Douglas County


Polished Properties LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 15058 Elmwood Drive, $44,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Hensel, Brian and Emily, 10409 N. 152nd Ave., $286,262.

DAC Enterprises LLC to Kelly, Michael and Elizabeth, 14464 Leeman St., $170,460.

Bassick, James M. and Megan A. to Womas, Kokou G., 7922 N. 153rd St., $247,000.

Nelson Builders Inc. to Valgora, Raymond L. and Cynthia A., 7012 N. 162nd St., $355,195.

Sweetbriar Syndicate LLC to Langan, Clint and Jody, 11806 N. 175th Circle, $119,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Landis, Derek Roy and Ferg, Sidney A., 14523 Vane St., $257,780.

Stekr, Peter to Pace, H. Eugene and Jolene K., 12101 N. 177th Circle, $562,000.

Mercury Contractors Inc. to Springer-Montgomery Revocable Trust and Montgomery, Lloyd T., trustee, 17411 Bondesson St., $390,000.

Brookstone Development LLC to Walls, Alexander M., 9716 N. 151st St., $349,100.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Post, Hayley J. and Alexander J., 8126 N. 173rd St., $230,699.

Samson, Ronald and Brandy to Weinman, Jared, 15611 N. Second St., $247,000.

Nordmeyer, Tiffany E. and Eric R. to Hertz, Kary, 15341 Davidson St., $180,000.

Weinman, Jared to Davis, Brian and Nisha, 14771 Eagle St., $219,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Gary & Kathryn Salerno Trust, 16326 Weber St., $287,682.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 8921 N. 169th St., $315,000.


Charles & Corrine Sachs Trust to Jerry P. Vincentini Revocable Trust, 18522 Indiana St., $380,000.

Waugh, Julie M. and Bryan D. to Kroll, Jason M. and Elizabeth V., 23429 Nancy Circle, $575,000.

Nelson, Mary K. to Vandine, Rebecca, 18835 Jackson St., $305,000.

Disseler, Eric and Katie to Barker, Jason and Kaitlyn, 1713 S. 207th Ave., $421,000.

Dalton, Jay T. and Page O. to Wragge, Michael G. and Lori A., 4009 N. 211th St., $178,000.

Nathan Homes LLC to Holly Family Funnel Trust and Holly, Norman D., trustee, 3968 S. 208th St., $100,000.

Larsen, Joey D. and Kylie C. to Schluchter, John and Misty, 4505 N. 210th St., $415,000.

Landers, Lalah to Dyke, Craig and Amy, 2919 S. 219th St., $401,000.

Beams, Caitlin Dallas and Corey to Engelmeyer, Daniel, 3811 Appaloosa Drive, $160,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Shockey, Colin and Jessica, 3915 S. 208th St., $481,958.

Henry J. Sudbeck Builders Inc. to Dufner, Donna L., 2601 N. 189th St., $303,000.

Taylor, Travis G. and Tony to Carrillo, Joel J. and Diony M., 810 Elk Ridge Drive, $443,500.

Horton, Michael L. and Carlson, Karen S. to Tomanek, John, 21723 Oldgate Road, $160,000.

Zych Construction LLC to Davis, Patrick Russell and Valarie Jill, 2121 N. 188th Ave., $511,084.

Paradise Homes Inc. to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 2201 N. 183rd St., $55,000.

Logue, Jared and Jessica to Logue, James O. and Rebecca, 4025 N. 212th St., $180,000.

Logue, James O. and Rebecca L. to Logue, Jared and Jessica, 21409 Honeysuckle Drive, $280,000.

Henry I. Neuhaus Trust and Nelson, Debra, trustee, to Allison, Andrew and Elizabeth, 4809 N. 196th Circle, $650,000.

Ulrich, James J. and Julia K. to Barrett, John Patrick and Nancy, 902 S. 181st St., $431,000.


Beach, Ryan B. and Kylee to Eischeid, Christopher W. and Terri J., 4202 N. 265th St., $660,000.

Walters, Carol J. to Rutten, Trevor J. and Ann M., 72 Peppermill Point, $375,000.

McDermott, John M. and Mary E. to Trew, Bradley L. and Diane, 3832 N. 269th Ave., $320,000.

Shockey, Colin and Jessica to Adam, Ashely N. and Robert E. Jr., 26522 Manderson Court, $735,000.

Walvoord Enterprises LLC to Donner, Randy and Elizabeth, 110 S. Pine St., $322,500.


Kaplan, William R. Jr. to Thomas D. and Melanie L. Schrack Revocable Trusts, 1133 N. 264th St., $377,500.

Schatz, Monte L. and Hanigan, Mary Jo to Leavitt, Linda L., 22631 Wilson Ave., $296,000.

Jane M. Hanks Revocable Trust to Schatz, Monte L. and Hanigan, Mary Jo, 718 Riverside Drive, $425,000.

Heldridge, Steven T. and Sheila F. to Meduna, Matthew J. and Nancy, 510 S. 249th Circle, $1,050,000.


McKenny, Thomas C. and Carmen M. to Earleywine, Michael L. and Deborah L., 105 S. 9th St., $402,600.

Uglem, Bruce Allan and Jonal to J1M LLC, 1024 Dodge St., $215,000.


Linstrom, Leslie to Marquez, Pedro, 6104 Fowler Ave., $120,000.

T & B Jams LLC to Vinton Apartments LLC, 6115 Evans St., $73,500.

Rogers, Kenny and Diane K. to Sakowski, Jude C., 2344 N. 62nd St., $73,000.

SAS Properties LLC to Sin, Hu and Su, Macait, 3614 N. 52nd St., $45,000.

Suey, James J. and Heather L. to Murphy, Samuel H., 2339 N. 50th Ave., $250,000.

Coronado, Jesus E. and Jennifer to Gwilt, Evangeline, 2538 N. 48th St., $164,000.

Wells, Joe to Rasky Properties LLC, 2701 N. 48th Ave., $72,000.

Dodge, Renee Suzanne to Dodge, Jeremy, 5704 Browne St., $57,000.

YK Holdings LLC to 6646 Binney LLC, 6646 Binney St., $195,000.

