Douglas County


Richland Homes LLC to Petersen, Andrew M. and Whitney J., 7738 N. 158th St., $296,965.

Foltz, Christopher F. and Jennifer L. to Kinnaird, James S. and Jamie C., 16011 Lindenwood Circle, $247,000.

Schmitt, Nicholas J. and Viviana to Lane Building Corp., 17408 Bondesson St., $32,000.

Sweetbriar Syndicate LLC to Venture Homes LLC, 11826 N. 178th Circle, $89,000.

Getzschman, Geoff to Huff, Joseph Mitchell, 15435 Davidson St., $187,000.

Haase, Jennifer J. to Lempke, Loren, 429 N. Molley St., $180,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Russell, Erin M., 7181 N. 166th St., $300,542.

Urlaub, Mark to Root, Bradley Deon and Megan Glover, 14537 Mormon St., $182,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Seeber, Scott C. and Melanie M., 16333 Potter St., $286,500.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Riddle, Sarah C. and Jeffrey M., 8003 Kilpatrick Parkway, $303,267.

Waterford Development LLC to Sierra Homes and Kronaizl Investments LLC, 7205 N. 148th St., $50,000.

Wilkins, Samuel and Kelli to Rider, Jason A. and Christina M., 15411 Tucker St., $180,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Woldegiorgis, Daniel T. and Gebremichael, Woinshet W., 7309 N. 163rd St., $310,558.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Turner, Jamal D. and Alexiss N., 7709 N. 144th Ave., $190,476.


Trademark Homes Inc. to Le, Sen Cong and Tran, Thi Tu, 18609 Sahler St., $376,000.

Cambridge Homes LLC to Pham, Tony T. and Pham-Carr, Breana, 2505 N. 188th St., $526,123.

Kavan Homes Inc. to Dasari, Sasikanth and Dyavanapalli, Mounica, 2522 N. 191st Ave., $279,900.

Matrix Properties LLC to Landry, Shaun J. and Danielle L., 18520 Jackson Circle, $355,000.

KRT Construction Inc. to Masching, Robert and Tammi, 1212 S. 211th St., $600,000.

Heintzman, Elizabeth to Sullivan, Jennie Marie, 18080 Jones St., $297,500.

Rowell, Chris and Caroline to Arwood, Christopher J. and Krzak, Stefanie, 1712 S. 207th Ave., $416,000.

Coventry Ridge LLC to Trademark Homes Inc., 20927 Drexel St., $62,000.

Walk, Louis B. and Kathleen A. to Hirsch, Daniel Orlin Jr. and Marta, 21517 Arbor St., $300,000.

Nora A. Stratman Family Trust and Knickrehm, Craig A., trustee, to Peters, Daniel J. and Linda M., 1107 N. 184th St., $395,000.

Fireside Construction Co. LLC to Allen, Todd and Sarah, 3756 N. 189th Ave., $53,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Peters, Jeff and Megan, 4218 N. 207th St., $363,382.

Kohlmeyer, Debra J. to Russell, John D. and Meadors, Diana M., 540 S. 205th St., $430,000.

Stacy, Bruce W. and Rhonda L. to McInturf, William A. and Lanelle J., 1302 N. 183rd Ave., $350,000.

Coventry Ridge LLC to Menicucci, Ronnie and Kimberly, 20931 Drexel St., $62,000.

Flipping Flanagans LLC to Scarff, Emily K., 609 Skyline Drive, $280,000.

Weiss, Mark W. and Linda M. to Clarke, Lana H., 3405 S. 228th St., $280,000.


Masching, Robert J. and Tammi S. to Dana, Conner Austin and Kimberly Jo, 75 Peppermill Point, $560,000.


Maxine M. Wilkins Revocable Trust to Swift, Laura E. and Todd R., 503 Waterloo Drive, $445,000.


Reh, Hsue to Lue, Pu and Win, Ma Tha, 4216 N. 55th Ave., $120,000.

