Douglas County


State Street Investments LLC to Richland Homes LLC, 7720 N. 158th St., $43,950.

State Street Investments LLC to Richland Homes LLC, 16002 Reynolds St., $43,950.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 8932 N. 170th St., $48,200.

Abramo, Denise to Sharafat, Fnu, 7829 N. 154th St., $225,700.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to White, Laura and Mathew, 8009 N. 172nd St., $340,022.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Paudyal, Kiran N. and Bandana, 8201 Kilpatrick Parkway, $291,897.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Carreon, Juan M. Medina and Olivas, Mariza I. Medrano, 10211 Rosewater Parkway, $299,900.

Hanson, Jon R. and Kimberly A. to Leu, Patrick and Kirsten, 11902 N. 173rd Circle, $1,080,000.

Schlotfeld, Douglas A. and Deborah to Schlotfeld, Joshua and Champ, Jennifer, 12002 N. 159th St., $225,000.

Legendary Homes LLC to Beene, Brian P. and Tanzy M., 7417 N. 170th St., $423,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Hanus, Daniel M. and Lisa A., 8920 N. 171st St., $319,502.

Golembiewski, Sonja to Jones, Zachary and Sarah, 11922 Ashwood Drive, $285,000.

Schmidt, Bethany A. to Koenig, Heidi and Engstrom, Gary, 8130 N. 146th St., $180,000.

Henry, Lanna D. to Eggers, Randal C., 18606 Northern Hills Drive, $356,200.

Vollmer, Jeffrey A. to Schmidt, Bethany, 11814 N. 157th Ave., $218,000.

Grier, Brian M. and Candace G. to Goltl, Michael J. and Maureen M., 12503 N. 179th St., $575,000.

Cooper, Adrienne E. and Brian to Ducheny, David and Kristi, 14911 Grebe St., $302,000.

Majestic C Team LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 8005 N. 173rd St., $428,639.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Henney, Ashley and Thomas, 8619 N. 171st St., $317,256.

Celebrity Homes LLC to Sudtelgte, Benjamin J. and Nancy C., 7303 N. 163rd St., $355,999.


Hildy Construction Inc. to Hernandez-Granda, Denis and Camacho, Cristina, 2104 S. 210th St., $457,500.

Concept Homes & Design Inc. to Howard, Gary and Saucerman-Howard, Kelli, 2334 N. 188th St., $515,000.

Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC to Gesink, Mariah and Brian, 23609 Berry St., $434,507.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Dekker, Mark R. and Shawnee E., 20602 E St., $305,500.

Island Development LLC to Moylan Revocable Trust and Moylan, Devin J., trustee, 1612 S. 218th St., $200,000.

Kwapniowski, Lisa A. and Kevin J. to Diana M. Shipley Revocable Trust, 18734 Honeysuckle Drive, $745,000.

Monen, Emily R. to Oldaker, Rosanne, 1124 N. 184th St., $345,000.

Nimmagadda, Vijay Krishna and Movva, Roshma to Hrabovsky, Kathleen, 2712 N. 189th St., $300,000.

Koplin, Glenn A. to Kuhfahl, Robert, 20216 Pinkney St., $154,800.

Oldaker, Rosanne to Burgett, Marsha L., 1030 N. 183rd Circle, $347,500.

Vattikuti, Venkata S. and Kodali, Hemanthini to McClure, Matthew and Jill, 583 S. 182nd St., $378,000.

Roberts, David J. and Mary E. to Huntley, Jon Jay Jr. and Breanna R., 809 S. 181st Ave., $355,000.

FRK Development LLC to Empire Homes & Remodeling Inc., 4206 N. 187th St., $60,000.

204 F Street LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 20505 E St., $690,000.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Heavican Homes Inc., 2538 N. 188th St., $45,000.

Schreiber, Frederick D. to Om 2939 S. 217th Trust and Western Financial LLC, trustee, 2939 S. 217th Circle, $271,300.


Castillo, Consuelo to Soto, Salvador Duran, 24315 King Lake Road, $22,500.

Ditzen, Brenda to Bryson Holdings LLC, 6607 N. 242nd St., $32,600.


First State Bank to Suhr, Ryan L., 23407 Denton St., $34,500.


Mohle, Michael D. and Theresa A. to Opfel, Robert, 300 S. 16th St., $76,000.

