Celebrity Homes Inc. to Zurek, Jason D. and Brittny A., 8821 N. 161st Ave., $234,000.

Gomez, John M. and Andrea J. to Mangen, Robert C. and Ina, 8820 N. 158th St., $242,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Preissler, Eric M. and Read, Emma J., 8814 N. 161st St., $264,400.

State Street Investments LLC to Olsen Rental Group LLC, 7703 N. 156th Ave., $40,950.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Bishwakarma, Purna S. and Man K., 7154 N. 163rd St., $276,700.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Kopec, Denise E. and Richard J., 17316 Mormon St., $212,444.

Richland Homes LLC to Giroux, Stephen B. and Taylor L., 16210 Leeman St., $290,500.

Poppe, Scott D. and Carolyn M. to Rockey, Vernon C. and Marcia L., 16101 Davidson Plaza, $182,500.

Smith, Roxanne to Rinke, Kurt and Jessica, 16017 N. Second St., $275,000.

Waterford Development LLC to LPC Properties LLC, 15505 Hanover St., $100,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Preble, Sarah A. and Craig L., 14804 Prairie Star St., $295,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Shrestha, Sonil and Rai, Sanjana, 14603 Gilder Ave., $185,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hixenbaugh, Edward T. III, 14567 Gilder Ave., $178,400.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Kitkowski, George L. and Marilyn J., 14555 Gilder Ave., $182,300.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Myers, Melissa L., 14514 Read St., $269,253.

Charleston Homes LLC to Kafle, Sanjeev, 12150 Elmwood Drive, $282,200.

DAW Properties LLC to O’Donnell, Ronald and Karen, 11810 N. 157th St., $147,500.

Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 10314 Rosewater Parkway, $39,950.


Elliott, Jeffrey J. and Mary H. to Hartin, Polly and Mark, 713 S. 183rd St., $310,000.

Demeulmeester, Robert C. and Donna S. to Bowdino, Bradley R., 519 S. 216th St., $230,000.

Ramm Construction Inc. to Finke, Christopher K. and Jill M., 4260 N. 188th Circle, $418,880.

Castle Brook Land Development to McLean, Jeffrey and Sandra, 3928 S. 208th St., $95,000.

204 F Street LLC to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 3928 S. 208th St., $62,500.

204 F Street LLC to Belt Construction Co. Inc., 3928 S. 207th St., $47,500.

204 F Street LLC to Kronaizl Investments LLC, 3910 George B Lake Parkway, $63,000.

204 F Street LLC to Malibu Holdings LLC, 3860 S. 208th St., $259,500.

Rivera, Jamie and Jose to Combs, Michael and Renee, 3815 N. 191st Circle, $400,000.

Ramm Construction Inc. to Jackman, Paul, 2413 N. 183rd St., $415,871.

Homestead Custom Builders LLC to Stuhr, Aaron J. and Valoree M., 20916 Monroe Circle, $455,603.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Barker, James R., 20858 Camden Ave., $322,061.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Bjornstad, Michael A. and Janice R., 19004 Corby St., $361,549.

Segrist, Jeremy C. and Angela to Charling, Kurtis A. and Timaree M., 18222 Jones St., $330,000.


Kukoly, Brett and Belinda to Watt, Malcolm H. and Linda A., 8105 N. 281st Ave., $609,000.

Widhalm Custom Homes Inc. to Snow, Mark A. and Nicole L., 7514 N. 281st Ave., $453,000.

Woodward, Michael G. and Rinne, Jodi L. to Getsfred, Erik M. and Angela, 3905 N. 269th Circle, $617,500.

Getsfred, Erik and Angela C. to Mayer, Jeremy and Elizabeth, 26528 Manderson Court, $180,000.

Blackman, Vicky L. to Oberembt, Eric, 202 N. Mayne St., $159,000.


Rossitto, Justin E. and Angela to Diesel Investments LLC, 610 Lincoln Ave., $281,000.

Rowe, Jennifer to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc., 2221 Logan Drive, $115,091.

Yarlagadda, Rajkumar and Chigurupati, Vasanta to Morris, Mark W. and Janet A., 221 N. 245th Circle, $1,200,000.


Fernandale Inc. to Brosz, Kasey S., 1024 Dodge St., $150,000.


McGill, Jane M. to Couillard, Lisa, 6783 Spencer St., $105,000.

Deutsche Bank to Wilson, Brent D., 6646 Binney St., $58,650.

BLCG LLC to Gamboa, Eduardo and Vasquez, Maria, 6411 N. 66th St., $151,000.

King, Carole J. to Adams, Todd, 6303 Seward St., $80,000.

ITM LLC to Carlson, Chad and Murray, Rudolph, 6108 Pinkney St., $47,000.

McGill, Sara to Simoncic, David A., 6102 Manderson St., $96,250.

Wells Fargo Bank to Vanree Property Management LLC, 6057 Camden Ave., $60,000.

Hinde, Timothy M. Jr. and Katie to Stramel, Jaeca I., 6031 Decatur St., $129,900.

