Celebrity Homes Inc. to Zelfel, Matthew E. and Casey L., 14559 Gilder Ave., $185,400.

Charleston Homes LLC to Wiemers, Anthony and Emily, 7426 N. 161st St., $307,600.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Tombrink, Stephanie and William M., 8078 Kilpatrick Parkway, $287,401.

Watt, Malcolm H. and Linda A. to Snyder, Richard and Jamie, 7205 N. 152nd St., $288,500.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Rodgers, David and Kelly, 17168 Phoebe St., $227,708.

Homes by Premier Inc. to Lanphier, Robert and Abby, 14802 Wild Indigo St., $305,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Gregalunas, Robert J. and Haugh, Christine H., 7182 N. 164th Avenue Circle, $304,450.

Jones, Sabrina D. Estate to Agnitsch, James R., 15403 Tucker St., $150,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Kulhanek, Bryan, 8202 N. 172nd St., $257,804.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Legendary Homes LLC, 7417 N. 170th St., $59,950.

Waterford Development LLC to Landmark Performance Corp., 7301 N. 148th St., $50,000.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 16959 Weber Circle, $59,950.

Silverstone Building Co. LLC to Home Co. LLC, 16952 Weber Circle, $72,000.

Goal Investments LLC to T & N LLC, 15303 Willit St., $155,000.

Paramount Land Co. LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 15217 Elmwood Drive, $34,900.

Paramount Land Co. LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 15018 Elderberry Circle, $230,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Tessmer, Patrick G., 14468 Gilder Ave., $177,900.

Waterford Development LLC to Landmark Performance Corp., 14419 Vane St., $25,000.

O & H Investments D LLC to Hempel, Brian C., 11416 N. 156th St., $94,500.


Silverstone Building Co. LLC to Woods, Jessica L. and Colby A., 18407 Burdette St., $409,432.

Falcone Enterprise Inc. to Weeder, Gregory C. and Danelle D., 2018 S. 214th Ave., $120,000.

Mountain, George Jr. and Stacy R. to Wageman, Sam T. and Emily M., 20245 Gateway Road, $157,000.

Brown, Robert A. and Kelsa K. to Muck, Anthony and Katharine, 19916 Harney St., $423,000.

Prairie Homes Inc. to Meisinger, Connie J. and Roger L., 18422 Burdette St., $413,640.

Miller, James G. and Lana R. to Macnab, Brad and Kylie, 231 S. 200th St., $351,000.

Hunt, Caleb J. and Jennifer E. to Jensen, Scott L. and Kristine M., 1565 N. 208th St., $219,000.

Preister Rentals LLC to Hyun, Alexander B. and Megan, 512 S. 181st St., $350,000.

Castle Brook Builders LLC to Horton, Collin and Kristie, 3602 S. 205th St., $445,900.

Kaczmarek-Hadford, Annette M. to Hattaway, Todd D. and Naomi A., 21916 Logan Circle, $500,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Dickes, Dave D. Jr. and Ashely N., 20450 C St., $250,138.

Blondo 186 LLC to SKC Homes and Christiansen, Seth, 2311 N. 183rd St., $48,000.

Fausset, Robert M. to Ash, Jeffrey C. and Tara L., 18081 Jones St., $285,000.

Yusem, Salina and Scott to THC&D Inc., 19206 Grande Avenue Circle, $57,400.

Usher, William R. and Rebecca M. to Kesting, Joshua, 21725 Hascall St., $470,000.

Nordlund, Harold M. II to Johnson, Aaron, 280 Skyline Drive, $500,000.

Kalaw, Paul and Amy to Maass, Quinn T., 18916 Leavenworth St., $370,000.

Horton, Collin R. and Kirstie M. to Surabhi, Pranith, 1212 N. 209th Ave., $210,000.

Roland, Thomas A. and Harrison-Roland, Lesley A. to Luo, Yawen, 18639 Leavenworth St., $255,000.

Fitzhenry, Cathy S. and Stephen L. to Snider, Gary D., 1405 N. 209th Ave., $230,000.

204 F Street LLC to LPC Properties LLC, 3915 S. 208th St., $78,000.

204 F Street LLC to Advantage Development Inc., 3608 S. 205th St., $184,500.

Blondo 186 LLC to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 2515 N. 187th Circle, $45,000.

Luxe Design Co. LLC to A1 Built Homes LLC, 21871 Marinda St., $83,103.

204 F Street LLC to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 20715 Nina St., $39,500.

Charleston Homes LLC to Home Co. LLC, 20605 Fowler Ave., $48,000.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Castle Brook Builders LLC, 18670 California St., $85,000.


Callaway, Andrew M. and Alexandra G. to Scheiblhofer, Anton R. and Jacqueline K., 112 W. Alexander St., $113,500.

Kreager, Esther L. to Lavender, James J. and Natalie J., 6498 N. 244th St., $100,000.

Carlson, Tami M. and Scott A. to Hillyer, Chad M. and Holly D., 4122 N. 265th St., $809,500.

Foisey, Judith A. Estate to Griger, Rhonda and Robert Jr., 801 Valley View St., $128,500.

Walvoord Enterprises LLC to Eggen, Lucas, 306 W. Waring St., $88,500.


Hiatt, Mitchell D. and Mollie A. to Schroder, Shari E., 105 S. Ninth St., $289,000.

Cihal, Dennis and Sandra to Katz, Benjamin, 1024 Dodge St., $108,000.

Neal, Matthew M. to Rhoten, D’Ann, 105 S. Ninth St., $267,500.


Walters, Jonathan L. and Bethany J. to Day, Naw L. and Ter, Pah K., 2518 N. 49th Ave., $115,500.

