State Street Investments LLC to Proline Custom Homes Inc., 16203 Reynolds St., $43,950.

North Ida Street Investments LLC to Falcone, Tom and Hankins, Dee, 16058 Girard St., $42,950.

North Ida Street Investments LLC to Nelson Builders Inc., 7504 N. 161st St., $43,450.

Cambridge Homes LLC to Naccarato, Michael, 8915 N. 169th St., $349,353.

State Street Investments LLC to Barr Homes Inc., 15907 Grebe St., $41,950.

Thompson, Jason A. and Thompson, Sara D to Alejandre, Mario and Alejandre, Tera, 8609 Kilpatrick Parkway, $350,000.

Moore, Leandre R. to Sanford, Doug L. and Sanford, Julie A, 7802 N. 153rd St., $237,000.

Saltz, Elmer H. and Saltz, Barbara R to Saltz, Gordon D., 8115 N. 163rd Ave., $275,000.

Rosenbaum, Timothy L. and Rosenbaum, Nannette J to Seger, Mark S., 126 N. Molley St., $108,000.

Dave Paik Builders Inc. to Vuppala, Aditya and Vuppala, Amrita-Amanda D, 7910 N. 164th St., $376,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Rosenbaum, David G. and Rosenbaum, Janet M, 16407 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $289,109.

Anthony Lane Custom Homes And Investments LLC to Schneider, Matthew and Schneider, Jessica, 8522 N. 168th Ave., $350,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Moran, John A. Jr., 16459 Read St., $273,864.

State Street Investments LLC to Mercury Contractors Inc., 15919 Grebe St., $41,950.

Patent, Jonathan R. and Patent, Cristin to Robinson, Theo, 15816 Young Circle, $255,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Echelon Homes LLC, 9101 N. 171st St., $49,700.

O & H. Properties Inc. to Bidrowski, Alex R., 11829 N. 157th St., $170,000.

Martha Ann Robey Revocable Trust and Robey, Douglas J. Tr to Rennick, Samuel and Jeffries, Joyce, 14436 Read St., $263,000.

Newlin, Jarrod Robert and Newlin, Mikaela Lee to Buckbee, Paul M. and Buckbee, Melissa K, 8912 N. 155th St., $186,900.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Fortune Builders LLC, 7416 N. 160th St., $230,566.

Robinson, Theo to Johnson, Kellie R., 15005 Mormon St., $222,000.

Cooper, Patrick S. and Cooper, Frances to Ahl, James Raymond and Pooley, Elizabeth Marie, 7117 N. 162nd St., $435,000.

Bring, Matthew and Bring, Alyson to Zimmerman, William Patrick and Zimmerman, Holly, 8814 N. 169th St., $337,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Mainali, Suraj and Gautam, Sangita, 8806 N. 161st St., $268,939.

Charleston Homes LLC to Thielen, Terence J. and Thielen, Kelly M, 7414 N. 161st St., $314,922.


Covington Homes Inc. to Taylor, John M. and Taylor, Nancy L, 2726 N. 191st Ave. $309,950.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Youngman, Clark R. and Youngman, Caitlin A, 18761 Sahler St., $404,713.

Flocks, Thomas and Flocks, Jennifer to Enjamuri, Santosh Kumar and Kanukuntla, Harini, 562 S. 180th Ave. $308,000.

Jkc Construction Inc. to Iron Court LLC, 3101 N. 192nd Ave. $395,000.

Ulness, Gary S. and Ulness, Angela K to Larsen, Rodney J. and Larsen, Stefanie L, 21025 W. Circle, $623,000.

Weeder, Gregory C. and Weeder, Danelle D to Pawlowski, Joseph Ryan and Pawlowski, Linda Marie, 720 S. 200th St., $365,000.

Kindopp, Bryan Leighton and Kindopp, Kay Leigh to Abe Hoch 2015 Revocable Trust and Hoch, Abe Terrace, 3906 N. 195th St., $600,000.

Richard Carol Gossman Living Trust and Gossman, Richard B. Trust to Ferrante, Phil, 905 S. 184th St., $337,500.

Jkc Construction Inc. to Menke, Brandon and Menke, Kristen, 20619 Pine St., $515,000.

South Hamptons Land Development LLC to Petersen, Steven L. and Petersen, Sherri A, 23656 Laci St., $79,950.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Edwards, Jordan and Edwards, Jenifer, 2005 S. 210th St., $511,000.

Lindquist, Eric H. Trust to Bear Homes Pc, 18111 Honeysuckle Drive, $305,000.

Consalvi, Aaron and Consalvi, Kimberly to Trimberger, Nick and Trimberger, Cherie, 1433 N. 209th St., $225,000.

Best Def LLC to Romero, Jake, 19405 Manderson Circle, $36,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Cambridge Homes LLC, 2411 N. 187th Ave. $65,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Cambridge Homes LLC, 2505 N. 188th St., $58,000.

Whisper Rock Holdings LLC to Paradise Homes Inc., 18404 Grant St., $45,000.

Whisper Rock Holdings LLC to Cambridge Homes LLC, 2513 N. 186th St., $65,000.

Whisper Rock Holdings LLC to Cambridge Homes LLC, 2505 N. 185th St., $25,000.

Whisper Rock Holdings LLC to Cambridge Homes LLC, 2609 N. 184th St., $70,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Company Inc. to Briley Enterprises LLC, 2361 S. 220th Ave. $76,500.

Elkhorn Highlands Inc. to Covington Homes Inc., 2605 N. 189th St., $36,750.

Paradise Homes Inc. to Cambridge Homes LLC, 2226 N. 186th St., $45,000.

204 Fstreet LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 20602 E St., $69,000.

Moe, Mitchell S. and Moe, Lani M to Krauss, Ryan S. and Krauss, Erica L, 20014 Jackson St., $345,000.

Bailey, Lance D. and Bailey, Tanya M to Barney, Christian and Barney, Kimberly, 20703 Meredith Circle, $410,000.

Ideal Designs Remodeling & Construction LLC to Stuart, Melvin M. and Stuart, Tracy M, 4309 N. 190th Circle, $517,548.

Cambridge Homes LLC to Maggio, Samuel and Maggio, Vicki Lynn, 2704 N. 184th St., $317,950.

Hoffman, Brian D. and Hoffman, Nicole M to Small, Jonathan and Small, Jayme, 933 S. 198th St., $379,000.

Matheny, Benjamin J. and Matheny, Melinda M to Bailey, Lance D. and Bailey, Tanya M, 20949 State St., $595,000.

Sunderman, Bryce D. and Sunderman, Beth A to Schmitt, Nicholas J. and Schmitt, Viviana, 19215 Camden Ave. $1,062,500.

Laid Back Lifestyle LLC to Munoz, Juan P. Prieto and Cadena, Diana C. De Lane, 1723 S. 207th Ave. $565,480.

Pieper, Jean M. to Gregory, Megan and Gregory, Jason, 3210 N. 205th St., $128,500.

Mabry, Lisa R. to Marnani, Devender Rao and Marnani, Srilatha, 1320 N. 209th St., $223,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Zgoda, Adam and Zgoda, Valerie, 5113 N. 208th Ave. $275,913.

Schieber, Matthew D. and Schieber, Stacy to Naber, Bruce G. and Naber, Laci E, 19611 Harney St., $400,000.

Benson, Diana and Garges, Diana to Hellbusch, Adam Dakota, 1810 N. 207th St., $195,000.

