Douglas County


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Anderson, Jason A. and Ann M., 16470 Vane St., $300,256.

Anderson, Jason A. and Ann M. to Liston, Devon D. and Traci M., 7917 N. 153rd St., $245,000.

Aldrich, Aileen to French, Wesley and Kimberly, 15908 Hanover Falls Drive, $247,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Savage, Amanda and Andrew, 8935 N. 170th St., $317,444.

Hossner, Edward L. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 12115 N. 156th St., $125,000.

Sproat, Geoffrey W. and Belmont, Jamie L. to Straub, Mary M. and Taylor R., 16314 Leeman St., $360,000.

Straub, Taylor R. and Mary M. to Breunig, Andrew and Johnson, Blair, 9020 N. 159th St., $260,000.

Mielke, Brian J. and Cynthia A. to Kerley, Andrew and Lisa, 8220 N. 162nd St., $310,000.

Marc David Custom Homes and Charleston Homes LLC to Iossi, Thomas and Margaret, 8958 N. 173rd St., $314,050.

Caldwell, Steven G. and Valeri L. to Heddens, Tracy and Joann, 18241 Northern Hills Drive, $500,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Rohr, James M. and Sara M., 7124 N. 163rd St., $310,368.

Fools Inc. to Morris, Brandon and Olsen, Alaina, 16904 Bondesson St., $357,286.

North Ida Street Investments LLC to Richland Homes LLC, 7302 N. 162nd St., $44,950.

Waterford Development LLC to Dave Paik Builders Inc., 7210 N. 154th Ave., $78,490.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Hester, Timothy and Jennifer, 17133 Bondesson St., $508,510.

Shamrock Builders LLC to Horton, Brian and Jeanne, 14433 Read St., $280,000.

Szegda, Trevor D. and Kelsey to Byers, Derrick and Martinez, Ciera, 14548 Grebe St., $186,500.

Heddens, Tracy P. and Joann R. to Anderson, Tyler and Shelby, 11815 N. 158th St., $280,000.

Guinn, Nicholas R. to Hale, Michael and Joanna, 10321 N. 186th Ave., $243,000.

Olbrich, Volker and Chandra B. to White, Rebecca L., 7820 N. 152nd Ave., $260,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Byar, Matthew S. and Katherine L., 14439 Read St., $330,040.

Holcomb, Roland and Melissa to Young, Arlene and Norise L., 14759 Eagle St., $245,000.

Michael and Hillary Petula Living Revocable Trust to Ryan, Jeff and Kristin, 15755 N. Second St., $248,800.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Cueto Peralta, Oscary M. and Taveras, Angel R., 7137 N. 163rd St., $296,857.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Parajuli, Nawaraj and Kamala Dahal, 7705 N. 144th Ave., $198,891.

Sullivan, Rebecca Lynne to Petula, Michael F. and Hillary L., 15205 Craig Circle, $362,500.

Ryan, Jeffrey and Kristin to Justus, Timothy and Jennifer, 8055 N. 144th Avenue Circle, $212,500.

Stratford Park Development LLC to LPC Properties LLC, 8609 N. 170th St., $98,600.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Cook, Andrew J., 7643 N. 144th Ave., $211,541.

Dornacker, Robert H. to Hamilton, Rob and Teresa, 110 N. Molley St., $120,000.

North Ida Street Investments LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 7010 N. 160th Ave., $44,950.

Mary L. Dudzinski Revocable Trust to Grinsteinner, John M. and Beverly A., 8656 N. 160th Place, $200,000.

Johnson, Terry M. and Joy M. to Thorson, Scott and Felicia, 16304 Sheffield Circle, $399,900.


Blondo 186 LLC to Nilius Builders Inc., 18435 Grant St., $70,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Marque Custom Builders LLC, 2414 N. 188th St., $70,000.

South Hamptons Land Development, LLC to Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC, 23509 Berry St., $59,950.

Cambridge Homes LLC to Johnson, Terry M. and Joy M., 2603 N. 186th St., $393,955.

Coventry Ridge LLC to Tucker, Tim and Lori, 20936 Drexel St., $69,000.

Fast, Lynn M. and Duane D. to Bradley, David Christopher II and Kayla Nicole, 411 S. 217th St., $212,000.

Paul, Robert Bradly and Jamie Lynn to Mackenzie, John J. and Ann D., 1400 Skyline Drive, $335,000.

Obenauer, Dean H. and Carol A. to Nicholson, William Brooks and Jennifer Ann, 533 S. 217th St., $265,000.

Coulter, Kenneth D. and Lindsay E. to Holst, Luke and Sharma, Yashita, 18221 Harney St., $345,000.

204 F Street LLC to Marasco Homes Inc., 3631 S. 205th St., $39,500.

Devitt, Dolores M. to Devitt, Randy J., 809 S. 190th Ave., $250,000.

Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC to Ommi, Nikhitha, 5804 S. 238th St., $441,209.

