Douglas County


Landmark Performance Corp. to Okun, Richard L. and Melissa D., 14445 Read St., $296,035.

Cummings, Darcie M. to Rezac, Jeremiah and Bannister, Rachael, 14557 Grebe St., $163,000.

Haith, Jamie J. to Rauch, Patrick Cody and Kim, 7955 N. 144th Ave., $222,000.

Maxim Enterprises LLC to Swahn, Curtis H., 12154 N. 178th Circle, $925,000.

Bradley, Darrin and Jennifer L. to Otten, Pam and Brian, 15108 Gilder Ave., $373,000.

River Stone Custom Homes LLC to Grasmick, Steven A. and Lori L., 7304 N. 153rd St., $46,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Puetz, Jeffrey S. and Jennifer L., 9052 N. 171st St., $329,900.

Ferguson, Patrick H. and Elaine M. to Curtis, Bradley, 15935 Rosewater Parkway, $235,000.

Pankonin, William J. to Dittmer, Jeffery and Michele, 8128 N. 147th St., $180,000.


Wootton, Beth A. and Daniel P. to Valerio, Reyes and Norma, 2719 N. 191st Ave., $340,000.

Batchelder, Christopher M. and Frances A. to Hogeland, Grant and Tiffany, 1319 S. 210th St., $490,000.

Hodgson, Marvin Leon and Marla Welsch to Etoll-Jones, Erin and Jones, Charles Daniel, 19917 Harney St., $435,000.

Crown Ltd. to Pallayil, Anil Subramanian and Satheesh, Minu Mangattu, 2329 S. 219th St., $620,000.

Schroeder, Keith and Sandra A. to Gould, Jay, 22224 Homestead Road, $530,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to A-1 Development Inc., 21617 Pinehurst Ave., $65,000.

Nisley, Travis F. and Rathbun-Nisley, Ricci L. to Whelan, Patrick and Laurel A., 813 S. 181st St., $404,000.

Marque Custom Builders LLC to McCuen, Brian L. and Erin M., 18720 Patrick Ave., $448,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Prairie Homes Inc., 2219 N. 186th St., $70,000.


Graves, Billie Ann to Paulson, Danielle D., 615 S. E St., $165,000.

Thompson, Michael E. and Jaymi S. to Myers, Ladonna G., 24505 Martin Ave., $30,000.


Aschenbrenner, Naida H. to Smith, Kevin and Mellissa, 22554 Southshore Drive, $349,000.


Cameron M. Billingsley Revocable Trust to Wachter, Shelly, 312 S. 16th St., $150,000.

Hohlen, Mitch J. and Morgan A. to Knudson, Merlyn D., 1502 Jones St., $249,000.

Freiden, Jon to Bellamini Properties LLC, 604 S. 18th St., $25,000.


Burks, Brian D. and Cynthia M. to SAS Properties LLC, 3614 N. 67th Ave., $84,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Shwe, Pa and Ko, Thu, 3529 N. 57th St., $105,000.

Wilcox, Don E. to Gaxiola, Francisco, 5323 N. 61st Ave., $120,000.

Fliam, Doug to Colby, Anthony J., 2022 N. 70th Ave., $214,711.

Hansen, James and Patricia to Light Bulb Realty & Investment LLC, 6124 Evans St., $67,500.

Wilson, Thomasine D. to KR Properties LLC, 5006 Kansas Ave., $135,000.

Millard, Jeffrey Joseph and Diane to Yoder, Jacqueline Suzanne Reeves, 4906 Corby St., $113,000.

Matthew J. Bock Revocable Trust to Ellis, James Dayle and Laird, Thomas Robert, 2040 N. 55th St., $345,000.


Dynamic Properties LLC to Olsen, Robert R. and Caren E., 4231 Barker Ave., $185,500.

Meister, Douglas A. and Mary E. to Stephan, Brianne, 4337 Walnut St., $305,000.

Wagenknecht, Jared T. and Amy M. to Thibault, Evan and Brennan, Rachel, 3805 Castelar St., $150,000.