Rapier, Jacquolynn A. to Harrington, Curtis and Harrington, Amy, 5714 S. 238th St., $500,000.

Scott, Ashley L. to Scott, Troy A., 2814 N. 204th St., $120,000.

Vencil Construction Inc. to Stahmer, Elizabeth M., 18905 Boyd St., $362,900.

Wojtas, John J. to Newport Homes LLC, 2721 N. 189th St., $41,000.

Gratopp, Ryan B. and Gratopp, Traci L to Mrsny, Joshua A., 2234 N. 204th Terrace, $150,000.

Raney, Douglas C. and Raney, Jennifer M to Hodge, Allie Lauren, 20610 Parker St., $195,000.

Gray, Todd F. and Gray, Rebecca M to Davies, Judith W., 614 S. 197th St., $315,000.

Janet K. Brown Revocable Trust and Brown, Janet K. Tr to Cypress Group Inc., 2268 S. 218th Ave. $140,000.

Dynasty Homes LLC to Beers, Matthew J. and Beers, Shelby J, 18969 Manderson St., $329,548.

Cambridge Homes LLC to Raimi, Joseph J. and Raimi, Brandi Nichole, 2708 N. 185th St., $335,000.


Harvey, Samuel and Harvey, Carly to Sewthaisong, Apichart and Firestone, Rebecca, 5410 Seward St., $275,500.

Manning, David Gerald and Manning, Lisa to Hutchinson, Lisa A. and Forbes, Christian P, 5119 Evans St., $149,800.

Helgerson, Michael J. and Helgerson, Lauren K to Turco, Megan D. and Howe, Zach E, 2015 N. 60th Ave. $157,000.

Dugger, Gary W. to Wychulis, Kathleen, 4915 Bedford Ave. $61,000.

Luther, Thomas R. and Luther, Jessica A to Thc & D. Inc., 2048 N. 60th Ave. $28,501.

Yoon, Jonathan K. and Yoon, Colleen Kelley to Figueroa, Rafael R. and Figueroa, Lisa A, 1824 N. 49th Ave. $260,000.

Galles, Gregory L. Trust to Heartland Holdings A. LLC, 1909 N. 54th St., $138,100.

Dejong, Brenden and Dejong, Danielle to Madsen, Cheryl, 6626 Parkview Lane, $131,000.

Lee, Charles H. and Lee, Ruth M to Miller Way LLC, 5058 Hartman Ave. $51,000.

Brown, Leota L. and Leota L. Brown Trust to Eurek, Barbara M., 2820 N. 66th Ave. $70,000.

Kuhl, Alex J. to Vondollen, Andrew and Vondollen, Angie, 5812 Corby St., $51,000.

Seay, Hunter G. and Seay, Jennifer J to Lowndes, Anthony, 2948 N. 56th St., $128,750.

1008 LLC to 200 Properties LLC, 3925 N. 55th St., $50,000.

Hellbusch, Loren D. to Moo, Bler and Paw, Ker Ree, 4960 Bedford Ave. $139,000.

Guardiola, Jeremy M. to Daehling, Nicholas P. and Solarana, Hayley A, 2924 N. 48th St., $140,000.

Stuto, Chase Y. and Stuto, Jean M to Lee, James and Lee, Jessica Nicole, 3112 N. 58th St., $215,000.

Rodgers, Cheryl Ann to Alati, Gina, 3333 N. 59th St., $100,000.

Matrinez Demelgares, Rita L. to McCormick, Jon, 6319 Wirt St., $93,000.

Thornton, Bryan P. and Thornton, Amanda M to Myers, Justin G., 2631 N. 69th St., $142,500.

Grove, Marvin M. and Grove, Vanessa to Robinette, Kiley M., 7090 Spencer St., $87,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Peter, Dylan, 6136 Ellison Ave. $88,000.

Adler, William A. and Adler, Jean M. to Andahl, Mike and Anaya, Angela, 2712 N. 47th Ave. $167,500.

Scherer, Thomas to Riggle, Brandon D., 6920 Spencer St., $100,000.

Habitat For Humanity Of Omaha Inc. to Hamid, Husam, 3854 N. 65th St., $133,900.

Midfirst Bank to Fa Properties LLC, 4317 N. 53rd St., $80,555.

Thomsen, Kathleen A. and Thomsen, Nancy Kay Pr to Yk Holdings LLC, 6136 Spencer St., $63,500.

Henke, Michael R. and Henke, Sara R to Holzfaster, Titus and Holzfaster, Jolene, 3121 N. 48th St., $66,000.

Riggins, Colin D. and Riggins, Sabrina V to Butler, Annie, 2817 N. 49th Ave. $140,000.

Heavican, James R. and Heavican, Kelly to Johnson, Chasen Winter, 5102 Pratt St., $105,000.

Ploeger, Karl and Ploeger, Kristina to Helgerson, Lauren K. and Helgerson, Michael J, 1702 N. 54th St., $299,900.

Jameson, Brent D. and Jameson, Kelsey K to Friesen, Kermith D. and Friesen, Marcia J, 6529 Seward St., $110,000.

Feld, Kerry Trust to Reo Asset Management Company LLC, 6423 Parkview Lane, $83,564.

McNeil, William and McNeil, Tasha to Hall, Mary and Hall, Robert M, 6120 Sprague St., $120,000.


Vocelka, Patricia L. and Fieenec, Donald F. Per R to Shirk Management LLC, 5127 Mason St., $150,000.

Gibilisco, Alice J. and Gardner, Linda K. Pr to Nasaw Investments LLC, 2128 S. 49th Ave. $143,000.

Vazquez, Maria De Jesus to Gnam, David and Frantom, Kelsey, 5724 Rees St., $235,500.

Donald E. Fey Rev Family Trust and Fey, Donald E. Trust to 3336 LLC, 3326 S. 66th Ave. Circle, $423,000.

Cornelison, James L. to Light Bulb Realty & Investment LLC, 5852 Pine St., $130,000.

Baxter, Nicholas W. and Baxter, Anne C to Tao, Matthew A. and Tao, Shannon M, 5609 Jones St., $440,000.

Arbo LLC to Marbo LLC, 818 S. 50th Ave. $87,900.

Edwards, Danny L. and Edwards, Nancy L to Wemhoff, Ned and Wemhoff, Elizabeth, 5844 William St., $230,000.

Tullis, Julianne Okeefe and Okeefe, Julianne Claire to Bredemeyer, John D. and Bredemeyer, Constance S, 5614 Frederick St., $105,000.

Babb, Ellen R. to Wolf, Alan R. and Wolf, Elissa A, 2413 S. 46th Ave. $160,000.

Willms, Eli Anthony and Willms, Kellie to Krupski, Michael J. and Hartigan, Amy E, 4824 Hickory St., $190,750.

Barney, Robert to McClure, Brittany E. and Miller, Kyle D, 5809 Pine St., $270,000.

Peterson, Jacob C. and Peterson, Danika M to Weber, Kyle J., 4522 Spring St., $162,000.

William & Tami Pratt Revocable Trust and Pratt, William C. Trust to Hultberg, Amanda L. and Merrill, Nicholas S, 6199 Walnut St., $167,500.

McNeill, Mike and McNeill, Kathy R to Reil, Michelle D. and Reil, Alicia C, 2124 S. 48th Ave. $115,000.

Christensen, Carol B. to Bosiljevac, Peggy H. and Bosiljevac, Daniel L, 3055 S. 46th Ave. $133,000.