Stephens, David A. and Jeanette A. to Petersen, Kyle and Margaret, 3849 N. 65th Ave., $125,000.

Ellis, Crystal E. to Manternach, Cole D. and Mitchell, Hannah M., 5108 Emmet St., $158,500.

Jackson, Sean W. and Jenny K. to Martinez, Emily B. and Jose F., 2304 N. 60th St., $147,000.

Sievers, Lance to Horn, Aaron and Hueftle, Aaron, 1503 N. 70th Ave., $85,250.

Simon, Paul F. and Alyssa R. to Simon, Paul J. and Dodendorf-Simon, Laurie, 7089 Seward St., $150,000.

S & C Future Funds LLC to Reh, Lu and Bumyar, Maria, 5553 N. 61st Ave., $127,000.

Caliber Home Loans Inc. to Hayata, Jill and Bravo, Jessica, 7070 Binney St., $65,000.

OM 6703 Parkview Trust and Western Financial LLC to KFM Properties LLC, 6703 Parkview Lane, $90,000.

Taylor, Gerald M. And Marsha L. Trust to Punch It Out Inc., 6124 Emmet St., $25,000.

Taylor, Marsha L. and Marsha L. to Punch It Out Inc., 6124 Emmet St., $25,000.

Mathena, Marianne M. and Robert D. to Reitz, Paige, 5016 Ohio St., $135,000.

Gross, Robert G. And Patricia L. Trust 2001 to Immanuel Lutheran Church of Omaha, 2717 N. 60th Ave., $92,000.

Frederick, Tyler and Dere, Ashlee to Pearson, Patrick, 3164 N. 59th St., $90,000.

Andrews, James D. Estate to Bautista Ramos, Karen A., 6219 N. 66th St., $122,500.

CRC Properties LLC to Ray, Samantha J., 6770 Emmet St., $89,000.

Grasso, Jody J. to Bundy, Tyler, 5607 Seward St., $242,000.

O & H Properties Inc. to Douglas, Marissa, 5601 Pratt St., $125,000.

Doherty, Vickie L. to Laughlin, Michael A., 5422 Seward St., $151,000.

1 Chron 29:11 LLC to Brewer, Macosha L., 3501 N. 56th St., $121,500.

Speckmann, Donald R. to Miller Way LLC, 2514 N. 62nd St., $47,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Bristol, Peter V., 6410 Sprague St., $51,500.


Lon Muller IRA to Varguez, Kelly and Ricardo, 2207 Hanscom Blvd., $142,000.

Zaki, Ezzat H. and Renee M. to Yang, Chheang, 3012 Jackson St., $175,500.

Thiessen, Debra S. and Keith to Thiessen, Kristine L., 4370 Mason St., $190,000.

Shafer, Harley to Liewer, Patrick, 2726 S. 41st St., $115,000.

Hruska, Mary L. and Thomas C. to APK Ventures LLC, 4201 Marcy St., $38,500.

Abundis, Manuel and Bizcarra, Evangelina to Villal, Jose J., 2609 Poppleton Ave., $60,000.

Price, Michael L. to Complete Real Estate LLC, 3814 Grover St., $52,500.

Mulligan, Jeanette M. to Vasko Brothers Properties LLC, 3084 S. 32nd St., $88,000.

Buland, Marilee A. to Johanek, Katherine, 2334 S. 30th St., $102,500.


Gregalunas, Robert J. II to Bellus, Stephanie L. and Trout, Joshua L., 4929 Curlew Lane, $139,900.

Colton, Lara E. and Poindexter, Abra to Seoane, Alia and Arturo, 2119 S. 61st St., $275,000.

Halm, Lenore B. Trust to Rokahr, Shane and Makayla, 6112 Pierce St., $100,000.

Lane, Patrick R. and Karen S. to Anderson, Dave A. and Johnston-Anderson, Janet, 670 S. 68th Ave., $85,000.

Zaloudek, Zdenka B. Estate to Dennis, Kevin L. and Kelsey A., 6170 Bancroft St., $122,000.

Fowler, Robert and Brandie to Borer, James A. and Maria J., 4658 Mason St., $205,000.

Wetterstrom, Brent C. and Becky to Tashijan, John V., 1515 S. 55th St., $146,000.

Faulhaber, Lanny T. Estate to Rosso, Larry, 5401 Hickory St., $70,000.

Anania, Fred J. to SAATHI LLC, 4530 Pierce St., $98,000.

Staggs, Linda J. to Westcott, Brett W., 2503 S. 60th St., $133,000.


NR LLC to Trujillo, Bernardo L. and Salazar, Hilda L., 3414 K St., $181,627.

Hudecek, Heath E. to Amaya, Haydee A. and Oxlaj, Byron E., 3819 Madison St., $145,000.

Imer, Kandise K. to Granillo, Antonio and Gonzalez, Marya, 4120 S. 37th St., $66,000.

KP3 Investors LLC to Sanchez, Alfonso V. and Fregoso, Anagabriela R., 4134 S St., $137,500.

Johnson, Carla J. and West, Gerald K. to Stella Realty LLC, 3015 S St., $43,480.

Sullivan, James W. Estate to Bolter, Adrian, 3918 Patterson St., $50,000.

Skradski, Robert and Veronica to Rivera, Maria M., 3631 Madison St., $130,000.

Martinez, Luis and Hernandez, Sara to Granillo, Reyna Z., 1329 Jefferson St., $108,000.

Cernius, Anna B. to Ozuna, Edgar F., 3407 V St., $135,000.

Tjaden, Glen D. to Spung, Nijole, 3827 Drexel St., $106,000.

Naegele, Robert G. to Morales-Tiscareno, Berenice, 3506 W St., $21,150.


