Horst, Allan and Casey to Lachner, Jennifer, 14529 Mormon St., $228,900.

State Street Investments LLC to Richland Homes LLC, 16002 Craig Ave., $44,950.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Bhandari, Gyanendra and Adhikari, Goma, 16321 Weber St., $303,624.

Dinges, Todd Joseph and Wozny, Ann Rodell to Krumbholz, Kenneth Michael and Cooper, Joann Marlene, 14712 Weber St., $450,000.

Watson, Tara Lee to Clements, Benjamin, 14601 Leeman St., $176,400.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Horst, Allan and Casey, 16926 Bondesson St., $383,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Legenza, Patrick T. and Deborah L., 16320 Girard St., $303,438.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Ponec, Chad and Machela, 7118 N. 163rd St., $279,586.

Bliss, Nathan K. and Shelby L. to Gunnels, Mercer L. and Taylor E., 9016 N. 173rd St., $315,000.

Cardinal Homes LLC to Bilek, Rick and Jaycie, 8608 N. 168th Ave., $375,000.


Landas, Harry F. and Linda S. to Steele, Shirleen, 21315 Oldgate Circle, $242,000.

Feierman, Ronald L. and Bonnie to Cain, Nate and Megan, 1712 N. 213rd St., $345,000.

Todd Menard Construction LLC to Cambridge Homes LLC, 1703 S. 207th St., $74,500.

Ramm Construction Inc. to Nelson, Donald L. and Susan M., 4211 N. 189th St., $412,026.

Charleston Homes LLC to Odonnell, Ryan and Erin, 4935 N. 204th Ave., $388,822.

Leavitt, Linda L. to Bereisha, Arthur T. and Michael R., 18851 Jones St., $280,000.

Henry J. Sudbeck Builders Inc. to Wickencamp, Matt and Sarah, 2801 N. 189th St., $348,545.

Perez, Jesus J. and Kayla to Schwahn, Diana and Stephens, Cathy, 20476 Poplar St., $175,900.

Hunsberger, Bryan and Jamie to Spanheimer, Sonia, 731 Elk Ridge Drive, $145,000.

Mitchell, Nancy A. to White, Steven and Barbara, 3428 S. 220th St., $490,000.

Kuehl, Joseph Edwin and Lucy A. to Carter, Buddy and Judith, 1597 N. 208th Ave., $244,500.

Cain, Nathan A. and Megan L. to Brandstetter, Reid F. and Burson, Nikki A., 1519 N. 208th Terrace, $259,000.

Jones, Jeff and Nicole to Martinez, Marcus and Brittany, 412 S. 214th St., $260,000.

Prairie Homes Inc. to Mahon, Conor and Emily, 2536 N. 87th Ave., $453,740.

Royal Development Inc. to Marriott, James D. and Marilyn K., 18702 California St., $75,000.

Singleton, Michael A. to Carmax Auto Superstores Inc., 3905 N. 212nd St., $159,000.

Carmax Auto Superstores Inc. to Perez, Liliana, 3905 N. 212th St., $159,000.

Zeisler, Russell Alan to Kellar, Denise M., 1046 S. 217th St., $223,000.

Belt Construction Co Inc. to Jassim, Sayfe and Wilson, Kelley, 2393 S. 218th Ave., $720,000.

Hildy Homes and Hildy Construction Inc. to Vanbuskirk, Zachary D. and Raechel N., 3902 N. 187th Ave., $408,000.

Starlin, Richard C. and Heng, Julie R. to Shapland, Michael S. and Theresa A., 3305 S. 220th St., $800,000.

Foster, Charles and Lori to Foster, Kristen and Hill, Austin, 3806 N. 211th St., $135,000.

Selk, Steven A. and Stacey L. to Zhang, Kuan and Gao, Fengtong, 18327 Farnam St., $325,000.

Woitzel, Todd R. and Michelle M. to Salem, Kyle A., trustee of Kyle A. Salem Revocable Trust, 21019 X St., $860,000.

McFarland, Roberta L. and Cassandra G/C to Vanderhart, Joshua and Bethany A., 20563 Glenn St., $150,000.


Gepford, Lerria L. to Toy, Richard O., 28555 Potter St., $120,570.

Uehling, Jim and Gina to Haahr, Isaac James and Wingard, Mekenna Jo, 211 W. Charles St., $211,000.


Bossert, Robert and Stephanie A. to Benes, Troy and Kristy, 25025 Farnam Circle, $1,522,000.


Hippen, Rebecca E. to Fee, Michael P. and Lynlee, 312 S. 16th St., $146,000.

Beltz, Adam R. to Jahe LLC, 1024 Dodge St., $346,000.


Beck, Justin Michael to Coanner, Natasha L., 5713 Manderson St., $150,000.