Schlater, Mitchell W. and Schlater, Rebecca S to Schlater, Skyler J., 4425 S. 34th St., $128,000.

Guenther, Christine L. to Peters, Alexander, 4114 S. 22nd St., $172,500.

Gamboa, Miguel Angel Escobedo and Reynoso, Joanna to Ramirez, Gumercindo, 3540 Monroe St., $139,900.

Cheslak, Thomas J. 3 to Salinas, Maria Isabel, 4403 S. 38th St., $122,000.

Chavez, Armando Jimenez and Jimenez, Maria E to Gutierrez, Jose Guadalupe and Narvaez, Jose Guadalupe Gutierrez, 1813 Washington St., $94,500.

Martinez, Carlos and Valle, Norma E to Mendez, Yesenia and Ramirez, Paola M, 3334 Monroe St., $150,000.

Kahnen, Robert F. and Kahnen, Jo Ann to Hernandez, Dolores, 2113 N St., $25,000.

Cisneros, Jorge and Valdez-Meza, Miriam to Cisneros, Apolonio, 1419 Phelps St., $28,200.

Sasich, Metro J. and Sasich, Marion M. to Strazdas, Amanda, 3929 Drexel St., $120,000.

Seefus, Mark W. to Jose, Candelaria Garcia, 4134 S. 40th Ave. $128,100.

Murphy, Michael A. to Meyer, Todd, 4426 S. 41st St., $115,000.

Beasley, Joseph A. and Beasley, Rachel to Marcos, Cristina Diego and Gaspar, Marta, 4204 Miller St., $110,000.

Snelling, Anthony J. and Snelling, Emily J to Baier, Amanda K. and Baier, Richard J, 4461 Dayton St., $140,100.

Swartz-Degunia, Margaret Suzanne and Swartz, Margaret Suzanne to Garcia, Anthony, 2816 Monroe St., $118,500.

Omaha Housing Company and Husker Mattress Inc. to Vanorsdel, Denise, 2005 J St., $85,000.


Porch Swing Properties LLC to Hendon, Johnathon, 4327 Larimore Ave. $60,000.

Kaj Corporation to Kester, Henry Wayne Jr., 5214 N. 37th Ave. $43,000.

Solis, Alfonso M. to Miller, Bradley, 3528 N. 43rd St., $104,000.

Garcia, Leodegardo Mateo to Nava, Jose L. Catalan and Salgado, Anelia Arcos, 2424 Crown Point Ave. $73,000.

Apple Grove Investments Inc. to Garduno, Laura Garcia, 2450 Templeton St., $25,500.

Mendoza, Gaspar and Mendoza, Edvin Pascual Vicente to Henriquez, Eber, 4244 Burdette St., $78,000.

Rea, Laurel R. and Rea, Laurel F to Cooks, Tamika N., 3809 Burdette St., $42,000.

Laruke Development Inc. to Paul, Shunta L. and Paul, Nicki L, 2450 N. 33rd St., $250,000.

Dmc LLC to Dg Homes LLC, 4275 Wirt St., $65,000.

Donna Rothlisberger Revocable Trust and Rothlisberger, Donna Tr to Shelton, Kinesha T., 5322 N. 44th Ave. $91,000.

Orchard Hill Neighborhood Association to Go West Corn Girl LLC, 1824 N. 40th St., $35,000.

Maas, Michael J. and Arriola, Carmen L to Lindsey, Tyler and Lindsey, Emily, 1511 N. 31st St., $108,000.

Clarence Devose Sr Revocable Trust and Devose, Clarence Sr Tr to Vayapa 1 LLC, 2444 Hartman Ave. $53,000.

Zavitz, Aaron and Zavitz, Molly to Taddy, Bablue, 5302 N. 39th Circle, $31,500.

Habitat For Humanity Of Omaha Inc. to Lopez, Yoan, 3477 Grand Ave. $36,500.

N & J. Investments LLC to Sailaway Property Solutions LLC, 5809 Fontenelle Blvd., $126,000.


Best Homes LLC to Smith, Amy K., 3450 Martin Ave. $119,000.

Nationstar Home Equity Loan Trust 2007-A and B. Ank Of New York to Sogbadji, Komlan, 4038 Bauman Ave. $57,750.

Ida Inc. to Duncan, Zachary and Polsley, Toree, 6506 N. 40th St., $120,000.

Burk, Brian and Burk, Amy to Gamino, Rosibel, 2863 Ida St., $139,000.

Graves, Sue and Graves, Larry S. to Abrego, Victor Hugo Cruz and Ortiz, Martha Angelica, 9608 N. 35th St., $130,250.

Three T. Investment LLC to Hubbard, Theresa, 2742 Bauman Ave. $104,000.

Fries, Dana L. and Barrier, Dana L. to Timko, Levi, 3048 Redick Ave. $113,000.

Forrest, Eldan G. to Howard, Mackenzie M. and Dorner, Brittany A, 8120 N. 40th St., $137,000.

H & S. Partnership Llp to Prigga, Pamela, 3315 Whitmore St., $115,000.

Guardian Tax Partners Inc. to Hbi LLC, 3446 Martin Ave. $80,750.

Paw, Cho and Doo, Eh to Htoo, Sha Lah Mu, 4019 Redick Ave. $140,000.

1 Chron 29:11 LLC to Marshall, Cory N., 3048 Titus Ave. $97,000.

Secretary Of Housing And Urban Development to Brehmer, Diane, 3522 Lee Terrace Road, $190,000.

Cuellar, Jose Carlos to Tejada, Erick V. Marroquin, 7008 N. 30th St., $103,000.


Martinsen, Lynnze J. to Ostronic, Timothy C., 7631 Lafayette Ave. $170,000.

Jenson, Rodney R. and Jenson, Bobette to Jenson, Rodney Jr., 205 S. 89th St., $105,625.

Hove, Bradley and Hove, Kathryn to Rothfuss, Jason D. and Rothfuss, Kirstin, 9690 Meadow Drive, $335,000.

Burke, Michael C. and Burke, Kristine M to Youngworth, Sandra, 1422 Maenner Drive, $145,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Greene, Lukas W., 7740 Webster St., $88,500.

Straley, Gil John and Straley, Maria Christine to Sipple, Walynda and Myers, Allen L. Jr., 921 S. 88th St., $289,500.

Royle, Leslie Ann to Dorman, Kyle, 536 S. 85th St., $215,000.

B Douglas Construction Solutions LLC to Whilee LLC, 1221 N. 85th St., $125,000.

Donovan, Barbara J. to Bles, Anthony J. and Bles, Jodi A, 818 N. 107th Ave. $90,000.

Swanson, Leah Alice and Swanson, William to Elbert, Mark D. and Elbert, Kaylyn, 8225 Harney St., $295,000.

Burkhiser, Jason Andrew to Ge, Ai and Robb, Ian, 1630 N. 105th St., $150,000.

Nisbet, John W. and Nisbet, Julie Coss to West, Alan and West, Sara, 9726 Brentwood Road, $665,000.


Johnson, Ronnie D. and Johnson, Karen K to Orand, Matthew J., 15511 Grant Circle, $233,000.

Fred H. Horning Revocable Trust and Cox, Sandra J. Tr to Damico, Joseph, 14834 Camden Court, $185,000.

Mercury Contractors Inc. to Mcgargill, Melissa, 5513 N. 155th St., $295,774.

Pryor, Thomas M. and Pryor, Aimee R to Holstein, Eric and Holstein, Emily, 5508 N. 154th St., $375,000.