Beck, David A. and Valerie to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 1411 S. Fifth St., $37,000.

Alford, Annie L. to Miller Way LLC, 2230 S. 15th St., $51,100.

Wells Fargo Bank to Semin, Joseph G., 2014 Elm St., $30,000.


Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Tamang, Pasang and Ral, Menuka, 3911 Florence Blvd., $120,000.

City of Omaha to Rai, Dhan and Gurung, Man, 1550 N. 18th St., $141,000.

Davis, Julius and Nadra to Plowman, Kevin A., 1819 Lothrop St., $106,000.

Antony Real Estate LLC to Nunn, Joanna, 1609 Evans St., $56,000.


Cummings, Sheryl A. to Cano, Eric S. and Lopez, Francisca M., 3736 N. 41st St., $72,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Tun, Tint and Dee, Har, 3229 Emmet St., $131,900.

Pignotti, Antonio G. Sr. and Cynthia L. Trust to DG Homes LLC, 3840 Corby St., $206,000.

Chacon, John D. and Stephanie J. to Garcia, Yolanda, 5902 N. 40th St., $37,000.

EVH LLC to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha, 3153 Curtis Ave., $92,000.

Clearwater Capital LLC to Seva 401K Investments LLC, 3006 Seward St., $50,000.

Lopez, Elizabeth Y. to Rivers, Diamond Q., 2551 Meredith Ave., $26,000.


Cenk-Koch, Kristine F. and Koch, Randal L. to Young, Gwendolyn and Rickie, 3474 Martin Ave., $80,000.

Darrington, Beverly J. to Owen, Christopher C. and Stacie A., 3827 Hawk Woods Circle, $444,500.

O & H Properties Inc. to Oswald, Jessica and Timothy, 6553 N. 33rd St., $110,000.

Norgaard, Viann to Joons, Dustin A. and Nicole M., 13116 N. 42nd St., $198,000.

Shull, Donald E. Estate to Astle, Thomas and Cassandra, 8122 North Ridge Drive, $116,000.

Bettin, Joel L. and Moninger-Bettin, Cheryl L. to Soliday-Lovan, Laura J., 3969 Scott St., $149,500.

Cummings, Glenn E. and Rebecca A. to Edwards, Jesse, 8501 N. 28th Ave., $90,000.


Bennett, Bethanne to Skourup, Brian and Ece, 558 S. 87th Circle, $393,000.

Fowler, Kenneth E. and Dawn M. to Johnson, Adam and Kelcy M., 1415 N. 91st Ave., $123,000.

Buscher, Kelly and Kevin J. to O’Day, Charlie E. Jr. and Hassing, Andrew R., 635 S. 93rd St., $420,000.

McGlade, Michael R. and Carol A. to Fowler, Brandie M. and Robert L., 9240 Parker St., $262,500.

Bron, Robin H., trustee for Bro Living Trust to Epstein, Melvin I. and Lois D. Trust, 770 N. 93rd St., $240,000.

Cohano Investments LLC to Lenthe, Nathan and Abrams, Brandie, 1216 N. 85th St., $150,500.

Wahl, Orlin and Marjorie Trust to Buffalo Run Holdings LLC, 9948 Devonshire Drive, $369,000.

Gartner, Wilfred R. Jr. Estate to McGill Development LLC, 1411 N. 72nd St., $305,000.

Greunke, Lindsay E. to Zabawa, Luke D., 8317 California St., $134,000.


Fischer, Kristine K. to Whetstone, Joseph M. and Sara M., 14807 Queens Drive, $180,000.

Gentile, Ashlee to Tweedy, Diane and Dennis J., 2530 N. 166th Ave., $285,000.

Thomassen, Michael P. and Miranda J. to Osborn, Archie C. and Trasmonte, Carmen V., 14452 Meredith Ave., $177,500.

Deshmukh, Anand and Pooja to Simpson, Kyle and Teresa, 16431 Yates St., $220,000.

Kreikemeier, Derrick J. and Bobbi J. to Ritter, Eric A. and Courtney A., 17128 Barnett St., $185,000.

Timperley, Rochelle K. to Pierce, Brian and Deborah, 15920 Bauman Ave., $345,000.

Storhaug, Adrean to Mihulka, Frank J. and Jill L., 4205 N. 157th Ave., $308,000.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Liermann, Timothy J. and Christina, 5622 N. 152nd St., $332,990.

Schellhardt, Michael T. and Lindsay M. to Lewis, Zachary and Kaylee, 4721 N. 173rd Circle, $282,000.

Larson, Benjamin B. and Laura J. to Kreikemeier, Derrick J. and Bobbi J., 2208 N. 175th St., $320,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Patil, Gaurav and Kadam, Aishwarya, 4704 N. 175th Ave., $245,500.

Sautter, Timothy C., trustee for Sautter Family Trust, to Huskey, Franklin J. and Lara, 5125 N. 161st Avenue Circle, $275,000.

Cox, Brian A. and Amy L. to Clark, Eddie J. and Dawn L., 5528 N. 150th St., $254,000.

Cherney, Katrina to Bryant, Michael R. and Leah R., 2142 N. 166th St., $161,000.

Halhouli, Mohammed and Nicole to Breiterman, Paul A. and Kelly K., 14921 Himebaugh Ave., $256,000.

Krelle, Beth M. and Tracy A. and Jill M. to Krelle, Beth M., 2116 N. 174th St., $138,000.

Krelle, Beth M., personal representative of Krelle, William Estate, to Krelle, Beth M., 2116 N. 174th St., $137,000.

Gufford, Justin and Brandi to Ideal Designs Remodeling & Construction LLC, 2712 N. 177th St., $68,000.