Hbi LLC to Swadener, Christine A., 5035 Pratt St., $155,000.

Andrews, Brenda and Todd to Dynamic Properties LLC, 5624 N. 52nd St., $100,000.

Houfek, Laura to McNamara, Melissa D., 6643 Spencer St., $114,900.

Carnes, Carol J. to Plo, Maung and Htoo, Lo Mu, 6223 Fort St., $160,000.

Brown, Steve A. and Givens, Delena to Ray, Maer and See, 5523 Himebaugh Ave., $199,000.

Schneider, John R. and Patricia to Acker, Jan R. and George C., 4515 Franklin St., $100,000.

Soethout, Jannie L., trustee of Soethout Living Trust to Newport Avenue LLC, 4528 Seward St., $67,500.

Shawng, Lashi and Roy, Ah to Meh, Pleh, 5511 N. 61st St., $145,000.

Patmos LLC to Smith, Misty Dawn and Kingsley Charles II, 4560 Camden Ave., $42,000.

Meyer, Brian J. and Kelly K. to Interstate Securities LLC, 2310 N. 67th Ave., $80,000.

Mrc Groups LLC to Reh, Phray and Meh, Oo, 4614 N. 55th St., $139,000.

Hansen, Cary Lee to Speckmann, Donald Ralph, 3315 N. 55th St., $81,200.

Coronado, Jesus E. and Jennifer to Coronado, Juan A., 5040 Spaulding St., $10,900.

Wellwood, Matthew and Caitlin to Goldenberg, Spencer and Courtney, 2020 N. 48th St., $140,000.

Badami, Maria Florence and Schotte, Florence to Badami, Gino and Lucia, 6118 Jaynes St., $36,000.

Nixon, Benjamin Lee to Waxberg, Joshua and Jennifer, 2704 N. 49th St., $85,000.

Clausen, Virginia M., trustee of Virginia M. Clausen Rev Fam Trust o Moo, Wui Doe and Paw, Eh Lar, 4909 Manderson St., $130,000.

Townley, Theresa Ann to Nekola, Joseph D., 2335 N. 53rd St., $291,500.

Pechar, Natalie D. and Clark, Terry to Gilson, Sara Lynn, 6547 Wirt St., $91,720.

McManus, John F. II to Helm, Laronica, 6747 Nebraska Ave., $115,000.

Loftin, Tiarachannel and Jones, Tiarra Channel to Rosales, Nataly Terrazas, 3024 N. 49th Ave., $125,000.

Lush, Darrell and Jeanne to Lct Homes LLC, 6779 Emmet St., $60,000.

Beeside Properties LLC to Stickler, Benjamin N. Jr. and Hillary M., 6704 Binney St., $135,000.

Duff, Angela Kay to Peterson, Steven A. and Janice L., 2024 N. 50th St., $250,000.

Dak, Long D. to Ne, Ne and Win, Ma Hla, 6723 Ogden St., $130,000.


Sneller, Jeremiah S. and Emily to Calderon, Jesus and Tiffany, 1014 S. 30th Ave., $225,000.

Okeefe, Kathryn F. to Fellows, Karin Kay, 2607 S. 31st St., $127,000.

Severa, James D. and Otten, Julie A. to Kyra LLC, 4414 Frederick St., $173,000.

Decker, Marissa and Adam, Ryan to Stange, Jocelyn H., 4319 Oak St., $165,250.

Holland, Stephen C. and Heather D. to Contreras, Carlos Cruz and Cruz, Carlos D., 4227 Barker Ave., $145,000.

Feld, Kerry Trust to 100 Year Homes Inc., 1937 S. 34th St., $139,000.

Villagomez, David and Celia to Villafuerte, Azucena Villagomez, 2508 Poppleton Ave., $100,000.

3224 Pacific Street LLC to Rowlett, Eldon Ray 3 and Alyssa Renee, 3224 Pacific St., $170,000.

Benzel, Robert E., trustee of Robert Benzel Revocable Trust to Ballarin, James A., 524 S. 33rd St., $525,000.

Hess, Janice C. to Ninja LLC, 4338 Marcy St., $169,000.

Brothers First LLC to Foehlinger, Ryan L., 507 S. 35th Ave., $100,000.

Bautista, Leonel H. and Jamilette M. to Reyes, Arturo Jr. and Tanya, 1522 S. 25th Ave., $120,000.

Rome Properties LLC to Pilley, Aaron and Khvan, Sofiya, 4219 Barker Ave., $145,000.

Gonzalez, Martin and Guadalupe to Thompsen, Bruce A. and Sharon L., 1136 S. 31st St., $120,000.


Hellyer, Richard B., trustee of Richard B. Pamela M. Hellyer Living Trust to Moore, Annette Jo, 4516 William St., $220,000.

Oertwig, Molly M. to Cottone, Scott A. and Anderson, Kathryn A., 1938 S. 61st Ave., $220,000.