Dowling, Elizabeth Ann to Dryer, Charles and Kimble, Shari, 3009 S. 34th St., $165,750.

Burggraff, Frances M. to Oshaughnessy, Patricia L., 3943 Gold St., $126,000.

Leung, Queena L. to WL House Buyers LLC, 3931 Wright St., $140,000.

WL House Buyers LLC to Agua, Lidia Gomez Ojo De, 3931 Wright St., $140,000.

Coleman, Matthew J. to Coleman, Janet M., 814 S. 37th Ave., $55,000.


Sanders, Christopher E. to Connor, Mary K., 5919 Jones St., $522,000.

Trofholz, Kayla to Trinh, Alston and Osborne, Sarah, 5553 Mayberry St., $220,000.

Ketterer, Robert P. Jr. and Woodard, Ana A. to Revive Properties LLC, 5404 Poppleton Ave., $107,000.

Vansurksum, Andrew J. and Erin M. to Hornsby, Hugh B. Jr. and Hannah, 2218 S. 60th St., $222,500.

Nelson, Christine Ellen and Ryan Sean to Bower, Rosemarie, 4964 Bancroft St., $162,000.


Dewey Properties LLC to Polina, Martin and Diaz, Maria, 4612 S. 34th St., $30,000.

First National Bank of Omaha Trust to Heartland Holdings B LLC, 3420 Y St., $83,600.

Foster, Dee Ann to Deluna, Enrique Rodriguez A., 3951 M St., $110,000.

Adair Holdings LLC to Avalos, Gloria and Arroyo, Sanjuana, 4839 S. 36th St., $100,000.

Miranda, Carlos O. to Sanchez, Clara Vidal, 6106 S. 33rd Ave., $172,500.

Williams, Reba C. and John M. to Cervantes, Petrita, 5311 S. 32nd St., $52,000.

Graham, Rebecca to Mariscal, Yosmali Rivas and Bocanegra, Emmanuel, 931 Homer St., $122,500.

McKenna, William P. and Richel Vallente to Ecklund, Zane P. and Roknic, Ruby M., 4209 S. 12th St., $149,900.


Arturo and Maria LLC to Vana, Eric Steven, 1008 Bancroft St., $155,000.

Batheja, Ashish and Ludlow, Jody A. to Deardorff, Bart Roger and Barton, Tracy Rene, 1106 Marcy Place, $273,000.

Albers, Tregan D. II and Vacha, Sarah R. to Shinnick, Christopher Daniel and Behringer, Christine Carol, 1948 S. 15th St., $130,000.


Robinson, Paul and Velma to Alford, Ashia, 3812 N. 19th St., $26,000.

Buchanan, Mark to Array Group LLC, 1627 Emmet St., $23,000.

Lincoln, Mark to Sell, Jakalyn K., 1419 Ellison Ave., $70,000.

Reames, Arethea to 5 Kings LLC, 2214 Florence Blvd., $45,000.


Anderson, Diane to Gentry, Raymond Joseph IV and Sara, 4212 Corby St., $60,000.

Schmidt, Lisa D. to Romero, Arturo and Claros, Elvia Chica, 2440 Browne St., $35,000.

Bennett, Jennifer and Hawkins, Anthony to Schriver, Christopher D. and Jennifer L., 4017 Crown Point Ave., $100,500.

Jones, Gerald E. to Thomas Properties I LLC, 3328 N. 41st St., $12,000.

Brown, Robert A. and Lillie T. to MSD Properties LLC, 1920 N. 34th St., $30,000.

Green, Kameron J.C. Sr. and Wright, Renesha R. to Lathan, Shanetha S., 3456 Fowler Circle, $75,000.

GE2A Investments LLC to Endurable Investments LLC, 4223 Erskine St., $25,000.


Ulferts, David W. to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc., 3041 Huntington Ave., $35,000.

Omaha Dreamvesting LLC to Telule, Edith N., 6530 N. 35th St., $130,000.

Driver, Virginia L. to Schartz, Jenna M., 9519 N. 31st St., $105,000.