Willett Residential Services LLC to Pinkerman, Ross, 4308 N. 173rd St., $178,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Moser, Paula M., 17526 Grand Ave., $222,400.

Paradise Homes Inc. to Farrell, Janet L., 15210 Norwick Drive, $358,425.


Korten, Dawn and Andy to Weiss, Samuel I. and Alexis N., 5103 S. 46th Ave., $160,500.

Goy, Nancy G. to Szynskie, Thomas D. and Vanesa T., 4514 Drexel St., $100,000.

Geissinger, Tammy R. to Martinez Mendoza, Mauricio M. and Ramirez De Martinez, Lucrecia, 4724 O St., $135,000.

Powers, Edward J. and Phyllis I. Trust to Loeffler, Thomas and Jamie, 4218 S. 60th Ave., $107,000.

White, Mary A. Estate to Henry, Lucas, 6604 S. 46th St., $155,000.

Simon, Gregory J. and Stephanie M. to Brazeal, Bradley J., 4990 Drexel St., $175,000.

Devine, Donald Estate to Klusaw, Daniel J., 5647 S. 49th Ave., $110,000.

Campbell, Gary W. and Carol L. to DeLozier, Ryon, 5002 Drexel St., $190,000.

Navarrette, Jonathan to Garcia, Manuel V., 4863 S. 51st St., $127,000.


Scoville, Joseph and Julie K. to Doyle, Ryan and Mann, Katherine, 711 S. 156th Ave., $320,000.

Baumert, Nicole A. and Salnicky, Patrick W. to Citro, William L. and Lauren S., 15733 Capitol Ave., $222,500.

Oehm, Andrea M. and Joseph S. to Satturi, Venkata, 1715 N. 175th Court, $157,000.

Gates, Stephen M. and Shelley G. to Epic Construction LLC, 17703 Leavenworth St., $306,000.


Davis, Bruce A. and Bridget A. to Becerra, Angelo and Sanchez, Sabrina, 8021 Craig Ave., $140,900.

Deutsche Bank to Gout, Neyankier, 8131 Potter St., $165,001.

Ellis, Angelica to Hilger, Steven W., 8929 N. 78th Avenue Circle, $150,000.


Reynolds, Dustin R. and Julia M. to Haskins, Suzan L. and Prescher, Daniel J., 2825 S. 107th St., $263,500.

Kaminski, Sylvia M. Estate to YHC Inc., 9107 Arbor St., $81,000.

Djernes, Kelly and Nicholas L. to Reber, Katelyn, 8907 Westridge Drive, $155,000.

Behr, Christopher and Lorretta S. to Roach, Vanessa, 1725 S. 91st Ave., $510,000.

Tilson, Robert R. to KBL Investments LLC, 2725 S. 106th St., $140,000.


Burke, Heidi A. to Arrieta, Abel and Ramirez De Arrieta, Leticia, 8705 Polk St., $172,000.

Hall, Paula M. to Schragg, Connie L., 8013 State St., $97,000.

First State Bank to Rodriguez, Stephanie P., 7308 Washington St., $115,000.

Weis, Daniel J. to Romero, Daniela, 5411 S. 104th Ave., $160,000.


Reid, Aaron J. and Lori R. to Winterhof, Stephen and Janis, 18802 Vinton St., $650,000.

Panneton, Mark J. and Nicole L. to Rohlfs, Russell and Maureen, 2114 S. 190th Circle, $710,000.

Komor, Daniel M. and Victoria L. to Marsicek, Bradley E. and Nicole R., 18407 Ontario St., $280,000.

Sorys, Jonathan D. to Kuderer, Daniel and Bethany, 16419 Pierce St., $223,000.

Moore, Jeffrey W. and Deborah S. to Singh, Mayank and Chauhan, Aditi, 3326 S. 188th Ave., $530,000.

Cooney, Daniel P. and Tracy R. to Bellino, Vincent and Kara, 16336 Elm St., $235,000.

Muktineni, Satish K. and Sujatha to Yang, Guang, 3006 S. 160th Ave., $171,000.

VKB Properties LLC to Kugler, Alex L., 16617 Poppleton Ave., $205,000.


East Campus Realty LLC to Merten, Donna M. Trust 2013, 120 S. 31st Ave., $282,900.

Marts, Mary B. to Pace & Lee LLC, 4152 Davenport St., $135,000.

S & P Development LLC to Valles, Efrain, 4005 Nicholas St., $110,111.

Russell, Adam R. to Albright, Joshua M., 105 N. 31st Ave., $122,000.


Danielson, Michael B. and Aubrey L. to Lupo, Anthony C. and Lisa V., 5805 Nicholas St., $249,000.

Kaufman, Jeffrey L. and Kathy to Kinnan, Corey and Andrea, 316 S. 51st St., $238,000.

Hennen, Mark J. and Mary E. to Tab LLC, 1417 N. 52nd St., $160,000.


Neddo, Thomas L. and Josephine I. to Kyser, Sydney R. and Justin D., 3129 Cottonwood Lane, $158,500.

Hagedorn, Angela M. and Steven H. to Kponton, Fatima N. and San, 5820 N. 104th St., $95,000.

Troy, John F. and Schneider-Troy, Sandra J. to Harris, Christopher G. and Caitlyn, 4633 N. 82nd St., $130,000.

Zimmerman, Donna M. Estate to Douglas, Allan and Lisa A., 7729 Curtis Ave., $60,000.

Owens, Carolyn S. to Simon, Paul J. and Dodendorf- Simon, Laurie, 5111 N. 93rd Ave., $120,000.

Callender, Jerrold L. and Donna S. to Cecetka, Anna C. and Joshua R., 9312 Brownley Drive, $165,000.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society Trust to CESH LLC, 9645 Sprague St., $95,250.