Hawk, Camille R., trustee, to Jah LLC, 1512 S. 210th St., $53,730.

Richardson, Brent and Brooke to Rademacher, Lisa N., 4704 N. 205th Ave., $307,000.

Milam, Matthew W. and Janice V. to Huettner, Andrew J. and Aylward, Jennifer C., 19210 Sahler St., $532,500.

Christensen, Tyrel R. and Holly A. to McArdle, Kevin G. and Timothy L., 20466 Ohio St., $92,000.

Knutson, Andre C. to Zentner, James and Kathi, 1160 S. 212th Circle, $408,000.

Thompson, Kris L. and Carie L. to Haddad, Joseph, 2713 N. 189th St., $348,000.

Burns, Merry and Michael D. to Retelsdorf, Leigh Ann and Heng, Patrick M., 619 S. 180th Ave., $325,000.

Milam, Joseph R. and Ashley E. to Knigge, Devin C. and Ashley S., 4814 N. 204th Ave., $360,000.

Majestic Homes LLC to Beck, Andrew and Allison, 1831 S. 220th St., $108,000.

Foundation One Bank Trust to REO Asset Management Company LLC, 21510 Arabian Road, $50,001.

Charleston Homes LLC to Bugajny, Stefan, 4805 N. 204th Ave., $309,000.

CCE Investments LLC to Quiel, Ashley and Matthew, 21208 Walnut Circle, $940,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Schafer, Frank D. and Anna C., 2462 N. 185th St., $368,000.

Gacnik, Jeremy and Julie to Moody, Douglass T. and Jackelyn J., 4302 N. 191st St., $395,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Mueller, Patrick and Mary, 20539 Howe St., $388,489.

Vanderlinden, Kirk R. and Joanna J. to Scott, Seth and Amber, 1915 S. 214th Ave., $450,000.

REO Asset Management Company LLC to HBI LLC, 21510 Arabian Road, $165,750.

Allan, Cory T. and Jessica M. to Bock, Gary L. and Cheryl C., 903 S. 186th St., $324,000.

Castle Brook Builders LLC to Zawilinski, David and Kaelin, 1444 S. 211th St., $499,900.

Terry, Chad and Jane to Halstead, Kevin G. and Tonya D., 1605 Blue Sage Parkway, $515,000.

Lyman and Rachele Epp Living Trust to Hanks, Bruce and Misty, 1720 N. 216th St., $355,000.

Rosenquist, Thomas H. and Dianne K. to Orrell, Steven C. and Martinets, Leigh-Anna, 22723 Rifle Ridge Terrace, $445,000.

Benda, Amber N. and Jesse E. to Meeker, Joshua and Clare, 4218 N. 210th St., $347,000.

Panoplia Properties LLC to Haugen, Vicki and Timothy, 2425 N. 191st Ave., $265,000.


Smith, Gregory J. and Carol A. to Sona, Kent and Tamera, 26531 Taylor St., $730,000.

Fools Inc. to Dean, James and Christine Ann, 7804 N. 281st Ave., $332,143.


Albers, Ryan to R&J Holdings LLC, 22637 Wilson Ave., $211,200.


Patrick H. Tyrance Jr. Revocable Trust to Bruckner, Daniel J. and Lori M., 105 S. 9th St., $338,000.

Boston, Dan J. and Kelly D. to Love, Donald C. and Linda M., 105 S. 9th St., $328,000.

Prange, James T. and Debra H. to Boston, Dan James and Kelly Denise, 529 Riverfront Place, $495,000.

Loeffler, Jill M. and Sohigian, Aram Nathan to Campbell, Devron W., 300 S. 16th St., $108,500.


Pagnano, Anthony J. and Candice to Hightower, Thomas A., 5021 N. 50th St., $187,500.

Monbouquette, Bernard and Wendy W. to Lind, Anne-Marie and Driscoll, Anthony, 2316 N. 55th St., $415,000.

Lee Anna Leonard Revocable Trust and Mirich, Susan E., trustee, to Michael and Mary Harrell Revocable, 6669 Decatur St., $65,000.

Martin, Jeanne L. to Hart, Jerald M., 6769 Evans St., $114,000.

Schneider, Gretchen to Yeaman, Gregory, 6779 Spencer St., $130,000.

Busskohl, Alexander W. and Chelsea to Rodriguez, Esteban P., 2047 N. 68th St., $132,000.

Zeigler, Susan G. to Beck, Matthew Dodd and Shannon Marie, 5132 Bedford Ave., $160,000.

Falk, Travis and Megin to Kelley, Jacob Christopher, 2919 N. 49th Ave., $120,000.

Rivers, Jillian M. to Lappe, Jeffrey, 3305 N. 56th St., $125,000.

Anaya, Jeremiah G. to Daugherty-Braun, Julie and Braun, James B., 6133 Manderson St., $58,000.

Peterson, David M. and Vivian L. to Peterson, Dennis E., 3105 N. 47th Ave., $29,700.

