Johnson, David W. Jr. and Tracy A. to Wilson, David P. and Laura J., 14858 Hanover St., $425,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Mattice, Mitchell J. and Megan M., 7010 N. 160th Ave., $318,638.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Schulte, Brett and Nicole, 8025 Kilpatrick Parkway, $277,279.

Stansberry, Karen K. to Stansberry, Karen K. and Robinson, Brian G., 15307 Iowa St., $77,100.


Nathan Homes LLC to Trademark Homes Inc., 20701 D Circle, $66,920.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Fisher, Sarah and Mitchell, 3814 S. 204th Ave., $345,000.

Lifetime Structures Inc. to Leiker, Patricia A., trustee of Patricia A. Leiker Revocable Trust, 1156 S. 212th Circle, $414,000.

Castillo, Yaxis and Bellorin, Raul to Bruening, Paul and Teri, 18652 Oregon Circle, $449,900.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Knipp, Scott A., 3752 N. 190th St., $365,000.

Mackey, Richard F. and Fox, Brian to Hollembeak, Jeremiah C. and Anna M., 1728 S. 207th Ave., $490,000.

Coventry 13 LLC to Baack Enterprises LLC, 20903 Drexel St., $58,500.

Qrivit LLC to Luqman, Ashar and Mariam, 21129 Arbor Court, $385,000.

3Sheets LLC to Robb, Kelli M., 6611 S. 209th St., $438,000.


Hallgren, Richard J. and Susan M. to Richards, Kyle E. and Felicia M., 27 Ginger Cove Road, $405,000.


Cunningham, Haywood Henry Jr. and Skoglund, Deborah Lyn to Atol LLC, 5425 N. 48th St., $60,000.

Ber, Win and Paw, Ku Say to Ber, Win and Paw, Ku Say, 6324 Jaynes St., $57,700.

Molina, Adriana and Jesus to Jordan, Harrison Laurance and William H., 1708 N. 52nd St., $250,000.

Heenan, Michael B. to Barranco, Jose Ramirez and Antunez, Gabriela Cuevas, 4819 Decatur St., $125,000.


Gallardo, Luis Angel Lorenzo to Villal, Isamar Genchi, 1308 S. 25th Ave., $31,400.


Jambert Land Holdings LLC to Hbi LLC, 811 S. 48th St., $127,500.

McGloin, Linda K. to Lodes, Alexus Leigh, 2321 S. 50th St., $151,000.


Christensen, Dain R. and Charlotte M. to Chong, Jacob T., 3410 T St., $120,000.

Om 3609 S. Trust and Western Financial LLC Tr to Zianya Properties LLC, 3609 S St., $70,000.


Gutierrez, Jesse to Gomez, Ma Neli Ortega, 511 Martha St., $125,000.

Bel Fury Investments Group LLC to Ludemann, Jeremy L., 1803 Ontario St., $45,000.


Kearse, Barbara Wright and Robinson, Beverly Wright to Wilburn Rentals LLC, 1801 Pratt St., $30,000.

Kountze Park Crown III Limited Partnership to Wright, Shekenna, 2224 Larimore Ave., $24,110.


Blaiotta, John A., trustee of Anthony & Consuelo Blaiotta Trust to Butler, Felicia Pearl, 6317 N. 33rd Ave., $15,000.

Riskowski, Patrick, trustee of John Riskowski Trust to Jktt LLC, 4006 N. 43rd St., $35,000.

Bmo Harris to Ksm 032, 2615 Blondo St., $51,400.


Ideal Properties LLC to Steele, Tammy R., 2453 Whitmore St., $127,050.

Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Glassroots Real Estate LLC, 6526 N. 35th St., $58,900.


Barrett, Allison F. to Mmaj Investments LLC, 812 N. 88th Ave., $140,000.

Klinginsmith, Carrie to Polaske, Mark D. and Rimmington, Anne E., 752 N. 77th Ave., $150,000.

Konz Inc. to Stanley, Nikki B., 1509 Cole Creek Drive, $167,000.


Farnsworth, Jacqueline A. to Schlachter, Haley Ann, 4618 N. 148th St., $185,000.