Gardea, Eduardo to Moore, Jenna, 5610 N. 57th Ave., $155,500.

Stephens, Scott David and Wolf, Gloria to Dorcey, Adam and Laura, 1803 N. 50th St., $318,000.

Roger A. Flannery Revocable Trust to Jones, Sarah M., 2345 N. 68th St., $145,000.

Evans, Matthew J. to King, Jennifer Marie and Andrea Lee, 2318 N. 49th St., $155,000.

Lee, Weslyene R., personal representative of Jordan, Raymond W. estate, to Yeh, Thein and Paw, Say, 5417 Camden Ave., $140,000.

Cashelmore Bruckheim LLC to Moore, Jesse J., 3519 N. 60th St., $92,785.

Sandhoefner, Neil to McLaughlin, Thomas and Katie, 2035 N. 54th St., $251,000.


Brittenham, Edward R. and Mark E. to Hansen, Jeffery F., 2712 S. 25th St., $28,000.

Manzella, Eric and Brooke to Pivovar, Amy V., 2826 S. 32nd St., $170,000.

Goodman, Christopher and Lindsey to Davis, Kalli N., 4412 Woolworth Ave., $275,000.

Hughes, Jason and Brandi Wyatt to Joyce, Richard Young and Spratte, Katherine Frances, 4411 Pacific St., $211,000.

Siedlik, Rosemary, personal representative of Siedlik, Mary Ann estate, to Beutler, Julia, 2414 Arbor St., $129,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Parrone, Brandon and Ellizabeth, 925 S. 31st St., $267,500.

Horejs, Geoffrey J. and Cynthia J. to McGuire, Deane, 1312 Park Ave., $120,000.

George, Alexander Anil and Jeanie H. to Kondaurov, Alexis Ivan, 3101 S. 42nd St., $125,000.


Hammers, Susanne Marie to Ross-Ablan, Rennae L., 3615 S. 46th Ave., $138,000.

Donner, Elizabeth J. and Randy to Pflug, Rosemary Carroll and Jeremy, 1943 S. 47th St., $178,000.

Ferg, Sidney A. to Gengenbach, Gayle A. and Todd A., 5423 A St., $205,000.

Phillips, Ryan R. and Brooke M. to Grace, Jon Emery and Maureen Spencer, 1824 S. 60th St., $225,000.

Huston, Stacey Lin to Freemont-Post, Miranda, 5340 Hickory St., $100,000.

Bower, Rosemarie to Labenz-Hiatt, Donna Jean and Hiatt, Michael John, 3639 S. 51st St., $180,000.

Armstrong, Peter M. and Yvonne K. to Armstrong, Tyler M., 5215 Mason St., $119,000.

Janousek, Charles F. and Mary Louise to Nisi, Dana and Sidzyik, Taylor, 5420 B St., $161,155.

Gehrig, William to Nolan, Emily Jean, 916 S. 54th St., $142,000.

Lundholm, Lindsay and Halbkat, Christopher to Little, Adam and Weber-Little, Megan, 5225 Jones St., $345,000.


Heartland Holdings B LLC to Abera, Biniam, 3420 Y St., $130,000.

Wendel Properties LLC to Baker, John, 4415 S. 13th St., $69,000.

Bartlett, Kay to Hernandez, Miguel Angel Chacon, 4012 S. 23rd St., $75,000.

Rojas, Humberto Rojas and Minerva C. to NR LLC, 1702 P St., $30,000.

Foreman, Hal and Mary C. to Wardian, James, 5838 S. 18th St., $155,000.

Heartland Holdings B LLC to Huerta, Amalia, 6617 S. 27th St., $135,000.

Medakovich, Ann E. and Klauer, Ashley to Delaney, Julia D., 4316 Drexel St., $155,000.

Wilkes, Marcelle L. and Donald A. to Wilkes, Savannah N., 4320 S. 32nd St., $60,000.

Mujica Chavez, Humberto and Vasquez De Mujica, Ma Concepcion to Hernandez, Mauricio Mujica and Mujica Chavez, Humberto, 5802 S. 17th St., $25,000.

Montejano Calderon, Oscar Javier to Montejano, Raymundo, 5807 S. 21st St., $30,350.

Baby R Inc. to Emelys Child Care Center LLC, 5815 S. 14th St., $125,000.

Zaragosa, John and Kathleen to Cohano Investments LLC, 4127 S. 24th St., $40,000.


Henriquez, Jose A. to Ruiz, Joaquin Vasquez, 2220 S. 12th St., $120,000.

Six Minutes Holding Co. LLC to Munoz, Carlos Jesus and Lopez, Carlos Munoz, 2223 S. 20th St., $70,000.

Riha, James E., personal representative of Curran, Rita A. estate, to VD-G LLC, 2718 S. 21st St., $50,000.

Thomas, Rebecca to Bothwell, Byron, 2110 Elm St., $34,065.

Johnson, Kenneth R. and Alice A. to Hinojosa, Adrian Diego and Ramos, Ruth Noriega, 2840 S. 3rd St., $137,000.

Loucks, Diane to Guardian Tax Partners Inc., 2311 S. 8th St., $13,200.

Rivera, Antonio Perez to Clarity Fund 2 LLC, 1318 S. 12th St., $120,000.

Rocha, Fernando and Patricia M. to Clarity Fund 2 LLC, 1247 S. 15th St., $82,500.


Butler, John E. to Stover, Christopher D., 2202 Wirt St., $162,000.

Win Win Solutions LLC to Kingdom Homes LLC, 2108 Spencer St., $50,000.

Cornejo, Christian and Cornejo, Magaly Gomez De to Molgado, Moises and Mendoza, Raquel, 3931 N. 17th St., $70,000.


Edison Street LLC to Ramos, Andres, 3924 N. 38th St., $45,000.

Fischer, Mark J. and Brigham, Robert M. to Cha Properties LLC, 5370 N. 28th Ave., $27,000.

Logemann, Paul and Wissanee to Hayes, Kathleen, 3307 Curtis Ave., $115,700.

Roddey, Michael T. and Stephanie P. to Ennis, Phyllis D., 5905 N. 35th St., $74,000.

