Lathrop, Luanne Trust to Larson, Francis and Karen, 12945 N. 187th Circle, $665,000.

Sweetbriar Syndicate LLC to Bruegman, Ray and Dana, 11802 N. 172nd Circle, $254,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Yahnke, Scott R. and Leann K., 11902 Ashwood Drive, $285,895.

Peterson, Matthew T. and Julie L. to Beran, Jane M., 12120 N. 161st Ave., $345,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Blum, Travis J. and Coreen M., 12134 Elmwood Drive, $308,925.

Celebrity Homes LLC to Jourdan, Derek M. and Kelly L., 14562 Gilder Ave., $194,400.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Cameron, Craig H. and Brittany K., 14563 Gilder Ave., $187,700.

Riley, Ashley B. and Lawrence D. to Friedman, Cortnie L. and Brandon N., 14920 Grebe St., $207,000.

Thorngren, Bradley and Wilson, Rebecca to Willis, Kyle N., 15305 Davidson St., $152,000.

Henry, Josh P. and Lori A. to King, Judy, 15318 Whitmore St., $175,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Weathers, Ryan T. and Araceli, 16119 Reynolds St., $274,757.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Loptin, Robbie L. and Dianna L., 16302 Hanover St., $264,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Laviness, Wendell D. and Jessica L., 16308 Potter St., $296,900.

JBI-Newport/Heritage LLC to Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc., 18217 Northern Hills Drive, $99,500.

Valeika, Mark A. and Marie L. to Ghosh, Debanjan, 7904 N. 151st St., $229,900.

Lane Building Corp. to McCormick, Thomas and Chandra, 8617 N. 173rd St., $290,781.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Jenkins, Ryan and Erica, 9003 Kilpatrick Parkway, $340,454.

Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to Lawson, Glenn, 9618 N. 151st St., $44,950.


Edwards, Scott D. and Leslee M. to Herrick, Randal S. and Rox A., 1010 N. 183rd Circle, $320,000.

Flynn, Patrick to Knoblauch & Murante Enterprises LLC, 1317 N. 208th St., $181,170.

Paradise Homes Inc. to Sparks, Sean and Lindsey, 18308 Patrick Ave., $335,885.

R & A Builders Inc. to Immadisetty, Raghavendra D. and Kollipara, Pushpa L., 18310 Willis Ave., $395,319.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Chrisman, Tyler E. and Katherine L., 18705 Sahler St., $329,595.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Sample, Jeremy S. and Sarah L., 18809 Spaulding St., $317,009.

Royal Development Inc. to Yarlagadda, Rajkumar and Chigurupati, Vasanta, 19015 Nicholas Circle, $527,216.

Fools Inc. to Sokol, Todd and Jennifer, 19406 Hamilton Circle, $806,735.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to Tuosto, Stephen J. and McCarthy, Jenny A., 19859 Burke St., $280,000.

204 F Street LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 20525 D St., $34,500.

Lafollette, Alan and Bonnie to Houlton, Richard J. and Amy M., 20823 U Circle, $507,520.

Coventry Ridge LLC to Pfeifer, Alvin A. and Joanie K., 20910 Drexel St., $62,000.

Homestead Custom Builders LLC to Paradise Homes Inc., 2404 S. 219th St., $90,000.

Bosworth, Heidi and Joshua to Grell, Clark A. and Tara L., 3322 N. 209th St., $225,000.

204 F Street LLC to Silverstone Building Co. LLC, 3814 George B Lake Parkway, $39,500.

Thomas David Builders LLC to Widhalm Custom Homes Inc., 3876 S. 208th St., $67,500.

204 F Street LLC to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 3918 S. 207th St., $47,500.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Castle Brook Builders LLC, 3918 S. 207th St., $80,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Oberembt, Sara A. and Workman, Nigel, 4206 N. 207th St., $358,625.

Charleston Homes LLC to Slauter, William A. Jr. and Nicole L., 4926 N. 205th St., $315,325.

Testa, Idalmis M. and Nelso A. to Jordan, Nathaniel L. and Carlee R., 819 S. 181st St., $395,280.


Mielak, Michael S. to Burklund, Dale L. and Christine A., 28913 Mary St., $650,000.

Acker, Tony M. and Meyer, David L. to Ross, Robert L. and Eugena M., 5801 Twin Rivers Circle, $92,849.


Hessman, Robbie R. and Filcheck, Holly A. to Schroeder, Hans N. and Frazee, Laura R., 353 Waterloo Drive, $210,000.


Nielsen, Terry and Becky to Hedrick, Robert W. and Jodanne W., 1308 Jackson St., $585,000.

West, John D. and Robino-West, Sharon to Dillard, Connor, 300 S. 16th St., $82,000.


Steffens, Kristine J. Trust to Franklin, Albert E. and Helen M., 2820 N. 66th Ave., $55,000.

Boone, Kevin M. and Kaitlynn L. to Donigan, Daemon A. and Hughes, Kristina D., 2031 N. 51st St., $160,000.

Wilson, Mark D. and Linda M. to Stanek, Frank J. and Peggy A., 2308 N. 66th St., $115,000.

EVH LLC to Poppy, Silas N. and Andrea C., 2509 N. 48th Ave., $140,000.

Salvation Army to CESH LLC, 2930 N. 47th Ave., $55,250.

Wiltfong, Thomas W. and Joyce A. to Lue, Tue and Than, Ma M., 5135 Evans St., $113,000.

Nixon, Harold J. and Marie to Dailey, Kipp E., 5323 N. 51st St., $109,950.

1 Chronicles 29:11 LLC to Htoo, Naing and Dah, Mu, 5412 N. 60th Ave., $118,000.

Garvey, Kylie D. to Jones, David B. and Sherry, Nadja A., 6105 Franklin St., $155,000.


Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, 2306 S. 40th St., $52,373.

Strain, Gary A. to Lapointe, Julie, 3928 Arbor St., $110,000.

Poore, Corey to Meehan Rea, Mary H. and Rea, Eric R., 4444 Pine St., $124,000.