Bettin, Darlene E. to Paw, Pler and Say, Paw D., 5629 N. 65th St., $120,000.

REO Asset Management Co. LLC to HBI LLC, 5024 Pratt St., $110,500.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to REO Asset Management Co. LLC, 5024 Pratt St., $55,100.

Sivadge, Steve P. and Jean L. to Righton, Alison and Durbin, Kelly, 4936 N. Happy Hollow Blvd., $240,000.

SKW Investments LLC to Sumlut, Kawn and Maran, Nu A., 3842 N. 65th St., $100,000.

Barsell, James L. and Helen to Morrison, Richard D. and Jennifer L., 3826 N. 65th St., $115,000.

Issaka, Saluhu and Jordan, Josephine to Aye, Thi D. and Htoo, Tender C., 3808 N. 48th St., $120,000.

Moser, William E. to Abdullah, Ko K. and Binti Abu Bakar, Saedah B., 3536 N. 48th St., $155,000.

Sinclair, Stephen J. to Sinclair, Stephen J. and Peterson, Jennifer F., 2017 N. 60th St., $64,100.

Fritz, Craig and Jessica to Armstrong, Jeffrey and Jodie, 2012 N. 50th St., $205,000.

Cohano Investments LLC to Four Jays LLC, 1801 Mayfield Ave., $69,000.


Jackson, James Jr. to Pitts, David J. and Maria A., 4409 Grover St., $168,000.

Novak, Vickie J. to Galvin, Alex and Russell, Morgan, 4201 William St., $178,000.

Benitez, Octavio and Hilaria to Valles, Efrain, 3823 Valley St., $105,000.

Duman, Rebecca L. and Gregory J. to Bakovich, Renada M., 3323 Martha St., $181,900.

Safarik, Ronald L. and Melissa A. to Dirty Dan LLC, 3308 Vinton St., $85,000.

Burke, James and Trisha to Brumbaugh, James C. and Peggy, 3083 S. 32nd St., $158,000.

Paulsen, Heath and Martinez, Gina M. to MAE Properties LLC, 3028 Marcy St., $88,000.

Barton, Howard A. and Stacia A. to Weidner, Ann M., 2716 S. 44th St., $126,000.

Kremlacek, Patricia L. Trust to Valles, Efrain, 1545 S. 25th Ave., $87,000.


Rydberg, Joan A. to Batten, Anthony A. Jr., 953 S. 55th St., $160,000.

Mattix, Howard B. and Valerie R. to Sturgeon, Brittney, 6102 Oak St., $150,000.

Abramson, Milton P. and Beatrice W. Trust to Busch, Chas O., 4827 Hickory St., $120,000.

Jacquin, Gregory and Angela to Goltl, Jessica M., 4688 Poppleton Ave., $172,500.

Mosher, Matthew M. and Swier-Mosher, Vicki J. to Boyle, Giana K. and Cole M., 4669 Mayberry St., $190,000.

Pospisal, James D. to Wilson, Fernando A. and Calderon, Lourdes A., 1315 S. 51st St., $117,500.


Gaeta, Michael A. and Linda M. to Rios, Pedro Q., 6814 S. 41st St., $114,000.

Robertson, Kelsey and David to Dundis, Jason and Yang, Yangyuna, 4489 Dayton St., $135,000.

Czerwinski, Margaret C. to Rosas, Salvador M. and Banderas, Maria L., 3319 Polk St., $90,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Sila, Abdu and Wango, Mary, 3120 R St., $134,900.

Himes, Larissa D. to Mankerian, Megan and Stem, Andrew, 1903 F St., $124,500.

Chavez, Christopher to Young, Dorinda L., 1032 Atlas St., $149,000.


Kovarik, Beverly J. Trust to Eyman Investments LLC, 507 Dorcas St., $75,000.

Omaha 100 Inc. to Bolanos, J. Olivo and Rubio, Monica M., 2929 S. 18th St., $33,000.

OHA LLC to Hernandez, Nicolas M. and Lopez, Lucero M., 2025 Castelar St., $101,279.

Haggin, Ronald K. and Charyl S. to Haggin, Josh D., 2010 Deer Park Blvd., $116,000.

Dooley, Edgar to Roman, Marisol S., 1312 Connell Court, $75,000.


Salvation Army to Nesmith, Jenessa A. and Gustafson, Aleece J., 2017 N. 21st St., $73,000.

Station, Lamartine X. and Yurika to Inter City Properties LLC, 1620 Binney St., $20,000.

City of Omaha to Cribbs, Simone, 1546 N. 18th St., $141,000.

Steward, Princess to Hurtado, Gregorio C., 1534 Grant St., $20,000.

Powder Pursuits LLC to Deng, Shuwen, 1502 Florence Blvd., $138,000.


Fields, Marvell D. to Bartos, Patrick and Kellie, 4323 Patrick Ave., $38,000.

Chambers, Debra L. and Gregory L. to Tefera, Muhabaw M., 4308 Bedford Ave., $75,000.

