, Louis Jr. and Rose M. to Harris, David A. and Melissa J., 8902 Charles St., $97,850.


Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Stolmeier, Deirdre A. and Kevin P., 3013 N. 177th St., $650,337.

Williams, Mark A. and Jennifer J. to Henrichsen, Scott and Erin, 5618 N. 164th St., $370,000.

Sandiland, David E. and Rebecca L. to Lamb, Adam and Amy J., 5701 N. 160th Ave., $332,500.

Cerveny, Mary C. Trust to Shea, Joseph M. and Bonnie A., 4312 N. 153rd St., $320,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Jambor, Benjamin and Amanda, 5960 N. 154th Ave., $309,150.

Porter, Terry L. and Sharon K. to Roy, Bridget A. and Michelle A., 16087 Sprague St., $300,000.

Burdick, David A. and D’Linda P. to Stodolka, Karen I., 14720 Laurel Plaza, $287,900.

Seitz, Scott E. and SueAnn to Stocking, Scott A. and Jill K., 6202 N. 154th St., $285,000.

Dougherty, Elnora J. Trust to Jessen, Beverly A. Trust, 14615 Lake St., $285,000.

Cruz, Criston M. and Amy M. to Hardy, Michelle and Seth, 15022 Himebaugh Ave., $280,000.

Nicol, Derrick and Mackenzie to Anderson, Amy S. and Wise, Richard P., 4226 N. 163rd Ave., $254,900.

Bass, Trent R. and Erin R. to Incontro, Richard A. III and Kayla A., 16520 Yort Ave., $252,000.

Giglio, Jason T. and Elizabeth N. to Nguyen, Vinh and Truong, Giang L., 4661 N. 150th Ave., $230,000.

Robirds, Joshua D. and Cynthia to Heflin, Matthew J. and Ramos, Yadhira, 2123 N. 167th Circle, $218,500.

McDowell, Russell A. and Rebecca L. to Geiger, James R. and Kris, 4731 N. 150th St., $217,500.

Piepmeier, Kyle and Danielle S. to Lawani, Paul K. and Hobbs, Angela N., 4516 N. 152nd St., $210,000.

Schnase, Norma J. Estate to Property Improvements LLC, 3405 N. 150th Ave., $175,000.

Chandler, Ryan and Lacey to Reicks, Benjamin and Michelle, 16454 Erskine St., $174,000.

Ruhlman, Michael T. to Champion, Sarah P., 5907 N. 166th Court, $142,000.


Lares, Antolia and Gonzalez Lares, Yesenia to Salazar, Armando, 4875 S. 61st St., $159,900.

Dilsaver, Mitchell and Ryder, Sandy to Smith, Mindy J., 4463 S. 61st Ave., $104,000.

Owens, Alan W. to McGuire, E. Michael and Linda C., 4713 S. 54th St., $102,167.

Beatty, Patricia L. Estate to Lopez, Humberto, 5902 S. 50th St., $65,000.


Cho, Gary W. and Moon, Mi J. to Patel, Samir B., 17501 Douglas St., $450,000.

Whaley, Shirley M. Trust to Dougherty, Catherine A., 17711 Marcy St., $310,000.

Dabelstein, Ashley L. and Jon D. to Ladehoff, Nathan A. and Amber L., 512 S. 160th St., $305,000.

Hill, Donald A. and Darcey N. to Norton, Jonathan P. and Mykaila M., 438 S. 159th Ave., $300,000.

Vannier, Stanley R. and Martha A. Trust to Wilson, Ryan and Jennifer, 15615 Jackson Drive, $261,300.

Besse, Holli to Ruhlman, Michael T., 1757 N. 175th Court, $168,000.


Anderson, Justin M. and Jade C. to Wittenberg, Zachariah L. and Nicola, 10760 Potter St., $206,000.

Bynum, Michael R. and Abigail D. to Mu, Kaw R. and Htoo, Kay R., 7406 N. 88th St., $201,000.

Pilypaitis, Michael D. and Rebekah L. to Ehrlich, Steven and Erika, 7404 N. 89th Ave., $200,000.

Coovi, Clement and Ganlonon Coovi, Huguette B. to Fischer, Mark P., 6961 N. 90th St., $165,000.

Ash, Elaine J. and Anthony L. to Drvol, Ryan C. and Justine N., 6974 N. 87th Ave., $161,500.

Vandermeulen, Jessica A. and David P. and Judith A. and Darrell S. to Claborn, Ashley, 8023 Bauman Ave., $150,000.

Detjens, Andrew D. and Megan to Mo, Xiaoying, 8013 Newport Ave., $150,000.

Myers, Michael L. and Marcy L. to Wiggins, Michael, 8107 Potter St., $146,000.


Staley, Charles P. and Herrman, Heather M. to Kliewer, Jared M. and Kerri M., 1133 S. 96th St., $315,000.

Dingman, Darcie L. and Willie, Rodriguez to Rutten, Andrew J. and Bailey J., 2612 S. 87th St., $280,000.

