Douglas County


McCloskey, Brittany and Rogers, Jonathan to Mattes, Katelyn Nicole and Jacob Dale, 8210 N. 146th St., $195,000.

Home Company LLC to Russell, Kurt A. and Jaime J., 17005 Rachael Snowden Parkway, $357,000.

Moreno, Matthew R. and Melissa G. to Schmitz, Kristina and Spencer, 16278 Reynolds St., $352,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Rogers, Jonathan R., 7720 N. 158th St., $316,265.

Sweetbriar Syndicate LLC to Maxim Enterprises LLC, 11802 N. 178th Circle, $88,000.

Eihausen, Russ W. and Pamela S. to Grispos, George, 7913 N. 154th St., $275,000.

Richland Homes LLC to McNeil, Michael K. and Patricia A., 16002 Reynolds St., $322,510.

Jessen, Logan and Minday to Monjaras, Philip R. and Jennifer J., 7907 N. 152nd Ave., $235,250.

Charleston Homes LLC to Lathrum, Kolten and Leah, 17011 Rachael Snowden Parkway, $300,100.

Homestead Custom Builders LLC to Makovicka, Brittney E. and Jordan J., 12709 N. 182nd Circle, $484,129.

Eipperle, Janet to John P. Dragsten and Karen M. Dragsten Revocable Trusts, 15527 Hanover St., $312,500.

Cambridge Homes LLC to Baxter, Michael and Stacey, 7732 N. 158th St., $325,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Hayes, Brian and Kerri, 8037 Kilpatrick Parkway, $262,238.

Blankman, Christina J. and Matthew J. to Sterling, Samuel, 7311 N. 155th Terrace, $317,000.

Meurrens, Jeffrey Scott and Marnie Lynne to Rozgay, Joseph and Jennifer, 15935 Vane St., $415,000.

Riggle, Jakeb D. and Michelle R. to Oelfke, Leah Joy and Phillip Richard Edward, 8109 N. 147th St., $233,000.

Weathers, Ryan T. and Araceli to Phillips, Robert Austin and Ashley Jean, 16119 Reynolds St., $322,500.


South Hamptons Land Development LLC to Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC, 5819 S. 239th St., $89,950.

McCombs, Douglas A. to Ritz, Ritchie E. and Haley V., 18912 Sahler St., $430,000.

Laid Back Lifestyle LLC to Leonard, Michael and Barbara, 20909 Walnut St., $477,500.

Paradise Homes Inc. to Douglas, Michael D. and Bethany A., 2310 N. 188th St., $513,950.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Lee, Nolan J. and Hilary, 5107 N. 208th Ave., $292,000.

Home Company LLC to Nicoll, Douglas M. and Elizabeth A., 1435 N. 194th Circle, $331,850.

Androsh, Anna to Greenhagen, Judy and McVicker, Joyce, 505 S. 182nd St., $410,000.

Nolan, Melissa L. to Lane, Terri K., 815 Skyline Drive, $255,000.

Haugen, Timothy and Vicki L. to Bird, Brooke T., 4101 N. 213th Circle, $158,000.

Jewell, James K. and Melody A. to Grunkemeyer, James A. and Heidi W., 19910 Harney St., $390,000.

Zych Construction LLC to Sizenbach, Laverne M. and Diane L., 1812 S. 208th St., $432,150.

Sona, Kent S. and Tamera L. to Wilson, Scott and Deneil, 4804 N. 204th Ave., $365,000.

Belk, Mark S. and Shannon R. to Simpson, Walter L., 18727 Mason St., $325,000.

Benes, Troy and Kristy to Kadavy, Grant David and Jennifer Teresa, 21810 Dorcas St., $210,000.

Krumveide, Bryan M. and Lind, Jennifer L. to Mirza, Mohsin and Abbas, Anum, 2522 N. 188th St., $520,500.

Becker, Michael and Burleson, Patricia to Guzinski, Matthew L. and Leslie A., 9330 N. 216th St., $700,000.

Weir, Joshua and Sarah to Nolan, Melissa, 3101 N. Main St., $195,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Robla, Brandon and Rebecca, 2507 N. 187th Ave., $467,400.

Miller, Jeffrey and Heather to Billmeier, Louis E. and Theresa A., 3114 N. 192nd Ave., $415,000.

Baltzell, Beau and Amy to Overman, John and Soukup, Bobbi, 21424 Fieldcrest Drive, $275,000.

Kavan Homes Inc. to Vezner, Bryce and Mente, Melissa, 2520 N. 191st Ave., $279,000.

Cambridge Homes LLC to Gade, Subrahmanya and Vara Lakshmi, 2604 N. 184th St., $399,485.

Puetz, Nicholas C. and Julie M. to Smith, Colby and Keleigh, 1816 S. 220th Ave., $617,500.

Gerald Otto Schmidt and Betty Lou Schmidt Trusts to Eggers, Randal Craig, 3215 S. 217th St., $550,000.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Jackson, Laurisa R., 2302 S. 220th Circle, $661,885.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Wickham, Jeffrey and Tiffany, 1806 S. 212th St., $504,900.

Schultz, Kerry J. to Bartlett, Trever J. and Carroll, Lachelle N., 21104 Old Coach Road, $132,600.

Cambridge Homes LLC to Garges, Travis and Kristin, 2507 N. 186th St., $381,834.

Maresh, Joseph C. and Kelly-Maresh, April M. to Mize, David L. and Sharon, 19820 Marcy St., $425,000.

Rolfes 6 Properties LLC to Ish, Joann and Jon, 22024 Trailridge Blvd., $470,000.

Larsen, Kenneth B. and Diane A. to Bitzer, Derek and Alyssa, 21305 Greenbrier Drive, $359,000.

Makovicka, Jordan and Brittney to Schindler, Peter and Lindsey, 20804 Woolworth Ave., $428,000.

Timm, Kristin M. and John W. to Romero, Jake and Troy, 20223 Cleveland Circle, $175,500.


Gerhard, Jeffrey S. and Angela R. to Nelson, Monte L. and Teri S., 28001 Eagle Circle, $580,000.

Bluewater Development Corporation to Gray, Jerome E. and Rachel A., 6407 N. 295th St., $225,000.

Woodard, Kenneth J. and Jenny L. to Klaasmeyer, Kenneth and Linda, 7720 N. 279th St., $500,000.


Kresnik, Michael and Jennifer to Wurstner, Matthew J., 2311 N. 51st St., $200,000.

George, John Paul and Elizabeth to Roark, Anna J., 7014 Corby St., $160,000.

Galle, Kara M. and Manley, Laura A. to Western Wave Realty LLC, 1901 N. 63rd St., $142,000.

Seymour, Robert to Moody, Jason M., 2948 N. 49th St., $119,900.

McGreevy, Kimberly A. and Andrew B. to Scybert, Richard Jon and Jensen, Joyce A., 2941 N. 49th St., $139,900.

Heartland Holdings B LLC to Adams, Michael, 4605 Fowler Ave., $91,000.

Malloy, Karen A. and Warren to Dynamic Properties LLC, 2904 N. 67th Ave., $47,000.

McFarlin, Edward to McFarlin, Peggy, 1502 N. 70th Ave., $105,000.

Rice, Steven H. to Henry, Wesley and Molly, 2328 N. 50th Ave., $295,000.

Conn, Angela K. and James to Duffy, Michael E. and Denise A., 4521 Seward St., $70,000.

Jo Ann Carrigan Trust and First National Bank of Omaha, trustee, to Hall, Alexander, 1633 Country Club Ave., $208,000.