Ninja LLC to Mensah Investments LLC, 4764 Meredith Ave., $18,000.

Cesh LLC to Alvarado, Vincent Elias, 5721 Manderson St., $135,000.

Templeton, Linda S. to Rothlisberger, Jeffrey, 4923 Decatur St., $80,000.

Evans, Linda M. to Peters, Samantha, 2448 Fontenelle Blvd., $92,000.

La, Maung and Htoo, Ler to Tow, Saw, 4679 Kansas Ave., $115,000.

HBI LLC to Paw, Di Na, 4663 N. 45th Ave., $167,000.

Carlson, Julie A. to Devaney, Doug F. and Elizabeth E., 2504 N. 61st St., $123,000.

Ruff, Donald G. and Lori to Vogel, Ryan and Sarah, 4852 Grant St., $74,000.

French, Torrey L. and Christine M. to Htoo, Hsar Kwe and Paw, Sabay, 6711 Parkview Lane, $165,000.

Offerman-Cooley, Lisa A., personal representative of Hoffman, Anita Y. estate, to Lay, Kyaw and Htoo, Law Ba, 4826 Grand Ave., $89,950.

Vacanti, Sharon, personal representative of Zimmermann, Phyllis E. estate, to Thay, Myay and Eh, 4118 N. 55th St., $129,950.

Bravo, Jessica to Pettid, James, 7070 Binney St., $40,250.

Heartland Financial Estates LLC to APM Properties LLC, 6525 Emmet St., $84,000.

Schnitker, Terry W. to 1017 Properties LLC, 2733 N. 49th St., $25,000.

Janovich, James and Courtney to Janovich, Daniel T., 4529 Curtis Ave., $40,000.

Puckett, Matthew and Colleen to Goeken, Eric C., 1714 N. 59th St., $220,000.

Citizens Bank to Gulseth Properties LLC, 5619 Northwest Drive, $90,200.

Krohn, Martha I. to Krohn, Joshua A. and Kathleen M., 2719 N. 65th St., $64,357.

Wulff, Jacqulyn A. to Schulte, James E. and Jane M., 2024 N. 49th St., $162,500.

Strachan, Madeline to 5109 Real Estate LLC, 5908 Browne St., $62,500.


Callahan, William Alan and Romero, Lina Dominique Sierra to Bellamini Properties LLC, 2915 Mason St., $71,000.

Thomas M. Cold Revocable Trust to Gilbatrar LLC, 1315 S. 30th Ave., $75,000.

Kuhn, William L. Jr. to Kirkman, Nathan and Becker, Jordan, 3165 Jackson St., $56,000.


Riggs, Lou Ellen, personal representative of Whipple, Gertrude V. estate, to Walling, Patricia K., 6024 Oak St., $145,000.

Vandewalle, Adam and Samantha to Munger, Natalie, 2405 S. 48th Ave., $159,900.

Christian, Connor and Rachel to Cottrell, James and Chelsea, 5624 Briggs St., $265,000.

Riddle, Sarah Christine and Jeff to Gittler, Blake, 5610 Spring St., $123,000.

4681 Pacific Street LLC to Kenney, Maureen, 4681 Pacific St., $165,000.

Robert J. & Bernyce M. Wagman Living Trust to Vanmoorleghem, CJ and Rebecca, 2722 S. 48th St., $161,000.


Cano, Roman and Urdiales, Anita to Dynamic Properties LLC, 3921 Q St., $60,000.

HHTP1 LLC to Bayne, Heather and Kameron, 4106 U St., $128,400.

Flores, Rosaura and Martinez, Eladio to Onate, Lino Jr. and Lisa, 3635 U St., $100,000.

O & V Properties LLC to Smith, Aaron James and Brayman-Smith, Beth, 1912 M St., $104,400.

Ramos, Hilario and Cervantes, Maria De La Luz to Ramos-Cervantes, Diana, 3502 Y St., $132,000.

