Douglas County


Anderson, Logan and Jodi to Little, Grant W. and Kayla L., 17420 Bondesson St., $355,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Nuzum, Jamison and Sammis, Cheney, 8232 N. 162nd St., $272,900.

Antonio, Francisco J. to Frost, Jared and Alexa, 14522 Mormon St., $180,000.

Dave Paik Builders Inc. to Regennitter, Lyle and Bonita, 7351 N. 169th St., $398,000.

Mercury Contractors Inc. to Dring-Bueno, Danielle M. and Bueno, Eduardo III, 7616 N. 156th Ave., $344,481.

Nelson Builders Inc. to Bohn, Brian and Anita, 7357 N. 171st St., $405,000.


Concept Homes & Design Inc. to Herbert, Joel T. and Price, Amy K., 2109 S. 209th St., $572,000.

Josephine Knox Trust and Knox, Thomas D., trustee, to Stepp, James M., 20820 Corral Road, $337,500.

Hildebrandt, Bradley A. and Mary J. to Maloley, Ryan P., 18308 Farnam St., $290,000.

Wilson, John R. and Sharon R. to Cole, Chad D. and Lisa A., 20550 Sheffield St., $769,000.

Advantage Development Inc. to Stachum, Kendra M., 3907 S. 207th St., $71,000.

Davis, Kathryn J. to Flanery, Judith J., 18895 Marcy St., $279,000.

Arato, Joseph and Aonica to Shovlin, Tyler and Davis, Kathryn, 1714 Blue Sage Parkway, $443,000.

Uleman, Lynda and Bichel, Jim to Batchelder, Frances A., 1039 S. 217th St., $322,000.

Triplett, Zachary M. and Jasmine to Warren, Levi J. and Nicole M., 1411 N. 208th St., $258,000.


Wetjen, Richard E. and Peggy L. to Rentfro, Robert J. III and Ann E., 135 S. 243rd St., $88,000.


Ellis, James D. to Dwyer, Robert, 1209 Leavenworth St., $410,000.

Locatis, James to Jepsen, Kaelin Mychal, 2315 Harney St., $96,000.

Petersen, Janice E. and Dirk to Mary C. Koraleski Revocable Trust, 1147 Leavenworth St., $435,000.

Chenoweth Family Trust and Chenoweth, Robert B., trustee, to De Riancho, Daniel Patrick, 1024 Dodge St., $269,900.


HBI LLC to Reh, Hsaw and Mo, Preh, 4917 N. 59th St., $142,000.

Kaplan, Sarah L. and Gary to Kingston, Michael K. and Cavagnaro, Lucas J., 2027 N. 55th St., $320,000.

Barkmeier, Jared David and Jenna to Bihlajama, Leyinzca and Matthew William, 2715 N. 64th St., $225,000.

Thomas, Thomas N., personal representative of Thomas, Connie J. estate, to Juarez, Joshua S. and Diaz, Norma A., 6710 Ogden St., $77,000.

Tay, Saw and Eh, Pi to Reh, Mi and Meh, Poe, 5425 Fort St., $165,000.

Janseen, Thomas C. and Christi to Rommelfanger, Dan and Mary, 2016 N. 54th St., $350,000.

Qualified Property Solutions LLC to Elster, John M. and Foster, Lauren M., 7080 Wirt St., $129,000.

Gale, Kay L. and Chapman, Rita to Grayson, Peter, 4513 Camden Ave., $18,000.


Brooker, Aaron and Laura to Mejia, Jajaira Ozuna and Rivera, Ricardo Ortiz, 1116 S. 27th St., $64,500.

Kellogg, Jason and Monica to Sandoval, Cynthia Irene and Alvarez, Ruben Benavidez, 3330 S. 36th St., $162,500.

Mitzlaff, David J. and Jena L. to Smolen, Christopher and Sarah, 3006 Vinton St., $89,000.

Barry Summer Enterprises Inc. to Knott, Steve, 1939 S. 28th St., $12,000.

Miller, Rose Marie to Kelroy LLC, 3630 Grover St., $79,500.

