Douglas County


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Hernandez, Joe R. Jr. and Nicole M., 10505 Rosewater Parkway, $281,370.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Donner, Nathan A. and Jennifer M., 8053 Kilpatrick Parkway, $289,117.

Mohideen, Riazuddin Shaik and Khan, Anushah to McAllister, Jonathan and Betts McAllister, Lori, 8910 N. 156th Ave., $297,000.

Engle, Ryan C. and Cynthia L. to Thorngren, Bradley T., 10305 Rosewater Parkway, $255,000.

Vollmer, Jeffrey to Harlan, Scott, 17202 Clay St., $373,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Heavican Homes Inc., 17123 Rachael Snowden Parkway, $43,850.

Richland Homes LLC to Landers, Jacob A., 15902 Whiting St., $249,172.

Eggeling, Ronald E. and Diane M. to Miller, Christie W. and Womack, Charles L., 7405 N. 160th St., $225,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Bradley, Noah T. and Erin M., 15901 Grebe St., $285,121.

Silverstone Building Co. LLC to Strader, Jason and Wendy, 17220 Sunflower St., $423,207.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Proline Custom Homes Inc., 7369 N. 169th St., $54,950.


Carlson, Trenton J. and Emily A. to Newell, Trisha, 18371 Harney St., $295,000.

Schnack, Jason T. to Edwards, Quaid M., 18810 Jones St., $312,000.

B & F Properties LLC to Weber, Jeffrey O. and Amy M., 915 S. 198th St., $400,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Sliva, Daniel F. and Tracy L., 1329 S. 211th St., $447,584.

Thomas David Builders LLC to Kelly, Douglas and Kristi, 3864 S. 208th St., $93,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Adams, Brandon T. and Brittany L., 4926 N. 208th St., $349,916.

Charleston Homes LLC to Sweeney, Patrick A. and Nicole M., 20510 E St., $320,875.

Mitchell, Steven R. and Emily C. to Steven M. Kucirek Revocable Living Trust, 2004 S. 214th St., $624,000.

Jordan Michael Signature Homes Inc. to Kelly Construction Inc., 21006 Cedar St., $100,000.

Seidl, Barbara K. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 4010 Ramblewood Drive, $95,000.

Daffer, Chad and Julie to Hoffman, Amy and Dave, 23704 P St., $820,000.

Hamm, Gregory and Lisa to Johnston, Patrick M. and Rachel M., 20008 Jackson St., $400,000.

Cambridge Homes LLC to Brower, Damon G. and Tiffany L., 18510 Corby St., $315,300.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Morrissey, Todd W. and Nicole L., 3904 S. 208th St., $543,570.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Owens, Richard L. Jr. and Carri Ann, 20520 D St., $308,784.

Charleston Homes LLC to Aviles, Rogelio Molina and Molina, Lucia Ramirez, 20808 Camden Ave., $289,900.

Christie Properties LLC to Slash LLC, 20207 Roberts St., $400,000.

McFayden, John A. and Cynthia J. to Frank, Bruce W., 22105 Stanford Circle, $314,800.

Dean, James C. and Christine A. to Ziskey, Matthew and Autumn, 503 S. 195th St., $407,000.

Johnson, J. Kelly and Debra to Sanning, Todd Andrew and Jorgensen, Lori Jean Petsche, 20505 Yort St., $349,950.

Charleston Homes LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 5010 N. 208th Ave., $50,000.

Phelps, Janis A. to Renshaw, Howard P. and Sharon K., 21618 Pinehurst Ave., $410,000.

204 F Street LLC to Malibu Holdings LLC, 20735 Nina St., $39,500.


Bueno, John and Gina to Ekker, Chad M. and Hahn, Mitchell D., 24949 Tucker St., $100,000.

Petersen, Elissa Ann to Paquette, Vince, 24224 Laurel Ave., $97,500.

Laverdure, Kristine M. to Van Vleet, Michael K. and Carrie, 104 E. Whittingham St., $89,500.

Van Vleet, Michael K. and Carrie to Wiekhorst, Kurt W., 104 E. Whittingham St., $89,500.


Neppl, Arden and June to Thiele Revocable Trust, 527 Waterloo Drive, $260,000.


Andrews, William J. and Michelle R. to Jerke, Michael and Christine, 105 S. 9th St., $318,000.


REO Asset Management Company LLC to HBI LLC, 4917 N. 59th St., $97,750.