Forker, Amanda M. to Forbes, Broc, 14719 Himebaugh Place, $285,000.

Bultez, Richard L. Jr. and Cori M. to Double A. Homes LLC, 16915 Camden Ave., $160,000.

Thompson, Byron Q. II to Theilen, Jonathan G., 14703 Meredith Ave., $192,000.

Bassett, Brian and Patricia to Boerma, Josh and Heather, 17321 Meredith Ave., $308,000.

Grewe, James A. and Maria A. to Parker, Scott L. and Tamara L., 3316 N. 161st Terrace, $425,000.

Hoberg, Adam M. to Lexicon Government Services LLC, 17180 Ruggles St., $200,000.

Lexicon Government Services LLC to Melius, Alexander, 17180 Ruggles St., $200,000.

Wu, Shuang and Xu, Lingyun to Huang, Yunlong and Lam, Ching Yuk, 3202 N. 171st Ave., $330,000.

Belt Construction Co Inc. to Thurber, John and Karen, 3122 N. 179th St., $570,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Bertucci, Todd M. and Kelly M., 3205 N. 178th St., $515,244.

Campbell, Tyrelle R. and Danielle R. to Saha, Indranil and Majumder, Tonmona, 16532 Butler Ave., $259,900.

Neary, Kylie Jane and Cole, Austin to Cerone, Tommy and Trisha, 14519 Saratoga St., $225,000.

Zimmerman Real Estate LLC to Juno, David James and Hannah Rae, 3138 N. 151st St., $235,000.

Laughlin, Timothy J. and Mary K. to McCumber, Samuel and Kelli, 2207 N. 176th St., $382,000.


Flood, Robert E. to Pechar, Michelle and Stephen, 5521 N St., $95,000.

Svanda, Amanda L. to Rowin, Dylan Chase, 5311 U St., $150,000.


Meyers, Kaci N. and Jeremy A. to Hanson, Eugene Alexander, 9133 Weber St., $183,000.


Huntley, Jon Jr. and Breanna to Muell, Amy J., 9015 Berry St., $197,000.


Schnabel, James E. and Norma S. to Farhangpour, Amir and Gonzalez-Cabrera, Isabel, 3430 S. 161st Circle, $480,000.

Urban, Harold E. and Nicole R. to Jensen, Tyler and Tricia, 20154 Nina St., $338,000.

Andresen, Dustin and Kelli to Anzalone, Ryan A. and Jenna M., 3701 S. 201st Ave., $396,000.


Pluta, Mark and Wade, Zoe to Larson, Rachel A., 6033 Charles St., $185,000.

Fisher, Sarah M. to Lavey, Kelly and Butler, Pete J., 6310 Lafayette Ave., $188,900.

Glynn, Benjamin H. to Peters, Erin Ebmeier and Andrew, 412 S. 49th St., $170,000.


Oberhauser, Kiley A. to Brooks, Quentin L.G. and Vanessa R., 10605 Nebraska Ave., $240,000.


Stone, Terry R. and Sharon K. to Malowski, Jane, 17342 M St., $330,000.

Hemenway, Geoff to States, Jacob L. and Delay, Kara E., 5329 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $198,000.

Sadat, Elias and Rauf, Safia to Rauf, Abdul and Halima, 5680 S. 188th St., $201,000.

Harlan H. Holck Decendents Trust and Charlotte A. Holck Revocable Trust to Lloyd, Don, 16723 Madison St., $235,000.

Janke, Angela D. to Nutting, Kalleb Lee, 16272 Jefferson St., $187,000.

Steen, Cynthia L. to Welk, Jodi, 18947 L St., $185,950.


Lepert, Glenn M. and Rachel A. to Gonzales, Christopher M. and Bibiana, 13930 Y Circle, $195,500.

Godek, Michael E. and Debra A. to Mermod, Denis and Lisa, 14606 L St., $193,350.

Ivancovich, Mary L. to Browne, Keith R. and Rebecca M., 13612 V St., $145,000.