Amen, Douglas J. to Wortman, Mark D., 814 S. 35th Ave., $150,000.


Neubauer, Mary J. Trust to Neubauer, Linda M., 4939 C St., $120,000.

Shekhtman, Alexander L. and Stone, Sarah to Mercier, Larry D. Jr., 2202 S. 50th St., $159,000.

Andersen, Eric M. and Danica to Blackwell, Amy M., 3719 S. 49th St., $156,000.

Cannon, Michayla M. to Dewald, Dorothy M. and Terrance S., 4664 Mason St., $125,000.

Walters, Jeffrey J. and Rebecca to Bredemeyer, John D. and Constance S., 5448 Frederick St., $120,000.

Muhvic, Karen M. and Ellsworth, Gregory S. to O’Gara, Erin E., 5628 Walnut St., $136,000.

Rogge, Melanie S. to Sansoni, Joshua J. and Laura J., 5807 Pierce St., $215,000.

Bruening, Marta L. to NCM Home Improvement Inc., 6621 A St., $81,700.


Leibert, Mark R. Jr. and Margaret M. to Espinosa, Ricardo C., 1920 Drexel St., $20,000.

Castro, Marcos E. and Vivas, Norka to Easterling, James F., 2110 J St., $88,000.

HREIG LLC to Hampton, Jamal A., 4517 S. 22nd St., $110,000.

Cervantes, Petrita to Frazier, Crystal, 5317 S. 32nd St., $120,000.


Arias, Hector H. Sr. to Horejsi, Joe A. and Frank A., 1940 S. 13th St., $47,500.

Arias, Gladys R. to Horejsi, Joe A. and Frank A., 1940 S. 13th St., $47,500.

Pusch, Jan E. Trust to Rangel, Francisco, 1923 Vinton St., $68,000.

Schaefer, Ryan R. to Knutson, Theresa S., 1117 S. 10th St., $369,450.

1234 South 10th LLC to Atha, Daniel I. and Mary P., 1236 S. 10th St., $357,500.

Kilarney LLC to Salinasdeortiz, Ana M., 1706 Spring St., $67,000.

Jares, Mary A. to Orellana, Elsa L. and Martinez, Jose L., 2015 S. Seventh St., $41,000.

Jones, Stephen W. and Jennie L. to Covarrubias Castro, Jose A. and Tapsoba, Relwende I., 2312 S. 15th St., $72,119.

Broussard, Tracy and Aaron to Laizure, Claudie, 2509 S. 11th St., $145,000.


OM 2434 Camden Trust and Western Financial LLC to Ngo, Thien D., 2434 Camden Ave., $26,500.

Meredith, James and Yvonne to Franklin, Victoria E., 2434 Camden Ave., $22,900.

Duran, Rosario to Saffold, Jeremiah D. and Courtney A., 3035 Emmet St., $75,000.

Waugh, Cindy to Phelps, Kenneth and Marion-Phelps, Sawnsurae, 3051 Curtis Ave., $124,000.

Iontach Investments LLC to McShane Properties LLC, 3309 Blondo St., $50,000.

Iontach Investments LLC to McShane Properties LLC, 3814 Corby St., $50,000.

Iontach Investments LLC to Enriques, Jose L., 5022 N. 40th St., $48,000.

Frazier, Steven R. to Zavaleta, Jorge L. and Ramos, Yenis C., 6202 N. 36th St., $45,000.


Willard, Charley D. and Cydney J. to Janovich, Ronald and Brenda, 7225 N. 35th Circle, $45,000.


Fellman, Edith T. Estate to Cutchall, Cory C., 8319 Izard St., $111,000.

Rebensdorf, Mary V. and Barbara J. to Anderson, Mollie and Marlene K., 8405 Indian Hills Drive, $85,000.

Kavan Homes Inc. to Colton, Lara and Pondexter, Abra, 912 S. 88th St., $477,500.

Grigaitis, Lonnie Trust to Rutten, Daniel R. and Mendoza, Patricia A., 9417 West Dodge Road, $242,500.

H & S Partnership LLC to Connealy, Patrick M. and Theresa A., 9704 Parker St., $210,000.


Athiappan, Parvathi and Molassi, Mani to Akpan, Evelyn, 14657 Boyd Court, $121,000.

Bonner, Evangeline to Stephens, Brett A. and Stephanie A., 14667 Sahler Court, $122,000.

Wear, Katherine F. to Baker, Nicole, 14669 Sprague Plaza, $125,000.

Walter, Ronald and Dean, Janet M. Trust to Moomey, Daniel L. and Jodee K., 14710 Himebaugh Plaza, $215,000.

Cushing, Valerie A. to Lohaus, Nicole E., 14712 Spaulding St., $204,000.

Daly, Phillip T. and Leigh S. to Wrenn, Geoffrey C. and Carmean, Megan A., 15002 Mary St., $265,000.

Poppen, Melissa L. to Watada, Michael, 15009 Redman Ave., $190,000.

Dytrych, Adam A. and Cassandra L. to Parlor, Dylan and Jillian, 16008 Vernon Ave., $300,000.

Eckermann, Eugene E. Jr. and Lori J. to Jensen, David A. and Marilyn, 16508 Ames Ave., $220,000.

Norris, Shawn M. and Cheryl R. to Freeman, Thaddeus and Lori, 16508 Fowler Ave., $198,000.

Jenkins, Erica and Ryan to Philp, Heidi A., 17219 Spaulding St., $185,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Olsen, Brice and Cindy, 17401 Grand Ave., $304,300.

Dickinson, Ryan and Michelle to Drozdov, Andrey and Olena, 2317 N. 179th St., $405,000.

Carlson, Patricia and Scott K. to Ryan, Jacquelyn J., 2905 N. 152nd Ave., $170,000.

Hixon, Heather G. to Anderson Properties LLC, 3901 N. 171st Ave., $156,500.