1 Chron 29:11 LLC to Glover, Christine, 4149 N. 65th St., $138,000.

Valadez, Ezequiel G. and Josefina to Valadez, Linda, 4724 Fowler Ave., $20,000.

Kohles, Ronald A. to Clifford, James A., 6114 Binney St., $100,000.

Nguyen, Hung and Pham, Hai to CCG Holdings LLC, 3925 N. 55th St., $109,000.

GTM Properties LLC to McGee, Jerry, 6767 Manderson St., $155,000.

Compton, Timothy John and Tonya to Zalewski, Callie A. and Oldehoff, Jordan B., 2513 N. 70th Ave., $142,500.


Lipari, Theodore L. Jr. and Julie N. to Olson, Spencer David, 4320 Shirley St., $260,000.

Julian, Joseph and Whitney to Watson, John M. and Jaime M., 1624 S. 32nd Ave., $297,000.

Huber, Pamela L. to Klein, Michael D. Sr. and Nicks, Shannon Lavonne, 3566 Jackson St., $170,000.

Quarterio, Crystal K. to Mwamba, Esnatte, 2209 S. 32nd Ave., $147,500.

Sovereign, Matthew to Linstrom, Kristopher R. and Konecky, Sara A., 3836 Castelar St., $165,000.

Wynn, Sara J. to Annin, Jessica, 4421 Frederick St., $136,200.


Wortmann, Katie E. and Broman, Corey to Thompson, Kyle, 4844 William St., $185,000.

Kruszynski, Richard J. to Shirk Management LLC, 1004 S. 51st Ave., $140,000.

Romero, Troy A. to Rosso, David, 6265 Woolworth Ave., $180,000.

Muelleman, Robert L. and Diane M. to 100 Year Homes Inc., 4844 Hickory St., $160,000.

Cymbalista, Steven P. to Holtmeyer, Eric, 4616 Hascall St., $150,000.

Midtown Restoration Inc. to Hildebrandt, Erika J. and Matthews, Michael C., 4679 Poppleton Ave., $232,000.

Banark, Marianne to Banark, Robert L., 1908 S. 62nd St., $171,000.

Kevin R. Beltz Revocable Trust to Anderson, Sarah, 4563 Shirley St., $240,000.

Michael & Mary Glassman Revocable Trust to Glassman, Sean, 5220 Pacific St., $105,000.

Ryan, Kyle D. to Rosenberg, John H. III, 1114 S. 54th St., $230,000.

Westman, Eric D. and Trina W. T. to Lord, Samantha K. and Reinhart, Benjamin C., 1310 S. 63rd St., $250,000.


Marang, William J. and Donna to Gaytan, Roberto and Trudy, 4517 S. 12th St., $55,000.

SO Investments LLC to Jauregui, Jaime and Maria G., 5212 S. 38th St., $80,000.

Totusek, Richard J. IV and Mary M. to Loza, Leticia and Rathbun, Kathy, 5419 S. 36th St., $205,000.

Shannon, Dennis R. and Deborah D. to Vazquez, Edgar Mendiea, 5401 S. 28th St., $16,000.

Bravo, Aneth M. and Antonio R. to Leeds, Piper Jean, 3378 W St., $112,000.


Brandt, Andrew D. and Giannina to Henriquez, Jose A., 2526 S. 6th St., $120,000.

Oltman, Bradley to TFI LLC, 3458 S. 15th St., $95,000.

Parson, Michael and Teresa to American Equity LLC, 2307 S. 8th St., $65,000.

Nigro-Post, Janet and Manchester, Charles H. IV to Gutierrez, Aaron, 1427 B St., $46,000.

Garcia, Jose J. and Shirley to Rogers Window Installation & Service Inc., 2026 Vinton St., $17,919.

Kuhn, Russell W. and Julia M. to Linstadt Properties LLC, 2011 S. 8th St., $54,000.

Falkowski, Paul P. and Mary T. to Spiehs, Jeff James and Melany Jenae, 1462 S. 11th St., $183,000.

Holmes Rentals LLC to Crawford, Nolan Avery and Tirzah Lelah, 1429 S. 12th St., $107,500.


Schlotfeld, Henry W. Jr. to Stanley, Michael Everett II, 1490 Ogden St., $73,000.


Omaha Municipal Land Bank to JC Lava Enterprises LLC, 5372 N. 27th Ave., $27,650.

Larkim Homes LLC to Rodarte, Edgar A. Martinez, 3311 Ames Ave., $87,000.

Morales, Analaura Ortiz to Glassroots Real Estate LLC, 4331 Fort St., $59,000.

Sewing, Corbin S. and Kristin R. to Gomez, Milton L. Tobia, 4018 Nebraska Ave., $40,000.

Kellogg, Vicki L. to Kellogg, Lashawn, 2209 Military Ave., $20,000.

Nagel, Jill E. to Griffin, Philip J., 4027 Seward St., $68,000.

Cohano Investments LLC to Medeiros, Sarah, 3312 N. 38th St., $60,000.

Tamang, Rupa to Tamang, Santa Kumar and Bintalimaya Moktan, 4208 Seward St., $85,000.

Thomas Properties I LLC to Pineda, Regino Wilfredo and Mirna Choto, 3328 N. 41st St., $23,500.

Inverse Asset Fund LLC to Fusion Notes LLC, 3712 N. 43rd St., $16,553.

Avila, Silva to Lopez, Elmer Alonzo Zamora, 3155 Paxton Blvd., $15,000.


Claus, Walter N. Jr. and Kasat, Tracy J. to Rief, Courtney Kara, 2903 Mormon St., $105,000.

Westbrook, Gary and Mikala to Hatton, Angela Renee and Todd Phillip, 6532 Florence Blvd., $200,000.

New Life Homes LLC to Kavanaugh, Haley, 8303 N. 29th St., $210,000.

Matcha, Ryan and Jeana to Bey, Heather and Jessen, Edward, 7306 N. 36th Avenue Circle, $130,000.

Wohlers, Gary R. and Mary S. to Woosley, Luke R., 9440 N. 29th St., $175,000.

Sugen Trust and Negus, Greg D., trustee, to Pane, Charles J., 8312 N. 36th St., $110,000.


Dougherty, Sean Robert to Robinson, Jaymes E. and Cathleen D., 7619 Charles St., $162,500.

Medina, Troy L. and Erin to Staley, Paul and Emri, 1031 N. 74th Ave., $182,000.

Hansen, Daniel P. and Janet A. to Dennell, James K., 8643 Broadmoor Drive, $175,000.


Dienstbier, Barbara to Tirumalasetty, Naveen, 17601 Patrick Ave., $275,000.

Stewart, Daniel Christopher and Jenna to Graham Hooper LLC, 4208 N. 171st St., $176,000.

Fox, Lindsey A. to Lee, James A., 15303 Spencer St., $193,000.

Ramm Construction Inc. to Reinert, David R. and Wendy S., 3011 N. 178th St., $494,512.

West, Ben E. and Dana L. to Showers, Scott G. and Andrea L., 6220 N. 153rd St., $290,000.

Wentz, Kenneth M. III and Melody J. to Sakis, Nicholas and Amy, 2119 N. 170th St., $379,000.

Lashmett, Jordan D. and Swigle, Micaela K. to Salomon, Jeffrey and Samantha, 2206 N. 178th St., $443,000.

Anderson, Tyler J. and Shelby to Guduru, Mounika and Bendi, Venkata Sunil, 16933 Tibbles St., $197,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Caldwell, Steven G. and Valeri L., 15467 Ellison Circle, $315,075.

