Hildy Construction Inc. to Zimmerman, Chad and Sarah, 8907 N. 171st St., $420,000.

Marque Custom Builders LLC to Goff, Stephanie K., 7379 N. 170th St., $379,000.

Shradar, Robert D. Jr. and Kassa Lane to Wade, Christopher and Staci, 7114 N. 152nd St., $394,000.

Snow, Jason A. Jr. and Camilla J. to Hertz, Jamey, 15310 Mormon St., $185,000.

Proctor, Larry L. and Sonia S. to Brandenburg, Joshua and Skye, 7208 N. 154th St., $340,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Robidoux, Summer and Jason, 8507 N. 173rd St., $344,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Amundsen, William G. and Margaret A., 7164 N. 164th St., $307,228.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC, 7302 N. 169th St., $51,750.

Kuhlmann, Janet S. to Barnhard, Amy M., 16123 Willow Circle, $245,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Gallagher, Shane M. and Amy G., 8716 N. 169th St., $374,445.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Brown, Jesse, 16254 Reynolds St., $346,458.

Wilson, Susan S. to Bauer, Mark S., 8926 N. 159th Ave., $243,000.

Crumly, Jason and Iryna to Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC, 11718 N. 173rd St., $50,700.

Oborny, Charles and Shelli to Wray, Laura A. and John C. III, 18236 Thayer St., $600,000.


Landmark Performance Corp. to Thompson, Steven M. and Stacie L., 2384 S. 220th Ave., $636,630.

204 Fstreet LLC to Malibu Holdings LLC, 3910 S. 208th St., $62,500.

Sedky, Sherif M. and Martha L. to Lynam, Michael J. and Jane E., 18362 Harney St., $388,000.

Henry J. Sudbeck Builders Inc. to Tichy, Angie, 2627 N. 189th St., $321,384.

Prestige Homes Inc. to Brobst, Zachary G. and Courtney N., 20811 Woolworth Ave., $491,000.

Rolfes 6 Properties LLC to Kempnich, Edward Taylor, 20454 Poplar St., $169,000.

Lant, Kenneth E., trustee of Lant Family Trust to Collin, Danny D. and Constance J., 18871 Marcy St., $260,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Pak, William, 20523 Howe St., $338,531.

Gibson, Martin D. and Elizabeth C. to Bissonnette, Michael B. and Clare L., 206 S. 201st St., $302,500.

Charles Thomas Homes and Tjl Consulting Inc. to Rais, Fetneh, 18765 Sahler St., $450,000.

Renaissance Custom Homes Inc. to Pothuloori, Antara and Carlson, Mark A., 1410 N. 191st Ave., $725,000.

Coda, Erin and Christopher to Bossert, Stephanie and Robert, 18936 Sahler St., $430,000.

Todd Menard Construction LLC to Echelon Homes LLC, 1715 S. 220th Ave., $110,000.


Bluewater Development Corp. to Velinsky, Casey J. and Kerrie K., 5915 N. 294th Circle, $225,000.

White, Steven E. and Barbara A. to Bohnhoff, Rick K. and Jennifer L., 7626 N. 279th St., $540,000.


Smith, Charlotte D., trustee of Charlotte D. Smith Revocable Trust to Welsh, Shane D. and Mary K., 367 Lakehurst Drive, $394,000.


Buonafede LLC to Quad P. LLC, 649 S. 19th Ave., $515,000.

Regis Building LLC to Nguyen, Tommy and Samountry, Timmy, 314 S. 16th St., $210,000.

Orozco, Brenda A. to Gillum, Carol, 300 S. 16th St., $102,000.


Harrow, Lisa Kay Lee to Alvarez, Rebecca R., 6814 Maple St., $37,500.

Whitley, Marglee to English-Williams, Nadia and Whitley, Marglee, 5339 N. 47th Ave., $26,600.

Kr Properties LLC to Rai, Raj D., 5006 Kansas Ave., $180,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Rdm LLC, 6162 Ogden St., $107,000.

Royal Siding Inc. to Arcishewsky, Stephen B., 4531 Franklin St., $23,650.

Bohm Enterprises Inc. to Scripp, Jasmine Lee, 3345 N. 47th Ave., $158,500.

Revive Properties LLC to Suncone Holdings LLC, 1724 N. 56th St., $119,600.

Revive Properties LLC to Suncone Holdings LLC, 6811 Maple St., $127,800.

Walker, George W. to Flipping Flanagans LLC, 2316 N. 67th Ave., $90,000.

Wolfe, Scott Allen to Deen, Rakelle Lee, 2712 N. 63rd St., $153,000.

T James Enterprises Inc. to Nodean, Rachel and Krof, Marlene, 2553 N. 49th St., $110,000.

Cooper, Linda to Wells, Paul and Margaret, 1711 N. 52nd St., $241,500.

Grutel, Peggy to Croushorn, Chantael, 3701 N. 60th St., $98,000.

Schnack, Dustin Michael and Jessie Jo to Solis, Luis, 2308 N. 50th St., $184,900.


Deases, Johnny and Kelley to Schmitt, John F. and Luz D., 845 Park Ave., $163,000.

Legado Group LLC to Arevalo LLC, 1549 S. 26th St., $75,000.

Reimer Properties LLC to Duncan Land & Cattle LLC, 3208 Marcy St., $550,000.

Martinez, Jordan and Carly to Kim, Joanne S., 1920 S. 35th St., $155,000.