Yahnke, Scott R. and Leann K. to Leonard, Matthew and Valerie, 4414 N. 156th Avenue Circle, $278,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Yeager, Colton D. and Stephanie M., 4722 N. 174th Ave., $245,700.

Griffith, Jessica J. to Urban, Marian and Urbanova, Zuzana, 5610 N. 164th St., $375,000.

Holton, Laramie J. to Wallace, Brandon W. and Thallas, Alexandria R., 6533 N. 149th St., $181,000.


Czerwinski, Mark and Michelle to Rodrigues, Juan G., 4952 S. 48th St., $120,000.

Harvest Development I LLC to Goncalves, Suenis R., 5619 S. 51st Ave., $52,000.

United Equity LLC to Ramos, Andres D. and Elizabeth, 5715 N St., $77,500.


Ferm, Michael to Ferm, Katherine N., 1205 N. 169th St., $20,000.

Salazar, Nathan D. and Jennifer D. to Goetz, Benjamin E. and Amy E., 1417 N. 160th St., $280,000.

Tatten, Jean M. to Olsen, James L., trustee for J & S Family Trust, 17514 Leavenworth St., $335,000.

Debruin, Larry A. and Hanna to Hedrick, Gregory J., 383 N. 163rd St., $284,200.


Labya, Doi L. and Mai, T. Khun to Tun, Thla and Vang, Ri, 8515 Potter St., $150,000.


Rosness, George E. Trust to Knott, Jeremy and Ashley, 2213 S. 87th St., $290,000.

Qualified Property Solutions LLC to Cramer, Justin and Rebecca, 1422 S. 88th St., $485,000.

Pekelder, James L. and Therese C. to Meyerson, Troy F., 2818 S. 101st St., $475,000.

Jaworski, Steven and Erin to Burns, Bret, 3524 S. 104th St., $175,000.

Banks, Jennifer J. to Valadez, Sergio, 8719 Valley St., $135,000.


Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Cohano Investments, 6234 S. 100th St., $194,000.

Pool, David M. and Lesli R. to Holoubek, Steven L., 10760 Borman Circle, $162,000.

Hall, M. Daniel and Long, Joshua T. to Golka, Stephanie R. and Joseph M., 6628 S. 85th St., $174,900.


Bartholomew, Kent Trust to St. Aubin, Mark and Kristi, 16591 Hascall St., $395,000.

Blue Sage Development LLC to Quest Construction Co., 1415 S. 200th Circle, $72,500.

Suing, Brianne J. to Cox, Amy L., 16014 Frederick Plaza, $155,000.

Herrick, Randal S. and Rox A. to Gipe, Jeremy R. and Seager Gipe, Kallie L., 16971 Woolworth Circle, $220,000.

Freeland, Michael W. and Judith K. to Hindman, John R. and Hager, Jenny E., 1803 S. 172nd Plaza, $208,000.

Burkey, Jedidiah M. and Natelie R. to Williams, Zachary C. and Danielle L., 18211 Ontario St., $325,000.

King, Larry R. and Sandra R. to Pomerville, Ricky J. and Mary K., 3816 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $365,000.


Kohll, Justin and Sara to Stillman, Jason M., 142 N. 36th St., $120,000.

Gullickson, Daniel P. and Breanne M. to Testa, Nelso A. and Idalmis M., 200 S. 31st Ave., $390,000.

Persen, Aaron G. and Paul D. to Nordhues, Garry J. Trust, 3032 Cass St., $126,000.

Five Star Rentals LLC to Klesitz Realty LLC, 3415 Cuming St., $120,000.

Larson, David W. to Whitlow, Matthew B., 4402 California St., $137,000.


Boysen-Rumbaugh, Judy K. Trust to Batheja, Ashish and Ludlow, Jody A., 4802 Capitol Ave., $221,000.

Holum, Nicholas L. to Scoville, Doris, 5426 Western Ave., $227,000.

Rush, Virginia E. to Bell Home Services Inc., 5427 Lafayette Ave., $160,000.

Distefano, Christine M. to Feder, Julia A. and Warkentin, Shaun E., 6512 Western Ave., $169,000.


Ketcham, Judith L. to Clark, Kenneth L. Jr. and Beverly J., 3836 Parkview Drive, $133,900.

Shultz, William K. and Cynthia L. to Mintah, Thelma, 4705 N. 93rd St., $139,000.

Ripper LLC to Poloncic, Craig A., 7342 Lake St., $80,000.

Anderson, John L. and Lisa to Anderson, Alissa, 8015 Camden Ave., $125,000.

Nehls, Andrew J. and Lori A. to Distefano, Christine M., 8415 Pratt St., $175,000.

Dailey, Amanda A. to Styl Properties Inc., 9403 Binney St., $71,200.


Brinkman, Michael R. Estate to Franko, Scott A. and Cheryl J., 18139 Tammy Trail, $485,000.

Merten, Donna M. Trust to Kuster, Scott J. and Lori D., 19719 J St., $300,000.

Anderson, Gabriel S. and Tifany N. to Mulroney, Michael and Larisa, 15609 Holmes Circle, $170,000.

Purushoth, Shriram and Govindaraju, Revathy to Valgora, Karen, 15709 T St., $210,000.

House, John G. and Julie A. to Loken, Kevin, 16766 M Circle, $292,500.

Creative Agency of Missouri LLC to Brown, Ryan M. and Jamie D., 17823 Monroe St., $308,000.

BSR-FW LLC to Pine Crest Homes LLC, 20015 Polk St., $41,300.

Schaaf, William J. and Jeanne C. to Sass, Karen and Marty, 4151 S. 200th St., $242,500.

Whitehawk Development LLC to Richland Homes LLC, 4457 S. 193rd St., $39,950.

Whitehawk Development LLC to Richland Homes LLC, 4527 S. 193rd St., $39,950.

Bakker, Kyle and Halli to Dunn, Jason M. and Leigh C., 5015 S. 170th St., $280,000.

Dickerson, Randolph P. and Cheryl M. to Binder, Charles J., 5031 S. 196th Circle, $155,000.