Brown, Eric P. to Gitt, Sean P., 6207 N. 159th Circle, $339,000.

Hansen, Jenna L. to Larkins, Heather, 16926 Tibbles St., $195,500.

Hagen Revocable Trust and Hagen, Jeffrey B., trustee, to Hinkel, Zane M., 6316 N. 149th St., $209,000.

Adler, Jeremy to Huffman, Timothy P. and Lori A., 4710 N. 166th St., $272,000.

JHBF LLC to Advantage Development Inc., 17708 Spencer St., $65,000.

Schutte, Brian and Molly to Yellepeddi, Sri Vijay and Achanta, Sumana, 17591 Grand Ave., $277,000.

Dunlap, James and Joan M. to Pfeifer, Bradley D. and Susan M., 3246 N. 159th St., $384,000.

Smith, Patrick E. and Ann M. to Szegda, Trevor and Kelsey, 4010 N. 162nd Ave., $255,000.

Bhandari, Paras and Sabnam Singh to Benda, Jesse E., 16507 Meredith Ave., $215,000.


Gliwa, Thomas L. to Banderas, Jose Antonio Cisneros, 5256 S. 51st Ave., $156,100.

Kocanda, Eugene E. to Fitzgerald, John S., 5816 S. 56th St., $17,500.

Patricia R. McKim Revocable Trust and McKim, Leslie C., trustee, to Miranda, Nelson A. Barrera, 6015 Weir St., $132,000.

Duane & Monte Thompson First Trust to Ostby, Weifang and Laurence S., 6019 N St., $166,000.

Westerhold, Jason R. to Tstar Eat LLC, 6024 Q St., $100,000.

KCKB Properties LLC to Garcia, Otoniel and Felix, Guadalupe, 4929 S. 46th St., $160,000.


George W. Venteicher Revocable Trust to Schrage, Gary R., 17326 Harney St., $595,000.

Lathrum, Leah and Kolten to Vanalstine Family Living Trust and Vanalstine, Debra K., trustee, 15682 Hamilton St., $228,000.

Laraine L. Peck Revocable Trust to Wentz, Kenneth M. III and Melody, 16326 Underwood Ave., $550,000.

Johnson, Curtis L. and Streed-Johnson, Esther to Lei, Runhua and Yang, Hua, 711 S. 159th Ave., $318,000.

Harris, Nicholas B. and Lisa Katherine to Lantz, Eric and Leanne, 16116 Wakeley St., $220,000.

Fink, Christina L. to Blaney, Mary and Morgan, 16110 Davenport St., $325,000.


Baldwin, Hannah M. and McPherson, Zachary B. to Colon, Ramon, 9142 Weber St., $165,000.

Mai, Tuan Anh and Do, Quyen Khanh to Do, Hien Vuong and Dinh, Hien, 7528 N. 77th Terrace, $100,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Magar, Mon B. and Rai, Meelan, 8537 King St., $226,326.

Eaton, Mikaela to Dwaywahhei, Bu, 8128 Girard Place, $185,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Loger, Traci R., 8512 Baker St., $192,325.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Vincent, Richard H. and Linda S., 8408 Baker St., $184,673.


Stein, Justin J. and Meghan T. to Kramper, Zachary D., 9907 Nina St., $172,000.

Andrews, Paul Francis and Cheri Lynn to Kavan Homes Inc., 1511 S. 93rd Ave., $200,000.

Johnson, Matthew to Beltz, Kevin, 1316 S. 79th St., $370,000.

Spillum, Karin L. and Jodi O. to Pietrangelo, Peter and Suzann, 8771 C St., $148,000.

Freer, Rebecca to Wells, Barbara F., 2923 Westgate Road, $180,000.

Nicholson, Tyler J. and Maggie C. to Connors, Cara, 8026 Barbara St., $195,400.

Key, Aaron T. and Angela M. to Daggula, Yogananda, 1134 S. 98th St., $249,250.

Cornell, Timothy D. and Kasey C. to Bautista, Brian and Ching, Terri Ann, 2134 Ridgewood Ave., $270,000.

Estes, John Jr. and Katherine A. to Paskach, Gregory John and Molly Elizabeth, 10105 Valley Circle, $279,900.


Dawson Living Trust and Dawson, Todd C., trustee, to Kalasky, Jeffrey D., 4875 S. 93rd Ave., $175,000.

Wrieth, John L. and Judith A. to Crampton, Stephen G., 7611 State St., $160,000.

Hilt, Richard and Melissa M. to Davis, Joy A., 9229 Madison St., $217,000.

Rankin, Michael J. and Mary S. to Clawson, Tanner Austin Zaccory and Hobscheidt, Chelsea Lynn, 8105 Walnut Lane, $186,500.

Schlott, William R. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 5002 S. 77th Ave., $115,000.

Brazil, Joshua Bailey and Joe Joshua to Tucker, Thomas James, 4905 S. 78th Ave., $162,000.

Stuehm, Jonathan L. and Lindsay to Cotton, William R. and Rebecca S., 8308 Park Drive, $175,000.

Jernigan, Leann G. and Norman to Brunner, Marc and Angela, 6003 S. 102nd St., $310,000.

Filippini, Kenneth A. to Robertson, Morgan Scott and Lana Jean, 6417 S. 105th Circle, $377,000.

Anguiano, Ashlee D. and Anguiano-Losano, Juan C. to DK Dunne Properties LLC, 7918 Oakwood St., $115,000.

Pick, Sara to Hansman, Heather A., 6805 S. 81st St., $191,250.

Kentch, Edward F. and Mary L. to Baraily, Samjhana and Biswa, Mon Maya, 6306 S. 73rd Ave., $210,500.

Pancake, Clarence W. to O’Connor, Steven J., 5127 S. 77th Ave., $120,000.

Berscheid, Andrew William and Sasha to King, Amber, 9006 Suffolk Circle, $187,000.

Riggins, Dale L. and Susan L. to O’Reilly, Deborah L. and Oreilly, Daniel P., 7867 Tilford Circle, $90,777.


Stevens, Sean M. and Heather R. to Gray, Joshua J. and Natalie F., 18926 B St., $235,000.

Becker, Brian M. and Lydia A. to Devos, Donald Archille and Margaret Rae, 19015 Grover St., $240,000.

Weisbeck, Laine and Mallory to Michaelis, Michael W. and Larissa L., 19252 Walnut St., $699,000.

Mueller, Patrick J. and Mary to Matcha, Jeana and Ryan, 15923 Arbor Circle, $195,000.

Ninneman, Tom and Amy to Brown, Michael Peter Jr. and Taylor, Veronica, 4020 S. 177th St., $560,000.

Sadler, Ryan R. and Haley to Meysenburg, Jason L. and Joann K., 2126 S. 181st Circle, $401,000.

BMO Harris to Marquis Properties, 3110 S. 165th Ave., $268,500.

Busskohl, Stephen Luke and Renee Elaine to Napier, Adam M. and Damaria C., 16633 Frances St., $280,000.

Hunt, Tasha and Jamie to Widhalm Custom Homes Inc., 18601 Barbara St., $85,000.

Royal Development Inc. to Lerdahl, Timothy and Jill, 17612 Frances St., $430,601.

Alonso, Matthew Bryan and Windy to Anderson, Mary E., 3561 S. 185th Ave., $400,000.

Nicoll, Douglas M. and Elizabeth A. to Rief, Kaitlin, 3305 S. 158th St., $225,000.

Buske, Eric J. and Gretchen to Litz, Robert and Denise, 19706 Nina St., $415,000.

Froelick, Martin J. and Diane T. to Key, Aaron T. and Angela M., 19279 Williams St., $533,000.