Dville Properties LLC to Orozco, Hilda, 4223 Pinkney St., $84,000.

Jones, Earnie L. to Hansen Investments LLC, 3752 Browne St., $26,000.

Turner, John S. and Gay H. to McShane Properties LLC, 3489 Boyd St., $38,000.

Johnson, Matthew to Klinzing, Hillary J. and Rickie L., 3360 Laurel Ave., $79,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Rai, Tirtha and Amrita, 3218 Emmet St., $133,900.

Kendrick, Larry E. to Miller Way LLC, 3185 Stone Ave., $33,500.

Caradori, Tom M. to Valdivieso, Cesar, 2442 Hartman Ave., $23,000.


Baker, Matthew J. and Brandon N. to Earlywine, Erin, 6919 Minne Lusa Blvd., $137,000.

K & P Investments Inc. to DJR Properties LLC, 2741 Mary St., $38,000.

Williams, Michele K. to Wakefield, Judith A., 2411 Ida St., $70,000.


Anderson, Carrie R. to Hack, Haley J., 8916 Franklin St., $164,500.

Hanson, Kim E. and Dwight G. Trust to JKP Properties LLC, 815 N. 75th St., $130,000.

HBI LLC to Domenge, Lou and Norine, 806 N. 78th St., $125,000.

Struble, L. Faye to Holum, Nicholas L. and Nichols, Stephanie L., 7923 Harney St., $230,000.

Holloway, Aleksey to KP3 Investors LLC, 775 N. 73rd St., $150,000.


Jany, Brandi L. to Johnson Smith, Virginia L. and Johnson, Kerry L., 6533 N. 148th St., $250,000.

Lilley, Vann E Jr. and Pamela A. to Smith, James B. II and Linda K., 6221 N. 153rd St., $256,000.

Heimann, Daniel S. and Belinda A. Trust to Seymour, James A. and Dorothy M., 5623 N. 163rd St., $375,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Garcia, Stephen K., 4621 N. 176th St., $226,600.

Leon, Pedro A. and Penelope F. to Beutler, Zachery, 2927 N. 152nd St., $182,000.

Kennon, Justin E. and Anne to Stevens, Kyle A., 2416 N. 154th Ave., $225,000.

O’Brien, James P. and Danya D. to BT Properties LLC, 2113 N. 151st Avenue Circle, $33,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Montgomery, Kevin M. and Yurika, 17520 Grand Ave., $223,100.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Marinovic, Jeffrey S. and Christina N., 17307 Grand Ave., $292,400.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Ritchie, Jeffrey and Molly, 17227 Meredith Ave., $267,100.

Jurgens, Kayla A. to Ingram, Thomas P. and Jenna C., 16927 Camden Ave., $183,000.

Johnson, Peter A. and Joanne P. to Hilton, John and Sorensen, Hannah, 16604 Ames Ave., $199,500.

Coufal, Jessica L. to Miner, Robert L. and Cynthia L., 16503 Camden Circle, $187,000.

Bhujel, Bhim K. and Reeta to Mansour, Ziad, 16320 Saratoga St., $183,000.

Jagannathan, Arvind and Moitra, Ratnava to Brouillette, James, 16011 Sprague St., $220,000.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Pine Crest Homes LLC, 15467 Jaynes Circle, $42,500.

Mercury Contractors Inc. to Huntley, Julia, 15428 Norwick Drive, $308,830.

Garrett, Marva K. and Nahlen, Jacob A. Jr. to Dinslage, William J. and Barbara J., 14747 Hartman Plaza, $263,000.

Wang, Leping and Zhang, Qing to Lin, Xun, 14732 Ames Ave., $217,000.


Modlin, Jeffrey K. to Sylvester, Christina, 6166 Karen St., $83,300.

Galloway, Arthur D. and Linda S. to Greco, Thomas M., 5819 S. 49th Ave., $144,000.

Cramer, Betty J. Estate to Gonzalez, Genaro G. and Rodriguez, Cecilia, 5130 S. 48th St., $101,000.

HBI LLC to Gruber, Randall D. and Coral M., 4652 P St., $136,500.


Strohman, Patrick J. and Tina to Carlson, David R. and Laura L., 333 S. 169th Circle, $259,900.

Green, Lynn K. and Michael R. to Ballou, Todd M. and Brenda M., 17621 Jones St., $372,500.

Prather, Vernon A. and Carolyn S. to Haddad, Joseph K., 17520 Seward Plaza, $157,000.

M Group LLC to Silverthorn Custom Homes LLC, 17502 Douglas St., $76,900.

Courtney, Francis P. Jr. and Dunbar, Susan E. to Vincent, Joshua D. and Branda L., 1711 N. 171st St., $300,000.

Millard, Denise L. Trust to Bloom, Jeffrey A. and Heather L. Trust, 16215 California St., $512,500.

Frezza, Aaron C. to Jank, Sarah, 16105 Capitol Ave., $240,000.