Thommes, William L. and Luann R. to Thommes, Brian, 9183 Ellison Ave., $170,000.

Bruckner, Rebecca A. and John to Blankman, Dyllan R., 8504 Emmet St., $155,000.

HBI LLC to CMS Mowing Service Inc., 9411 Ohio St., $102,500.


Gammel, Gary B. and Judith E. to Yeager, Jeffrey K. and Juanita M., 4871 S. 189th Circle, $234,000.

Meck, Katharine R. to Vogt, Shaun and Lisa, 16108 Adams St., $256,000.

Lane Building Corp to Tagge, Gerald L. and Betty L., 19970 Polk St., $357,356.

Ostrand, Kathleen J. and David T. to Schneiss, Danny L. and Kristine M., 4951 S. 178th St., $324,000.

Huang, Wenmin and Lluo, Mingchu to Salmen, Michael N. and Heather M., 17660 I St., $205,000.

Pagels, Katie M. and Ryan C. to Richards, Kyle E. and Felicia M., 16509 Weir St., $192,000.

Weihl, Donald E. Jr. and Janice L. to Nickoloff, Nicholas A. and Krystal M., 6220 S. 172nd St., $290,000.

Ware, Larry C. II to Karki, Yadav and Punyabati, 18726 Birchwood Ave., $199,900.

Robertson, Rosemary V. Trust to Hrbek, Timothy J. Jr. and Ellen M., 4952 S. 167th St., $177,000.

Lallman, Wayne D. and Angela K. to Hoagland, Mary and Christopher, 17312 O St., $310,000.

Liewer, Patrick E. to Falcone, Christopher J. and Carrie A., 6729 S. 163rd Ave., $260,000.

Vongillern, Roger B. and Mary J. to Dorsey, Vance Jr. and Amanda M., 16221 Holmes Circle, $190,000.

Jackson, Derek A. to Bossen, Bruce A. and Darlene M., 19010 N St., $161,900.

Ma, Jun and Yang, Hong to Geary, Michael, 18168 Southdale Plaza, $109,500.

Vavak, Karen M. to Washington, Stella G., 18158 Southdale Plaza, $114,000.

Janecek, Jacqueline M., trustee for Ostronic Family Trust, to Peters, Jeanette R., 17735 Amy Circle, $295,000.

Brower, Glenn H. and Glenda E. to Aman, Kjerstin L., 18846 Jacobs Circle, $169,000.

Gustafson, Christine A. to LEN Properties LLC, 17245 Orchard Ave., $270,000.


Lackas, Amanda M. to Wattier, Wayne P. and Julie, 6716 S. 153rd Circle, $157,000.

Trifecta Properties LLC to West, Taylor and Kammerer, William, 12544 Bartels Drive, $190,000.

Jensen, Lois K. to Jensen, John R. and Amy L., 6223 S. 151st St., $120,000.

Madej, Bradley C. and Laurie to Murtaugh, Jake and Dell, Casey, 6624 S. 153rd St., $165,000.

Stroede, Mary K. to Fidone, Daniel J., 5711 S. 113th St., $125,000.

Siner, Donald P., trustee for Siner Family Trust, to Youngblood, Jamie L., 15255 W St., $210,000.

Dreith, Brian C. and Cheryl to Lenz, Jill, 14742 N St., $150,000.

Johnson, Louis M. to Syndicate Properties LLC, 6867 S. 147th St., $148,000.

Vomacka, Trudy L. to Hatch, Kenya E., 13806 Y Circle, $143,750.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to Brungardt, Mark, 5641 Blackwell Drive, $125,200.


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Sweet, Leslie and Michael, 7956 N. 116th St., $278,798.

Doctoroff, Geoffrey M. and Ariel N. to Reardon, Satarah and Shane, 13958 Potter Parkway, $204,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Lambrecht, Myren and Ginger, 7937 N. 116th St., $239,900.

Blue Ridge Builders LLC to Hancock, Derek and Ana, 12678 Read St., $360,000.

HBI LLC to Briggs, Heather A., 13841 Vane St., $171,000.


Webb, Joseph M. to Cox, Todd and Keegan, Khara, 2123 S. 110th St., $390,000.

Steffensmeier, Daniel J. and Ellen R. to Grove, Marvin M. and Vanessa R., 3113 S. 123rd St., $157,500.

Scherer, Mark R. and Lisa L. to Filbert, Aron P. and Elwood, Katrina K., 1870 S. 143rd St., $237,500.

Wuerfele, Marvin L. and Ann M. to Vareekal Holding LLC, 3356 S. 130th St., $147,500.

Noto, Sebastian and Lourdes to Gomez, Benjamin, 12917 Westwood Lane, $130,000.

KN Properties LLC to Wysocki, Clayton C., 3225 S. 138th St., $140,000.

Monahan, Maureen K. to Lech, Anna, 3030 S. 114th St., $143,000.

Mike Croft Painting Inc. to Nabity, Katelyn A., 12363 Shirley St., $185,000.

Salgado, Kriztina M. to Anderson, Celeste, 12035 Pierce Plaza, $112,000.


Oak Point Properties Inc. to Jones, Calvin and Alicia, 6315 Girard St., $40,000.

Wupper, John F. and Sherry E. to Justin Jones Holdings LLC, 6530 Sorensen Parkway, $189,000.


Wattenhofer, Connie M. and Hill, Jason to Woodard, William L. and Paige A., 15417 Bemis Circle, $202,250.

Ward, Stephen to Junge, Jon J. and Volenec-Junge, Suzanne, 12320 Westover Road, $363,000.

Bonge, Lynn E. and Sandra J. to Muller, Grant D. and Clark, Diana L., 12324 Deer Hollow Drive, $277,500.