Eyth, Lori A. to Swanson, Eric and Mindee, 9812 Poppleton Ave., $255,000.

Kusters, Carol J. and M. Michael to Ruswick, Allison Q. and Gregory T., 3322 S. 107th St., $249,000.

Pitchanau, Derrick and Shanda to Holmes Rentals LLC, 3303 S. 82nd Ave., $225,000.

Moore, Edythe estate to The Crone Wallace Trust, 2227 S. 91st St., $203,000.

Sautter Lorenzen, Patricia Trust to Hengen, Stacy M., 8306 Martha St., $182,000.

Abbott, Cindy J. to Zawaideh, Ziad L. and Fida T., 7254 Valley St., $172,000.

Wyatt, Ashley to Frangoulis, Taylor and Oviedo Ortiz, Diana V., 9008 Lamont St., $167,500.

Macchietto, Frances C. Trust to Schleisman, Thomas and Adrienne, 7418 Vinton St., $165,000.

Andersen, Andrew D. and Lesley K. to Cuthbert, Jacqueline T. and Rebecca L., 9836 Nina St., $155,000.

Barrett, John C. and Verla K. to Barrett, Gregory A., 3311 S. 82nd Ave., $155,000.

Catlin, Donald and Charlotta to Zavala, Tina, 7713 Hascall St., $142,000.


Brown, Travis to Stadt, Robert, 5064 S. 105th St., $205,000.

Phillips, David B. to Nyatawa, Jonathan E. and Donovan, Megan E., 7637 Maywood St., $190,000.

Sindelar, Kiely J. and Cheryl A. to Jimenez, Brenda and Gutierrez, Fernando, 5118 S. 104th St., $184,000.

Tarascio, Sarah J. to Giglio, Jason T. and Elizabeth N., 5511 S. 105th St., $170,000.

Gradoville, Jared P. to Ortega, Crystal and Gabriel, 8472 Lakeview Drive, $165,000.

Retzlaff, Donna M. to Ge, Ai and Robb, Ian, 5120 S. 77th Ave., $160,900.

Getz, Wilma J. Trust Agreement to Howser, Andrew J., 6103 S. 77th Ave., $122,500.


Runge, Henry J. and Rebecca A. to Baartman, Brandon and Ascanio, Nicole, 2410 S. 182nd Circle, $757,000.

Nikolayevsky, Jacob G. and Caitlin S. to Kotil, Ashley and Darin, 3304 S. 186th St., $735,000.

Raichlin, Eugenia and Sheinin, Yuri to Morton, Jon A. and Brandea R., 2305 S. 191st St., $470,000.

Quest Construction Co. to Muenster, Brian and Elizabeth, 1415 S. 200th Circle, $446,541.

Dolan, Gina M. to Slagle, Kelli, 3923 S. 193rd Circle, $435,000.

Senn, Melinda J. to Mohnsen, Gary R. Trust, 19903 Nina St., $410,000.

Flynn, Thomas J. and Kathleen W. to Knust, Joe and Katie, 18723 Howe St., $375,000.

Awerkamp, Alden B. to Vaishnav, Dirghayu A. and Smita D., 1810 S. 190th Plaza, $369,000.

Brown, Matthew E. and Leslie P. to Wilson, Matt and Leslie, 3616 S. 181st St., $360,000.

Thomas, Chad E. and Jamie L. to Summers, Jon R. and Wendy J., 1410 S. 174th St., $335,000.

Erickson, Alan R. and Brooke J. to Ranjan, Vikas and Sweta, 3959 S. 184th Ave., $318,000.

Cook, David N. and Donna L. to Donatelle, Anthony J. and Marie A., 3817 S. 163rd Circle, $315,000.

Blankenbecler, Tamra S. to Kaiser, Mark and Kathleene, 1309 S. 196th St., $308,000.

Elliott, John to Armstrong, Diane K., 17203 Shirley St., $235,000.

Septak, James M. and Kaitlin S. to Thompson, Shelton N. and Dodd, Aaron W., 2219 S. 164th Ave., $223,000.

Hutton, Andrew H. and Katie J. to O’Neill, Kelsi A., 2029 S. 164th Ave., $199,750.

Keller, Jordan M. to Switzer, Josiah and Allison, 16123 Hickory St., $185,000.

Summers, Jon R. and Wendy H. to Sell, James M. and Kathy M., 1320 S. 163rd St., $175,000.

McAlevy, Barbara J. Trust to Gevens, James and Sudbeck, Cathy, 16006 Oak Plaza, $133,000.


Dickerson, Seth and Jody L. to Barker, Andrea K. and Plunkett, Joseph D., 402 N. 38th St., $515,000.

East Campus Realty LLC to Truong, Thu T., 120 S. 31st Ave., $154,900.

Rath, Erick M. and Shelley to Scott, Tyrone J. and Hogan, Maren, 105 N. 31st Ave., $116,000.

Dinday, Martin and Blackmore, Derrick to Pravoverov, Leonid and Pravoverov-Kosoy, Inga Trust, 105 N. 31st Ave., $110,000.