Combs, Michael S. and Renee E. to Bessmer, Taylor P. and Whitney J., 1406 N. 158th Ave., $250,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Kyaw, Moe and Lun, Cing E., 9159 Hanover St., $156,400.

Soria, Raul to Kallepalli, Rambabu and Sunitha, 8816 N. 77th Ave., $149,000.

Oliver, Joshua D. and Katelyn D. to Miller, Sue J., 8630 N. 81st Ave., $147,500.

Verma, Nitin and Shalini to McQueen, DaMarcus, 8239 Tucker St., $140,000.

Monaghan, Thomas J. to Christianson, Susan A., 7806 Read Plaza, $97,000.

Schultz, Dustin W. and Joanna L. to Wirth, Kelsey and Ackerman, Tanner, 7712 Bondesson St., $151,000.

Zywiec, Lori to Vaughn, Alyssa M., 7360 N. 87th St., $195,000.

Hecht, Sean P. to Leon, Rodolfo M., 7339 N. 80th St., $155,000.


Gac, Alexander G. and Elizabeth to Shoemaker, Brian and Shannon, 8218 Hascall St., $135,000.

Arnone, Edward V. and Mary A. Trust to Sorensen, Tori A., 3517 S. 96th St., $317,000.


Ulibarri, David B. and Elizabeth M. to Gibilisco, Mary K., 5711 S. 91st St., $155,000.

McCright Properties LLC to Woster, Michael W. and Linda S., 5024 S. 104th St., $132,500.

Teshack, Joseph J. Trust to Marco, Delbert E. Jr. and Stone, Kaylee A., 4913 S. 79th St., $140,000.


Clausen, Justin C. and Kiley to Gallinger, Brett and Tara, 2139 S. 192nd Ave., $364,500.

Christoffels, Nathan R. and Holly J. to American International Relocation Solutions LLC, 19924 C St., $405,000.

American International Relocation Solutions LLC to Chen, Jiongjian, 19924 C St., $405,000.

Roberts, Ryan K. and Masid-Roberts, Lori A. to Masid, Sammy J. III, 19616 Grover St., $352,000.

Kyhn, Andrew P. and Nikole L. to Fila, Patricia K. and Leonard J., 18901 Atlas St., $220,000.

Kohlbek, Mark W. and Kathleen M. Trust to Heien, Stephen and Gay, 18651 Howe St., $540,000.

Nocita, Joseph A., trustee for Nocita Living Trust, to Kemp, Michele L., 17206 Walnut Plaza, $228,500.

Rosso, Larry and Penny E. to Heafey, Nicole K., 1620 S. 162nd Circle, $188,000.


Deutsche Bank to Nicholson, Erica, 955 N. 28th Ave., $196,600.

Griffin, Carolyn E. Estate to Dragos, Nick, 3318 Myrtle Ave., $90,000.

East Campus Realty LLC to Robinson, Edward T. III and Cheryl P., 120 S. 31st Ave., $685,546.


Cohano Investments LLC to Four Jays LLC, 6796 Hamilton St., $53,905.

Steinberg, Muriel N. to Otis, Sally and Pittack, Bradley, 6466 Cuming St., $360,000.

Centeno, Carlos M. to Bohac, Jacob E., 5000 Hamilton St., $173,000.

Betts, Kylon J. to Hunt, Jeffrey R. and Dana N., 310 S. 68th Ave., $288,500.


Ruhlman, Phil and Jean to Ruhlman, Olivia J., 9627 Ohio St., $146,000.

McGill, Patrick J. and Virginia E. to Kue, Wah, 9462 Wirt St., $135,000.

Smith, Linda K. to Moench, Justin P. and Molly E., 9437 Laurel Circle, $162,000.

Beals, D. Marc and Gail D. to Reyes, Carla L. and Kestner, David M., 8018 Camden Ave., $209,900.

Slater, Kendra L. to Kenyon, Bradley T. and Jayne A., 5612 N. 93rd Ave., $130,000.

Tait, Howard V. and Bernadine A. to Legge, Brian, 3603 N. 93rd St., $148,000.

Vasko, Theodore and Jennifer to Johnson, Perri, 3214 N. 78th St., $188,000.


Anderson, Paul E. and Stephanie L. to Johnson, Jennifer M., 6130 S. 191st Terrace, $181,000.

Jasa, Michael S. and Carly A. to Brockevelt, Richard W. and Patricia I., 5728 S. 188th St., $172,500.

Pearson, Philip S. and Tracy L. to Mir, Shakeel and Zahoor, Lubna, 5521 S. 171st St., $325,000.

Saunders, Chris A. and Tami J. to Brehmer, Steven D. and Barbara J., 5103 S. 163rd Ave., $190,000.

Madson, Michael J. to Geisler, Stephanie E. and Eric C., 5008 S. 190th St., $132,500.

Richland Homes LLC to Nordling, Burk E. and Anna, 4527 S. 193rd St., $271,280.

Washington, Tina L. to Goeden, Joseph G. and Melissa, 4430 S. 178th St., $153,000.