McNeil, Patricia A. and Michael to Jorgenson, Ryan and Mary L., 1312 S. 165th St., $185,000.

Herron, James C. and Vicki L. to Gerald Otto Schmidt and Betty Lou Schmidt Revocable Trusts, 19417 Marinda St., $379,900.


Delores E. Meyers Living Trust to BOR Real Estate LLC, 4319 Burt St., $90,000.

Sheldon, John to Huge, Parker D., 123 N. 35th Ave., $153,500.

Nieves, Tina Nicole to Pratt, Sean and Siebe, Megan, 3232 Lafayette Ave., $133,900.

Hazen, Jeffrey L. and Katherine Y. to Krause, Joseph, 802 N. 43rd St., $179,900.

Scanlan, Patricia A. to WMP Properties LLC, 200 S. 31st Ave., $415,000.

East Campus Realty LLC to Wallfred, Teresa and Mitchell, 120 S. 31st Ave., $239,900.


Sweetbriar II LLC to Lockwood Construction LLC, 525 Fairacres Road, $1,200,000.

Institute of the Apostolic Oblates Inc. to Gerken, Bronson K. and Mary L., 6762 Western Ave., $167,500.

Warren, Karen M. and Greg R. to Stormberg, Mary and Kent, 883 N. 68th St., $265,000.

Martin, Matthew and Taui Ling Toomer to Moody, Thomas E., 412 N. 48th St., $245,000.

Bristol, Stephanie A. and Joseph to Hedglen, Callen and Milos, Danielle, 1107 Mayfield Ave., $183,500.


Terry L. Battiato Living Trust to Kuzela, Jacob, 4914 N. 107th St., $250,000.

DR Exteriors LLC to Miskimins, Amy, 5612 N. 96th St., $180,000.

Dygert, Julie R. to Burks, Ryan J., 9433 Ellison Ave., $160,700.

Schulte, Brett D. and Nicole L. to Stahr, Nathaniel and Sarah, 9812 Taylor St., $230,000.

Peal, Timothy A. and Catherine A. to Lara, Juan A. and Florentino, Teresa, 3811 Terrace Drive, $170,100.

Optimal Holdings LLC to Triplett, Michelle, 10476 Spaulding St., $148,000.

Chambers, Craig to Gurung, Mon B. and Dhan K., 3806 N. 93rd St., $195,000.

Adams Properties LLC to Dueling, Jason A. and Julie M., 8810 Spaulding Circle, $164,000.


Lachendro, Michael F. and Lisa M. to Murnan, Scott, 5306 S. 196th St., $194,500.

Luo, Mingchu and Huang, Wenmin to Otten, Coty Andrew and Rebecca Ann, 6525 S. 184th Ave., $345,000.

Cummins, Cathleen and Powers, Christine to Bingman, Phillip E. and Leslie A., 19613 G Circle, $415,000.

MCM Inc. to Sutphen, Joshua and Abigail, 16319 Weir St., $137,500.

Sutphen, Joshua and Abigail to Scott, Zach and Blecke, Paige, 16319 Weir St., $187,000.

Slump, Scott B. and Lori S. to Buboltz, William and Katie, 6023 S. 163rd Circle, $238,500.

MacLeod, Cari to Williams, Jerry and Teri, 18708 Allan St., $192,500.

Srb, Kandi K. to Ramold, Terri, 6410 S. 167th Ave., $230,000.

Kenison, Robert W. and Lisa M. to Dinkel, Brian and Katherine, 5089 S. 174th St., $275,000.

Ridge, David M. and Michele M. to Snoza, Adam C. and Colleen T., 6731 S. 163rd St., $285,000.

Blaney, Mary C. and Morgan N. to Rutherford, Christopher D. and Lindsay K., 16329 Jefferson St., $218,500.

Garges, Kristin S. and Travis to Leggett, Shala and Olsen, John, 6411 S. 167th Ave., $202,000.

Zawilinski, David R. and Kaelin M. to Kennedy, Anne M. and Debvoise, Robert Livingston, 16524 Monroe St., $282,000.

Krallman, Kurt A. and Laura to Costello, Jason and Kaitlin, 6724 S. 188th St., $260,000.

Graham, Robert and Britney to McKlem, Steven D. and Lacey K., 18530 Cinnamon St., $360,000.

Sheridan, Richard A. and Theresa R. to Fischer, Caleb and Toktam, 19350 Laci St., $190,000.

Rotella, Alex and Melissa to Kennedy, Daniel J. and Lauren A., 16023 Adams St., $320,000.

Proskovec, Amy L. to Lippold, Shane, 18716 W St., $195,000.

Mirza, Naziyabanu and Rizwanbaig to Hendrickson, Taryn, 6125 S. 189th St., $209,500.

Conway, Jason R. and Carolyn J. to Martinez, Queno and Jennifer, 6608 S. 161st Ave., $300,000.

Hsien-Chueh Mao Revocable Trust to Cole, Joseph and Katja, 17456 Archer Circle, $399,500.

Laverne M. Sizenbach Trust to Moore, Aubrey L. and Ashley C., 4215 S. 175th St., $335,000.

Burr, Oliver A. and Karissa M. to Lee, Taek and Jin Ah, 17529 Y St., $325,000.

Javorsky, Jeffrey R. to Wilson, Cory and Nicole, 19809 X St., $181,000.

Wagner, Brenda Lee to Hilderbrand, Ryan, 19123 Adams St., $187,000.

Nuzum, Jamison A. to Montgomery, Lauren S., 5005 S. 162nd St., $198,000.

Borcyk, Tyler J. and Kathleen M. to Burenheide, Eric and Marissa, 4951 S. 162nd St., $198,000.

Ganga, Siva Rama and Gummalla, Suneetha to Herting, Russell and Libbi, 5916 S. 174th St., $369,000.

Chmelka, Gary J. and Gloria J. to FMV LLC, 17116 Drexel St., $298,000.

Li, Yu and Pan, Mingming to Young, Yauheniya and Young, Robert, 17523 T St., $280,000.


Roper, William S. and Larue L. to Little, Sean D., 6367 S. 137th St., $110,000.

Fuller, Karla to Brodersen, Lisa D., 14811 Orchard Circle, $175,000.

Wang, Yao to Zhang, Wenhai, 12639 Orchard Ave., $150,000.

Roper, Billie B. to Roper, William S. and Larue L., 6367 S. 137th St., $110,000.

Moeller, Roger J. and Martha J. to Dill, Shannon K. and Matthew G., 5114 Ash St., $142,500.

Edwards, Diane R. and Michael to Roberts, Dustin and Larsen, Alyssa, 15207 Drexel St., $160,500.

Wounded Arrow, Justine N. and Ashley W. to Larsen, Andrew and Jamie, 6411 S. 137th St., $185,000.

Martinez, Austin Tyler and Kathleen to Ravenstahl, Anthony M. and Felici, Leslie E., 11623 Polk St., $210,000.

Menjura, Angelica Maria to Vargas, Wilfrido and Rosa, 11419 S Circle, $160,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Thomas J. Samek Trust, 15465 Stevens Place, $470,843.

Lier, Sarah A. and Andrew to Pile, Nathan and Megan, 14746 N St., $198,000.

Spellman, Hugh E. and Colleen A. to Wiles, Justin J. and Hillary M., 15311 Blackwell Drive, $233,000.

Tomasek, Paul J. to Reeves, Kyle J. and Kara M., 4966 S. 133rd St., $132,000.

Halpine, John M. and Wendy A. to Kastl, Michelle K., 4274 S. 151st Circle, $235,000.