Nebesniak, Heather and Nebesniak, Erin J to Gilster, Daniel and Gilster, Teresa, 16513 Yort Ave. $265,700.

Healy, Timothy and Healy, Sheryl to Reelfs, Chad and Reelfs, Tera, 16435 Jaynes St., $535,000.

Latka, Jeffrey J. and Latka, Tracy to Hogan, Christine R., 3315 N. 147th Court, $150,000.

Rai, Dipta and Shrestha, Kapil to Syed, Ajmal, 4314 N. 172nd Circle, $180,000.

Morris, Dee Scot and Morris, Cristi A to Hager, Jared L. and Hager, Lauren J, 17502 Browne St., $314,900.

Robert P. And Sandra Jo Hill Jt Living Trust and Hill, Robert P. Tr to Miller, Terry L. and Miller, Barbara J, 3218 N. 159th Ave. $360,000.

Rozeboom, Travis M. and Lee, Sabrina N to Chowdhury, Emily A., 6038 N. 167th Court, $140,000.

Gagliardi, Lawrence J. to Gagliardi, Lawrence J. and Kowalewski, Diane M, 5922 N. 159th Circle, $126,150.

Egan, Sharon P. to Meester Enterprises LLC, 2914 N. 145th St., $149,000.

Felix, Raymond W. and Felix, Rebecca R to Schaffart, Kenneth Christopher, 4222 N. 172nd St., $167,000.

Melissa M. Gack Revocable Trust and Gack, Melissa M. Trust to Montoya, Lashawn M. and Montoya, David M, 4220 N. 166th St., $273,500.

Person, Matthew K. and Fleecs, Rachel to Tapp, Mandy, 2235 N. 155th St., $268,000.

Justine R. Brown Rev Living Trust and Brown, Justine R. Tr to Deaver, Larry D. and Deaver, Marilyn M, 5719 N. 167th Ave. Circle, $233,250.

Dave Paik Builders Inc. to Hopkins, Joseph E. Jr. and Hopkins, Diane J, 16315 Jaynes St., $396,116.

Oscarson, Matthew and Oscarson, Jennifer to Duggan, Michaela M. and Duggan, Michael P, 2717 N. 154th Ave. $262,500.

McClain, Noah M. and McClain, Meghan E. to Lee, Megan and Chavez, Saul, 6223 N. 150th St., $249,900.

Smith, Susan E. to Hanneman, Nathan A. and Hanneman, Lindsey J, 15051 Lake St., $255,000.

Ovici, Jessica Danielle to Petersen, Mary Jane and Black, Charles Jesse, 6541 N. 148th St., $250,000.

Gurung, Bikash and Gurung, Lila M to Olso, Trevor and Olson, Christina, 4714 N. 167th Ave. $258,000.

Tapp, Mandy to Zinger, Gregory, 14705 Boyd St., $189,500.

Cheloha, Carl L. to Sloan, Chad S. and Sloan, Melissa S, 4629 N. 170th St., $185,000.

Miller, Richard L. and Miller, Karen M to Vanwinkle, Ryan and Vanwinkle, Jackie, 2319 N. 178th St., $410,000.

Quillin, Joseph and Quillin, Kimberly to Steiner, Matthew and Steiner, Alexis, 3420 N. 161st Terrace, $380,000.

Madsen, Thomas M. and Madsen, Carol S to Ryan, Dennis P. and Ryan, Barbara J, 2517 N. 154th St., $237,000.

Vanwinkle, Ryan and Vanwinkle, Jackie to Blazek, Nathan C. and Blazek, Megan J, 15910 Manderson St., $300,000.

Chambers, Bradley D. and Chambers, Heather N to Sandau, Brian and Sandau, Rachel, 15361 Binney St., $198,500.

Steiner, Matthew Thomas and Steiner, Alexis Lynn to Rosenbohm, Teresa, 4230 N. 164th St., $258,000.

Thielen, Kelly M. and Thielen, Terence J to Thielen, Michael J. and Thielen, Elizabeth G, 15058 Corby St., $250,000.

Schwarz, Robert and Schwarz, Patricia to Roberts, David and Roberts, Peggy, 5805 N. 153rd St., $315,000.

Hedlund, Joseph and Hedlund, Megan to Walters, Andrew, 15020 Redman Ave. $265,000.

Chirico, Herbert and Chirico, Caren to Slechta, Joshua and Slechta Melissa, 4710 N. 162nd Ave. $279,000.

Jarrett, Jeremy and Jarrett, Laura to Strom, Trevor and Strom, Elena, 2403 N. 178th St., $385,000.

McNamara, Jocelyn and Eckelbarger, Eugene to Ryan, Mitchell T. and Ryan, Marquette E, 5523 N. 149th St., $304,900.


Fate, Mary F. to Fox, Christina, 4860 S. 50th Ave. $135,000.

Meyer, Melissa D. and Catlett, Melissa D to Sparks, Kevin J. Jr., 5163 Ohern St., $158,500.

Kinser, Keith W. and Kinser, Karen Ann to Koester, Jesse and Koester, Morganna, 4209 S. 62nd St., $98,000.

Gelecki, Sherryl Kae to Flores, Victor M. Jimenez and Munoz, Erika, 5123 Jefferson Circle, $161,000.

Song, Hyo Yong and Song, Kwi Im to Rebollar, Francisco Rodriguez and Albiter, Floridelba Jaramillo, 4613 Monroe St., $130,000.


Boarts, Jason T. and Boarts, Julie A to Mcgarry, Craig and Mcgarry, Deborah, 1863 S. 91st St., $337,000.

Beverly A. Jessen Revocable Trust and Jessen, Beverly A. Tr to Jackowiak, Robert and Jackowiak, Roberta Lynne, 3346 S. 107th St., $230,000.

Beasley, Tracie and Vannoy, Sherri to McCormick, Andrew and McCormick, Kassie, 7664 Shirley St., $525,000.

Pavelka, Donald J. Jr. Trust to Reo Asset Management Company LLC, 7818 Poppleton Ave. $175,600.

Longoria, Richard and Longoria, Adrienne to Boarts, Jason and Boarts, Juile, 9511 Oak Circle, $513,000.

Sweley, Jess Cristen and Sweley, Autumn M to Sabin, Robert P. Jr. and Sabin, Sacha R, 7818 Shirley St., $405,000.

Northern Hills Property and Cox, Robert A to Ramirez, Kourtney B., 3724 S. 91st St., $155,000.

Clarence G. & Felicidad C. Fowler Conduit Trust and Fowler, Felicidad C. Trust to Marsh, Mary Clare and Marsh, Melvin A, 3640 S. 104th St., $170,000.

Reo Asset Management Company LLC to Hbi LLC, 7818 Poppleton Ave. $255,000.

Hobbs, Joshua and Hobbs, Amanda Leigh to Jones, Nate and Buckley, Maranda, 7529 Grover St., $195,000.

Balzer, Janis I. and Balzer, Janis to Rozmus, Frank L. and Rozmus, Danielle M, 8812 Westridge Drive, $110,000.


Manning, John W. and Manning, Don-Thi to Gonzales, Kathy Alicia Maria, 502 N. 32nd St., $96,000.

Davies, Joel M. and Davies, Meg C to Davis, John and Davis, Cheryl, 4110 Davenport St., $315,000.

Cesh LLC to Goden, Barbara A., 3031 Lincoln Blvd., $158,000.

D&Bd Ltd to Meuret, James E. and Meuret, Laurie A, 200 S. 31st Ave. $377,500.