Matthias Land Holdings LLC to Sidzyik, Daniel Lee, 4373 J St., $19,500.

Cabada, Jose and Hernandez, Agustina Rivera to SJ Mora LLC, 2105 J St., $88,000.

Tokheim, Richard and Cari to Villezcas, Jesus and Irma, 1306 Garfield St., $80,000.

Zaragosa, John and Kathleen to Your Property Solution LLC, 4209 S. 23rd St., $30,000.

Dubas, Dorothy to Joval Construction LLC, 6254 S. 38th St., $83,500.

Jeffers, Charlie to Vincent Muniz Sr. Revocable Trust, 2859 Washington St., $14,000.

Zaragosa, John and Kathleen to Your Property Solution LLC, 4207 S. 23rd St., $30,000.

Jura, Ruby G. to Jura, Ruby G. and Fregoso, Adonna, 2547 Y St., $11,667.

Ortgiesen, Rodney F. and Denise E. to Amaya, Amado and Bessy, 4328 S. 38th St., $104,400.


Black Thumb Group Inc. to Novak, Jon, 1232 S. 13th St., $450,000.

Gelnette, John A. Jr. and Elizabeth M. to Marchese, Nicole and Neira, Terrance, 1925 S. 15th St., $100,000.

Scronce, Rebecca E. to Red Ladder LLC, 3003 S. 21st St., $15,000.


PP Prop 1 LLC to Village Alliance Group LLC, 6141 N. 24th St., $113,000.

Cesh LLC to Givehand, Autumn, 6333 N. 24th St., $120,000.


Gregory, Sonnette V. to Rothlisberger, Jeffrey, 3724 Laurel Ave., $20,000.

Deanery Partners LLC to Petties Management LLC, 4534 N. 36th Ave., $30,000.

Scales, Dorothy M. to Fuerte, Oliverio Reyes and Gomez, Gabriela E., 3510 Grand Ave., $36,000.

Buchanan, Marta L. to Buchanan, Marta L. and Harris, Laurie, 4210 Lake St., $41,750.


Shenkle, Colby and Rachel to Coldanghise, Joseph R. and Huang, Xuecheng, 2452 Mary St., $120,500.

Deman, Kenneth R. and Carol to DRC Properties LLC, 3041 Newport Ave., $60,000.


Wilson, Wayne and Gorman, Gwendolyn to Wilkening, Timothy Daniel, 517 S. 88th St., $485,000.


JHBF LLC to Advantage Development Inc., 3205 N. 177th St., $65,000.

Gray, Jes L. and Kristen N. to Nella, Matthew Lawrence, 5179 N. 144th Court, $181,000.

Russell, Robert V. and Erin M. to Stevens, Nolan and Diane, 14632 Ellison Ave., $300,000.

Franzen, John and Marcellene to Ambridge, Matthew R. and Michelle J., 17607 Erskine St., $393,000.

Gazaway, Jessica, personal representative of Wachdorf, Michael F. estate, to Rutledge, Edgar, 14906 Ohio St., $167,500.

Faulkner, Michelle R. to Townsend, Michael Royce and Christine Anne, 6511 N. 160th Ave., $340,000.

Chasteen, Robert and Jaclyn to Rebling, James Bruce, 17570 Grand Ave., $236,000.

Worner, Kyle P. and Amanda J. to Benson, Jacob L. and Heidi N., 4227 N. 176th St., $345,000.

Khadka, Rohit and Andrea M. to Howser, Christopher C. and Emily, 16918 Redman Ave., $190,000.

Dlima, Eloiza and Flores, Jose Antonio Jr. to Humphrey, Cory and Jessica, 6611 N. 148th St., $222,000.

Mackie, Gary L. to Rainey, Sarah, 5156 N. 144th Court, $170,000.

HBI LLC to Rubink, Michelle and Richelle, 14522 Grand Ave., $260,000.