Devers, Ronald and Jonnell to Barajas, Laura, 4822 Spaulding St., $100,000.

Thompsen Property Holdens LLC to Sauceda, Baltazar and Zapata, Juanita, 2015 N. 70th Ave., $150,000.

Lewis, Julie A. and Gary John to Kyra LLC, 3212 N. 49th St., $95,000.

H & S Partnership LLP to Sanders, Tylonda L., 6312 N. 49th Ave., $120,000.

Aldrich, Roger E. to CT & Son LLC, 3926 N. 67th St., $73,000.

Alessandra LLC to Dinslage, Eric and Schroeder, Marie, 6320 Maple St., $99,800.

Beaton, Christopher M. and Renee M. to Williams, Jon, 2461 N. 47th Ave., $39,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Jones, Stephen and Ebling-Jones, Ryan, 3918 N. 67th St., $118,000.

Douglas Sarpy Investments LLC to LaPierre, James D. and Lisa M., 4705 Franklin St., $72,500.

Sieburg, Carmen M. to Murray, Amy and Michaelson, Bryan, 5825 Ruggles St., $90,000.

KAJ Corporation to Fast Property Solutions LLC, 4848 Boyd St., $70,000.

Orange Investments LLC to Hill, Adam and Brittany, 2723 N. 48th St., $135,000.

Thein, Kyaw and Tu, Mu to Nyi, Than and Ku, Tee, 6318 Jaynes St., $120,000.

Elias, Alexander John and Michelle K. to Weiss, Richard Lee III and Heffinger, Breanna Michelle, 3905 N. 66th St., $120,000.

Lincoln, Robin to Kyi, A. and Lai, Aye, 4728 Meredith Ave., $69,000.

Roenfeldt, Trevor L. and Alicia R. to Moe, Soe and Cho, Khin, 6758 Pratt St., $109,000.

CDM Properties LLC to Tin, Po Tin and Paw, Ku Say, 5623 Ellison Ave., $150,750.

Fowler, Rodinia to Reh, Thaw and Meh, Ngo, 5607 Larimore Ave., $134,900.

Osborne, Elizabeth A. and Williams, Nick to Lenzen, Natalie M., 1724 N. 54th St., $198,000.

Rivera, Crystal to Maresch, Hilary C., 6782 Spencer St., $125,000.

Krussel, Jennifer Anne to Ellison, Heidi J., 5003 Maple St., $33,000.


Wiley, Joshua to Dattilo-Green, Courtney and Meyer, Josh, 1309 S. 31st St., $170,000.

Hennco Enterprises Inc. to Moberg, Brandy K. and Fendley, Justin G., 3010 S. 42nd St., $129,000.

Vision Properties LLC to Dominguez, Sergio and Rosio, 3059 S. 32nd St., $122,287.

Fleury, Lawrence Robert Jr. to Grabenschroer, Jody Kay, 1204 S. 27th St., $27,600.

PBPM LLC to King, William Nicholas, 4425 Marcy St., $133,000.

Egger, Nathan George to Trafton Chandler Construction Inc., 1102 S. 31st St., $29,000.

Novak, Jeremy A. and Kathryn I. to Medlin, Jennifer L. and Garett D., 3531 Spring St., $195,000.

Dee Semin Living Trust to Alvarez, Ma Guadalupe Barragan and Pulido, Gabriel Adrian, 2623 S. 38th St., $125,000.

Semin, Joseph G. and Shelly A. to Ozuna, Nicolas and Claudio, Eleuteria, 3144 Mason St., $80,000.

Libbie K. Koba Trust to Koba, Kirsten M. and Lachance, Andrew E., 2612 S. 35th Ave., $66,765.


McClure, Melissa A. to Ingebrigtsen, Rachel A., 5525 Pine St., $160,000.

Jensen, Christopher M. and Larry A. to Gardner, Carter and Gardner Laporte, Kelsey, 1921 S. 48th Ave., $132,000.

Kellogg, Jason M. and Monica L. to Palensky, Denise K., 5628 Dorcas St., $170,000.

Sarcarjar Inc. to Lohr, Joshua, 5519 Mason St., $172,000.

Baranovskiy, Andrey G. and Baranovskaya, Oxana I. to Barton, Courtney, 4939 Pine St., $133,500.

Simmons, George T. IV and Jennifer A. to Schaben, Jessica, 5820 Grover St., $99,000.