Kr Properties LLC to Hinze, Eric J. and Engdahl, Kristyna C., 1301 S. 56th St., $262,500.

Manion, Joshua M. to Golden Quality Real Estate LLC, 1940 S. 48th St., $126,000.

Lehr, Theresa H. and Nguyen, Theresa H. to Nguyen, Anthony A. and Tommy T., 4535 Grover St., $77,950.

Dfc Investments Inc. to R & M. Properties LLC, 5012 Leavenworth St., $240,000.

Westminster Property Holdings LLC to Paine, Cheryl Anne, 5620 Walnut St., $151,000.


Reo Asset Management Company LLC to Heartland Holdings B. LLC, 5034 S. 18th St., $66,134.

Benitez, Jesus Ramirez and Mercado, Guadalupe to FA Properties LLC, 3486 Jefferson St., $65,000.

Sanchez, Pedro and Emma to Gonzalez, Martin A., 3504 U St., $74,200.

Pearson, Amanda and Martinez, Jesus Antonio Lopez to Jaffery, Cyrus, 3214 L St., $38,500.

Qualified Propertty Solutions LLC to Santacruz, Ernesto Lemus and Lemus, Jacquelin, 6311 S. 18th St., $65,500.

Plisek, Richard and Cathy to Mayorga, Miguel, 5025 S. 19th St., $50,000.

Aldaco, Celia R. and Valadez, Alberto to Double A. Homes LLC, 3534 Drexel St., $80,000.

Sapp, Uriah N. and Lebron, Victoria E. to Emory, Richard W. and Jenelle A., 6718 S. 31st St., $135,000.

Tenorio-Chevez, Oscar U. and Tenorio, Santos Margarita Urbina De to Juan, Octavio Gonzalez and Gonzalez, Lorena Serrato, 4305 S. 34th St., $22,500.

Esparza, Beatriz G. to Escamilla, Frank, 3022 S St., $15,000.

Miodowski, Jerome T., trustee of Esther Miodowski Trust o Ramirez, Jesus Sergio, 4504 S. 33rd St., $86,000.

Tavizon, Flor and Lopez, Jose Luis Carreno to Santacruz, Luis Alberto Ledesma, 1821 Washington St., $125,000.

Russell, Howard and Essie to Russell, Larry, 2705 Washington St., $50,000.

Whiteing, Betty L. to Joe Real Estate Ventures LLC, 3242 Drexel St., $44,000.

Oha LLC to Moreno, Maria De Jesus Lara, 6238 S. 36th Ave., $190,000.

Clark, Kathleen to Cunningham, Samuel V. and Peterson, Elizabeth J., 4216 H St., $155,000.


Kobernick, Amanda Jean to Walsh, Allison G., 1706 S. 14th St., $110,000.

Redfield, Amy and Vaughn, Eric Neutzling to Tritsch, Jon, 703 Caniglia Place, $259,000.


Dsf Joint Ventures LLC to Pettid, James and Humphrey, Charlie, 4901 N. 14th St., $85,000.

Guardian Tax Partners Inc. to 11T Ne LLC, 2204 Burdette St., $51,000.

Lincoln, Robin K. to Lincoln, Todd, 5503 N. 3rd St., $34,400.

Eggenberg, Richard Y. and Glynis L. to New Day Property Solutions, 1328 Ogden St., $20,200.

Kountze Park Crown III Limited Partnership to Dean, Dakida, 2012 Binney St., $24,110.


Chima, Mary to Spencer, Charlene F., 6301 N. 33rd Ave., $72,000.

Jerins, Rita to Morse, Shane and Krystal, 4438 Curtis Ave., $70,300.

Salgado, Armando and Yamy to Lopez, Anahel and Lidia, 4723 N. 38th St., $33,500.

Larry Russell Investments to Estwick, Carl Sr, 2556 Evans St., $34,000.

Jones, Maurice Joseph to Tobar, Joaquina A., 2817 Binney St., $35,000.

Prater, Shawn A. and Prater, Shawn to Prater, Shawn A., 4240 Kansas Ave., $26,000.

Gill, Norvell to Walker, Steven N. Jr., 2565 Spaulding St., $24,200.

Louis, Alfred J. and Louis, Virgie Lee to Maly, James R., 3751 N. 37th St., $25,000.

Smith, Eloise to Jones, David, 2821 Fowler Ave., $33,000.

Vision Properties LLC to Wight, Timothy Linn, 3312 Camden Ave., $15,000.

Ferrucci, Antoinette Marie to Sladek, Steve and Kevin, 4014 Paxton Blvd., $35,000.

Reo Asset Management Company LLC to Heartland Holdings B. LLC, 5317 N. 35th St., $13,600.

