Baglama, Charles P. III and Declerg, Jennifer J. to Fisher, Ricky M. and Michelle R., 8802 N. 157th St., $275,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Reed, Tyler J. and Amanda J., 7119 N. 163rd St., $327,021.

Pitner, Scott O. and Diane to Neuhaus, Larry H. and Karen L., 8501 N. 173rd St., $315,000.

Swenson, Michelle A. to Kraynik, Ann C. and Terry J., 7502 N. 160th St., $285,500.

Bos, Alan T. and Gail L. to Hill, Jeffrey Dale and Hankins-Hill, Tessa Renee, 11785 N. 175th Circle, $780,000.

Coffman, Creig M., trustee of Creig & Anne Coffman Living Revocable Trust to Underwood, William G. and Sheryl L., 16252 Young Circle, $385,000.

Johnson, Matthew A. and Carissa J. to Bentley, Mark David and Christina Lorene, 14801 Prairie Star St., $312,500.

Gaeta, Michael A. Jr., trustee of Michael & Suzanne Gaeta Living Trust to Gorham, Angela, 17322 Clay St., $58,000.

Mercury Contractors Inc. to McConnaughhay, Johnny and Patricia, 7808 N. 156th Ave., $352,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Deloach, Brian L. and Baumgartner, Shara E., 16503 Read St., $299,778.

Devney, James P. and Susan A. to Arts, Patrick F. and Becky L., 7407 N. 170th St., $389,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Kathol, Megan and Kenton, 8052 N. 172nd St., $376,491.

Lpc Properties LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 7253 N. 155th St., $130,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Wagner, Bradley and Merissa S., 9009 Kilpatrick Parkway, $326,798.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Breyfogle, Kevin W. and Joy E., 16104 Reynolds St., $331,398.


Ballard, Kristin Renae and Justin Gray to Dejong, Barry and Mary, 2704 N. 191st St., $320,000.

Fair, Robert A. and Joyce M. to Ptacnik, Scott and Jenny, 4905 N. 196th Circle, $1,475,000.

Curzon, Christopher L. and Wendi L. to Kadur, Swaroop and Setty, Ragashree Dhamodaraiah, 1831 S. 211th St., $402,500.

O’Donnell, Ryan M. and Erin M. to Xie, Wenhua, 1604 N. 209th St., $260,000.

Moreland, James E. and Diann J. to Foley, David and Leslie, 21022 Arbor Court, $385,000.

Harris, Jason A. and Lindsay J. to Hagerty, Andrew V. and Sarah E., 621 S. 197th St., $295,000.

Johnson, Paul W. and Katherine M. to Loehr, Kristina Marie and Jared Wayne, 19516 Marcy St., $442,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Rudd, Erik, 20535 Howe St., $286,900.

Pohlad Custom Homes Inc. to Woitzel, Todd R. and Michelle M., 21989 Brookside Ave., $499,000.

Clements, Joseph M. and Lissa A. to Jarrett, Taylor and Rosanna, 1037 S. 216th St., $185,000.

Zingler, Erik B. and Susan M. to Harris, Jason A. and Lindsay J., 928 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $445,000.

Romero, Jake and Troy to Keplinger, Aaron M. and Patricia J., 20223 Cleveland Circle, $209,000.

Haven Homes Nebraska to Liss, Joseph A. and Allyssa, 20915 Drexel St., $483,049.

Weber, Eric S. and Katie O. to Popp, Brian L. and Terry S., 18810 Sahler St., $465,000.

Fraser, Bryan D. and Julie A. to Watson, Adam and Waller, Mary, 21106 Honeysuckle Drive, $300,000.

Paradise Homes Inc. to Goturi, Srinivasa Kumar and Shakti, Deepika, 2526 N. 186th St., $423,215.

Piniarski, John P. and Shane J.L. to Pope, Kambi and Groteluschen, Bryce, 1601 S. 207th Ave., $446,000.

Oelco LLC to Schmidt, Elizabeth B., 2644 N. 202nd Ave., $257,400.

Choice Homes LLC to Maddex, Lance and Melissa, 21850 Marinda St., $165,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Tobiason, James Donald and Gina Lynn, 3909 N. 187th Ave., $383,370.

Richard, Adrieene to Kennedy Properties LLC, 1556 N. 208th Ave., $239,000.

Langendorfer Properties Inc. to Eilers, Blake M. and Kadin John, 19102 Ohio St., $235,000.

Heavican Homes Inc. to Moore, Barry and Karla, 19405 Manderson Circle, $45,000.

Day, Julie M. and Kristopher R. to Rickert, Jeffrey R. and Jenna M., 1716 S. 211th St., $525,000.

Whisper Rock Holdings LLC to Phi LLC, 2508 N. 184th St., $52,500.

Woodward, Jason P. and Julie to Corsini, Robert A. Jr. and Spencer-Nelson, Brenda S., 5820 S. 239th St., $479,900.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Holtz, Jason and Brenda, 4920 N. 205th St., $301,468.

Eicke, Kody and Nikki to Hopkins, Robert, 638 S. 215th St., $195,000.

McNeil & Company Builders LLC to McNeil, Thomas J. and Tamra S., 3535 S. 228th St., $348,467.

Uchtman, Robert J. and Beverly A. to Joe, Timothy and Suzanne, 3310 Piney Creek Drive, $335,000.

Pokorny, Christopher J. and Cynthia S. to Bonczynski, Gerald L. and Jane A., 936 S. 180th Ave., $482,450.

Vollertsen, Joshua and Christine to Mathews, Mercedes H., 3338 S. 226th Circle, $2,398,000.

Baker, Eric Robert and Joanne L. to Flink, Justin S., 20225 Pearl Circle, $224,000.

Carlson, Douglas J. and Christine A. to Gear Land V. LLC, 5232 N. 193rd St., $835,000.

Stovall, Lisa and Aaron to Belt Construction Co. Inc., 23418 Nancy Circle, $59,900.

Patak Properties LLC to Heithoff, Tiffany, 3411 N. Main St., $187,000.

Kutler, Murray A. to Kuhfahl, Jered D. and Katie A., 7737 N. 207th Circle, $620,000.

Voelte, Kenneth M. to Vuagniaux, Daniel Leslie and Jovita, 21023 Arbor Court, $375,000.

Thc&D Inc. to Hartley, Natalie and Jeremy, 19206 Grande Avenue Circle, $100,000.

Newport Homes LLC to Tiedeman, Myron Dell and Sara Waring, 2721 N. 189th St., $325,620.


Gutheil-Bykerk, Troy E. and Jean to Laubscher, Brandon and Diana, 25805 Bennington Road, $430,000.

Laubscher, Brandon and Diana to Hoffmann, Nichole and Matthew, 28535 State St., $335,000.

Johnson, Max L. to Kjg Properties LLC, 1004 S. E St., $95,000.

Bluewater Builders LLC to Zarybnicky, Kenneth A. and Margaret A., 6402 N. 289th Circle, $750,000.


Ideal Designs Remodeling & Construction LLC to Opperman, Michael, 807 S. 243rd St., $538,881.

Blecke, Lowell D. to Anderson, Dave, 1124 S. 258th St., $252,000.


City View Associates Lp to Tzadik City View LLC, 604 S. 22nd St., $11,600,000.