Monjaraz, Juan J. Elias to Sanchez, Oscar, 4855 O St., $165,500.

Tate, Daniel J. and Hannah R. to Jensen, Bradley Young, 5002 S. 59th St., $165,750.

Uzel, Joseph J. Jr. and Phyllis J. to Modlin, Jeffrey K., 4716 S. 46th Ave., $105,000.

Origel-Lopez, Esperanza to Bennett, Emily E. and Matthew J., 6812 S. 48th St., $180,000.


Heartland Holdings A LLC to McConnell, Sean M., 15717 Western Ave., $225,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Tokle, Cole B., 8342 Hanover St., $196,768.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Friend, Shea M. and Denise K., 8455 Baker St., $191,811.

Mixan, Nicholas J. and Nicole to Walker, Charmaine and Gbekin, Pancrace, 8928 Wyoming St., $257,000.

Wyscarver, Amanda J. to APM Properties LLC, 7617 Newport Ave., $114,971.


Epperson, Heath and Kristin to Prucka, Chris, 7611 Nina St., $150,000.

Tonniges, Christopher Jay and Buchanan, Lindsey R. to Vanostrand, Chad and Wilson, Whitney, 1602 S. 75th St., $345,000.

Cooper, Patti B. to Vencil, Trenton R. and Blair, 1313 S. 96th St., $352,500.

Zych Construction LLC to Rainbolt, Pat and Ashley, 3339 S. 105th Ave., $300,000.


McCormick, Thomas M. Jr. and Maureen K. to Tejral, Lucas and Gina, 9340 Y St., $225,000.

Zarinkhel, Taher to Johnson, Christopher and Julie, 10547 O St., $155,000.

Lough, Matthew to Thompson Gordon, Sherrie and Gordon, Jameson M., 8220 Oakwood St., $150,000.

Santamaria, Jose Antonio and Nancy Galdamez to Diaz, Dabid Solorio, 5417 S. 105th St., $167,375.


Johnston, Douglas A. and Tamra L. to Marcelin, Alberto and Jasmine, 19291 Briggs St., $500,000.

Hallquist, Robert V. and Lois A. to Eisenach, Patricia B. and John D., 19918 Nina St., $320,000.

Huston, Laura L. to Solan, Teryn N. and Nevin, Rachel A., 19003 Atlas St., $237,000.

Perriraz, Jon Keith to Hale, Sue, 1322 S. 163rd Ave., $194,000.


Private Market Investments LLC to Suiter, Colin and Sindelar, Katherine, 3631 California St., $195,000.

Creighton University to Huber, Kristen A. and Mark, 3202 California St., $180,000.

Lopez, Jorge Omar and Rodriguez, Elizabeth Najera to Loya, Geronimo Raul and Teresa, 1033 N. 33rd St., $53,000.


Elmwood Real Estate LLC to Cantrell, Emily, 666 N. 59th St., $475,000.

Vasko, Ted E. and Jennifer J. to Zan Properties LLC, 4628 Capitol Ave., $77,000.


Zimmer, Joseph D. and Mindy A. to Burley, Robert E., 3806 N. 99th Circle, $173,000.

Lincoln, Mary K., personal representative of Dundis, Alphonse C. estate, to Ellis, Teresa L., 2018 N. 99th St., $165,000.

Siragusa, Patrick to Hoeft, Amanda, 6308 N. 75th St., $120,000.

Quigley, Larry N. to Toelle, Trevor and Christiana, 2715 Kimberly Drive, $185,000.

Versch, George L., personal representative of Dixon, Rose M. estate, to Palos, Martin Hernandez, 7617 Sherman Drive, $89,000.

Heartland Holdings A LLC to Guerrero, Rogelio Jr. and Hernandez-Islas, Jessica, 9306 Ames Ave., $168,000.


Cunningham, Nancy J. to Heinrich, Ronald G. and Andrea M., 5013 S. 190th St., $195,000.

