Douglas County


Olsen, Gregory A., personal representative of Olsen, Loa Jean estate, to Pagel, Dallas L., 12205 N. 156th St., $150,000.

Dunman, Gregory J. and Rebecca L. to Jones, Jennifer M. and Millard, Alicia M., 12135 N. 178th Circle, $260,000.

Swan, Jeffrey A. and Julie A. to Busenbark, Brian and Megan, 16397 Mormon St., $308,000.

Mallott, Terry M. to Lehan, Jo Lynne and Tyler Daniel, 17868 Island Circle, $625,000.

Edie, Dylan A. to Peram, Roja and Athipatla, Ravikanth, 15087 Mormon Circle, $160,000.

Schmidt, Jason Edward and Heidi Ruth to Lewis, John D. and Kimberly S., 11923 N. 160th St., $270,000.

Barr Homes Inc. to Werth, Spencer Wayne and Carrie A., 16361 Grebe St., $419,556.

Home Company LLC to Naples, Stephen M. and Hope S., 7378 N. 170th St., $350,000.

Sweetbriar Syndicate LLC to Maxim Enterprises LLC, 11812 N. 176th Circle, $262,500.

Sweetbriar Syndicate LLC to Maxim Enterprises LLC, 11814 N. 178th Circle, $88,000.

Bilek, Richard and Jaycie to Consbruck, Kailee, 8515 N. 172nd Circle, $369,000.

Johansen, Zachary L. to Watson Rei LLC, 14541 Mormon St., $159,000.

Smith, Raymond D. and Carol to Carr, Kalen and Amy J., 12933 N. 184th St., $380,000.

Adams, Clint C. and Lindsey J. to Hobbs, Nathan N. and Heather, 8822 N. 160th St., $263,000.

Havelka, Andrew J. and Tiffanie K. to Adams, Clint and Lindsey, 12010 Ashwood Drive, $310,000.

State Street Investments LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 15913 Grebe St., $43,950.


Akins, Candace to Odvody, Jessica, 21926 Quail Ridge Circle, $35,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Murray, Kelly, 2430 N. 191st Ave., $283,900.

Krohn, Traci to Batenhorst, Lisa, 18622 Jones Circle, $335,000.

Parsons, Clinton and Kimberly to Weinand, Tyler J. and Kristin R., 19404 Ruggles Circle, $405,000.

Rea, Jason and Stephanie to Cary, Kimberly Wright and Hunsdon IV, 21118 Cedar St., $725,000.

Scardina Revocable Trust and Scardina, Daniel J., trustee, to Hennings, Christopher D. and Sarah P., 610 S. 199th St., $430,000.

Witte, Kyle M. and Lori K. to Collum, Chelsey Lynn and Justin Blake, 3855 N. 210th St., $288,000.

Heavican Homes Inc. to Griffiths, Evan and Angelica, 2416 N. 186th St., $375,000.

Ramm Construction Inc. to Councill, Drue E., 4263 N. 188th Circle, $437,000.

Retelsdorf, Cheryl S. and C. Lee to Allen, Susan Kathleen, 812 N. 185th St., $240,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Parker, Donna Jean, 20521 E St., $295,000.

O’Connell, Shaun to Schroeder, Marie and Dinslage, Joann, 1507 N. 208th Terrace, $255,000.

Lillie, Bradley James to Grundke, Eric and Livingston, Kristen, 18817 Lafayette Ave., $550,000.

Watzke, Ryan Joseph and Melissa Danielle to Morse, Terry and Stephens, Robert, 657 S. 184th St., $360,000.

J. Henry Homes LLC to Ryan, Jaimie S., 2544 N. 187th Circle, $490,000.

Vern and Linda Hurt Trust to O’Connell, Shaun T., 22416 Homestead Road, $430,000.


Hartman, Kevin J. and Mueller-Hartman, Jill J. to Wolter, Jennifer L., 105 W. Alexander St., $125,000.

Pratt, Michael A. and Rita M. to Hillman, Leisa D., 512 N. Spruce St., $470,000.

Bluewater Development Corporation to EKW Properties Inc., 5808 N. 292nd Circle, $199,000.

Desoe, Cheryl and Steven to Stawniak, Raymond E. Jr. and Diane L., 610 S. Pine St., $170,000.

Baumert, Taylor F. and Kylee A. to Lindahl, Allyssa L., 120 W. Whittingham St., $180,000.

Robert V. Wentz Trust and Jeri L. Wentz Trust to Gottuso, Eric A. and Theresa J., 28012 Sunrise Circle, $520,000.

Stultz, Ardith J. to Thielen, Shon and Terese, 8201 N. 281st Ave., $438,000.


Spilker, Jeffrey A. and Marcia E. to Cassling, Marilyn, 648 Riverside Drive, $355,000.