Faulkner, Daniel J. and Clara E. to Maly, Melissa Diane, 3505 N. 45th St., $65,000.

Perry, Nathan A. and Alicia J. to Sherman, Alexis, 4921 Evans St., $183,000.

Kreher, Elizabeth Rose to Tyler, Michael, 3314 N. 69th St., $158,500.

Hale, Michael A. and Joanna S. to Bratt, Rachel, 3315 N. 47th Ave., $165,000.

Medeiros, Michael N. and Matthew D. to Etherington, Tiffany L., 6022 Parker St., $160,000.

Parker, Andre W. and Gail to Nesmith, Jenessa and Johnnie, 5146 Emmet St., $181,000.

Naffziger, Brian to Green, Kameron J.C. Sr., 2014 N. 60th St., $52,000.

Weinstein, Lee to Haggin, Cody, 6316 Maple St., $173,000.

Anderson, Treu G. to Gay, Kyaw and Paw, Dee, 5108 Himebaugh Circle, $130,000.

Hayes, Dawaune L. to Lae, Paw and Myee, Ka, 5402 N. 49th St., $111,000.

Lenzen, Martin to Borowiak, Francis R. and Mary J., 4534 Parker St., $121,000.

Rolling, Christopher M. and Nicole E. to Bonnet, Leslie E., 5404 Parker St., $305,000.

Justus, Timothy I. and Jennifer to Dot Property Solutions LLC, 2917 N. 66th St., $89,900.

Anderson, Mary B. to Bannon, Angela Stacie, 3708 N. 48th St., $60,000.

Fanning, Dustin H. to Howell, Jace R., 3304 N. 57th St., $133,900.

Young, Matthew and Jaclyn to Oerter, John, 5404 Decatur St., $260,000.

Oppliger, Stephanie Rose and Cradit, Michael E. to Lubeck, Karla and Hoffman-Meyer, Keith, 2720 N. 49th St., $129,000.

Langel, Jacob and Meghan to Vrana, Charles Brooks, 1517 N. 51st St., $279,200.

Leslie J. Duling Revocable Living Trust to McGuigan, William and Whitecotton, Kate, 2540 N. 53rd St., $316,000.

Adkins, Glenn W. and Debra Jean to Johnson, Lauren, 3343 N. 47th Ave., $138,000.

Ciciulla, Branden J. and Amanda to Quad P LLC, 6046 Binney St., $132,000.


K-5 Properties LLC to Rome Properties LLC, 4219 Barker Ave., $123,000.

Severa, James D. and Otten, Julie A. to Galaviz, Jose R. and Araceli, 4223 Frances St., $135,000.

Skradski, John E. and Karla to Rodriguez, Francisco Buenrostro and Madera, Fabiola De Anda, 3015 Hanscom Blvd., $66,000.

Horst, Jessie to Roberts, Christa and Desmond, 3544 Vinton St., $158,125.

Erlbacher, Daniel R. and Denise M. to Pfeifer, Michael T., 3518 Pine St., $245,000.

Loya, Gabino Moya and Cindy Lee to Suliman, Adam and Priya Kumari, 2625 S. 38th St., $172,000.

Howell, Jessica to Balsarini, Angela M., 1019 S. 35th St., $120,000.

Real Vest 123 LLC to Jones, William C. and Megan J., 3051 S. 34th St., $175,000.

Mason Street Holdings LLC to Smith, Sara, 4378 Mason St., $190,000.

Hilt, Francis P. and Carol T. to Wyman, Patrick J. and Michele M., 3323 Walnut St., $285,000.

Recinos, Ana Elizabeth to Kohout, James and Jennifer, 4216 A St., $167,000.

Triplett, Michelle M. to TFI LLC, 2423 Poppleton Ave., $79,000.

Bohmer, Thomas J. to Red Ladder LLC, 1206 S. 25th Ave., $15,000.

Bain, Clifton L. and Jackson-Bain, Angela L. to Felty, Nathan A. and Briggs, Erin L., 3017 S. 38th St., $162,000.

Hinrichs, Steven and Deborah to Hinrichs, Andrew and Beverly, 1340 S. 35th Ave., $205,000.

Silvus, Steve to Peters, Matthew H. and Jennifer I., 3015 Castelar St., $78,500.


Ellsworth, Ross H. and Patricia A. to Sward, Patrick L., 4575 Pacific St., $189,950.

Katz, Beth and Lyda, Jesse to Whidden, Elena, 5549 Mason St., $210,000.

Cowan, Sara E. and Fahey, Brian J. to Haug, Christian A., 5839 William St., $239,950.

Heartland Holdings A LLC to Devney, Claire Maureen and Naranjo, Julio Cesar Hinojosa, 5555 Mayberry St., $237,000.

Alvarado, Kristina J. and Miloni, Kristina J. to Zhang, Jian and Zhang, Miao Hui, 2114 S. 62nd St., $175,000.