Stier, Phillip Michael and Pamela Roye to Molina, Pedro Bernal and Mazariegos, Marco A., 3302 Larimore Ave., $20,000.

Gesu Housing Inc. to Gurung, Mangal Singh and Sarmila, 4260 Miami St., $142,500.

Rezac, Dana J. and Lisa to Cesh LLC, 4216 Ames Ave., $40,000.

Lindquist, Eric H., trustee, to REO Asset Management Company LLC, 5823 N. 42nd St., $41,246.

Zas Corp LLC to Janovich, Dan, 4389 Laurel Ave., $110,000.

Pruitt, Alma M. and Kevin S. to Hotovy, Jordan, 2631 Decatur St., $38,000.

Peters, David C. and Janis E. to Determan, Jacob R., 6332 N. 33rd Ave., $72,000.

Gesu Housing Inc. to Gurung, Mina, 4256 Miami St., $142,500.

Burmeister, Angela L., personal representative of Kennedy, Marcus Wayne estate, to Palencia, Hilda L., 2508 Franklin St., $62,000.

REO Asset Management Company LLC to HBI LLC, 5823 N. 42nd St., $97,750.

Perez, Juan Eduardo Marquez to Ramirez, Victoria, 4474 Nebraska Ave., $135,000.

Nagel, Jill E. to Miller Way LLC, 4236 Curtis Ave., $30,000.

Miller Way LLC to Mike, Royce, 4236 Curtis Ave., $30,000.

Anthony and Consuelo Blaiotta Trust to Nunn, R.J., 2816 N. 26th St., $20,000.

Schop, Melissa E., personal representative of Chambers, Annie M. estate, to Manley, Mickey C. II, 3944 N. 37th St., $32,500.

Reyes, Carlos R. and Effie to Garcia, Ester Hernandez, 4143 N. 40th Ave., $17,000.

Lieben, Benjamin to Leahy, Michael K., 4324 Seward St., $155,000.

McShane Properties LLC to Hernandez, Lazaro Gonzalez and Balestena, Sonia Verde, 3489 Boyd St., $50,000.

Ford, John O. and Lizzie to Wallat, Zachary and Amanda, 3343 N. 41st St., $60,000.

Pierce, Carver R. to Alexander, Anthony P., 2871 Binney St., $39,000.


H & S Partnership LLP to Lu, Dah and Gay, Naw, 2816 State St., $155,000.

Golden Realty Investments LLC to Devries, Teresa, 6539 N. 34th St., $80,000.

Reliford, Taletha Jennine to Rodriquez, Anita M., 7503 N. 28th Ave., $120,000.

Samland, Kimberly A. to Gillet, Michelle A., 2569 Vane St., $141,000.

Bucci, Michael E. and Tiffany to Thomson, William Jr. and Jordan L., 3725 King St., $141,000.

Edelman, Quentin and Grace to Cuva, Andrew, 9446 N. 29th St., $185,500.

Moser, David L. to Biz Enterprises LLC, 3421 Forest Lawn Ave., $62,500.


Carpenter, Daniel P. and Lori A. to Longley, Katherine, 824 N. 107th Ave., $105,000.

Frederick Hosman Jr. Irrevocable Trust to McGaughey, Michael Shaun and Page-McGaughey, Amy R., 9009 Farnam St., $760,000.

Wagner, Erik P. and Suzann P. to Wolf, Chad and Hallett, Molly, 111 S. 89th St., $520,000.

Widhalm, Amber and Gordon to Soraya, Azita and Martin, Timothy A., 653 N. 85th St., $157,500.

Knezevic, Andjela and Stevan to 5109 Real Estate LLC, 9919 Harney Parkway, $325,000.

JDS Properties LLC to Robert & Suzette Toelle Living Trust, 1819 N. 74th St., $2,270,000.

Judith A. Walenz Trust to Avenuet, Christopher R. and Trudy L., 8120 Leavenworth St., $450,000.

Mark A. and Kristi J. Frei Revocable Trust to Lawlor, Pat, 617 S. 93rd St., $587,000.

McCarthy, Bonnie K. to Lu, Thanh, 1617 N. 107th Ave., $185,000.

Anderson, Andrea A. and Chiofolo, Mark to Kucirek, Douglas J. and Karen D., 1723 N. 107th St., $116,000.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to REO Asset Management Company LLC, 8315 Nicholas St., $128,001.

Lebron, Renard Luke and Alexandria C. to Ellison, Heidi J. and Equity Trust Company, 8008 Harney St., $491,000.

REO Asset Management Company LLC to HBI LLC, 8315 Nicholas St., $161,500.


Beatus, Brian J. to Anampalli, Santosh Kumar, 4206 N. 172nd St., $186,500.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Edrington, Sarah, 5521 N. 160th Ave., $383,979.

Talmadge, Christopher W. to Belluomini, Christopher, 16081 Manderson St., $295,000.

Bharadwaj, Mohit and Singh, Divya to Johnson, Darren and Rachel, 16026 Butler Ave., $280,000.

Livingston, Kristen L. and Grundke, Eric to Gray, Marshall J. and Patricia, 15364 Sherwood Circle, $285,000.

Peatrowsky, Alan L. and Knutzen-Peatrowsky, Paula D. to Vargas, Brian and Lindsay, 6309 N. 157th St., $313,600.

Schuman, Eric J. and Joanna L. to Umarov, Amirkhon, 16603 Yort Ave., $252,000.

Rutledge, Edgar and Lynn to Crowell, Catherine, 14906 Ohio St., $290,000.

Reynolds, Nathan and Mackenzie to Yost, Nicholas and Keaya, 15052 Lake St., $242,500.

Stessman, Alan J. and Nancy A. to Gunter, Jordan and Stephanie, 17006 Grant St., $399,500.

Meyer, Brice to Ramanathan, Vishnu and Manjularajan, Preetha Govindarajan, 4207 N. 172nd Ave., $185,000.

Ali, Mohsin and Sadia to Mazzuca, Stephen and Terry, 15215 Fowler Ave., $210,000.

Thurston, John W. and Marcia K. to Valetski, Kimberly S., 15112 Himebaugh Ave., $269,000.

Edrington, Sarah to Wesselmann, Vincent Vernon and Kumiko, 17615 Ames Circle, $262,000.