Falk, Travis and Megin to Oliver, Christopher and Kathryn, 1713 S. 55th St., $140,000.


Monge, Carlos A. and Rios, Martha Y. to Imperio Inc., 3105 Q St., $58,000.

South O Joe LLC to Olvera, Jose Dolores Pichardo and Ramirez, Fabiola Lorenzo, 6221 Campbell Ave., $95,000.

Nguyen, Kim V. and Hue Thi to Diaz, Jose F. Guevara and Garcia, Ana L. Escamilla, 4601 S. 33rd St., $95,000.

Mulder, Larry and Jamie K. to Bade-Ranney, Carolyn M., 4245 Miller St., $125,000.


Seaside Properties LLC to Ramler, Samantha, 2206 S. 11th St., $140,000.

Incontro, John F. to Bluml, Erin and Vaccaro, Crystal, 1729 S. 15th St., $80,000.

Volwiler, Allan to Balm, April K. Kimnach, 1615 Center St., $142,500.


Straughn, Sheila R. Davis to Zavala, Jose Guadalupe Rosiles and Tapia, Raquel Contreras, 2588 Himebaugh Ave., $27,000.

Iontach Investments LLC to Gonzalez, Candida Rosa Rodriguez and Rodriguez, Lindi Carina Andrade, 3521 Franklin St., $39,700.

Commercial State Bank to TLB Investments PC, 2580 Crown Point Ave., $51,150.

Dobesh, Justin and Jessica L. to Watts, Teresa, 2917 Ellison Ave., $65,000.

Meyer, Vanessa V. to Miller Way LLC, 4015 Hartman Circle, $82,000.

Solais Properties LLC to Solais, Miguel A. Hernandez, 4219 Camden Ave., $20,000.

Nunnenkamp, Alan and Ritthaler, Tammy to Carey, Anne M., 3043 Arcadia Ave., $100,000.

Dorman, Donna Mae to OM 3912 Fort Trust and Western Financial LLC, trustee, 3912 Fort St., $12,000.


Straub, Jonathan Ryan and Jacklyn to Carlson, John and Simonds, Amity, 7752 N. 37th St., $83,000.

Wight, Timothy L. to Heidtbrink, Gene R., 3623 Mormon Circle, $125,000.

Cesh LLC to Herron, Lonnie, 7020 N. 30th St., $124,000.

Huber, Steven J. to Gerhardt, Shane M., 7624 N. 28th Ave., $90,000.

Code Blue Investors LLC to Poe, Kyaw and Mya, Ah, 2885 Whitmore St., $130,000.

Minturn, Christopher W. and Earlywine, Jessica R. to Haschenburger, Alyssa, 2904 Ernst St., $125,000.


Jean Marie Igel Revocable Trust to Kneeland, Andrew R. and Sarah K., 9933 Broadmoor Road, $598,642.

Scoville Hofts Investments LLC to Garcia, Jorge L. and Guerrero, Linda P., 801 N. 78th St., $134,900.

Lipinski LLC to Knezevic, Stevan and Andjela, 9820 Nottingham Drive, $560,000.

Pasko, Daniel and Bender, Laura to Renner, Ryan E. and Fredrichs, Alexandra N., 9926 Devonshire Drive, $450,000.


Lane Building Corp. to Sherwood Properties LLC, 16659 Dora Hamann Parkway, $19,880.

Taylor, Tina L. and Shelby to Pollack, Damian and Nederah, 16338 Erskine St., $213,500.

Naccarato, Michael A. to McCormick, Ginger J. and Lewis, Jonathan, 16404 Sprague St., $235,000.

Mercury Contractors Inc. to Basile, Kino and Darcie M., 15436 Norwick Drive, $318,889.

Yarlagadda, Meghna to Burklund, Kyle and Brianna, 4016 N. 172nd Ave., $180,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Hull, Donald W. and Wanda K., 15207 Norwick Drive, $374,784.

Lee Schaller Revocable Trust to Lawton, Alex Trichel, 14454 Tibbles St., $160,000.

Shipman, James G. to Hunt, Maria, 2313 N. 164th St., $219,000.

Nelson, Daniel J. and Colleen M. to Dudzinski, Colin B. and Martin, Kelsey A., 16035 Butler Ave., $245,500.