68137, continued

Drake, Larry L. and Margaret A. to Schlueter, Luke Ian and Erin Anne, 13828 Washington Circle, $185,000.

Jensen, Austin to Hoessel, Benjamin, 11305 Z St., $188,000.

Crouch, Kim to Engstrom, Daniel, 11135 Jefferson St., $150,000.


Lewis-Starostka Inc. to Trademark Homes Inc., 7437 N. 118th Circle, $55,900.

Lewis-Starostka Inc. to Prairie Homes Inc., 7409 N. 117th Ave., $42,900.

Grenawalt, Donald and Mielke, Kamie to Svoboda, Nicholas and Fox, Lindsey, 12302 Reynolds Circle, $342,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Anderson, Todd V. and Cher D., 11757 Deer Creek Drive, $442,381.

Ritchey, James O. and Marguerite E. to Martin, Troy H. and Mary M., 7344 N. 122nd Avenue Circle, $425,000.

Allbery, Brian and Sandra M. to Bobr, Aleh and Viktoryia, 12405 Deer Creek Drive, $510,000.

Plym, Stephen W. and Jamie L. to Eihausen, Russ and Pam, 14313 Wood Valley Drive, $185,000.

Marsh, Gloria S. to Armstrong, Gregory, 7910 N. 131st Circle, $319,000.

El-Hajjar, Rana and Hassan, Osama to Salerno, Robert P. and Deanne K., 8010 N. 127th Ave., $95,000.


Losee, Denise D. to Shirley, Michael, 3008 S. 137th St., $189,000.

Eich, Brandon A. and Jaime L. to Koudele, Daniel and McCoun, Sydney, 3034 S. 146th St., $212,000.

O’Donnell, Hugh J. III and Behrens, Brenna to Broman, Corey and Katie, 12422 Hickory Road, $275,000.

5109 Real Estate LLC to Harr Revocable Real Estate Trust and Harr, Lawrence F., trustee, 11205 Woolworth Place, $450,000.

Edwards, Beth to Merklen Properties LLC, 15280 Grover St., $186,000.

Dizona, Andrea E. and Paul to LaMaster, Laurie, 13513 Valley St., $195,000.

Schumacher, Kevin J. and Julie A. to Hagen, Peter and Kara, 3617 S. 119th St., $295,000.

Grunkemeyer, James and Heidi to McPherson, Zachary and Baldwin, Hannah, 13116 Frances St., $255,000.

Hillebrandt, John P. and Emily C. to Adams, Sharon J., 3418 S. 115th Ave., $245,000.

Bolte, W. Wayne and Shirley A. to Havener, Connie, 12723 Westwood Lane, $177,000.

Jack A. and Alice M. Eledge Trust and Eledge, Larry E., trustee, to Cook, Bruce and Cynthia, 1918 S. 149th Circle, $185,000.


Mutual First Federal Credit Union to Loya, Geronimo Raul, 5129 Raven Oaks Drive, $19,000.

Huss, Ronald and Shirley to Red Ladder LLC, 7947 Raven Oaks Drive, $165,000.

Smith, James T. Sr. to Luce, Kevin, 4525 Manchester Drive, $269,000.

Martin, Christopher J. to Aken, April and Eric, 6616 N. 46th Ave., $100,000.

Clark, Bartholomew E. to Greger, Christopher A. and Arroyo, Melina, 10811 N. 62nd St., $248,500.


Bitzer, Derek J. and Alyssa to Cochran, Lawrence J., 15124 Westchester Circle, $195,000.

R & G Sanford Family Trust and Sandord, Robert L., trustee, to Busskohl, Stephen Luke and Renee Elaine, 12706 Burt St., $510,000.

Lindsay, Alice M. to DWPW Revocable Living Trust and Wiens, David Alan, trustee, 956 S. 119th Court, $240,000.

Wagner, Theresa and William L. to Krueger, Constance, 14551 Charles St., $199,400.

Anderson, John K. and Lee Ann to Masters, James and Teresa, 1118 N. 153rd Ave., $267,000.

Kavan Homes Incorporated to Nelson, Benjamin E. and Shannon, Katlin J., 15415 Farnam Circle, $251,000.

Bronte Companies LLC to Orme, Jason and Lebbert, Riley, 12094 Leavenworth Road, $180,000.

Karen M. Dragsten Revocable Trust to Kiihne, Lisa A., 15028 Hawthorne Circle, $235,000.

Licater, Michelle M. and Anthony C. to Lippold, Heidi R., 625 S. 123rd St., $50,700.

Snoza, Adam C. and Colleen T. to Elgamal, Sara A., 862 N. 154th St., $250,200.

Cormaci, Jeannine to Edwards, James and Anne, 911 S. 130th St., $295,000.


Benson, Elizabeth Anne and Mann, Brian to Lee, Mitchell D., 4911 N. 127th St., $190,000.

Buell, Michael S. and Mandi J. to Lira, Karri, 4656 N. 127th St., $117,500.

Hetrick, Jerome E. and Glenda F. to Thornhill, Ian and Mick, Kaitlin Veronica, 4905 N. 113th St., $205,600.

Seelandt, Ronald L. and Eldred, Melissa N. to Dancer, Michael J. and Rachel M., 5110 N. 127th St., $185,000.

TJ and Mary Beth Holmes Family Trust to Mirch, Christian H. and Emma P., 12516 Eagle Run Drive, $265,000.

Landon, Cory and Alyssa to Wordekemper, Zachary, 12716 Patrick Circle, $192,000.

Goeser, Diane C. and Mark L. to Gibson, Thomas and Gaul, Bridgett, 13974 Ames Ave., $330,000.

Coe, Michael Patrick and Elise Koren to Chaffee, John and Carol, 13577 Larimore Ave., $283,040.

Stoysich, Nicholas A. and Kaitlin A. to Paw, Thelu and Light, Moon, 5731 N. 130th St., $185,000.

Huggler, Gregory K. and Tat, Hang to Leuck, Eric, 10854 Martin Ave., $179,000.

Steele, Mark A. and Kristen to Myers, Susan Elizabeth, 13466 Meredith Ave., $259,000.

Decent, Tara J. and Steven R. to Hart, Clinton M., 2508 N. 138th St., $303,000.

Kruse, Audra to Prescher, Candace J., 12424 Binney St., $210,000.

Thiemann, Sean and Debra to Norton, Justin M. and Myers Norton, Cynthia J., 14021 Camden Ave., $312,000.

Durbin, Douglas G. and Patricia E. to Lambrecht, Mark R. and Kristi J., 12944 Eagle Run Drive, $415,000.

Morford, Steven L. to Keith, Randall D. and Christine A., 4101 N. 142nd Ave., $380,000.

Schlickbernd, Jeffrey and Joyce to Ramde, Simeon and Bonkoungou, Solange, 6618 N. 111th St., $183,000.

Miller, Benjamin to Kelly, Sebastian, 12905 Curtis Ave., $149,100.

Mai, Dung Duc and Hang Ng to Classe, Nathan J., 2122 N. 121st St., $165,000.

Oehm, Scott E. and Charlotte F. to Nelson, Ryan S. and Christine E., 14208 Ames Ave., $291,000.

Lawver, Dallas W. to Beckmann, Tyler, 5824 N. 127th Avenue Circle, $137,750.

Carter, Margaret A. to Reischl Properties LLC, 12902 Sahler St., $165,000.

Warren, Levi J. and Nicole M. to Weiner, Matthew, 11466 Bauman Ave., $176,000.