Haverkost, Jason and Ann E. to Korth, Brian P., 19619 Laci St., $171,500.

Holland, Marty S. to Uttecht, Kyle and Samantha, 19469 S St., $180,000.

Hilger, Brandon L. and Gosselin, Katelyn to Sanchez, Martha, 19367 V St., $163,000.

Janovich, Michael P. and Sara to Robertson, David and Kelsey, 18907 T Circle, $176,900.

First National Bank of Omaha to McCright Properties LLC, 18906 Y St., $185,600.

First National Bank of Omaha to JAH LLC, 18802 Birchwood Ave., $159,100.

Van Camp & Son LLC to Hansen, Jeffrey A. and Elizabeth A., 18633 Anne St., $200,000.

Hirth, Linda J. Trust to Kuhl, Seth D. and Cassandra L., 18513 Jefferson St., $373,000.

Strafelda, Sarah W. and Joel R. to Robles, Amy and Roberto, 18307 Jefferson St., $325,000.

Bhoja, Ajay to Ward, David D., trustee for Ward Family Trust, 18170 Hayes Plaza, $115,000.

Kiser, Conor C. and Jeanna M. to Whetten, Joshua S. and Marissa J., 17651 Jacobs St., $187,000.

Merkel, Sandra M. Trust to Glynn, Branden and Stacy, 17122 Cinnamon St., $373,000.

Budnick, Joseph C. and Becky L. to Thorston, Matthew J. and Kathryn J., 17117 O Circle, $280,000.

Hanson, Millard D. and Maria A. to Demeulmeester, Robert C. Sr. and Donna S., 16606 Adams St., $203,000.


HBI LLC to Cornell, Ryan R., 5723 S. 151st St., $153,000.

Archdekin, James R. and Nancy A. to Paladino, Michelle L. and Michael C., 5635 S. 140th Ave., $130,500.

Toms Home Improvement LLC to Michaud, Christopher T. and Brittany A., 5612 Borman Ave., $179,900.

Richter, Edna Estate to Sturgeon, Dustin J., 4971 S. 134th St., $115,000.

Gwiasda, Stephen K. and Valerie L. to Abbink, Bruce and Kristin, 4434 S. 151st St., $198,300.

Winingham, Wade and Marcia to Nelson, Larry and Pemberton, Jennifer, 15442 Blackwell Drive, $185,000.

Webster, Joseph E. to Hall, Richard and Janine, 14911 Drexel St., $225,000.

Wiblishouser, Gary D. Trust to Free, Rhonda R., 14705 Holmes St., $137,500.

Wagner, Curtis J. and Patricia A. to S & A Properties LLC, 14552 Karen St., $150,000.

Zuhlke, Dean L. to 99 SKS LLC, 14131 Karl St., $132,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Ferris, Verneta, 13923 Hanover St., $201,000.

Newport Homes LLC to Kult, Edward V. and Theresa M., 12926 Eagle Circle, $365,103.


Gibbons, Nicole K. to Smith, Jacob J. and Manetti, Sarah J., 2929 S. 136th St., $150,000.

Degand, Scott A. and Rina M. to Burke, Michael and Preston, Madison, 2413 S. 113th St., $187,000.

Donovan, Norma L. and John M. to Buresh, Jerold J. and Marilyn C., 15522 Pine St., $380,000.

Dunbar Properties LLC to Gaene Investments LLC, 14724 Arbor St., $160,000.

Naylon, Corrine M. Estate to Mills, Heather M. and Narducci, Donald J., 13946 Pierce St., $189,000.

Christensen, Ronald L. and Ann E. to Gui, Dagen and Li, Xiaomei, 13613 Arbor St., $180,000.

Weber, Donald E. to Thiemann Investments LLC, 12424 Lamont St., $95,000.

Beiermann, Steven J. to Legacy Rentals LLC, 12205 Westwood Lane, $90,000.

Wilson, Brett A. and Paula J. to Shekhtman, Alexander L. and Stone, Sarah J., 11325 Frances St., $375,000.

Bock-Lawrence, Laurie and Lawrence, Kerry to Mohrman, David and Barbara, 10929 Spring St., $173,500.


Gaffney, Mary J. Trust to Gonzalez, Marielos, 3830 Harrison St., $120,000.


Lonowski, Jeffrey L. and Rhoten, Dann K. to King, Joey A. and Darla J., 6850 Willow St., $379,000.

Maclin, Makayla S. to White, Jason and Truitt, Chantel, 6827 N. 52nd St., $195,000.

Bargowski, Craig D. and Julie N. to Lee, Augustine and Mo, Ku, 6810 N. 65th St., $132,000.

Delehant, Timothy R. to Baxter, Scott A. and Sherri L., 6062 Country Club Oaks Plaza, $280,000.


Harn, Karen L. to Wehrli, Andrew and Jessica, 516 Crestridge Road, $220,000.

Dyke, Sean and Tracy to DeSantis, Anthony and Katherine, 1711 N. 129th Avenue Circle, $410,000.