Goldsberry, Matthew A. and Emily E. to Gilmore, Tristan S., 4661 William St., $185,900.

Wollberg, Aaron Daniel and Sandra to Beber, Stan and Record, Shawn, 4674 A St., $166,500.

Richmond, Robert J. to Huber, Pamela L. and Johansen, Gertrude A., 4874 Robin Hill Drive, $152,000.


Vazquez, Pedro O. to Maria I. and Herrera, Victor M., 5005 S. 20th St., $39,800.

Hasbrouck, Jerry David and Joanie Lynn to Uttecht, Larry, 4501 S. 38th St., $77,000.

Zepeda, Mario Roberto and Sidnia to Cardona, Eddy Joaquin Orantes, 3615 W St., $122,000.

Wright, Bruce J. Jr. and Merrily A. to Bonnstetter, Taylor, 1322 Jefferson St., $134,000.


Hall, Ethan and Sadie to Boryca, Taylor, 609 Dorcas St., $125,000.

Belknap, Vernon L. and Amy to Cherica, John A. and Tina L., 1710 S. 6th St., $127,000.

Hall, Gregory J. to Garcia, Jorge A. Jr. and Andrea M., 1708 Van Camp Ave., $105,000.

Josephine S. Russo Revocable Trust and Thomas, Michael G., trustee, to HSP Investment Properties LLC, 1338 S. 21st St., $40,000.

Adkins, Ralph D. to Lytle, Kevin, 3318 S. 20th St., $45,000.


Ulferts, David to Birch, Tanesha, 1721 Sprague St., $64,900.

Stier, Phillip M. and Pamela R. to Salgado, Florencio, 1814 Corby St., $40,000.

JBDHSK Partnership to Simmonds, Paul E., 5308 N. 6th St., $20,000.

Giles, James to Austin-Mitchell, Michele and Mithcell, John Jr., 2304 Grace St., $52,500.

True Investments LLC to Meyer, Ryan P., 5810 N. 24th St., $85,000.


Iontach Investments LLC to Gutierrez, Blanca Estela Velazquez De, 4617 N. 29th St., $30,000.

Webb, Karl E. Jr. to Webb, Toni, 2913 Decatur St., $59,200.

West Lost Lake LLC to Weinstein, Lee, 3369 Grand Ave., $25,000.

Santorini LLC to Weinstein, Lee, 5337 N. 35th St., $25,000.

Morrow, Renex D. to Stella Realty LLC, 4327 Seward St., $79,000.

Nagel, Jill E. to Miller Way LLC, 3302 Maple St., $18,000.

Miller Way LLC to Future Dev LLC, 3302 Maple St., $24,000.

Thomas, Richard S. Jr. to Powder Pursuits LLC, 2861 Fowler Ave., $37,000.

Miller Way LLC to Light Bulb Realty & Investments LLC, 4264 Binney St., $16,000.

Torres, Sergio I. and Valentin, Yenic to Chau, Tuan Anh, 4307 Parker St., $140,000.

Holliman, Chester L. and Cunningham, Jacquline Denise to Adan, Hassan, 2415 Hartman Ave., $45,000.


Gubbels, Judith A. to Claymore Properties LLC, 3432 Sheffield St., $79,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Heartland Holdings B LLC, 6715 N. 33rd St., $55,600.

Plott, Betty J. to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc., 6739 N. 32nd St., $100,000.

Davie, Paul to Sprague Street LLC, 2865 Martin Ave., $62,000.

Haynes, Precious M. and Beau A. to Lorenzo, Albert and Lynette, 3036 Huntington Ave., $79,000.

Hickman, Toni M. to Murphy, Anthony M., 3502 Weber Circle, $105,000.

Heartland Holdings LLC to Armendariz, Tony, 3020 Ernst St., $100,000.


Hurley, Elizabeth A. to Rotolo, Anthony, 8343 Western Ave., $192,000.

O’Connell, James and Mary to Thompson, Dee and Skiermont, Adam, 9414 Davenport St., $1,125,000.

Fiske, William L. and Mardelle L. to Jewell, Elizabeth A., 1717 Bowie Drive, $60,100.

Lancaster, Jamie C. and Nicole C. to Hoppmann, Brandon and Witkowski, Ashley, 1624 N. 107th Ave., $191,500.

Willrett, Stephen J. and Reiche, Jennifer S. to White, Tim, 1468 N. 96th Ave., $290,000.

Red Ladder LLC to Schneider, David Q., 514 S. 84th St., $155,000.

Miana L. Corey Revocable Trust and Corey, Brian J., trustee, to Estrada, Joshua Brandon and Keenan, Taylre Marie, 9056 Meadow Drive, $157,000.

Medeiros, Joseph D. and Kenzi to Nguyen, Cuong, 9428 Meadow Drive, $175,000.


Costello, Thomas E. and Ritsuko to Flock, Eric W. and Jessica D., 6522 N. 153rd St., $295,000.