Oswald, Megan M. to Buonafede LLC, 3927 Martha St., $135,000.

Young, Ralph Steve and Kimi J. to Micheels, Sarah Jane, 3907 Castelar St., $135,000.

Heaston, Elaine, personal representative of Rozmajzl, Catherine M. estate, to Peterson, Thomas R. and Patricia S., 4327 Poppleton Ave., $225,000.

Dushan, Gena R. to Gena R. and Tracey, Peter W., 4250 William St., $98,050.

Schulz, Dean to Groh, Randy and Sydney, 3516 Hascall St., $126,500.

Adam, Jason Patrick to Abundis, Indelisa M., 2507 S. 25th St., $51,000.

Gates S. and Marie L. Salistean Trust to Reyes, Isidro, 1036 S. 35th St., $72,000.


Elder, Sara and Jesse to Smith, Connor and Morgan, 4548 Mason St., $189,000.

Harmon, Meredith and Deborah to Baltazar, Patricio R. and Juarez, Sonia A., 3619 S. 55th St., $167,000.

Jarvis, Mary, personal representative of Adams, Lillie Mae estate, to Wisehart, Paul, 3421 S. 58th St., $61,500.

Daniel O. Peterson Trust and Peterson Anderson, Amy Elizabeth, trustee, to T & T Realty LLC, 5572 Shirley St., $106,000.

Tvrdy, Joseph, personal representative of Tvrdy, Patricia A. estate, to Tvrdy, Ryan, 5124 Jackson St., $155,000.

Westman, Thomas to Schneider, Ronald David Jr. and Sydney, 6218 Elm St., $179,900.

Schnabel, Rebecca B. to Koukol, Claire C., 5619 Pacific St., $196,100.

Dworak, Kyle John and Yong, Amanda to Kenai Properties LLC, 715 S. 68th Ave., $187,000.


Jackson, Gary R. Jr. to Wiedemeier, Sara, 4220 H St., $105,000.

Robinson, Linda J. to McCool, Austin and Shannon, 4132 Drexel St., $135,000.

Sanchez, David Acosta and Arvizu-Olalde, Martha Azucena to Pichardo, Luis E. Valencia, 3807 U St., $105,000.

Portillo, Carmen A. and Jaimes, Marcelo Garcia to Marquez, Enrique Jr., 6231 S. 36th Ave., $129,500.

Higgins, Kathleen A. to Higgins, Kathleen A. and Shannon L., 6023 S. 41st Ave., $36,750.

Pham, Tuan V. and Lieu T. to Ramos, Hilario, 5002 S. 20th St., $29,000.

Goings, Paul to Ady, William A., 3912 S. 25th St., $15,700.

Zeleny, Allen T. to Cabral, Joseph L. and Mary C., 3630 Drexel St., $65,000.

Gordon, Lacy and Lorraine to Azteca Investments LLC, 3614 T St., $132,000.


Konvalin, Glenna E. to Buttermore, Andrew K. and April J., 1017 Arbor St., $90,000.

TSV A LLC to Keiser, Evan C. and Jenelle L., 2320 S. Seventh St., $109,900.

Jensen, David J. and Maria to Sociedad Lakma Homes LLC, 1725 S. Ninth St., $65,000.

Robinson, Marliesha T. to Vaught, Darrell, 836 S. 22nd St., $15,900.

Monteleone Family Trust and Monteleone, Jeseph, trustee, to Miller Way LLC, 2426 S. 18th St., $90,500.

Dee Semin Living Trust to Anguiano, Jaime Alvarado and Solano, Dorisela Ortiz, 1917 S. 12th St., $100,000.


Longe, Brian A. and Simonds-Longe, Angela L. to Glassroots Real Estate LLC, 3946 Hartman Ave., $55,000.

Grandberry-Morrow, Lorita A. to Pane, Charles J., 3739 Hartman Ave., $51,000.

Betanzos, Francisco Rangel to Cruz, Oneyda Nohemy Reyes, 5604 N. 44th Ave., $67,000.