Dowd, Aaron T. and Anna Maria to Landmark Properties Inc., 105 S. 9th St., $250,000.


Erb, Judy K. to Clear Creek Holdings LLC, 2308 N. 62nd St., $110,000.

Bowden, Carol M. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 5355 N. 47th Ave., $63,000.

Vandeursen, Travis J. to Weis, Derrick David, 5120 Grant St., $250,000.

Gohr, Nicholas John and Kerry Lynn to Max, Marion, 6232 Decatur St., $224,500.

200 Properties LLC to Wah, Say, 6217 N. 46th Ave., $79,000.

LSF9 Master Participation Trust and U.S. Bank Trust, trustee, to Wah, Htoo Ko Lo and Shee, Mu Kaw, 5607 Grand Ave., $127,000.

Schrawger, Douglas A. and Janice K. to Czapiewski, Matthew J. and Teachman-Czapiewski, Trisha Ann, 5718 Fort St., $104,000.

Young, Ada M. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 5514 N. 56th St., $70,000.

Murray, Jason M. to High Point Ventures LLC, 5838 Ohio St., $146,000.

Crader, Clarence L. to Bundy, Nicholas J. F. and Landon, Michaela L., 3501 N. 47th Ave., $136,000.

Weitzel, Rebecca S. to McCorkindale, Sydney, 5016 N. 61st St., $109,000.

McCoy, Jimmie F. and Travis L. to Mazurek, James and Leeper, Emily, 2604 N. 51st Ave., $257,000.

Carson, Thomas, personal representative of Carson, Richard W. estate, to Black Street LLC, 5406 Grand Ave., $80,000.

TFG Enterprises LLC to Dove, Nicole, 5348 N. 64th St., $136,000.

Stundenberg, Alex M. to Om 2310 N. 48 Trust and Western Financial LLC, trustee, 2310 N. 48th St., $80,000.

Hayata, Jill and Kann, Tracy to Pettid, James, 7070 Binney St., $80,500.


Bell, Phillip Lemoyne to Bell, Phillip Lemoyne and Emig, Jane Sue, 1024 S. 40th St., $45,150.

Bayne, Kameron and Heather L. to Hawkins, Keeley B., 3083 S. 33rd St., $182,000.

Uhlig, Ronald and Alison to Brennan, Wendy Marlene, 3401 Martha St., $195,000.

Black, Robert J. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 3114 Poppleton Ave., $110,000.

Cholewa, James T. and Riley Catherine to Inselman, Eric and Wendy, 509 S. 31st St., $179,000.


Benson, Jane M. to Staver, Chris, 5606 Frances St., $117,000.

Hardy, Brian P. and Kathleen M. to Godsil, Mathias Edward and Shannon Kathleen, 1343 S. 51st Ave., $115,000.

Lund, Connor T. and Lauren E. to Beutel, Carlee and Whitney, 5802 Rees St., $254,045.

Leutzinger, Barbara L. to Welchert, Catherine A. and Gene F., 1113 S. 61st St., $142,000.

Turco, Joseph P. and Sally to Aronofsky, Jack, 1923 S. 48th St., $118,500.

Noland, Andrew S. to Brown, Tanner D., 6173 Oak St., $149,000.

McCarty, Janice Kay, personal representative of Wickenhauser, Claire L. estate, to Lange, Carlene A., 2937 S. 50th St., $158,000.

Hiffernan, John III and Cristen to Martin, Steven A. and Lisa K., 3313 S. 45th St., $160,000.

Vercruysse, Myrna E. and Richard A. to Barr, Amber L., 1601 S. 55th St., $65,000.

Blackstun, Zachary D. to Smith, Matthew and Harold, 2019 S. 60th St., $162,000.

Taylor, Wayne H. to CRCF Properties LLC, 6618 B St., $28,500.

Morin Revocable Family Trust and Morin Steffen, Suzann, trustee, to Farmer, Jeffery, 5620 Leavenworth St., $295,000.

United Equity LLC to Domenge, Louis, 4916 Walnut St., $169,000.

Jeanne M. Eyler Revocable Trust and Eyler, Jeanne M., trustee, to Om 5838 Frederick Trust and Western Financial LLC, trustee, 5838 Frederick St., $105,000.


Budin, Joy L. to Alsager, Joshua, 4143 T St., $100,000.