Wackel, Todd R. and Teresa A. to Wedige, Brian E., 902 Dodge St., $205,000.

Whitney Smith Living Trust to Schow, Kyle W. and Cheryl A., 105 S. 9th St., $275,000.

Restored Hope to Santa Monica Inc., 1915 Jones St., $378,547.

KRM Revocable Trust and McGuire, Kim R., trustee, to Larose, Kenneth W. and Miller, Daniel L., 555 Riverfront Place, $450,000.


Natrajan, Vignesh and Sagaram, Smitha to Michel, Gail, 5401 Blondo St., $250,000.

Schultz, Rose M. to Ledding, David, 5621 Ohio St., $130,000.

Wiggins, Michael to De Santiago, Nancy, 1632 N. 53rd St., $180,000.

Lindquist, Eric H., trustee, to DG Homes LLC, 4864 Jaynes St., $71,000.

LA.D.DA. LLC to Burt, Jocelyn Patricia, 4629 Browne St., $90,000.

Bendlin, Emily K. and Parker, Alexander S. to Rice, Nathan J. and Bonnie M., 1519 N. Happy Hollow Blvd., $300,000.

Anderson, Nathan and Abby to Untrauer, Jason and Yu, Lei, 6110 Pratt St., $128,000.

Perez, Richard A., personal representative of Perez, Thomas E. estate, to Best Price Homebuyers LLC, 3418 N. 67th Ave., $60,000.

Torpy, Larry and Terri to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 5603 Ruggles St., $50,000.

Benton, Mark S. to GRE Properties LLC, 5706 Fort St., $91,000.

Donovan, Kristin Ann to TE Ventures LLC, 2915 N. 47th Ave., $45,000.

Ankenbauer, Jeffrey Ryan and Sarah Elisabeth to Erick, Rachel, 5511 N. 69th St., $140,000.

Keller, Aaron P. and Molly to Chen, Fanny Lu Hong and Tescher, Matthew Louis, 6533 Pinkney St., $160,000.

Lowery, Daniel R. and Pyper to Keisling, Daniel and Meghann, 2534 N. 49th St., $136,100.

Klare, Christopher and Shannon to Walker, Sarah and Charleton, 2520 N. 56th St., $245,000.

Huettner, Andrew to Ruf, Christa, 5408 Parker St., $195,000.

Wisehart, Paul to Buechler, Alex, 2406 N. 48th St., $180,000.

Bunderson, Jesse Brian and Laura to Petersen Family Enterprises LP, 6425 Franklin St., $45,000.


Tatum, Justin D. and Shelley A. to Hoffmann, Mary K., 3870 Gold St., $150,000.

Peterson, Thomas R. and Patricia S. to Peterson, Kristen A. and Ian T., 4327 Poppleton Ave., $225,000.

Jobito Enterprises LLC to James & Jayne Properties LLC, 2511 S. 43rd St., $135,500.

Malvin 38 LLC to Kyle, Denise K. and Mason A., 3001 S. 38th St., $125,000.

Neal, Thomas D. and Bridget M. to Hotchkiss, Elizabeth, 4023 Marinda St., $185,000.

Kee, Brandi and Henry D. to McConnell, William M., 3624 Valley St., $85,000.

Lidicker Pagano, Samantha A. to Palzer, Jeffrey T. and Genovesi Palzer, Julia K., 1325 S. 36th St., $175,000.

2424 M Street LLC to Slobodnik, Matt, 1750 S. 29th St., $110,000.

Lessman, Joshua D. and Heather V. to Zhu, Wei, 2723 S. 41st St., $132,000.

Schmitt, Gerald R. to Laben Investment Group LLC, 3024 Pacific St., $139,000.


Solt, Ashley E. to Lewis, Carol M., 4688 Hickory St., $280,000.

Ninemire, Dustin L. and Michelle L. to Plowman, Wayne T. Jr., 1206 S. 64th Ave., $300,000.

Sullivan, Vincent P. III to Lorraine, Andrew, 4540 William St., $196,500.

Ruby, Ellen L. to Nekkanti, Anveshi, 3216 S. 59th St., $190,000.

Thompson, Damien P. to Kyes, Gary Alan and Lisbeth Ann, 5104 Pacific St., $200,000.

Monif, Terri A., personal representative of Prusha, Maureen J. estate, to Roseland, Lisa A., 2521 S. 49th Ave., $15,200.

Witkowsky, Jennifer E. and Tarantino, Michelle D. to Brodahl, Jeannette Kay, 5620 Frances St., $200,000.

O & H Properties Inc. to Miller, Kirk S., 1602 S. 52nd St., $154,900.


Fanning, Larry E. and Diane K. to DFP LLC, 3719 U St., $81,851.