Birch, Tanesha R. to BSM Eat LLC, 5902 N. 33rd Ave., $95,000.

Sanchez De Sanabria, Alejandra B. and Vega, Jose A. to Ruiz, Maria and Lobano, Irvin, 4008 Wirt St., $15,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Jorden, Matthew D., 1722 N. 28th St., $20,000.

Miami Heights Development Co LLC to Holy Name Housing Corporation, 3234 Miami St., $15,000.

Mancinas, Rodolfo Acosta and Fraire, Gregoria Adame to Martinez, Maria Del Rosario, 3535 Grand Ave., $28,500.

Deanery Partners LLC to Lagunas, Delfino and Lagunas, Maria, 3952 N. 38th St., $45,000.

Freeman, James Curtis and Deborah Ann to Council Bluffs Development Co. LLC, 3351 N. 40th St., $21,000.

Greene, Mary Anne to Men of Honor LLC, 5348 N. 28th Ave., $65,000.

Chargrey Inc. to Egad LLC, 4467 Burdette St., $60,000.


Regan, Mary Clare to Miller Way LLC, 7951 N. 39th St., $82,300.

Anthony L. Milone Living Trust to LCT Homes LLC, 2569 Ida St., $50,000.

Ernest J. Abbott Jr. IRA and Horizon Trust Company, custodian, to Endurable Investments LLC, 2868 Newport Ave., $36,179.

Ulferts, David W. to Summers, Andrew, 6820 N. 24th St., $99,900.

Anthony L. Milone Living Trust to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 4435 Redick Ave., $48,000.

Faulkner, Daniel J. and Clara E. to Faulkner, Devin J., 2868 Bauman Ave., $45,000.

Rapaich, John and Cynthia to Greco, Sam A., 3135 Reynolds St., $100,100.


Murphy, Deborah E. to Deborah E. Murphy Revocable Trust, 10024 Fieldcrest Drive, $283,700.

Brown Realm LLC to Hess, Aubrey, 912 S. 84th St., $509,842.

Bieber, Heather and Karl to Gould, Harvey S. and Li, Qingye, 1029 N. 105th St., $260,000.

ITM LLC to Petri, Roland W. and Susan T., 9741 Fieldcrest Drive, $1,074,000.

Russell, Jill F. to Brown, David and Brown, Maxine, 10114 Fieldcrest Drive, $434,000.


Byar, Matthew S. and Katherine L. to Barrineau, Elizabeth and Gary, 17120 Burdette St., $308,000.

Michael & Kathryn Schneider Family Trust to Adams, Tevis and Schyler, 17451 Boyd St., $357,000.

McCarthy, Katherine to Pekarek, Reece and Madison, 2923 N. 153rd Ave., $189,000.

Starkel, Jeremy and Kristin to Jetty, Srujan and Katamreddy, Himaja, 17704 Burdette St., $417,000.

Wildhagen, Christina M. and Daniel K. to Howell, Alyssa C., 16768 Laurel Place, $149,900.

Vosik, William M. Jr. and Denise M. to Insinger, Justin and Nicole, 3427 N. 161st Ave., $400,000.

Heggen, James A. and Marcy J. to Nelson, Dan J. and Courtney K., 15404 Crown Point Ave., $315,000.

Laubscher, Garry J. and Pigman, Kristine K. to Haremza, Boe and Rebecca, 3922 N. 158th St., $370,000.

Hansen, Christopher R. to Salerno, Samantha, 14616 Meredith Ave., $220,000.


Beedle, James E. and Judith M. to Beedle, Lucas, 5328 U St., $170,000.

Berg, Debra R., personal representative of Versch, Arlein J. estate, to F4 Properties LLC, 4403 S. 46th St., $81,500.


Mullen, James A. and Rochelle A. to Morehouse, Bradley A. and Michelle L., 15667 Webster St., $705,000.

Fisk, James L. and Karen L. to Allen, Philip and Lauren, 832 N. 164th St., $290,000.

Dickinson, James Gregory and Babbitt, Diane K. to Ro-Dan LLC, 17570 Parker Place, $157,000.