Bach, Donald and Bach, Darlene to D & Tw Enterprises Inc., 134 N. 36th St., $90,000.

Bluejay Properties LLC to Flores-Thuong Trust and Flores, Jenny Thuong Terrace, 4378 Lafayette Ave. $75,000.

Masters, Elizabeth and Taxman, Benjamin to McCarthy, Molly A., 4170 California St., $174,000.


Duggan, Michael P. and Duggan, Michaela M to Fenton, Shauna M., 2029 N. 104th Circle, $205,000.

Vacek, Louise F. to Clines, Paul A., 3852 N. 100th Ave. $153,000.

Koskey, Mark to Drumm, Lyndsay N., 4502 Eastridge Drive, $237,500.

Red Ladder LLC to S3H Properties LLC, 4618 N. 83rd St., $112,500.

Post, Randy and Post, Jessica M to Zhu, Wei, 9430 Tomahawk Blvd., $140,000.

Barnes, Tracy C. and Barnes, Kamyrin M to Koson, Patricia A., 9808 Browne St., $161,500.

Olsen, Michael A. and Roby, Gaila L. to Scriabine, Jennifer, 5624 N. 81st St., $160,000.

Laughlin, Susan E. and Carlson, Susan E. to Griffin, Carla D., 8128 Burdette St., $156,000.

Bergt, Kristin M. to Kaiser, Jeremy J., 3925 N. 95th St., $130,000.

Smith, Phillip J. and Smith, Erin L. to Hyatt, Patrick, 3112 Cottonwood Lane, $145,000.

Hesser, Kevin and Hesser, Jamie A to Pearson, Daniel A., 6211 N. 103rd Ave. $240,900.

Jumaah, Abdulwahhab Ibraheem and Abbas, Fawziya Hasan to Fast, Stanley J. and Fast, Joni, 2030 N. 101st Circle, $219,000.

Obrien, Robert M. and Obrien, Lindsey C to Cover, Matthew S. and Bonsall, Brooke J, 9824 Pratt St., $160,000.

Sutherland, Clifton H. and Sutherland, Beverly K to Sutherland, Cass L. and Carlisle, Mary E, 8124 Lake St., $150,000.

Pahl, Donald L. and Pahl, Rosella A to Florian, Cody W. and Nelson, Jamie J, 10313 Fowler Ave. $170,000.

Team Rhino Pc to Gill, Jessica Dee, 9423 Grand Ave. $149,000.

Sanford, Julie A. and Sanford, Douglas L to Boyer, Samantha and Boyer, Tyler, 5018 Parkview Drive, $213,000.

Svehla Properties LLC to Guiguemde, Osseni and Guiguemde, Passiekide Kiemtore, 9623 Ohio St., $149,000.

Olson, Trevor J. and Olson, Christina M to Anderson, Matthew and Anderson, Mariah, 9423 Miami St., $155,000.

Case, Clayton Z. and Case, Whitley M to Nelson, Andrew J., 3917 N. 97th St., $193,000.

Wirth, Aaron M. to Gurung, Rita, 8023 Vernon Ave. $162,000.

Lhgh LLC to Hlj Holdings LLC, 2529 N. 85th St., $850,500.

Braun, Mark O. and Braun, Diane to Banda-Hernadez, Francisco and Cortez, Rosa Avila, 10020 Emmet St., $177,400.

Moudry, Sarah A. and Moudry, David M to Amini, Samiullah and Amini, Farzana B, 9917 Taylor St., $200,000.


Funkhouser, Richard P. and Funkhouser, Cindy to Witt, Steve and Witt, Dana, 15910 Ohern St., $170,000.

Arp, Brian W. and Arp, Tamara S to Equity Trust Company Cust and Stephen Johnson Ira, 17655 I St., $199,900.

Fisher, Randy W. and Fisher, Christine A to Pope, Virgil, 6809 S. 164th Circle, $242,500.

Oconnor, Stephen P. and Oconnor, Pamela J to Arp, Brian W. and Arp, Tamara S, 4912 S. 174th St., $294,000.

Johnson, Stanley V. and Johnson, Karen M to Weygandt, Brian and Weygandt, Maeghan, 6413 S. 164th Circle, $235,000.

McDonald, Jason D. and McDonald, Erica L to Pohlmeier, Brock J. and Pohlmeier, Kyliea A, 16519 Jefferson Circle, $249,950.

Gershom, Janis E. to Rabbass, Jacob D., 15744 O Circle, $150,000.

Petersen-Lukenda, Larra R. and Lukenda, Marinko to Kumthekar, Yogesh and Rokade, Anuja, 19317 J St., $317,500.

Sullivan, Carol and Sullivan, Thomas to Ellis, Adam J. and Ellis, Amanda M, 4552 S. 179th St., $187,500.

Gummert, Zachariah and Gummert, Raina to Gottlieb, David R. and Gottlieb, Caitlin M, 6161 S. 177th St., $354,900.

Unruh, Joshua and Unruh, Sherry to Polk, Brandon and Polk, Mikayla, 5007 S. 165th St., $235,000.

Moeschler, Daniel L. and Moeschler, Margaret A to Miller, Steven L. and Fischer, Christine M, 18665 Borman St., $180,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Consalvi, Aaron W. and Consalvi, Kimberly A, 4428 S. 199th Ave. $323,067.

Echtenkamp, Ronald H. and Echtenkamp, Carolyn S to Person, Matthew and Person, Rachel, 4434 S. 163rd St., $435,000.

Sestak, Eric J. and Sestak, Tara to Fillbach, Bart A. and Fillbach, Evelyn H, 16529 Drexel St., $242,000.

Mattox, Brian D. and Mattox, Deena to Zider, Vance P. and Zider, Frances L, 4332 S. 178th St., $173,000.

Mohatt, Sean M. and Mohatt, Reena L to Miller, Andrew Joseph and Miller, Rebecca Lynn, 17715 Jacobs St., $230,000.

Lingnau, John E. to Laird, Lynda Anne and Laird, Todd Anthony, 5538 S. 161st St., $300,000.

Platinum Properties LLC to M&A Real Property Holdings LLC, 19456 Gail Ave. $812,000.

Smejkal, Jason R. and Smejkal, Leah D to Lisenby, Charles B., 17310 Orchard Ave. $268,000.

Wells, Robert M. and Byas-Wells, Ann Marie to Santana, Jesse, 16627 Weir St., $203,000.

Bui, Gioi V. and Phung, Thuy K to Welsh, Evan Thomas, 5329 S. 196th St., $188,000.

Irving-Gass, Hugh P. to Jeffers, Lester M. and Jeffers, Kimberly L, 4912 Lakeside Drive, $224,000.

Skoog, Maureen to Jacobsen, Alexander Paul and Jacobsen, Jessica Marie, 5620 S. 159th St., $255,000.

Clatterbuck, Lois K. and Clatterbuck, Glen S to Owens, Traci and Owens, Timothy, 15726 Monroe St., $321,000.

Deer, Melissa M. to L&M Property Management LLC, 19163 X St., $215,000.

Atkins, Robert L. 3 and Atkins, Danielle N to Lang, Robert W. and Lang, Loretta A, 19430 W St., $189,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to McBride, Patrick T. and Gonzalez, Xenia E, 19883 L St., $324,688.

Bemis, Laura C. and Peterson, Adena Pr to Guardiola, Jeremy M., 4208 S. 179th St., $168,500.