Bateman, Mark L. and Mariarosa P. to Birrell, Matthew and Hong, Nancy, 15476 Ogden Circle, $339,900.

Dorothy M. Storek Revocable Trust and Storek-Cabianca, Amy L., trustee, to Hathoot, Mark, 14916 Wirt St., $187,000.

Mertz, Marilyn D. and John to Marin-Londono, Cristian D. and Perez-Lopera, Sandra L., 16301 Manderson St., $268,500.

Parsons, Randall D. and Julie M. to Subedi, Swadesh and Kahm, Unita, 2432 N. 149th St., $309,000.

Nielsen, Ashlie I. to Metersky, Laura J., 17557 Ames Ave., $218,500.

Han, Megan A. to Winckowski, Danielle, 2902 N. 148th St., $180,000.

Vargas, Brian D. and Lindsay K. to Peters, Martin, 15120 Meredith Ave., $240,000.

Watson, John M. and Jaime M. to Hoffman, Adam D. and Deffanie E., 14909 Queens Drive, $210,000.

Zappavigna, Katherine L. to Henkelman, Barbara J., 15654 Jessie Circle, $302,000.

Advantage Development Inc. to Woodland Homes Inc., 3004 N. 178th St., $72,500.

Hayworth, Dirk A. and Stephanie M. to Kirunda, David, 16453 Patrick Ave., $182,000.

O’Brien, Nicholas P. to Kill, Robert L., 2117 N. 151st Avenue Circle, $248,000.


Hamilius, Raymond L. and Hamilius Cushing, Tracy Lynn, conservator, to South O Roofing Inc., 5125 Q St., $105,100.

Gosch, Clesta Faye to Flood, Robert, 5521 N St., $72,300.

Rytych, Corey D. and Amanda to Ramirez-Nunez, Eliodora, 4723 O St., $79,000.

Goodwin-Merriman, Kathyrn J. and Merriman, David H. to Aviles, Jaime R. Reyes, 5656 S. 49th Ave., $105,000.

Bel Fury Investments Group LLC to Home Team Properties LLC, 5249 S. 52nd St., $49,000.

Smith, Isaac and Lisa K. to Valdez, Justin R., 4864 S. 51st St., $147,000.

Secord, Michael E. to Martinez, Jose E. Leyva, 4309 S. 62nd St., $60,000.


Schaefer, Judith W. and James E. to Blythe, Brent D. and Lesa G., 303 S. 166th St., $675,000.

Docpeck LLC to CQ LLC, 1814 N. 169th Place, $659,000.

O’Brien, Christopher M. and Cape-O’Brien, Cheryl M. to Beerman, James E. and Janet K., 17013 Franklin St., $315,000.

Bushon, Larry G. and Tammy M. to Waite, Kimberly, 1305 N. 170th Ave., $340,000.

M Group LLC to Carlson, Douglas J. and Christine A., 17602 Douglas Circle, $76,900.

Barnhill, Donald C. and Heather T. to Hale, Robert A. and Patricia A., 17820 Harney St., $682,000.

Gray, Jerome E. and Rachel A. to Friend, Patrick and Julie, 16616 Leavenworth St., $431,300.

Zvehla, Diana Glenn to Glenn, John and Sonya, 203 S. 167th St., $289,000.

Kadavath, Hari S. and Arikkath, Jyothi to Hawkswell, Chase and Catherine, 1518 N. 162nd St., $295,000.

Fleischmann, John Ryan and Amanda to Nelson, Eric S. and Angela M., 1624 N. 173rd St., $310,000.

Silverthorn Custom Homes LLC to Marasco, Ralph D., 17502 Douglas St., $610,000.


Ledesma, John A. and Sylvia A. to Miller, Shirley, 8257 Read St., $176,000.

Novotny, Tahler M. and Jared to Spiller, Marlon and Janaun, 10707 Girard St., $185,000.

Yates, Angelita D. to Wiggins, Michael, 8328 Potter St., $130,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Langhofer, Grant D. and Lauren M., 7817 N. 86th Ave., $213,278.

Meneely, Vivian M. to Neeson, Kayla J., 8158 Howell St., $170,000.


Molai, Nezar and Nazar to Lehotyak, John M. II and Anna K., 3034 S. 107th St., $355,000.

Stevens, Kim J. and Lianne O. to Munteanu, Ivan, 1513 S. 98th St., $259,000.

May, James and Lindsay to Antokinsley, Anton Dini Huxley and Benzinger, Ashila Therease, 3209 S. 73rd St., $205,000.


Reuting, Daniel W. and Traci M. to Red Ladder LLC, 10335 V St., $146,000.

Kubat, Francis J. and Frank J. Sr. to Ren, Ziqing, 5823 S. 91st St., $165,000.

Rutten, Evalyn L. and Paul L. to Klamm, Courtney, 96 Country Club Road, $125,000.

Bowen, Gary and Kelli to Pokorny, Jan S. and Theresa C., 7926 Heritage Circle, $280,000.

Traylor, Charles L. and Traci D. to Villanova, Vicki, 7866 Tilford Circle, $149,039.

Larsen, Douglas A. and Woodson, Shelly A. to Arreola, Angel and Maria, 7703 Sunset Drive, $235,000.

Vashon, Lucinda Kay and Timothy J. to Johnson, Mark Alan, 10771 Berry Place, $75,700.

Colangelo, Mark Anthony and Amanda Lynn to Fortier, Aasia, 4941 S. 106th Circle, $210,000.

Brunner, Marc K. and Angela to Waterman, Rob and Heather, 5858 S. 107th St., $190,000.


Siebler, William E. and Abbey L. to Shaw, Adam and Tricia, 19703 William St., $302,500.

Royal Development Inc. to Gudden, Thomas and St. Lucas, Frank, 17618 Frances St., $416,387.

Krempin, Sarah A. and Ryan M. to NEI Global Relocation Company, 16521 Spring Circle, $335,000.

NEI Global Relocation Company to Phillips, Ryan and Brooke, 16521 Spring Circle, $330,000.

Chesen, Mark E. and Andrea to Amiri, John A., 17361 Poppleton Ave., $270,000.