Huynh, Nhan C. and Nguyen, Diem T. to Ralios, Diego Zetino, 3929 N St., $120,000.

Wancewicz, Patrick to Shupe, David L. and Keavy, Sarah A., 5033 S. 42nd St., $94,000.

Enriquez, Sarah and Juan Jr. to Valadez, Erlinda, 1709 H St., $135,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Vizcaya-Munoz, Miguel and Jose Luis, 5824 S. 41st St., $48,000.

Miranda, Janna to Cardona, Luis and Carreon, Stephane, 6043 S. 42nd Ave., $112,000.

Borromeo, Blesilda Gonzales and Vergel B. to Munoz, Carlos Jesus and Lopez, Carlos Munoz, 3217 K St., $64,000.

LSF8 Master Participation Trust and U.S. Bank, trustee, to Rosas Ramirez, Patricia M., 2416 P St., $75,000.


Long Property Management LLC to Sinecio, Conchita, 2447 S. 14th St., $142,000.

Dittrich, Anna to Ziegler, Derick, 1918 S. 16th St., $128,000.

Venditte, Bernard to Venditte, Louis Jr., 1526 Park Wild Ave., $102,300.


Peak, Michelle A. to Lopez, Tania Chanelle, 2407 N. 18th St., $44,800.

Hughes, Amy J. and Willis, Zackary V. to Bautista, Angelina, 1714 Manderson St., $25,000.

Peterson, Gary L. to Kirker, Steve, 1805 Fort St., $55,000.

Howard, Andrea D. to Davis, Antonio G. Jr., 1629 Lothrop St., $129,609.

Denenberg, Norman, trustee, to Deal, David, 2201 N. 24th St., $16,190.


Galvan, Allan M. and Leslie M. to Nao, Biyiekoi A., 14739 Ruggles St., $244,900.

Ramm Construction Inc. to Armstead, Bernadette, 5534 N. 153rd Ave., $364,000.

Engelby, Tracie J. to Nannapaneni, Kalyani and Kommineni, Sridhar, 5146 N. 144th Court, $164,500.

Jones, Craig Thomas and Kathryn Ann to Fidone, Steven N., 2423 N. 144th Ave., $280,000.

Husak-Widman, Carol Denise, personal representative of Wagner, Ann M. estate, to Goneau, Lucy M., 5119 N. 177th St., $198,000.

Meyer, Craig J. and Corrigan-Meyer, Sheri L. to Yunker, Christopher S. and Pamela J., 16406 Camden Ave., $175,000.

Goneau, Lucy M. to Bauer, Keena Elizabeth and Charles Edward, 14810 Spaulding St., $218,000.

Petersen, Mary E. to Stetson, Duane and Jeanine, 5107 N. 155th Ave., $231,995.

Feldman, Donald D. and Jennifer E. to Mahajan, Sajan and Tina Dewan, 17042 Sahler St., $205,500.

Brigham, Nicole M. and Benjamin M. to Rickert, Thomas M. and Ellis, Jamie L., 3903 N. 162nd Ave., $260,000.

Baumert, Eric D. and Kelsey B. to Moore, Andrew and Alex, 14959 Laurel Ave., $305,000.

Niemann, Larry R. to Agarwal, Nitin and Neha, 2525 N. 160th St., $457,000.

Borman, Matthew and Jamie to Zimmerman, Alex and Elizabeth, 17407 Erskine Circle, $415,000.

Hooks Real Estate LLC to Medici, James V. and Christine H., 15916 Mary St., $370,000.

Bonnie L. Dennis Trust to Randy A. and Pamela J. Grosse Family Trust, 5705 N. 159th St., $292,500.

Built Wisely Construction LLC to Crider, Brittany N. and Kuta, Andrew W., 2606 N. 154th Ave., $264,500.


Harmon, Jill M. and Distefano, Shawn to Taylor, Cordairo J., 8526 King St., $166,000.

McCabe, Brody J. and Alicia M. to Bird, Connor, 8528 Baker St., $167,500.

Dean G. Traudt Family Trust and Traudt, Susan M., trustee, to Alonso, Ines and Domingo, 7616 Newport Ave., $151,000.

Geringer, Andrew and Alexandra to Tague, Fred Jerry and Beth Ann, 8922 N. 81st St., $179,000.

Shimabukuro, Scott and Shari-Lynn to Camacho, Jennifer and Olvera, Daniel, 7624 Bondesson St., $175,000.

Johnson, Ryan R. and Tia to Mohammud, Woliyou and Mamuda, Sadiya, 8012 Howell St., $170,000.

Loeffelman, Daniel L. Sr. and Sally A. to Packard, Michael S., 7415 N. 106th Ave., $250,000.

Judy Janisch Living Trust to Krings, Janelle Marie, 7906 Potter Place, $159,000.