Kaestner, Shirley J. to Moore, Laura B., 1622 N. 150th Plaza, $203,000.

Parkin, Thomas A. and Kelly B. to Betts, Kylon J., 15455 Dewey Circle, $269,000.

Morgan, Kenneth J. and Debra K. to Conner, Coleby W. and Angela D., 15105 Hillside Drive, $215,000.

Wilke, David L. and Lynna to Emanuel, James M., 14560 Franklin St., $30,753.

Pearsall, Tyson J. and Nicole A. to Cohen, Martin I. and Shudak, Kathy R., 1405 N. 130th St., $388,500.

Karls, John F. and Debbie D. to Bonafilia, Kevin D. and Barrett, Kayla C., 11005 Oakbrook Drive, $179,000.


Fassett-Schmidtke, Collette M. and Schmidtke, Jozef E. to Lambert, Joseph R., 6612 N. 110th Ave., $132,000.

Zulauf, Carl S. to Kirk, Dena M., 6611 N. 142nd St., $165,900.

Armetta, Lindsey J. and Dino to Smith, Riley and Noecker, Kaitlyn, 6209 N. 114th St., $165,000.

Bottoms, Thomas G. and Lenal M. to Hanson, Gregory J., 5014 N. 113th St., $170,000.

Wiseman, Phil K. and Teri to Howard, Brad and Nicole, 4909 N. 142nd St., $290,000.

Roffman, Phyllis A. Estate to Dervin, Elizabeth A., 4118 N. 139th St., $220,000.

John, Kathy L. Estate to Ramos, Larissa and Ramos-Palma, Felix D., 2523 N. 131st Circle, $184,000.

Lambert, Gary C. II to Green, Karla, 2342 N. 120th Avenue Circle, $156,000.

Fitzekam, Rebecca A. to Menjivar, Claudia S. and Arevalo, David, 2105 N. 121st St., $139,000.

Ruppert, Joseph S. and Jamie to Johnson, Nina, 13668 Larimore Ave., $261,500.

Keating, Brian P. and Joellen I. to Dreckman, Jason and Lindsay, 13434 Ames Ave., $232,500.

Stanton, Jennifer L. and Larry J. to Huang, Sufen and Leung, Wai K., 12574 Yates St., $141,500.

Gerhardt, Virginia L. Trust to Castro, Nelson A., 12515 Patrick Circle, $156,000.

Overfield, Richard A. and Cordelia S. to Greenwaldt, Jasmine E., 11606 Spaulding St., $170,000.

Moore, Dwight J. and Linda E. to Thurmond, Kevin, 11234 Corby St., $172,000.

Hackworth, Gary to Spence, Trevor, 11218 Mary St., $145,000.



Harden, Sharon E. to Harden, Sharon E. and Miller, Peggy L., 1708 Hancock St., $57,000.

Cantell, Brandy M. and Brook B. to Cantell, Brandy M., 1808 Pelton Ave., $50,000.

McMichael, Bradley L. and Theresa A. to Gleaton, Matthew R. and Janessa L., 2301 Middletown Place, $200,000.


Hlavac, Trent M. to Rook, Jill, 12132 S. 221st St., $175,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 19512 Rosewood St., $60,000.

Laid Back Lifestyle LLC to Bailey, Christopher L. and Shuler, Meikyn E., 19808 Sherwood Circle, $68,000.

Nowka, Mark A. and Debra to Imbach, Sarah B. and Nowka, Andrew J. Trust, 20002 Westridge Road, $233,000.

McCune Development LLC to Showcase Homes Inc., 514 Locust St., $47,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Baumert, Nicole and Salnicky, Patrick, 7905 S. 195th St., $355,000.


DeMaria, John M. and Anderson, Tina L. to Snider, Jodie and Henzel, Tina, 10502 S. 125th Ave., $380,000.

Griffin Homes Inc. to Farmer, Michael and Marsha Trust, 11404 S. 117th St., $490,000.

Baranko Construction to Longenecker, Kyle and Traci, 11712 S. 119th Ave., $360,000.

Advantage Development Inc. to Wilson, Andrew J. and Theda J., 12027 Pintail Drive, $415,000.

Griffin Homes Inc. to Amsberry, Brian A. and Karla J., 12313 Windward Ave., $420,000.

Judevine, Marie A. and James M. to Mustard, John S. and Dyanne M., 1803 Bristol St., $200,000.

Kruger, Jean M. to Campbell, Douglas S. and Marci, 421 S. Harrison St., $100,000.

Swigert, Brett T. and Tamara J. to Harwell, William S. and Carbone, Roialen, 801 Evergreen Drive, $185,000.


Springfield Pines LLC to Shamrock Builders LLC, 1020 Hazel Lane, $49,000.

Springfield Pines LLC to Legendary Homes LLC, 620 N. 10th Ave., $51,000.


Banua, Mark A. and Claudia to Headley, Charles, 12725 Ridgeview Circle, $109,000.

Gleaton, Matthew and Janessa to King, Kristopher and Gonzales, Devin, 14509 S. 25th Avenue Circle, $165,000.