Taute, Brittany S. and Seth to Glissmann, Jeffrey Donald, 16343 Oak Circle, $349,900.

Schulz, Timothy W. and Janet T. to Runge, Curtis R. and Kellie R., 1911 S. 167th Avenue Circle, $250,000.

Luna, Homero to Miller, Patrick and Brooke, 3906 S. 182nd St., $290,000.


Jansma Living Trust and Jansma, Brandon, trustee, to Omaha Dreamvesting LLC, 4038 Charles St., $65,000.

Dodge Holdings LLC to Capellan, Aida C. and Ward, Tyler M., 403 N. 38th St., $80,000.

Hutchison, Elisa to Smith, Robert W. and Denise R., 105 N. 31st Ave., $96,000.


Rumbaugh, David L. and Connie K. to Figy, Sean, 4918 Cass St., $365,000.

Landstrom, Brett J. to Duryee, Marvin and Schlattmann, Shirley, 127 Dundee Ridge Court, $230,000.

Chingren, Cody J. to Bachmann, William, 6402 Western Ave., $216,000.

McCormick, Tonya A. and Bryan to Taadaa Enterprises LLC, 6313 Hamilton St., $100,000.

CT & Son LLC to Conn, Timothy M. and Karen S., 308 S. 50th Ave., $165,000.

Filippini, Kenneth A. and Cynthia R. to Langenhan, John R. and Budreau, Tina M., 6041 Charles St., $207,000.


Kramer, Mary E. to Vaughan, Joshua, 4209 Terrace Drive, $220,000.

Swanson, Anthony and Shannon E. to Rasmussen, Heidi M., 9304 Meredith Ave., $165,000.

Hangman, Robert A. and Mari M. to Bierman, Johnna Helene, 4116 N. 93rd St., $140,000.

Vankat, Christopher and Natalie J. to Paul C. and Mary N. Wachter Revocable Trusts, 10051 Corby St., $231,500.

Hustig, Richard P. and Cynthia S. to Naing, Tin T. and Lin, Htin, 9411 Fowler Ave., $157,000.

Hutcheson, Douglas Craig and Brenda to Manning, Thomas J., 4639 N. 79th St., $186,600.

Roth, Jeanette Ann to Odson, Amy and Josh, 9406 Camden Ave., $136,000.

Dean Properties LLC to Nawojski, Robert, 2306 N. 79th St., $107,000.

Stading, Robert E. and Patricia K. to Steffen, Peggy, 9436 Laurel Circle, $175,000.

Schneider, Jeffrey L. and Mary P. to Antonucci, Glenn, 2018 N. 101st Circle, $311,000.


Howard, Michael J. and Melanie R. to Craven, Craig, 4965 S. 190th Ave., $221,500.

Beckwith, John F. and Sharon L. to Babe, James T. and Victoria L., 16121 Z St., $295,000.

Pierson, Gregory S. and Gebhart, Catherine L. to Gorczynski, Joshua Mark and Sarah Melinda, 5508 S. 174th St., $319,900.

Schmidt, Chad and Sara L. to Earl, Ronald S. and Jessica L., 4524 S. 174th St., $270,000.

Walker, Kimberly L. to Aley, Andrew J., 6127 S. 167th Circle, $216,000.

Reed, Keli S. and Heather to Brison, Jacob and Brittany, 19603 T St., $190,000.

Alexander, Ronald A. and Joanna to Murphy, Thomas and Janelle, 19730 Archer Ave., $365,000.

Burrus, Schuyler R. and Sarah C. to Oles, Jeffrey J. and Gloria J., 5078 S. 186th Ave., $255,000.

Denboer, Jonathan A. and Stephanie A. to Sheppard, Curtis A., 16030 Rolling Ridge Road, $205,000.

Nickels, Steve and Julane to Schapker, Katelyn E., 18207 Hayes Place, $128,000.

Fryman, Mitchel D. and Robin C. to Rangel, Werner E., 19471 U St., $190,000.

Oles, Jeffrey and Gloria to Hebenstreit, Mark, 19255 Holmes St., $197,000.

Goraczkowski, Madonna M. to Engel, Rickie, 17604 Polk St., $240,000.

Klingemann, Benjamin Scott and Ashley Marie to Urban, Joel, 17727 J St., $190,000.

Murphy, Thomas M. III and Janelle N. to Lubeck, Charles and Cassandra, 4162 S. 199th Circle, $299,900.

Goffney, Robert and Felicia to Taylor, Glenn F. and Wanda C., 6709 S. 191st Ave., $186,000.

Stefanelli, Patrick J. and Jill M. to Langer, Jeremy M. and Atwell-Langer, Danee L., 19374 W St., $200,000.

Orso, Shadra A. to Waters, Susan and Sally, 17527 Adams St., $307,000.

Lexicon Government Services LLC to Jones, Nicholas Warren and Heather Laine, 17803 Adams Circle, $337,500.

Kohl, Frank A. and Rhonda L. to Leonard, Denae, 6504 S. 159th St., $268,000.


Mary M. Ream Living Trust to Meier, Michael A. and Rene M., 14011 Monroe St., $122,000.

Royce, Michael S. Sr. and Elaine to Phillips, Matthew and Luers, Lindsay, 15021 Karen Circle, $290,000.

Johnson, Danny L. to Stoll, Katie and Bradley, 5025 Marshall Drive, $153,000.

Styl Properties Inc. to Daeges, Dalton P., 5920 S. 136th St., $137,500.

Prenis, Adam M. and George, Jennifer L. to Workman, Tyler, 6621 S. 137th Circle, $160,000.

Endo, Tsutomu and Geraldine R. to Tran, Nha and Nguyen, Nguyen, 15130 Z St., $156,000.

Anderson, Melissa M. and Bradley R. to Burrus, Schuyler R. and Sarah C., 12626 N St., $185,000.

Hoffman, Adam D. and Deffanie E. to Duermyer, Amanda N. and Foral, Patrick T., 13706 V Circle, $165,000.

Headley, Michael J. and Kathleen F. to Bidrowski, Erik R. and Wilson, Margaret A., 4923 S. 124th St., $186,000.