Leaden, Deanna Marie to Gabrie, Michael J. and Samantha K., 2048 N. 67th Ave., $100,000.

Hawkins, Dusty Wells and Kendra to Linneweber, Eric and Danielle, 3515 N. 54th St., $130,000.

Baker, Jamie Ann and Hooda, Pradeep Kumar to Popken, Rose, 6321 Parker St., $105,000.

Min, Hsa G. and Nguyen, Jonathon to Pu, Thomas and Chan, Acanan, 6706 Crown Point Ave., $140,000.

Brady, James and Nancy J. to Sehr, Joanna R., 4870 Maple St., $100,000.

Maple Street Properties LLC to Lav LLC, 6109 Maple St., $540,000.

Omaha Housing Co Inc. to Hough, Maurice E. and Christina L., 3509 N. 45th St., $25,400.

Gomez, Peter and Nancy to Colbert, Miriam, 3124 N. 59th St., $141,500.

Ward, Torrey and Yolanda S. to Styl Properties Inc., 2045 N. 67th St., $134,000.

Bmo Harris to Tcej Express, 5409 N. 49th St., $96,900.

Sieff, Nicholas A. and Brooke to Babin, Erica A., 2032 N. 49th St., $130,000.

Hewitt, Clifford R. and Jessica K. to Ner, Lah, 6317 N. 63rd St., $125,000.

Charlet, Cama to Siebler, Sara, 2320 N. 60th St., $145,000.

Extreme Properties LLC to Brisco Investments LLC, 6118 Pratt St., $50,000.

Christensen, Theresa, personal representative of Christensen, Mark A. to Brisco Investments LLC, 6571 Evans St., $32,500.

Christensen, Theresa to Brisco Investments LLC, 6571 Evans St., $32,500.

Rickert, Dawn C., trustee of Tim E. Rickert Living Family Trust to Castellane, Stephen, 4902 N. Happy Hollow Blvd., $255,000.

Rankin, Erin R. and Thatcher, Ian to Dynamic Properties LLC, 6107 Camden Ave., $75,000.

Hadley, Christina N. to Craddock, Ethel L., 4727 Saratoga St., $100,000.

Wrenn, Richard and Ishanwee to Simpson, Luke, 6124 Jaynes St., $153,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Drewj Properties LLC, 2712 N. 62nd St., $76,500.

Davis, Jacob, personal representative of Thomsen-Davis, Barbara to Davis, Jacob, 2036 N. 65th Ave., $15,000.

Heartland Holdings A. LLC to Damm, Sara Ann, 3610 N. 61st St., $121,900.

Borg, Phyllis M. to Lainez, Ana Lilian Alvarado, 4539 Fort St., $110,300.

Pekny, Shane N. and Zeller, Krynn K. to Garrison, Mark and Olivia L. N., 4952 Maple St., $165,000.

Ziemba, Steven J. to Dougherty, Nicholas A., 6302 Seward St., $140,000.

Philmon, Walter S. and Earleen D. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 6304 N. 46th Ave., $50,000.

Philmon, Walter S. and Earleen D. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 4531 Laurel Ave., $50,000.


Revive Properties LLC to 108 Center Street LLC, 1011 S. 33rd St., $191,700.

Linn, Susan Joanne to Cutchall, Cory C., 2116 S. 43rd St., $130,000.

Costello, Adeline Rose and Margaret Mary to Whipple, James T., 2301 S. 32nd Ave., $112,000.

Thompsen, Bruce A. and Sharon L. to Kz Properties LLC, 1905 Park Ave., $258,000.

Ratajski, Paula F. and Oakes, Paula F. to Young, Hannah M., 3023 S. 39th St., $149,975.

Lorenz, Stephanie D. to Safe Harour Eat- XXIII LLC, 2805 S. 36th St., $115,000.

Achelpohl, Samuel B. and Mary Hill to Bowley, Larry P. and Rabow, Gina M., 4307 Walnut St., $285,000.

Weight, Rachelle L. and Anniss, James Kevin to Armour, Jeffrey S. and Antonia L., 2131 S. 40th St., $219,000.

Six Minutes Holdings Co LLC to Perez-Agraz, Sandra Paola and Mejia-Campozano, Nelson, 2418 S. 25th St., $105,000.

Chacon, Kimberly and Martha Megan to Ferguson, Frank E. and Robin, 3055 S. 32nd St., $147,000.

Gruhn, Jeffrey R. and Heather M. to Glow, Alex, 2921 Hanscom Blvd., $160,000.

Olander, Shelly R. and Andersen, Shelly R. to Holzer, Steven J., 3528 Hascall St., $36,329.

Baratta, Richard A. to Castro Enterprises Pc, 3005 S. 34th St., $83,000.

Hofmaier, Dale and Jodie to Barritt, Abby, 1906 S. 29th Circle, $124,500.

Palmer, Kevin Dale to Klesitz Realty LLC, 1329 S. 30th Ave., $52,500.

Stalnecker, Diana and Gregory S. to Ccg Holdings Ne LLC, 3627 Frederick St., $150,000.

Flegg, Phillip to Mpg Investments LLC, 822 S. 38th Ave., $20,000.


Ketter, Jarod and Erica to Mausolf, Shawn, 4811 Pine St., $206,500.

Wilwerding, Mary A. to Red Ladder LLC, 1417 S. 52nd St., $115,000.

Docken, Marvin O. and Susan L. to Docken, Brett K., 4538 Poppleton Ave., $145,000.

Morin, Mark R. and Janet to Smail, Benjamin and Megan, 5210 Rees St., $112,000.

Boysen, James L. to Neuhaus, Darwin and Kay, 4547 Shirley St., $213,000.

Smart, Johnnie V. and Joyce to Ault, Jane Teresa, 826 S. 59th St., $233,000.

Gibbons, Michael T., trustee of Michael T. Gibbons Revocable Trust to Tchegninougbo, Brice Stephane and Lali-Tchegninougbo, Esther Zansi, 511 S. 69th St., $145,000.

Ptacnik Family Properties LLC to Romero, Jake and Troy, 2105 S. 60th St., $142,500.

Westphal, Stuart to Mollak, Lannia R., 5531 Mason St., $115,100.

Dmt Properties LLC to Seventy-Ten Opportunity II LLC, 7010 Hascall St., $3,735,000.

Root, James M. and Katharine Sylvia to Gander Co. Design and Build LLC, 4543 Poppleton Ave., $167,500.

Mayhan, Thomas M. and Hoeft, Jacqueline A. to Franco, Joseph P., 3212 S. 57th Circle, $175,000.

Phinney, Lana M. to Beaton, Helen Sue, 5536 Pacific St., $179,000.

Vermaas, Derrick and Andrea to Stuart, Toni, 4827 Krug Ave., $165,000.

Jkp Properties LLC to Armbrust, Alexus M., 1204 S. 61st St., $235,000.

Carter, Jared Duane to Sheese, Isaiah and Amelia Nelson, 1101 S. 52nd St., $285,950.

Vega, Tawnya R. to Wyatt Simon Investments LLC, 6455 Pacific St., $80,200.


Barrera Rentals 1 LLC to Henggeler, Terra, 1121 Arthur St., $81,500.

Reo Asset Management Company LLC to 11T Ne LLC, 6505 S. 17th St., $42,500.