Mammoser, Russell W. to Kobza, Stacy E. and Ryan M., 14512 S. 22nd St., $262,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Yumul, Rashid R. and Noice L., 14710 S. 23rd St., $297,000.

Schafer, Julie R. to Lemus, Maricruz C. and Lara, Daniel D., 2102 Morrie Drive, $190,000.

United Equity LLC to Weeks, William, 2107 Brighton Drive, $100,000.

Karkowsky, Stephen E. and Kelly to Preston, Michael and Tiffany, 3302 Danielle St., $205,000.

Juarez, Lynelle M. to Koenig, Jesse M. and Maria G., 3417 Nugget Circle, $170,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Schubert, Jay M. and Lori L., 4406 Brook Drive, $329,000.

Clearwater Falls LLC to Home Co. LLC, 5015 Clearwater Drive, $61,000.


Cota, Merton D. Sr. Estate to Marquez Alvarado, Victor L., 7317 Thorn Apple Lane, $159,000.

Centris Federal Credit Union to Campos, Robert A., 7508 Susan Ave., $104,000.

Goodman, Donna M. to Steele, Dustin R. and Tate, Abigail L., 7912 S. 71st Ave., $163,000.

Reidy, Gerard J. and Melissa K. to DeCalero, Luris C., 8140 S. 103rd St., $308,000.


Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Ponec, Dale A. and Erin C., 13608 S. 46th St., $293,000.

Hackel, James T. and Alissa M. to Moore, Brian A. and Cynthia J., 211 Castle Pine Drive, $270,000.

Hogsed, Michael R. and Lorilynn J. to Benitz, Xiaomin C. and Christopher E., 219 Castle Pine Drive, $255,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Bartusiak, Thomas A. and Pamela A., 2312 Alexandra Road, $275,000.

Danek, Jennifer L. and Andrew R. to Clontz, Jason B,., 4508 Clearwater Drive, $210,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Melgoza, Adie R. and Angela, 6627 Park Crest Drive, $319,000.


Richland Homes LLC to Ronk, Jesse and Kelsey, 17017 Aurora St., $287,000.

Brown, Tavares K. and Bethel-Brown, Crystal S. to Nevotti, Georgia, 17116 Chutney Drive, $295,000.

Wiese, Bobby to Ronk, Jerry, 17324 Edna St., $240,000.

Hildy Homes to Corbitt, Gregory A. and Parkins Corbitt, Pamela P., 17511 Ridgemont Drive, $431,000.

U.S. Bank to Andersen, Christopher L. and Alissa P., 18215 Sunridge St., $195,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Meier, Travis R. and Kristine A., 18915 Briar St., $256,000.

McCoy, Ryan to Jones, Nathaniel J., 19031 Chandler St., $234,000.

Bartling, Kurt A. and Jill M. to Lane, Kelly F. and Corin L., 8545 S. 160th Ave., $260,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Eaton, Brent M. and Karlee S., 8610 S. 169th St., $286,000.


Zajac, Adam D. to Bernstrauch, Kyle E. and Ashley S., 11618 Westmont Drive, $69,000.

King, Joey A. and Darla J. to Suehiro, Yuji and Taylor, Samantha, 13924 Olive St., $230,000.

Gren, Ralph V. to TPC Corp., 13955 Frederick Ave., $143,000.

TPC Corp. to Svehia, John and Lebeda-Svehia, Kristen, 13955 Frederick Ave., $157,000.

Gibbs, Van A. and Bevia D. to Pane, Taylor M. and Richard L. and Pamela M., 14730 Emiline St., $136,000.

Kurtzuba, Johnny Jr. and Lindsay M. to Haiar, Marc and Shelly, 15427 Cottonwood St., $270,000.

Snider, Jodie L. and Henzel, Tina to Whipple, Sara and Beasley, Anthony II, 8514 S. 142nd Ave., $153,000.

Palmer, Brian W. and Kathryn A. to Goetsch, Kenyon R. and Warman, Angela M., 8909 S. 143rd Ave., $175,000.


Richter, Edna Estate to Deseck, Donald J. and Stewart-Deseck, Terry E., 3813 Harrison St., $75,000.

Vytlas, Marshall A. and Cynthia L. to Villezcas, Jesus H. and Irma, 7008 & 7034 Railroad Ave., $185,000.

Belmudez, Jean C. to Hernandez, Salbador B., 7221 S. 41st St., $120,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Marquez, Reynaldo and Noemi M., 8815 S. 23rd St., $323,000.

Conner, Coleby and Angela to Gomez Mares, Eleazar and Gomez, Noemi, 9301 S. 25th Ave., $240,000.

Davis, James M. Jr. and Dustie to Creel, Miles B. and Tristan J., 9601 S. Ninth St., $148,000.


Swiostek, Tomasz and Maria and Wieslaw to Garcia, Manuel V., 5223 Gertrude St., $140,000.



Sorensen, Joshua G. and Shannon M. to Wayman, Jason R. and Niki J., 1816 26th Ave., $149,000.