Hawks, Vickie D. to Closen, Debora Lynn, 6033 N. 167th Court, $155,000.

Kerley, Andrew M. and Lisa R. to Walker, Steven J. and Sara B., 14634 Kansas Ave., $222,500.

Srirama, Hema Sekhar and Murthy, Karuna Devi to Enendu, Kenechukwu Osita and Chikodili Obiamaka, 2516 N. 165th St., $193,000.

Castle Brook Builders LLC to Whalen, Theodore J. and Wendy S., 3312 N. 179th St., $525,000.

Berube, Allison and Acker, Cameron A. to Helget, Blake and Lindsay, 2706 N. 179th St., $500,000.

Rogers, Ryan J. and Alicia to Mielke, Brian J. and Cynthia, 15056 Bedford Ave., $195,000.

Kelly, Benjamin T. and Carol A. to Roberts, John W. and Peggy, 6615 N. 159th St., $325,000.

Napp, Robert E. and Beth A. to Albarbari, Fayez and Raslan, Raja, 2614 N. 165th St., $270,000.

Ogg, Courtney L. and Julie Marie to Runyan, Grant Russell and Danahay, Erin Kay, 4504 N. 167th St., $316,000.

Reitan, Jennifer and Jones, Anne to Anderson, Andrew and Stumpp, Emily, 15285 Wirt St., $195,000.

Simmons, Scott D. and Sams, Diane to Wakeman, George, 15075 Fowler Ave., $236,000.

Pirtle, Michael W. and Knoll, Kimberly A. to Kaasch, Ted R. Jr. and Jessica J., 2420 N. 147th St., $305,000.

Pallapa, Gautham and Sallangulla, Ramadevi to Eldred, Melissa and Seelandt, Ronald, 14901 Laurel Ave., $305,000.

Hester, Timothy E. to Blaha, Michael and Simon, Krystyna, 14508 Larimore Ave., $250,000.

Novak, Matthew J. and Emily A. to Asbe, Eric M. and Melanie R., 6544 N. 149th St., $201,500.

Power, John K. and Carole A. to Weverka, Maureen, 3212 N. 157th St., $347,500.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Richland Homes LLC, 15135 Himebaugh Ave., $47,950.

Swift, Todd R. and Laura to Grabher, Tucker J. and Janousek, Hannah M., 2458 N. 153rd Ave., $264,900.

Kealy, Patrick W. and Pamela J. to Cowan, Robert and Montyna, 6613 N. 157th Circle, $445,000.

Ryan, Nathaniel S. and Jaimie S. to Fenimore, James R. and Brandy L., 6511 N. 159th Avenue Circle, $325,000.

Schwery, Dallas and Jennifer to Penka, Andrea and David, 4803 N. 162nd St., $290,000.

Hankins, Justin and Natalie to Boryca, Alex and Alexandra, 4234 N. Branch Drive, $268,000.

Jones, Kenneth M. and Robin L. to Jepsen, Andrew L. and Andrea, 15059 Burdette St., $278,000.

Penka, Andrea and David to Glenn and Patricia Murakami Revocable Trust, 15321 Meredith Ave., $209,500.

Jonsson, Susan M. to Jenkins, Deborah A., 4972 N. 165th St., $250,000.

David & Donna Merkley Revocable Trust to Oehm, Scott E. and Charlotte F., 5803 N. 159th St., $365,000.

Eveloff, Mark J. and Dannette S. to Pirtle, Michael W. and Knoll, Kimberly A., 2629 N. 167th St., $300,000.

Johnson, Richard M. to McCormick, Dakota Faye and Kelly, Shayne Thomas, 3127 N. 151st St., $210,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Kennedy, Lucas J. and Leah K., 15147 Himebaugh Ave., $322,370.

Rogers, Kerry Lee and Sandra to Genore, Tracy and Merritt-Genore, Helenmari, 14554 Nelsons Creek Drive, $295,000.

Palliyalil, Rifaz Jeoffrey Thondi and Jeoffrey, Nagina Rifaz to Wilson, Brett L., 16331 Meredith Ave., $198,000.

Pierce, Ian M. and Dorothy to van Klinken, Maxim and Willem, 16265 Saratoga St., $224,000.

Czapenski, John and Kathy M. to Hrabovsky, Eric S., 6516 N. 148th St., $213,000.


Kroeger, Todd E. and Juliet to Arellano Moreno, Abel and Arellano, Sandra, 4855 S. 51st St., $135,900.

Iraheta, Nelson and Judith Raquel to Martinez, Joel Corona, 5604 S. 48th Ave., $115,500.

Vesta Properties LLC to Rinn, Kevin, 5406 S. 49th St., $85,000.

Loeffelholz, Troy and Kimberly to Hawks, Kenneth G. and Amy L., 5003 S. 57th St., $182,000.

Tyree, Melissa S. and Pedersen, Melissa S. to Becker, Kathryn M., 6222 Karen St., $122,000.