Turturro, Mark and Rose M. to Hogan, Jeremy and Scott, Kimberly S., 105 N. 31st Ave., $82,000.

Isidore Land Holdings LLC to HBI LLC, 802 N. 42nd St., $45,000.


Wager, Dennis A. and Jessica A. to Grace, Amy L. and Kelly J., 324 S. 52nd St., $585,000.

Reed, Charles Q. and McCormick, Anne M. to Guenther, Grant and Megan, 744 Sunset Trail, $417,000.

Richardson, Sarah E. and Christopher J. to Bouvier, Lee and Shannon, 430 N. 61st St., $350,000.

Zielinski, Robert E. to Adapt LLC, 105 S. 55th St., $330,000.

Holmes, Heather M. to Derbish, John and Ivins, Gina, 5002 Davenport St., $215,000.

Vignolo, Tyler S. and Lisa M. to Beat, Kristen E., 5212 Hamilton St., $203,500.

Donnelly, Melissa S. and Daniel M. to Frazier, Ryan, 1308 N. 52nd St., $202,080.

Sturm, Jonathan B. and Michelle to Houlton, Richard J. and Amy M., 1406 N. 70th Ave., $91,000.

Gibbs, Shirley L. to Sheer Envy LLC, 4705 Cuming St., $62,250.

Nigh, George C. Estate to Sheer Envy LLC, 4705 Cuming St., $62,250.


Kruml, Joseph A. to McMurtry, Kerry, 2707 N. 100th Ave., $285,000.

VanRoekel, Dave W. and Lorrie J. to Weisenborn, Joshua D. and Bonta, Abigail A., 3912 N. 95th St., $169,000.

Sharp, Michael Sr. and Dance-Sandoval, Karen R. to Manhart, Christopher M., 4110 N. 100th St., $159,000.

Lenser, Duane L. Estate to Roenfeld, Byron G., 3921 Terrace Drive, $155,000.

Parsons, Andrew J. to Red Ladder LLC, 4618 N. 83rd St., $91,200.

Mitchell, William and Sonya P. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 2517 N. 83rd St., $82,000.


Johnson, Gregg H. and Carla J. to Daniels, Bryan K. and Lisa M., 4984 S. 175th St., $550,000.

Reicks, Benjamin N. and Michelle L. to Batt, Robert and Heather, 19730 Jacobs St., $399,500.

Muenster, Brian D. and Elizabeth J. to Stephens, Patrick J. and Margaret J., 17519 Ohern St., $370,000.

Alvarez, Adrian M. and Sherri L. to Norton, Jerald and Bridget, 17001 Y St., $357,000.

Williamson, Willis and Julie to Koch, Joseph M. and Safford, Amy A., 6168 S. 175th Terrace, $349,900.

Loss, Michael T., trustee for Loss Trust, to Klecic, Chris, 17564 Z Circle, $333,500.

Venteicher, Leo H. Jr. and Terry M. to Paladino, Frank C. Trust, 5327 S. 163rd Ave., $325,000.

Fields, Michael R. to Silver, Lorenzo, 6120 S. 193rd St., $312,000.

Schlotfeld, Samantha and Dennis to Barton, Allan and Amanda, 19330 H St., $300,000.

Wiese, Joel and Amberly to Ahmad, Gul and Sabeeha, 5517 S. 161st St., $295,000.

Muller, Christof H. III and Susan E. to Kruger, Bryan P. and Amanda J., 16928 Karen St., $285,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Garcia-Cuervo, Michael A. and Phan, Thao, 4163 S. 193rd St., $284,450.

Batt, Robert E. and Heather M. to Bozzano, Thomas L. and Lynn M., 6433 S. 156th Avenue Circle, $283,000.

Popp, Glenn A. and Emily F. to Garland, Ross D. and Lauren C., 17318 M St., $265,000.

Beyer, Nolan J. to Vilburn, Matthew J. and Rachael, 6825 S. 165th Ave., $260,000.

Lofgren, Lucas and Mandy to Woodhead, Mark and Annette, 16405 Z St., $245,000.

Hollingsworth, Bruce J. and Lisa A. to Long, Bob and Helen, 6419 S. 162nd Terrace Circle, $229,950.

Baker, Andrew and Jacquelyn to Schraufnagel, Kyle and Jefferis, Julie, 18765 O St., $213,000.

Kitson, Judith J. to Nattrass, Stacy, 16228 Riggs St., $200,000.

Schlee, Clinton and Katherine to Leech, Matthew D. and Rachel K., 19516 Gail Ave., $192,000.

Metz, Deborah L. to Hubert, Gretta and John, 5310 S. 195th St., $190,000.

Goodall, Angela M. and Nicholas C. to Cole, Brett R. and Packer, Emily W., 19703 X St., $189,000.

McNutt, Arica A. to Paladino, Frank C. Trust, 18679 V St., $177,000.