Brousseau, Kathryn Marie, personal representative of Wonder, Dru Ann K. estate, to Wiese, Roger, 6502 N. 31st Ave., $110,600.

Konz Investments LLC to Schumacher, Jamie and Nichole, 2729 Bauman Ave., $132,500.

Stepanek, Kathleen T. to Stepanek, Mark and Penny, 7923 N. 29th St., $59,500.

Rodriguez, Jane F. and Marshall M. to Huber, Steven, 3704 Craig Ave., $39,000.


Nelson, Lauriel L. to Petersen, Marlin, 822 N. 77th Ave., $135,000.

Robinette, Darrell W. and Christina I. to Haley, James E. and Casie A., 534 N. 73rd St., $265,000.

Jones, Craig P. and Alicia to Setlik, McKenna Michelle, 1009 N. 77th St., $195,000.

Upchurch, Garland Michael and Jessica to May, Nathan and Lauren, 1210 N. 88th St., $176,500.

Anderson, Grant A. to Keiser, John R., 7555 Charles St., $135,000.

Lunn, Margaret to Mitchell, Kevin, 7613 Seward St., $58,000.


Czyz, Paul and Spanitz, Amber to Navarro, Miguel Martinez, 2101 N. 170th St., $330,000.

JHBF LLC to Belt Construction Co. Inc., 3307 N. 177th St., $80,000.

Whitaker, James R. and Shelly A. to Brest, Christopher and Jessica, 16911 Locust St., $306,000.

Smith, Kevin L. and Mellissa J. to Mimick, Sarah M., 4116 N. 149th St., $231,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Mack, Bryan J. and Melissa A., 3218 N. 178th St., $518,400.

Ellis, Julie M. and Jason B. to Tvrdy, Titus L. and O’Brist, Ashleigh A., 16092 Redman Ave., $223,500.

Bradley, David C. II and Kayla N. to Samuelson, Emma and Ehresman, Andrew, 4507 N. 174th Ave., $301,000.


Bovard, George Brooks to Teetor, Catherine and Adam, 404 S. 158th Ave., $280,000.

Reider, Darwin L. to Kim, Kwangnyeon and Shin, Hyeonjin, 17053 Harney St., $465,000.

Unger, Evan and Rudolph, Nicole to Skolaut, Amy and James, 15727 Farnam St., $332,000.


Johnson, Loren C. and Pamela S. to Gustafson, Bryan and Michelle, 7418 N. 77th Ave., $165,000.

Nieto, Ryan M. and Davis, Jordan N. to Unnerstall, Jacob G. and Samantha C., 7527 N. 106th Ave., $227,000.

Jensen, Benjamin S. to Romero, Jake A. and Troy A., 7718 N. 80th St., $136,000.

Grasmick, Tyler S. and Ashten L. to San, Aung and Nmaw, Jaw Htang, 9106 Summit St., $185,500.

Webb, Megan L. to Larson, Bree and Sam, 7416 Wyoming St., $206,000.


Armstrong, Deanna M. to Larsen, Daniel J., 1625 S. 95th St., $150,000.

Barnes, John H. and Helen K. to Barnes, Sean Douglas James, 3124 S. 80th St., $190,000.

Hilger, Scott M. and Ann to Conner, Tori, 3469 S. 82nd St., $171,000.

Friedland, Edward C. and Jamie to Anderson, Robert James and Molly Barnthouse, 9959 Rockbrook Road, $640,000.


Wiederin, Jayme L. to Wiederin, Jason James, 8816 Monroe St., $93,500.

Thomas, R. Kent and Lynda L. to Brown, Heavenlee A., 7304 Jefferson St., $197,000.

Radden, George E. to Vargas, Maria B. Perez and Diaz, Alejandro Daniel Salas, 7240 Washington St., $180,000.

Piper, Ryan Scott to West, Dean, 8828 Ohern St., $143,000.

Hinze, Brian E. and Jan R. to Hiykel, Joseph J. and Katherine E., 4742 S. 77th Ave., $220,000.


Royal Development Inc. to Mitchell, Nancy A., 17516 Frances St., $415,000.