Mulhall, Maureen to Albright, David C. and Myra E., 1905 N. 132nd Avenue Circle, $374,000.

Lane, Corin L. and Kelly F. to Slocum, Scott, 1033 Fawn Parkway, $183,500.

Johanson, Derrick R. and Natalie R. to Rono, Tony G., 14525 Franklin St., $207,000.

Hoffman, Michael R. and Rebecca L. to Potts-Gorat, Maurie, 330 Heavenly Drive, $310,000.

Feldstern, Jonathan and Elizabeth to Hutch 15016 LLC, 15016 California Circle, $222,500.

Gausden, Donald H. and Coyne-Gausden, Susan to Rafiq, Naureen, 13710 Burt St., $725,000.


Westenburg, Janet M. Trust to Jorn, Wyatt D. and Westenburg, Sarah M., 4319 N. 130th Ave., $136,000.

Bostwick, Michael Jr. and Angela to Ueberrhein, Robert A. and Kristie A., 2524 N. 143rd St., $155,000.

Dinslage, William J. and Barbara J. to Simsek, Jessica and Ali, 11017 Sahler St., $208,000.

Elmore, Sandra F. to Nayak, Anurag and Garima J., 13105 Patrick Circle, $144,000.

Carlson, Eric D. to Johnson, Marc D. and Jamie L., 5606 N. 126th Ave., $170,000.

Meyer, Jennifer L. Trust to Hall, Michael J. Sr. and Susan I., 6342 N. 142nd Ave., $205,000.

Rucker, Perry and Amanda to Sweet, Christina M., 2835 N. 120th Ave., $191,000.

Keasling, Barbara J. and Gerald F. to Mangan, Wayne J., 11801 Mary St., $155,000.

Heldt, Susan R. to Le, Lai, 4711 N. 127th St., $153,000.

Kopun, Gabriel V. to Butler, Ryne, 12514 Patrick Circle, $161,000.

Phillips, Marnie J. to Lienemann, Shelby M., 11668 Sunburst St., $173,500.

Farrell, Janet L. to Becarra, Jeff, 11006 Taylor St., $180,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Langendorfer Properties Management LLC, 2109 N. 113th St., $115,000.



Wesemann, Arnold and Kathleen and Bunch, Tami and John to Davis, Kevin J., 1301 Ventura Drive, $124,000.

Schnabel, Zacariah P. and Allison M. to Ostergaard, Dena, 1311 Franklin St., $132,000.

Molnar Investments LLC to Aguero, Juan, 1315 Hansen Ave., $143,000.

Kempton, Tamara S. and Mark to Vargas, Pedro V., 1508 Lawrence Lane, $150,000.

Martinez, Joe D. Jr. to Fewkes, Benjamin, 1608 Washington St., $180,000.

LaPorte, Louis E. and Barbara J. and Samuel J. and Emily to McPherson, Ethan M. and Vaughan, Georgia L., 1701 Hancock St., $123,000.

Mitzel, Ivan R. Jr. and Su C. to Stuart, Brytne A., 2303 Crawford St., $109,000.

Owen, Jane E. to Nguyen, Hien and Le, Thinh, 2704 Woodlawn Circle, $136,000.


Charleston Homes LLC to Reynolds, Tyler B. and Mikaela, 11378 S. 170th St., $319,000.

McCune Development LLC to Carson Custom Homes Inc., 11463 S. 198th St., $50,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Ketcham, Mark and Alicia, 12204 S. 210th St., $335,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Wilkins, Brian M. and Brianne N., 19510 Redwood St., $312,000.

Knightly, Richard T. and Jennifer L. to White, David and Sheryl L., 19916 Birch St., $338,000.

Fleck, Jeanne K. and Barton Trust to North, Erin B., 202 Meadow Drive, $193,000.

Nothwehr, Pamela S. and Erin to Hendricks, James and Ashley, 20918 McClellan Circle, $265,000.

Longenecker, Traci M. and Kyle R. Trust to Sell, Donald W. and Tina L., 21214 Flagstone Drive, $184,000.


Klima, Jennifer R. and Anthony J. to Privitera, Andrew and Jordan, 12418 S. 81st Ave., $390,000.

Reese, Ronnie L. and Shelly A. to Zielinski, Michelle L., 1602 Ridgeview Drive, $244,000.

Fulton, Wesley Trust to Andersen, Justin P., 1612 Madison Circle, $150,000.

Underhill, John R. and Trina A. to Riley, Benjamin D. and Bethany M., 2302 Marilyn Drive, $167,000.

Varsity Properties LLC to Watts, Cole and Kelsey, 602 E. Patton St., $151,000.

Campo, Manuel L. III to Friend, Gregory C. II and Edna M., 801 Crest Drive, $196,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Kish, Caleb M., 808 Shannon Road, $203,000.

Herfkens, James J. and Cornelia H. to Drinnin, George P. and Robin L., 813 Joseph Drive, $225,000.

Weaver, Eric R. and Allegra L. to Manning, Frank, 817 Juniper Circle, $160,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Trademark Homes Inc., 9964 S. 106th St., $66,000.


Pinnacle Bank, trustee, to Advantage Investment Properties LLC, 154 Main St., $116,000.

Gray, William E. and Daylene S. to Duncan, Dustan and Mercedes, 20507 Meadow Oaks Drive, $68,000.

Springfield Pines LLC to Advantage Development Inc., 235 N. 10th Ave., $56,000.

Dewitt, Ricky II to Sorensen, Robert Jr. 280 Maple St., $168,000.

Beaver, Adam L. and Michelle L. to Anderson, Joshua J. and Mallory J., 601 Mulberry Lane, $250,000.

Springfield Pines LLC to Advantage Development Inc., 960 Elm Circle, $48,000.