Santos, Rodrigo Neves Dos and Greni, Susan E. to Prashar, Nitin Yash, 1022 S. 40th St., $157,000.

Castro, Lisa M. to Hengen, Stephanie Nicole, 4309 Pine St., $182,000.

Reimer Properties LLC to Duncan Land & Cattle LLC, 3115 Marcy St., $550,000.

Chappell, Scott W., trustee of Scott W. Chappell 2008 Trust to Taylor, Alexandra, 3702 Jackson St., $166,000.


Nielsen, Ivan O. to Marsh, Jj, 1913 S. 48th Ave., $92,500.

Gillespie, Jeffrey S. and Danica R. to Dabney, Ben, 4917 William St., $175,000.

Andersen, John and Sara M. to Wagner, Aubrey, 2204 S. 60th St., $146,000.

Ramm, Robert E. and Kelly M. to Weishapl, Amy J., 5801 Walnut St., $155,000.

Peterson, Heather A. to Sharp, Kimberly, 1931 S. 61st St., $185,000.

Keller, Ronald F. to Brizendine, Travis D. and Halvorson, Andrew H., 5936 Grover St., $212,500.

Keller, Ronald F., trustee of Ronald F. Keller Revocable Trust to Brizendine, Travis D. and Halverson, Andrew H., 3437 S. 60th St., $100,000.

Ksiazek, Cynthia M. and Joseph P. to Ruckman, Nathan Todd and Chellie M., 5614 Spring St., $185,000.

Wonderly, Russell Wayne, personal representative of Wonderly, Betty to Krings, Elizabeth Jean, 4518 Valley St., $134,000.

Chamberlain, Rose Marie to Garrido, Concepcion, 4539 Mason St., $160,000.


Orozco, Theresa and Vega, Rodolfo to Best Price Homebuyers LLC, 2514 F St., $65,000.

Smith, Charlotte D., trustee of Charlotte D. Smith Revocable Trust to Ramos, Jose M. Banderas, 6047 S. 41st St., $118,500.

Bpj Real Estate LLC to Vazquez, Juan Rosales, 4403 S. 22nd St., $93,000.

Kjeldgaard, Howard J. and Mary E. to Hiatt, Shawn and Shestak, Shauna, 2701 E St., $55,000.

Reilly, Lori Pat and Kevin J. to Bauer, Colton, 1411 Archer Ave., $120,000.

Semin, Dolores M., trustee of Dee Semin Living Trust to Omana, Juan M. Vargas, 1619 Z St., $60,000.

Sanchez, Juan F. to Sandoval, Reina Isabel Flores, 3509 Washington St., $65,900.

O & H. Properties Inc. to Pena, Sergio and Salazar, Teresita De N. Jesus Estrada, 2111 Polk St., $129,000.

Hyer, Barbara R., trustee of Barbara R. Hyer Revocable Trust to Perezalamilla, Lisa M. and Jose G., 6319 Gilmore Ave., $85,000.

Vanderveen, Mary Louise and to Hausinger, Vilma Salinas De, 4316 S. 17th St., $68,000.

68108 510 S. 13 St LLC to Compton, Timothy J., 1110 Marcy Place, $267,500.

Rangel, Honorio G. and Honorio to Meyer, Brian, 2430 S. 16th St., $30,000.

H & S. Partnership Llp to Hbi LLC, 2311 S. 8th St., $55,250.

Guardian Tax Partners Inc. to Hbi LLC, 1427 S. 14th St., $42,500.

Ellis, Sara J. and Marsh, Sara J. to Garcia, Gabriela, 3484 S. 13th St., $95,000.


Hammond, Josephine and Joseph to Rodriguez Contractor LLC, 4502 N. 16th St., $43,000.

Greer, Deanna L. and Anderson, Arthur E. to Maly, James R., 2208 Grand Ave., $14,000.


Sanchez, Victoriana Valenzuela to Sanchez, Victoriana Valenzuela and Sindjeu, Daniel, 6336 N. 38th St., $36,850.

Sullivan, William and Peggy K. to Lagunas, Delfino and Maria, 3505 Grand Ave., $29,000.

Paredes, Hugo E. and Hoskins, Lisa to Johnson, Patrina A., 6102 Belvedere Blvd., $115,000.

Patterson, Beverly A. to Finklea, Stephanie Renae, 3330 Fowler Ave., $100,000.

Kahrs, Joshua M. and Adrienne to Heger, Jennifer L., 3619 Belvedere Blvd., $125,000.

Vintage Management LLC to Taylor, Sebrina D., 3865 Decatur St., $27,000.

Kiley, Candace T. and Mark S. to Oo, Zaw Myint, 3951 N. 40th St., $75,000.

Patterson, Kevin E. and Anita M. to Rojas, Elizabeth Cortes, 5391 N. 27th Ave., $40,000.

Gunn, Marlene B. to Preparation Properties LLC, 2609 Wirt St., $37,000.

Faulkner, Daniel J. and Clara to Luth, Jerry L., 4707 N. 36th Ave., $37,893.

Harpster, Robert R. and Norene D. to Harpster, Ernie E. III and Nalin Zeng, 3107 Decatur St., $38,900.

Harpster, Ernest E. III and Nalin Zeng to Harpster, Robert R. and Norene Daly, 3103 Decatur St., $40,500.

Brink, Edward E. Trust to Reo Asset Management Company LLC, 3509 Franklin St., $37,157.