Warren, Kyle A. and Kelly L. to Johnson, Neistasha, 5414 S. 191st Ave., $175,000.

Greene, Robert L. to Gark Homes SHV 3 LLC, 19060 U St., $170,000.

Dougherty, Brian M. and Sandra L. to Lyons, Jared R. and Victoria M., 19705 Laci St., $167,000.


Schweigart, J. Bradley and Brenda A. to Moore, Jake J., 13125 Sky Park Drive, $273,000.

Albers, John P. and Monica to Wray, Justin D. and Diana M., 15523 Summerwood Drive, $255,000.

Gilpin, Michael L. Sr. and Danisue to Navarro, Amanda S. and Ruben, 15025 Karen Circle, $245,000.

Ruzicka, Lori N. and Gudding, Jeremiah to Klostermeyer, Thomas J. and Brittni L., 15235 R St., $205,500.

Wilson, Brian R. and Jennifer T. to Klitz, Daniel and Chantal, 15255 U St., $196,000.

Phillips, Gary L. and Susan A. to Lauffer, Joel and Megan, 14736 Jefferson Circle, $185,000.

Dembowski, Justin and Rachel to Mullin, Anne M., 12638 N St., $185,000.

Kelly, Michael and Carson, Christina to Koehler, Ben, 10824 Borman Ave., $175,000.

Sucha, William F. and Alma M. Trust to Young, Vicki, 5608 S. 110th Circle, $171,000.

Coates, Harry L. and Sandra to Cline, Skylar W., 11336 R St., $165,000.

Reeves, Betty A. to Crosbie, Garrett B., 4895 S. 143rd St., $135,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Haugen, Nathan, 13941 Ohern St., $105,275.


Jacobs, George E. and Rebecca to Jones, Daniel T. and Jennifer, 12903 Craig St., $630,000.

Mohnsen, Gary R. Trust to Gossman, Rich and Carol, 7411 N. 126th Ave., $357,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hoffman, Thomas J., 7533 N. 143rd Avenue Circle, $245,941.

Hedges, Bethany to Burns, Tanesha, 7507 N. 111th St., $172,500.

Goergen, Timothy D. and Stacie to Arabzai, Ahmad Z. and Balooch, Shahla, 10857 Hanover St., $155,000.

LPC Properties LLC to McKinnis, Robert F., 8219 N. 123rd St., $65,000.


Heck Enterprises LLC to Fairbanks, Vicki and Loren, 13426 C St., $504,000.

Kopecky, Robin S. and Kellie L. to Rutter, Texas J. and Julie D., 15510 Pierce Circle, $382,000.

Klein, Darrell A. and Mary J. to Anderson, Elizabeth and Pla-Redondo, Jorge, 14032 Shirley St., $217,000.

Hogan, Arthur W. and Patricia A. to AF LP, 2206 S. 125th Ave., $215,000.

Dorr, Robert C. to Dorr, Jason R. and Elizabeth A., 12836 Shirley St., $210,000.

Donatelle, Anthony J., trustee for Donatelle Living Trust, to Lewis, Scott E., 1511 S. 141st Circle, $210,000.

Wittrig, Christopher J. and Katie M. to McGill, Alex C., 13534 Hickory Circle, $203,500.

Phelps, Samuel M. and Tana J. to Jensen, Lance C., 1516 Pinewood Drive, $200,000.

Ramos, Lindsey J. and Vitor S. to Brabec, Kevin and Peters, Bobbi, 13525 Atwood Ave., $191,000.

Brisbois, Shari L. and Hansen, Erik to Morris, Joseph and Laura, 3228 S. 128th Circle, $186,000.

Moser, Robert H. and Ohm-Moser, Ardeth I. to Wier, Angela N., 2561 S. 138th St., $180,000.

McCarville, James and Nicole to Gilbert, Stephen W. and Christine L., 3511 S. 129th St., $163,100.

Sweetbriar IV LLC to Nguyen, Tu A. and Anh T., 1606 S. 129th St., $162,750.

Dorr, Jason R. and Elizabeth to Leinen, Nicholas R., 11511 Oak Circle, $156,000.


Schultz, Shirley A. Estate to Whealy, Andrew and Darby, 6528 Country Squire Lane, $441,000.

Sempek, David to Pollitt, Eugene W. and Karen A., 7608 Fairway Drive, $435,000.

Wulff, Thomas D. and Karen I. to Stouffer, Theodore J. and Linda K., 11109 N. 61st St., $370,000.

Freeman, Lyndsey L. to Zurlo, Enzo and Dana, 7942 Raven Oaks Drive, $225,000.

Wilder, Freddie L. and Sallis-Wilder, Stella L. to Reh, Htwar and Meh, Bo, 6718 N. 65th Ave., $137,000.

Gippper, Tara J. to Win, Maung and Myo, Khine, 6917 N. 65th Ave., $133,001.


Burke, Michael K. and Jaime M. to Poler, Joseph E. Jr. and Megan M., 1205 N. 123rd Circle, $440,000.