Petersen, Emily to Incontro, Thomas P., 8079 Arbor St., $165,500.

Vision Properties LLC to Mullen, Patrick, 3525 S. 91st St., $185,000.

Barrett, Vanessa J. to Petrovich, Alex and Sara, 1520 Ridgewood Ave., $350,000.

Kassera, Benjamin M., personal representative of Murphy, Patricia A. estate, to Finch, Mason and Sabrina R., 8178 Hascall St., $156,300.

Higgins, Rita to Hyland, Louis and Paula, 7525 Walnut St., $265,000.

Alfrey, Brett and Gabrielle to Klein, Alan D., 9224 Dorcas St., $227,500.

Kercher, Jane M. and Matthew J. to Johnson, Randall and Griffith, Judith, 3101 S. 72nd Ave., $207,000.


Brink, Edward E., trustee, to McCright Properties LLC, 49 Country Club Road, $97,501.

Mills, Teresa Marie to Danielson, Stacy J., 9211 Madison St., $225,000.

Latoza, Carol J. to Noe, Machelle, 7835 Heritage Circle, $222,000.

Strain Living Trust and Strain, Claudia A., trustee, to Premus, Lance and Katie M., 10022 P St., $180,000.

Vojtech, Jeremy and Donna to Tipton, Jeremy L. and Abby, 8032 State St., $73,000.

McPherson, Sarah J. to Carolan, Bonnie, 5033 S. 107th St., $189,500.

Somerhalder, Nancy S. and Strawhun, Lawrence to Berg, Thomas L. and Deborah L., 5229 S. 104th Avenue Circle, $187,500.

Carlin, John II and Brique to Sanchez, Gilberto Rivera and Easterling, Deidre, 6722 S. 75th Ave., $199,000.


Rule, Albert S. and Mary J. to Salvo, Jasper Carlo and Mary Gertrude, 18039 Pierce Place, $468,000.

Smith, Ryan C. and Jessica L. to Cole, Matthew D. and Jennifer L., 18525 Lamont St., $420,000.

Tupper, Zachary H. and Stephanie M. to Nelan, David, 16338 Oak Circle, $215,000.

O’Boyle, Edward and Hope to Ruhlman, Jean, 16592 Hascall St., $468,000.

Krusinowski, Connie J. to Peter, William Frederick and Patricia Anne, 1730 S. 173rd Place, $255,000.

Layne, Robert James Jr. and Peterson-Layne, Cathleen to McLouth, Ryan and Emily, 1114 S. 185th Circle, $663,000.

Franzen, Randall E. to Bartruff, Tyler J. S. and Sara E., 2546 S. 186th Circle, $589,000.

Carlson, Kimberly Lynn to Klingemann, Benjamin S. and Ashley M., 1934 S. 198th St., $310,000.

Sodoro, Patrick J. and Emma N. to Warren, Thomas R. and Debra J., 19484 Walnut Circle, $674,950.

Hanish, Michael J. and Alyson E. to Mendick, Megan M. and Scott D., 18676 Van Camp Drive, $414,000.

Panneton, Mark and Nicole to Sieg, John D. and Jolene R., 19133 Pinehurst Ave., $522,500.

Lykke Family Revocable Trust and Lykke, Mary A., trustee, to Couch, Jeffrey Alan and Beverly Jo, 2130 S. 165th Ave., $265,000.

Preister, Shari L. and Jeremy J. to Devries, Wade and Courtney, 3906 S. 191st Ave., $255,000.

Bogers, Rachel Leigh to Poppen, Trevor and Dyer, Ashley, 1411 S. 162nd St., $188,000.

Hatch, Paula M. to Anzola Silva, David R. and Sunchez De Anzola, Daisy D., 1707 S. 173rd Court, $252,000.


Morse, Terry A. to Hays, David J., 16323 Rolling Ridge Road, $275,000.

Cole, Shanna L. and Bradfield, Ryan to Buttermore, Matthew W. and Laura J., 19470 Washington Circle, $348,500.

Cheesman Residence Revocable Trust and Cheesman, Harold R., trustee, to Watson, Thomas F. and Deborah K., 4818 S. 190th St., $254,000.

Stansberry, Allison and Joseph to Germolik, Michael and Donna, 4718 S. 187th Ave., $223,000.

Wagner, Karna A. and Kevin to Bates-Koenig, Allison R. and Koenig, Joshua D., 18756 Drexel St., $241,500.

Baldeh, Abraham M. and Deidre K. to Aldeiri, Mahmoud and Alomari, Hebah, 19619 T St., $175,000.

Small, Karli to Armstrong, Zachary S., 19712 X St., $190,000.

Bozzano, Thomas L. and Lynn M. to Penne, Shane and Haley, 6433 S. 156th Avenue Circle, $293,000.