Master Commissioner to Reo Asset Management Company LLC, 3031 Arcadia Ave., $61,784.

Dancer, Lori A. to Cabrera, Fernando Torres and Montepeque, Mayra Vanessa Gaitan, 6316 N. 40th St., $50,000.

Reo Asset Management Company LLC to Hbi LLC, 3031 Arcadia Ave., $114,750.

Reo Asset Management Company LLC to Hbi LLC, 3509 Franklin St., $101,150.


Allgood, Troy P., personal representative to Allgood, Terry W. to W Realty LLC, 2426 Bauman Ave., $25,500.

Donnelly, Heather to Vanamerongen, John, 7238 N. 35th Circle, $98,500.

Glick, Janet S. to Glick, Hunter, 8112 N. 37th St., $215,000.

Novastar Mortgage Funding Trust Series 2003-3 and Novastar Home Equity Loan Asset-Backed Certificates Series 2003-3 to Mark Brungardt LLC, 3609 Martin Ave., $61,500.


Spracklin, Scot J. and Melissa to Cfi LLC, 8529 Charles St., $70,000.

Baker, Gerald E. and Rebecca J. to Burch, Sarah, 826 N. 78th St., $127,500.

Carmen and John Gottschalk Foundation to Owen Foundation, 533 N. 86th St., $1,250,000.

Porter, Andrea K., trustee of Ellen S. Pesavento Trust to Stapleton, Stephen C. and Clark, Jacquelyn V., 207 S. 95th St., $387,000.

Bagwell, Colin Michael and Jennifer Joy to Hancock, Traci, 1015 S. 91st Circle, $520,000.

Leighton, Warren R. and Rosalie T. to Leighton, Wayne D., 1529 N. 85th St., $67,950.

Sampson, Richard and Valerie to Flowers, Stafford A., trustee of Stafford & Joann Flowers Jt Revocable Trust, 1307 N. 97th Place, $370,000.


Brennan, Gregory M. and Jodi L. to Proctor, Larry and Sonia, 15228 Norwick Drive, $315,000.

Silverthorn Custom Homes LLC to Schutt, Larry D. and Penny L., 6423 N. 157th St., $389,900.

Williams, Teddy Jr. and Valerie to Wunderlich, Jason William and Loseke, Amy Lynn, 14644 Hartman Ave., $310,000.

Ehlers, Craig R. and Jessica D. to Olsen, Jeff, 16918 Browne St., $204,000.

Johnson, Christopher and Porter-Goff, Mary E. to Leesley, Devon Michael and Christy Lee, 2208 N. 169th St., $345,000.

Pearson, Cindy Marie and Kari to Canty, Glenda A., 15314 Fowler Ave., $256,900.

Wright, Rita Bleiweiss, trustee of Rita Mae Fish Trust to Kelly, Jaclyn and Fish, Nathan R., 3904 N. 157th St., $160,000.

Waltemath, Michael J. and Paula K. to Jarecke, Jeremiah D. and Stephanie D., 3222 N. 171st Ave., $316,000.

Wollen, Curtis T. and Maria A. to Wang, Xiuqin and Chen, Lihui, 16110 Taylor St., $302,500.

Tran, Dzung to Tran, Du Van and Dau Van, 14811 Sprague St., $228,300.

Umbarger, Brian, trustee of Brian and Ashley Umbarger Living Trust to Patel, Vikram K. and Saumil J., 4902 N. 160th St., $181,000.

Classen, Andrew S. and Rebecca L. to Kannusamy, Yokesh Kumar Appusamy and Thiyagarajan, Rushmitha, 4910 N. 161st St., $269,000.

Glass, Leigh and Ben to Bgrs LLC and Brookfield Global Relocation Services LLC, 2317 N. 169th St., $345,000.

Bgrs LLC and Brookfield Global Relocation Services LLC to Winchel, Casey L. and Oranong, 2317 N. 169th St., $345,000.

Meyer, Marilyn J. and Eugene to Dynamic Properties LLC, 3913 N. 147th St., $195,000.

Wilshusen, Jonathan A. and Ann M. to Brincks, Dale J. and Diane M., 15368 Lake Circle, $268,000.


Stika, Frank J. III and Mary Jo to Sanchez, Jose Manuel and Sarah Danyelle, 6818 S. 49th Terrace, $235,000.

Davis, Nolan W. and Monica L. to Brasch Properties LLC, 4475 S. 61st St., $105,000.


Fibich, Joseph E. and Sasha A. to Bamburg, Amy and Aaron P., 1604 N. 171st Ave., $329,000.

Penney, Judy C., trustee of Judy C. Penney Revocable Trust to Veskrna, Leslie William, 15922 Farnam St., $305,000.

Grinsteinner, John M. and Beverly A. to Schulte, Brian, 15618 Capitol Circle, $227,500.

Caetano, Gerald A. and Claire C. to National Transfer Services LLC, 783 N. 164th St., $129,000.

Wardyn, Timothy and Mackenzie to Swearingen, David and Tracy, 431 S. 159th Ave., $295,000.


Lingerfelt, Justin W. and April to Nelson, Ler B. and Thomas, 7516 N. 73rd Ave., $182,000.

Fitzgarrald, Joshua F. and Kinney, Krystal L. to Lambert, Joseph R., 6713 N. 78th Ave., $147,500.

Klopping, Bryan L. to Frye, Kenneth and Tina, 8327 Wyoming St., $206,000.