Rrr Home Inc. to Valadez, Natalie, 4129 Ohio St., $21,000.


Reo Asset Management Company LLC to Hbi LLC, 3048 Ida St., $102,000.

Ferguson, John and Kalene Pink to McCormick, Steve, 3302 Summit St., $140,000.

Drc Properties LLC to Pittner, Kyran and Rachel, 3041 Newport Ave., $145,000.

Creighton, James D. III and Creighton, Jennifer to New Life Revocable Trust and Elliott, Michael Robert Trust, 7725 N. 38th St., $87,500.

Jank, Suzan I., trustee of Suzan I. Jank Living Trust to Menzel, Faye A., 6928 Florence Blvd., $134,000.

Brady, Melissa J. and Jack A. to Mueller, Nicholas and Brentlinger, Kristy, 13126 N. 42nd St., $290,000.

Petium Mortgage Acquisition Trust and Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Biz Enterprises LLC, 2866 Titus Ave., $39,000.

Barlow, Devon M. and Clint to Royce, Mike, 2441 Vane St., $80,000.

Swanson, William G. Jr. and Peters, Beth A. to Peters, Kelsey R. and Nicole M., 3401 Forest Lawn Ave., $66,500.

Andersen, Laverne J. to Andersen, Laverne J. and Stepanek, Penny J., 6911 Minne Lusa Blvd., $52,600.


Andersen, Linda M. to Meyerson, Larry B. and Ardeen, 9729 Nottingham Drive, $358,000.

Robert V. Burkhard Living Trust and Catherine M. Burkhard Living Trust to Bailey, Robert C. and Kristine M., 10012 Seward St., $303,000.

McIlvain, Helen E. to Zurek, Brandon J. and Cordes, Lanae F., 633 S. 80th St., $350,000.

Meyer, Vincent and Violeta to Leet, Jacquelyn and Foster, Elizabeth, 7618 Windsor Drive, $196,000.

Troia, Carl J. III and Antonia J. to Norton, Nick and Tiffany M., 9032 Leavenworth St., $315,000.


Lane Building Corp to Swain-Armstrong, Linda L., 2605 N. 167th St., $318,665.

Weidner, Sarah J. to Fitzgarrald, James F. and Cheryl R., 5155 N. 150th St., $220,000.

Haack, Justin D. and Patricia N. to Stoltenberg, Colette and Martin, 17188 Manderson St., $176,600.

Prokupek, Joe Stanley and Kelly Jo to Saidov, Dilshod, 4701 N. 162nd Ave., $240,000.

Bokowski, Chad E. and Meghan M. to Mercer, Gregory and Tawanda, 3101 N. 158th Plaza Circle, $474,000.

Gradoville, Deborah L. and David C. to Vaughan, Michelle and Evan, 14602 Hartman Ave., $269,000.

Weyer, Dale L. to Bohn, Tyler T. and Kari C., 14837 Ruggles St., $214,000.

Pollan, Mark E. and Lisa C. to Arispe, Emilio, trustee of Arispe Family Trust, 4819 N. 175th Ave., $301,000.

Fast, Christina Marie and Lens, Timothy to Pqr Rentals LLC, 17009 Sprague St., $170,000.

Sorensen, Irene A. to Norton, Kathleen A. and Gronenthal, Max Carl, 15454 Ellison Circle, $335,000.

Brizendine, April M. to Diaz, Elena G. Sanchez and Lopez, Gerardo, 16322 Sprague St., $283,000.

Adam, Robert E. and Ashely N. to Simms, Robert D. and Sarah L., 4217 N. 161st Avenue Circle, $339,000.

Vanbuskirk, Zachary and Raechel to Whipps, Lyndell W., trustee of Whipps Revocable Trust, 17565 Ames Ave., $222,000.

Johnson, Craig and Erin Lynn to Lee, Matthew C. and Jenny L., 17610 Miami Circle, $415,000.

Grumer, David Hugh, trustee of Myrna Grumer Revocable Trust to Wang, Jennifer Rae, 3315 N. 147th Court, $146,000.

Davis, Laura and Illian, Laura to Schmit, Kelly, 14674 Ames Plaza, $138,000.

Simms, Robert D. and Sarah L. to Riblett, Waco L. and Heather M., 15124 Fowler Ave., $216,000.

Swanson, Steffi A. Trust to Ivy Properties Inc., 15112 Camden Ave., $145,000.

Casler, Jacqueline S. to Vanepps, Roger and Danette, 15130 Camden Ave., $172,900.

Boll, Alexander M. and Lauren A. to Grubaugh, Marianne, 17463 George Miller Parkway, $196,250.

Longo, Gernon M. and Melissa F. to Sotolongo, Jorge, 2644 N. 160th Ave., $510,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Johnson, Denise M., 5363 N. 152nd St., $297,417.