Borman, Michael J. and Stephanie L. to Cochran, Kirt A. and Linda G., 6535 N. 157th St., $405,000.

Potter, Zachery D. and Tyeler A. to Thune, Robert and Leigh, 15930 Yates St., $395,000.

Robertson, Jerry to Hatch, Sheane S., 5702 N. 159th St., $265,000.

Werner, Brian J. and Lindsey A. to McIntosh, Carrie M., 6081 N. 146th St., $250,000.

Menichetti, Justin and Natalie to Davis, Vernon W. II and Frankowski, Ashley, 6530 N. 149th St., $178,500.

Lindquist, Eric H., trustee, to McCright Properties LLC, 14661 Ames Court, $95,900.

Myo, Ye K. and Megan to Penmetsa, Gopala Raju and Venkata Padmavathi, 16824 Sprague St., $178,400.

Richland Homes LLC to Hawkins, William A. and Dusty J., 15219 Jaynes St., $323,830.

Birzer, Dianne M. to McLaughlin, Mike and Winkler, Justina, 4001 N. 162nd Ave., $245,000.

Bennett, Deedee M. to Flanders, Ryan and Michalla, 15205 Spencer St., $185,000.


Nervig, Amanda M. to K6 Properties LLC, 4842 K St., $95,900.

Oriley, Caitlen I. to Maverick Property Group LLC, 4914 S. 56th St., $101,000.

Geho, Jeffery A. and Rachel M. to Re-Vest LLC, 6158 Hillsdale Ave., $104,000.

Bates, Edward Lee, personal representative of Bates, Myra Jo estate, to Velazquez, Israel, 5233 S. 52nd St., $112,000.

Vorland, Jonathan Paul and Renae Christine to Rodriguez, Alvaro R., 4419 S. 46th St., $140,000.

Defoil, Mark and Podrazo, David J. to Geho, Jeffery, 4532 Monroe St., $180,000.


Lindmark, Peter and Rachael to Hedges, Dustin D. and Kimberly R., 16637 Leavenworth St., $390,000.

Koch, Steven G. to Light Bulb Realty & Investment LLC, 15606 Charles St., $110,000.

Cyza, Jason T. to Witt, Elsie Marie and Rickey A., 1840 N. 175th Place, $166,000.


Pollack, Damian and Nederah H. to Koerber, Matthew, 7423 Wyoming St., $154,000.

Swartzendruber, Amy S. to Giacoppo, Nick David and Amaris Alexandra, 8404 Potter St., $199,000.

Loyd Maloney Revocable Trust to Downing, Geoffrey, 7335 N. 80th St., $117,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Joseph, Earnest C., 8255 Craig Ave., $193,200.

Moore, Kathy to Frink, Kaleb, 7532 N. 77th Terrace, $158,000.


Bernier, Robert E. and Mary to Nayes, Chelsea, 2809 Westgate Road, $227,000.

Henry, Nanette V. to Black, Kellie C. and Lloyd D., 8213 Martha St., $140,000.

Theiler, Randi Renee to FRPO Investments LLC, 3126 S. 104th Ave., $205,000.


Nihsen, Christina and Jason to Hunt, John M. and Raychal K., 10712 O St., $260,000.

Stanley, Brian T. and Jennifer A. to Steinmark, Csandra, 7756 Main St., $158,000.


Haywood, John Michael and Kimberly Janelle to Mohideen, Riazuddin Shaik and Khan, Anushah, 1216 S. 200th Ave., $480,000.

Kankousky, Christopher J. and Michelle L. to Marasco, Melissa J., 3312 S. 188th St., $550,000.

Pedersen, Keith E. and Susan R. to Balvanz, Bryan and Tracie, 16423 Grover St., $327,368.

Rudy M. & Gloria Garcia Revocable Trust to Healy, Sean Stephen and Lindsay Brower, 1520 S. 181st St., $394,000.

Hopkins, Allie M. and Dustin E. to Mell, Joshua and Caitlin, 18111 Howe Circle, $350,000.

Mussmann, Jonathon V. and Leah A. to Liles, Daniel J. and Lori N., 3946 S. 191st Ave., $224,900.

Koegel, Eric J. and Jill R. to Martin, Daniel J. and Kristine K., 3222 S. 187th St., $750,000.


Boardman, Sherrie T. to Hernandez, Martin, 626 N. 43rd St., $73,000.

HBI LLC to Larson, Luther D. and Debra K., 502 N. 40th St., $210,000.