Luellman, David M. and Barbara J. to 20191 Wy-34 LLC, 6626 Sunshine Drive, $96,000.

Referee to Heartland Holdings A LLC, 4102 Monroe St., $47,000.

Madrid, Jesenia Rosa to Sosa, Daniel A., 5620 S. 33rd Ave., $105,000.

Ramirez, Maricela Bautista to Vanwert, Tisha, 4617 S. 32nd St., $109,000.

Mech, Barbara L. to Kessler, Melvin and Mary, 3901 Q St., $64,900.

O & H Properties Inc. to Hernandez, Enrique Macias, 4722 S. 14th St., $145,000.

Pina, Adriana M. and Salvador M. to Sarcarjar Inc., 6110 S. 13th St., $248,000.

Ross, Chadwick A. to Rodriguez, Eduardo and Figueroa, M. G. Guadalupe Escalante, 3101 R St., $77,000.

Soto, Miguel A. Jr. and Lopez, Alondra Gonzalez to Lopez, Humberto, 3418 U St., $11,000.

Master Commissioner to Heartland Holdings A LLC, 4803 S. 15th St., $61,622.

Peoples, James W. III and Henderson, Joanne to Sandoval, Yaneli, 924 Hugo St., $70,000.

Foster, Steven C. and Sharon L. to FA Properties LLC, 4102 S. 25th St., $115,000.

Lindquist, Eric H., trustee, to Semin, Joseph G., 3519 Madison St., $70,000.


Juarez, Alberto to Hernandez, Rodolfo Cortez, 1716 Van Camp Ave., $110,000.

EVH LLC to Jacinto, Rodrigo, 2462 S. 15th St., $70,000.

Fitzmaurice Homes LLC to Rodriguez, Mirta A. Bustos, 1615 Elm St., $95,000.


Birge, Lavonne T. to Gutierrez, Christine, 5412 Florence Blvd., $77,500.

Johnson, Robert and Bradley, Nanette to Pearson, Amanda J., 2117 Lothrop St., $34,000.


Johnson, John and Cecelis to Hins, Loren, 4133 Maple St., $69,000.

ITM LLC to RKCK LLC, 6330 N. 34th St., $22,500.

Sims, John D. III to Edwards, John and Donovan, James, 4240 Grant St., $93,000.

Davenport, Nancy to Atol LLC, 5807 N. 43rd Ave., $60,000.

Lopez, Yoan and Lilliana to Castro, Jose A. Covarrubias and Tapsoba, Relwende I., 3477 Grand Ave., $13,000.

Deanery Partners LLC to Sandra K. McFadden Ira and Equity Trust Company, 4135 Grant St., $35,000.

Deanery Partners LLC to Sandra K. McFadden Ira and Equity Trust Company, 3880 Parker St., $30,000.

Kinney Family Revocable Trust to Montanez, Bobby B. and Kerri M., 3659 Bedford Ave., $49,000.

Montanez, Bobby B. and Kerri M. to Legado Group LLC, 3659 Bedford Ave., $40,000.

200 Properties LLC to McCormick, Kirk and Kyle, 4252 Maple St., $45,000.

Davis-Smith, Tiana A. to Loehr, Jessica, 4124 Miami St., $41,000.

Walker, Kieyona to Wood, Antoinette M., 4236 Burdette St., $140,000.

Chambers, Craig Eugene to Powell, Tiffany, 3232 Bedford Ave., $85,000.


John, Dan D. and Blanchard, April to Allen, Herbin, 7609 N. Ridge Drive, $80,900.

Coontz, Jason C. and Danielle M. to Beasley, Josh and Emily, 7345 N. Ridge Drive, $219,000.

Borgeson, Kathryn B. to Siefken, Ryan and Amy, 2762 Martin Ave., $60,000.

Eunice McKain Family Trust to Oldson, Minnie, 8012 N. 29th St., $37,994.

Mixan, Marisa to Porter, Matthew, 2752 Iowa St., $135,500.


Sautter, Amy L. and Darrick to Fiala, John S., 1611 N. 91st St., $180,000.

Derby/Crampton Trust and Crampton, James W., trustee, to Evans, Douglas C. and Janice E., 530 N. 72nd Ave., $70,000.

Miller, Winifred F. to Caster, Cody, 1712 N. 84th St., $142,500.