Plascencia, Leonel and Plascencia, Maria I. to Watson, John W., 19027 R St., $178,500.

Jones, Jeffrey and Jones, Jenelle to Ferguson, Stephen and Ferguson, Patti, 4310 S. 174th Ave. $282,000.

Champion, William and Champion, Jennifer to Prose, Charles E. and Prose, Carol L, 6022 S. 193rd St., $250,000.

Jacobs, Charles F. and Jacobs, Patricia L to Groth, David J. and Groth, Adam R, 6823 S. 181st Court, $119,000.

Brewer, William A. and Brewer, Courtney R to Peldo, Josh and Peldo, Barbie, 6526 S. 157th St., $290,000.

Lang, Brandi M. and Volenec, Brandi M to Kruse, Donovan M. and Bro, Lauren W, 6416 S. 162nd Ave. $172,000.

Cook, Jeremy D. and Cook, Amber J to Drelicharz, Paul W. and Drelicharz, Danielle M, 18722 U St., $190,000.

Stonebraker, Steven Sean and Stonebraker, Kani Lehua to Shimamoto, Sue, 16573 Adams St., $191,000.

Gayer, Eric C. and Gayer, Sheree L to Atkins, Robert 3 and Atkins, Danielle, 17145 L St., $250,000.

Wolf, Philip D. and Wolf, Regina E to Glenn, Scott E. and Glenn, Briana V, 17542 Washington St., $325,000.


Monestero, Paul and Monestero, Jessica to Travis, Ronald R., 15435 Stony Brook Blvd., $186,000.

Sturgeon, Abby R. and Dannelly, Abby R. to Fox, Brandon P. and Fox, Samantha S, 14318 Madison St., $149,000.

Stewart, Jill E. to Gosch, Mary Lou, 6313 S. 116th St., $193,118.

Jacobsen, Scott M. and Jacobsen, Tena L to Bond, Ashley N. and Bond, Amy M, 14718 Madison Circle, $217,000.

Michaud, Christopher T. and Michaud, Brittany A to Tamisiea, Brandon, 5612 Borman Ave. $188,000.

Pykiet, Sandra K. to Bates, Aaron and Bates, Michelle, 6114 S. 151st Ave. $150,000.

Wagner, Joann E. and Moser, Mary J. Pr to Doran, Donald R. and Doran, Marlene J, 5164 S. 149th Court, $178,000.

Bousquet, Susan C. and Bousquet, Ronald C to Team Properties Inc., 4605 S. 149th St., $170,000.

Martin, John A. and Martin, Kristie L to Fox, Shelby A., 6632 S. 151st St., $167,000.

Carr, Elnora and Carter, Helen Pr to Mills, Lori L., 4807 S. 122nd Court, $180,000.

Dickey, David M. to Strachan, Baylee A., 5811 S. 135th Ave. $175,000.

Wiechman, Joshua H. and Wiechman, Kimberly J to Hunter, Nicholas Ray and Mittermeier, Leah Beatrice, 5854 S. 115th Circle, $200,000.

Jackson, Robert D. and Jackson, Sandra L to Jackson, Brian R., 5057 S. 129th St., $190,000.

Bond, Ashley N. and Bond, Amy M to Meneses, Beatris, 13868 V St., $147,500.

Stalder, Zachary and Stalder, Tiffany to Kenney, Justin and Kenney, Rose, 11612 Drexel St., $161,000.

Peery, Barbara J. and Rayner, Andrea Con to Puls, Neil W. and Puls, Brandy C, 12749 Woodcrest Place, $95,000.

Ramirez, Francisco A. to Clear Creek Holdings LLC, 5629 S. 139th St., $165,000.

McClellan, Michael D. and McClellan, Carol A. to Osberg, Ryan M. and Osberg, Jillian M, 14614 Weir Circle, $165,000.

Hanlon, Robert D. to Aden, J. Roger, 15508 Lakeside Place, $410,000.

Tarr, Melvin L. and Tarr, Fern L to Mann, John L. and Mann, Jennifer L, 6405 Ponderosa Drive, $189,250.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Frank C. Paladino Revocable Trust and Paladino, Frank C. Terrace, 13917 Ohern St., $137,500.

Mailander, Michael A. Sr and Cole-Mailander, Lisa M to Kitchen, Anthony and Kitchen, Christina, 4880 Marshall Drive, $150,000.

Terry, Paul and Terry, Heather to Newton, Taylor and Lapke, Claire, 12627 N St., $168,000.

Wolever, Terri A. to Buss, John R. and Buss, Denise A, 10929 X St., $187,500.

Anderson, Ashley E. and Montgomery, Ashley E. to Timm, Andrew and Timm, Nicole, 4615 S. 154th Ave. Circle, $222,000.

Sutton, Barbara J. to Alexander G. Wulff Supp Needs Trust and Wulff, Tamra J. Trust, 12788 Deauville Drive, $107,000.


Hillabrand, Anthony J. and Hillabrand, Kelly M to Mickles, Jevon V. and Mickles, Alysha K, 6524 Read St., $139,000.

Edward F. Owen Qualified Interest Trust and Brower, Sam R. Tr to Coffey, Timothy J. and Coffey, Leah M, 7715 Fairway Drive, $80,000.


Brink, Edward E. Trust to McCright Properties LLC, 15106 Jackson St., $152,600.

Raymond, Dave and Raymond, Debbie L. to Jones-Ryan, Madeline and Ryan, Alexander, 12607 Burt St., $440,000.

Eggink, Eric T. and Eggink, Melissa A to Covington, Justin E. and Covington, Heather M, 1105 Eldorado Drive, $215,000.

Julianne Weiss Living Trust and Weiss, Julianne Tr to Eggink, Eric T. and Eggink, Melissa A, 1527 N. 143rd Circle, $379,900.

Yanike, Mark D. and Yanike, Marie Lynne to Buford, Alexander and Buford, Emily, 14922 Izard St., $288,500.

Bradley, Nancy J. to Dannehl, Kevin and Dannehl, Abby, 912 S. 131st Ave. $392,000.

Norton, Jonathan P. and Norton, Mykaila M to Aschnewitz, William E. and Aschnewitz, Haing Lim, 522 S. 155th St., $210,000.

Anderson, John M. and Anderson, Lindsey L to Galvan, Stephen W. and Galvan, Kathryn L, 15405 Harney St., $202,000.

Frazier, Todd E. to A & L. Construction Inc., 614 S. 113rd Ave. $130,000.

Frank, Ronald E. and Frank, Marsha E to Vogel, Kurtis L., 14819 Hawthorne Ave. $336,960.

Cottam, David and Cottam, Nicole to Amsberry, Sheri L., 623 S. 153rd Circle, $185,000.

Platt, Dean Michael and Platt, Michael D. to Lang, Dave and Lang, Katie, 12655 Farnam St., $397,500.

Valery, Cyrille P. and Valery, Laurence A to Warner, Gary M. and Warner, Stefanie C, 12336 Seward St., $278,000.

Leisey, Vincent W. and Zimmerman, Shannon to Luebke, Darren and Luebke, Kendra E, 1417 N. 134th Circle, $820,000.

Viegelmann, Yacqueline to Viegelmann, Yacqueline and Garcia, Fernando C, 15439 Farnam Circle, $75,000.

Wolff, Anita M. to Hiveley, Seth and Hiveley, Megan, 11315 Leavenworth Circle, $225,000.

Lora J. Bitzes Living Trust and Bitzes, Lora J. Trust to Chambers, Bradley D. and Chambers, Heather, 15509 Decatur St., $315,000.