Gardner, Joseph W., personal representative of Gardner, Kenneth A. to Heartland Holdings A. LLC, 3719 V St., $56,000.

Vogel, Amber to Vogel, Marcus and Jenilee, 4137 N St., $107,000.

Jankovich, James J. to Rosas, Yesenia Alvarado, 3931 X St., $117,000.

Sterba, Carrie A. to Lara, Jose M., 5637 S. 21st St., $61,100.

Lopez, Lorena and Juan to Moen, Adam and Renk, Kristin, 3817 F St., $100,000.

Tworek, Ladonna J. to Rodriguez, Miguel Espinoza, 4130 S St., $135,700.

Cheloha, Josephine Ann to Zacarias, Martin, 4516 S. 17th St., $25,000.

Kroupa, Roberta L. and Montana to Wieger, Daniel, 4405 S. 12th St., $103,000.

Neos Property Management LLC to Paniagua-Villa, Cruz Ivan, 2615 E St., $40,000.

Mock, Lilian R. to Marquez, Reynaldo and Noemi, 2922 R St., $35,000.

Morris, Roxie to Cortes, Anontio and Maria, 2515 Jefferson St., $199,900.

Jd And Sc Investments Inc. to Ray, Daniel L. and Cuevas, Yulissa, 4413 S. 34th St., $87,500.

Herrera, Maria Rodriguez and Montelongo, Maria R. to Cardenas, Livier Soltero, 4838 S. 13th St., $155,000.

Torres, Miguel Angel Ramirez and Luna, Patricia Brenda Puentes De to Puentes, Rogelio and Torres, Miguel Angel Ramirez, 4323 S. 38th St., $27,767.

Wucy LLC to Stotts, David M. and Marina B., 5246 S. 22nd St., $118,000.

Aguero, Moises and Erika to Burciaga, Daniela Salcedo, 3111 Q St., $74,000.

Woolery, Paul G. and Ashlee M. to Tietjen, Penny, 5122 S. 37th St., $109,000.

Castanon, Martina to Padilla, Juan Santamaria, 4225 S. 26th St., $99,200.

Jckt LLC to Pama, Kassandra Michelle and Ramos, Salomon Palma, 5714 S. 30th St., $75,000.


Hall, Kathleen and James to Cardenas, Jose, 319 Bancroft St., $20,000.

1 Chron 29:11 LLC to Holland, Sean and Kylie, 1901 Ontario St., $135,000.

Hawk, Camille R., trustee, to Reo Asset Management Company LLC, 1803 Ontario St., $28,900.

Reo Asset Management Company LLC to Bel Fury Investments Group LLC, 1803 Ontario St., $31,412.

Trautman, Josh to Jozwiak, Bryan M., 3004 S. 15th St., $127,500.

Villagomez, Alexander and Jarina K. to Sheeks, Chad, 820 Hickory St., $185,000.

Reeh, John C. and Linda A. to Santillan, Felipe, 2902 S. 21st St., $95,500.


Inter City Properties LLC to Gil, Noemi Cortes, 2001 Spencer St., $79,000.

Kcn Group LLC to Duanes, Miguel, 4712 N. 17th St., $29,000.

Omaha Municipal Land Bank to C & N. Investments LLC, 1469 Spencer St., $25,000.

Anderson, Jerry to Gonzalez, Genaro Garcia, 2322 Pinkney St., $15,500.

Ace Securities Corp Home Equity Loan Trust Series 2003-Op1 and Hsbc Bank Usa Tr to Mark Brungardt LLC, 2195 Parker Circle, $75,500.

Star Property Investments LLC to Shanahan, Terrence, 6101 Florence Blvd., $50,000.

Martin, Joseph and Angela M. to Greater St. Paul Ministries Inc., 2615 N. 22nd St., $46,000.


Zas Corp. LLC to Lbd Investments LLC, 4337 N. 32nd St., $47,500.

Alalo, Abdullah and Makhoudh, Haya Al to Mauricio-Dosseh, Maria J., 3326 Sprague St., $21,000.

Geringer, George R. and Patricia A. to Mejia, Noelia and Tobar, Luis Bladimir Tobar, 3018 Fowler Ave., $45,000.

Holmon, Johnnie M. to Mcinnis, David Robert, 3629 Saratoga St., $85,500.

Mensah Investments LLC to K Dravie Interests LLC, 4144 N. 39th St., $96,400.

Davis, Joyce to Royce, Michael, 3318 Grand Ave., $28,000.

Kim, Van to Royce, Michael, 4070 Ames Ave., $115,000.

Randels, Harry J. and Karen to Level Up Home Pros Inc., 5935 N. 35th St., $25,000.

Livingston, Johnnie to Levering, Bunnie J. and Harris, Donald A., 3420 Kansas Ave., $30,000.

Level Up Home Pros Inc. to Amp Enterprises LLC, 5935 N. 35th St., $35,000.

Wight, Timothy Linn to Coronado, Jesus Eduardo and Jennifer, 3312 Camden Ave., $30,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Htoo, Sunday and Rah, Yee, 2595 Pratt St., $119,900.

McDowall LLC to Valdivieso, Juan, 2915 Fort St., $16,000.

Harpster, Ernie E. III and Nalin Zeng to Baldozier, Cameron, 3107 Decatur St., $50,000.

Shine, Margaret A. to Perez, Gabriela R. Ruiz, 4343 N. 40th Ave., $17,500.

Teal, Mallory L. to Akers, Rahshad, 3338 Manderson St., $117,500.

Gray, Colleen and Christian, Carl M. to Hopkins, Patricia, 3532 N. 28th Ave., $17,933.

Tobias, Roseltta Renee and Clarence to 1017 Properties LLC, 3325 N. 41st St., $38,500.

Ventry, Sidney to Rucker, Jermaine, 2423 Maple St., $25,000.

Hei, Ta and Paw, Hser Ku to Venegas, Maricarmen, 3701 N. 42nd St., $65,000.


Thomas Properties I. LLC to Talich, Alexandria, 2723 Wyoming St., $144,935.

Baer, Ashley J. and Cochran, Aaron C. to Ingraham, Kayla and Jennifer, 3026 Redick Ave., $123,000.

Vamosi, James M. and Deborah C. to Minturn, Jacob M. and Tiffany M., 3321 Tucker St., $138,000.

Sledge, Pamela E. and Steve to Ford, Jessica, 4042 Bauman Ave., $70,000.

Hartfield, Ruth A. to Dale, Chekita A., 2715 Bauman Ave., $122,000.

Moran, Amelia J. to Chambers, Richard Jr. and Ashley, 7208 Minne Lusa Blvd., $138,500.

Western Financial LLC, trustee of Om 2566 Redick Trust to Drc Properties LLC, 2566 Redick Ave., $58,000.


Huber, Jeffrey J. and Jami to Knapp, Robert Jr., trustee of Knapp Family Trust, 9405 Davenport St., $294,000.

Devries, Kevin C. and Stacie to Cesh LLC, 1506 N. 76th St., $135,000.

Curtis, Dennis L. Jr. to Curtis, Andrew, 8631 Nicholas St., $125,000.

Scheitler, Doris to Curtis, Dennis L. Jr., 8631 Nicholas St., $95,000.

Rebel Properties LLC to Mancuso Properties LLC, 7337 Farnam St., $342,500.