Anderson, Ruth A. and Randy L. to Vigor Health LLC, 7710 Lafayette Ave., $170,000.


Neuhalfen, Christine Lee to Sekpe, Sena A. and Gnonlonfoun, Germain G., 16907 Browne St., $204,000.

Johnson, Keith A. and Monique C. to Clyde, Richard G. and Carmen D., 2411 N. 168th Ave., $342,000.

Boner, Robert J. and Diane M. to Patton, Travis Glenn, 14622 Miami St., $275,000.

Gregory, Timothy W. Sr. to Griffin, Lonnie, 4410 N. 147th St., $218,000.

Le, Sen Cong and Tran, Thi Tu to Carther, Jeremy and Amanda, 14501 Larimore Ave., $209,000.

Matthies, Cynthia A. to Raver, Nathan J., 16409 Redman Ave., $225,000.

McCarty, Timothy D. and Rachel A. to Eischen, Diana L., 15916 Bedford Ave., $372,653.

Schroeder Family Trust and Schroeder, Larry J., trustee, to Myers, Adam and Kelsey, 15217 Newport Ave., $278,000.

Uhlman, Troy and Jennifer to Webster, Travis James and Calli Elizabeth, 16855 Locust St., $309,243.

Hineman, Rodney G. II and Krystal to Lieben, Zachary J. and Ennis, Lauren R., 15522 Binney St., $190,000.

Gadjoro, Brice A. and Anne to Prigmore, Michaela J., 16708 Crown Point Place, $139,900.

Rogers, Sean and Elizabeth to Haber, Joshua and Abby, 4202 N. 174th Ave., $283,000.

Berry, Katelyn and Devero, Grant to Alai, Victoria M., 3516 N. 152nd Ave., $210,000.

Reveal, William E. and Joy to Rothell, Ian and Taylor, 6306 N. 148th St., $185,000.


Scott, Keven M, personal representative of Scott, Mitchell estate, to Built Right LLC, 5211 S. 50th Ave., $39,000.

Dworak, Jamie L. to Sukhram, Arun L. and Bauer, Delaney C., 4833 S. 46th Ave., $154,000.

Double A Homes LLC to Dercole, Anthony J. and Henson, Lauren D., 5413 S. 49th St., $170,000.


Krzyzanowski, Timothy J. and Patricia L. to Ketter, Dennis and Thaler, Barbara, 17102 Douglas St., $465,500.

Garth Family Trust and Garth, Mark A., trustee, to Garth, Paul and Heather, 16615 Jackson St., $390,000.

Sibson, Herb J. and Georgie Lee to Pfeiffer, Jordan A., 1761 N. 177th Place, $172,145.

Sanders, Tammy J. to Haupt, Brittany J., 1714 N. 175th Place, $166,000.


Davis, Linda M. to Harmening, Alex and Rebecca, 9112 Hanover St., $172,500.

Blankman, Tom and Michella to Jennings, Sultan B., 8105 Weber Place, $198,000.

Johnson, Kevin J. and Jennifer to Soni, Manglesh Kumar and Jyoti M., 7414 N. 92nd Ave., $175,000.


Maverick Property Group LLC to Struebing, Jason, 7426 Grover St., $183,000.

Mitera, Mark, personal representative of Mitera, Lois estate, to Connelly, Micah Jeremiah and Mekala, Donna Louise, 7449 Frederick St., $145,000.

Kenton, Chelsea E. to Arkwright, Christopher, 7907 Ontario St., $172,000.

Miller, Kenneth J. and Kimberly K. to Vandeursen, Travis J., 9908 Pinehurst Circle, $407,500.

Malvern Trust & Savings Bank to Celica Holdings LLC, 2501 S. 101st Ave., $200,000.


Buenrostro, Pedro to Chlopek, Kristena and Kendall, 4741 S. 78th Ave., $195,000.

Keck, Thomas to Anders, Ryan L. and Krista L., 10510 R St., $193,000.

Stephen & Mary Beth Seyler Living Trust to Sayler, Daniel L. and Kendra M., 6407 S. 107th St., $265,000.

Community First Bank to Watson, Thomas B. and Veronica L., 4953 S. 84th Ave., $155,000.

Johnson, Brooke L. and Jake T. to Miller, Samuel S. and Sarajean C., 9806 O Circle, $215,500.