Drumm, Lyndsay N. to Elmblad, Mitchell and Hoaglen, Sabrina J, 4611 N. 118th St., $182,000.

Diane D. Moore Revocable Trust and Moore, Diane D. Tr to Hawk, Philip S. and Hawk, Amber M, 2642 N. 123rd Circle, $210,000.

Cynthia & Kenneth Inc.ontro House Trust and Inc.ontro, Cynthia A. Trust to Heine, Gary J. and Heine, Arlene P, 13427 Erskine St., $312,000.

Sloan, Pamela Jeanne to Tierney, Aaron and Tierney, Ashli, 4822 N. 113rd St., $185,000.

Schaber, Rickey to Hunter, Karen E., 4609 N. 126th St., $25,000.

Meester, Travis J. to Smith, James T. Sr, 6419 N. 131st St., $132,000.

Johnson, Shelby M. to Dejong, Brenden and Dejong, Danielle, 11284 Bauman Ave. $165,000.

Min, Soon Ung and Min, Tawnya to Willms, Eli and Willms, Kellie, 4265 N. 142nd Ave. $294,000.

Klaasmeyer, Kenneth W. and Klaasmeyer, Linda R to Feehan, Taylor M. and Feehan, Conor P, 3018 N. 131st St., $309,250.

Huber, Bryan and Huber, Alexa to Anderson, Jeffrey L. Sr and Anderson, Lawana, 4918 N. 127th St., $180,000.

Madsen, Brandi D. to Edan, Kodjo, 6814 N. 116th Circle, $163,000.

Morrison, Eric J. to Strom, Gordon R. and Ross, Donna, 11341 Hartman Circle, $177,000.

Buckles, Barbara P. to List, Shea M., 12930 Nebraska Ave. $175,000.

Peterson, Matthew to Peterson, Matthew and Christy, Adria, 13018 Laurel Ave. $75,000.

Hoock, Philip Dale and Hoock, Kimmie to Danesh, Nazifullah and Noori, Bibi Zeba Gul, 11653 Bauman Ave. $169,000.

Miller, David R. and Miller, Carole J to Tullis, Clifton 2 and Tullis, Julianne, 11023 Fowler Ave. $190,000.

Hauer, Jeremy and Hauer, Megan to Essman, David J., 10906 Sahler St., $210,000.

Kean, Lori B. and Kean, Nicholas E to Jones, Karen C., 6303 N. 131st St., $168,000.

Cole, Rachel B. and Seefus, Rachel B. to Durboraw, Eric Michael and Durboraw, Elizabeth Marie, 2736 N. 125th Circle, $182,500.

Backer, Corey and Backer, Courtney to Jepson, Amanda Jo, 12605 Meredith Ave. $191,000.

Morris, John Paul and Morris, Sonja to Bird, Joshua Richard, 11014 Laurel Circle, $167,500.

Frette, Taylor Jon to Tarascio, Nickolas J. and Tarascio, Sarah J, 5004 N. 134th Ave. $265,000.



Pierce, E. Lee Trust and Pierce, Edgar Lee Trust to Cullum, Bryan and Cullum, Amy, 1106 Bellevue Blvd. North, $235,000.

Hubbard, Julius P. IIi to Martin, Joseph W., 1706 Farrell Drive, $170,000.

Mines, Geraldine Ann to Ruelas, Jose Osuna and Garcia, Chaidez Lesly, 2108 Alberta Ave., $148,000.

Gearhart, Joshua W. to Orange, Jonah D., 1509 Warren St., $100,000.

Kh2 Equity LLC to Aguirre, Miguel A., 1016 Normancy Drive, $180,000.

Hubbell, Thomas H. Estate to Martinez, Ma Guadalupe Arroyo and Lemus, Jose Aguilera, 2606 Sidney St., $130,000.


Anderson, Roy to Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc., 8920 S. 230th Plaza Circle, $123,000.

Simpson, Angela M. to Newcome, Erik B. and Newcome, Abby Kay, 11279 S. 200th Ave., $245,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Klein, Doug J. and Tokosh Nash, Julie K., 518 Locust St., $398,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Kiger, Jennifer, 21111 Boulder Circle, $282,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Ewoldt, Lynn A. and Ewoldt, Kristyn A., 12105 S. 212th St., $300,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Spiker, Randy C. and Spiker, Pamela, 16950 Christensen Road, $300,000.

Nash, Julie K. to Barberis, Kevin J. and Barberis, Kimberly P., 11271 S. 201st St., $245,000.

Peterson, Nathan D. to Mcfarland, Robert H., 11902 S. 214th St., $335,000.

Home Company LLC to Pinos, John David and Pinos, Rachel R., 7906 S. 195th St., $320,000.

Tordoff, Daniel H. and Tordoff, Michelle L. to Denton, Daniel L. and Denton, Holly M., 6919 S. 197 Circle, $365,000.

Janousek, Cassandra Janousek, Andrew to Roberts, Rye C. and Rogers, Martina J., 20213 Oak St., $340,000.

Simpson, Kenneth P. and Simpson, Joy I. to Tucker, Ty S. and Tucker, Anne R., 410 Brentwood Drive, $280,000.


Whitehead, Tandy Robert and Whitehead, Kristin Jan to Randall, Jacob A. and Randall, Amy K., 2110 Broadwater Drive, $335,000.

Key, Scott W. and Key, Stephanie to Sterling, Kenneth R. and Sterling, Christyn, 1104 Port Royal Drive, $241,000.

Franco, Jennifer M. to Franco, Jennifer M. and Coffin, Brian D., 10104 S. 124th Ave., $205,000.

Wakefield, Michael J. and Wakefield, Trinty to Wiechman, Joshua H. and Wiechman, Kimberly J., 644 Bailey Drive, $385,000.

Ponchak, Michael J. and Ponchak, Donna M. to Schwartz, Collin and Schwartz, Emily, 1004 Wicklow Cr, $332,000.

Hoins, Daniel E. and Hoins, Leah C. to Bryant, Kelsey C. and Bryant, Jade F., 1009 Creighton Road, $245,000.

Orren, Dean A. and Orren, Jill R. to Edwards, Angela M., 824 Matthies Drive, $225,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Fitzgerald, Leigh Anne and Fitzgerald, Ryan, 10119 S. 125th St., $390,000.

Kauffman, Phillip A. and Kauffman, Katelyn R. to Price, Nathaniel J., 1706 Southview Drive, $205,000.

Kibler, Adam R. and Kibler, Stephanie J. to Kurtz, Alec and Barajas, Stephanie, 302 Fort St., $166,000.

Adler, Ann M. and Luze, Craig to Mejia, Jacqueline R., 920 Hogan Drive, $245,000.

Gilbertsen, Michelle Y. to Griffith, Christopher, 909 Deer Run Lane, $320,000.

Dealy, James D. and Dealy, Alysa E. to Costanza, Joseph and Costanza, Ashley, 817 Gayle St., $215,000.

Cavalieri, Stephen J. and Cavalieri, Ruth Jennifer to Dealy, James D. and Dealy, Alysa E., 1020 Hogan Drive, $268,000.

Curry, Jennifer L. and Curry, Timothy J. to Paladino, Frank C. Trust and Paladino, Frank C. Revocable Trust, 2413 Corn Drive, $193,000.

Slaj LLC to Collier, Marnie S., 1114 Patricia Drive, $150,000.