Elkhorn Properties LLC to Peckham, Christina J., 2904 Twin City Drive, $80,000.

Wright, Luke J. and Molly E. to Yopp, Kent R., 316 Kestrel Court, $172,000.

Bluffs Homes LLC to Larson, David O. and Rhonda A., 214 Peregrine Place, $214,000.

Murphy, Barbara J. and James N. to Sorensen, Joshua G. and Shannon M., 60 Lakewood Villa, $240,000.

Welcome Homes Inc. to Coppock, Brooke E. and Todd M., 3233 Middle Ferry Road, $219,000.

Misciskia, Anthony C. and Jill M. to Taylor, Erin and Jermyn, 1713 Ave. E, $139,500.

Martin, Gary M. II and Heather A. to Browstone Capital LLC, 2535 Sixth Ave., $83,000.

A-N Enterprises LTD to Huerta, Jolene and Samuel, 5420 Crogans Way Road, $290,000.

Tri State Ventures Inc. to Lustgraaf, David L. Jr., 2917 Ave. I, $118,000.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Wright, Todd O., 3107 Seventh Ave., $74,000.

Yochem, Marjorie to Hotz, Edward M. and Sheri L., 2805 Eighth St., $70,000.

Figueroa, Jose A. to Perez Puentes, Marbella, 2231 Third Ave., $42,000.

Fischer, Gary P. and Marilee S. to Classic Land LLC, 2401 S. 13th St., $33,000.

Brauch Petersen, Mary T. Trust to Hernandez, Manuel J. Jr., 2723 S. 10th St., $63,000.

Redman, Richard P. to State of Iowa, 3630 Seventh Ave., $90,000.

Randolph, Jennifer to Randolph, David A., 45 Pickard Lane, $44,000.


Freebird Property Solutions LLC to Dewitt, Beau C., 220 Fuller Ave., $177,500.

KAD Properties LLC to Romano, Paul M., 711 Eighth St., $45,000.

Romano, Paul M. to Jensen, Stephen, 711 Eighth St., $65,000.

Swanson, Duane L. and Lisa J. to McGee, Brett M., 327 Spencer Ave., $110,000.

Andersen, Paul W. and Lee, Connie to Larsen, Amanda and Kurt, 725 Hillcrest Ave., $100,000.

Larsen, Amanda and Kurt to Kinnaman, Mark, 725 Hillcrest Ave., $180,000.

Moroney, Joseph G. to No Equity Homes LLC, 310 Mt. Vernon Ave., $75,000.

Hornback, Jean M. to Collier, Georgann E. and Kyle K., 1907 Glen Cove, $300,000.

Lockman, Brian C. to Gish, Cynthia and Dan, 811 Birchwood Circle, $340,000.

Welcome Homes Inc. to Kruse, Ashley and Jesse, 311 Carly Circle, $269,000.

Durfee, Sue A. to Shehan, James M. and Lori J., 1426 McPherson Ave., $385,000.

James, Roderick S. and Wellman, Ericka to Ballenger, Alicia C. and Jeffrey A., 310 Fifth Ave., $88,000.

DuBay, Janelle C. and Tyler to American International Relocation Solutions LLC, 1218 Wedgewood Drive, $155,000.

American International Relocation Solutions LLC to Bowman, Dawn and Tracy, 1218 Wedgewood Drive, $155,000.

Koester, Norman D. and Metteer-Koester, Teri L. to Gillet, Clayton, 404 W. Graham Ave., $102,000.

Elam, Charlotte to Combs, Claudia M. and Jamie M., 306 Lori Lane, $255,000.

Christofferson, Cleo G. to Elam, Charlotte, 6 Norwood Court, $240,000.

Possum Trot Partners LLC to Leinen, Jason E., 201 S. Fourth St., $81,000.


Wilson, Carl F. and Harlene M. to RMS Co., 822 E. Locust St., Carter Lake, $100,000.


A & N Enterprises LTD to Constable, Cindy D. and Mark W., 605 E. Wood St., Avoca, $273,500.


Esser, Jennifer L. and Mark M. to Runyon, Bobbi J., 16475 Dixon Drive, Honey Creek, $288,000.

Stoffel, Robert G. and Sharon L. to Thomas, Craig E. and Lori A., 16506 Gail Drive, Honey Creek, $358,000.


Martens, Rebecca J. and Shannon L. to Ferguson, Michelle E., 407 Perry St., Minden, $104,000.


Wise, Allison L. and David W. to Sieren, Amber M. and Joshua M., 119 Terrel Ave., Treynor, $205,000.


Lobendo, Chad E. and Robin S. to Maddocks, Angela, 22374 Weston Ave., Underwood, $146,000.

McConnell, Craig A. and Tina M. to Reddish, John H. and Lorrie J., 24729 Idlewood Road, Underwood, $110,000.


Kramer, Marcy A. and Kreeger, Robert C. to Case, Chad M., 403 Pacific St., Walnut, $163,000.

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