Zeller, Nicholas and Carly to Sands, Kaelie J., 10707 S. 17th St., $165,000.

Bittner, Craig J. and Mary E. to Sharp, Megan M., 1306 Terry Drive, $200,000.

Becker, Sharon R. to Mallory, Potenciana G. Trust, 13603 Tregaron Drive, $255,000.

Buggage, Rasheda V. and Taj J. to Stretch, Matthew C. and Farrin N., 2509 Rave Ridge Drive, $213,000.

Peterson, Lance M. and DeEtte to Davidson, Darrell A. and Jessica C., 2713 Rahn Blvd., $240,000.

Fisher, Steven R. and Colleen Y. to Tupper, Andrew M. and Miranda K., 2815 Nottingham Drive, $203,000.

Parker, Synethia E. to Tiller, Dustin B. and Hawkes, Courtney N., 3227 Chad St., $237,000.

Moser, Karen J. to Juarez, Lynelle M., 3516 Comstock Ave., $136,000.

Porter, Jason M. and Wendy C. to Mock, Brian R., 4402 Mark St., $255,000.

Brown, Jacob R. and Jennifer L. to Cahanding, Ronald A. and Patricia L., 811 Calais St., $212,000.


Phillips Rick D. and Tamra S. to Martin, Isiah and Kellie, 7726 Willow St., $134,000.

Hobbs, David J. and Richard E. III Trust to Wallace, Dala and Joseph, 7829 S. 70th St., $193,000.

Dargy, Thomas J. and Kari S. to Lutton, Sara C. and Wurst, Michael E., 7923 S. 91st St., $308,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Rothlisberger, Jeff, 8106 Valley Road, $100,000.


Johnson, Shana M. to Mason, Brandon P., 1401 Savannah Drive, $175,000.

Bierschenk, Monte G. and Melissia to Loffer, Brett J. and Renee L., 16211 S. 63rd St., $240,000.

Larsen, Terrence L. and Jennifer S. to Anderson, Joshua, 1915 Dana Lane, $256,000.

Horizon Realty Inc. to Ortega, Margaret J. and Lewis, David S., 2003 Titan Springs Drive, $309,000.

Casey, Diana to Johnson, Shana, 2130 Franklin Drive, $247,000.

Derrick, Ethan A. and King, Jeffery S. to DeRobertis, Matthew A., 4601 Victoria Ave., $255,000.

DiMauro, Tracy and James to Angell, Sara and Randon, 4615 Clearwater Drive, $226,000.

Andersen, William M. and Sheila to Ryba, Larry and Connie R., 4911 Shannon Drive, $165,000.

Best Construction Co. Inc. to Wiemeyer, Steven R. and Debra D., 601 Castle Pine Drive, $337,000.


Caniglia, John S. and Danielle to Fairchild, Christopher C. and Seana L., 16708 Longbow Loop, $73,000.

Richland Homes LLC to DeSoe, Jennifer and Matt, 8821 S. 169th St., $282,000.

Johnson, Karisa to Pooley, Michael S. and Candace, 16804 Colony Circle, $239,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Rathjen, Jon and Lacey, 16862 Rose Lane Road, $274,000.

Mazour, Molly to Medcalf, William and Patricia, 16907 Joanne Drive, $207,000.

Magnussen, Stephanie L. and Christopher to Gross, Scott A. and Angela M., 16910 Emiline St., $376,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Magnussen, Stephanie L., 16910 Greenfield St., $290,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Leany, Scott E. and Guthmann, Jacqueline, 17009 Greenfield St., $263,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Property Plus LLC, 17724 Josephine St., $131,000.

Betts, Darren and Krystal to Moss, Todd and Tasha, 17748 Josephine St., $165,000.

Home Building Consultants Inc. to Rosales, Eugene and Trout-Rosales, Jamie L., 18610 Hampton Drive, $384,000.

D & E Custom Building & Design Inc. to Gocke, Steven L. Trust, 19117 Hampton Drive, $375,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Boukal, Alex, 8251 S. 190th Ave., $278,000.


Solutions for Real Estate LLC to Bazis, Trenton and Schoup, Lisa, 14723 Gertrude St., $155,000.

O & H Properties Inc. to Dayton, Jeremy C., 14914 Willow Creek Drive, $166,000.

Haiar, Marc A. and Shelly M. to Koci, Cory J. and Samantha E., 15347 Papio St., $159,000.

Stretch, Matthew C. and Farrin N. to VJR Properties LLC, 8114 S. 151st Ave., $144,000.


Hartin Properties LLC to Shirkey, Karen, 7315 S. 41st Ave., $80,000.

14C LLC to Dube, Daniel N. and Dorothy J., 7803 S. 24th St., $226,000.


Huckins Stephanie A. and Cohorst, Spencer to Donoghue, Ryan and Stephanie, 5022 Trail Creek, $138,000.

Diehl, Chinh to Renteria Solorio, Jose S. and Saldana, Maria A., 7609 Arrowrock Drive, $150,000.



THT Enterprises LLC to Thompson, Angela and Clifford, 1316 Ave. B, $17,500.

Miller Way LLC to Weilage Equities LLC, 2745 Ave. C, $46,000.

Petersen, Kenneth C. and Mary to Farrington, Jo A., 2628 Ave. I, $130,000.

Huerta, Jolene M. and Samuel to Blanchard, Christopher R., 2307 Eighth Ave., $86,000.

Gonzalez, Raul and Fanny to Wurtz, Trevor H., 2721 Ave. H, $119,000.

James, Kayla M. and Scott J. to Taylor Investments, 3431 11th Ave., $85,000.

Phelps, Doris D. to Riddle, Trisha, 3315 Ave. I, $65,000.