* * *

Sarpy County


Munoz, Carlos A. to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 701 W. 32nd Ave., $116,000.

Wendl Properties LLC to Howard, David E., 301 Kohl Road, $220,000.

Niemi, Ernest and Janet to Niemi, Jason, 307 Kayleen Drive, $134,000.

Vanta, Jennifer to Bolen, Clayton M. Jr., 605 N. 4th St., $163,000.

Mather, Donald F. and Dixie L. to Brodersen, Matthew A. and Erin L., 2408 Chandler Road East, $140,000.

Lindfors, Jean E. to Ott, Samantha, 2503 Mose Ave., $114,000.

Rieke, Sherri L. and Roger D. to Story, Jeff C. and Webster, Jackie, 129 Cedar Circle, $227,000.

Stephenson, Mark K. and Lauralea A. to Hodges, Stephanie and McComas, Jacob, 109 W. 19th Ave., $203,000.

Gerweck, Randolph O. and Hike, Bobby L. III to Moake, Aloha A. and Wimmer, Erik, 1508 Main St., $130,000.

Smith, Clinton T. and Melissa L. to Hagenau, Ann, 2612 S. Crawford St., $145,000.

Gares, Adam B. and Rodriques, Jessica J. to Ross, Gina, 1001 Hopkins Drive, $133,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Peers, Daniel J. and Nicole L., 12010 S. 212th St., $310,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Howell, Thomas J. and Bailey D., 16958 Samantha Road, $311,000.

Roth, Danny and Kimberly to Gilbronson, Bonnie, 10115 S. 201st St., $310,000.

Khalili, Sarah and Michael to Pridell, Thomas and Saladee, Megan, 12601 S. 218th St., $222,000.

Gregory, Broc W. and Megan A. to Tinney, Yvonne M. and Charles F., 12173 S. 218th St., $245,000.

Lager, Eric and Karla to Cox, Amy L., 20108 Maple St., $335,000.

Riel, Richard and Maria Khristina Amador to Billiou, Justin and Kristina, 17217 Christensen Road, $298,000.

Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC to Rankin, Jeramie and Eades, Cassandra, 19714 Redwood St., $394,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Eich, Brandon and Jaime, 19458 Redwood St., $324,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to McCright Properties LLC, 19823 E. Westplains Road, $221,000.

Cambridge Homes LLC to Jackson, Heath and Kristine, 514 Locust St., $307,000.

Miller, Jon Paul and Traci Michele to Malone, Levi and Audrina, 12616 S. 218th Ave., $254,000.

Williams, Doris A. to Thompson Property Holdens LLC, 301 Pontiac Drive, $110,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Begg, Justin K. and Abbie J., 11326 S. 169th Ave., $266,000.

Caniglia, John and Danielle to Boni, Aaron Anthony and Kaylin Jeanette, 19305 Audrey St., $410,000.

Home Company LLC to Berecek, Melissa and Hays, Lee, 7905 S. 196th St., $371,000.

Teig, Roman and Ashley to Dag, Ali and Dag, Asli Zeynep, 17211 Jackson Ave., $291,000.

Janousek, Shane T. to 4805 Lillian Street LLC, 210 E. W. Plains Road, $185,000.


McNealy-Shiu, Laurie L. to Konrad, Zachary K. and Katherine E., 1805 Fox Run Drive, $300,000.

Finke, John W. and Mari Beth A. to Traille, David L. and Laura E., 12068 S. 79th St., $367,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Aguirre Sharpe, Alexandra, 10710 Laramie St., $296,000.

Piper, Joshua Lee and Heather Marie to Vahle, Felicia, 1115 Patricia Drive, $190,000.

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church to Familia De Dios Ministries Inc., 330 W. Halleck St., $1,500,000.

Mocha, Chazalyn and Nicholas E. to McLaughlin, Ashley and Nathan, 2302 Corn Drive, $195,000.

Washburn, Derek K. and Amber D. to McCready, Jared M. and Natalie R., 10355 S. 124th Ave., $401,000.

O’Brien, William H. IV and Mary K. to Floerchinger, Mark and Gina, 12367 S. 81st St., $402,000.

Plumb, Terence A. and Jill S. to Hain, Mitchell J. and Alexis A., 811 N. Madison St., $335,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Biegler, Michael L. and Amber L., 10508 Cove Hollow Drive, $406,000.

Bumgardner, Brent L. and Amber M. to Bosiljevac, Michael John, 1010 Creighton Road, $305,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Sanders, Christopher, 703 E. Patton St., $165,000.

Webber, Barry W. and Cara S., co-trustees of the Webber Living Trust, to Stamps, Alexander T. and Tracy L., 10810 S. 111th St., $335,000.

Bratt, Rachel E. and Ryan L. to Olson, Scott and Lani, 1808 Ranch Drive, $305,000.

Sales, Travis E. and Melody C. to Trippier, Paul and Shannon, 701 N. Madison St., $315,000.

Butcher, Mark and Margo to Muench, Matthew D. and Danielle R., 2316 Walnut Creek Drive, $241,000.

Perrotta, Donald T. and Janet L. to Miller, Jared and Krista, 1802 Ranch Drive, $320,000.

Schweers, Matthew and Olivia to Guyette, Jason and Sarah, 1107 Stony Point Drive, $263,000.

Goodbrod, Elaine to Poe, Danielle and Kimble, Charles, 2102 King Drive, $194,000.

Bowman, Paul M. and Monique D. to Narke, David L. and Fonda J., 404 S. Jackson St., $211,000.

Marino, Ann M. to Blake, Grace and Rhodig, Benjamin, 703 Crest Drive, $208,000.

Blackman, Elliot R. and Margalia F. to Kroll, Matthew E. and Nicole M., 2411 Quartz Drive, $279,000.

KH2 Equity LLC to Ortega, Stephanie, 505 Laredo Road, $115,000.

Zurcher, Charles G. and Emily R. to Wachter, Matthew and Sandi, 910 Iron Road, $229,000.

Falcone, Joseph J. and Patricia L. to Schwandt, Robbie Eldon and Rios, Kesia Assenett Martinez, 800 Devon Drive, $235,000.

Toren, Robert J. and Heidi J. to Armani, Neil and Rukksana, 12417 S. 83rd St., $380,000.

Stamps, Alexander T. and Tracy L. to Carper, Kevin E. and Puncochar Carper, Janet E., 654 Reeves Circle, $305,000.

Jodice, Laurel A. and Adam P. to Blackman, Elliot R. and Margalia F., 2120 Broadwater Drive, $360,000.

MJ Design Build Inc. to White, Amber and Kevin, 11729 S. 110th St., $399,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Lopez, Joan Stephanie and Paramaguru, Kumareshan, 8004 S. 195th St., $339,000.


Swanson, Steffi A., guardian, and Gary Petereit estate to Hawkins, Terry and Cheryl, 235 N. 1st St., $95,000.

Roxburgh, Eric M. to Anderson, Megan and Aaron, 15701 S. 180th St., $160,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Soneson, Andrew Thomas and Lynn Marie, 210 N. 10th Ave., $381,000.

D & E Custom Building & Design Inc. to Olson, Jay D. and Hannah R., 1060 Cedar Circle, $360,000.

Noble, Christine A. and Robert to Gregg, Jay Allen and Laurie, 410 S. 2nd St., $185,000.


Rippey, Nancy E. to Edmonds, Lorelei E. and Trevor D., 3115 Marlene Lane, $195,000.

Feeney, Michael P. and Trisha V. to Prause, Joshua and Emily, 10018 S. 13th St., $210,000.