Pinkerton, Donald and Loretta to Inness, Larry D. and Lilli V., 15477 Stevens Place, $427,500.

Engel, Rickie D. to Shields, William A. and Linda L., 6383 S. 139th Circle, $209,000.

Makovicka, Amy and Soderberg, Joshua to Harrison, Randy, 5609 S. 139th Circle, $161,273.


Mann, Adam M. and Jenee M. to Gark Homes Shv 3 LLC, 11007 Potter St., $180,000.

Lewis Starostka Inc. to Cannon, David and Danyel, 6951 N. 118th Circle, $47,900.

Clarke, Mark A. and Jacobberger-Clarke, Delores to Sattler, Michael J. and Susan G., 11766 Whitmore St., $430,000.

Salter, Charles G. and Joan to Evans, Susan and Ricki, 12251 Ida Place, $245,000.

Weatherly, Matthew and Cara to Fisher, Robert D. and Berry-Fisher, Beaufield B., 7411 N. 108th Ave., $165,000.


Wick, Adam J. and Casey Vermeire to Maxwell, Nathan and Molly, 13717 Shirley St., $222,500.

Joyce E. Sadler Trust and Sadler, Steve R., trustee, to Herrington, Jake, 1844 S. 138th St., $210,000.

Gremm, Curtis C. and Carissa Y. to Rouw, Emily T. and Walter, Travis J., 12877 Valley St., $186,000.

Gaither, Edward W. and Kathy J. to Jones, Tori M. and Thredrice Jr., 1614 S. 138th St., $237,000.

Stearns, Derek James and Kline-Stearns, Alexis to Djemissi, Jennifer, 13914 Hickory St., $190,000.

Jack & Lennie Wollen Family Irrevocable Trust to American Equity LLC, 1804 S. 116th St., $125,000.

Anderson, Steven E. and Tammy L. to Boer, Helen and Derek, 2005 Mayfair Drive, $234,000.

Dickey, Paul E. and Willyne to McClanathan, Andrea, 2104 S. 135th Ave., $206,000.

Kobjerowski, Marilyn, personal representative of Vaughn, Lois C. estate, to Hunter, Antonette M., 3005 S. 109th St., $168,000.

Marasco, Ralph D. to Marasco, Nico Z., 1221 S. 118th St., $325,000.


Sales, Diane to Baird, Graham R. and Jillian C., 5004 Ernst St., $225,000.

Dosen, Brittany E. to Thomas, Christopher Jerod and Tera Lynn, 6812 N. 65th Ave., $154,000.

Nared, Sherri and Brooks, Walter V. to Forney, Katrina and Lemon, Thomas Jr., 6224 Vane St., $167,000.

Dickson, Robert and Amanda to Woodruff, Bridget Anne and Zachary John, 8907 N. 56th Avenue Circle, $305,000.

Olson, O. William and Sandra J. to Basham, Jarrod M. and Ashleigh N., 7088 Girard St., $247,000.

Haase, Robert to Turner, Shelly, 6324 Vane St., $151,000.

Popp, Jory W. and Gloria M. to Arens, Thomas P., 4815 Meyer St., $289,900.


Proulx, Amy K. and Anne E. to Proulx, Anne E. and Sidner, Skyler A., 227 N. 117th Ave., $98,500.

Sayles, Dennis L. III and Erika L. to Hogan, August III, 815 S. 120th Ave., $235,000.

Maas, Benjamin E. and Lindsey L. to Kramer, Mary, 1723 N. 111th St., $166,500.

Carter, Kenneth and Samantha to Cohen, Matthew F. and Jenny B., 12202 Deer Hollow Drive, $305,000.

Kleveter, James E. and Suzanne M. to Ketcham, David and Abbie, 626 S. 123rd St., $238,000.

Hafner, Robert C. and Barbara E. to Rasmussen, Wayne S. and Louise E., 13111 Lafayette Ave., $420,000.

Miller, Ryan Edward and Erica Nicole to Lyons, Krista M., 1641 N. 150th Place, $225,000.

Kullman, John and Paige to Grainger, Julian and Ruehl-Grainger, Tammy, 715 N. 155th St., $250,000.

Bolander, Michaela and Nicholas to McGilley, Peter and Lucy, 1734 N. 129th St., $390,000.

Stauffer, Seth D. and Katherine E. to Pleiss, Steven R. and Suzanne L., 961 Fawn Parkway, $217,500.

Reeves, Kara and Kyle to Talcott, Sean M. and Ryan, Erin L., 12419 Farnam St., $455,000.

Stahlecker, Jay and Danielle to Parayno, Roderick and Michaun, 337 S. 127th St., $359,000.

Quinn, Jamie to Veldhouse, Nicki J., 11229 Jackson St., $180,000.


James H. Rood Living Trust to Weathers, Monique, 11705 Raleigh Drive, $175,000.

Crowell, David, personal representative of Crowell, Deryl D. estate to Jackson, Daniel and Wanda, 13813 Sprague St., $225,000.

Dailey, Ruth L. to Marian, Michael and Michaela, 4304 N. 140th St., $260,000.

Barker, Jason W. and Kaitlyn to Madsen, Andrew, 12118 Erskine Circle, $222,000.

Earl, Ronald Scott and Jessica L. to Peters, Marc Thomas and Perez, Ana Laura Garrido, 11112 Laurel Circle, $175,000.

Gary & Kathryn Salerno Trust to Delong, James E. and Karen M., 13430 Erskine St., $285,000.

Loucks, Patrick M. and Erin W. to Wheeler, J. Tucker and Sandra J., 13815 Larimore Ave., $370,000.

Bhatt, Bhakta and Sajana Adhikari to James, Greg D. and Lucy F., 6408 N. 131st St., $184,000.

Feldman, Nancy, personal representative of Snyder, Deborah K. estate to Thies, Alicia and Troy, 2141 N. 122nd Circle, $163,000.

Boer, Derek A. and Helen to Kamphaus, Jacob N., 12918 Laurel Ave., $178,000.

Sirineni, Gopi and Guddanti, Bhargavi to Richard and Sharon Paul Inc., 3335 N. 141st St., $670,000.

Bridge, Nicole Lee to Flowers, Sagda L., 5408 N. 128th St., $175,000.