Okun, Richard L. and Melissa D. to Miller, Jason, 1330 S. 199th St., $480,000.

Bierle, Dennis D. and Joann to Frost, Jerod and Natalie, 17835 Bay Wood Drive, $690,000.

McQuade, Mark A. to Gonzales, David and Doris Kay, 4002 S. 176th Circle, $492,000.

Eichelberger, Judith L. and Gregory M. to Mullen, Patrick and Erica E., 1713 S. 177th Ave., $325,000.

Savage, Jason Q. and Julie L. to Burrow, Matthew and Dawn, 15717 Hascall Circle, $197,100.

Breeden, J. Aaron and Maggie to Johnson, Leah, 18927 Grover St., $245,500.


Kubowicz, Scott H. and Margie W. to Paulk, Phil and Lisa, 200 S. 31st Ave., $219,900.

Cornhusker Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors Inc. to 2602 Harney St LLC, 2602 Harney St., $740,000.

Clear Creek TDS LLC to Donovan, Bridget N., 3000 Farnam St., $115,000.

DRBC LLC to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 3302 Lincoln Blvd., $150,000.


Brunelli, Luca and Revello, Francesca to Johnson, Michael B. and Putnam, Sara M., 674 N. 57th Ave., $591,000.

Boland-Steier, Mary T. and Steier, James M. Jr. to Keesbury, Jill E. and Bradford, Spike M., 5435 Western Ave., $375,000.

Mitchell, Jeffrey J. and Antoniak-Mitchell, Dawn M. to Metcalf, Meredith Tracy, 1225 N. 53rd St., $230,000.

Renner, Ryan E. and Fredrichs, Alexandra N. to Michael & Stephanie McDermott Trust, 5112 Underwood Ave., $325,000.

Guevara, Jesus R. and Maria E. to Yearwood, Bradley A., 1046 Mayfield Ave., $145,000.

Paskach, Gregory J. and Molly E. to Boettcher, David F. Jr., 5439 Hamilton St., $194,000.

11T NE LLC to Home Plate Properties LLC, 4857 Cuming St., $100,000.

Horn, Michael to Whitworth, John and Paige, 459 N. 61st St., $275,000.


Kadima Properties LLC to Siebrandt Investments LLC, 9719 Larimore Ave., $130,000.

Ruckman, Nathan T. and Chellie to Huff-Lee, Stacy M., 2630 N. 96th St., $165,000.

Dickson, Davida Adams to Lwe, Shi and Boh, Naw, 7908 Kansas Ave., $161,000.

Cronin, Alicia L. to Winkler, Ian, 4620 Crestline Drive, $173,000.

Proplesch, Norma K. to Charles S. Klaus Trust and Patricia B. Klaus Trust, 4530 N. 95th St., $135,000.

Currie, James P. and Cynthia G. to Michanda 3 LLC, 4929 N. 95th Circle, $113,500.

Hultquist, Kirk Bradley, personal representative of Hultquist, Vieanna K. estate, to Hultquist, Kirk, 3717 N. 86th St., $157,000.


Christiansen, Sarah K. and Seth to Debuhr, Ryan Christopher and Jessica Talai, 6760 S. 187th Ave., $199,000.

Bondi, Zachary and Michelle to McCubbins, Greg and Jen, 15606 L St., $294,000.

Hahn, William J. Jr. and Marnie B. to Nielsen, Calvin Joe and Amy Lynn, 18308 Jefferson St., $380,000.

Sorensen, Julie Ann to Harvey, Jack, 16125 Adams St., $325,000.

Hromadka, Darren to Weddel, Christopher P. and Amanda J., 19422 V St., $180,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Worden, Brent A., 6204 S. 193rd Ave., $307,000.

BSR-FW LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 6231 S. 194th Ave., $64,350.

Perez, Shelby and Miguel to Moyers, Christopher T. and Marie F., 5607 S. 159th St., $232,000.

Kueny, Paul and Rebecca to Cordonnier, Trevor and Ashley, 16623 Ehlers St., $213,500.