Massih, John N., trustee of Nosrat A. Massih Revocable Living Trust to Schlafman, Weihong, 9520 Chicago St., $290,000.

Allen, Susan K., trustee of Frank & Dorothy McCormick Family Revocable Trust to Reeves, Kyle and Kara, 651 S. 85th St., $224,750.

Schatz, Monte L. and Hanigan, Mary Jo to Russell, Mona R. and John E., 1214 N. 89th St., $186,000.

Dobie Weasel Ministries to Chong, Kao Hsiung and Yap, Siok Mui, 1818 Robertson Drive, $145,000.

Schutz, Tom to Beaudette, Sherry and Schutz, Tom, 1202 N. 88th St., $63,100.

Backsen, Keith W. and Kristen L. to Lee, Samuel J. and Carroll, Megan, 9014 Jones St., $459,900.

Stevens, Ronda L., trustee of Ronda L. Stevens Revocable Trust to Lorenz, Kyle T. and Stevens, Brooke M., 8309 Seward St., $162,000.


Truong, Henry and Nguyen, Mytien to Smith, Haley, 4027 N. 147th St., $245,000.

Advantage Development Inc. to Jordan Michael Signature Homes Inc., 3205 N. 177th St., $72,500.

Pajak, Victor Joseph to Koch, Shawn and Lori L., 14632 Hartman Ave., $280,000.

Schlafman, Donald J. Jr. and Donald J. to May, Chris and Kendall, 16325 Erskine St., $220,000.

Legenza, Patrick T. and Deborah L. to Koehler, Breanna L., 6436 N. 149th St., $211,900.

Almero, Tita P. and Allan A. to Styl Properties Inc., 2515 N. 165th St., $187,000.

Palandri, Shawn to Anson, Tamara S., 6036 N. 167th Court, $150,000.

Germer, Sarah A. and Miller, Sarah A. to Childers, Matthew and Mariah, 16915 Browne St., $195,000.

Thomas, Mark A. to Schab, Victoria, 5062 N. 154th St., $175,000.

Pope, Kambi L. and Groteluschen, Bryce to Gray, Brian P., 16419 Grand Ave., $220,900.

Vondra, Andrew E. and Heather K. to Kratz, Bridget L. and Kristopher C., 6517 N. 149th St., $210,000.

Stevens, Nathan R. and Donna to Wahl, Zachary and Bartsch, Alicia R., 14724 Meredith Ave., $192,500.

Vanwyngarden, Scott S. to Conner, Camilla A., 15020 Camden Ave., $145,000.

Anderson, Shelly S. to Miller, Richard L., 16713 Patrick Ave., $182,500.

Karimjee, Corey K., trustee of Corey and Jada Karimjee Revocable Trust to Himdan, Amar and Younis, Shayma, 6207 N. 155th Ave., $335,000.

Yalamanchili, Vijayakrishna and Koneru, Deepthi to Kirkland, Samuel and Musil, Taylor, 3102 N. 169th Ave., $279,900.

Wood, Harvey E. III and Cheryl A. to Lf Holdings LLC, 15969 Bauman Ave., $242,000.

Koziol, Richard A. to Licht, Belva S., 3315 N. 147th Court, $163,000.

Gamble, Jeffrey L. and Mary Kay to Gore, Robert and May, Judith, 15814 Curtis Ave., $425,000.

Wood, Jill R. to Beed, Sue E. and Glen H., 4242 N. 163rd Ave., $256,000.

Martin, Brenda A. and Labreck, Brenda A. to Tallman, Wendy A., 4722 N. 162nd Ave., $275,000.

Leggio, William J. Jr. and Katelyn to Jones, William E. and Suksuwan, Phattrawan, 15208 Newport Ave., $278,000.

Naro, Peggy Jo to Dibacco, T. Jay and Nadine L., 3228 N. 159th Ave., $378,950.

Hamilton, Matthew B. and Emily M. to Phillips, Ryan D., 16320 Meredith Ave., $220,000.

Chadha, Kunal and Sharma, Shiwani to Eurek, Dillon David, 4530 N. 167th St., $245,000.

Temme, Matthew J. and Shannon L. to Temme, Lindsay, 17184 Manderson St., $180,000.

Johnson, Thomas Joseph and Lisa Marie to Aguilera, Alejandro, 14883 Jaynes St., $290,000.

Larson, Rachel to Hultman, Shelley, 16474 Erskine St., $195,000.

Kam, Hugh K. and Sarah L. to Fry, Michael and Amanda, 2207 N. 151st Avenue Circle, $289,000.

Kuhfahl, Helen P., trustee of Kuhfahl Revocable Trust to Schultze, Nickolas and Callan, 4250 N. 164th St., $245,000.

Cochran, Larry and Diane to Mohan, Sujatha and Mohan, 4329 N. 173rd St., $185,000.

Lee, Samuel J. and Carroll, Megan Kathleen to Lee, Sootae and Yoonae, 17465 George Miller Parkway, $194,000.

Kelly Construction Inc. to Becker, John F. Jr. and Amanda D., 2623 N. 179th St., $75,000.


Dynamic Properties LLC to Bell, Denise Ann, 4618 S. 61st Ave., $75,000.

Walenz, Mark and Hier, Teresa M. to Beckman, Susan A., 5614 S. 48th St., $132,000.

Burnham, Dean M. to Stillwell, Rachel, 5819 Holmes St., $115,500.

Riskowski, Joseph S. and Robin R. to Riskowski, Daniel J. and Wendy L., 5307 P St., $150,000.

Mmaj Investments LLC to Guillen, Javier Lopez, 4829 Orchard Ave., $190,000.


Morrissey, Matthew E. and Brittany A. to Gallo, Michaela J. and Grant W., 17320 Oakbrook Circle, $267,000.

Shinaut, Tobias A. and Stacey to Brazda, James Aaron and Tiffany Marie, 17332 Oakbrook Circle, $294,000.

Boese, David W. and Nikole to Meyers, Joshua Eric and Angie Dawn, 1432 N. 161st St., $289,900.

Radford, Kayla to Kinzle, Tyson J. and Stacey H., 1729 N. 176th Place, $174,000.

Rutar, Frank J. and Joy J. to Helwig, Stephen and Carrie, 16228 Western Ave., $279,000.

Steinkemper, Molly Jane and Jacob to Berke, Roy, trustee of Berke Family Trust, 15708 Dewey Ave., $369,000.

Taggart, Douglas B. and Kathleen J. to Judd, Michelle R., 15927 Farnam St., $356,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Terrero, Bryan Roberto Figueroa and Figueroa, Rostrerchy F., 8401 Craig Ave., $192,456.

Chapman, Christyn and Niroomand-Rad, Christyn to Thomas, Zania and Hamilton, Troy, 7509 N. 106th Ave., $255,000.

Heuertz, Lawrence J. and Linda C. to Baugh, Maurtice, 6520 N. 77th St., $154,000.

Makinde, Olutosin M. and Opeyemi G. to Prudhome, Joshua C., 7523 Girard St., $216,000.

Peter, Richard J. and Amy M. to Burns, Kimberly A., 7430 N. 107th Ave., $215,000.

Jones, Chase and Hilary to Vargas, Erick Zayas and Ramirez, Mayte Ramirez, 8917 N. 78th Avenue Circle, $175,000.