Jacobus, Gene and Heather to Bumgardner, Brent and Amber, 5083 S. 173rd St., $346,000.

Councill, Drue and Benak, Katherine to Carlin, John II and Brique, 20213 I St., $299,950.

Miller, Patrick and Brooke to Sharp, Sydney and Nathan, 4332 S. 174th St., $300,000.

Bangtson, Kristen R. and David P. to Judith L. Snyder Trust, 19616 G Circle, $400,000.

Mellott, Christopher K. and Jill M. to Gadde, Venkat Rama Kishore and Kolluri, Shobha, 6006 S. 171st St., $350,500.

Meece, Lynne K. to Ziesemer, Allan C. and Karla J., 4750 S. 194th Ave., $236,000.

Khan, Amzal and Natasha to McPherson, Daniel C. and Sarah J., 5614 S. 161st Ave., $299,999.

Lawler, Brandi K. and Brian L. Jr. to Johnson, Jacob and Hiltabidle, Kimberly L., 19713 Laci St., $191,000.

Sawyer, Sasha R. to Johnk, Dru, 6720 S. 169th Ave., $345,000.

Bildt, Melissa R., personal representative of Desantiago, Cynthia J. estate, to Gates, Melissa, 15904 O Circle, $194,000.

Devries, Wade and Courtney to Bognich, Michele M. and Michael J., 4405 S. 173rd St., $329,500.

Huetter, Charles M. and Patti J. to Gowans, Jacob and Kathryn, 17461 Archer Circle, $470,000.

Werner, Jameson J. and Pieper, Sara A. to Bailey, Chad J. and Medura, Jessica L., 5423 S. 190th Terrace, $188,000.

Trang, Quy and Nguyen, Tram Thi to Fred Tichauer Revocable Trust, 15874 O Circle, $200,000.

Jackson, Daniel A. and Jody L. to Kistler, Mark and Karlee, 6507 S. 162nd Ave., $250,000.

Boyle, James E. Jr. and Amanda L. to Jackson, Daniel A. and Jody L., 19421 X St., $200,000.

Ramirez, Crystal B. to Kelly, Timothy M. and Julie R., 17521 Karen St., $315,000.

Donohew, Eric F. and Malgorzata B. to Peetz, Aron Ray and Terri Lynn, 18335 Tyler St., $365,000.


Ulmer, Laura L. and Eric R. to Saum, Tyler C. and Vanessa M., 15251 U St., $210,000.

Peetz, Aron R. and Terri L. to Trusler, Timothy F. and Jill L., 4408 S. 148th St., $208,000.

Kellar, Denise M. and Sexton, Meade E. to Cline, Richard L. and Macksey, Sarah E., 11124 U St., $188,000.

Canarsky, Dennis R. and True-Canarsky, Toni to Ace Properties LLC, 6312 S. 142nd St., $132,500.

Urban, Sheri A., personal representative of Urban, Joanne P. estate, to Bartlett, Brett Jordan and Pate, Sam, 6604 S. 135th St., $150,000.

Duplechin, Jesse and Beutler, Kelsey to Fyfe, Ryker and Montie, 4957 S. 142nd St., $169,000.

Wyman, Douglas E. and Crystal L. to Cattano, Anthony P., 6618 S. 137th Circle, $175,000.

Introfiant LLC to Reel Properties LLC, 13505 W St., $155,000.


Deer Creek Reserve LLC to Echelon Homes LLC, 12826 Mormon St., $57,000.

Youngblood, Mark J. and Corla L. to Safeeullah, Asya M., 7313 N. 139th St., $267,500.

Pujagic, Edin and Mills, Mandy to Daniels, Morgan Rae, 7517 N. 111th Ave., $180,000.

Reicks, Alexandra S. and Jay to Chamberlin, David E. and Kenda J., 14213 Wood Valley Drive, $196,000.

Yandel, Robert M. and Maureen P. to Nelson Living Trust and Nelson, Jerry E., trustee, 13806 Wood Valley Drive, $250,000.

Gustafson, Eric, personal representative of Gustafson, Jeaninne estate, to Mark A. & Kristi J. Frei Revocable Trust, 7135 N. 121st St., $315,000.

Schrage, Gary R. to Rogokos, John T. and Tammy L., 7309 N. 125th St., $45,500.

Grazier, Kevin D. and Elizabeth A. to Thiel, Adam and Sarasio, Stacie, 12817 Deer Creek Drive, $440,000.

Newport Homes LLC to Duhon, Dale D. and Darlene M., 12934 Eagle Circle, $289,975.


Johnson, Christopher H. and Jana L. to Katz, Esther, 2012 S. 145th Ave., $225,000.

McCready, Natalie R. and Jared to Krusinowski, Connie J., 3010 S. 108th St., $200,000.