Grutsch, Thomas J. to Mattos, Thiago Cardoso Genaro De and Dalvi, Luana Taquette, 710 S. 159th Ave., $295,000.

Halpain, Dale R. to Hansen, Caitlin Margaret and Fortune, Kenneth Fletcher III, 15688 Fountain Hills Drive, $245,000.

Carroll, Richard E. and Leeann B. to Jensen, Lisa M., 16024 Lafayette Ave., $280,000.

Tomek, Charles S. and Debra J. to Chundury, Rao and Saroja, 16305 Webster St., $725,000.

Walsh, Martin and Kaitlin to Wojtowicz, Zachary and Kathryn, 876 S. 156th Ave., $290,000.


W Realty LLC to Joseph A. Wieczorek LLC, 7529 Mary St., $155,000.

Higgs, William and Alexandra to Dollen, John Von and Franzen, Torrie, 10426 Newport Ave., $216,000.

Thapa, Raj Kumar and Gopal to Cameron, David and Charissa, 8323 Sheffield St., $205,000.

Arrance, Thomas Henry and Lindsay to Hunt, Lisa L. and Wilson, Alyssa L., 10632 Potter St., $210,000.

RK Investments LLC to Studey, Shaun, 8302 Girard St., $174,000.

Dinkel, Katherine A. to Natori, Mika, 7355 N. 77th St., $178,000.

Clippinger, Mark D. to Real Growth LLC, 7852 Bauman Ave., $778,500.

Harding, Kenisha G. to Stroud, Caleb and Hilsabeck, Stephanie, 9106 Black St., $192,000.

Galley, Laurie A. to Geringer, Andrew and Alexandra, 10260 Huntington Ave., $266,000.

Rief, Thomas J. and Kaitlin B. to Gudenrath, Terrence J. and Kelly J., 8932 N. 78th Avenue Circle, $175,000.

Manero, Mary E. to Rivers, Jillian and Gabriel, 6952 N. 88th St., $195,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Vandagriff, Carl L., 8402 Baker St., $188,100.

Urban Firebird LLC to Karges, Timothy R. and Elissa L., 7816 King St., $197,500.


Petersen, Eric P. and Natalie R. to Vacha, Maria and Glynn, Casey, 10545 Shirley St., $520,000.

Karcher, Steven and Dana to Espinosa, Francis R. and Sarah H., 2928 S. 99th Ave., $375,000.

Nelson, Dale A. to Nelson, Dennis E., 3611 S. 107th Avenue Circle, $84,900.

Kaeding, Laura and David to Smith, Adam and Lora, 10413 Pinehurst Ave., $300,000.

Hager, Randall and Randy to Zeltner, Chelsey L. and Gomez, Joshua P., 7928 Pasadena Ave., $174,000.

Biegler, Michael L. and Amber L. to Marfisi, Kayla, 7913 Joseph St., $205,000.

Johnson, Lola M. to Jensen, Joel C. and Luke F., 7822 Barbara St., $170,000.


Gilbert, Steve W. and Gilbert, Laura to Taggart, Douglas B. and Taggart, Kathleen J., 2001 S. 192nd Ave., $375,000.

Mark and Kedran Kuzelka Living Trust to Allan, Cory and Jessica, 18603 Hansen St., $365,000.

Reeson, Chad G. and Ryleigh to Jeannette, D. Ryan, 1282 Peterson Drive, $201,000.

Briscoe, Robert D. and Sandra D. to Barber, James L., 2921 S. 158th Circle, $225,000.

Templeton, Todd C. and Patti M. to Zinkov, Maksim and Ashley D., 3605 S. 203rd St., $565,000.

Rickley, Mark and Laura M. to Whaley, Bertina, 2418 S. 167th St., $283,000.

Howell, Bruce E. and Terri J. to Massho Development LLC, 16009 Wood Drive, $125,000.

Masters, James M. and Teresa to Mowatt, Jacqueline D., 1311 S. 165th St., $190,000.

Contonis, Christopher and Gayle to Sahasranaman, Venketraman and Subramanian, Hema, 18452 Vinton St., $637,000.


SMK Properties LLC to Watson Properties LLC, 3131 Cass St., $160,000.

Kieffer, James E. Jr. and Lopez, Gamalier to Egad LLC, 1302 N. 40th St., $75,000.

Thomas, Deborah L. and Eske, James A. to Zelaya, Anna and Jeovany, 220 S. 31st Ave., $485,000.

Miller, Brennan John and Roe-Miller, Jennifer L. to Gilbatrar LLC, 311 N. 31st St., $112,000.


McKenzie, Isaac J. and Thompson, Rachel E. to Heiser, Nicholas E. and Rachel C., 5225 Cass St., $790,000.

Donnelly, Timothy F. and Donna Healy to Lebeda, Richard J. and Mosser, Juline E., 5115 Webster St., $335,000.