Matulka, Michael J. and Sharrana S. to Hultberg, Cheryl and Fischer, Daniel, 7802 Howell St., $173,000.

Goforth, Jennifer Rae to Jones, Brock David and Dechaine, Sheri Jo, 7554 Howell St., $176,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Meister, Nicholas R., 8407 Craig Ave., $201,004.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Young, Chad, 8520 Baker St., $186,184.

Meador, Zackary B. and Emily A. to Humphrey, Maria, 7854 Mary St., $165,000.

Karas, Dustin R. and Jessica A. to Cummings, Dale L. and Pamela L., 13250 N. 74th St., $512,500.

Conagra Brands Inc. to Praedium-Clark Omaha LLC, 7300 World Communications Drive, $4,500,000.

Real Growth LLC to Konvelbo, Touwendinda Kabore and Kabore, Maxime, 7886 Redick Ave., $166,500.

Schultze, Callan L. and Nick B. to Simmons, Jacob and Cassidy, 6706 N. 78th Terrace, $175,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Tilve, Ketan and Palkar, Nupura, 8413 Craig Ave., $207,508.

Shoemaker, Martina and Marino, Martina to Thaw, Htoo Kaw and Hey, Paw Sar, 7403 Wyoming St., $170,000.


Burnham, David M. and Thompsen, Andrea A. to Boe, Holly L., 3504 S. 96th St., $315,000.

Junge, Adam C. and Erin to Green, Barb, 3316 Bridgeford Road, $290,000.

Hallett, Molly and Wolf, Chad to Achelpohl, Sam and Mary, 1862 S. 93rd St., $439,000.

Red Ladder LLC to Buffington, Raelynn, 3337 S. 82nd St., $175,000.

Jkp Properties LLC to Panton, Katie, 9813 Poppleton Ave., $369,900.

Brown, Juanita K. and Mendenhall, Regina Gd to Christie, Sandra A., 9101 Arbor St., $75,000.

Henkens, Lou Ann K., trustee of Lou Ann K. Henkens Revocable Trust, to Mack, Abby R., 3505 S. 95th St., $167,450.

First Nebraska Trust Company, trustee of Kenneth D. Henkens Family Trust to Mack, Abby R., 3505 S. 95th St., $167,450.

Woodworth, Kristi to Richards, Raymond N. and Kelsey J., 8616 Grover St., $179,000.

Mornan, Barry C. and Karen L. to Weight, Rachelle and Anniss, James, 2507 S. 99th Ave., $438,000.

Filips, Mark D. to Pille, Grant, 2607 S. 105th St., $209,000.

Rothanzl, Edward J. and Rothanzl, Linda L. to Martin, Alan James and Alannah, 2714 S. 106th St., $199,500.

Catron, Robin L., trustee of Robin L. Sauerbrey Revocable Trust to Sauerbrey, Gary E., 7929 Nina St., $140,000.

Kauffman, Eric R. and Brittany A. to Frith, Steven and Kassondra, 3524 Westgate Road, $192,000.

Mitenko, Graham R. and Terrye L. to Rezab, Samantha and Isom, Jacob, 1131 S. 99th Circle, $253,000.


Zealand, Julene to Wendel, Paul Joseph and Danielle Elaine, 8225 Walnut Lane, $195,500.

Schrage, Bruce L. to Rose, Gregory Jason, 8317 State St., $123,500.

Gomez, Natalie and Justin to Gomez, Damian Modesto and Cathleen Marie, 8534 Orchard Ave., $177,000.

Gorham, Robert J. and Loretta J. to Corry Kristina, 5029 S. 94th Ave., $205,000.

Schmidt, Marcus S. and Melanie J. to Ratajski, John P. and Paula F., 10535 Adams Drive, $280,000.

West, Joe P. and Lisa M. to Spaulding, Diana L., 8733 Orchard Ave., $170,000.

Mathews, Jennifer A. to Nielsen, Zachary D. and Annemarie T., 5738 S. 93rd St., $184,500.

Spencer, Jeffrey Michael to Sims, Lindsey Marie, 9314 Polk St., $210,000.

McCright Properties LLC to Long, Timothy R., 49 Country Club Road, $137,000.

Pedersen, April D., trustee of April D. Pedersen Living Trust to Dall, Amanda, 7754 Highland St., $180,000.

Magiera, Marilee Ann, personal representative of Janda, Thomas Boyd to Weaver, Robert D., 5010 S. 93rd Circle, $40,000.

Froendt, Brett E. and Jackie L. to McNew, James J. and Newbold, Nina M., 6412 S. 102nd St., $314,000.

Hansen, David R. and Sandra K. to Lopez, Juan Moran and Saldana-Guzman, Olga G., 8221 Wildewood Drive, $156,000.

Blake, Jonathan P. and Marsha R. to Jacobe, Kristine L., 6306 S. 93rd Circle, $225,000.


Sunil, Asha and Ravindran, Saishyam to Bloom, Stephen Jeffrey and Samantha Danielle, 18902 B St., $245,000.

Waters, Susan K. and Sally E. to Sagaert, Nicholas and Bethany, 16005 Shirley St., $207,500.

Duckworth, William M. to Nelson, Stacie and Nels, 3426 S. 162nd Circle, $250,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Cai, Lizhi and Bao, Libei, 2115 S. 192nd Ave., $337,052.

Sibbernsen, Jacob Edward and Stephanie to Pitner, Scott O. and Diane K., 19487 Walnut Circle, $625,000.

Bubac, Duane J. and Gregg-Bubac, Julie L. to Engelbert, Christopher Joseph, trustee of Engelbert Revocable Trust, 1209 S. 189th Court, $387,000.

Adams, Mark S. and Tristen I. to Billmeyer-Reeder, Rachel, 2023 S. 198th St., $297,000.

Merithew, Benjamin and Stephanie to Hirz, Matthew and Sirren, 18905 Grover St., $262,000.

Growth Financial Services LLC to Allan, Michael D. and Suzanne M., 16972 Woolworth Circle, $205,000.

Pettay, Mark J. and Belinda G. to Williams, Jeffrey M. and Amy C., 16642 Frederick Circle, $345,000.

Turner, Christopher W. and Lori R. to Borghoff, Joseph J. and Jillian M., 2023 S. 194th St., $385,000.

Capehart, Christopher S. and Kaelie to Holdt, Andrew and Jamie, 18103 Van Camp Drive, $345,000.

Vaughn, Jessica M. to Metzler, Christy E., 16010 Wright Place, $154,000.

Hogan, Daniel R. and Alicia M. to Wane, Diane and Gary, 1409 S. 174th St., $330,000.

Mohs, Aaron M. and Sarah A. to Moats, Eric and Elizabeth, 17715 Dorcas Circle, $338,000.

Danner, Phillip and Mary to Radtke, Donald C. and Jonna G., 19264 Walnut St., $554,000.


Core, Marcus and Genevive to Htoo, Ngwe and Paw, Naw, 938 N. 28th Ave., $150,000.

Private Market Investments LLC and Pmi Investments LLC to Kkbw Properties LLC, 3107 Myrtle Ave., $95,500.

Pike, Lucy J. to Miller Way LLC, 1111 N. 42nd St., $29,627.

Command Properties LLC to Candor Properties Bnb LLC, 128 N. 31st St., $75,000.