Schulz, Jenny to Huelskamp, Michael J. and McQuillan, Megan A., 15206 Wirt St., $205,000.

Kirchner, Michael R. and Elizabeth A. to Graeber, Steven and Paulson, Miranda, 16520 Butler Ave., $239,000.


Carroll, Thalia, personal representative of Osborne, Stephanie Jean to Gtm Properties LLC, 4860 S. 52nd St., $75,500.

Hamik, Dana M. and Jeanne C. to Vasquez, Soledad G., 5651 S. 52nd St., $130,500.

Eipperle, Douglas G. and Mary E. to Allwyn Homes LLC, 5067 Q St., $95,000.


Lynam, Michael J., trustee of Michael & Jane Lynam Trust to Pineda, David Antonio Amado and Amado, Maria Gabriela Alvarado Barrientos De, 1317 N. 160th Ave., $277,000.

Bissonnette, Michael B. and Clare L. to Graham, Joe Browning and Judy A., 16706 Harney St., $455,000.

Jorgensen, David A. and Ann D. to Johnson, Ryan D. and Allison L., 204 N. 162nd St., $325,000.

Haddad, Charles J. and Estrada, Denisse Victoria to Goins, David P. and Dorene K., 17520 Seward Place, $179,500.

Litz, Robert B. and Denise M. to Hippen, Rebecca, 17532 Parker Place, $180,000.

Kujawa, Mark and Carol to Dudzinski, Logan T. and Samantha C., 17223 Harney St., $450,000.

Forrester, Carol R. to Kelberg, Lawrence, 311 S. 169th Circle, $340,000.

Vista Properties LLC to 11725 Arbor St LLC, 17007 Marcy St., $2,632,000.

Peterson, Steven A. and Janice L. to Tryon, Lane E., 15717 Nottingham Drive, $230,000.


Hilton, Kristina D. and Lashawn to Uz, Mitchell, 8816 N. 82nd St., $175,000.

Fuhrman, Shea and Ashley to Frazier, Stephanie, 7954 Morris St., $181,000.

Hill, Karen, personal representative of Haley, Mary Ann to Voie, Gerald R. and Dena R., 8840 N. 83rd St., $175,000.

Rhea, Matthew R. to Klabunde, Miranda, 8976 N. 81st St., $175,000.

Sabatini, Matthew and Jenna to Magana, Grant and Megan, 10512 Mary St., $230,000.

Deal, Justin and Emily to Yoerger, Michael A. and Marie E., 7510 Wyoming St., $185,000.

Hawk, Camille R. Trust to Ivy Properties Inc., 7301 Wyoming St., $137,000.

Gartrell, Bryce P. and Shayna L. to Reh, Meh, 8965 N. 79th St., $170,000.

McConnell, Sara J. and John J. to Benton, John, 7713 Wyoming St., $185,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Bates, David R., 8524 Baker St., $192,886.


Leslie, Edwin W. to Kubat, Francis, trustee of Matthew Francis Leslie-Kubat Trust, 7815 Shirley St., $595,000.

Goehring, William A., trustee of Goehring Residence Trust Uta 2012 to Oakes, Patrick M. and Sutton, Ivy M., 2505 S. 88th St., $225,000.

Watson, Demetrius and Karen A. to McKillip, Kathleen and McAnally, Brandon, 1335 S. 78th Ave., $400,000.

Elmborg, Ronna R. to Elmborg, Eric A., 7917 Valley St., $105,000.

M2K Investors LLC to Greyfox Properties LLC, 9125 Pauline St., $115,000.

Slater, Ramona I., trustee of James & Romona Slater Fam Living Trust to Tredinnick, Kyle and Muegge, Jill, 3201 Westgate Road, $164,500.


Tysdal, Gaii L. to Massey, Adam, 7706 Maywood St., $175,500.

Cotton, Tom T. to Manion, Joshua M. and Odom, Olivia M., 9926 Orchard Circle, $185,000.

Peters, Kyle D. and Amanda to Walby, Charles W. and Anne-Marie, 5720 S. 107th St., $190,495.

Corbett, Timothy M., trustee of Timothy Barbara Corbett Revocable Trust to Shank, Steven and Zhang, Lu, 10410 Polk St., $272,000.

Williams, Angela R. to Gregory, Nicole L. and Overkamp, Jackson P., 10512 M St., $215,500.

Danahy, Mary Jo to Forest Top Holdings LLC, 5433 S. 94th St., $80,000.

Boyer, Danny J., trustee of D L. Boyer Revocable Trust to Allen, Cassie James, 5140 S. 81st St., $305,000.

Orellana, Ramon E. and Alma S. to Temple, Andrew Mac Keith and Katherine B., 6621 S. 83rd Ave., $140,000.

Bamouni, Abdoulaye to Bamouni, Abdoulaye and Savadogo, Perpetue Felicite Sidwaya, 8113 Ralston Ave., $62,000.