Reeker, Shelby N. to Smollen, Melissa K., 13837 Vane St., $185,000.

Joynt, Cody M. and Anderson, Kaylie E. to Hippen, Stephanie Ann and Gorans, Matthew Thomas, 13909 Vane St., $207,500.


Mitchell, Norma J., trustee of Norma J. Mitchell Revocable Trust to Methe, Lonnie Eugene, 1612 S. 123rd St., $191,000.

Nervig, William III and Nichole L. to Keele, Mark and Sturdivant, Tabatha, 2515 S. 152nd Avenue Circle, $227,000.

Moore, Dwight J. and Linda E. to Ruma, Nancy, 2305 S. 119th Court, $174,900.

Huss, Pamela K. to Curry, Warren A. and Claire M., 14704 Frances Circle, $255,000.

Bmo Harris to Ialand, 15223 Shirley St., $223,500.


Dean, David L. and Emmy Lou to Gaspar, Mario F. Juarez and Leon-Francisco, Paula, 14510 Parker St., $190,000.

Wane, Gary L. and Diane to Jacob, Jeffrey and Debra, 15415 Westchester Circle, $210,000.

Evans, Matthew to Leas, Zachary and Leas, Heather, 12918 Izard St., $263,000.

Paczkowski, Kody and Flowers, Marissa to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc., 256 N. 118th St., $240,000.

Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. to Durston, Ian and Chelsey, 256 N. 118th St., $240,000.

Kratky, John R. and Sophia L. to Goerke, Rachel Kathleen, 1111 N. 153rd Ave., $240,500.

Perilo, Efraim Frank and Sharon Kay to Hodgson, Ann B., 915 S. 117th Court, $316,000.


Schwager, Kyle B. to Meysenburg, Sydney, 11405 Raleigh Drive, $220,000.

Cook, Corrine to Ballard, Jacob M. and Kenneth M., 6704 N. 113th St., $179,000.

Jones, Ronald and Melanie A. to Harris, Debora L. and Lisa M., 11018 Laurel Circle, $170,000.

Fuhrman, Broc J. and Karissa R. to Holland, Kristina M., 13039 Cady Ave., $200,000.

Torneten, Austin B. and Jessye to Lozada, Rony and Labarca, Lupmay Gomez, 6611 N. 112th Ave., $196,000.

Durkan, Matthew J. and Kimberly M. to Vega, Arturo and Valencia-Vega, Maria, 11616 Ruggles St., $205,900.

Wrinkle, Landon and Anny to Cole, Austin J. and Neary, Kylie J., 4920 N. 142nd St., $362,500.



Caldwell, Michael A. and Kathleen S. to Brazell, Michael and Might, Abigail Michelle, 1607 Chaput Drive, $235,000.

Moreno, Claudia to Perez, Elizabeth, 1905 Thurston Ave. Unit 1, $92,000.

Fillmore, Francis and Marilee J. to Fillmore, Mark D. and Danielle R., 1607 Brenda Drive, $154,000.

King, Deborah L. to Campbell, Johnathan Ross, 2108 Victoria Ave., $41,000.

Jensen, Lois to Taylor, Brian and Lesley, 903 Jewell Road, $190,000.

Level Up Home Pros Inc. to Hamidi, Kawa, 1501 Imperial Drive, $105,000.

Willan, Nicholas to Haussermann, Ethan J. and Josie R., 301 Rexroad Place, $229,000.


Sands, Jerod L. and Kristen M. to Cech, Taylor A. and Marcus A., 11915 S. 213th Ave., $350,000.

Hill, Lori T. and Richard B. to Bencker Donald R., 10515 S. 232nd St., $163,000.

Kempcke, Sarah N. and Craig A. to Kandi, Veerender R. and Dornala, Rani P., 19429 Bellbrook Blvd., $420,000.

D & E. Custom Building & Design Inc. to Carlson, Lukas and Brittnee, 506 Locust St., $318,000.

Kraynik, Terry J. and Ann C. to McGee, Kyle and Leah, 21204 Hampton Drive, $280,000.