Hamilton, Jonathan and Kimberly to Tyree, Melissa and David, 12806 S. 29th Ave., $209,000.

Greger, Chris to Stevens, Robert David and Estefania A., 2803 Blackhawk Drive, $223,000.

Bogatz, Shawn and Knight Bogatz, Jeanice to Arkfeld, Antoine J. and Emily B., 11413 S. 44th Avenue Circle, $240,000.

McCutcheon, Connor and Jessica to Paek, Solhui, 2308 Brighton Drive, $175,000.

Simpson, Michael J. and Amanda M. to Ramirez, Samuel and Jaclyn, 14906 Marseille Ave., $203,000.

Mally, Jessica M. and Justin to Ball, Zachary L., 10806 Winding River Drive, $185,000.

McIntosh, Michelle to Osterman, Leo L. and Joan M., 13701 S. 43rd St., $350,000.

Dalrymple, David T. II and Jerry to Santana, Jose A. and Tina M., 14109 C Tregaron Ridge Ave., $158,000.

Szczepaniak, Nathan and Ciara M. to Abell, Austin P. and Brooke N., 3311 Blackhawk Drive, $192,000.

Frahm, Chad D. to Villagomez, Alexander and Jarina K., 3372 Rahn Blvd., $233,000.

Schuttler Family Trust and Schuttler, Marlene L., trustee, to Gitchel, Alvin Ray and Nicole L., 14403 S. 23rd St., $290,000.

Bernacchi, Gregory S. and Brianna R. to De La O Arrieta, Ana L. and Chaparro, Ismael, 1004 Kauii St., $167,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Ojeda, Timothy J. and Jasmine S., 1710 Mesa St., $294,000.

Villa, Rex A. and Alicia M. to Boden, Christopher R.V., 14909 Chateau St., $215,000.

Lynn, Robert F. and Joyce to McIntosh, Michael T. and Sharon L., 9803 S. 25th Ave., $192,000.

Duhon, Jerome and Andrea to Crenshaw, Travis and Thomas, Brittany L., 14102 S. 21st St., $275,000.

Bihlajama, Matthew William and Leyinzca to Davis, David, 14409 S. 25th Ave., $184,000.

Walker, Erika L. to Biz Enterprises LLC, 10911 S. 25th Ave., $230,000.

McClaren, Jennifer A., personal representative of Sibbel, Russell R. estate, to Bruce, Douglas K. and Donna J., 14424 S. 34th Ave., $200,000.

Robinson, Quincy Tyrome and Kaoru to Sovereign, Matthew D., 9801 S. 24th St., $217,000.

Cross, Norman J. Jr. and Keiko to Fouche, David C. and Guillen, Jasmin M., 2934 Lone Tree Road, $176,000.

Kelley, James L. and Audrey D. to McIntire, Russell and Alicia, 3207 Mirror Lane, $181,000.

Dixon, Jason Boyett and Desire Thomas to Sunnekalb, Christopher and Marissa N., 13506 S. 29th Ave., $259,000.

Maryott, Michael J. and Jennifer L. to Leis, Arthur I. and Winifred, 14200 S. 18th St., $269,000.

Hunter, Christopher J. and Michele F. to Allen, Marc W. and Alberi, Tiffany, 13807 S. 42nd Ave., $215,000.

Hopwood, Dennis R. and Ashley R. to Ray, Andrew Jr. and Britney, 13711 S. 44th St., $222,000.

Haflett, Casey Martin and Lorrie B. to Robinson, Quincy and Kaoru, 2704 Arrowhead Lane, $256,000.

Delisi, August and Marlene to Webster, Sara Anne, 10704 Lewis and Clark Road, $205,000.

Bryant, Matt and Chelsea to Ramirez, Daniel A. and Veronica, 4001 Birchwood Drive, $385,000.

Dudley, John D. and Thuy T. to Snell, Jack L. and Danyell D., 1206 Terry Drive, $225,000.

Howard, Karroll Lynn to Sandra R. Hingst Trust and Warren J. Hingst Revocable Trust, 14414 S. 23rd St., $224,000.

Bartling, Michael D. and Lisa A. to Moreno, Javier Ayala and Cervantes, Claudia Carrera, 9805 S. 25th Ave., $226,000.

Walford, Rhonda to Wagner, Nicole J., 10617 S. 25th Ave., $170,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Heydenberk, Willis J. and Valera L., 14412 S. 20th, $262,000.

Salinas, Roger G. to Brandt, Andrew D. and Giannina, 2604 Woodland Drive, $205,000.

Hahn, Matthew C. and Jamie J. to Obrist, Kent and Christine, 17322 Iris Circle, $272,000.

Phillips, Samara and Eisele, Dehn A. to Crouse, Andrew Christopher, 10603 Lewis and Clark Road, $182,000.

Hebert, Matthew and Gabriella to Centorbi, Paul R. Sr. and Rosario M., 10610 S. 26th St., $188,000.

Moore, Ayana and Michael R. to Shively, Kaleb and Lyndsee, 10706 S. 18th St., $187,000.

Teague, Christian to Minutti-Fitzmaurice, Monica and Fitzmaurice, Gerardo, 13802 S. 43rd St., $204,000.

Bruens, William W. and Susie J. to Cannia, Joseph and Gilg, Katharine O., 13301 S. 20th Ave., $151,000.

Rock, Erin E. to Ring, Kenneth and Julie, 11607 S. 39th St., $125,000.

Coleman, Jonn E. and Annette M. to Fletcher, David, 2923 Leawood Drive, $193,000.


Sadofsky, Charles and Candace to Palermo, David and Schroer, Jessica, 10238 Josephine Ave., $335,000.

Rosburg, Alexander and Kara to Hansen, Jenna L., 10508 Cary St., $245,000.

Moline, James R. and Jean M. to Downs, Samantha, 8222 S. 68th Court, $210,000.

Herink, Julie and Schrawder, Barbara to Smith, Gavin M. and Grace G., 7176 Plum Dale Road, $225,000.

LaBarbera, Danielle and Michael to Lamelin, Marc Andrew and Sandra Beth, 8564 S. 101st St., $355,000.

Voorhees, Corey R. and Sarah L. to Red Ladder LLC, 9820 Melisa St., $168,000.

Moscato Vernon, Kathy and Vernon, Dan to Pirtle, Adam and Nicole, 7821 S. 70th St., $188,000.

Furniss, Clay B. and Alice R. to Nicholson, Tyler and Maggie, 9931 Floyd St., $263,000.

Donnelly, Michael and Macala to Pham, Nga Hong Phuong and Hoang, Paris Lee, 7733 S. 71st Ave., $215,000.


Green, William R. and Mary April to Haynes, Matthew and Sell Haynes, Susan, 12011 S. 49th St., $340,000.

Leighner, Lou Ann to Redfield, Doris L., 11701 Lakeview Drive, $200,000.

Sautter, Adam and Ann to Spidahl, Seth and Kelsey, 2008 Eagle Ridge Drive, $300,000.

Bertolino, John S. and Nancy L. to Jerrell, Mary Elizabeth, 5210 Woodlane Drive, $325,000.

Cretum LLC to Robinson, Shirley A., 5009 Shannon Drive, $212,000.

Westcoast Properties LLC to Davis, Mike D. and Kirby J., 9810 S. 68th Avenue Circle, $320,000.

Schuler, George James and Jami Lynn to Gutz, Christopher Charles and Jennifer Marie, 709 Fall Creek Road, $315,000.

Connett, Michael J. and Susan M. to Harris, Benjamin and Cabrillas Harris, Chryzelle, 11928 S. 52nd St., $265,000.