Kettleson, Alicia N. to Schneider, Jacob and Faith, 9254 Z St., $249,000.

Bezrutczyk, David E. and Ana L. to Oloughlin, Erin, 9020 Berry St., $187,000.

Tsubaki, Yasutomo and Theresa to Barla, Abigail E., 8479 Orchard Ave., $155,000.

Anderson, Kenneth P. to Wahl, Amy L. and Loren D., 10537 N St., $222,500.


Renzulli, Robert and Anna to Ehlers, Ryan and Diane, 2509 S. 186th Circle, $380,000.

Frantz, Gary Lee and Campbell, Donna D. to Berg, Kathleen L., 17336 Poppleton Ave., $305,000.

Kousgaard, Katie L. to Halverson, Dennis Warren, 16624 Pierce St., $194,000.

Woolworth Enterprises LLC to Vega, Jose L. De Lane, 19720 Woolworth Ave., $261,000.

Drue A. Lovgren Living Trust to Navarrette, Sean and Chelsea, 19297 Briggs St., $573,000.

Schaben, Aaron E. and Jenna to Eberly, Evan and Stephanie, 17609 Woolworth Ave., $340,000.

FRPO Investments LLC to Whitt Family Trust and Whitt, Mark John, trustee, 1138 S. 185th Circle, $910,000.


Brandenburg LLC to Wickemeyer, Elizabeth, 2908 Izard St., $82,000.

Murnane, James F. and Murnane, Marie E. to Barnhill, Nathaniel L. and Barnhill, Sarah R., 3716 Hawthorne Ave., $235,000.

Optimal Holdings LLC to Hsh Holdings LLC, 3207 Hamilton St., $27,100.

East Campus Realty LLC to Tietjen, Cary and Amy, 120 S. 31st Ave., $259,900.

East Campus Realty LLC to TPC LLC, 120 S. 31st Ave., $194,900.


Lowry, Bruce H. and Lynn M. to Dopheide, Andrew and Amanda L., 5115 Lafayette Ave., $500,000.

Kimbel, Dale G. and Kimberly K. to Spielman, Matthew James and Shelby Lyn, 4812 California St., $225,000.

McGeary, Douglas P. and Pamela J. to Garcia, Raul Moreno, 7038 Hamilton St., $138,000.

Colfax Group LLC to Atko LLC, 4518 Izard St., $400,000.

Schartz, Robert M. to Hotka, Emily, 4605 Cass St., $225,000.


Midstates Properties LLC to Kem, Thang, 6143 N. 78th Ave., $160,000.

Ware, Bonnie Lee to CMS Mowing Service Inc., 9419 Meredith Ave., $92,000.

Kelley, Patrick Jr. and Patricia A. to Codina, Elizabeth, 10505 Grand Ave., $187,000.

Wanda F. Rose Revocable Trust to Voelker, William J. IV and Hunter Elissa, 9435 Tomahawk Blvd., $147,000.

Staats, Theresa M. to Shanks, Taylor and Ashley, 2526 N. 83rd St., $150,000.

Diversified Interiors Inc. to Franklin, Tyrone and Whitney, 4918 N. 104th St., $350,000.

Meckna, David and Amanda to Wang, Xiaofang and Qin, Jianbing, 7714 Blondo Drive, $139,800.

Beene, Brian P. and Tanzy M. to Schroeder, Andrew and Stephany, 6326 N. 103rd Ave., $275,000.

Krauth, Kathleen and Gregory to Matrix Properties LLC, 9430 Fowler Ave., $108,901.


Carrell, Jeremy W. to Cendejas, Angel J., 19867 L St., $315,000.

Miller, Andrew Joseph and Rebecca Lynn to Bayly, Andrew M. and Emma L., 17715 Jacobs St., $237,000.

Heartland Holdings A LLC to McMahon, Ruben J. and Angela L., 5727 S. 160th St., $237,900.

Rossell, Jonathon M. and Megan to Rhodes, Robert and Hawkins, Gavin, 19421 V St., $193,000.

Petersen, Timmon M. and Andrea D. to Milone, Vincent A. and Susan A. Paine, 4901 S. 197th St., $398,850.

McKean, Darren S. and Rebecca to Fleming, Joseph and Sara, 16561 Washington St., $290,000.

Cochrane, James R. and Taylor L. to Jaeger, Nathan A. and Abby J., 17504 J St., $290,000.