Newton, Jeffrey S. and Jessica M. to Schaefer, Justin and Jaryn, 5119 S. 194th Ave., $225,000.

Neneman, Stephen W. and Staci L. to Gulick, Joshua and Mary K., 5510 S. 162nd Ave., $268,000.

Ruiz, Anne L. and Paul J. III to Drews, Tyler M. and Katherine A., 5601 S. 186th Ave., $182,500.

Ryg, Marshall W. and Gina R. to Ryan, Adam M. and Andrea L., 5617 S. 193rd Ave., $198,000.

Jones, Erich L. and Lauren M. to Plugge, Austin L., 6015 S. 189th St., $196,500.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Crooks, Anthony W. and Sheryl L., 6558 S. 199th St., $325,000.


Stotts, Betty L. Estate to Kingsport LLC, 13624 W St., $143,500.

Stolinski, Dennis R. Estate to Chavez, Roberto M., 4311 S. 150th St., $197,000.

Gill, Bryan J. and Shelby R. to Bauder, Tom, 5906 S. 152nd Ave., $195,000.

Negrete, Mark and Penni to Svoboda, Joseph M., 6206 S. 116th St., $143,650.


Pruitt, Brenden J. and Angela G. to Fosco, Dominick A., 11010 Girard St., $148,000.

Nelson Builders Inc. to Keating, Brian P. and Joellen I., 11904 Whitmore St., $406,844.

MJ Design/Build Inc. to Hoyt, Michael T. and Janice, 12724 Deer Creek Drive, $413,052.

Deer Creek Reserve LLC to Dave Paik Builders Inc., 12813 Mormon St., $82,000.

Deer Creek Reserve LLC to Landmark Performance Corp., 12907 Reynolds St., $80,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Lindner, Frances V., 13825 Potter Parkway, $186,400.


Weir, Lucia F. and Scott to Vesta Properties LLC, 1254 Pine Road, $210,000.

Elite Properties LLC to Atwell, Patrick C., 12735 C St., $151,000.

Bressler, Lindsey to Cline, Ramon T. and Carrie L., 13980 Poppleton Circle, $203,750.

Gemar, Gerald R. and Dara L. to Gibson, Bradley R. and Dawn N., 1666 S. 152nd St., $315,000.

Leahy, Gerald G. to Knoblauch & Murante Enterprises LLC, 2133 S. 109th St., $216,000.

Patterson, Robert D. and Elizabeth J. to Frei, Curtis and Bailey, 3223 S. 137th St., $140,000.


Advantage Development Inc. to Astley, Adam E. and Stefanie R., 12002 N. 58th St., $117,000.

Campbell, James R. and Mary K. to Koentjoro, Aldo, 6030 Country Club Oaks Plaza, $337,000.

Johnson, Bernard and Susan E. to Byers, Joseph D., 7012 N. 50th St., $145,500.

Mailander, Thomas L. and Paula C. to Peterson, Jolene C. Trust, 8335 N. 46th St., $190,000.


Stephens, Stephanie and Brett to Tipton, Jeremy L., 11009 Jones St., $105,500.

Olson, Mark J. and Pachon, Maria C. to Smith, Karen K., 11123 Farnam St., $165,500.

Wade, Sharon C. and Thomas W. to Gunderson James D., 12017 Franklin St., $165,000.

Williams, Zachary C. and Danielle L. to Burkey, Jedidiah M. and Natelie R., 1208 N. 150th St., $225,000.

Mastny, Jeffrey J. and O’Neal Mastny, Allison to McPhail, Gretchen N., 15391 Wycliffe Drive, $165,000.


Coit, Laura A. to Fu, Xiaohui, 12922 Vernon Ave., $158,000.

Misner, Elaine M. and Jim to Gorshe, Aaron and Emily, 12940 Corby St., $173,500.

McCloud, Josh and Michelle to Holmes, Joyce C., 14252 Redick Ave., $169,900.

HSBC Bank USA to West, Dean, 2605 N. 142nd St., $113,750.

Sevrench LLC to Nelsen Properties III LLC, 2617 N. 113th St., $108,000.

Fogleman, Nathan and Angela to Workman, Nichole and Alvord, David, 3327 N. 128th Circle, $350,000.

Pope, Mark R. and Maureen A. to Walker, Chris and Lisa, 4633 N. 139th Ave., $299,900.



Davis, Shane S. and Lawson, Mindy J. to Groff, Gary and Paula, 1011 Parkway Drive, $150,000.

Rybar, George R. Jr. and Lynda K. to Rybar, Phillip T., 1108 Camp Gifford Road, $250,000.

McElroy, Michael and William to Killgore, Glynn J. and Deborah R., 2030 Calhoun St., $135,000.

Rybar, George R. Jr. and Lynda K. and OCR LLC to Rybar, Ryan G., 2512 Chandler Road E, $189,000.

Corriveau, Sharon M. to Corriveau, Scott and Amy, 2711 Columbus Ave., $132,000.

Mendoza, Patricia A. and Rutten, Daniel R. to Ortega, Jamie E., 2802 Victoria Ave., $141,000.

Davis, Christopher J. and Shelah M. to Kager, Kelly M., 326 Bellevue Blvd. North, $194,000.

Warren, Lisa A. to Jones, Wyvie Jr., 3311 Madison St., $144,000.

Patton, Mary V. to Sakhnini, Yousef F. and Kaitlin F., 804 Lemay Drive, $163,000.

Hunter, Ronald W. Estate to Mise, Joseph K., 810 Moore Drive, $220,000.

Smith, Betty, trustee for Heydenreich, James L. Trus,t to Weeks, William, 2033 Calhoun St., $65,000.

Wait, Gordon L. and Carole A. to Massengill, William J. and Yankus, Anne R., 729 Willow Circle, $164,000.

Harding, Maxine L. to Fonfara, Margaret A., 804 W. 32nd Ave., $135,000.