Jensen, Kevin R. to Graham, Rebecca, 6723 N. 75th St., $144,900.

Ryberg, Steven W. and Cecilia C. to Bartsch, James T. and Esther L., 8117 Read St., $186,000.

Rodriguez, Pancho D. and Katelyn to Galda, Joseph C. and Depeel, Mark J., 7864 Newport Ave., $165,000.

Patera, Alaina M. and Jason M. to Dhandapani, Dharmaraj, 7005 N. 89th St., $171,500.

Riley, Jacob and Kelsie to Thein, Dah, 7923 Fillmore St., $163,000.

Workman, Daniel Scott and Chelsea to Rodabaugh, Landon and Baker, Cheyenne, 8871 Kimball St., $172,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Anderson, Jeffrey S. and Dianne Y., 8553 King St., $227,116.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Gulizia, James J. and Jennilyn G., 8546 King St., $212,900.


Blueside Properties LLC to Bishop, Edward C. and Shelley L., 3711 S. 75th St., $175,000.

Maverick Property Group LLC to James C. Brown Revocable Living Trust, 7905 Barbara St., $180,000.

Stiles, Dale J. Jr. and Jaya to Agraz, Daniel, 3254 S. 77th Ave., $170,500.

Wallquist, Eric to Lawton, Bernard J. and James, Kayla M., 8022 Valley St., $194,000.

Braun, Scott and Dawn G. to Kennedy, Tammie M., 8110 Gold St., $189,000.

David R. Day Trust to Wilka, Nicholas J. and Daisy L., 2313 S. 91st St., $325,000.

James L. Smith Trust and Head, Douglas R., trustee, to Baca, Daniel and Buffy, 1623 S. 79th Ave., $400,000.

Rupp, Elizabeth B. and Mark E. to Paustian, John and Stephanie, 7973 Hickory St., $372,000.


Arfmann, Dennis L. and Brown, Julie A. to Arfmann, William W., 5112 S. 80th St., $113,900.

Arfmann, William W. and Davis, Claudia J. to Modlin, Jeffrey K., 5112 S. 80th St., $117,000.

Kays, Jeffrey Reed to Naujokaitis, Steven and Osmera, Julie, 6805 S. 82nd St., $150,000.

Craig A. and Mary R. Porter Trust to Morrow, Kevin R., 5304 S. 93rd St., $171,700.

Hirsh, Gary L. to Hirsh, Michael R. and Kathleen, 9316 Monroe St., $238,000.

Carlsen, Mark and Bueno, Veronica to Dring-Bueno, Danielle M., 8450 Orchard Ave., $137,700.

Dring-Bueno, Danielle M. and Bueno, Eduardo III to Bueno, Edgar, 8450 Orchard Ave., $215,000.

Finkenbiner, Kevin T. and Cheryl C. to Bruntz, William C. and Brenda S., 4916 S. 98th Avenue Circle, $212,000.


Richland Homes LLC to Binbuga, Bulent and Nursen, 2121 S. 192nd Ave., $330,000.

Wiseman, Ronald P. and Frances M. to Sealer, Matthew J. and Holly A., 1650 S. 186th Circle, $756,250.

Hendricksen, Donald G. and Bonnie Lou to Thomas and Karen Zegers Revocable Trust, 1405 S. 190th Place, $439,250.

Creen, Nathan M. and Laura L. to Kathleen M. Rudd Revocable Trust No. 1, 18118 Atlas St., $400,000.

Froemming, Stacey R. and Shari A. to Wolfson, Douglas P. and Sara L., 1603 S. 193rd St., $515,000.

Hostetter, Jeffrey A. and Robin R. to Zakaras, Jason, 16325 Oak Circle, $317,500.

Uhrmacher, Darrel R. and Barbara A. to Emigh, Jay C. and De R., 20202 B St., $194,000.

Sadu, Praveen Kumar and Pallavi to Rhylander, Andrew S. and Theresa A., 2917 S. 165th Ave., $245,000.