Royal Development Inc. to Brown, Robert C., trustee of Robert C. Brown Revocable Trust, 17624 Frances St., $419,900.

Polzin, Kevin K. and Lani C. to Babe, Loren M. and Abbey L., 3620 S. 201st Ave., $325,000.

Conley, Adam M. to Millard, Brad and Sherri, 17830 Bay Wood Drive, $910,000.

John Edmund Lindsey Jr. Trust and Debra Berwick Lindsey Trust to Paintin, Theodore R. and Susan J., 1803 S. 189th Court, $375,000.

Kolander, Kyle R. and R. Danielle to Teckmeyer, Grant S. and Morgan M., 18913 Nina St., $235,000.

Grubaugh, Marianne to Paumer, Wade and Blake, Cory, 2117 S. 161 Circle, $200,500.

Anderson, Kirk A. and Melanie S. to Hamilton, Matthew B. and Emily M., 17519 William Circle, $370,000.

Mabbitt, Korey and Tomasek, Bianca to Ohara, Adam and Jessica, 1843 S. 160th St., $220,000.

Collins, Troy M. to Schroeder, Ronald J. and Carmella A., 1301 S. 178th St., $340,000.

Glowacki, Donna to Callaghan, Martin J. III and Karen M., 1507 S. 174th Circle, $390,000.

Olnhausen, Christopher L. and Tracy L. to Ranga, Jyotsna S., 2016 S. 181st Circle, $403,000.

Mackiewicz, Kari L. to Stitnicky, Andrew R. and Rachel V., 1506 S. 177th Ave., $351,625.


King, Gerald A. and Maureen M. to Vizcaya, Teresa, 335 N. 35th Ave., $145,000.

Redwood Real Estate Development LLC to McGahan, Garret, 3309 Davenport St., $130,000.

Wiebold, Keri J. and Brewer, Keri J. to Letsche, Emily, 424 N. 43rd St., $155,000.

Liccione, Alex and Kate to Gilligan, Paul, 4161 Cass St., $185,000.

Piotrowski, Lavonne M., trustee of Lavonne M. Piotrowski Living Trust to Butler, Nathaniel M. and Franklin-Butler, Sheila, 119 N. 43rd Ave., $72,500.

Martin, Roger L. and Levin-Martin, Mindy to Spivack, Dara J., 220 S. 31st Ave., $360,000.

Midtown Properties LLC to Harney26 LLC, 2584 Harney St., $500,000.

Amdg LLC to Yee, David and Ieong, Bieu, 343 N. 35th St., $127,000.


Padrnos, Wayne R. to Safe Harbour Eat-Xxx LLC, 915 N. 51st St., $108,000.

Babe, Loren M. and Abbey L. to Williams, Daniel P. and Maureen L., 4858 Harney St., $224,500.

Ross, Ralph E. and Jane L. to Anderson, Eden, 224 N. 49th St., $150,000.

Wilson, Fernando Alberto and Calderon, Lourdes Angelica to Denevan, Jeffrey M., 454 N. 61st St., $365,000.

Mcs Rentals LLC to Murry, Anthony S. and Laura L., 4814 Douglas St., $360,000.

5161 Properties LLC to Webster Street Properties LLC, 1305 N. 61st St., $125,250.

Amster, Freddie and Rita to Rlt LLC, 6611 Hamilton St., $53,000.

Hammel, Christopher to Hansen, Audre Jene Bedford and Phillip Lloyd Parker, 507 N. 47th St., $169,000.

Olden, Rodney Jr. and Stoolman, Sharon R. to Glasford, Jeanne and Curt, 5022 California St., $295,000.

Upsilon Properties LLC to Admar Homebuyers LLC, 4513 Lafayette Ave., $457,000.

Shyken, Paul A. J. and Susann Z. to Naffziger, Brian, 1304 N. 49th Ave., $245,000.

Square 1 Property Solutions LLC to Falknor, Antonio Nicholas and Hansen, Elizabeth N., 4802 Charles St., $150,000.

Gottsch, Raquel G. to Vaccaro, Jodi A. and Crowe, John D., 5004 Cuming St., $404,600.


Connelly, Janet S. to Womochil, Robert, 5305 N. Oaks Blvd., $150,000.

Csipkes-Curran, Cynthia and Curran, Robert to Freeman, Gabriel A. and Kamala P., 4419 Eastridge Drive, $200,000.

Pelfrey, Brian and Estes, Nicole to Watson, Sharon M. and Patmon, Gloria, 3530 N. 104th Ave., $152,000.

Scherer, Brent J. and Lara R. to Reloj, Jeremy and Rosalind, 6214 N. 76th St., $151,000.

Runyan, Grant Russell and Erin to Apple, Bryan, 9462 Binney St., $173,000.