Burnison, Nathaniel R. and Dekam, Megan Jean to Becker, Justin R., 11920 S. 219th Ave., $243,000.

Sedlacek, Dan and Ann to Calvert, Patrick and Sheryl, 11624 S. 201st St., $358,000.

Elgan, Elisabeth A. and Jeffrey to Schoettle, John J. and Sarah, 21323 Flagstone Drive, $255,000.

Light Bulb Realty & Investments LLC to Goodall, Thomas, 342 W. Glenmore Drive, $180,000.

Hardessen, Jess T. and Mikala A. to Schildt, Michael J. and Katherine G., 19438 Bellbrook Blvd., $340,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Atchinson, Michael G. and Deborah M., 11360 S. 169th St., $352,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Heinke, Keith and Laura A., 16851 Samantha Road, $276,000.

Wheeler, Gregory A. and Brooke C. to Pajeda, Michael, 11201 S. 213th Circle, $190,000.

Schmidt, Travis and Kimberly to Wheeler, Gregory and Brooke, 12111 S. 213th Ave., $335,000.

Zagozda, Robert J. and Mary O. to Zagozda, Thomas J. and Lori L., 25199 Schram Road, $15,000.

Lueders, Evelyn L., trustee of Evelyn L. Lueders Revocable Trust to Lueders, Dennis D. and Priscilla M., 605 Apache Drive, $150,000.

Lancaster, Richard L. to Rudek, Nathan D. and Hannah S., 606 N. Park Drive, $163,000.

Bakker, Cody R. and Melissa G. to Lieth, James and Alexis, 21426 Hampton Drive, $294,000.

Swift, Keith and Jami to Butterfield, Austin and Allison, 12314 S. 218th Ave., $250,000.

Mackie, Patricia A., trustee of Dennis D. & Patricia A. Mackie Revocable Trust to Mertz, Michael John and Barbara Teresa, 12518 S. 218th Ave., $249,000.


Welk, Jodi to Mayberry, Alyssa M. and Timothy M., 1604 Madison Circle, $199,000.

Secord, Walter R. and Secord, Rebecca L. to Teresa K. Sump Trust and Teresa K. Sump Trust Agr, 12568 S. 82nd St., $355,000.

P H. A. L. L. C. to West Gold Coast Road LLC, 105-107 W. Gold Coast Road, $3,150,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Burke, Jason and Ashley, 8206 S. 105th St., $270,000.

Monroe, Anne L. to Hanus, Lowetta J., trustee of Lowetta J. Hanus Revocable Trust, 12410 S. 81st Ave., $432,000.

Akers, Raenelle M. and Randall J. to Clairlind LLC, 2003 Queen Drive, $188,000.

Sirard, Kristin N. and Jonathan A. to Messner, Andre and Gisele, 2340 Sand Hills Drive, $310,000.

Williams, Derek P. and Kari A. to Bell, Bradley G. and Mandy L., 12432 S. 82nd St., $390,000.

Andrews, Matthew and Emily to Andersen, Thomas J. and Allison C., 719 Tara Road, $220,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Johnson, Joel N., 11620 S. 110th Ave., $306,000.

Murphy, Amber N. and Cory W. to Foreman Powell, Lamonte D. and Mario D., 2310 San D. Hills Drive, $320,000.

Schneider, Samuel P. and Sandra to Drewnowski, Matthew L., 10724 S. 113th St., $327,000.

Nell, Steve to Munoz, Carlos Angel and Flores, Rosalia Vidal, 409 Laredo Road, $177,000.

Nenneman, Beverly J. to Kocol, Brian, 404 Circleest Drive, $181,000.

Jurek, Tammy R. to Kolodzieczak, Wade and Stover, Kara, 803 Juniper Drive, $197,000.

Advantage Development Inc. to Dryden, Sean and Kristen, 7621 Von Circle, $433,000.

Schreiner, Jeffrey T. and Crystal D. to Ganske, Richard and Michelle, 12553 S. 82nd St., $330,000.

Walton, Kacee, trustee of Deborah K. Semke Irrevocable Trust to Fenwick, Sharon and Peter, 1207 Limerick Road, $291,000.