McConkey, Jacob to Bender, Kaitlyn, 125 N. 36th St., $153,000.

East Campus Realty LLC to Robinson, Evan T. and Janet E., 220 S. 31st Ave., $399,900.

East Campus Realty LLC to Steadman, Janet W. and Donald K., 220 S. 31st Ave., $391,400.

White, Mark A. to Wellendorf, Keri, 416 N. 43rd St., $135,000.

Yk Holdings LLC to Havic Realty LLC, 3605 Charles St., $65,000.

Rai, Birkha and Gurung, Kanchhi to Reyes, Eric and Ana, 1325 N. 33rd St., $200,000.


Leisey, Jay to Rosso, Larry, 5841 Lafayette Ave., $75,000.

Klinker, Adam J. and Jodee to Nice, Brian B., 4814 Davenport St., $185,000.

Daves Rentals LLC to O & V. Properties LLC and Neos Property Management LLC, 809 N. 48th St., $85,000.

Dundee Equity Holdings LLC to 801 N. 48th Street LLC, 801 N. 48th St., $600,000.

McCallan, Maureen D. to Solomon, Justin B., 316 S. 52nd St., $247,000.

Coffey, Thomas F. and Udstuen, Charles to Swanda, Tom and Lynn, 317 S. 70th St., $287,000.

Cyr, Mary Elizabeth and Greise, Mary Elizabeth to Giles, Anjane, 6324 Hamilton St., $137,000.

Lund, Jay P. to Lund, Jay P. and Escamilla, Corina Figeroa, 656 N. 59th St., $248,400.


Czapla, Lawrence Leo to Czapla, Mark A., 9305 Meredith Ave., $150,000.

Shepard, Donald L. and Julie to Robino, Richard W., 8941 Miami St., $70,000.

Loehr, Jared W. and Kristina M. to Parker, Earl and Breeanna, 9706 Jaynes St., $197,900.

Archibald, William Kevin to Newson, Tondeleya and Lott, Tondeleya, 2702 Benson Gardens Blvd., $180,000.

Urbanovsky, Jeffrey L. and Norval, Hannah to Stutznegger, Rachel A., 8625 Evans St., $162,750.

1 Chron 29:11 LLC to Tran, Ricky, 4617 N. 83rd St., $155,000.

Dugan, Shawn M. to Styl Properties Inc., 7605 Bedford Ave., $111,200.

Neumann, Thomas M., trustee of Thomas M. Neumann Revocable Trust to Leahy, Sean David and Jessika Ann, 7535 Graceland Drive, $320,000.

Turille-Barnett, Elise M. and Barnett, Nicholas to Houser, Ryan Matthew, 2715 N. 102nd Ave., $215,000.

Cartie Apartments LLC to Ctb LLC, 8240 Blondo St., $295,392.

Thompson, Donald D., trustee of Thompson Living Trust to Ctb LLC, 8240 Blondo St., $1,645,759.

Williams, Steven L. and Christine L. to Gomez, Peter and Nancy A., 10708 Hilltop Road, $135,000.

Wahl, Eugene H., trustee, and Wahl, Sharon L., trustee, to Gentry, Amy Ruth, 9490 Spencer St., $162,000.

Cesh LLC to Anderson, Bennett L. and Fox, Makinzie S., 5623 N. 96th St., $169,500.

Vuagniaux, Daniel L. and Jovita to Rider, Aaron Allen and Melissa K.B, 2224 N. 100th St., $300,000.

Fountain, Sheila M. to Chu, Eh and Kwee, Ta, 8038 Wirt Circle, $175,000.

Carlson, Anna L. to Maples, Harmon T. Jr. and Kido-Maples, Motoko, 4304 Crestline Drive, $189,900.

Henderson, Ardeth L., trustee of Heskett Living Trust to Simmons, Ian M. and Hilary J., 10253 Ohio St., $170,000.

Lj Growers LLC to Rawley, Thomas, 7736 Richmond Drive, $155,500.

Wachter, Paul C., trustee of Paul C. Wachter Revocable Trust to Wachter, Meredith Anne, 10051 Corby St., $230,000.

Wahl, Janet C. to Rodriguez, Manuel, 7712 Vernon Ave., $123,000.



Snyder, Todd W. and Karen K. to Ahart, Gregory and Kaitlin, 18334 Tyler St., $360,000.

Johnson, Denise M. to Peters, Kyle and Amanda, 5010 S. 174th St., $276,750.

Highwood, Matthew E. and Kadarah to Jones, Chase and Hilary, 18817 P St., $249,000.

Field, Sharon A. to Corral, Saul and Jesenia, 18162 Southdale Place, $132,000.

Hamilton, Virginia G. to Pham, Thanh Truc Thi, 6746 S. 191st Ave., $172,000.

Hamano, Tamaki to McClenahan, Julia, 5350 S. 194th Ave., $190,000.

Ahart, Gregory P. and Kaitlin C. to Rozeboom, Matthew D. and Emily J., 16352 Riggs St., $224,000.

Wee, Alvin Kim Leng Gerard and Lisa Amy to Brenneman, Ross A. and Emily C., 17018 Cinnamon Circle, $375,000.

Allen, Matthew C. and Heather M. to Gulizia, Timothy and Timothy Alan, 4551 S. 176th Ave., $225,000.

Swanson, Steffi A. Trust to Nvestco LLC, 6015 S. 189th St., $161,100.

Mertz, Joni L. to McCroy, Derek R., 19359 X St., $197,500.

Tiedje, Ehren L. and Sara P. to Hamilton, Craig A. and Christi N., 6321 S. 196th St., $330,000.

King, Corey T. and Kelly A. to Couch, Zachary and Felicia, 19509 W St., $181,000.

Klug, Tammy L. to Mercier, Brad M. and Jennifer R., 6719 S. 188th Ave., $240,000.

Millard, Brad S. and Sheri L. to Zahurones, Molly, 17811 Englewood Circle, $425,000.

Marks, Andrew G. and Lorrie to McKenzie, Sandra I., 4736 S. 187th Ave., $240,000.

Rudd, Eric to Anderson, Dave, 19475 U St., $166,500.

Price, Gerald M. and Mary T. to Wiley, Michael Ross and Jessica Delia, 4982 S. 177th Circle, $530,000.

Carlson, Carl N. and Alice E. to Clifford, Kenneth E. and Lutz, Andrea L., 6110 S. 158th St., $283,000.

Authier, Sandra J. to Sullivan, Kim, 4817 S. 190th St., $180,000.

Vincent, Richard D. and Sandra D. to Walker, Hal and Carol, 4874 S. 186th Ave., $260,000.

Bossert, Nancy L. Trust to Authier, Sandra J., 18938 Anne St., $218,000.

Aschenbrenner, Jason R. and Erin to Daily, Bryan P. and Taylor K., 6013 S. 186th Ave., $204,900.

Ellis, Robert E. and Patricia E. to Lesac, Brian M. and Jennifer R., 6011 S. 159th Circle, $300,000.

Glover, Jered Kenneth to Martinez, Nicolas A. and Lynn K., 4810 S. 190th Circle, $180,000.

Freshman, Patricia A. and Koesters, Keith to Vacek-Williamson, Mary and Williamson, Marty, 6029 S. 193rd Ave., $292,500.