Pierce, Eileen C. to Batista, Barbara R. and Cartaya, Javier C., 602 S. 36th St., $92,500.

Prof-2013-M4 Legal Title Trust II to Schaben, Jon and Lyndsay M., 2000 Ave. C, $39,000.

Rowe, Ann L. and Kenneth C. and Kathleen and Robert J. to Rowe, Ann L. and Kenneth C., 3024 Ave. J, $30,000.

Brennan, Donnie R. Sr. and Sandra F. to Seiler, Michael D. and Sherri L., 1003 Ash St., $128,000. Miller, Joshua J. and Michelle A. to Fox, Brent, 4523 Shore Drive, $180,000.

Baillie, Trevor A. to Perry, Nicholas, 2809 Macineery Drive, $95,000.

Montag, Mia R. and Terry L. to Grant, Ian and Nicole, 2702 Sixth Ave., $86,000.

Schroeder, Chandra and Shawn to Coonce, Jamie M. and Joshua J., 3701 Ramelle Drive, $130,000.

Mendoza, Arturo H. Jr. and Heather R. to Schoville, Darla A. and Jerry D., 2453 Ave. F, $113,000.

Stinn, Mary to Tyson, Thomas E. Jr., 2110 Ave. D, $128,000.

HBI LLC to Husker Mattress Inc., 3311 Ave. D, $50,000.

Goff, Kathy and Wayne to Wilson Real Estate, 1705 S. 13th St., $65,000.

Aboyade-Cole, Adeola O. and Diana to Bergantzel, Todd R. and Vanessa M. and Hansen-Esington, Linda R., 2146 Seventh Ave., $63,000.

Fouts, Barry and Phyllis to Fouts, Joshua, 2817 Ave. K, $96,000.

Loveland, Connie and Raymond E. and Baker, Irene to Cain, Diane and Russ, 2708 Ave. I, $87,500.

Globe, Rachel and Leslie, Cory D. to Weihs, Kathryn K., 1105 N. 26th St., $120,000.

Odd Properties LLC to Martinez Lopez, Eduardo and Martinez Contreras, Yumey, 1707 Sixth Ave., $42,000.


Daley Construction LLC to Schanuth, Kathy L. and Mitchell S., 14351 230th St., $330,000.

Danker, Brian D. to Mendlik, Rosanne and Thomas, 169 Greenhaven Road, $139,000.

Creed, Cassidy and Jarod to McConnell, Craig A. and Tina M., 17731 Honeysuckle Road, $489,000.

Pribramsky, Albert F. and Dorothy I. to Barradas, Felicito and Gloria, 1170 Longview Loop, $130,000.

Rice, James A. to Franks, Kristi L. and Raymond C., 14987 Capella Lane, $170,000.

Doran, Donna R. and Fred L. to Rogers, Jacob T. and Jaimee A., 528 Franklin Ave., $101,500.

Dierks, Donn and Jacquelyn to Lafferty, Andrew and Sara, 101 Wildwood Road, $179,000.

Scully, Dolores M. to Sershen, John and Theresa M., 140 Upland Drive, $168,000.

Lanegan, Jamie J. and Phillip to Carpenter, Brett and Kristy, 404 Morningside Ave., $151,000.

Hull, Patricia A. and Richard L. to Pierson, Aaron A., 1414 Pleasant St., $60,000.

Fairbanks, David C. and Wendy M. to Edward, Jody R. Trust, 21332 McPherson Ave., $550,000.

ACE Realty LLC to Keesee, Dawn M. and Robert J., 165 Skyline Drive, $200,000.

Rogers, Eric and Jane to Schorsch, John and Raelyn, 20227 Lynn Lane, $243,000.

Haines, June R. to Evans, Douglas C., 909 Ave. A, $35,000.

Homes by Premier Inc. to Knott, Kathleen M. and Maurer, William J., 1505 Abercorn Drive, $307,000.

Avalos, Aldo and Alicia to Pinedo, Juan, 409 N. Eight St., $64,000.

Oakridge Estates LLC to Grimm, Tammy and Todd, 319 Millard St., $40,000.

Tracy, Jean and Robert Trust to Doupe, Glenda, 1103 Arbor Ridge Road, $129,500.

Brauch Petersen, Mary T. Trust to Mooney, Gregory S. and Julie A., 1240 Military Ave., $55,000.

Neill, Jeremy J. and Paige N. to Lynch, Dana A. and John P., 1612 Lenox Circle, $384,000.

Croghan, Brandon K. and Katelyn K. to Hlavac, Trent M., 724 McKenzie Ave., $187,000.

Henningsen, Norma D. to Diehm, Austin C. and Elizabeth J., 1302 E. Washington Ave., $117,500.

Shiller, Lora and Mark A. to Moore, Mona G. and Richard D., 338 Fleming Ave., $80,000.

Pukall, Dale and Lynn S. to Gentile, Gregory and Kathy S., 117 Forest Glen Drive, $265,000.


Kroeger, Sharon E. to Heitman, Ramona, 44007 Reflection Lane, Avoca, $175,000.


Damgaard, Bruce J. to Blackburn, Aspen, 314 Broadway St., Carson, $25,000.


Sukup, Eldon R. and Tamra K. to Rea, Peter J. and Rachael, 17205 Whippoorwill Road, Honey Creek, $230,000.


Thody, Adam L. to Holmberg, Ellen and Jerry D., 28941 Westgate Road, Neola, $95,000.


Roberts, Sarah and Willy to Dobyns, Misty and Moser, William, 107 Main St., Treynor, $223,000.


Colonial Savings FA to Morse, Jennifer J. and Michael R., 22645 Road L-34, Underwood, $178,500.

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