Butler, Lawrence T. and Tanya K. to Teager, Katelyn and Bryce A., 913 Vannornam Place, $175,000.


Oakhaven Homes Inc. to Trademark Homes Inc., 10615 S. 188th Ave., $61,000.

McArtor, Kevin A. and Angela K. to Meyer, Michael L. and Megan D., 10615 S. 210th St., $340,000.

Lakers, Michael A. and Mary B. to Barry, Nathan A. and Amy L., 19777 Devonshire Drive, $425,000.

Henn, Jeffrey R. and Stephanie E. to McConnell, Michael R. and Janet L., 19815 Birch St., $366,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Spears, Japrice S. and Meredith A., 21115 Castlerock Lane, $294,000.

Herfindahl, Steven R. and Cassandra to Smith, Dakotah and Whitney C., 21422 Hampton Drive, $258,000.

McCune Development LLC to Hildy Construction, 504 Sherwood Drive, $47,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Merical, William C. and Sarah E., 513 Locust St., $315,000.

Hansen, Harold C. and Audrey J. Trust to Stednitz, Ann C., 545 South Ave., $130,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 7705 S. 196th St., $58,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Zimmerman, Brian D. and Sara A., 8018 S. 192nd Ave., $330,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Frye, Alan M. and Abigail L., 11332 S. 173rd St., $256,000.

Beckler, Scott A. and Virginia D. to Craig, Aaron and Chelsea, 12018 S. 224th St., $559,000.

Home Co. LLC to Schook, Wesley and Amanda, 19480 Willow Circle, $375,000.

Stevens, Scott M. and Jennifer to Phillips, Dominic L., 7401 S. 198th Circle, $305,000.


Sherwood Homes Inc. to Moustakes, Michael and Kerri, 11726 S. 109th St., $337,000.

Biodrowski, Paul J. III and Shawna L. to Wiegers, Kurt A. and Tabitha R., 1507 Lakewood Drive, $245,000.

Rodriguez, Rodney A. II to Blanton, Sammy J. and Behrens-Blanton, Earlene J., 1807 Ridgeview Drive, $220,000.

Gentile, Gregory and Kathy S. to Freeburg, Jeanne M. and Carnaby, Brian A., 2360 Placid Lake Drive, $315,000.

Haffke Enterprises LLC to Frandsen, Roger D. and Shaver-Frandsen, Julie R., 301 Laredo Road, $170,000.

Brehmer, Timothy T. to Brodie, Elisa and Geoffrey, 314 Cheyenne Drive, $170,000.

Meyer, Michael L. and Megan D. to Eman, Taylor and Jessica, 341 S. Harrison St., $202,000.

Behrens, Brett M. and Martinec, Danielle to Anderson, Sonia G., 500 Corral St., $165,000.

Marry, James D. and Janet L. to Biodrowski, Paul J. III and Shawna L. 510 Windsor Circle, $325,000.

Limpach, Raould D. Estate to McAdams, Meredith, 517 W. Sherman St., $132,000.

Smith, Gordon to Johnson, Timothy and Chaumont, Michelle, 610 Michael Drive, $229,000.

Bentley, Karen L. and Michael R. to Larrabee, John R., 801 Cody Circle, $150,000.

Rose, James A. Jr. and Jamie J. to Gualtieri-Clark, Teresa F. and Clark, Andrew J. IV, 8011 Azule Circle, $365,000.

Chochon, Aaron to Dooling, Shawn, 909 Edgewater Drive, $175,000.

Ingalise, John S. and Diane M. to Roth, Curtis J. and Sammyjoe L., 1115 Crest Circle, $165,000.

Hodge, Christeen L. to Kruckman, Dillon, 1122 Michelle Parkway, $205,000.

Spencer, Charles R. to Wilson, Robert L. and Holly C., 114 E. First St., $103,000.

French, Robin W. to Marcoux, Richard R. and Donna K., 1306 Mesquite Circle, $315,000.

Abrahamsen, Jon A. and Ann M. to Eichman, Dawn G., 425 E. Second St., $80,000.

Shadow Lake Development LLC to Woodland Homes Inc., 7966 Ponderosa Drive, $53,000.

Canning, Dawn G. to Abrahamsen, Jon A. and Ann M., 802 Donegal Drive, $160,000.

Shadow Lake Development LLC to Woodland Homes Inc., 8166 Ponderosa Drive, $73,000.

Bartusiak, Thomas A. and Pamela A. to Khaleel, Shafiq and Tasneem F., 910 Claudine Ave., $172,000.


Wagner, Alicia and Shawn to Elliott, Sandra L., 260 Platteview Drive, $152,000.

Springfield Pines LLC to Lifetime Structures Inc., 610 N. 11th Circle, $47,000.

Springfield Pines LLC to McCaul Contracting LLC, 635 N. 10th Ave., $45,000.

Springfield Pines LLC to Mines, Mary J., 920 Elm Circle, $57,000.

Manire, Bill and Barbara J. to Sorensen, Robert J. Jr., 12009 E. Lake Drive, $465,000.

Springfield Pines LLC to Carson Custom Homes Inc., 330 N. 10th Ave., $53,000.


Edington, James Z. and Rebekah L. to Bonilla Tanon, Ismael and Bonilla, Heather N., 1017 Grenoble Drive, $180,000.

Sullivan, Sean M. and Sarah to Armstrong, Donald G., 10407 S. 27th St., $220,000.

Randall, Charles E. Jr. and Rosemary Trust to Starkey, Sean T. and Michele M., 10804 S. 19th St., $200,000.

Bruzzano, Karen to Beal, Colin K. and Babylyn J., 13308 Lochmoore Circle, $345,000.

McNulty, Michael E. and Ellen M. to Hernandez, Ernesto V. and Barron, Anabel G., 13402 S. 35th St., $132,000.

Carr, Shawn P. and Holly L. to Maloney, Kyle J., 13719 S. 44th St., $207,000.

Renninger, Susan J. Estate to Stevens, Gia, 15118 Normandy Blvd., $115,000.