Hoch, Jane C. Trust to Lynch, Jordan, 1015 N. 127th Circle, $370,000.

Kirby, Robert A. and Erika L. to Garrison, Jered and Shana, 1604 N. 154th St., $369,000.

Brundo, Gerald Jr. to Haley, Elizabeth R., 11634 Douglas St., $286,000.

Czaplewski, Matthew B. and Julia A. to Fedoris, Benjamin C. and Cassandra K., 15414 Charles St., $259,900.

Shirk Management LLC to KP3 Investors LLC, 11807 Leavenworth Road, $250,000.

Kinney, Ward and Kathleen to Dunning, Heidi L., 11808 Mason Plaza, $224,900.

McFadden, Michael F. and Mary K. to Kellerman, Joy, 15532 Parker St., $216,000.

Nichols, Lindsay A. and Todd to Forster, Steve and Cristin, 944 Eldorado Drive, $215,000.

Hall, Alex H. and Stephanie M. to Fransworth, Tess and Swanson, Edward III, 629 S. 153rd Circle, $215,000.

Wolfe, Christopher T. to Koch, Lance R. and Kristine L., 918 S. 150th St., $210,000.

Glassman, Sean to Anderson, Anthony M. and Emily C., 557 S. 111th St., $175,000.

Boldra, Kyle R. and Anna S. to Bates, Travis and Sajna, 15109 Douglas Circle, $172,500.

Ferguson, Christoper S. to Beacom, Aaron and Beacom-Sorensen, Cathy L., 12538 Leavenworth Road, $158,000.

Westerholt, Shelly A. and David to Lundborg, Rhegan A., 12215 Franklin Circle, $140,000.


Woodruff, Mark W. and Caren to Ulmer, Jesse C. and Jennifer, 14006 Browne Circle, $335,000.

O’Neil, Richard and Ollis Trust to Hansen, Doug and Sharon, 4613 N. 134th Ave., $268,000.

Deutsche Bank to Nieland, Patrick H. and Colleen I., 4609 N. 139th Ave., $209,500.

Keeler, Karen M. to Taylor Property Land Trust, 11236 Taylor St., $208,000.

Mitchell, Jacqueline R. and Trenton J. to Loveless, Amanda N. and Callen D., 11606 Ruggles St., $200,000.

Rutten, Andrew and Bailey to Henrichs, Grady M. and Abbey N., 12711 Erskine St., $195,000.

Brodersen, Chad M. and Janet A. to Bruner, Kirsten L., 5625 N. 131st St., $180,000.

Diaz, Adrian and Angeles to Peterson, Kevin L. and Ruhland, Anastasia, 12712 Grant Circle, $180,000.

Adkisson, Nathaniel A. and Kirsten M. to Winter, Frank IV and Krista, 2246 N. 128th Circle, $175,000.

Juno, James A. and Kim L. to Laureano, Jose D. and Syna E., 10805 Curtis Avenue Circle, $163,000.

Waite, Mitchell and Jayna to AMF Homes LLC, 4222 N. 129th Avenue Circle, $149,000.

Wike, Robert T. and Autumn D. to Galvan, Jaime, 4823 N. 131st St., $147,000.

Stoltenberg, Kelci to Caballero Vega, Cynthia and Lopez Flores, Jose D., 6205 N. 108th Avenue Circle, $146,500.

U.S. Bank to Janda Construction LLC, 5757 N. 130th St., $110,000.



Brandon, Beesha to Clark, Dustin W., 3510 Hancock St., $35,000.

Sutterer Gentry, Patricia M. to Ballinger, Natalie M., 1507 Hancock St., $124,000.

Rowe, Kenneth E. and Kathryn to Mather, Donald F. and Dixie L., 1316 Hansen Ave., $132,000.

McRae, Kalem and Ashley to Butler, Kyle T. and Brooke E. and Patrick and Brandy, 1020 Parkway Drive, $133,000.

Pilachowski, Carmen R. Estate to Raab, Joe and Courtney, 1505 Wayne St., $158,000.

Bieker Investments LLC to Ideus, Kimberly J., 3004 Columbus Ave., $189,000.

House, James M. and Scully House, Susan I. to Parrish, Mitchell J. and Sarah, 712 Jefferson Circle, $191,000.

Henri, Charles V. and Deborah S. to Dalrymple, Ray H. II and Nicole E., 507 MM Kountze Memorial Drive, $225,000.


Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 7803 S. 194th Ave., $47,000.

McCune Development LLC to Chandler, Jacob and Rachel, 509 Devonshire Drive, $47,000.

Anderson, Rex and Martha A. to Bell, James A. and Kristi L. Trust, 8706 S. 230th Plaza Circle, $141,000.

McAtee, Jason A. to Andrie, Ryan, 20919 Birch St., $185,000.

Rhoades, Eva E. to Tyler, Logan and Jaynee, 11722 S. 211th St., $212,000.

Tomair, Sean D. and Alexa R. to Sura, Cindy, 12215 S. 217th Ave., $221,000.