Ponec, Chad M. and Machela M. to Goetz, Jacob and Micheels, Halie M., 4011 N. 92nd Ave., $180,000.

Berry, Michelle to Church, Joseph Vernon and Natalie Elizabeth, 9213 Spaulding St., $162,000.

Magana, Megan C. and Doerr, Megan C. to Mcintosh, Beverly, 7886 Nebraska Ave., $170,000.

Taylor, Kimberly M. and Sean P. to Fox, Jonathon N. and Laura A., 4508 Ridgeway Road, $152,000.

Lord, Lawrence A. and Robin to Tobler, Amber and Norling, Daniel, 9129 Ruggles St., $148,000.


Andersen, Thomas J. and Allison to Pohl, Heather, 4408 S. 179th St., $170,000.

Vejvoda, William M. and Debra L. to Weissler, Kyle and Briana, 16519 Riggs St., $225,000.

Lyons, Dalton R. and Lacy R. to Greni, Susan and Santos, Rodrigo Neves Dos, 16404 Jefferson St., $260,000.

Coppage, Timothy G. and Jami R. to Schmidt, Marcus and Melanie, 6009 S. 195th St., $395,000.

Monnier, Timothy D. and Carol A. to Orsi, Samuel David, 16231 Orchard Circle, $208,000.

Smith, Glenn and Kathleen to Wheatley, Bryant and Amber, 19723 Archer Ave., $340,000.

Woodfill, Jeff and Nicole to Boll, Alexander M. and Lauren A., 6001 S. 196th St., $340,000.

Aliff Hospitality LLC to Davis, Vincent P. and Dukat, Morgan Elizabeth, 4970 S. 167th Ave., $205,000.

Lucas, Stephanie D. to Folda, Matthew David and Larson, Alexis Emilie, 5659 S. 186th Ave., $187,500.

Wurth, Thomas J. and Brenna to Erickson, Rachel, 19603 Gail Ave., $195,500.

Ehlers, Zachary J. and Kelsey E. to Covolo, Anne C., 6418 S. 191st St., $185,000.

Sohl, John A. and Lisa F. to Allred, Kenney Dwight and Kitty Lynn, 6518 S. 176th St., $361,000.


Miller Lab Properties LLC and Kiess/Kraft Properties LLC to Silver Properties LLC, 6601 S. 118th St., $1,300,000.

Qualified Property Solutions LLC to Baks LLC, 12248 P St., $129,000.

Your Property Solutions LLC to Bluvas, Zachary Michael, 12920 Ohern St., $230,000.

Durland, Michelle L. and Robert C. to Simek, Mikayla and Bordelon, Michael, 12275 Signal Drive, $162,000.

Seevers, Tiffany Lynn to McVaney, Timothy P. and Murdock, Carol, 6415 S. 120 Place, $349,900.

McGargill, Timothy M. to Crnic, Andrew and Wees, Kelly, 4111 S. 149 Circle, $230,000.

Newington, Dirk B., trustee of Dirk B. Newington Living Trust to Kunkle-Hagge, Michelle and Hagge, Brian, 4730 S. 150th St., $185,000.

Kraniewski, Susan K. and Mark to Honaker, Dan Kenneth and Suzanne Elizabeth, 14811 Walnut Grove Circle, $180,000.

Ghosh, Chitta R. and Huynh, Mai X. to Huynh, Nhan C. and Nguyen, Diem T., 10941 X St., $143,500.

Kelly, Michael A. and Simonia to Graham, Suzanne and Ulshera, Susan A., 15405 Orchard Ave., $180,000.

Wilson, Curtis J., trustee of Curtis J. Wilson Trust to True Properties LLC, 15174 Z St., $160,000.

Fink, Peter J. Sr and Carolyn I. to Laco Properties LLC, 6365 S. 118th St., $350,000.

Sebeck, Justin J. and Nicole L. to Cap, Benjamin J., 5758 S. 137th St., $165,000.

Owen, Helen M. to Jiang, Haihong and Xie, Yan, 14614 Walnut Grove Drive, $187,500.

Sowah, Nathaniel to Fischer, Todd James and Wendie Liane, 11423 S. Circle, $182,000.


Deer Creek Reserve LLC to Landmark Performance Corp, 13008 Reynolds St., $52,000.

Deer Creek Reserve LLC to Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC, 8001 N. 129th St., $50,000.

Kinsey, Shannon M. and Talley, Shannon M. Kinsey to Johnson, Darla L., 14233 Potter Parkway, $249,900.

Fisicaro, Lucia T. to Mack, Jerry and Candee, 13914 Wood Valley Drive, $258,000.


Swinnerton, Daniel B. and Dawn M. to Rhyalds, Tarynn, 3613 S. 121st St., $162,000.