Micek, Benjamin John to Darnell, Matthew William and Sara Elizabeth, 1026 N. 63rd St., $287,500.

Lund, Jay to Fahey, Brian John and Cowan, Sara Elizabeth, 5014 Chicago St., $440,000.

Schinzel, Donald L. and Madeline S. to Mowad, Samir Chaffic Jr. and Nicole Guidry, 675 N. 63rd St., $350,000.

Horn, Gavin T. and Megan M. to Dwaywahhei, Biebie Hser and Htoo, December, 6337 Hamilton St., $175,000.

Goeken, James L. to Light Bulb Realty & Investment LLC, 4807 Underwood Ave., $170,000.

Apodaca, Gabriele G. to Burt, Julie Kittridge, 4907 Davenport St., $135,000.

Kounkel, Miranda Jo to Kavanaugh, Erin D., 1121 N. 69th St., $180,000.


Perry J. Olds Living Trust and Olds, Jeffery J., trustee, to Lawton, Jill and Nathaniel, 3306 N. 80th St., $90,000.

Liu, Lily S. to Moo, Johner Peace and Paw E., 9429 Manderson St., $155,000.

Jones, John A. to Kuhn, Matthew J. and Megan R., 4407 Crestline Drive, $160,000.

Buller, Cynthia L. to Walkowiak, Rachelle A., 4211 N. 94th St., $174,000.

Dunn, Jake and Taylor to Roybal, Adam M. and Ma and Gladys, Lindy M., 4118 N. 82nd Circle, $176,000.

Chesnut, Blane E. to Hickman, Michael A. and Toni M., 6429 N. 106th St., $262,500.

Hyland, Terry L. and Annelle S. to Paswaters, Sheila, 9323 Sprague St., $178,250.

Donovan, Bridget N. to Kalina, Zachary B., 4223 N. 94th St., $140,500.

Joerz, Nicholas W. to Moser, Emily M., 4917 N. 96th St., $125,000.

Simpson, Walter L. to Payne, Dondi and Traci L., 4412 Eastridge Drive, $167,000.


Stauffer, Timothy and Melissa Reilly to Dickens, Ricky Everette Jr. and Ohn Samantha, 17302 U St., $399,900.

Kinning, Kie D. and Cynthia E. to Fisher, Martin J. and Kacie R., 6013 S. 193rd Ave., $389,500.

Newhouse, David P. to Sutphen, Joshua and Abigail, 5733 S. 163rd Ave., $343,900.

Milnes, Sara J. and Aaron S. to Hatch, Nathan J. and Mackenzie L., 6115 S. 191st St., $241,000.

Cole, Ryan L. and Veronica to Smith, Gregory J. and Carol A., 17217 S St., $290,000.

Elliott, Jason R. and Heather W. to Williams, Derek and Lisa, 5019 S. 169th Circle, $305,000.

Schmidt, Robert A. and Judy L. to Oellerich, Amber, 16707 Jefferson St., $219,000.

Spellman, Kerri Jayne to LAM Management LLC, 6729 S. 191st Ave., $192,000.

Margritz, David A. and Cynthia Ann to Seaglass Investments Inc., 16702 L St., $415,000.

Smith, Andrew R. and Karen W. to Cooper, Samuel and Ashli, 19110 U St., $175,000.

Bergholz, Jeffrey L. and Laurie L. to King, Matthew J. and Lashalle M., 16728 V St., $360,000.

Red Ladder LLC to Meyer, Mark E. Jr. and Megan N., 16522 Ohern St., $216,000.

Larson, William C. and Mari Ann to Steven Decock and Michaela Tilgner Joint Trust, 16240 Rolling Ridge Road, $230,000.

Bugajny, Stefan H. to Heaton, Ralph D. and Andrea M., 5917 S. 175th Avenue Circle, $339,900.

Frantz, Mitch and Sara to Mohrman, Samantha, 6121 S. 189th St., $212,900.

Smith, Anne M. to Mason, Sara A., 17670 J St., $210,000.

Goldsmith, TK C. and Seale, Mary M. to Fey, Lindsey and Pollard, Jacob, 16454 Drexel St., $274,500.

Lerdahl, Jill and Timothy to Luick, Edward and Connie, 18647 L Circle, $230,000.


Francis, Michele M. to Hayes, Craig E. and Margo L., 5325 Oak Hills Drive, $276,000.

Michael J. Mancuso Living Trust to Skaggs, Jake and Sarah, 5096 Oaks Lane, $188,500.

Skaggs, Jake and Sarah to Dicenzo, Robert W. and Carlson, Mitchell J., 5096 Oaks Lane, $188,500.

Fisher, Martin J. and Kacie R. to Vrbicky, Keith W. Jr. and Stacie M., 14604 Walnut Grove Drive, $205,500.

Rice, Curtis P. and Rebecca to Odell, Joshua T. and Mitra, Annesha, 14947 Karen St., $299,000.