Reischl, Chad J. and Inga A. to Shigley, Aaron and Jaime, 16024 Martha Circle, $228,000.

Cangelose, Andrew J. and Kim M. to Chatters, Lawrence Joseph and Katie S., 20152 C St., $367,500.


Robinson, Valerie J. to Hartung, Joel and Meghan, 322 N. 37th St., $170,400.

McGaugh, Anita, personal representative of McGaugh, June estate, to McGaugh, Reginald, 3326 Myrtle Ave., $95,200.

Scannell, Trevor P. to Aripov, Izzat and Turaeva, Nigora, 220 S. 31st Ave., $290,000.


Krelle, Jill M. to Sualy, Kunal and Sirisha, 5117 Western Ave., $358,900.

Knox, Brandon and Kelli to Froehlich, Chase D., 519 N. 47th St., $195,000.

Herrington, Kelly and Ilyssa Michelle to Scheller, Daniel and Martinez, Joanna, 408 S. 48th Ave., $209,000.

Beha, Jonathan M. and Lynn to Darling, Kyle and Melissa, 5004 Webster St., $224,900.

Howell, Jeffery Alan and Diane Marie to Gross, Thomas, 5024 Burt St., $301,000.

Reese, Debra A. to Nulty, Matthew J., 7055 Western Ave., $112,000.

Manheimer, Jerry M., personal representative of Manheimer, Helen estate, to Evans, Raymond M., 6542 Western Ave., $137,000.

Dahlke, Joshua and Laura to Burt, Alexandra Jane, 4907 Davenport St., $132,500.


Roberts, Glenda R. to LJ Growers LLC, 7736 Richmond Drive, $65,000.

Bridwell, Frank M. and Sharon M. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 9614 Maple Drive, $95,000.

Vazquez, Teodoro to Whitfield, Robert and Olson, Julie, 8118 Corby St., $168,900.

Andersen, Nick and Lea Ann to Alitz, Nicholas John and Allysa Jane, 4404 N. 100th St., $175,000.

Graeve, Patricia L. to Graeve, Patricia L. and Steadman, Jay M., 9436 Ohio St., $63,000.

Keith, Christine A. and Randall D. to Morford, Steven L., 4419 Crestline Drive, $165,000.

High Point Ventures LLC to Plummer, Erika K., 6123 N. 78th Ave., $175,000.

Mesick, Jeff and Stephanie to Martinez, Kevin, 8830 Sprague Circle, $178,500.

Maides, Benjamin and Muth, Ashley to Fell, Colleen E., 3829 N. 93rd St., $182,500.

Tkaczuk Properties LLC to Rieger, Kyle and Megan, 9205 Ames Ave., $175,000.

MCS Rentals LLC to Gomez, Ivan Salgado and Galeana, Maria Fabiola Hernandez, 9612 Wirt St., $175,000.


Bregg, Makayla L. and Kenneth S. to Graham, Shelby N., 19369 U St., $184,800.

Hansen, Mitchell G. and Dianna L. to Oliver, Andrew J. and Hailey A., 19426 R St., $185,000.

Daro, James L. Jr. and Diane M. to Moore, Joshua Steven and Kasha Arielle, 18551 Polk St., $255,000.

McCaskill, Paul R. and Lula K. to Headley, Michael J. and Kathleen F., 5720 S. 173rd St., $315,000.

Flaherty, Joan K. to Miller, Jarad and Michelle, 18847 Jacobs Circle, $175,400.

Zimmer, Terence M. and Janine M. to Wetgen, Kyle James and Beth Marie, 6211 S. 178th St., $340,000.


Panebianco, Michael Charles and Carly to Garcia, William C., 4929 S. 124th St., $190,000.

Essi, Richard P. to Arends, Justin and Perkins, Lauren, 11429 Laci Circle, $225,000.

Eischen Revocable Living Trust and Eischen, Diana L., trustee, to Spellman, Hugh E. and Colleen, 6116 S. 146th St., $305,500.

Wissink, Carol A. to Zhang, Qiri and Tweet, William, 4979 S. 143rd St., $133,000.