Saathi LLC to Guilliatt, Mark, 1045 N. 34th St., $100,000.

Creighton University to 3528 Dodge St LLC, 3528 Dodge St., $535,000.

Dunning, Timothy F., sheriff, to Sindelar, Kiely J. and Cheryl A., 3022 Nicholas St., $65,000.


SPM Manager LLC to Avenue 49 LLC, 4908 Underwood Ave., $345,000.

Debolt, Michael A. and Becky M. to Digiacomo, Dominic M. and Linda L., 6449 Glenwood Road, $380,000.

CDM Properties LLC to Parker, Jennifer Helen, 824 N. 48th St., $187,500.


Dappen, Joseph W. and Meek-Dappen, Leora L. to Rosales, Dealba Armando, 3908 N. 95th St., $185,000.

Loya, Geronimo Raul and Teresa to Vansurksum, Andrew and Erin, 4906 N. 104th St., $290,000.

Fuhrmann, Casey and Brey to Thit, Patrick Phyu Lay and Mimi, 9130 Taylor St., $154,000.

Moerke, Angela K. to Hre, Lian and Mawi, Par, 7958 Curtis Ave., $157,000.

Behrens, Jeffrey S. and Ratzlaff, Caitlin M. to Stangl, Zacharias J. and Alexis L., 5635 N. 93rd Ave., $129,900.

Garris, Erica R. and Matthew D. to Lee, Anna and Chris, 2218 N. 99th St., $187,000.

OM 8115 Vernon Trust and Western Financial LLC, trustee, to TFI LLC, 8115 Vernon Ave., $138,200.


Sherman & Marilyn Bollinger Revocable Trust to Thalken, Craig and Amy Jo, 5721 S. 163rd Ave., $290,000.

Dobernecker, Courtney to Deters, Adam J. and Kerry L., 18654 V St., $179,900.

Rimarck Imaging Device Corp. to Peterson, Lauren Ann and Trey Michael Jon, 19634 R St., $194,000.

Hess, Bill W. to Taft, James J. and Nam, Ahreem, 17720 Jacobs St., $175,000.

Elite Nebraska PC to Eloge, Gregory and Brommer, Kristin, 5009 S. 186th Ave., $265,000.

Koch, Bruce D. and Rita M. to Howard, Diane, 6739 S. 191st Ave., $170,000.

Koller, Robert P. to Vernon, Tim and Yuyan, 5615 S. 193rd St., $180,000.

Kopecky, Randell J. and Joyce V. to Phan, Minh, 19357 Blaine St., $300,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Elsasser, Brett and Melissa, 4451 S. 193rd St., $294,475.

Eloge, Gregory and Leslie K. to Fornoni, Cristian I., 6131 S. 190th Terrace, $188,000.

Johnson, Eric E. and Lindsay Brooke to Reandeau, Lindsey M., 4712 S. 187th Ave., $275,000.


Zach, Aaron J. and Sydney J. to Maddigan, Sean and Jessica Lewis, 11657 Polk St., $218,000.

Boukal, Chad L. and Molly to Downey, Jordan J. and Lacey L., 14806 Berry Circle, $187,000.

Anderson, Kevin L. and Jacqueline D. to Hansel, Dennis and Hazlehurst, Jessica, 6615 S. 129th St., $242,000.

Turley, Paul E. and Nancy I. to Garrett, Zachary and Jenna, 4615 S. 151st St., $223,900.

Williamson, Craig to Rodriguez, Alexis and Lizardi, Maria, 11619 Tyler St., $185,000.

Galaska, John L. and Trudy J. to Olsen, Keith M. and Theresa, 5829 S. 119th Place, $453,500.

Grosman, Tami to Berger, Thomas and Ann, 5905 S. 119th Place, $390,000.


Deer Creek Reserve LLC to Landmark Performance Corp., 12927 Reynolds St., $80,000.

Martin, Daniel J. and Kristine Kay to Meester Enterprises LLC, 13829 Vane St., $155,000.

Deer Creek Reserve LLC to Platinum Builders LLC, 13019 Reynolds St., $82,000.


Van Winkle, Kevin James and Elizabeth to Bachmann, Christopher and Larreau, Denisa, 13209 Martha Circle, $215,750.

Richard A. and Mildred M. Petrashek Trust to Stanzel, Hannah M. and Joseph E., 13442 Westwood Lane, $217,000.