Rahmanzai, Mansoor and Nargis to Hansen, Christopher Jerome and Angela Leigh, 19618 R St., $197,500.

German, John W. and Laurie to Miles, Calvin A., trustee of Miles-Hesling Trust, 4974 S. 167th Ave., $210,000.

Marten, Dawn M. to Marten, Jeremy Dale, 19756 N St., $352,000.

Mehl, Brian J. and Susan to Austin, Scott W. and Lee, Jane F., 6115 S. 176th St., $288,000.


Bolin, Benjamin and Season to McKeown, Nathan and Johnson, Katarina, 12168 Allan Drive, $177,000.

Mansberger, Brittani to Robinson, Deon, 5141 S. 121st St., $70,050.

Georges, Tori and Goodwater, Tori M. to Hanson, Rachelle Marie, 5605 S. 153rd St., $192,500.

Klintoe, Anders and Jaclyn Lucille to Diaz, Kathryn, 14521 Karen St., $211,500.

Aerts, Russell W. to Wilkinson, Kenneth Lee, trustee of Kenneth & Michelle Wilkinson Family Trust, 6432 S. 108th Ave., $220,000.

Holdt, Andrew J. and Jamie L. to Christensen, Cole J., 5906 S. 140th Ave., $173,500.

Curry, Warren A. and Claire M. to Laferla, John, 5748 S. 137th St., $175,000.

Johnson, Zachary to Wlr Properties LLC, 5618 S. 113rd St., $152,000.

Branson, Leroy W. to Mosher, Alex and Greta, 12242 Sandra Circle, $153,000.

Ament, Michael K. and Tabitha to Bejmuk, Alexander P. II, 5912 S. 151st Avenue Circle, $188,000.

Jones, Shaun J. and Kaitlin to Sutherland, Lauren and Reeves, Tyson, 5940 S. 137th Circle, $185,000.

Deacon, Debra L. to Nelson, Ben, 12484 Woodcrest Drive, $200,000.

Stanley, James Michael and Pomajzl, Ryan Jeffrey to Doll, Benjamin and James W., 15204 Summerwood Drive, $266,000.

Docken, Susan L. and Marvin O. to Docken, Chad P., 14923 Polk St., $120,000.

Lesac, Brian and Jennifer to Venhaus, Camilla L., 5826 S. 135th Circle, $198,000.

Bader Construction LLC to Galgerud, Thomas W., 6526 S. 129th St., $329,600.

Vida Enterprises LLC to Lempka, Adeline and Jennie, 4526 S. 150th St., $270,000.

Luellman, Kevin M. and Dana M. to Gosch, Matthew M. and Tracy M., 15176 T St., $213,000.

Agnl Marianna LLC to Broadstone Mnb Nebraska LLC, 11222 I St., $18,723,418.

Hutchison, James W. to Eary Properties LLC and Jones, Ben, 4904 S. 131st St., $115,000.

Smok, Tracey L. and Peter J. to Chfat, Raad, 15323 Polk Circle, $145,000.

Welch, Everett C. and Dale, Kaila to Williams, Christopher D., 12630 O St., $160,100.


Ramm Construction Inc. to Haack, Colleen M., 13004 Reynolds St., $389,124.

Sadowski, Brian M., trustee of Sadowski Revocable Trust to Demoss, Todd and Jane, 7229 N. 124th Circle, $570,000.

Reo Asset Management Company LLC to Hbi LLC, 11013 Black St., $153,000.

Clearwater Homes LLC to Knowles, Robert M. Jr., 7920 N. 131st Circle, $377,000.

Stoll, Jeffery R. and Jamie to Ross, Denzell Michael and Salmon, Natalita, 7314 N. 108th St., $177,000.

Hewett, Michael J. and Jill S. to Davis, Robert Joseph and Grace Brodie, 12307 Grebe St., $410,000.


Dosseh-Adjanon, Kouvei D. L. and Fiamor, Ayawavi to Tawdros, Samuel and Ibrahim, Amany, 3124 S. 145th Ave., $195,000.

Gomez, Benjamin to Lwz 888 LLC, 12917 Westwood Lane, $163,000.

Nachtigall, Yvonne L., personal representative of Jones, Gloria M. to Ramierz, Francisco, 13404 Grover St., $165,000.

Jenner, Milton R. and Audrey E. to Modlin, Jeffrey K., 3363 S. 114th St., $180,000.

Williams, Jeffrey and Amy to Voss, Emily R., 13766 Pierce St., $202,000.

Cornelius, Carl J. Jr. and Melinda M. to Whitbeck, James P., 12811 Westwood Lane, $151,000.

Bothwell, Roger L. to Namn LLC, 14032 Pierce St., $143,000.

Semptimphelter, Robert R. Jr. and Lindsey to Vonknorring, Nicholas Ray and Shana Lea, 10945 Prairie Hills Drive, $147,500.

Wheeler, Steven M. and Linda M. to Smith, Shawn, 15023 Arbor St., $242,000.

Peterson, Anita A., trustee of Anita A. Peterson Trust to Peterson, Niccolo A., 1529 S. 121st St., $185,000.

Osborn, Clark J. and Janet L. to Matulka, Michael J. and Sharrana, 2217 S. 153rd St., $271,000.

Bisig, Clifford A., trustee of Clifford A. & Judith L. Bisig Trust to Paulsen, Tate and Elbracht, Anna, 12617 Martha St., $270,000.

Haney, Julie Ann and Richard Patrick to Haney, Tiffany and Huerter, Maxwell, 3710 S. 116th St., $280,000.

Jones, Vernon L., trustee of Vernon & Marjorie Jones Revocable Living Trust to Hamidi, Kawa, 2329 S. 125th Ave., $130,000.

Hakel, Ralph E. to Soukpe, Kossi Kangni and Hegbor, Akossiwa, 3114 S. 120th St., $160,000.

Hayworth, Sandra L. to Hayworth, Sandra L. and Dancer, Marlo D., 3319 S. 133rd St., $23,633.

Officer, Leigh and Brown, David E. to Deeb, Van C., 15226 Valley St., $150,000.

Hrncirik, Michael A. and Jaclyn S. to Bourne, Jack, 12862 Valley St., $183,000.

Davenport, Jennifer and Snell, Patrick W. to Kunneman, Luke, 13610 Spring St., $130,000.

Davies, David R., trustee of David R. & Elizabeth H. Davies Revocable Trust to Diego, Juan Mateo and Juan, Mateo De Mateo, 2129 S. 114th St., $249,000.

Rider, Aaron Allen and Melissa Kelly Brown to Robertson, Kyle and Lindsey, 1506 S. 141st Circle, $235,000.


Hays, Richard H., trustee of Richard H. Hays Revocable Trust to Davis, Keelyn, 5445 Weber Place, $36,000.

Scates, Patricia to Dynamic Properties LLC, 6423 Newport Ave., $75,000.

Solomon, Justin B. to Benavidez, Gerson and Yanderi, 5209 Ida St., $175,000.

Lee, Augustine and Mo, Ku to Mrc Groups LLC, 6810 N. 65th St., $130,000.

Buss, Grant A. to Thar, Ta and Yoe, Mu, 6024 Whitmore St., $152,000.

Kellar, Justine to Glover, Lloyd P. and Nolazco, Elsadelia, 6802 N. 60th St., $145,000.