Avery, Tyler J. and Sarah C. to Miller, Katie, 12606 Orchard Ave., $175,000.

O’Boyle, Connie L. to Robinson, Brenda D., 5114 S. 125th Court, $141,000.

Reinhardt, John Daniel and Lorilee to Reinhardt, Samuel C. and Ervin, Michelle E., 13112 O St., $259,000.

Araujo, Mary E. to Araujo, Daniel Paul, 6036 Oakcrest Plaza, $125,000.

Strong, Kerry L. and Wilson, Kim M. to Acclaimed National Property Specialists Inc., 14136 Karl St., $128,600.

Meyer, Jess and Jenny to Kelso, Wade and Joanne, 15129 Madison St., $172,000.

Zetterberg, Shantel and John K. to Croushorn, Samuel M. H., 6605 S. 153rd St., $150,000.


Shively, Warren G. and Michele L. to Laughlan, Bridget M. and Jeffrey Ian, 11506 Iowa Circle, $285,000.

Blue Ridge Builders LLC to Wilshusen, Jonathan A. and Ann, 12771 Mormon St., $510,000.

Gilbert, Shawn K. Sr. and Jonna J. to Warren and Karen Kable Revocable Trust, 7481 N. 139th St., $250,000.

Wepfer, Christopher D. and Shaela E. to Summerfield, Nathan R., 12326 Scott Circle, $75,000.


Kaffenberger, James M. and Lisa M. to Aviles, Alejandro G. and Mikayla A., 3012 S. 146th St., $225,000.

Giasson, Shannon K. and Joseph to Mishra, Deepak and Preeti, 14724 Hascall St., $180,000.

James O. Keyes Revocable Family Trust to Hillebrandt, John P. and Emily C., 3622 S. 116th St., $205,000.

Marilyn R. Raupe Revocable Living Trust to Kavanaugh, Laurie E., 2312 S. 119th Place, $135,000.

Herting, Russ and Libbi J. to Lionberger, Chrystal, 1818 S. 123rd St., $186,000.

Reddymasu, Savio C. and Bellamkonda, Pallavi to Tran, Jennifer F. and Thuc H., 1602 S. 129th St., $917,000.

Kempke, Treva and Chad to Walker, Grant and Jamille, 13629 Valley St., $168,500.

Shaw, Joel E. and Carol N. to Garwood, Jared E. and Meredith A., 3118 S. 116th St., $200,000.

Nordberg, Alice E. to Powers, Laura and Andrew, 3322 S. 122nd St., $120,000.

Gomez, Joyce A. to Gomez, Andrew R., 13716 Valley St., $160,000.


Sophia C. Fleming Family Trust and Fleming, Ballard, trustee, to Kwai, Ta and Paw, Kam Ler, 6408 Whitmore St., $152,200.

Harding, Robert and Carole to Solonynka, Nicholas, 6904 N. 57th St., $85,000.

Day, Christine E. to Segebarth, Dawn M., 5035 Ernst St., $143,090.


Klein, Susanne M. to Red Ladder LLC, 15424 Cuming Circle, $145,000.

Price, Amy K. and Herbert, Joel to Dickey, Paul E. and Willyne, 764 N. 155th St., $265,000.

Mackenzie, John J. to Horn, Megan M. and Gavin T., 12402 Deer Hollow Drive, $246,000.

Hays, Bill G. and Arietta L. to La Lune LLC, 510 Piedmont Drive, $225,000.

Claudia G. Sherman Revocable Trust to KP3 Investors LLC, 12756 Nicholas Circle, $200,000.

Buonafede LLC to Oswald, Megan, 10921 Jones St., $180,000.

Frost, Jerod and Natalie to Lathrop, David Scott and Jessica Frances, 621 Grey Fawn Drive, $300,000.

Clifford E. Feyerherm Revocable Trust and Feyerherm, Thomas L., trustee, to Feyerherm, Zachary and Laura, 1405 N. 131st Avenue Circle, $250,000.