Dale P. Curington Revocable Trust to Cummings, William and Lisa, 5612 S. 169th St., $260,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Nancy A. Persons Revocable Trust, 6003 S. 195th St., $462,284.

Elizabeth Howard Separate Property Trust to Cacioppo, Joseph A., 18908 K St., $79,150.

Fliam, Douglas R. to Johnson, Nicholas S. and Crystal L., 19419 T St., $164,000.

Potter, Andy C. and Stacy J. to McDermott, Dylan, 5609 S. 193rd St., $200,000.

Heinrich, Ronald G. and Andrea M. to Pierson, Scott and Tanya, 4979 S. 187th Ave., $290,900.


Kendrick, Keith and Kendrick, Lindsey to Steed, Charles and Steed, Matthew, 13905 X Circle, $180,000.

Eisold, Lewis G. III to Barrett, Drewry and Angela, 6728 S. 153rd Circle, $192,500.

Worner, Kelly A. and Dirk M. to Kandel, Sushant and Shahi, Purna Kumari, 11624 Tyler St., $210,000.

O’Donnell, James P. and Amber R. to Hineman, Rodney G. and Krystal, 14961 Drexel St., $230,000.

Oles, Kevin and Brynn to Gonzalez, Jose Orlando, 14718 Polk St., $188,000.

Vesely, Troy Allen to Knott, Kenneth M. Jr. and Jennie L., 13705 Madison Circle, $184,500.


Ramm Construction Inc. to Muller, Jay L. and Janice A., 12383 Potter Circle, $511,923.

Lewis-Starostka Inc. to Luethge Homes LLC, 11549 Scott St., $53,900.

Turgeon, Judith to Carter, Linda S., 14263 Martin St., $196,000.

Gann, Christopher and Mary to Wolf, Josh and Leslie, Raegan, 11062 Potter St., $176,000.

Bartek, Cynthia M. to Schopen, Abraham L., 14071 Wood Valley Drive, $185,000.


Rzemyk, Thomas J. and Kehn, Janice to Quinn, Michael E. and Carol J., 3129 S. 123rd St., $154,000.

Bruner, Eric L. and Ann M. to Red Ladder LLC, 13511 Hickory Circle, $130,000.

TC Accommodator 167 LLC to Bondurant Properties LLC, 11808 William St., $317,000.

Mannino, Mary L. to Mannino, Nico A., 13814 Poppleton Circle, $250,000.

Elizabeth B. Atkinson Revocable Trust and Atkinson, Robert Glenn, trustee, to Crane, Sarah and Brandon, 13921 Pine St., $165,000.

Wortmann, Jay A. and Pogge, Caroline A. to Knight, Christopher A. and Alma Borjas, 13516 Frances St., $235,000.

Ann S. Bonham Family Trust and First National Bank of Omaha, trustee, to Buchanan, Lindsey R. and Tonniges, Christopher J., 1718 S. 108th St., $490,000.

Noe, Craig William David and Chongo, Chilekwa to Rodriguez, Oscar and Nicole A., 12441 Frances Circle, $155,000.

Judith Martin Revocable Living Trust to Callahan, William Alan and Sierra, Lina Dominique, 1506 S. 118th St., $305,000.

Stutzman, Leslie J. and Janice to Libis, Cory and Angela, 3106 S. 120th St., $115,000.

Joan I. Nelson Revocable Trust to Nelson, Jenny Rae and Robert David, 12412 Shirley St., $110,000.

Bacon, Travis A. and Kerryann to Syndicate Properties LLC, 3389 S. 130th St., $152,000.

JDTR LLC to KCKB Properties LLC, 12219 Westwood Lane, $121,000.

Savoie, Joseph R., personal representative of Savoie, Ronald E. estate, to Schardt, Derek A. and Wacker, Carly R., 1332 Holling Drive, $200,000.


Hanson, Faye and Mathis, Nicole Lene to Hinostroza, Estevan Juan and Sanchez, Dalia L. Heredia, 7145 Mormon Bridge Road, $199,900.

Strong, Barbara D. to Fenster, Marshal, 6417 Newport Ave., $82,000.


Ramsey, William C. to Munoz, Maria O., 11214 Jackson St., $170,000.


Seeing Double LLC to Lutovsky, Garrett A., 6025 N. 108th Avenue Circle, $198,950.