Jeck & Company Inc. to Raszler, Randall A. and Lisa M., 10109 S. 105th Ave., $430,000.

Nelson Builders Inc. to Bandt, Ryan D. and Wickham, Shelley M., 11603 Cooper St., $428,000.

Balance, Wrenfrey M. and Lisa A. to Smith, Adam J. and Heidi W., 12619 S. 83rd St., $415,000.

Baarson, Robert F. Jr. and Emily M. to Cartus Corp., 12552 S. 80th St., $375,000.

Cartus Corp. to Coffman, Brian K. and Michelle L., 12552 S. 80th St., $382,000.

Raszler, Randall A. and Lisa M. to Kauffman, Brittany A. and Eric, 1228 Limerick Road, $310,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Martin, Jeffrey Allen and Mandy Lori, 10415 S. 105th St., $441,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Castro, Lisa M., 10625 S. 127th Terrace, $349,000.

Nelson Builders Inc. to Sauer, Steven J., trustee, and Sauer, Julee R., trustee of Sauer Revocable Trust, 10205 S. 105th St., $431,000.

Vance, Joseph A. and Laura to Phetteplace, Noel J. and Sheryl L., 809 Edgewood Blvd., $260,000.

Anderson, Monica A. and David B. Jr. to Wilson, Sean, 334 Adams St., $150,000.

Corbett, Nicholas and Jessica to Schumacher, Jeannette, 2414 Ridgeview Drive, $271,000.

Wilson, David L. and Hempel Wilson, Sheryl A. to Bos, Steven P. and Beranek, Heidi, 10721 S. 113th Ave., $315,000.

Wichael, Brian D. and Summer R. to Williams, Donna, 2408 Corn Drive, $188,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Smith, Lynne M. and Zycair K., 6402 Peters Parkway, $309,000.


Mdm Mangelsen LLC to Tarman, Travis and Katherine, 000000000000, $203,000.

Litz, Martha I. to Rischling, Brett and Amanda M., 19765 S. 174th Plaza, $253,000.

Isenberg, Tracy Mae, trustee, and Isenberg, Reece, trustee of Rick M. Isenberg Real Estate Trust to Zymola, Jeffrey and Tangeline L., 20204 S. 192nd St., $150,000.

Cloyd, Kenneth E. and Sheryl A. to Stanley, Dominic and Kendall, 421 S. 10th Ave., $325,000.


Palmer, Clifford B. and Sabra F. to McCoy, John T. and Symone, 14202 S. 21st St., $257,000.

Potter, Charles W. to Van Ryckeghem, Jake and Alexandra, 14512 S. 29th Circle, $187,000.

Wolfe, Donald W. Jr. and Suzanne Yvonne to Annis, Larry and Mika, 2911 Parkside Drive, $205,000.

Hendon, Johnathon L. to Thomas, Yolanda, 11762 McCarty Circle, $241,000.

Lavalleur, Robert W. to Douglass, Mark A., 14501 S. 27th St., $175,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Garces, John and Carrie E., 12311 Quail Drive, $329,000.

Gatzemeyer, Gary P., trustee of James O. Gatzemeyer Trust to Cerny, Ronald J. Sr. and Sharon T., 3004 Annabelle Drive, $200,000.

Claycamp, Sheryl A. to Rachwitz, Erich, 2904 Courtney Drive, $270,000.

Bitting, Toni and Cody to Metzler, Steven A. and Samantha E., 14311 S. 25th Ave., $181,000.

Harrison, Amy E. to Cardwell, Kyle P. and Virginia K., 3712 Schuemann Drive, $190,000.

Gardner, Christopher D. and Monica Lee to Patterson, Stephanie Ruth and Kenneth A., 13604 S. 41st Circle, $236,000.

Mixan, Joanne F. to Simpkins, Lila, 9805 S. 23rd St., $210,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Ts Global LLC, 11802 S. 33rd St., $139,000.

Hearn, Bradley S. and Yaira N. to Hooper, Robert and Angela, 10602 S. 27th St., $222,000.