Granatowicz, Andrew D. and Jamie to Gorman, Brian and Victoria, 15032 Karen Circle, $241,500.

Scheinost, Carol R. to Styl Properties Inc., 5920 S. 136th St., $85,000.

Stibbs, Marie Ellen, personal representative of Stibbs, Thomas C. estate, to Rojas, Daniel and Hendrickson, Gina, 14717 Jefferson Circle, $205,000.

Aqua Lending LLC to Gerber, Jenna Tripp, 5144 S. 126th Place, $155,000.

Harrison, Geoffrey and Buser, Amanda to Alvarado, Marc A. and Kristina J., 6505 S. 129th St., $280,000.

Syndicate Properties LLC to Mitchel & Kathleen Wendlandt Trust, 13630 V St., $179,900.

Hensel, Brian and Emily E. to Morris, Cheri, 6616 S. 129th St., $248,900.


Chase, Larry E. and Teri L. to Myers, Jennifer R., 7058 N. 142nd Ave., $221,000.

RCMD LLC to Kellogg, Thomas and Beverly, 8107 N. 129th St., $80,000.


Brungardt, Mark to White, Sarah, 12503 Westwood Lane, $185,000.

Thamm, Tina and Dieter D. to Thompson, Cody, 15227 Valley St., $203,500.

Begg, Justin K. and Abbie J. to Kotas, Shannon, 12539 Shirley St., $180,000.

Anderson, Steven and Jennifer to Baker, Matt and Leah, 1529 S. 122nd St., $220,500.

Rubingh, Gerus M. and Charlotte L. to Huang, Xin and Zhang, Ziyu, 2311 S. 148th Ave., $222,000.

Basalay, Nicholas P. and Joshara to Ofafa, Augustine, 2532 S. 152nd Avenue Circle, $228,000.

Campbell, Reece to Campbell, Aaron L., 3418 S. 121st St., $185,000.

Marvin, George B. and Donna A. to Quinn, Timothy E. and Shiela J., 10805 Frances St., $397,000.

Carr, Chad and Nadia to Strafelda, Joshua R., 1617 Mayfair Drive, $230,000.

Essner, Mark D. and Traci D. to Ritchie, Mathew E. and Kristen L., 1508 S. 152nd Circle, $362,000.


Richey, Belinda and Ronnie to Lindhorst Property Managment LLC, 7142 N. 65th Ave., $93,000.

Gregory, Gail E. to House2Home LLC, 6407 Whitmore St., $115,000.

Goracke, John R. and Teresa to Knopik, Ann and Tod, 12606 N. 69th St., $85,000.

Webb, William, personal representative of Hodges-Barnes, Ada M. estate, to Johnson, Troy and Kim, 6435 Read St., $86,000.


McInturf, William A. and Lanelle J. to Lathrop, Christopher J. and Catherine A., 924 N. 148th St., $325,000.

Morton, Joseph B. IV and Stephanie K. to Paulson, Christopher J., 1856 N. 149th Court, $202,000.

Shanahan, Andrew and Nichole to Welker, Gary, 1612 N. 150th Court, $188,000.

Whitbeck, James and Traci to Ramirez, Salvador J., 706 S. 114th St., $258,000.

Moody, Douglass Todd and Jackelyn Jean to Reitan, Anne and Jennifer, 617 N. 152nd Ave., $260,000.

Kathleen M. Rudd Revocable Trust to Rosenblatt, Wendi, 12968 Jackson St., $325,000.

Woodard, James P. and, Angela May D. to Ritchey, James O. and Marguerite E., 12906 Nicholas St., $247,000.


Miller, James L. and Maureen N. to Shatley, Walter C. and J. Samantha, 11216 Fowler Ave., $250,000.

Ristau, Rick J. and Johnson, Alyssa N. to Rodgers, Christopher and Renee, 11920 Bauman Ave., $178,000.

Howard, Daniel J. and Jennifer M. to Trenou, Kimberly R., 4945 N. 114th St., $207,000.

Gilkison, Gary L. to Pane, Charles J., 4833 N. 113th St., $161,900.

Glaser, Marvin M. and Mary A. to Mimick, Pamela, 13481 Meredith Ave., $258,500.

SDG Investments LLC to Roberts, Nicole and Dhaenens, William, 11312 Grant Circle, $110,000.

Odell, Joshua T. and Mitra, Annesha to Ritchison, Melanie and Brian, 2227 N. 128th Circle, $178,500.

Shaeffer, James W. to Galley, Laurie A., 6334 N. 115th Avenue Circle, $155,000.

Padilla, Katherine to Custard, Calvin, 12974 Browne Circle, $155,000.

Beverland, Brian A. and Susan J. to Paswaters, Sheila, 4802 N. 126th St., $195,000.

Lantz, Eric S. and Leanne A. to Elias, Elias Butras and Makanui, Kalena Llaniwai, 5627 N. 112th Circle, $172,000.

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