Goldberg, Nancy D. to Ro-Dan LLC, 3361 S. 137th St., $158,000.

Thomas, Jason L. and Nicole C. to Adair, Brian R. and Meadows, Amber T., 3210 S. 130th Avenue Circle, $190,000.

Huelskamp, Jeanne M. to James David Carson Revocable Living Trust, 12413 Lloyd St., $176,000.


O’Callaghan, Kenneth B. and Callan L. to Froemming, Ian, 7517 N. 57th St., $132,000.

Lewzader, Michael G. and Jacquelin A. to Elias, Alexander J. and Michelle K., 6117 Lamplighter Drive, $225,000.

Horn, Gregory Scott and Marchese, Kimberly Ann to Bauman, Benjamin J. and Margaret L., 6630 Bennington Road, $300,000.

Strohmeyer, Drew and Brandi to Mattea, Mark and Linda, 5710 Sargent St., $154,000.

Williams, Claire Lisa and Lisa D. to Meh, Mor and Rey, Shay, 5035 Read St., $122,000.

Christensen, Andrew and Julie to Samland, Max and Kimberly, 8711 N. 57th St., $251,000.


Macolino, Lupo N. and Alyson to Zastrow, Stuart, 13629 Parker Circle, $317,000.

Wilhelmy, Randall R. and Dawn M. to Kreifels, Ronda and John, 918 S. 153rd Court, $180,000.

Beach, Joanne to Rodriguez, Pedro Lopez and Lopez, Maria, 15399 Wycliffe Drive, $156,500.

Miller, Christie W. and Womack, Charles L. to Van Horn-Hickerson, Jonathan T. and Martin G., 15206 Douglas Circle, $200,000.

Petermann, Jeffrey P. and Kerry L. to Gao, Kong Shun, 15526 Windsor Drive, $330,000.

Beischel, Mark L. and Christine L. to Butts, Kimberly A., 1318 N. 131st Circle, $349,000.

Holloran, Victoria A. and Daniel J. to Hansen, Dennis L. and Laura A., 15357 Wycliffe Drive, $154,000.

Caniglia, James A. to Freeman, Jennifer M., 15014 Westchester Circle, $175,000.

Wood, James C. II to Nickolite, Joseph and Maranda, 14857 Burt Drive, $275,000.


Johnson, Aaron M. and Taylor A. to Au, Binh and Nguyen, Mai Thi Tuyet, 2915 N. 120th Avenue Circle, $193,000.

Johnston, Patrick M. and Rachel M. to Baker, Jackson L. and Alexis M., 6607 N. 112th Ave., $165,250.

Sirovatka, Luanne M. and Anthony C. to Sirovatka, Curtis and Chelsea, 12555 Ohio Circle, $215,000.

Hoefer, Brady A. and Colleen to Wurth, Paul J. and Karick A., 13606 Corby St., $650,000.

Mazur, Laurie A. to Olson, Ryan R., 11646 Queens Drive, $175,300.

Matis, Mary E. and Kurt M. to Wells, Travis J. and Annette J., 13814 Fowler Ave., $320,000.

Flori L. Bergstrom Living Trust to Navratil, Constance M., 2205 N. 129th St., $155,000.

Sarpy County


Leones, Jose and Teresa to Osorio, Camilo and April, 2002 Virginia Ave., $193,000.

Harnden, James M. and Stella to Conoan, Nicholas Hynek, 2502 Main St., $145,000.

Reicks, Jeffrey R. and Linda Kay to Maes, Vallen and Mystie, 2701 Jefferson St., $115,000.

Kolter, Linda A. to Sue, Kailee Mia, 1711 Brenda Drive, $160,000.

Harden, Sharon Elaine and Miller, Peggy L. to McCollum, Garrick T., 1708 Hancock St., $89,000.

Schmitt, Kevin L. and Sophia E. to Paradise Park Inc., 3510 Hancock St., $25,000.


McGee, Ricky D. and Cuka, Carol to Duss, Michelle and Dyer, Cory, 11214 S. 213th Circle, $223,000.

Viox, Melissa A. and Alan F. Jr. to Laux, Kathryn, 20926 Oak St., $193,000.

Olson, Ashley and West, Stanford to Myo, Ye K. and Megan B., 7223 S. 201st St., $382,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Richmond, Julie and Anthony R., 21130 Castlerock Lane, $270,000.