Odom, Bobby J. Jr. and Brittney L. to McLaughlin, Michael T. and Jenni L., 18802 O St., $253,500.

Heins, Donald Osmun and Jean L. to Frank, Michael and Judy, 17021 Patterson Drive, $272,500.

Johnson, Leah K. to Liquori, Katie L., 5463 S. 194th St., $192,500.


Haskins, Patricia K. to Eljamal, Khalil, 5818 S. 135th Circle, $160,000.

Hogue, Jeffrey J. and Nikki A. to Witt, Christopher J. and Rachel L., 6424 S. 136th St., $205,000.

Mancuso, Michael K. and Leah D. to Jeannette, Stephanie, 4805 Oaks Lane, $175,000.

Bossen, Bruce A. and Darlene M. to Rzemyk, Thomas and Kehn, Janice, 5160 Marshall Drive, $125,000.

Dawson, Richard W. and Mashelle M. to Bader Construction LLC, 6526 S. 129th St., $200,000.

Lee, Carol Lynn to Pierce, Polly N., 15219 Z St., $161,000.

Judd B. & Janis A. Nason Living Trust to Carroll, Todd R., 14835 Holmes St., $170,000.


Corral, Daniel and Stephanie to Jensen, Aage W. and Owen, Kristin A., 14281 Wood Valley Drive, $184,000.

Livingston, Michael Todd and Margo Reyna to Sheehy, Margaret K. and Richardson, Kyle G., 11821 Whitmore St., $650,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Siwa, Michael and Allyson, 12370 Potter Circle, $456,312.


Modlin, Jeffrey K. to Wade, Nhung L. and Jacob S., 3025 S. 113th St., $237,500.

MacVittie, Michael A. and Kathleen J. to Modlin, Jeffrey K., 3107 S. 114th St., $180,000.

Red Ladder LLC to Blessie, Anthony M., 13511 Hickory Circle, $160,000.

Manahan, Antonio P. and Manon G. to Rafiki Realty LLC, 13624 Montclair Drive, $110,000.


Higginbotham, Paul R. Jr. and Erika J. to Starmer, Heather, 5220 Mary St., $120,000.

Smith, James T. Jr. and Amy Jo to Smith, James T. Sr., 4525 Manchester Drive, $250,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Nelson, John J. and Leann M., 6616 Elderberry Circle, $455,000.

Dolores C. Owen Qualified Residence Trust and Brower, Sam R., trustee, to Prickett, Wesley and Megan, 7722 Fairway Drive, $583,700.

Dolores C. Owen Qualified Residence Trust and Brower, Sam R., trustee, to Prickett, Wesley and Megan, 7708 Fairway Drive, $191,300.


Quest Construction Co. to Fermi LLC, 13632 Cuming St., $2,225,000.

King, Lynne E. to Pane, Charles J., 12312 Decatur St., $145,000.

Eggert, Benjamin L. and Schulz, Haley M. to Quandt, Kory L. and Lauren E., 15419 Westchester Circle, $205,000.

Eisele, James E. and Traci L. to Johnson, Jason N., 1112 N. 154th St., $261,000.

Miller, Norman J. and Roberta A. to Geyer, Douglas J., 772 N. 155th Ave., $220,000.

McNeil, Michael W. and Rebecca Z. to Lindsay, Alice M., 11809 Mayberry Place, $216,600.

Pane, Joseph F. Jr. to Vazquez, Gerardo Rodriguez, 11021 Jones St., $170,000.

Miller, Paul N. and Jennifer A. to Schumacher, Brian R. and Margaret T., 13616 Seward St., $545,000.

Brodsky, Ira to Moore, Lucas R., 709 N. 129th Place, $192,500.


Welsh, Leslie S. to Gray, Lloyd W. and Barbara E., 13313 Hillsborough Drive, $213,000.

Gutierrez, Mario and Marily to Hla, Hsee and Traw, Gaw, 11340 Hartman Circle, $193,000.

Ronk, Matthew A. and Brandi to Fokim, Bridget, 12914 Camden Ave., $165,000.