Grant, Kevin Edward and Elaine to Eltiste, Sarah, 2610 Raven Ridge Drive, $224,000.

Lemon, Joshua Andrew and Monique to Lord, Raechelle and Ashton, 4327 Jerry Gilbert Circle, $238,000.

Gonzales, John David and Sunny to Smith, Andrew W., 11012 S. 17th St., $183,000.

Gilchrist, Lenue Jr. and Barbara J. to Spicer, Daniel and James, 2517 Sheridan Road, $198,000.

Hahn, L. Martin and Susan M. to Keltner, Kaylor S. and Brett J., 3401 Lynnwood Drive, $217,000.

Dryden, Sean E. and Kristen L. to Conley, Billy Jo and Sabrina D., 14420 Canyon Drive, $189,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Richards, Linda J., 1908 Canyon St., $301,000.

Williams, Marlyn J. and Desiree to Reed, Collin D. and Cierra R., 14309 S. 25th Ave., $186,000.

Gentle, Heather D. and Daniel W. to Peska, Daniel and Bartos, Julie A., 1702 Yorktown St., $200,000.

Kruckvich, David Joseph and Johnston, Stephanie to Covey, William Charles Jr., 2909 Rahn Blvd., $190,000.

Richmond, Karla R. to Seahorn, Azaile Meila, 10605 S. 26th St., $184,000.

Leggio, Marc Barrett to Fichter, Erin J. and Alcantara, Mario R. Paredes, 4305 Longview St., $220,000.

Newgard, Alden G. and Samaria J. to Lunga, Jean Louis Kanioka and Tonkese, Veronique Lokange, 12737 Ridge View Circle, $185,000.

Pense, Casey T. and Brandy N. to Murphy, Jessica and Jay, 13714 S. 42nd Ave., $220,000.

Schutte, Randy to Kuebler, Amy, 3203 Mirror Circle, $168,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Begg, Ronald B. and Mary J., 14454 S. 20th St., $239,000.

Neubauer, Judith Florence to Hahn, Ryan, 10706 S. 27th Ave., $245,000.

Nelson, Eric S. and Teresa N. to Rivera, Xiomara Y., 9804 S. 25th Ave., $235,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Harley, Bryson L. and Marissa K., 14322 S. 17th St., $297,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Special T. Masonry Inc., 3716 Lookingglass Drive, $150,000.

Wagner, Richard A. II and Kristy L. to Green, Frank and Rosa, 2202 Hummingbird Drive, $295,000.

Gray, Patrick and Kelly to McKay, Douglas J. and Maria, 9704 S. 9th Ave., $177,000.


Stange, Brandon L. and Wendy E. to West, Lisa M. and Joe P., 6830 Hillcrest Lane, $212,000.

Preston, Stephen Q. and Amber N. to May, Jason R. and Kimberly O., 10315 Florence Circle, $395,000.

Rfw Properties LLC to Sanoma Llp, 11701 Centennial Road, $3,200,000.

Stoecklin, Michele to Stoecklin, Michele and Biggs, Kimberlea Sue, 10515 Hillcrest Drive, $122,000.

Wilson, Kim A. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 7108 S. 79th St., $100,000.

Bachman, Paul A. and Mary L. to Johnson, Craig A. and Christine C., 9507 Honey Locust Circle, $245,000.

Mossman, Brian L. and Ginny L. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 7221 S. 95th Stret, $280,000.

Nava, John R. and Un Mi K. to Judt, Derek and Kjeldgaard, Brandi, 6718 Michelle Ave., $240,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Jones, Shaun, 7914 S. 184th Ave., $320,000.

Thomas, Janette M. to Bates, Eric and Hieu, 8129 Valley Road, $121,000.

Faulkner, Daniel J. and Clara E. to Robbins, Lawrence and Connie, 7016 Emiline St., $130,000.

McCarville, Brian J. and Marilyn A. to Docken, Anthony K. and Barnes, Amy R., 7301 Braun St., $200,000.

Flott, Doris A. to Durkan, Zackary M., 7745 Cottonwood Ave., $170,000.