Jaynes, Ruth L. to Vu, Van Linh and Pham, Tuong Vy, 12108 Westover Road, $269,900.

Hollenbeck, Janean M. to Stillmock, Patricia and Michael, 1617 N. 137th St., $550,000.


Thorson, Scott M. and Felicia C. to Nekola, Jeff and Katelynn, 13519 Larimore Ave., $266,000.

Gutmann, Keith E. Sr. and Megan E. to King, Christopher D. and Marnie K., 13416 Hillsborough Drive, $285,000.

Wanser, Mark J. and Roni D. to Coronado, Jesus E. and Jennifer, 12805 Laurel Ave., $65,000.

Nelson, Brian David and Mana to Phillips, Todd Alan and Alicia Michelle, 5949 N. 108th Avenue Circle, $105,000.

Sarpy County


Kenney, Cynthia A. to Kohout, Justin and Rachelle, 301 Bellevue Blvd N, $140,000.

Tucker, Richard R. and Jennifer C. to Loehr, Michael Anthony II and Elizabeth Anne, 806 Douglas Drive, $210,000.

Rice, Anthony A. and Ashley M. to Pauly, Jacob L. and Paige E., 705 W. 32nd Ave., $132,000.

Slocum, Joshua A. and Danielle Lee to Heesch, Allen, 1806 Thurston Ave., $162,000.

Kreps, Christopher and Jennifer to Garrison, Heath M. and Selita Daniele, 1003 Somerset Drive, $220,000.

100 Year Homes Inc. to Martinez, Jennifer L., 503 W. 33rd Ave., $218,000.


Blessie, R. J. to Bernal, Jill Janette, 11869 S. 217th St., $201,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Dalley, Edward M. and Joann M., 16908 Doreen St., $296,000.

Meyer, Mark E. Jr. and Megan N. to Alstrom, Brooke, 402 N. Park Drive, $170,000.

Martin, Jason C. and Jacqueline A. to Berezay, Matthew W. and Amanda J., 19804 Josephine St., $307,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Wilcox, Patricia L., 19253 Greenleaf St., $330,000.

Lehan, Christopher M. and Lisa M. to Archer, Jeremy and Kathleen, 10769 S. 231st St., $157,000.


Meaker Medcalf, Sharon J. to Becker, Brett A. and Stephanie M., 8046 Swallowtail St., $380,000.

Fitzpatrick, Trevor R. and Yvonne T. to Wilford, Jennifer and Curtis, 808 Joseph Drive, $280,000.

Williams, Timothy C. and Laura to Schuler, George James and Jami Lynn, 12713 S. 82nd St., $400,000.

Soukup, Adam and Emilee to Jones, Jason and Tiffany, 2140 Broadwater Drive, $325,000.

Ashby, David E. III and Samantha R. to David Boren and Sharon L. Moy Revocable Living Trust, 1107 S. Grandview Ave., $220,000.

Hewett, Don B. and Nancy J. to Reed, Keli and Hopkins, Heather, 11748 S. 111th St., $387,000.

Keepes, Kenneth P. and Christina M. to Thomas, Tanner and Tina, 1805 Lakewood Drive, $367,000.

Simpson, John C. to Matthews, Casey and April, 706 Joseph Drive, $215,000.


Wilcox, Patricia L. to Finke, John W. and Mari Beth, 13606 S. 127th St., $335,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Blain, Eric S. and Micaela, 14319 S. 17th St., $239,000.

Rhow, Seth to Horton, Levi and Annaliese, 3132 Marlene Lane, $213,000.

Osantowski, Elizabeth K. and Morgan W. to Tew, Mathew and Krista, 11703 Trumble Loup W, $245,000.

Hoskinson, Monty R. and Dorothy C. to Latimer, Wesley and Sharon, 13811 Kelly Drive, $285,000.

Korte, Chad and Mandy to Locklair, John and Laura, 2504 Hummingbird Circle, $263,000.

Ryder, Joeline G. to Mathis, Cheryl and Jill Alicia, 2007 Lloyd St., $138,000.