Rosloniec, John Casper and Jocelynn to Walton, Steven and Jessica, 8968 N. 81st St., $175,000.

Hazen, Joyce C., trustee of Joyce C. Hazen Trust to Hage, Samantha and Patrick, 8845 N. 82nd St., $168,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Pittman, Tanya L., 8329 Craig Ave., $182,556.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hilt, Adam E. and Jessica R., 8532 Baker St., $199,968.

Yuz-Mosenkis, Anna, trustee of Anna Yuz-Mosenkis Revocable Trust to Manyara, Ketiwe Sharon and Cainos, 8525 King St., $186,000.


Campisi, Gary J., personal representative of Campisi, Joseph F. to Riviera, Sara Marie, 7922 Barbara St., $169,000.

Pospishil, Mary Ellen to Harris, James Daniel and Cheryl Ann, 10119 Grover St., $338,000.

Roland, Amy M., trustee of Teena T. Beehner Revocable Trust to Huggins, Brandy, 1114 S. 94th St., $269,000.

Gauff, Aaron to Fister, Mark J. and Martha, 2902 S. 76th Ave., $155,000.

Goracke, Megan to Krueger, Michael A. and Kade L., 8521 A St., $157,000.

Tevis, Janice E., personal representative to Nolan, Evelyn L. to L & Q. LLC, 3302 S. 106th St., $165,000.

White, John P. and Nadine C. to Achuil, Emmanuel, 7421 Spring St., $178,000.

Gilliam, Andrew L. and Andy to Bell, Richard P. and Ramute I., 8504 A St., $180,000.

Huggins, Brandy and Day, Addam to Kambala, Jose Mudimba and Nganga, Adelaide Ekila, 3628 S. 88th St., $151,500.

Devries, Matthew J. to Campbell, Aaron, 3511 S. 87th Ave., $135,000.


Hirsh, Gary L. to Rivera, Marina Isabel and Rivas, Angel Alcides Calles, 6306 S. 74th St., $189,900.

Larson, James E., trustee of Larson Living Trust to Hanny, Reid M., 5410 S. 91st St., $180,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Reo Asset Management Company LLC, 6667 S. 84th Ave., $110,001.

Reo Asset Management Company LLC to Hbi LLC, 6667 S. 84th Ave., $146,200.

Plugge, Guy, personal representative of Plugge, Erlaine M. to Hanson, Kenneth and Kathryn, 5027 S. 81st St., $150,900.

Jacobson, Carolyn Lee to Adjivon, Kodjo Dennis and Stephanie, 9455 Weir St., $170,000.

Lane, Lisa A. and Steffen, Stan L. to Knapp, Bryan, 10411 Y St., $275,500.


Robert, Ben and Judy S. to Bousquet, Latonya, 2468 S. 182nd Circle, $925,000.

Tracy, Ronald L. and Linda J. to Ruback, Marcia R., 1223 S. 169th St., $325,000.

Tindall, Michael W. and Synda R. to Billington, Martin and Kelley, 19310 Nina Circle, $430,000.

Crawford, Gregory G. and Nancy L. to Mohs, Aaron M. and Sarah A., 2235 S. 183rd Circle, $435,000.

Gracey, Kimberly Sue to Knudsen, Carrie A., 18970 C St., $238,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Sherman, Thomas and Taryn, 2109 S. 192nd Ave., $315,879.

Strong, Cory L., trustee of Cory Strong & Amy Smith Liv Revocable Trust to Conner, Cody C. and Kelsey J., 17302 William Circle, $302,000.

Tichy, Timothy S. and Angela M. to Carbajal, Nickolas and Hannah, 16324 Westfield Circle, $285,000.

Lanoha, Jason P. and Alina Topala to Johnson, Craig and Erin Lynn, 3203 S. 184th Ave., $686,000.

Speichert, Timothy L. and Sarah M. to Dore, Joseph M. and Mandalyne R., 19030 Ontario St., $205,000.

Introfiant LLC to Link, Michael and Georg, 19009 Ontario St., $237,500.


Blanchard, Nick to Sawatzki, David, 4312 Wakeley St., $138,000.

East Campus Realty LLC to Kropp, Carolyn, 120 S. 31st Ave., $484,900.

Cervantes, O. Dino and Leslie to Papa Properties LLC, 200 S. 31st Ave., $167,000.

Gehring, Jeffry L. to Sokol, Cheryl K., 815 N. 41st Ave., $167,000.

Gilbatrar LLC to Ahntholz, Brenda Leigh, 802 N. 42nd St., $205,000.

Lemek, John Michael and Elizabeth Marie to Mott Properties LLC, 4321 Charles St., $85,000.


Faulconbridge, Jean V. and Putrino, Gary A. to Mahoney, Keegan M. and Taylor, Clayton C., 1017 N. 64th St., $260,000.

Carver, Karla to Browning, Margaret, 1328 N. 52nd St., $248,500.

Kirchner, Lee Ann Purcell to Boryca, Chelsea, 6418 Glenwood Road, $250,000.

Walker, Robert S. Jr., trustee of Linda R. Walker Revocable Trust to Schack, Stanley H. and Michelle R., 425 N. Elmwood Road, $850,000.

Cox, Justin G. to Eddy, Terry Leeroy Jr. and Wanda R., 6529 Charles St., $127,000.