Dinin, Penelope Carter, trustee of Penelope Carter Dinin Revocable Trust to Bryte, James Reldon, 6036 Bridle Path, $305,000.


Ehly, Philip and Traci to Jareske, David M., 1723 N. 110th Ave., $185,000.

Hallberg, Rebecca A. and David E. to Klein, Thomas K. Jr., 13275 Seward St., $500,000.

Schafer, Eileen E. to Larson, Alyssa, 635 N. 152nd Circle, $252,000.

United Equity LLC to Biz Enterprises LLC, 11604 Pacific St., $260,000.

Schaefer, Chelsey Lynn and Garey, Cole Ryan to Malmberg, Michael, 772 Leawood Drive, $255,000.

Baumann, David and Jennifer to Rinn, William M. and Natalie, 636 N. 147th Ave., $319,000.

Borghoff, Joseph J. and Jillian M. to Jimenez-Venegas, Adrian and Gonzalez, Jose, 15320 Davenport Circle, $215,000.

Powers, Jeanne to Schmidtke, Jozef and Collette, 15412 Harney St., $180,000.

Caniglia, Lorna M., trustee of Sebastian & Lorna Caniglia Trust to Harvat, La Rena, trustee of La Rena Harvat Revocable Trust, 14803 California St., $231,000.

Miles, Suzanne L., trustee of Pflasterer Living Trust to Silcox, Andrew, 12636 Burt St., $310,000.

Medlin, Lori K. and Dana J. to Furl, David and Reanae, 315 Heavenly Drive, $375,000.

Geiger, James and Domenge-Geiger, Gabrielle to Germer, Michael J. and Debra A., 842 S. 114th St., $358,000.


Buckley, Benjamin D. and Kelsie L. to Greteman, Shawn Patrick, 2550 N. 130th St., $192,000.

Jelinek, Jasi J. to Mejstrik, Jared, 11029 Crown Point Ave., $162,000.

100 Year Homes Inc. to Heiman, Molly E., 6326 N. 115th Avenue Circle, $186,000.

Kocsis, Michael S. and Sara J. to Gwinn, Kylee Jean, 12947 Corby St., $205,000.

Buser, James D. and Patricia S. to Pick, Benjamin J. and Matlock, Brianne M., 13962 Hartman Ave., $350,000.

Hansen, Jeffery Jon to Hansen, Jeffery Jon and Wilwerding, Laura E., 3320 N. 125th St., $113,950.

Cordero, Tina Louise and Merrill, Martin Thomas to Tischer, Jennifer K. and Johnathan M., 13428 Sahler St., $257,500.

Finn, Michael P. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 11706 Raleigh Drive, $143,000.

Gulizia, Judd T. and Alisha N. to Shobanjo, Bode and Lashree, 11853 Mary St., $198,600.

Sheridan, Richard and Rebecca to Eades, Peggy, 11036 Sahler St., $222,500.

Jenkins, Michael G. to Coyle, Carolyn Anne, 13405 Ellison Circle, $267,650.

Smith, Nicole M. and Wickman, Jason L. to Smith, Nicole M., 6529 N. 142nd Circle, $81,000.

Baker, Austin J. and Amanda M. to Core, Marcus L. and Genevive M., 5011 N. 139th St., $303,500.

Lucas, Mark C. and Lauren to Wagner, Deann C., 13018 Cady Ave., $182,000.

Needelman, Joshua L. and Laura L. to Carson, Savanna M., 6810 N. 119th Ave., $160,000.

Rudebusch, Laura and Derek to Vang, Ong, 4905 N. 117th Circle, $203,000.

Mayer, Drew M. to Frisvold, Joe, 13035 Browne Circle, $155,000.

McDermott, Larry D. and Candice Kai to Angelopoulos, Eric and Ann, 2514 N. 132nd Ave., $300,000.

Moats, Elizabeth A. to Swensen, Teble, 12213 Bedford Ave., $226,000.

Williams, Cory T. and Tomasina S. to Catron, Robin, 14222 Huntington Ave., $173,500.

Weller, Kathryn J. and Logeman, Christina to Weller, Kathryn J., 14208 Newport Ave., $181,500.

Weller, Kathryn J. to Eurek, Dale A. and Tonya D., 14208 Newport Ave., $181,500.

Anderson, Ryan T. and Holly L. to Nei Global Relocation Company, 13434 Sahler St., $269,500.

Nei Global Relocation Company to Jones, Ronald and Melanie, 13434 Sahler St., $269,500.



McPherson, Brianna to Macalipis, Allanna Shamaine D., 2008 Van Buren St., $158,000.

Mattison, Susan K. and Randy to Gomez, Alejandro, 312 W. 21st Ave., $114,000.

Warner, Christina, personal representative of Alfred T. Hunter Jr. Estate to Savickas, Grayton and Danelle, 2901 Nebraska Circle, $175,000.

Bangert, Jack M. and Vicki L. to Johnson, Adam and Beitenman, Rebecca, 513 Martin Drive North, $333,000.

Smith Munroe, Porter and Demetria to Galvan, Isaiah, 302 Rexroad Place, $211,000.

Zaloudek, Eugene J., co-trustee, and Farris, Kristin A., co-trustee, of Evelyn L. Zaloudek Trust to Honan, Joseph A., 904 Ivy Ct, $315,000.

Morris, Thad H., trustee of Thad H. Morris Revocable Trust to Dynamic Properties LLC, 210 Arenz Drive, $106,000.

Nice Casas LLC to Behrens, Timothy G. and Gail L., 711 Pluma Drive, $176,000.

Gate 4 Inc. to Corley, Christopher M. and Elizabeth N., 1402 Thomas Drive, $213,000.

Gomez, Mary D. to Wall To Wall Enterprises LLC, 711 Lila Ave., $120,000.

Isham, Franklin J. and Connie J. to Thiry, Phillip Walton Ryan and Nekia Robinson, 308 Sherry Drive, $200,000.

Behrens, Timothy G. and Gail L. to Worrall, Tyler, 1108 Kingston Ave., $180,000.

Upscale Enterprises LLC to Doner, Daniel P. and Bunten, Brooke A., 105 Lorraine Drive, $205,000.

Galloway, Arthur D. and Linda S. to Kreikemeier Properties Inc., 109 Kevin Circle, $153,000.

Givens, Roger L., trustee, and Givens, Joan E., trustee, of Givens Family Trust to Liddick, Richard W. and Anne M., 2607 Wayne St., $169,000.

Kotte, Lloyd J. and Laurel E. to Mossor, Alexander Richard, 1201 Childs Road West, $218,000.

Schroeder, Ronald J. and Carmella A. to Wirges, Wyatt W. and Bethany, 1715 Bellevue Blvd. North, $235,000.

Shaw, William E. and Tommora A. to Barker, Leland and Aurora, 905 Moore Drive, $285,000.

McAlpin, Michael and Rackley, Tina to Harvey, Michala and Tabari, 203 E. 19th Ave., $140,000.

Deane, Wanda K. to Heaston, Celeste, 1001 Parkway Drive, $150,000.

Fisher, Benjamin T. and Daniella A. to Gengel, Daniel P., 906 Benton Ave., $208,000.

Begg, Mary J. and Ronald B. to Spradlin, Brian and Kiffany, 603 Dowding Court, $250,000.

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