* * *

Sarpy County


JAH LLC to Panzi, Jessica, 1209 Sunny Lane, $149,000.

Ross, Daniel J. and Lisa to Tucker, Thomas James, 306 Rushton Drive, $185,000.

Streck, Johan P.G. and Deanna L. to Dunn, Silas and Elizabeth, 504 M.M. Kountze Memorial Drive, $198,000.

Gray, Michael and Gau, James to Sumpter, S. Dusk, 1209 Potter Road, $162,000.

Hatch, Erica J. and Krister J. to Ingraham, Marc E., 601 Louisiane Circle, $270,000.

Macias, Sonia G. to Hoenshell, Joshua K. and Taylor Marie, 1508 Sycamore St., $273,000.

Heenan, John Francis III and Mistique Angelene to Steve Molnar Trust and Molnar Investments 401K Trust, 2203 Thomas Drive, $98,000.

Brinkerhoff, David and White, Lynn to Pena, Alberto Sr. and Mayra, 1709 Cascio Drive, $165,000.

H & S Partnership LLP to Brodecky, Adam, 1001 Colorado St., $165,000.

Monson, Mary Kathryn L. to Barker, Joshua and Crary, Laura, 603 Martin Drive North, $272,000.

Rhode, Gene, personal representative of Krepel, William estate, to Best Price Homebuyers LLC, 203 Bellevue Blvd N., $115,000.


Wohlers, Michael L. to Simoneau, Linda K., 610 Pawnee Drive, $125,000.

Seeba, Thomas J. to Brunberg, Gary Lee and Vivian Alice, 20706 Cedar Circle, $245,000.

Marc David Custom Homes to Johnston, Douglas A., 7802 S. 197th St., $313,000.

Wilkins, Brian M. and Brianne N. to Thomlison, Lawrence R. and Jennifer L., 19510 Redwood St., $325,000.

FRK Development II LLC to Judy Ann Hoch Revocable Living Trust, 12012 S. 230th Circle, $180,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Allan, Daniel John and Kristen Robyn, 17088 Christensen Road, $311,000.

Mueller, Craig Allan, personal representative of Mueller, Donald Arthur estate, to Nickerson, Daniel and Anita, 18915 Walnut Drive, $165,000.

Pache Ferency, Kristina K. and Ferency, Andrew Michael Jr. to Wilburn, Jason, 11320 S. 199th St., $272,000.

Halker, Naeson H. and Lisa G. to Evans, Richard J. and Michele R., 20905 Oak St., $250,000.


Williams, Tyler and Cassandra to Chartrand, Daniel P. and Rachel Ward, 2403 Ridgeview Drive, $260,000.

Martin, Lisa R. to Maynes, John K., 1102 Sherman St., $198,000.

Tamisiea, Theodore J. and Katie M. to Alexander, Ronald and Joanna, 7625 Legacy St., $390,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Todd, Donald L. and Patricia M., 10322 S. 123rd Ave., $435,000.

Todd, Donald L. and Patricia M. to Ciochon, Mark A. and Trina L., 1111 Parc Drive, $190,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Visty, Annisa, 11001 Cove Hollow Drive, $259,000.

Privitera, Andrew and Jordan to McCoy, Heidi and Aaron, 12418 S. 81st Ave., $415,000.

VKB Properties LLC to Davis, Cody and Nicole, 1103 Roland Drive, $330,000.

Wilmert, Justin Michael and Kelsey L. to Dayan, Eric M. and Kelsey A., 521 Bonnie Ave., $225,000.

Searls, Nathaniel and Bridgett M. to Fretz, Eric A. and Kimberly K., 1003 Clearwater Drive, $375,000.

Baker, James W. and Mary C. to Treitl, Arthur A. and Rusu, Ioana, 2109 Marilyn Drive, $230,000.

B. Kristine White Revocable Trust to Koch, Janelle and Brian, 808 N. Fillmore St., $322,000.

McAllister, Ryan and Amanda to Jorgensen, Jason L. and Emily N., 10612 S. 110th Ave., $270,000.


Moore, Richard A. and Judith A. to Jackson, Brent and Jeanene, 13003 Jennifer St., $334,000.


Gramercy Homes LLC to Adams, Mariah and Pollett, Zachary, 3810 Gayle Ave., $145,000.

Leimbacher, Jacob and Katie to VanStralen, Steve and Samani, Julie, 11609 Lilley Lane, $230,000.

Johnson, Kevin N. and Sarah L. to Farrar, Christopher and Olivia, 9803 S. 22nd Circle, $190,000.

Vonderharr, Steven and Donna to Egan, James William and Shurila, Rebecca, 2013 Crappie Cove, $140,000.

Bozzi, Sean Zachary and Kelly to Stevenson, David and Amy, 9803 S. 24th St., $210,000.

Hoenshell, Joshua Kyle and Taylor to Rowell, Leah, 4407 Brook St., $212,000.

King, Kristopher R. and Devin to Mahl, Nirmaljeet and Gill, Ravneet, 14509 S. 25th Avenue Circle, $185,000.

James G. III and Nancy G. Caldwell Living Trust to Sotak, Michael K. and Leanne M., 17105 Bojanski Drive, $115,000.

Hancock, David W. and Jennifer E. to Woodruff, Joni S. and Mason, Robert W., 4314 Mark St., $263,000.

Olagunju, Amanda Ebun and Angela to Wright, Desmond E., 13712 S. 17th St., $295,000.

Hatfield, Taylor Jean to Ross, Dan and Lisa, 2603 Arrowhead Lane, $197,000.

Strider International Inc. to Amigos Market LLC, 7616 S. 28th St., $100,000.

Anderson, Thomas N. and Peggy A. to Scholfield, Charles Edwin Jr. and Danielle English, 13508 S. 43rd St., $325,000.

Dalabeck Rentals LLC to Krueger, Christopher L. and Heather A., 10810 Lewis and Clark Road, $241,000.

Helsel, Paul R. Jr. and Melissa to Bozzi, Sean and Kelly, 13814 S. 43rd Ave., $232,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Harrah, Wesley J. and Heaton, Michele C., 14310 S. 17th St., $260,000.