Faulkner, Devin J. and Teri to Mueller, Bryan and Leigh, 6554 Lafayette Ave., $135,000.

Kutz, Charles W. to Bushey, Robert J., 801 N. 49th St., $25,000.

Hancock, Traci Williams and Craig, Sean to Morgan, Joseph, 6755 Burt St., $795,000.

Kyle, Eric J. and Theodora J. to Elworth, Mark and Jo, 1316 N. 56th St., $218,000.

Cuva, Jane Stumm to Brennan, John T. and Adler, Susan M., 4902 Cass St., $360,000.


Tri LLC to Re Imagined Residential LLC, 2524 N. 78th St., $114,650.

Perry, Sidney to Ladd, Garrett J., 9805 Ames Ave., $165,000.

Tri LLC to Re Imagined Residential LLC, 9211 Grand Ave., $119,000.

Mansfield, David A. and Lyndlee J. to Vertovec, Daniel, 2329 N. 102nd St., $217,000.

Mills, William Pearce and Kathleen Denise to Vlasnik, Amy, 10627 Laurel Ave., $179,500.

Vecchio, Jessica and Peterson-Vecchio, Lindsay to So, Po and Hta, Place, 9354 Ellison Ave., $187,500.

Johnson, Amy L. to Luparello, Kevin and Alcorn-Luparello, Sara, 8830 Ruggles Circle, $175,000.

Livesay, Nancy to Castillo, Elmer A. Pineda and Orellana, Maryline Zuzana, 4435 Sunny Slope Ave., $210,000.

Holoubek, Michael E. and Rebeka J. to Neh, Neh and Day, Daisy, 4112 N. 82nd Circle, $174,000.

Ihde, Terri L. and Larry Charles Jr. to Devon Bank, 3319 N. 73rd St., $141,000.

Huskins, Margie M. to D Double J. LLC, 8906 Miami St., $38,000.

Armbrust, Randy and Tracy to Samuelson, Mystera M. and Derrick R., 3211 N. 78th St., $315,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Infinity Excel LLC, 6208 N. 76th St., $120,600.

Devon Bank to Rahman, Najmur and Saif, 3319 N. 73rd St., $141,000.


Aniello, Anthony J. and Stacey M. to Prokopec, Joshua and Lynn, 6111 S. 161st St., $267,500.

Malone, Chad M. and Lindsay K. to Murad, Abdul Rahman and Masooda, 5122 S. 194th Ave., $236,000.

Bohnhoff, Rick K. and Jennifer L. to Evans, Keith A. and Monica, 6032 S. 166th Circle, $405,000.

Pallayil, Anil Subramanian and Satheesh, Minu Mangattu to Everett, Jeffery C. and Marcy L., 6209 S. 184th St., $425,000.

Stroup, Robert S. and Brittney L. to Orsi, Jesse Jon, 17714 K St., $209,000.

Corran, Nancy J. and Kosits, Rudolph C. to Klingemann, Tyler and Emily, 17619 Monroe St., $295,000.

Bartholomew, Nicholas and Christina to Nellans, Alaina and Robert D., 5325 S. 191st Ave., $184,000.

Singh, Navdeep and Kaur, Amarjeet to Lingerfelt, Justin W. and April C., 18564 Polk St., $243,000.

Braithwaite, Adam T. to Green, Amanda and Daniel, 4210 S. 174th St., $367,000.

Lambert, Lisa to Crow, Tyler A. and Alessandra B., 5205 S. 167th St., $415,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Garcia, Jose M. and Darci M., 19961 Monroe St., $335,771.

Melichar, Kenneth J. and Evelyn R. to Schneider, Franklin J., 6010 S. 166th Circle, $373,000.

Ramsey, William H. and Heather N. to Butler, Roy Mark and Joyce M., 16212 Riggs St., $207,500.


Dayan, Eric M. and Kelsey A. to Womack, Richard A., 12302 Gail Ave., $175,000.

Patrick, Jeanne to Thiele, Christine M., 5818 S. 147th St., $200,000.

Alberto, Giordano A. Barahona and Barahona, Alexis Tatiana to Bentley, Shayla, 13826 Polk Circle, $187,000.

Hulke, Connor J. and Dillon, Brooke E. to Graser, Chad P. and Horn, Nadia, 5618 Borman Ave., $202,000.

Rzemyk, Thomas and Kehn, Janice to Mruz, Jacob M. and Jessica R., 5160 Marshall Drive, $147,900.

Burns, Steven H. to Prazan, Michael J. and Sayles, Karen M., 14712 O Circle, $117,000.

Wiblishouser, Gary D., trustee of Gary D. Wiblishouser Living Trust to Mann, James and Kelly, 15230 Adams St., $155,900.

Gomez, Maria B. and Maria B. Ceron to Swierczek, Justin G. and Amy L., 4930 S. 129th St., $172,000.

Wilberger, Trey A. and Morgan to Blair, Rebecca and Hunter, Timothy, 4416 S. 152nd Circle, $230,500.

Cml Properties LLC to Johnson, Zach, 13518 Z St., $175,000.


Nokels, Kevin J. and Dawn M. to Murdock, Ralph and Michelle, 6934 N. 118th Circle, $585,000.

Johnson, Evan C. and Carissa E. to Kaup, Dakota Benjamin, 7508 N. 143rd St., $205,000.

Stevenson, Jack G. and Janice M. to Kean, Kristi Lee, 13925 Vane St., $210,000.