Hanna, Sara M. and Daniel J. to Goodall, Nicholas and Angela, 21421 Hancock Drive, $271,000.

Hoffman, Bret T. and Gereltsetseg, Oyun-Erdene to Rinaldi, Andrew and Annette, 17028 Morgan Ave., $280,000.

Troyer, Landon L. to Friedrich, Philip L., 11214 S. 170th St., $297,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Seals, Jeffery E., 16924 Christensen Road, $313,000.

Davis, Terry and Jessica to Pieper, Ryan and Andrea, 19742 Bellbrook Blvd., $315,000.

Carson Custom Homes Inc. to Gangwish, David and Katie, 21120 Quarry Lane, $347,000.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Gering, Jessica A. and Macs G., 525 Locust St., $348,000.

Schacht, Jeff L. and Zulma to Cummins, Brent W. and Christine T., 7006 S. 193rd St., $415,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Falcone, Daniel M. and Amy L., 19475 Willow Circle, $440,000.

Cummins, Brent W. and Christine T. to Watson, Mathew and Alyssa, 7120 S. 199th St., $530,000.

Howell, Jason and Kristy to Rogers, Michael and Julie, 23182 Shiloh Drive, $1,075,000.


Peel, Alecia D. to Irving Smith, Alexander and Rabouin, Amber, 2003 S. River Rock Drive, $130,000.

Thompson, Daniel to Irving Smith, Alexander and Rabouin, Amber, 2003 S. River Rock Drive, $130,000.

Davidson, Nancy and Travis to Vizcaya, Jose S., 305 S. Polk St., $155,000.

Monmel Properties LLC to Winkler, Jared T. 525 N. Adams St., $166,000.

Cameron, Kimberly R. to Brown, Kacey M. and Miller, Angus A., 1110 Devon Drive, $191,000.

Czaplewski, Kellen K. and Ann C. and Michael and Cassie to Ruff, Mary, 301 Valley Road, $192,000.

Geldes, Peter T. and Sharae to Davis, Thomas J. and Mariah R., 1706 Kelsey St., $195,000.

Noda, Rickey D. and Nancy J. to Manning, David T., 710 Crest Drive, $220,000.

Bartow, Gary and Karen to Montgomery, Matthew and Andrea, 1007 Haverford Drive, $231,000.

Gomez, Shawn and Malia to Martinez, Rita M., 1114 Hackney Drive, $240,000.

Feezell, Evan and Kathryn to Bumsted, Shane A. and Molly M., 11159 Prospect St., $260,000.

Steele, Trenton W. and Karla A. to Coleman, Andrea and Jeffrey, 803 Michael Drive, $275,000.

Post, Daniel R. and Marissa N. to Antonello, Sarah A. and Dustin J., 601 Michael Drive, $296,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Richardson, Victor L. and Jessica L., 10503 S. 110th St., $316,000.

Nelson, Leslie M. to Morris, Franke D. Jr. and Lisa M., 1103 E. Cary St., $324,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Haack, John E. and Jennifer K., 12028 Pintail Drive, $335,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Noble, Shane M. and Andrea C., 12206 Longshore Ave., $379,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Huber, Thomas J. and Monica S., 12603 S. 79th Ave., $386,000.

Story, John and Stacey to Ruzicka, Lori and Gudding, Jeremiah, 10103 S. 125th St., $425,000.

James, Matthew B. and Kari J. to Clark, Christopher R. and Nicole R., 7501 Leawood St., $460,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Zimmerman, Daniel J. and Catherine A., 12454 Pheasant Run Lane, $490,000.


Springfield Pines LLC to Lifetime Structures Inc., 620 N. 11th Circle, $48,000.

Nolte, Agnes M. Estate to Sick, James W. and Margaret A., 265 N. First St., $83,000.


Clearwater Falls LLC to Aurora Homes LLC, 5016 Waterford Ave., $60,000.

Hall, Barbara J. to Clark, Mark E., 2011 Whitted Drive, $71,000.

Manning, Laura L. to Walling, L. Patrick and Sandra M. Trust Agreement, 2306 Arlington Place, $130,000.

Witt, Earl M. Estate to Brazda, Dawn M., 2415 Lewis & Clark Road, $145,000.

Patterson, Mark L. and Emma S. to Pace & Lee LLC, 10103 S. 11th St., $150,000.

Trout, Lloyd C. Jr. and Karen B. to Kaldahl, Wayne, 11821 S. 33rd St., $165,000.

Jones, Christopher A. and Sarah J. to Niemi, Cody M. and Connie L., 3272 Tammy St., $167,000.

Chase, Richard K. to Wheel And Deal Investments LLC, 13035 S. 13th St., $168,000.

Ikeda, Wallace M. and Gale T. to Ikeda, Janice T., 2713 Hunter Drive, $175,000.

Kossakoski, Leah A. and Seth J. to Cortes, Steven, 15005 Versaille St., $185,000.

Christensen, Catherine to Amaya, Jose M. and Nilda Y., 2924 Leawood Drive, $188,000.