Mary Ann Todt Revocable Trust to Karbowski, Michael P. and Amy L., 12730 Laurel Ave., $178,000.

Erwin, Jonathan D. and Michelle M. to McLaughlin, Alek E. and Williams, Dominiq L., 5712 N. 117th Circle, $180,000.

Bell Properties LLC to Lisas Legacy LLC, 12718 Corby St., $193,298.

Myers, Adam J. and Kelsey M. to Henney, Martha and King, Richard, 5107 N. 128th St., $183,000.

Peleska, Jason and Amber to Cornell, Stephen M. and Danielle M., 13711 Hillsborough Drive, $240,000.

Kuhnke, Courtney and Barry to Armbruster, Janna L., 13608 Hillsborough Drive, $287,900.

Sandoz, Glen A. and Sandoz, Donna L. to Nancye Hasiak Revocable Trust, 13430 Lake St., $365,000.


Sarpy County


McFarland, Robert C. to Mosier, Anna, 1705 Farrell Drive, $172,000.

Godwin, Suzanne M. and Christopher L. to Johnson, Steve and Johanna, 2401 Washington St., $120,000.

Cesh LLC to Meinders, Joshua J., 2412 Jefferson St., $165,000.

Square 1 Property Solutions LLC to Winter-Jones, Micah and Jennie, 2710 Washington St., $115,000.

Jackson, Robert Duane Jr. and Breanne S. to May, Thomas P., 2204 Madison St., $136,000.

Adams, Lewis R. and Opal to Special T Masonry Inc., 705 Pluma Drive, $106,000.

Betts, Terry A. and Linda to Betts, Steven C., 2010 Main St., $35,000.


Hildy Construction Inc. to Lourey, Lisa S., 610 Devonshire Drive, $412,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Langendorfer Properties Management LLC, 11330 S. 169th Ave., $290,000.


Motika, Thomas and Patricia to Langenfeld, Justin R., 1301 Ashley Drive, $275,000.

Price, Melissa Ann to Kment, Angela, 307 Overland Trail, $209,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Rosburg, Mark J. and Sara J., 11009 Cove Hollow Drive, $305,000.

Dierks, Mary K. to Miller, Jacob and Ashley, 1107 Lafayette Drive, $235,000.

Heatly, Jordan Charles and Jennifer Leigh to Perry, Anthony and Tiffany, 10603 S. 111th Ave., $295,000.

Levey, Sean and Morgan to King, Michael L., 11744 S. 110th Ave., $390,000.

Wenta, Joshua R. and Courtney W. to Fickel, Samuel and Heather, 807 Hogan Drive, $230,000.

Noe, Michael A. and Meera Daroy to Blair, Debra L., 1002 Edward St., $175,000.

Groen, Jonathan and Megan to McCollum, Christopher and Kari, 1807 White Pine Drive, $317,000.


BT Properties LLC to Fryatt, Joseph and Lindsee, 430 N. 10th Ave., $320,000.


U.S. Bank Trust, trustee, and Lsf9 Master Participation Trust to G & R Investment Group LLC, 16505 Clay St., $22,000.

G & R Investment Group LLC to Real Growth LLC, 16505 Clay St., $22,000.

Mahan, Matthew T. and Carrie to Cornish, William and Marissa, 10306 S. 27th St., $198,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Casper, Jeffery P. and Christen S., 14323 S. 17th St., $215,000.

Hamby, Gloria J. to Zoellick, Casey and Sarah K., 3719 Lawnwood Drive, $215,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Nieman, Sheridan A. and Louriann, 13526 S. 31st St., $175,000.

R&B Properties LLC to Young, Shaun M. and Cassie J., 3010 Rahn Blvd., $245,000.

HBI LLC to Epperson, Heath B. and Kristin E., 3111 Leawood Drive, $225,000.

Hoskin, Peter J. and Christine M. to Barber, Robert and Amanda, 15103 S. 18th St., $342,000.

Prado, Dominic and Brittany to Malone, Morgan and Colby, 13718 S. 43rd St., $210,000.

Burr, Johnathan D. and Rochelle A. to Aguiniga-Schultz, Jaimie Ashley, 9805 S. 9th Ave., $182,000.

Penne, David A. and Melina D. to Harrison, Larry and Rebecca, 2710 Alpine Circle, $225,000.