Savoie, Patrick H. and Shasta to Dwyer, Daniel J. and Mandee J., 17486 Orchard Ave., $519,500.

Milford, Karie L. to Kelley M. Tatreau Revocable Trust, 19610 T St., $235,000.

Luo, Jiangtao and Wang, Yanpin to Pichler, Evan D. and Samantha J., 5710 S. 160th St., $330,000.

Taylor, Christopher and Whitney to Harrill, Mitchell G. and Jessica R., 4308 S. 176th St., $325,000.

Sis, Brenton to Jennifer Pratt Henry Trust, 6217 S. 191st St., $239,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Feilner, Derek Glenn and Laura Dee, 19953 Polk St., $311,685.


Burton, Paula A. and Michael to Doll, Kayleen A., 14816 N St., $185,000.

Updike, Jules H. and Ashley to Rikalo, Adela, 15218 Adams St., $180,000.

Fryatt, Joseph W. and Lindsee N. to Jorgensen, Shilo L. and Sanchez, Andrea M., 15469 Summerwood Drive, $255,000.

Beer, Travis to Frank, Steven D., 11304 Y St., $175,000.

Slosson, Donna K. to Thompson, John and Regnier, Jacqueline S., 4998 Oaks Lane, $184,500.

Solis, Jennifer A. to Cornett, Cody M., 13580 W Circle, $207,000.

Feder, David F. and Mary A. to Free, Michael J. and Marcia M., 4656 S. 148th St., $205,000.

Westergard, Vicki L. to Flipping Flanagans LLC, 4959 S. 134th St., $155,000.

King, Carol E. to Muilenburg-Hasselman, Andrew D. and Risley, Brandy N., 11129 U St., $177,000.


Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Greckel, Gary L. and Lori A., 11568 Scott St., $386,346.


Daniel Quinlan and Nancy Parra-Quinlan Revocable Real Estate Trust to Huber, Jennifer G., 3387 S. 115th St., $197,000.

Babcock, Marsha L. and Glaser, Bernard Jr. to Blomstedt, Phillip and Babcock Blomstedt, Jodee, 12799 Grover St., $130,000.

Leiva, Joaquin H. and Fulvia to Dudley, Bione A. and Anderson, Michael S., 15239 Pasadena Ave., $185,000.

Siedlyk, Leon L. to Wickey, Megan N., 11905 Skylark Drive, $126,900.

Nodskov, Paul and Hannah to Comp, Tanner L. and Courtney M., 2929 S. 118th St., $175,000.


Reining, Jerry Lee to Janovich, James and Courtney, 4656 Redick Ave., $112,500.


Wilcox, Kyle and Danielle to Chouinard, Matthew R. and Scahill, Laura E., 11635 Ruggles St., $232,500.

Kusleika, Cory A. to Ingram, Ashley, 12906 Vernon Ave., $175,000.

Becker, Dustin Brandon to Wunder, Calvin J., 2425 N. 112th St., $170,000.

Berger, Kelli J. and Zachary to Houlton, Kevin P., 10915 Ellison Ave., $150,576.

Graves, Rebecca S. to Holman Properties LLC, 11577 Rambleridge Road, $131,000.

Franklin, Tyrone C. and Whitney R. to Bogard, Sherri, 11117 Martin Ave., $181,600.

Herbert, Brian and Jennifer to Sassen, Kaitlyn M. and William, 11318 Grant Circle, $172,000.

Dammit, Janet O. and Robinson, Larai M. to Siefert, Alexander and Gabriella, 5017 N. 139th St., $290,000.

Sarpy County


Schuster, Scott and Laura to Kistler, Charles L. and Amy R., 201 Mildred Court, $181,000.

Horne, Jason E. and Valenti, Cortney to Bills, Kimberly N. and Matthew A., 106 Leisure Lane, $99,000.