Lopez, Ricardo and Eunice S. to Pierringer, Hannah, 4315 Longview St., $194,000.

Pieper, Ryan T. and Andrea L. to Morrow, Matt and Sara, 837 Bordeaux Ave., $195,000.

Cruz Abrego, Victor Hugo and Ortez, Martha A. to Hererra, Christopher and Emily, 2401 Circletown Place, $196,000.

Cooper, Valerie and Austin to Andrews, Steven D. and Karen I., 13905 S. 42nd Ave., $200,000.

Burks, Larry D. and Kathryn F. to VanPelt, Kelli, 13008 S. 29th Place, $210,000.

Taylor, John M. and Lorrie A. to French, Janelle K., 10602 S. 25th Ave., $222,000.

Dixon, Keith W. and Tayler B. to Wekwert, Christopher J. and Valerie M., 2814 Century Road, $223,000.

Elbert, Mark D. and Kaylyn to Franklin, Brandon K., 2511 Joann Ave., $229,000.

Riesen, Brian E. and Amanda D. to Painter, Matthew and Sharon, 2904 Leawood Drive, $230,000.

Krueger, Mark J. and Audra M. to Boggs, Kevin T. and Sarah L., 14109 S. 18th St., $250,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Shestak, George D., 1902 Mayflower Road, $251,000.

Flatt, Steven and Michelle L. to Pare, Frederic and Guerin, Caroline, 14704 S. 22nd St., $259,000.

De Mesa, Danilo S. and Dolores C. to Berg, Courtney L. and Joseph M., 4313 Waterford Ave., $270,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Martin, Jason T. and Theresa E., 14807 S. 22nd St., $293,000.

Harding, Adam M. and Danielle R. to Lubash, Jaime L., 1906 Turtle Dove Drive, $300,000.

Alexander, David S. and Ann E. to Isaacson, Jason W. and Amy E., 13609 S. 42nd Ave., $320,000.


Wordekemper, Michael to Wordekemper, Michael and Steffen, Tina, 10011 Idora St., $110,000.

Geihs, Jerry to Geihs, Dustin, 8712 Willow Court, $125,000.

York, John M. and Jodi to Bousquet, Jacob P. and Ashburn, Kendra K., 7212 S. 78th St., $146,000.

Davis, Jill M. and Corilyn to Robinson, Thomas V., 7443 James Ave., $148,000.

Cook, Kimberly K. and Rukstalis, Michael to Torres Mora, Uriel and Torres, Alma, 7216 Pine Drive, $162,000.

Baker, Barbara L. to Wilson, Mykel and Sarah, 7101 Heartwood Road, $207,000.

Hill, Steve and Amy to Valley, Ernest C. and Meadows Valley, Jamie L., 9710 Melissa St., $270,000.

Watson, Mathew T. and Alyssa S. to Leslie, Bellina D. and Adam J., 8522 S. 99th Circle, $276,000.

Chacon, Daniel A. and Whitney M. to Carroll, Andrew and Bailey, 8506 S. 102nd St., $315,000.


Farrington, Nathanael C. and Kristen A. to Musanovic, David and Melita, 611 Tupelo Lane, $190,000.

Rubenthaler, Joseph D. and Kristen A. to Lee, Joanna, 702 Diamond Lane, $195,000.

Herbert, Stephanie A. to Petersen, Tricia A., 1813 Savannah Drive, $205,000.

Mandolfo, Joseph S. and Natalie C. to McBride, Robb, 703 Ruby Road, $238,000.

Thorne, Stacy D. to Fucinaro, Ryan D. and Jade C. and Ronald A. and Diane K., 409 Fleetwood Drive, $246,000.

Piroch, Joseph B. and Christen L. to Filiowich, Ryan C. and Amanda L., 4615 Sutley Circle, $277,000.


Vasquez, Frank J. to Azimi, Monem, 8207 S. 159th Ave., $173,000.

Hoffman, Aaron L. and Alicia K. to Kruger, Shawn L. and Rosales Rodriguez, Kristy E., 16116 Cherrywood St., $205,000.

Faltys, Neal J. and Lori A. to Novak, Craig S. and Sommer L., 19088 Robin Drive, $215,000.

Geiger, James R. and Kris to Dietrich, John R., 9976 S. 171st St., $239,000.

McVey, Suzanne and Jimmy R. Trust to KFM Properties LLC, 7515 S. 171st St., $260,000.

Lathrop, Kurtis C. and Amanda M. to Wallen, Jacob R. and Ashley B., 18805 Briar St., $265,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Holland, Ann M. and Robert L., 18902 Rosewood St., $267,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Betten, Brady W. and Alison M., 18506 Schofield Drive, $395,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Wilburn, Charles B. and Tara N., 10644 S. 191st Ave., $425,000.


Hale, Alyce J. to Johnson, Rachel A., 14105 Jennifer Road, $153,000.

Criner, Melissa A. and Anthony T. to Hughes, Nathan and Kaitlyn, 14306 Virginia St., $155,000.