Long, Lynda W. Trust and Long, Lynda W. Revocable Trust to Martin, Chris G. and Martin, Tara L., 1117 S. Grandview Ave., $160,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Hodges, Patrick D. and Hodges, Amber N., 11619 S. 109 St., $350,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Heartland Holdings A. LLC, 608 E. Second St., $94,000.

Wacker, Corey S. and Wacker, Melissa D. to Teply, Robyn, 801 Edgewood Blvd, $230,000.


Beier, Jeffrey and Beier, Bethany R. to Gonzalez, Daniel J. and Dibuono Gonzalez, Christina M., 13703 S. 131st St., $424,000.


Deasis, Arnold R. and Deasis, Lina A. to True North Properties LLC, 3311 Sheridan Road, $143,000.

Stephensen, Robert to Ollberding, Nathan R. and Ollberding Tiara, Antoinette V., 13809 S. 44th St., $199,000.

Andrews, Lara and Andrews, Todd to Hartzell Real Estate, 13203 S. 35th Ave. Circle, $155,000.

Cardin, John P. and Cardin, Chanin S. to Gottberg, Jeremiah and Gottberg, Danielle, 13701 S. 42nd Ave., $310,000.

Eikenburg, David and Eikenburg, Brandi to Wanyolke, Antony and Wangui, Priscilla, 3802 Heartland Drive, $225,000.

Koester, Jesse D. and Koester, Morganna to Fraijo, Tiffany R. and Fraijo Nicholas A., 13201 S. 33 St., $172,000.

Vargason, Shane T. to Christensen, Michelle A., 15108 Normandy Blvd, $115,000.

Moore, Rosemary D. to Johnson, Glen A., 10313 S. 26th St., $152,000.

Butler, Jeffrey S. and Butler, Deanne K. to Alday, Christopher, 3364 Rahn Blvd, $197,000.

Gant, Henry N. and Gant, Kristie H. to Schenck, Tina M., 13605 Tregaron Drive, $319,000.

Kirsner, Michael E. and Kirsner, Deborah W. to Kluver, Derwood and Kluver, Barbara, 14112 S. 22 St., $200,000.

Pratt, Scott M. and Pratt, Wendy A. to Burbick, James R. and Burbick, Hannah, 12802 S. 35 St., $187,000.

Oppel, Brenda A. and Oppel, Clinton D. to Nixon, Timothy B. and Nixon, Sarah, 3902 Fox Ridge Drive, $440,000.

Hobson, Dennis A. and Hobson, Amy J. to Nichols, Jeremy and Nichols, Cara, 2206 Greenwald St., $325,000.

Schroeder, Erin E. to Stump, Quinton D., 3219 Golden Blvd., $168,000.


Graham, Douglas A. to Young, Nathaniel A. and Young, Amy L., 7727 Cottonwood Ave., $205,000.

Lemon, Kimberly S. and Lemon, Rodney to Smales, Kalle R. and Smales Lee E., 8821 Bayberry Road, $145,000.

Ballan, Scott and Ballan, Brandi to Workman, Katja and Workman, Aaron, 7401 Elm Drive, $150,000.


Wagoner, William P. Jr. and Erin C. to Baratta, Joseph M. Sr and Amy E., 2004 Eagle Ridge Drive, $254,000.

Dil, Kamran A. & Jennifer L. Living Trust to Trumbel, Gary and Cheryl, 4624 Crestview Drive, $410,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Ritter, Kenneth J. and Leslie A., 2154 Skyhawk Ave., $274,000.

Walters, Michael C. and Walters, Amy J. to Sakocius, Neil and Turner, Stephanie R., 12113 S. 48th St., $312,000.

South, Kahli to Cheselske, Shane Paul, 2123 Alexandra Road, $300,000.

Hobbs, Caroline F. to Hobbs, Joshua and Amanda, 11411 S. 57th Ave., $305,000.


Johnson, David H. and Johnson, Lauren A. to Fox, Michael J., 17801 Lillian St., $179,000.

Hoffmann, Kenneth L. and Hoffmann, Delores A. to Meyers, Prudence Kay and Bennett, Karen Audrey Meyers Darren, 7115 S. 180th Ave., $220,000.

El Kachouti, Sharif R. and El Kachouti, Erica to Liberator, Joseph F. and Liberator, Marian, 18720 Alder Drive, $345,000.

SID #158 to Design Tech Inc., 9805 S. 179th St., $32,000.

SID #158 to Design Tech Inc., 9810 S. 179th St., $35,000.

Link, Justin D. to Helmink, Austin J. and Helmink, Bailey N., 15818 Briar St., $173,000.

Larsen, Josh and Larsen, Whitney to Fortmayer, Glenn A. and Fortmayer, Lorie A., 17003 Colony Drive, $250,000.

Lyons, Randy R. and Lyons, Vicki J. to Hanlon, Robert, 10517 S. 176 St., $340,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Ruiz, Paul J. IIi and Ruiz, Anne, 8417 S. 169 St., $252,000.

Sanning, Todd and Sanning, Aimee to Christensen, Jason T. and Christensen, Kate E., 10110 S. 176 St., $364,000.

Wegener, Nicholas G. and Wegener, Jessica A. to Burke, Christopher M. and Burke, Amber D., 16527 Greenleaf St., $300,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Smith, Ashley G. and Smith, Reginald E., 11703 Glenn St., $366,000.

Silence, Todd A. and Silence, April D. to Nolle, Gregory and Nolle, Tonya, 10115 S. 175th Circle, $390,000.

Schlecht, Rodney A. and Schlecht, Dara M. K. to Sanchez, Jacob J. and Sanchez, Kayla B., 15707 Audrey St., $287,000.


Thiede, Jacob and Borge, Martine Eikemo to Holling, Matthew M., 13932 Lisa Circle, $154,000.

Holl, Jeffrey K. and Holl, Tamara L. to Jackson, Blake and Jackson, Kenzi, 8010 S. 155 Ave., $256,000.

Doran, Timothy A. and Chaney, Barbara L. to Derby, Bernard Scott and Derby, Mary Robin, 15128 Redwood St., $240,000.

Galaska, Jessica M. to Dockter, Stacey Lee and Dockter, Daryl David, 9027 Gary Circle, $114,000.

Roll, Charles E. Jr. Trust and Roll, Charles E. Jr. Revocable Trust to Jacupke, Jordan P. and Jacupke, Jessica E., 13205 Schirra St., $175,000.


Handsaker, Ronald Dale Jr. and Handsaker, Elizabeth to Chaparro, Jesus Correa and Thakali, Bharosa Gauchan, 2222 Lillian St., $134,000.

Brown, Corey A. and Brown, Alaina to Franco, Roberto and Franco, Rebecca, 2616 Fairview St., $238,000.

Price, Eric and Busse, Brandi to Gill, Mikaylin A. and Gill, Brittany A., 7514 Chandler Hills Drive, $145,000.

Brewer, David Per Rep and Brewer, Theodore R. Estate Of to Martin, Kylee Jo, 3951 Stephanie Lane, $134,000.

Red Ladder LLC to Rauber, Shantel, 3813 Gertrude St., $104,000.

Goodman, Michael C. and Goodman, Pamela L. to Flamming, Steven and Flamming, Karen, 2617 Georgia Ave., $225,000.


Ackley, Thomas F. to Plambeck, Tommy and Plambeck, Emily, 9805 S. 20 St., $145,000.

Barrett, John C. and Verla K. Trust to Poehling, Robert L., 5031-5033 Copper Creek Road, $225,000.

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