Hagen, Eric J. and Megan S. to Morales, Sandra, 7415 N. 143rd St., $210,000.


Kiphart, Thomas S. to Square One Investments LLC, 12168 Pedersen Drive, $150,000.

Powers, Laura and Andrew to Assmann, Kathryn, 3322 S. 122nd St., $182,625.

Watson, Nathan D. and Devon L. to Marple, Taylor M., 2304 S. 113th St., $195,000.

O’Brien, James J., trustee of Charlotte M. O’Brien Revocable Trust to Prn Properties LLC, 3334 S. 113th St., $175,000.

Anderson, Eric D. to Rehm, Thomas J. and Chalee L., 1623 S. 133rd St., $191,000.

Tomcykowski, David W. to Sims, Tyler W. and Puetz, Hayleigh S., 3506 S. 126th St., $185,000.

Smith, Jacob J. and Manetti, Sarah J. to Santuary Homes & Design LLC, 2929 S. 136th St., $157,000.

Diggle, Kirk C. and Jacqueline to Diggle, Keely, 3207 S. 134th Ave., $30,150.

Schmid, Marjorie L. and Richard J. to Webb, Nathan W. and Ashley L., 2104 S. 122nd Ave., $195,000.

Plumb, Raymond D. and Binning, Robin to Coleman, Michael Jr. and Debra C., 3424 S. 114th St., $289,000.

Matukewicz, Michael J., trustee of Robert A. Karen G. Risk Revocable Trust to Strotz, Matthew S. and Kristin L., 1229 S. 117th St., $280,000.

Rice, Germaine E. to Eagan, Anna Kathleen and Foresman, Jacob Aaron, 3323 S. 127th St., $150,000.

Anderson, Mary E. to Anderson, William L. Jr., 12306 Bel Drive, $142,000.

Johnston, Jeffrey Scott and Adele Myra to Zhang, Ru and Wu, Qiong, 3262 S. 130th Avenue Circle, $183,000.



Northern Ponca Housing Authority to Hernandez, Ronald D., 7013 N. 54th St., $156,000.

Bruner, Melissa Marie and Synowicki, Melissa Marie to Trimble, Matt and Johnsen, Michalene, 5412 Ida St., $160,000.

Short, Douglas Ray and Judith Kay to Ryle, Michael P. and Annette, 5625 Mary St., $165,000.

Pollock, Michael J., personal representative to Pollock, Kathy A. to Harding, John D. Jr. and Schwandt, Deborah, 12122 N. 48th St., $75,000.

Gilmer, Wade to Tekeste, Nakale Gebre and Loyelei, Phillemon Nakali, 7135 N. 65th Ave., $160,000.


Kurland, Jeremy and Nicole to Zhi, Ruijuan and Liu, Zhenguo, 14506 Franklin St., $185,000.

Pope, Jeffrey Joseph and Jaimee to Vann, John J. and Wendy M., 14815 Seward Place, $229,000.

Lnenicka, Wesley Sr and Connie to Hoffmann, Eric C. and Lauren M., 1916 N. 152nd Place, $176,500.

Jarosz, Bernita M. to Townsend, Sarah E., 1810 N. 146th St., $195,465.

See, Nathan D. and Krieger, Katie J. to Dostal, Jared, 708 N. 154th Ave., $256,500.

Hintz Homes Inc. to Duggin, Thomas J. and Jefferson, Brittany E., 1006 S. 114th St., $315,000.

Adams, Donald W. and Lorene D. to Allen, Timothy J. and Mary A., 12051 Jackson St., $229,900.

Morales, Ana Laura Ortiz to Stromp, Morgan D., 15327 Douglas Circle, $205,000.

Kimbril, Samuel L. and Kristi A. to Ruddick, Robert, 1817 N. 111th St., $177,400.

Snow, Richard E. and Phyllis to Kudlacz, Lisa J. and Jeffry F., 14308 Cuming St., $780,000.

Bowers, Ronald L. and Jane H. to Scoville Hofts Investments LLC, 742 Leawood Drive, $90,000.


Diederich, Theresa A. to Headley, Lucas A. and Dye-Headley, Khasandra R., 12915 Hartman Ave., $187,000.

Brusegaard, Barbara A., trustee of Barbara A. Brusegaard Living Trust to Hofmeister, Clinton R. and Mary J., 12406 Evans St., $275,000.

Tran, Thuc H. and Jennifer F. to Kurland, Jeremy and Nicole, 14110 Ogden St., $335,000.

Clark, Robert S. and Stinebaugh, Sarahjoe L. to Clark, Terry and Pechar, Natalie, 12849 Grant Circle, $179,990.

Rabe, Tanner to White, Lori E. and Cortny M., 5016 N. 126th St., $180,250.

Stanek, Jason A. and Anne T. to Kellogg, Timothy and Tammy, 5131 N. 135th St., $255,000.

Winking, Bradley K. and Shelley R. to Pick, Michael G. and Angela, 13973 Ames Ave., $345,000.

Maxwell, Nathan and Molly to Htoo, Kprue and Win, See Thu, 5705 N. 129th St., $179,900.

Johnson, Megan A. and Craig A. to Lord, Rusty and Elizabeth, 13716 Sahler St., $288,000.

Thorman, Kimberly to Meester Enterprises LLC, 6534 N. 142nd Circle, $213,050.

Shie, Ler and Hsay, Lah Ka Bru to Lambert, Brenda L., 6623 N. 112th Ave., $170,000.