Steele, Stephen D. and Christine A. to Worley, Tonya and Lee A., 2507 Century Road, $206,000.

Western, John J. IV and Jennifer M. to Creager, Jason H., 2708 Mesa St., $170,000.

Lauritsen, Allison and Matthew to Vander Voort, Jeffrey and Brooke, 9709 S. 10th St., $173,000.

Plutschak, Mark and Farrah to Daniel, Xavier M. and Christy R., 12742 Forestdale Drive, $205,000.

Schrock, Brooke to Pena Lomeli, Ramon and Pena, Camerina, 14201 S. 18th St., $259,000.

Mendez, Jorge A. and Elena to Kaberline, Connie, 15306 Cedar View Drive, $190,000.

Hendrix, John P. and Jennifer L. to Suntrup, Douglas G. and Samantha L., 2908 Sheridan Road, $226,000.

Intorre, Frederick and Tina M. Trust to Dennis, Caleb A. 2927 Jason St., $230,000.

Clark, Conan and Brinae to Ryczko, Joseph and Crystal and Counter, Peter M. and Mary L., 3820 Coffey Ave., $162,000.

Messer, Kirsten R. to Mende, Daniel, 9901 S. 10th St., $161,000.


Goulette, Troy R. and Mikki D. to Boyce, Alicia, 7005 S. 69th St., $139,000.

Shea, Margaret M. to Cockrell, Dwight F. and Sharon R., 9319 Park View Blvd., $315,000.

Deutsche Bank to JKP Properties LLC, 7306 James Ave., $63,000.

Kersigo, Kimberly J. to Gonzalez Valente, G. and Dominguez, Jazmin, 7311 Elm St., $117,000.

Wernli, Robert S. and Rebecca A. to Feekin, Brian and Bailey, 8626 S. 100th St., $295,000.

Gepford, Christopher J. and Brandi D. to Cutaia, Brandon and Mendick, Kristen, 8726 Wilbur St., $135,000.

Anderson Family Real Estate Inc. to Hornocker, Amy, 7218 Valley Road, $123,000.

McDaniel, Lucy Estate to Morris, Steven and Michaela, 7314 S. 69th St., $128,000.

Hulon, McCall G. and Sanda E. to Schlesiger, James and Chelsea, 7402 Harvest Hill Drive, $160,000.

Narke, Mark A. and Jennilyn to Scaglione, Jonathan R., 7418 Joseph Ave., $114,000.


Rogers Development Inc. to Empire Homes & Remodeling Inc., 9412 S. 70th Ave., $62,000.

Werts, Jerome E. and Linda K. to Werts, Kory J. and Allison L., 1507 Beechwood Ave., $199,000.

Nguyen, Tracy T. and Khanh H. and Anh N. to Nguyen, Tracy T. and Nquyen, An Q., 1916 Atlas Drive, $202,000.

Duncan, Timothy M. and Stacy L. to Gordy, Heather A. and Charles D., 4519 Waterford Ave., $218,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Herrera, Jesse and Jaclyn, 4703 Brook Circle, $257,000.

Gangwish, Kenneth D. and Kimberly S. to Morgan, Kevin L. and Stephanie S., 4905 Chennault St., $280,000.

Timberline Homes Inc. to McKenna, Patrick and Kristi, 6909 Beth Ave., $349,000.


Azhusker LLC to Williams, Shawn A. and Cynthia L., 10008 S. 173rd Circle, $493,000.

McGill, Gary F. and Hoich-McGill, Denise M. to Shaner, John w. and Vicki L., 10607 S. 168th Ave., $85,000.

Home Building Consultants Inc. to Burns, Billie J. and Kenney, Sean P., 10638 S. 188th Ave., $369,000.

Shimkus, William J. to Antoniak, Tabitha, 15842 Briar St., $72,000.

Wozniak, Stephen T. and Stacy M. to Chester, Dustin H. and Kerry E., 16906 Emiline St., $315,000.

Rockwell, Robert P. and Maureen K. to Varanasi, Shashidhar and Santoshini, 17019 Colony Drive, $220,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Hansen, Jason T. and Aimee M., 17029 Aurora St., $290,000.

Chagnon, Sarah J. and Jason T. to Purcell, Josh and Holly, 17129 Emiline St., $303,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Egle, Linda M., 17307 Palisades Drive, $287,000.

Tack, Charles L. and Kathryn M. to Chagnon, Jason T. and Sarah J., 17814 Sawgrass Circle, $369,000.

Zych Construction LLC to Brown, Daniel L. and Fletcher, Karey J., 18715 Hampton Drive, $385,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Rector, Corey and Shawna, 18813 Merion Drive, $424,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Kallweit, Codey D. and Erica K., 18911 Briar St., $229,000.

Castlebridge Homes Inc. to Kolbe, John H. and Justina M., 19004 Ridgemont St., $399,000.

Olsen Rental Group LLC to Leader, Doris A. Trust, 322 Inglewood Circle, $301,000.

KSG Properties LLC to Roberts, Aaron and Suzanne, 7004 S. 174th St., $260,000.

Goldsmith, Amy and Aaron to Meinholdt, Lisa K. and Chad A., 7421 S. 168th Ave., $370,000.

Wyatt, Joseph W. Jr. to Kraus, Michael F., 7914 S. 159th St., $163,000.

Frederick, Wesley J. and Kyla N. to Harrig, David E. and Erica L., 8024 S. 167th St., $150,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Thomas, Carl D. and Christine M., 8118 S. 186th St., $229,000.

Hansen, Jason T. and Aimee M. to New Diggs by Riggs LLC, 8702 S. 163rd Ave., $214,000.

Belt, Debra L. Trust to Lyons, Randy R. and Vicki J., 10203 S. 176 St., $410,000.

Bogatz, Donald L. and Susan K. to Hutfless, Jeffrey B. and Lisa R., 10405 Spyglass Drive, $300,000.

Advantage Development Inc. to Nikodym, Jeffrey F. and Shelly M., 10615 S. 187th Circle, $464,000.