Hofmaster, Barry B. and Michelle to Imhoff, Phillip J. Jr., 6710 Michelle Ave., $238,000.

Tejral, Lucas and Gina to Langenegger, Paul and Nicole, 10403 Cary St., $290,000.

Hoerner, Christopher to Martinez, Eladio and Flores, Rosaura, 7830 Leaf Plum Drive, $170,000.

Rosburg, Mark and Sara to Fox, Jeffrey and Mathews, Megan, 7217 Frederick Ave., $142,000.


Berry, Michael O. and Rolanda E. to Jacobs, Jordan and Jennifer, 1811 Greyson Circle, $310,000.

Derra, Sandy and Breanna to Dallas, Michael J. and Blond, Brandy R., 4502 Helwig Ave., $325,000.

Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC to Johnson, Erik Walter and Lindsey Anne, 5205 Clearwater Drive, $443,000.

Vaughan, Roark L. and Janice L. to Sopcich, Kaitlyn and Dierks, Matt, 708 Eagle View Drive, $202,000.

Horizon Realty Inc. to Bratetic, Sean M. and Tara K., 2011 Titan Springs Drive, $286,000.

Thompson, Becky L. to Moeller, Roger J. and Martha J., 11826 Timberridge Drive, $300,000.


Boyd, Jessica N. and Patrick T. to Taylor, Shannon, 17840 Josephine St., $190,000.

River Oaks Development LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 7818 S. 184th Ave., $36,000.

Patzner, Terry and Christine D. to Petrilli, Steve, 10103 S. 177th St., $377,000.

Vlasnik, Sandra L. to Lorant, Miklos and Arva, Gabriella, 15819 Willow St., $192,000.

Naffziger, Brian to Gark Homes Shv 3 LLC, 17626 Emiline St., $153,000.

Kersch, Roderick and Kari to Sis, Brenton T., 17003 Briar St., $332,000.

Woodruff, William E. and Linda R. to Hamel, Allison and Ray III, 17306 Soldier St., $365,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Buttry, Ernest H. and Lori A., 18504 Merion Drive, $408,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Manasek, Joseph and Tristan, 18505 Schofield Drive, $432,000.

Brink Edward E., trustee, to McCright Properties LLC, 10009 S. 179th St., $214,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Glasgow, David and Roberta, 7101 S. 184th St., $284,000.

Helmers, Harlan G. and Susan R. to Plueger, Edward A. and Amelia M., 7423 S. 189th St., $265,000.

Steinkamp, Shawn M. to Patsy M. Moody Family Trust, 17604 Ventana Circle, $350,000.


Homemade Holdings LLC to McIntyre, Vincent Waldo and Theresa, 15346 Papio St., $190,000.

Gloe, David C. and Tews, Michelle A. to Dai, Huaiying, 13512 Cooper Circle, $148,000.

Williams, Zachary C. and Danielle L. to Ruyf, Dirk, 7122 S. 137th Ave., $122,000.

Hilger, Julie A. to Stinson, Jason D., 13434 Lillian St., $185,000.

Sparks, Larry L. to Walton, Kyle J. and Roseanna A., 8112 S. 153rd St., $171,000.

Schmitz, Eli J. and Trisha K. to Puncochar, Dexter A. and Schneider, William A., 14018 Lillian Circle, $205,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Dealfaro, Yolonda Antonia Lima, 11502 Shepard St., $375,000.

McConnell, Sean and Tara to Vernon Industries LLC, 8714 S. 138th St., $155,000.


Szynskie, Thomas D. and Vanessa T. to Hart, Joseph Dean, 7408 S. 41st Terrace, $109,000.

Kennedy, Jeanette N. and Betts, Tania M. to Burr, Johnathan D. and Rochelle A., 1302 Georgia Ave., $277,000.

Linnear, Andre L. to Parrish, Deena P. and Lockhart, Todd J., 2306 Spring Circle Drive, $302,000.

Kroupa, Robert J. and Cynthia to Lewis, Karen and Ian, 7006 Chandler Hills Drive, $140,000.


O’Dell, Steven and Jessica to Earnest, Brandon and Sarah, 8433 S. 65th St., $218,000.

Fickel, Samuel and Heather to Strohmeyer, Shannon and Corey, 8810 S. 45th Ave., $177,000.

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