Sarvis, Shawn to Hobbs, James and Clindaniel Hobbs, Susan, 7314 S. 70th St., $97,000.

Cunningham, Nicholas F. and Zimmerman Cunningham, Anne to Urban, Paul and Elena, 7913 S. 75th Ave., $256,000.


Ellenburg, Stephanie M. and Steele, Brian A. to Maleckis, Kaspars and Wang, Chao, 6671 Kara Drive, $339,000.

Levesque, Adam and Stephine to Hoglund, Chelsea R. and Julia M., 613 Rosewood Ave., $198,000.

Stier, Christopher John and Lindsay Marie to Curto, Samantha J., 2124 Betsy Ave., $265,000.


Evans, Brett T. to Netusil, James, 7029 S. 183rd Ave., $191,000.

Scholting, Trevor and Michelle A. to Schrader, Douglas A. and Patricia L., 10611 S. 188th St., $397,000.

Charles Thomas Homes to Okupski, Ann J., 8109 S. 184th Terrace, $419,000.

Berlin, Glen and Janet to With, Jan L., 7022 S. 183rd Terrace, $269,000.

Glenn, Robert L. to Kershaw, Michael C. and Huson, Stevie N., 16206 Redwood St., $263,000.

Colling, Phillip and Shannon L. to Pranschke, Shawn and Kelsey, 7203 S. 177th St., $183,000.

McClure, Bradley J. and Joan M. to Shaw, Joel and Carol, 17205 Emiline St., $288,000.

River Oaks Development LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 7313 S. 184th St., $197,000.

River Oaks Development LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 7907 S. 184th Ave., $103,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Beck, Joshua and Halissatou, 8001 S. 184th St., $299,000.

Best Construction Co. Inc. to Gorham, Robert J. and Loretta J., 11012 S. 175th Ave., $368,000.

Leggett, Shala and Olsen, John and Anita T. to Lindhorst, Dustin D. and Brittany, 8802 S. 163rd Ave., $265,000.

Anderson, Pete to Gerloff, Kristine R., 16009 Robin Drive, $160,000.

Hartman, Anthony A. to Hile, Stephanie L., 16524 Willow St., $146,000.

Case, Maegan Michelle and Corey L. to Daniel, Christopher and Deborah, 7927 S. 162nd St., $203,000.

Powers, Daniel D. and Kathryn M. to Nguyen, Tung, 17017 Willow St., $278,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Tran, Tuan Ngoc, 7908 S. 187th St., $267,000.

Lund, James D. and Michelle L. to Toews, Cortney, 16417 Birch Ave., $299,000.

Berry, Shane and Renee to Kaufman, Ryan J. and Emily, 7305 S. 189th St., $311,000.

Meyer, Nathan Oday and Jennifer to White, Lori and Barrett, 17024 Rampart St., $280,000.

Davis, Richard M. and Susan R. to Vavak, Craig S. and Lucille H., 16629 Olive St., $240,000.


Rodriguez, Rudy and Karen K. to Cavin, Nicole and Shane, 15303 Papio St., $190,000.

Clawson, Gary W. and Wellwood Clawson, Donna to Lambert, Roger W. and Janice A., 14103 Lillian Circle, $240,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Clifford, Steven, 11621 Shepard St., $309,000.

Dixon, Ryan L. and Cheryl L. to Vogel, Shane, 14928 Borman St., $185,000.

Maxwell, Timothy G., successor trustee of the Byron Glenn Maxwell Living Trust, to Sauer, Matthew Eugene and Amanda Marie, 13529 Gertrude St., $165,000.


Schamp, Donald R. to Chavez, Sandra K. and Jose A., 2809 Emiline St., $92,000.

Pichler, Evan D. and Samantha to Horsley, Reginal R. and Amber J., 2814 Josephine St., $170,000.

Anzalone, Temple and Donald M. to Wodder, Ian and Nobrega, Cheyenne, 7809 S. 23rd St., $203,000.


Cramer, Caley and Kathleen to James, Douglas M. and James, Cheryl L., 4821 Borman St., $193,000.

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