Laux, Eric A. and Kathryn A. to Smits, Theodore V. and Laura L., 21011 Quarry Lane, $348,000.

Anderson, Matthew A. and Jean M. to Stinger, Michael S. and Emily S., 8921 S. 230th Plaza Circle, $160,000.

Bahl, Joel P. and Deanna L. to Scott, Kevin and Stacy, 17214 Jessica Lane, $290,000.

Drake, Norma Trust and Drake, Jeffrey J. Trust 2011 to Gilleland, Matthew and Rebecca, 21895 Quail Drive, $235,000.

Home Company LLC to Huston, Joshua D. and Jessica A., 7822 S. 194th Ave., $353,000.


Edmondson, Michael A. and Angela C. to Riera, Jason M., 7644 Leawood St., $375,000.

Cord, Troy M. and Andrea J. to Miller, Timothy and Katherine, 601 Pioneer Road, $157,000.

Muckey, Donald A. and Lisa to Backstrom, Brent and Sara, 903 Haverford Drive, $275,000.

Barr Homes Inc. to Luna, Daniel A. and Brandy L., 10502 Superior Drive, $371,000.

Fraser, Howard Kenneth and Karen S. to Ziler, Zachary, 815 Janes View St., $141,000.

Valentin, Eugenio H. and Maria A. to Luma, Hugede and Ashley N., 1005 Hickory Hill Road, $265,000.

Home Building Consultants Inc. to Knaub, Aaron G. and Shannan L., 9957 S. 106th St., $412,000.

Hernandez, Mirta and Angel L. to Rodriguez, Christian, 915 Wynnwood Lane, $264,000.

Vaida, Michael L. and Patricia A. to Davis, Jeffrey L. and Mary Beth, 7416 Castle St., $425,000.

Campbell, Douglas S. and Marci to Campbell, Scott Joseph, 421 S. Harrison St., $180,000.

Brodman, Marcus J. and Pamela to Lyle, Mariana, 12522 S. 82nd St., $315,000.

Pratt, Philip M. and Jill A. to McMillin Andrew H. and Sarah P., 2441 Sand Hills Drive, $300,000.

Icenogle, Vincent G. and Thompson Icenogle, Jennifer A. to Cord, Troy and Andrea, 820 Lexington Lane, $266,000.


Hawkins, Terry and Cheryl to Roenfeldt, Trevor and Alicia, 480 Cedar St., $180,000.


Edgewood LLC to Devine, Carla, 3309 Lynnwood Drive, $174,000.

Becker, Cory and Sara to Nelson, Ricky L. and Tara R., 4014 Heartland Drive, $230,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Tegeder, Zachary and Teresa, 1904 Canyon St., $262,000.

Macias, Carlos to Licea, Joseph and Amber, 13705 S. 28th Circle, $275,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Walsh, Michael A. and Brittany L., 1809 Mesa St., $272,000.

Hill, Bradley B. and Larsen Hill, Dianne R. to Goodwater, Dana J. and Deborah E., 3307 Lynnwood Drive, $220,000.

Lomax, Richard and Mary to Lewis, Kenneth and Delgadillo, Maria Carmen, 13310 S. 35th Ave., $176,000.

Esser, Quade V. and Erica to Busse, Harriet Ellen, 3111 Lone Tree Drive, $159,000.

Robb, Steven P. and Cass E. to Kettleson, Patrick C. and Jennifer A., 16004 S. 29th Plaza Circle, $149,000.

Friemel, Debra Jo and Andy to Atteberry, Ryan J. and Elisabeth V., 13702 S. 18th St., $300,000.

Determan, Robert A. and Angelica M. to Pizzini, Gregory M. and Lynne, 3411 Comstock Ave., $150,000.

Hansen, Kenneth L. and Kristine A. to Pollett, Brandon and Heather, 2505 LaPlatte Road, $344,000.

Strazdas, Traci M. to Brantner, Robert J. and Smith, Carol, 2510 Hummingbird Circle, $230,000.

Bevilacqua, Anthony F. and Wendy L. to Bryson, Jonathan R. and Holly N., 13606 S. 41st Circle, $265,000.


Porto, Jacob and Michaela to Berke, Blake and Danielle and Richardson, Taylor D. and Lanie, 7304 Elizabeth St., $147,000.