Bisanti, James M. and Kathryn E. to McCawley, Andrew and Margaret, 1805 S. 133rd St., $181,000.

Molnar Investments 401K Trust to Anderson, James D. Sr. and Michele K., 12404 Pierce St., $194,000.

Guevara, Amleht J. to Zak, Daniel and Katie, 12431 Lamont St., $152,000.

Shea, Laria K. to Rocha, Erick and Miranda, 13426 Trendwood Drive, $183,000.

Johnson, Nathaniel James to Meija, Mayra Noemy and Meija Villegas, Noe Francisco, 2420 S. 148th Ave., $193,500.

Sandquist, John D.E. and Teresa to Keller, Aaron and Molly, 2215 S. 148th Ave., $276,500.

Handleman, Renee L. to Blum, Richard and Michele, 2317 S. 118th Court, $153,000.

Osborn, Talia to Bair, Matthew Downing and Bair, Kelsey Lee, 2224 S. 153rd St., $218,000.

Clowe, Anthony J. to Desgraves, Jean and Marie, 2114 S. 123rd Ave., $205,000.

Schuler, Stephen A. and Brianne E. to Stultz, Ardith J., 2405 S. 154th Circle, $277,000.

Corbett, Bernadette R. to Ruff, Michael W. and Kristine, 12436 C St., $168,500.

Connell, Matthew T. and Angela to Lewis, Zach and Jennifer, 2525 S. 153rd Circle, $227,013.

Rossel Properties 2 LLC to Hile, Andrew W., 3613 S. 154th St., $197,000.

Kroll, Matthew E. and Nicole to Yuan, Wei and Fung, Chern Voon, 13614 Wright St., $182,200.

Edwards, John, personal representative of Edwards, Patricia L. estate, to Allebach, William and Rachael, 3429 S. 127th St., $107,000.

Dilsaver, Michael E. and Brenda S. to Caley, Remington, 11045 Olin Ave., $176,600.


Velasquez, Taija J. to Andersen, Corey C., 11256 Martin Ave., $166,750.

Bauer, Charles E. and Keena E. to Rutherford, Jeremy L., 11247 Corby St., $175,000.

Enholm, Andrew J. and Celina R. to Rodriguez, Diana, 6602 N. 110th St., $171,000.

Werth, Spencer W. and Carrie A. to Madden, Tara A., 2518 N. 137th St., $245,000.

Wilson, Sherrie L. to Bela, Jeraline, 10829 Ellison Ave., $148,200.

Thompson, Dee Ann to Fleming, Thomas E., 13939 Eagle Run Drive, $550,000.

Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to TFG Enterprises LLC, 11328 Camden Ave., $232,500.

Tate, John A. and Patricia M. to Royce, Michael, 5717 N. 129th St., $85,000.

Lim, Roger J. and Stella W. to Larsen, Mickel C. E., 14008 Ogden St., $310,000.

Joyce & Judy Greenhagen Trust and McVicker, Joyce E., trustee, to Gulomov, Ilhomdzhon, 13505 Sahler St., $310,000.

Vanderschaaf, Allan J. and Marjorie A. to Forman, Jeffrey and Amanda, 6005 N. 126th Ave., $173,500.

Seeing Double LLC to Coleman, Cameron and Armstrong, Nicole, 6023 N. 108th Avenue Circle, $198,900.

Patricia M. Jesse Living Trust to Mejia Evaristo, Carmelo and Dae, 4420 N. 138th St., $285,000.

Grossoehme, Keith D. and Rebecca L. to Miranda, Carlos O., 5517 N. 129th St., $145,000.

Torpin, Grant K. and Jennifer M. to Wanek, Ryan A., 13024 Vernon Ave., $163,000.

Copple, Richard H. and Roberta M. to Schultz, Quin Patrick, 13453 Camden Ave., $249,000.

Cullin, Shane Nicole to Stewart, Kurtis R. and Sarah E., 4213 N. 129th Avenue Circle, $131,000.

Beneda, Matthew Henry and Stephanie Michelle to Hilkey, Malachi, 12124 Erskine Circle, $135,000.

Moon, Adam M. and Angie V. to Kraynik, Mallory C., 11284 Martin Ave., $172,500.

* * *

Sarpy County


Spray, Mark F. and Sun Pok to Boyle, Anthony S. and Mikaela J., 1206 W. 16th Ave., $131,000.

Dorn, Gene R. and Carolyn K. to Denton, Paul W. and Janelle, 1806 Grove Road, $230,000.

Patrick, Carole M. to Lee, Brandon and Sara, 805 Terrace Ave., $165,000.

Larsen, Dale D. and Stephanie P. to Siders, Andrew R., 1112 Bryan Ave., $176,000.