Happe, David R. and Jane Hall to Savage, Rachel Mary, 3301 Sheridan Road, $212,000.

Duerksen, Rose and Nathan to Heartland Holdings B LLC, 2804 Jack Pine St., $130,000.

Correll, Kevin L. and Robin S. to Antonson, Shannon L. and Neil W., 13701 S. 44th St., $295,000.

Decker, Nick and Cara to Hernandez, Jose L. Negron, 10013 S. 10th St., $205,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Clark, John R. and Raika Ann Gertrude V., 1706 Mesa St., $303,000.

Williams, Nicholas M. and Karissa J. to Nolte, Nicholas and Rempe, Kylee, 14108 S. 21st St., $275,000.

Greendyke, William R., personal representative of Withers, Myrtle estate, to Kemmish, Jadara Angelica and Spencer D., 13703 Tregaron Drive, $265,000.


Debra M. Lucas Living Trust to Servant, Brian R. and Jennifer M., 8136 S. 92nd Ave., $321,000.

K&B Associates to Mejia-Robles, Alejandra and Ramos, Alexis, 7708 Terry Drive, $152,000.

Beck, Donald E. to Albers, Timothy Gerald and Danae, 8806 Bayberry Road, $160,000.

Montejano, Raymond to Whitten, Steven L., 7902 Cottonwood Ave., $160,000.

Bandars, Heath A. to Schlegel, Brandon E., 7008 Emiline St., $113,000.


Pivovar, Amy and Greg to Piratzky, Alexander Richard, 2113 Eagle Crest Drive, $305,000.

Watson, Thomas F. and Deborah K. to Julie A. Vesper Living Trust, 5005 Fountain Drive, $295,000.

Kern, Roland J. and Carrie L. to Anglin, Robert Thomas and Courtney Deann, 4609 Edgerton Drive, $278,000.

Surita, Jose R. Jr. and Michelle M. to Larsen, Brian Matthew and Christiane Suzanne, 2811 Leigh Lane, $345,000.

Dejac, Connor and Nikole to Murray, Jennifer and Nick, 13818 S. 47th St., $225,000.

Hubell Homes of Omaha LLC to Rudy, Mary Gossen, 5162 Waterford Avenue Circle, $374,000.

Carter, Greg E. and Talena M. to Ouch, Jody, 1508 Charleston Drive, $196,000.

Musanovic, David and Melita to Grabenschroer, Michael and Carol, 611 Tupelo Lane, $208,000.

Alexander, Michael B. and Ann E. to Sweeney, Thomas P. and Susan A., 125 Oakmont Plaza, $438,000.

Sweeney, Thomas P. and Susan A. to Weeks, Brad and Catherine, 318 Castle Pine Drive, $288,000.


Slavik, John and Melissa to Hernandez, Francisco, 19069 Robin Drive, $235,000.

Gomez, Gale J. to Gernhart, Gary, 6907 S. 177th St., $157,000.

Clark, Michael D. and Kloberdanz, Kate L. to Johnston, Jeffrey S. and Adele M., 16906 Greenfield St., $295,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Janovich, Jennifer and Moustakes, Gregory, 8010 S. 184th Terrace, $327,000.

River Oaks Development LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 7837 S. 185th St., $38,000.

Rathert, Margaret Mary and Nelson to Miller, John L. and Sheila J., 9810 S. 175th Circle, $293,000.

Sloup, William J. Jr. and Sheryl A. to Loftus, Dorothy, 16324 Josephine St., $279,000.

Brache, Michael E. and Amber L. to Chase, Shane M. and Melissa D., 18605 Hoich Drive, $329,000.

Jeffrey B. and Gina A. Magee Trust to Fagan, Michael J. and Katie L., 18720 Edna St., $350,000.

Fix, Kenneth Arnold III and Emilie to Overman, Jacob and Beth, 7101 S. 162nd Ave., $305,000.

Hughes, Brian J. to Johnson, Noel D. and Loren E., 7904 S. 157th St., $185,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Stika, Mary Jo and Frank J. III, 7917 S. 184th Ave., $303,000.

Lane, Andrea D. and Curtus J. to Gassmann, John P. and Jaime N., 9615 S. 171st Ave., $315,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Meyer, Tiffany and Tatreau, Mike, 8514 S. 169th St., $308,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Price, Rachel M. and Shane J., 7904 S. 184th Terrace, $277,000.

Frehse, Craig M. and Tamara A. to Holland, Danielle S., 16863 Aurora St., $262,000.


Cummings, Kathleen A. and Dewey, Timothy H. and Freese, Janice Lea to Beckman, Brent Dale and Lori Louise, 9020 David Circle, $110,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Chong, Michael and Suzanna, 11511 Shepard St., $338,000.

Werner, Spencer Edward and Dawn Kathryn to Cribbs, Charles, 13214 Slayton St., $165,000.

Remmes, Ryan P. and Tisha L. to Martin, Jared D. and Kaylee M., 13312 Chandler Court, $220,000.


Karre, Carly M. and Erik to Kendall, Randal and Amy, 3924 High Meadows Lane, $111,000.

Tu, Jeff and Anthony S. to Garcia, Jesus Zendejas, 2826 Lillian St., $115,000.

Cordell, Timothy M. and Kendra A. to Baker, James and Mary, 2026 Gindy Circle, $270,000.

Murcek, Richard, personal representative of Murcek Joanne M. estate, to Orchard, Arthur Scott, 7303 S. 41st Terrace, $110,000.


Bossman, David William and Dorothy Marie to Hernandez, Transito E. Erazo and De Erazo, Zulma G. Ayala and Erazo, Gilberto and Arreaga, Orbelina, 8003 S. 46th St., $176,000.

Neal, Lanetta Rose to Navarrete, Miguel and Saudith, 7606 Sun Valley Drive, $175,000.

Silva, Hector M. to Acevedo Hernandez, Alvaro and Megan, 4851 Virginia St., $170,000.

Orchard, Arthur S. and Crystal D. to Shoup, Kinsley, 7156 S. 53rd St., $170,000.

Rosenbalm, Jeremy J. and Jennifer M. to Darga, Emanuel G., 4953 Logan Lane, $240,000.

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