Vlasnik, Amy S. to Shepley, Hannah and John, 3507 Comstock Ave., $135,000.

Killgore, Glynn J. and Deborah Ross to Morgan, Jody and Linda, 2030 Calhoun St., $157,000.

Van Ornum, Daniel A. and Sheena M. to Brown, Jonathan S. and Mundell, Jeannette M., 2701 Calhoun St., $220,000.

O & H. Properties Inc. to Gomez, Juan Pablo and Diaz, Luz Elena, 2408 Franklin St., $138,000.

Badillo, Ricardo J. and Lynnette K. to Veliz, Erina, 1003 Evergreen Ave., $183,000.

Chick, Patrick M. and Judith L. to Nelson, Richard G. and Charlotte M., 1309 Englewood Drive, $169,000.

Armstrong, Lesly Jr. and Judith R. to Salifou, Kodjo and Chelsea K., 2804 Lloyd St., $130,000.

Klammer, Kyle F. and Hilary to Weigner, Wendy, 707 Lemay Drive, $173,000.

Huston, Jeff and Carol A. to Level Up Home Pros Inc., 2910 Columbus Ave., $96,000.

Sibrian, Kenny and Arevalo, Lucas to Doolin, David E. and Miriam U., 127 Gregg Place, $215,000.

Robinson, Rachel C. to Garcia, Mauricio, 2109 Victoria Ave., $149,000.


Dasher, Ryan L. and Ashley R. to Rosales, Erin, 12605 S. 218th St., $255,000.

McCaul Contracting LLC to Canfield, Charlie M. and Susan Kay, 612 Brentwood Drive, $390,000.

McCartney, Maria Cristina to Voss, Rebecca, 20901 Ash St., $198,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. Dba Hildy Homes to Schmid, Michael G. and Cynthia A., 528 Devonshire Drive, $370,000.

Adams, Joel M. and Sarah L. to George, Stephen and Voorhis George, Stacy, 20021 Oak St., $345,000.

Simpson, Bobbie J. to Brooks, Phillip Wayne Jr. and Jeanie R., 19829 Acorn Drive, $257,000.

Lagrone, Darrin to Khalil, Anees Ahmad and Waheed, Mariam, 19858 Emiline St., $350,000.

Harmon, Curtis L. and Lori L. to Juilfs, Matthew A. and Rochelle R., 11315 Northridge Circle, $270,000.


Dalton, Steven J. and Dee Ann S. to Penix, Mark and Ashley, 2231 Crystal Creek Drive, $365,000.

Toyama, Mabi and Kazuya to Remley, Jeremy D. and Lydia A., 10625 S. 113th Ave., $327,000.

Lapierre, James D. and Lisa M. to Plisek, Rodney R. and Michelle A., 4618 Windcrest Drive, $365,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Morrison, Matthew I. and Sarah Jane, 11030 Cove Hollow Drive, $334,000.

Russell, Rodney E. and Kimberly G. to McCammon, Kevin and Hyonmi, 1006 Port Royal Drive, $246,000.

Janowski, Joseph A. and Terri B. to Thompson, Curtis John, 911 Roland Drive, $317,000.

Selves, Michael L. to Selves, Jamie L., 303 S. Harrison St., $135,000.

Penix, Mark and Ashley to Distaso, Christopher and Leilani, 2310 Big Sky Drive, $328,000.

Kent, John F., personal representative of Hirschman, Bonnie M. estate to Hirschman, Kimberly A., 912 W. Perry St., $175,000.

Barkley, Ray W. Jr. and Heather L. to Hall, Jordan, 2016 Queen Drive, $216,000.

Hovick, Andrew D. and Logan J. to Sears, John P. and Michelle M., 1112 Conestoga Road, $200,000.

Field, Thomas E. and Pamela K. to Hamata, Elden J. and Cynthia M., 8507 Molokai Drive, $425,000.

1 Chron 29:11 LLC to Swede, Kelcie and Turpen, Mark, 513 Bonnie Ave., $180,000.

Bowen, Kristi to Webb, Mitchell D. II, 306 Remington Road, $313,000.


Evans, Theodore III to Carlson, Eric A., 180 Elm St., $110,000.


Daniel, Xavier M. and Christy R. to Ritchie, Robert and Christina, 12742 Foresdale Drive, $248,000.

Featherston, Douglas J. and Debbra J. to Thompson, Jeffrey, 3730 Burr Oak Drive, $190,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Meredith, Thomas Jason, 12307 Quail Drive, $313,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Povich, Steven M. and Connie A., 12036 S. 44th St., $360,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Prochnow, Landen K.S. and Munemitsu, Julie M., 1702 Mesa St., $284,000.

Salazar, Armando E. and Kathleen J. to Teigland, Ann and Johnathon, 15009 Normandy Blvd., $187,000.

Gunter, Shawn M. to Shackleton, Alex and Tamara, 14508 S. 21st St., $250,000.

Pfeffer, Thomas, trustee of Josephine L. Pfeffer Trust to Hoshaw, Steven Wendell Jr. and Amy E., 3107 Lynnwood Drive, $188,000.

Hansen, Kelli M. to Puhl, Tomas, 12733 Ridgeview Circle, $190,000.

Macias, Sonia G. to Khaitov, Bakhodir, 4312 Mark St., $338,000.