Upchurch, Charles L. and Charity H. to Alas, Mario D. Jimenez, 811 Bellevue Blvd. N., $188,000.


Stabenow, Jordan C. and Billie J. to Luke, Alexander G. and Holly M., 11319 S. 210th Ave., $190,000.

Blackwell, Mary Catherine and Robinson, John David II to Ehlers, Gary G. and Mary L., 17300 S. 192nd St., $441,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Malakar, Rabindra K. and Shrestha, Sakuntala, 16909 Doreen St., $266,000.

Martinsen, Aaron M. and Sara R. to White, Tyler D. and Martinsen, Sara R., 19812 Bellbrook Blvd., $271,000.


Inspired Investments LLC to Bowers, Bruce and Brenda, 705 E. Cary St., $216,000.

Desordi, Steven P. and Janice M. to Kreps, Christopher and Jennifer, 12570 S. 81st Ave., $350,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Arrance, Thomas H. and Lindsay M., 11008 Superior Drive, $319,000.

Smithberg, Maureen K. to Hoeni, Keith and Youn, Sarah, 1114 Crest Circle, $223,000.

Piccolo, Fred J., personal representative of Piccolo, Anthony J. estate, to Field, Ronald E. and Helen Y., 2012 Corn Drive, $206,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Tran, Nga, 11032 Cove Hollow Circle, $341,000.

Ingram, Brady and Stacey to Creech, Andrew, 721 N. Aberdeen Drive, $290,000.

Rivera, Jordan and Kaitlyn to Payne, John L. and Jacquelean M., 10605 S. 110th St., $290,000.

Watts, Kevin and Nicole to Book, Timothy E. and Julie A., 2231 Stillwater Drive, $353,000.

Brokofsky, Roderick L. and Ellen F. to Neal, Thomas D. and Bridget M., 1105 Roland Drive, $300,000.


Martenson, Jason and Megan to Andrade, Bryan, 560 Elm St., $184,000.

Marc David Custom Built Homes to Martenson, Jason L. and Megan E., 605 N. 10th Ave., $294,000.

Shamrock Builders LLC to Corbett, Chad E. and Laura E., 1020 Hazel Lane, $393,000.


Barber, Corey and Lacy to Maaiah, Nadir and Muwanas, Lama, 3514 Glory Circle, $160,000.

Bao, Libei and Cai, Lizhi to Morales, Leo R. and Lea Ginarose A., 10707 S. 26th St., $195,000.

O’Quinn, Shane Michael and Katie Lynn to Sammons, Gabe, 3736 Gayle Ave., $115,000.

Grajczyk, Douglas Philip and Leah Kay to Potts, Anne Marie and John Stephen IV, 13310 S. 27th Circle, $230,000.

Lee, Mack D. and Karen A. to Rodney A. & Beatrice L. Feliciano Trust, 14509 S. 24th St., $230,000.

Renshaw, Rebecca to Bader Construction LLC and Broome, Pamela, 917 Sycamore St., $146,000.

Andersen, Anthony Daniel and Kathryn Louise to Barker, Kendall, 3504 Daniell Circle, $210,000.

Hayes, Christopher B. and Kathryn O. to Shirley, Keith A. and Lillian S., 1909 Yorktown St., $185,000.

Lawson, Robert P. and Jennifer R. to Beers, Kyle and Piel, Trenton, 13706 S. 14th St., $240,000.

Slabaugh, Randy J. and Brenda C. to Calabrese, Kyle, 3503 Sheridan Circle, $213,000.


Steffes, Paul and Ronette to Schettler, Mary Lisa, 7104 Pine Drive, $192,000.

Powell, John Lee and Cassie to Hinrichs, Leanne R., 7918 Hillcrest Lane Court, $200,000.

Harris, Paula D. to Healy, Mark R., 7709 Marisu Lane Court, $135,000.

Diaz, Ronald J., successor trustee of Judy A. Manzer Living Trust, to Diaz, Aaron M. and Amy E., 7735 Wildwood Court, $150,000.