Feicks Properties LLC to Giandinoto LLC, 7305 S. 85th St., $260,000.

Svoboda, Jordan R. and Sarah J. to Nguyen, Johnny Thanh and Eva Solis, 10046 Shannon Road, $300,000.

Lindquist, Eric H., trustee, to Steffes, Paul and Ronette, 6841 Hillcrest Lane, $177,000.

Hebda, David B. and Sarah to Zarlingo, Jacob B. and Jamie S., 8804 Pine Drive, $160,000.

Baer, Cody R. and Perry Baer, Courtney to Ehle, Donald Lee and Amber Jean, 7710 Briar Court, $165,000.


Kelly, Sean P. and Katherine A. to Montgomery, Michael D. and Wendy D., 710 Fleetwood Drive, $313,000.

Evridge, James S. and Lori A. to Egner, Sarah, 114 Carolina Drive, $215,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Hathcote, Nancy, 6626 Ridgewood Drive, $310,000.

Hanson, Scott T. and Rebecca L. to Oaks, Ronda and William A., 8910 S. 69th Circle, $261,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Simmons, Michael J. and Mary L., 2130 Skyhawk Ave., $269,000.

Harrer, Randall J. Sr. and Linda C. to Baer, Cody R. and Perry Baer, Courtney A., 2204 Kara Drive, $258,000.

Reber, Thomas Robert and Beth to Daniel, Courtney and Leighton, 2004 Windcrest Ave., $226,000.


Bleach, Ryan A. and Lauren Janelle to Sutton, James and Marilyn, 16024 Virginia St., $243,000.

Bohling, Trevor R. to Grau, Sandra J. and Steven D., 7438 S. 173rd St., $189,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Frehse, Craig and Tamara, 16863 Aurora St., $284,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Krise, Matthew J. and Pounds, Chelsea E., 18915 Rosewood St., $241,000.

Renner, Donald G. and Catherine M. to Vacek, Brandon and Kreher, Elizabeth, 16113 Edna St., $266,000.

Thornquist, Brent and Patricia to Leatherman, Timothy D. and Christy B., 7912 S. 157th St., $147,000.

Thornquist, Brent S. and Patricia A. to Leatherman, Timothy D. and Christy B., 7733 S. 156th Ave., $147,000.

Hollingshead, Kelsie and Sean to Bair, Michael S., 17018 Centennial Road, $294,000.

Seaman, Jillian L. and Noah H. to Degner, Brian, 17724 Margo St., $180,000.

Jeck & Company Inc. to Gaines, William L. Jr. and Patricia J., 18706 Schofield Drive, $418,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Diers, Colin L. and Kandee D., 7920 S. 187th St., $342,000.

River Oaks Development LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 8013 S. 184th Terrance, $93,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Zia, Javeed Akthar Peeralam, 7907 S. 185th St., $292,000.


Hungerford, Richard W. and Debra A. to Ghandour, Kreem I., 13810 Frederick Ave., $155,000.

McLaughlin, Michael to Dunkin, Scott A., 13449 Olive St., $201,000.

Luma, Ashley N. and Hugede to Mullen, Austin L., 11510 Richland Drive, $149,000.

Daniel, Leighton I. and Courtney L. to Muench, Nolan and Amy, 13411 Margo St., $173,000.

West, Benjamin M. and Cortney M. to Bishop, Thomas R. and Susan E., 12610 Lillian St., $215,000.

Haubenschild, Perry J. and Emily A. to Chmura, Jeffrey, 15546 Borman St., $219,000.


Traver, Katherine E. and Morrison, Thomas to Jimenez, Ivelisse Ramos and Jimenez Nunez, Henry Ramon, 3106 Evelyn St., $137,000.

Miller, Cynthia L. and Dennis A. to Achin, Tracy L. and Struss, Donald W., 2603 Gindy Drive, $165,000.

H & S Partnership LLP to Toovey, Bailey, 7306 S. 41st Terrace, $145,000.

Kilpatrick, Travis and Katherine E. to Boxwood Investments LLC, 3916 High Meadows Lane, $110,000.

Gregory, Thomas R. and Karen L. to Miller, Christopher and Lizbet, 9605 S. 28th Ave., $255,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Romero, Breina E. and Degante, Antonio, 8706 S. 17th St., $280,000.


Barrett, Melisa to Soto-Rodriguez, Rosa Elia, 5026 Trail Creek Ave., $140,000.

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