Kaldahl, Wayne B., trustee of Wayne & Karole Kaldahl Joint Trust to Kaldahl, Steven C., 11821 S. 33rd St., $165,000.

Cook, Janice M., co-trustee of Lawrence E. Peters Irrevocable Trust to Foxhoven, Callie, 2107 Whitted Drive, $166,000.

Lehman, Kyle and Brittanie to Morse, Megan M. and Molly M., 9806 S. 28th Ave. Circle, $285,000.

Wessling, William M., personal representative of Kenneth W. Wessling estate to Cunningham, Patrick J. Jr. and Kathleen M., 3020 Annabelle Drive, $360,000.

Callahan, Elwin Bruce and Kathy Ann to Hale, Billy Breck and Megan, 2704 Rahn Blvd., $275,000.

Cunningham, Steven D. and Tracie D. to Rivera, John D. and Trina M., 2917 Halifax Drive, $219,000.

Bunten, Sasha N. to Zollinger, Melissa Ann, 13803 S. 42nd Ave., $225,000.

Daniel, Ryan T. to Watson, Rei LLC, 10403 Lewis & Clark Road, $140,000.

Baruth, Andrew Wyatt and Elisabeth Anne to Cotter, Shawn and Tracy N., 2702 Blackhawk Drive, $219,000.


Shaffar, Mark Eugene and Elizabeth Marie to Stanley, Kyle I. and Mollner, Anne E., 9916 Margo St., $258,000.

Colabello, John P., co-personal representative, and Colabello, Frank A., co-personal representative, of Gerald C. Turner estate to Yung, Caroline, 7420 Elm Drive, $185,000.

Lattz, Nathan D. and Elly to Jones, Gregory and Elizabeth, 8634 S. 99th Circle, $273,000.

Kelley, Michael J. and Cynthia R. to Zych, Ronald and Karen, 8808 Valley View Drive, $150,000.

Bender, Arthur F., trustee, and Bender, Jeanie M., trustee, of Arthur & Jeanie Bender Living Trust to Bienhoff, Donald D. and Mary Jane, 9925 Olive St., $379,000.

Clifton, William G. and Patricia A. to Arcishewsky, Lara Rose, 7111 Monterrey Drive, $173,000.

Conway, Donald R. III to Sauceda, Mario and Sandra, 7427 S. 102nd Ave., $375,000.

Coffman, Renee to Yost, Rick R. and Paula M., 7502 Susan Court, $127,000.

Bruno, Catherine T. to Kueny, Martin and Crystal, 7905 S. 70th St., $210,000.

Schneider, Peter L. and Franzine B. to Anderson, Deron R. and Andrea J., 8632 S. 99th Circle, $315,000.

Martinson, Sabrena to Chirackel, Robin S., 9718 Melissa St., $240,000.


Martin, Jason to Schiesl, Michael, 1403 Durham Drive, $204,000.

Heavican Homes Inc. to Bernhagen, Adam and Butler, Shane, 13812 S. 51st St., $344,000.

Vance, Daniel B. and Rebecca L. to Amin, Ninaben C. and Chandrahas J., 4508 Hansen Ave., $313,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Lewis, Jacob and Tabbathia, 913 Arlene Circle, $274,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Reid, Dennis J. and Patricia A., 12910 S. 53rd St., $324,000.

Escamilla, Jeffrey M. and Susan E. to Badillo, Ricardo J. and Lynnette K., 129 S. Fall Creek Road, $255,000.

Mai, Khoi and Nguyen, Kayla to Mills, William Pearce and Kathleen Denise, 608 Ruby Road, $238,000.

Drap, Ryan D. to Camp, Dustin Michael, 1910 Franklin Drive, $273,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Ilin, Aleksander, 7405 S. 184th St., $278,000.

Richland Homes LLC to McCall, James S. and Nicole R., 16868 Portal St., $293,000.

Baker, Corie A. to Kenna, Vincent R., 17825 Lillian St., $175,000.

Molko, Jacob to Galloway, Callahan C. and Shelton N., 17849 Lillian St., $191,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hazen, Eric and Dorsey, Abigail, 9405 S. 176th St., $308,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Wood, Joel A. and Jill M., 18755 Camelback Ave., $411,000.

Medina, Julio Enrique and Hernandez, Limayra to Nouhou, Moctar Sadou and Hama, Rasila Soumana, 8629 S. 163rd Ave., $259,000.

Dogger, Craig D. to Dallan, Robert M. and Suzie R., 16206 Greenleaf St., $278,000.

Schmid, Michael G. and Cynthia A. to Brandon, Jeffrey T. and Troia, Grace, 17812 Pinhurst Ave., $328,000.

Nevitt, Derroll V. and Turner, Kelly A. to A Place To Live LLC, 16137 Cottonwood St., $130,000.

168 Cornhusker LLC to Cashelmore, Bruckheim LLC, 9839 S. 168th Ave. Unite 2D, $340,000.

River Oaks Development LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 7834 S. 184th Ave., $36,000.

Vance, Richard E. to Sarkic, Alen and Wolfe, Jennifer, 16114 Blackwalnut St., $182,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Bartek, Jordan and Brian, 8009 S. 184th Terrace, $263,000.

Hoelting, Riley to Ewing, Jessie, 16118 Birch Ave., $185,000.

Reid, Cody L., trustee of Cody L. Reid Revocable Trust to Rentschler, Scott A. and Michelle M., 7213 S. 158th St., $290,000.

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