Clanton Rentals LLC to Prokupek, Kelly Jo, 2330 S. 124th St., $171,000.

Gracie Properties LLC to Booth, Micah and Jillian, 1648 S. 152nd St., $347,500.

Pick, Robert M. and Ann Marie to Palmer, Adam and Danielle R., 3509 S. 115th Ave., $275,000.

Germain, Melissa L., successor trustee of Kathleen J. Freyer Living Trust to Burns, Richard M. and Kathryn A., 1604 Crawford Road, $315,500.

National Retail Properties Lp to Lee Douglas Property Management II LLC, 2415 S. 133rd Place, $2,150,000.

Castleman, Scott E. and Victoria L. to Roberts, Sean and Amy, 3317 S. 109th St., $213,000.

Johnson, Gregg and Carla to Larsen, Noah E. and Johnson, Jordan C., 14079 Pine St., $215,000.

Wickencamp, Matt to Bierman, Aaron K. and Alexandra, 15306 Garfield St., $222,500.

Lindquist, Eric H. Trust to Kyle, Rick A. and Janet L., 1230 Pine Road, $294,100.

Gallagher, Mark J. and Joyce M. to Sock, Lisa J. and Meyer, William John Jr., 13123 Frances St., $300,000.


Halbrook, Tobin E. to Reed, Teresa K., 7115 Country Club Road, $180,000.

Flott, Michelle M. and McGrath, Michelle M. to Rodriguez, Alejandro and Wendy, 6829 N. 65th Ave., $135,000.

Mercer, Gregory and Tawanda to McNair, Augustus Sr. and Shirley V., 7105 Girard St., $270,000.

Quakenbush, Chris and Nikki to Reh, Lu and Mo, Pray, 6405 Read St., $168,000.

Starmer, Heather to Tho, Tho and Htoo, Dah, 5220 Mary St., $175,000.


McCaig, Judith Joann, trustee of Judith Joann McCaig Trust to Sherlock, Kevin and Melissa, 835 S. 112th Place, $353,700.

Rasmussen, Jennifer J. and Mark to Polito, Mark A., 11020 Oakbrook Drive, $169,000.

Vertovec, Daniel to Darr, Joshua and Jennifer, 1024 N. 128th St., $340,000.

Shada, Frank Paul II and Anderson, Ashley Janelle to Hansen, Elizabeth A., 608 S. 122nd St., $226,327.

Harris, Janice R. to Mann, Russell and Laura, 1008 S. 112th Place, $315,000.

Stork, Warren L. and Phillips-Stork, Elaine A. to Assmann, Curt and Burke, Elizabeth, 12965 Decatur St., $405,000.

Sketch, Michael H., trustee of Michael H. Sketch Revocable Trust to Legrande, Harold and Eileen, 14210 Cuming St., $700,000.

Fendley, Edward R. Jr., trustee of Edward R. Fendley Jr. Living Trust to Lebron, Roche and Jeanne, 12068 Jackson St., $207,500.


Jizba, Peter D. and Rebecca E. to Churilla, Joseph and Emily, 5715 N. 130th St., $190,000.

Neppel, Scott M. and Catherine Ann to Burger, Everett Mark and Cheri Ann, 11611 Taylor St., $235,000.

Marten, James E. and Jane E. Cons to Flohrs, Roger Dale Jr. and Oviedo, Grecia Estefania Pedroza, 2736 N. 131 Circle, $165,000.

Jones, Steven T. and Cummings, Jennifer to Kaufman, Justin Matthew and Caroline Zaayer, 6006 N. 108th Avenue Circle, $169,275.

Grosse, Randy A., trustee of Randy & Pamela Grosse Fam Trust to Montano, Jose Campos and Valle, Norma, 11512 Sahler St., $231,000.

Moore, Brett A. Sr. to Clark, Austin and Corissa, 12966 Miami Circle, $205,000.

McGee, Bernard G. and Donnette M. to Clark, Augustine Richard and Laura Jane, 13139 Grand Ave., $160,100.

Bohn, Tyler and Kari C. to Grimshaw, Dawn and Joseph, 11515 Bauman Circle, $160,000.

Plate, Jason and Jamie to Goehring, Claire and Michael, 11255 Mary St., $175,000.

Babutzke, Leo and Babutzke, Leo Jr. to Vollmer, Thomas M. and Olivia M., 2706 N. 121st Ave., $202,000.

Scholer, Frank and How, Elizabeth to Estes, Robert and Mallory, 4720 N. 134th Ave., $297,000.

Schafer, Eileen C. to Mackie, Patricia A., trustee of Dennis and Patricia Mackie Revocable Trust, 5015 N. 134th St., $210,000.

Brown, Tyler and Nicole to Rhodes, Robert Andrew and Jamie Alice, 6111 N. 116th Circle, $183,000.

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