Bradstreet, Ronald Lee to Lapour-Masilko, Sam and Alexis, 4804 N. 109th St., $152,000.

Amenta Joint Revocable Trust and Amenta, Ronald T., trustee, to Boyd, Wendy Sue, 4203 N. 139th Ave., $338,000.

Sarpy County


Holtmeyer, Eric to Holtmeyer, Matt and Bryan, 305 Brooks Place, $200,000.

J. & R. Haddox Family Trust to Groenjes, Lauren C. and Farmer, Rashawn D., 2106 Leisure Lane, $119,000.

Burnside, Eric and Jennifer J. to Gradoville, Diana, 2525 Van Buren St., $126,000.

Thompson, George A. and Sylvia C. to Solomon, Emily and Russell, 1804 Collins Drive, $176,000.

Cordonnier, Trevor and Ashley to Reyes, Hilarino Luna, 202 Arenz Drive, $152,000.

Parker, Amanda Lou and Lawrence Christopher to Dawe, Christopher, 2310 Jackson St., $145,000.

SJ Mora LLC to Masters, Daniel J. and Jamie J., 1909 Lindyview Lane, $215,000.

Burke, Zachary and Eva A. to Kaemmerer, Timothy, 2202 Madison St., $163,000.

Nielsen, Linnaire to Deering, Andrea M. and O’Connor, Zachary J., 208 E. 20th Ave., $150,000.

Lopez, Arturo and Vanessa to Bazan, Jessica Cruz, 2205 Power Drive, $147,000.

Cassiday, Theresa L. to Shearer, Jesse N. and Cynthia L., 1025 Parkway Drive, $135,000.


Baker, Andrew H. and Mutchler-Baker, Jennifer to Ainsworth, Justin Chase and Tricia Marie, 20224 Crystal Ave., $280,000.

Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC to Hileman, Amanda, 19616 Redwood St., $340,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Justin J. & Michelle M. Rohrer Joint Trust, 18228 Cheyenne Road, $100,000.

Heartland Holdings A LLC to Dejka, Andrew J. and Alysia N., 220 Wesgaye St., $160,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Smith, Glenn C. and Kathleen E., 11417 S. 169th St., $289,000.

Duin, Paul M. and Vicki L. to Nickerson, Tammy L., 353 Shamrock Road, $180,000.

Gretna Station LLC to A. & L. Management LLC, 20082 Hampton Drive, $259,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Kister, Robert David and Deanna L., 16961 Jessica Lane, $323,000.

Murante, John F. and Melissa to Williams, Colton T. and Debra L. W., 11814 S. 211th St., $264,000.


Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Pham, Cam and Bui, Tai, 11510 S. 110th Ave., $343,000.

Lake, Chelsec S. and Adam N. to Anderson, Trevor and Jennifer, 824 Donegal Drive, $225,000.

Landsverk, Richard J. and Esther L. to Schieffer, Cody M. and Sarah L., 1109 Hackney Drive, $230,000.

Cornillie, David L. and Glenda S. to Hollowell, Thomas A., 12603 S. 81st Ave., $380,000.

Kister, Deanna L. and Robert D. to King, Kaleb J. and Knobbe, Laura J., 1133 Overland Trail, $207,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Cotton, William Brooks and O’Connor Cotton, Megan, 10210 S. 105th Ave., $409,000.

Norton, Andrew D. and Adrienne L. to Manzella, Eric and Brooke, 1111 Patricia Drive, $195,000.


Nich, Frances C. to Mullins, William F., 675 N. 1st St., $150,000.


Treat, David Michael and Kristen L. to Galas, Neil, 13509 S. 44th St., $260,000.

Newport Homes LLC to Mason, Todd W. and Lisa A., 12028 S. 44th St., $381,000.

Bartee, Sammy N., personal representative of Bartee, Merdeith L. estate, to MWT Exchange Accommodator 07642 LLC, 11621 S. 31st St., $181,000.

Kowalczyk, Adam S. to Price, Heather, 2603 Coffey Ave., $230,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Burke, Patrick M. and Kohout Burke, Ann Marie, 1913 Plymouth Rock Road, $242,000.