Potmesil, Mary E. to Lemay, Samantha, 7348 S. 71st Ave., $125,000.

Stanton, Thomas E. and Diane E. to Hoffman, Robert J. III and Wakefield, Angel, 7721 Cottonwood Ave., $185,000.

Clem, Michael L., personal representative of Clifford E. Clem Estate to Schutt, Shawn W. and Linda R., 7917 Marisu Lane, $149,000.

Nielsen, Jeffrey P. to Van Zuiden, Cody and Brende, Amy, 7002 S. 78th St., $163,000.

Nedrow, Lawrence R. and Peggy C. to Nedrow, Cynthia L., 6902 Emiline St., $111,000.

Robertson, Kyle J. and Lindsey P. to Acosta, Antonio IV, 7715 Terry Drive, $165,000.

Jacobson, Lindley Hart, co-trustee, and Jacobson, Muriel Elaine, co-trustee of Jacobson Revocable Trust to Husebo, Joel E. and Patricia L., 7713 Elm Drive, $190,000.

King, Shelly R. and Paul to Condon, James E., 7017 S. 69th St., $128,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Greene, Ryan and Amy, 7841 S. 184th St., $337,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to McIntyre, Timothy and Camila, 7401 S. 184th St., $279,000.

Povich, Steven M. and Connie A. to Hoffman, Kolleen, 10240 Edna Ave., $385,000.

Boudreaux, Bradley N. and Katherine A. to Whitman, Ian S. and Payne, Lori A., 8718 S. 97th St., $300,000.

Brockman, Amelia K. to Mathews, Jacob and Megan, 9214 Autumn Lane, $145,000.

Tranmer Linda and Randy to Zavala, Zavala Jose Y., 7723 Park View Blvd., $154,000.


Hinchliffe, James and Riegel Hinchliffe, Angela to Decker, Christopher and Megan, 13611 S. 45th St., $325,000.

Ramirez, Robert G. and Jeannette M. to Berg, David and Robin, 11908 S. 52nd St., $324,000.

Morales, Joe S. and Sally E. to Frana, Leroy J. and Pamela S., 2706 Northwood Circle, $358,000.

Alt, Lance Alan and Shannon to Pantoja, Carol Lynn and Anderson, Jeramey, 4707 Sierra St., $345,000.

Ashburn, Brian C. and Meghan L. to Bohnert, Joshua Matthew and Rachel Hope, 8613 S. 68th St., $265,000.

Hartwell, Angela J. to Collins, Patrick R., 4616 Clearwater Drive, $210,000.

Sibrian, Gladys to Thomas M. Neumann Trust and Thomas M. Neumann Revocable Trust, 2213 Aberdeen Drive, $251,000.

Gochenour, Joseph P. and Laura L. to Jones Courtney N., 2002 Longview St., $335,000.

Wetzbarger, Dominic and Sarah to Marin, Anabel Tapia, 2155 Shyhawk Ave., $285,000.

Oertwich, Patricia Ann to Salazar, Sergio H., 306 Sea Pines Drive, $193,000.

Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC to Anderson, Jeremy C. and Tatum M., 13810 S. 50th St., $402,000.

Tyrance, Marcus James, co-personal representative, and Tyrance, Nicholas Nathaniel, co-personal representative of Velma B. Tyrance Estate to Squiers, Stephanie A., 8520 S. 69th Circle, $219,000.

Hobbs, Eric and Katelyn M. to Baruth, Rebecca and Andrew, 2106 Savannah Drive, $275,000.

Lyon, David H., trustee of David H. Lyon Trust to Eakins, Kenneth L. and Karen A., 323 Inglewood Circle, $326,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Pentecost, Richard L. and Mary P., 13606 S. 46th St., $407,000.

Baruth, Rebecca and Andrew to Hurlbutt, Michael and Kayla, 311 Sea Pines Drive, $197,000.

Horizon Realty Inc. to Jensen, Therese A., 2007 Titan Springs Drive, $305,000.

Pressler, Brian S. and Keiko N. to Gunther, Briana and Knotts, Brandon, 113 Eagle Ridge Drive, $260,000.

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