Smith, John B. and Mateel A. to Cabrera, Andres A. and Debra L., 16604 Briar St., $283,000.

Wyatt, Christopher D. and Amanda S. to Mendez, Logan and Morgan, 17905 Gertrude Circle, $170,000.

MWSD LLC to Belt Construction Co. Inc., 18209 Redwood St., $83,000.

Home Building Consultants Inc. to Seier, Bradley J. and Kristin N., 18654 Hampton Drive, $403,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Stastny, David A. and Ashley N., 18906 Rosewood St., $229,000.

River Oaks Development LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 7212 S. 184th St., $22,000.

Clayton, Jamie J. to Garza, Emilio J., 7215 S. 183rd Ave., $190,000.

DeSoe, Matt M. and Jennifer to DeSoe, Cheryl, 7309 S. 173rd St., $300,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Stevens, Kerry A. and Alt, Erwin, 8106 S. 186th St., $220,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Davis, Don L. and Claudia J., 8150 S. 186th St., $220,000.

MWSD LLC to Concept Homes & Design Inc., 8158 S. 185th St., $62,000.

Harden, John C. and Danica R. to Petrey, Jonathan and Dawn, 8424 S. 160th St., $260,000.


Goodman, Carrie and Tesnar, Mike to Ruckman, Wesley D. and Olan, Elizabeth, 13512 Olive St., $175,000.

Berner, Jason to Enriquez, Mario A. and Montero Macias, Elia F., 14126 Virginia St., $163,000.

Poppleton, Samuel R. and Sutton, Laura to Gudorf, Jacob P., 7012 S. 155th Circle, $168,000.

Groetsema, Kenneth R. and Kellie K. to Craig, Shane F. and Anne M., 7206 S. 155th Ave., $225,000.

Christiana Trust to Silence, Tanner, 15533 Margo St., $160,000.

RYLU Group LLC to Burke, James and Trisha, 7513 S. 134th St., $168,000.


Wiegers, Tabitha R. and Kurt A. to Sanchez Aguilar, Edith and Corrales, Jose, 7205 Chandler Acres Drive, $138,000.

Hothersall, Georgia R. and Matthew E. to Ochoa Baeza, Ana B., 7222 S. 41st St., $115,000.

Harris, Janice M. and Lynn W. to Fisher, Steven R. and Colleen Y., 9310 S. 21st St., $343,000.

Semin, Joseph and Shelly to Lauritsen, Allison M. and Matthew V., 1303 Georgia Ave., $259,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Arehart, Kenneth, 2505 Mose Ave., $105,000.

Cox, Rebecca A. and Andrew and Vaughn, Barbara A. to Beckwith, Vernon E. and Dannette M., 4955 Dumfries Circle, $185,000.

Robertson, Michael and Stephanie and Ochs, Vicky and Steven R. to Hoskovec, Patricia J. and Frank L., 7213 Sarpy Ave., $114,000.

Mort, Michael D. and Susan K. to Tracy, James A. Jr., 8410 S. Ninth St., $163,000.

Jansen, Paul F. Trust to Jansen, James M. and Kimberly A. Trust, 8510 S. 39th St., $117,000.

Jansen, Barbara E. Trust to Jansen, James M. and Kimberly A. Trust, 8510 S. 39th St., $118,000.


Arcishewsky, Joseph A. and Patti J. to Arcishewsky, Stephen B., 4616 Emiline St., $137,000.

Wolff, Mathew M. and Angela M. to Keller, Kassidy N., 7306 S. 52nd St., $149,000.



Eckes, Cynthia S. and Robert J. Sr. to State of Iowa, 3626 Seventh Ave., $130,000.

Bryan, Jerry and Ortega-Bryan, Amy to Peterson, Samantha C., 2905 Margaret Ave., $99,000.

Gibbs, Carolyn S. and Gary L. to Jensen, Haleigh D. and Zachery W., 1206 N. 21st St., $108,000.

Meyer, John M. and Mary L. to Becker, Leonard and Maureen, 16 Westlake Village, $425,000.

Slatten, Gary L. and Lisa D. to Sigler, April D., 1915 S. Eighth St., $165,000.

Midwest Development LC to Carlson, Nicholas T. and Rebecca A., 3118 Middle Ferry Road, $267,500.

Parker, Capri and Travis to Archibald, Jeremy and McSherry, Cecilia, 2028 S. Eighth St., $108,500.

Harrison, Mark E. to Eilenstine, Dale G. and Emilie, 2541 Ave. I, $107,000.

Caputo, Toni M. to Eugenio, Clifford, 1423 Ninth St., $150,000.

Garrean, Erika to Garrean, Valerie A., 3017 Fifth Ave., $111,000.

Weihs, Katheryn K. to Patterson, James P. and Schroeder, Sara E., 2609 Pavich Drive, $160,000.

Surpassets LLC to Aldredge, Jason, 1218 N. 26th St., $100,000.

Tri State Ventures Inc. to Castillo, Pedro A. and Aguirre Castillo, Sandra A., 2306 S. 16th St., $150,000.

Kennedy, Courtney and Josh to Brainard, Philip E. and Rachel L., 1801 Fifth Ave., $49,000.

Dalton, John F. Trust to Hensley, Carol, 3213 Middle Ferry Road, $238,500.

Morris, Sharon A. to Driver, Tyler and Whitten, Kayann, 3432 Third Ave., $82,000.

Roby, Barton L. to Johnsen, Kathleen M., 2815 Ave. H, $159,000.

Sproul, Matthew J. to Meza, Angel C., 1214 Eight Ave., $90,000.

Shea, Terrence J. to McDowell, Jeffrey J. and Perreice M., 2111 Ave. J, $102,000.

Reelfs, Mary L. and Rodger W. to Weihs, Ryan J., 503 38th St., $105,500.

Buffington, Kelly A. and Nathan A. to Decker-Keller, Brittney, 3211 Ave. A, $118,000.