Shaw, David A. and Marcella A. to Coberly, Nathan and Kara, 10805 Winding River Drive, $263,000.


Galas, Neil T. to Perkins, Bridget and Joshua, 7325 Josephine St., $186,000.

Anderson, Paul Dennis and Trisha to Lewis, Sheila, 7323 S. 71st Ave., $42,000.

Janes, Robert E. and Carole A. to Thomas, Robert K. and Lynda L., 9501 Valley Road Circle, $298,000.

Delong, Terri to Semahah, Lori J. and Vincent Q., 9920 Edward St., $240,000.

Semahah, Lori J. and Vince to Garrett, Kassandra L., 7413 Elm Drive, $160,000.


Marc David Custom Built Homes to Shaw, Donald C., 13811 S. 50th St., $324,000.

Erxleben, Bradley M. and Edwards Erxleben, Cynthia M. to Chunduri, Raghavendra, 6641 Elm Hurst Drive, $225,000.

Mosser, Juline and Lebeda, Richard Jr. to Haiar, Nicholas J. and Jennifer R., 6761 Ridgewood Drive, $382,000.


Eades, Kyle to Junge, Matthew and Fuller, Kelsi, 16418 Virginia St., $227,000.

Carpenter, Brian J. to Wigington, Laurie, 16417 Virginia St., $253,000.

Charles Thomas Homes to McNeel, Randall and Sarina, 8107 S. 185th Circle, $438,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Murcek, Robert P., 8215 S. 186th St., $241,000.

Richards, Kyle and Felicia M. to Metzler, Rosa, 16224 Heather St., $270,000.

Bedlan, Ryan J. to Rapien, Ashley, 7219 S. 183rd Ave., $190,000.

John A. & Shari F. Flowers Living Trust to Lipprand, Richard, 15822 Emiline St., $279,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Perina, Daniel and Jessica, 8408 S. 169th St., $337,000.

Hall, Jacqueline G. to Cleveland, John L., 8150 S. 190th St., $271,000.


Hixson, Kevin E. and Michelle M. to Tucker, Megan, 7104 S. 146th St., $168,000.

Saucedo, Joel and Antonia Noemi to Smith, Jason S. and Park, Jessica A., 13933 Greenfield Road, $180,000.

McDonald, Daniel G. to Gaskell, Kelly and Sterling, Sean, 8660 S. 143rd Ave., $167,000.

Miller, Kevin J. to Hiatt, Gary, 15219 Chalco Pointe Drive, $150,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Olivier, Jeremy S. and Kimberly T., 11275 S. 115th St., $363,000.

Van Dyke, Jennifer and Jacob to Lough, Matthew J., 15521 Newel St., $190,000.

PRN Properties LLC to Hilgenbrinck, Tad and Mahrt, Travis, 8663 S. 143rd Ave., $152,000.


A&L Remodeling LLC to Avendano, Eligia A. and Manuel D., 7101 S. 22nd St., $150,000.

Huff, Benjamin S. and Tianna to Vu, Justin, 4009 Greene Ave., $145,000.

HBI LLC to Fox, Maurice Anthony Jr., 2113 Gertrude St., $135,000.

Stow, Kendall and Jana to Acevedo, Edgar and Andrea L., 7527 Chandler Hills Drive, $122,000.

APM Properties LLC to Orr, Franklin and Kayla, 7002 Chandler Hills Drive, $164,000.

Farias, Anthony and Kasi B. to Nielsen, Linnaire and Dennis W. Jr., 8903 S. 17th St., $240,000.


Mason, Todd W. and Lisa to Mathews, Richard III and Myers, Cynthia K., 5017 Trail Circle Ave., $193,000.

Alvarado, Heriberto and Yuridia J. to Tysdal, Mark A. and Tysdal, Gaii, 7707 S. 45th Avenue Circle, $275,000.

Farley, Mark A. and Kayla A. to Yacevich, Jeremy J. and Cyr, Elisha L., 7520 S. 46th Ave., $200,000.

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