Clark, Brandon L. and Kristin A. to True, Jeff and Seretta, Mary, 1704 Bellevue Blvd. North, $184,000.

Joan M. Albrecht Living Trust to Albrecht, Bradley W., 1004 Thomas Drive, $160,000.

Biggs, Brett and Rebecca to Gbemudu, Victor and Adolphus, Annis, 3001 Columbus Ave., $166,000.

CRCF Properties LLC to Anderson, Johnny Ray and Wheeler Anderson, Stephanie, 807 Brenton Ave., $200,000.

Mathis, Cheryl and Jill Alicia to Guido, Perry L., 2007 Lloyd St., $138,000.


Kupfer, Christine L. and Ryan to Winnicki, Cassandra and Gewinner, Zachary, 20938 Oake St., $200,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Boyle, James Jr. and Amanda, 516 Devonshire Drive, $390,000.

Bailey, Adam J. and Kristin N. to VanNoordwyk, Anthony J. and Wedemeyer Holly J., 19755 Chandler St., $355,000.

Klinetobe, Michael E. and Rebecca L. to Henrichson, Mark R., 209 Meadow Drive, $190,000.

Jett, Patricia L. to Johnson, Milan Del and Sarah S., 11282 S. 202nd Circle, $235,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Holt, Stacey J., 19907 Sherwood Circle, $399,000.

Anderson, Gaylord J. and Linda L. to Zhuk, Oleksandr and Tetiana, 20811 Locust St., $213,000.

Hoge, Kayla and Jordan to Westom, Kevin, 11729 Willow Park Drive, $256,000.

Walker, Caleb and Katie to Wann, Matthew L., 19261 Greenleaf St., $345,000.


Catherine F. Blake Living Trust to Tyler, Adam and Andrea, 2411 Broadwater Drive, $368,000.

Halbig, Richard and Erica to James, Kevin M. and Jaime S., 12448 S. 81st St., $370,000.

Goss, Glen L. and Julie A. to Sheehan, Francis Xavier and Tomiyo, 7533 Castle St., $433,000.

Wynn, Dylan Jack and Stepanek, Shelby Alexandra to Wynn, Joseph and Kelli, 517 E. 2nd St., $128,000.

Swift, Brent W. and Kari S. to Aguilar Aguilar, Jose G. and Aguilar Melgar, Jose Rudy, 807 Roland Drive, $321,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Hattesohl, Randall Kirk and Sandra Dee, 12455 Osprey Lane, $374,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Hovey, Brian D. and Amy L., 11702 S. 110th St., $393,000.

Aubuchon, Randy and Mary to Bennett, Michael Lee and Jana Thomas, 1112 Magnolia Circle, $295,000.

Schweinsburg, Larry W. and Deanna C. to McDowell, Jennifer R. and Jeremy B., 10703 S. 113th St., $355,000.

Fields, Larry E., successor trustee of the Harry J. & Norma J. Fields Trust, to Fields, William, 719 N. Beadle St., $130,000.

Gray, Geoffrey Alan Jr. and Aldrich Gray, Erin M. to Graser, Alicia M. and Scott L. Jr., 609 E. Cary St., $250,000.

Williams, Tonya Lynn and Scott to Francisco, Elmer and Ana R., 706 Dublin Drive, $175,000.

Patton Paulson, Meagan and Paulson, William to Lemen, Jason T., 1506 Ridgeview Drive, $254,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Brousek, Paul J. and Hilt, Rachel A., 11519 Shepard St., $287,000.

Hovey, Brian D. and Amy L. to McLeod, Robert E. L. and Laura, 2003 Diane St., $295,000.


Nolte, Chad C. and Sherry L. to Renz, Jock and Tracy, 714 Maple St., $337,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Schutte, Randy F. and Wilken, Tonya A., 14318 S. 17th St., $258,000.

Drabek, Matthew J. and Tasha to Sugiura, Micah and Mariah, 11001 S. 18th St., $195,000.

Singleton, Aaron M. and Melinda L. to Chong, Chee Foong and Luo, Xiaoying, 2806 Arrowhead Lane, $254,000.

Marco, Riley and Stacey to Barnum, Michael, 3734 Lynnwood Drive, $265,000.

Martin, Jeff D. to Nienhaus, John Nicholas, 14203 Tregaron Ridge Ave., $180,000.

100 Year Homes Inc. to Franklin, Douglas E. and Stephanie A., 3736 Pinehill Road, $220,000.

Stolzer, Lisa to White, Kevin W. and Wilma P., 1607 Halifax St., $265,000.

Hansen, Earl J. and Cora M. to Taylor, Jeffrey M., 10902 Lewis and Clark Road, $252,000.

Miller, Jacquelyn to Kunkel, Robert A. and Donna L., 14412 S. 23rd St., $273,000.