Magee, Thomas N. and Heather E. to Kehs, Mason Wideburg and Ellen Maureen, 11917 S. 51st St., $302,000.

Craven, Lacey R. to Craven, Lacey R. and Johnson, Ben, 12013 S. 49th St., $148,000.

Tesnohlidek, Nancy M. to Haynes, Matthew B. and Hayley D., 11802 S. 53rd Ave., $276,000.

Trujillo, Kyle C. and Johnson, Benjamin F. to Schuster, Scott A. and Laura, 4605 Clearwater Drive, $245,000.

Horizon Realty Inc. to McMahon, John and Cindy, 1204 Troy St., $286,000.

Gurung, Mon and Dhan to Van Hoang, Phuoc and Roy, 8538 S. 68th Circle, $250,000.

Overkamp, Jill Marie and Boll, Joseph John, co-trustees of the Mary Jean Lipscomb Revocable Trust, to Kreft, Irene, 2407 Aberdeen Drive, $152,000.

Dietterle, Lucas J. and Andrea L. to Rivera, Juan C., 1817 Savannah Drive, $217,000.


Koon, Brandon R. and Rayna D. to Liu, Huizhan and Wu, Lijuan, 8623 S. 165th St., $249,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Herdzina, Shyanne and Joel, 8213 S. 188th St., $251,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Rosas, Jose A. and Brittany J., 18816 Robin Drive, $237,000.

Allan, Kathleen M. to Allan, Katie A., 17013 Greenfield St., $130,000.

Anderson, Nicole R. and Jonathan to Diaz, Guillermo A. and Carolyn L., 7013 S. 183rd Ave., $192,000.

Girard, Don A. and Debra M. to Seeba, Carlee, 7855 S. 190th Ave., $245,000.

Purcell, Jeffrey and Ashlee to Fallica, Michael, 7330 S. 180th Ave., $191,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Dale T. Busenbark Revocable Trust, 8163 S. 186th St., $271,000.

Chappell, David J. and Bethany L. to Purcell, Jeffrey B. and Ashlee E., 15809 Gertrude St., $293,000.

Neher, Bryan to Cleary, Brian and Herbolsheimer, Chelsea, 17106 Palisades Drive, $280,000.

Antoniak, Tabitha M. to Vincent, Christopher T., 15842 Briar St., $184,000.

Curtis, Cheryl and Nowak, Brian to Coleman, Lilymae Lizabeth, 16318 Josephine St., $261,000.


Woodland Homes Inc. to Vacanti, Christopher J., 10612 S. 127th Plaza, $422,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Small, Brady and Regan, 11276 S. 117th Ave., $407,000.

Dunham, Melvin J. to Adams, Robert and Kari, 15206 Redwood St., $244,000.

Wiedeman, Roger L. and Rhonda to Molnar Investments 401K Trust, 13011 Margo St., $109,000.

Lowman, Shane M. and Kayla M. to Bockelmann, Shelby L. and Cole R., 13407 Emiline St., $169,000.

Becerra, Matthew R. and Lindsey Anna to Larson, Luke T. and Raeleigh Marie, 13597 Chandler St., $190,000.


Wright, Clark and Saong O. to Gooch, Thaddius and Kaylee, 9807 S. 21st Circle, $198,000.

McGuire, Louis W. to Jurek, Steven J. Sr. and Julie M., 7111 S. 21st St., $230,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Stockman, Lori and Dean Raymond, 2017 Gindy Circle, $337,000.


Jurek, Steven J. and Julie M. to Bohy, Nathan J. and Courtney L., 4964 Dumfries Circle, $130,000.

Grabenschroer, Brian M. and Danielle J. to Grijalva, Juan, 4601 Greene Ave., $165,000.

Francis J. Costello Irrevocable Trust to Cornerstone Investment Properties LLC, 8401 S. 49th Ave., $95,000.

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