U.S. Bank to RCR Properties LLC, 816 17th Ave., $52,500.

Steensen, Edward H. Family Trust to Hill, Ronald and Kostecka, Sandra L., 3330 Seventh Ave., $130,000.

Williams, Ali B. and Zachary L. to Petersen, Lawrence A., 2127 Ave. A, $112,500.

Meek, Kyle R. and Stefanie R. to Kehm, Danna J., 5108 Wagons Way Road, $263,000.

DIMMN LLC to Buckles, Josh, 1834 Seventh Ave., $17,000.

Nelson, Michael P. to Larson, Nancy J. and Scott C., 3012 10th Ave., $47,500.

Burgstrum, David and Linda to Redman, Richard P., 1701 S. 13th St., $110,000.


Kruse, Ashley T. and Jesse D. to Hawn, Robin, 314 Union St., $186,000.

Reid, James S. and Ronald E. to Reid, Ashley and Jonathan, 19757 Birdsley Road, $198,500.

Brauch Petersen, Mary T. Trust to Weilage, Jeremy, 332 Lincoln Ave., $60,000.

McCord, Jennifer and Travis to Ranne, Aimee L. and Christopher L., 4820 Oneida Circle, $195,000.

Bergsten, Benjamin J. to Fenn, Nathaniel, 36 Hillsdale Drive, $189,500.

Van Houten, David to Van Houten, Joshua D., 32 15th Ave., $97,000.

Decker, Ruth C. to Lewis, Lynda K. and Paul O., 211 15th Ave., $57,500.

Von Mende, Christian E. and Dawn L. to Johnson, Bryce, 4535 Harry Langdon Blvd., $360,000.

Heinicke, Martha A. and Mills, Karen L. to Wilson Real Estate LLC, 314 Georgia Ave., $113,000.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Hunter-Mullin, Katelynn N., 513 Voorhis St., $90,000.

Rayburn, Carole L. and Duane F. to Hammer, Victor Trust, 321 Harrison St., $80,000.

Waters, Bonita M. and Roger T. Sr. to Kern, Christopher C., 14987 Valley View Drive, $132,000.

Christensen, Marla to Hough, Lisa A., 151 Norton Circle, $175,000.

Weiss, Barbara to Belt, Larry Jr., 823 N. Eighth St., $71,000.

Chin, Chance to Hendrix, Martina M. and Manhart, Lynn P., 19395 Hawthorne Ave., $41,000.

Beck, Brianna L. and Ryan R. to Jared, Daniel W., 148 Glen Ave., $130,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to MBI Inc., 126 Rosebud Lane, $133,000.

Putnam, Amy to Scebold, Renae B., 101 Euclid Ave., $109,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Council Bluffs Inc. to Petry, Candice D. and Randall A., 306 Worth St., $25,000.

Zebill, Deborah E. and Jon H. to Anderson, Ellen J. and Micheal D. and Robert M., 603 Redwood Drive, $305,000.

Terry, Amanda M. and Joel to Selander, Benjamin T. and Melissa G., 1 Windsor Ave., $165,000.

Seals, Monte L. and Rebecca S. to Mendoza, Arturo H. Jr. and Heather R., 4 Holst St., Treynor, $125,000.

Firstbank of Nebraska to Rochleau, Chris, 737 & 733 Mynster St. and 750 Creek Top St. (ZIP 51501), $310,000.

Slauson, Jack M. and Susan I. to Emick, Clarence L. and Donna J., 126 E. View Drive, $218,000.

Eggers, Kathleen T. and Terry L. to Higgins, Jessica, 135 Crown Road, $212,500.

Vixen Construction to Carlson, Paul, 347 Hyde Ave., $18,500.

Clark, Betty A. and Francis E. to Mathis, Ingrid L. and Jeremy J., 2 Decatur Circle, $112,500.

Beall, Pamela L. and Hill, Bryan R. to Pfertsh, Tady G. and Troy G., 413 Fawn Park Circle, $415,000.

Yates, Arthur L. Jr. and Honey F. to Schon, Michael S., 555 Woodbury Ave., $106,000.


Jackson, Shirley J. and Jones, Crystal L. to Odd Properties LLC, 3710 N. 13th St., Carter Lake, $72,000.

Mandolfo, James to Corrigan, Sandra S., 198 Carter Lake Club, Carter Lake, $121,000.

Fischer, Caleb J. and Toktam to Chacon, Stephanie, 3810 13th St., Carter Lake, $120,000.

TPC Corp. to Lapsley, Austin, 1013 Hiatt St., Carter Lake, $109,000.

Hill, Leslie J. to Ryland, Aaron, 1502 Ave. P, Carter Lake, $168,000.


Johnson, Linda to Herrington, Alex C. and Floerchinger Herrington, Danielle R., 14727 400th St., Carson, $152,000.


Moore, Mona G. and Richard D. to Edison, Michael J. and Hatch, Jennifer L., 822 Valley Drive, Crescent, $190,000.

Meyerpeter, Tara to Clark, Tyler W., 910 Johnson St., Crescent, $125,000.


Pedersen, Landen and Taylor to Griffen, Donnie A. Jr. and Zeron, Monica E., 436 E. Delta St., Hancock, $130,000.


Walter, Barbara J. and Richard D. to Harman, Nathan, 20473 245th St., McClelland, $230,000.


Sorenson, Shelly R. and Soren P. to Eckman, Penny and Russell, 509 Third St., Neola, $115,000.


Birdsong, Jessica and Kenneth to Hughes, Jennifer D. and Mark A., 612 Clark Road, Oakland, $125,000.


Mass, David and Susan G. to Reed, Krista, 24 Countryside Drive, Treynor, $143,000.

Blachford, Vera L. to Bain, Audra and Jason, 14 Lamar Drive, Treynor, $117,000.


Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Crees, Amanda and Jason, 212 Pacific St., Walnut, $140,000.

Humann, Kathleen A. and Larry F. to Myers, Justine S., 400 Antique City Drive, Walnut, $113,000.

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