Phelps, Daniel E. and Nancy Marie to Burkett, Mary A., 2903 Courtney Drive, $310,000.


Reinart, Victoria J. to Patrick, Carole, 9816 Windy Circle, $248,000.

Rathgeber, Paul D. and Jackie L. to Johnson, Melissa and Tony, 8000 S. 92nd Avenue Circle, $328,000.

Straw, Bryan Matthew and Katie to Gorman, Hattie A., 7708 S. 76th St., $169,000.

Thomas, Greg A. and Michele F. to Aker, Andrew J. and Jenna M., 8135 S. 104th St., $285,000.


Anderson, Joyelle L. and Tora B. to Mike, Daniel and Tristan, 2111 Dana Ln, $287,000.

Watley, Alexis N. to Carlson, Kevin P. and Christy A., 4617 Lake Forest Drive, $368,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Hardin, John Morgan III and Elizabeth Victoria, 13705 S. 53rd St., $317,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Kupfer, Ryan A. and Christine L., 18618 Willow St., $328,000.

Worth, Randall A. and Cindy L. to Jessen Ingram, Robin L., 7435 S. 173rd St., $221,000.

Wright, Laurie Lynn to Pelster, Curtis P. and Roxann M., 16913 Colony Drive, $255,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Cinnamon, Andrew R. and Jessica L., 16908 Portal St., $321,000.

Moustakes, Gregory G. to Delozier, Charles and Rexana, 8020 S. 161st Terrace, $185,000.

Moore, Michael and Mollee to Campbell, Jason P. and Christyn J., 17217 Musket St., $262,000.

Hutchinson, Ryan William and Patricia Lynn to Schwenck, Donna, 17807 Grenelefe Ave., $285,000.

Burchard, Deborah M. to Young, Tyler Allen, 16213 Heather St., $255,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to VanderVeen, Chris L. and Dawn M., 10759 S. 183rd Avenue Circle, $378,000.

Potmesil, Daniel L. to Seevers, Shawn Nelson and Samantha Kay, 15956 Virginia St., $273,000.

Edwards, Christopher J. and Sarah C. to Baldeh, Abraham and Blecha, Deidre, 17216 Bohling Drive, $245,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Snyder, Jerry E. and Susan L., 16856 Virginia St., $275,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Wallace, Ariel and Guaderrama, Efren, 7836 S. 185th St., $280,000.

Kershaw, Michael C. and Huson, Stevie N. to Fenske, Steve and June, 16124 Redwood St., $205,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Smith, Matthew and Twomey, Katie L., 7915 S. 185th St., $296,000.

Shannon, Hannah to Soar, Steven E., 10003 S. 178th St., $350,000.

Alspach, Michael D. and Betty S. to Shipman, Jamie L., 16015 Josephine St., $299,000.

Fischer, B. Dick to Benash, Robin R., 17031 Joanne Drive, $200,000.

Voss, John W. and Mary K. to Kraemer, Steven and Joni, 10018 S. 179th St., $210,000.


True North Properties LLC to Thomsen-Saathoff, Tara, 9016 Gary Circle, $134,000.

Haffke, Chad and Lindsey to DeSoe, Cheryl, 8113 S. 152nd Ave., $170,000.

Jones, Andrew Edward and Alicia Ava Victoria to Winans, Timothy and Nichole, 13437 Olive St., $200,000.

John F. Jr. and Mary S. Kavanaugh Joint Living Trust to Anderson, Gaylord J. and Linda L., 7714 S. 155th Ave., $160,000.

Renz, Jock and Tracy to Malm, Timothy J. and Kasey L., 13902 Jennifer Road, $230,000.

Doner, Christopher R. and Melanie D. to Michalski, Devon L., 13511 Cooper Circle, $155,000.

Hooper, Barbara A. to Martin, Noah and Tieranny S., 13901 Frederick Ave., $187,000.


Chaidez, Brian to TFI LLC, 2603 Harrison St., $122,000.

11T NE LLC to Guardian Tax Partners Inc., 2611 Harrison St., $34,000.

Miranda Jonathan, personal representative of Miranda Jose Abel estate, to Repaal, Kari, 3006 Albert St., $162,000.

Nakai, Richard and Briana to Pfister, Jay Beckaert, 8004 S. 36th St., $160,000.


Bowman, Erik Craig to Anderson, Nervin and Stephanie, 4910 Glasgow Ave., $185,000.

Hein, Debra J. to Leonard, Charles W. and Kristen L., 4665 Margo St., $150,000.

Brink, Matthew D. and Welch, Jamie L. to Moon, Kevin L. and Claassen, Cynthia K., 8412 S. 64th St., $225,000.

Weldon, Melvin Gary and Vicki A. to Radey, Blake, 7102 S. 49th Avenue Circle, $195,000.

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