Harris, Scott Sr and Linette K. to Harpster, Nicholas S., 2202 Park Crest Drive, $257,000.

Hoffart Paige D. to Roybal Michael A. and Roybal Jennifer L., 12014 S. 49th St., $295,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Russell Dean Farr Trust, 4906 Birchwood Drive, $393,000.

Fricke, Charles H. Jr. and Michelle J. to Ahrens, Kristopher Keith, 206 Castle Pine Drive, $260,000.

Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC to Schreck, Jared and Ashlee L., 13807 S. 52nd St., $435,000.

Lambert, Roger W. and Janice A. to Nich, David L. Jr. and Vandervort, Julie M., 2210 Aberdeen Drive, $300,000.

Schwartz, John and Forster, Laura to Vahle, Daniel E. and Debra J., 2139 Bear Creek Road, $269,000.

Dawson, Ashleigh M and David to Fogang, Adelaide, 1802 Ashwood Ave., $227,000.

Cynthia R. McVay Living Trust, McVay, Cynthia R. and Patrick A. trustees, to French, Mark P. and Jill M., 1814 Deerfield Way, $295,000.

Owens-Genchan, Jacquelyn F. to Martinez, Austin T. and Kathleen J., 2518 Pinehurst Circle, $275,000.

David, Christopher and Catherine to Vasquez, Kimberly Jean and Guadalupe, 13903 Springview Drive, $254,000.

Coberly, Nathan L. and Kara L. to Austin, Matthew B. and Lindsay N., 6652 Kara Drive, $380,000.

Woodman, Jennifer Lynn and Christopher to Killian, Ashley A., 1605 Savannah Drive, $191,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Vonseggern, Jon K. and Jana M., 8107 S. 186th St., $322,000.

Molini, Christopher J. and Angela M. to Darnall, Brett T. and Angie N., 8824 S. 163rd St., $248,000.

Frank, Casey M. and Lesley D. to Friedmeyer, A. Norman and B. June, 16520 Briar St., $304,000.

Hinsdale, Kenneth M. and Tracy A. to Booth, Elisa L., 15975 Virginia Circle, $285,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Seaman, Noah H. and Jillian L., 16858 Cary St., $282,000.

Silva, Leo J. to Wendt, Michael R. and Kathleen I., 16517 Redwood St., $235,000.

Snitily Farms LLC to Simpson, Bobbie Jo, 7017 S. 177th St., $180,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Stadjuhar, James and Tana, 8013 S. 184th Terrace, $248,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Lakshmanan, Imayavaramban, 7828 S. 184th St., $254,000.

Jim L. Stock Revocable Trust to Wickencamp, Judith A. and James D., 9833 S. 175th Circle, $266,000.

Delezene, Stacie and Theodore L. to Kraniewski, Mark Leonard and Susan Kay, 7312 S. 169th St., $355,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Treadway, Eric T. and Mallory A., 7820 S. 187th St., $302,000.

MWSD LLC to Caniglia, John S. and Danielle, 7904 S. 181st Avenue Circle, $93,000.

Armani, Neil and Rukhsana to Silva, Raul and Peggy, 17105 Colony Drive, $255,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Marsh, Philip and Natalia T., 18831 Rosewood St., $263,000.

Dukat, William T. and Jamie to Shrader, Matthew and Megan, 17739 Josephine St., $185,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hoge, Jordan and Kayla, 18608 Redwood St., $314,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Hinsdale, Kenneth M. and Tracy A., 18355 Schofield Drive, $369,000.

Rowley, Rhonda A. to Van Der Westhuizen, Peter and Michaela, 17007 Bohling Drive, $259,000.

Christensen, Nathan and Lisa M. to Valdez, Deborah Amor, 15808 Cottonwood Ave., $192,000.

Serena M. Price Living Trust to Bakhit, Joscelyn O., 18211 Edna St., $192,000.

McGill, Christopher to Dailey, Jason Michael, 17003 Aurora St., $315,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Schmaderer, Adam L. and Catherine A., 18420 Marion Drive, $415,000.

SID #158 to Design Tech Inc., 9808 Hazeltine Ave., $32,000.

Kastl, Paul W. and Michelle K. to Goetz, Anthony and Lentz, Christina, 17242 Musket St., $305,000.

Sojka, Bradley J. and Jessica C. to Gowen, William and Diane and Delezene, Stacie, 8015 S. 188th St., $242,000.


JRC Holdings LLC to Rivkin, Benjamin and Schuelke, Kayla, 12958 Margo St., $175,000.

Harr, Tracy M. to Schelm, Deven L. and Dzingle, Kayreen, 11404 Westmont Drive, $147,000.

Daniels, Jessica A. to Gillette, Samuel R., 13439 Gertrude St., $175,000.

Nuzum, Joel and Amber to Lane, Joseph and Brianna, 14612 Emiline St., $164,000.

Hill, Adam James and Jamie to Hovey, Rachel Marie and Aaron Matthew, 14822 Josephine St., $177,000.

Dolan, Vickie J. to Anguiano, Ashlee D. and Anguiano Losano, Juan C., 13909 Frederick Ave., $205,000.

Gillespie, Daniel L. and Teresa to TFI LLC, 13930 Jennifer Road, $125,000.

Bruhn, Jeannine, personal representative of Bambino, Joseph R. estate, to Hurley, Andrew J., 14004 Barretts Drive, $160,000.

Berezay, Amanda J. and Matthew to Gray, Sierra A., 14626 Josephine St., $156,000.

Venable, Brent N. and Elizabeth A. to Baker, Timothy John, 14702 Emiline St., $177,000.


Santana, Jose A. and Tina M. to Phelps, Chloe, 7707 S. 41st Terrace, $165,000.

Armbrust, Ronald R. III and Janice to Gares, Adam and Rodriques, Jessica, 7705 S. 31st St., $275,000.

Cummings, Harold Ray and Kathleen M. to Widmann, Richard and Clawson, Leah, 8614 S. 39th St., $194,000.

Rotundo, William A. and Kurcz, Stacy R. to Rotundo, Rick A. and Kimberly J., 7602 S. 41st St., $130,000.

Cornine, Aarron and Jennica to Eisele, Dehn and Phillips, Samara, 9507 S. 25th Ave., $278,000.

Castagnoli, Daniel J. and Willmes, Jackie K. to Kallhoff, Krystyn, 3618 Barretts Drive, $218,000.

K & B Associates to McDowall, Collin, 7310 Chandler Acres Drive, $154,000.

Marvin, Paul E. and Suteeraporn to Mahoney, Amanda, 3916 Baldwin Circle, $101,000.

Ellis, Timothy J. and Cristie L. to Herman, Bryon and Leanne, 7023 S. 39th Ave., $162,000.

Jun, Erick and Kina to Lopez, Reina E., 2601 Olive St., $140,000.

Sykora, Mary L. to Becerra, Jerry and Marjorie A., 7209 S. 19th St., $15,000.


Arkfeld, Antoine J. and Emily B. to Marriott, Mitchell, 7302 Sun Valley Drive, $173,000.

Urlaub, Joseph M. and Kathleen A. to Lachowicz, Edward W. and Jennifer L., 8515 S. 45th Ave., $212,000.

Fix Co. Inc. to 4813 Dumfries Drive LLC, 4806 Borman St., $185,000.

Vencil Construction Inc. to Vernon, Dan J. and Moscato Vernon, Kathy E., 6432 Centennial Road, $380,000.

Ojeda, Hector and Maria and Ojeda, Nicolas to Ojeda, Luis, 8304 S. 50th St., $136,000.

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