Hensley, Travis and Anastasia to Freeman, Patrick N., 14610 Borman St., $160,000.

Sample, Scott and Margo to Benes, Kelsey L., 7076 S. 154th St., $169,000.

Schuchmann, Kim and Chad to Placencia, Yordan G., 13953 Josephine St., $195,000.


KBC Texas to Capitare Per Caso LLC, 2218 Emiline St., $90,000.

Cornelison, James L. to Seltzer, Noel O. and Cornelison, James L ., 2514 Fairview St., $99,000.

Lauffer, Joel E. and Megan to Charter, Thomas J., 2530 Mose Ave., $110,000.

Sycamore Village LLC to De Jesus, Angelina, 7521 S. 22nd St., $140,000.

Earnest, David S. and Julie L. to Ybay, Natasha, 9009 Florence Drive, $165,000.

Ihnken, Ryan D. and Christina to Pena, Jose A., 2607 Fairview St., $250,000.

Home Company LLC to Graham, Kierstin and Ethan, 13510 S. 46th St., $301,000.


Carlson, Robert J. and Stacy L. to Dearth, Lawrence F. and Cathi J., 8006 S. 45th Ave., $159,000.

Curry, Timothy D. and Cathy L. Trust to Moran, Juan and Claribel, 4529 Borman St., $172,000.

McCain, Charles R. Jr. and Cassar, Alexandra to Peters, Allison E. and Christopher C., 4814 Aspen Drive, $183,000.

Croft, Ted P. to Walker, Thomas J. and Angelika L., 8118 S. 50th Ave., $240,000.



Slade, William A. Jr. to Fouts Investments LLC, 1102 Ave. B, $15,000.

Lake, James and Stacy Trust to Backs Properties LLC, 1707 Ave. B, $40,000.

Schroder, Carl A. to Larson, Richard J., 23 Aztec St., $48,000.

Beckner, Harry L. to Rains, Steven L. and Teresa R., 2817 Macineery Drive, $96,000.

Showers, Craig M. to Mower, Christina G., 1206 14th Ave., $162,500.

Eagles Nest LLC to Bluffs Homes LLC, 218 Peregrine Place, $65,000.

Rusch, Adam C. and Ashley E. to McCoid, Kristin A. and Nicholas A., 100 N. 39th St., $90,000.

Figueroa, Oscar and Sonja to Martinez, Cirila, 1703 Fourth Ave., $70,000.

Creek, Cheryl and Timothy W. to Klein, Christine G. and Kenneth, 2450 Fourth Ave., $97,000.


Wheeler, John L. and Patricia M. to Hays, Carol R., 104 Ferndale Drive, $220,500.

TSV A LLC to Anderson, Anthony J. and Katherine L., 234 11th Ave., $142,000.

Warner, Tim to Black, Alexandra and Tague, Andrew, 325 N. Second St., $96,500.

Rhodes, Christopher J. and Rachel K. to Graybill, Charity and Mallow, Roger, 36 Wenwood Circle, $150,000.

Casey, Frances M. and Jonathan W. to Schneider, Andrew J. and Kindle C., 623 Grace St., $90,000.

Rayburn, Carol and Duane to Mintle, Emily E., 1620 N. Broadway St., $94,000.

Stephens, William and Drown, Gayla S. to Miller, Patricia E. and Ronald L., 434 S. Sierra Drive, $151,500.

Bartelson, Christina P. and Matthew J. to Rhodes, Christopher J. and Rachel K., 15054 Pinehurst Drive, $195,000.

Fraley Family Trust UTA to Mazzella, Ryan D., 22529 Tammy Circle, $200,000.

Gilliam, Anna and Grant D. to Ward, Andrew L., 150 15th Ave., $151,500.

Rigg, Patrick and Sonja to Hamm, Dustin and Thelma Mayden, 1406 Skyline Drive, $240,000.

Homes by Premier Inc. to Fedchuk, Ivan and Svitlana, 1413 S. Larchmont Drive, $332,500.

Somers, Colleen S. and William C. to ACE Contractors Inc., 720 Lindberg Drive, $53,000.


Melonis, Barbara to Griffey, Shelby N., 4109 N. 13th St., Carter Lake, $103,000.

Fichtler, Mark E. Trust to Faubel, Elizabeth A. and Jeremy J., 440 Coronado Circle, Carter Lake, $352,500.

Mikel USA Inc. to Rodriguez, David R. Jr. and Skyler B., 1201 Ave. P, $135,000.


HSBC Bank USA to Sycamore Village LLC, 47297 Whippoorwill Road, Avoca, $69,500.


Classen, Andrew and Mary Trust to Bahr, Jason and Benson, Jennifer, 1420 Golden Hills Drive, Crescent, $265,500.


Mueller, Bradley J. and Melissa L. to Schuler, Jeanna, 51094 Applewood Road, Elliott, $258,000.


Schuler, Jeanna M. to Lantry, Lowell D., 115 Maple Drive, Treynor, $229,000.

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