Kirk, Patrick J. to Luke, Christopher E., 11931 N. 157th Circle, $154,000.

Bauer, Sharon Madsen to McDonald, John H. and Terri A., 16075 Girard Circle, $318,500.

Koch, Jared K. and Ashley M. to Holtapp, Candace M., 106 S. Allen St., $145,000.

Barrientez, Zana R. to Levine, Richard and Kathy, 8905 N. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $230,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Hooker, Patricia, 16934 Potter St., $364,900.


Brooks, Thomas A. and Barbara J. to Spencer, Stephen A. and Hailey A., 619 S. 184th St., $425,000.

Taylor, Matthew and Delance, Stephanie to Sockel, Megan and Scott, 18370 Dewey Ave., $300,000.

Kudlacek, Kirt and McMahon, Ann to Nelson, Scott and Jenny, 5008 S. 235th St., $100,000.

Herren, Steven R., personal representative of Herren, Mary M. to Brummels, Jeremiah D. and Rebekah E., 3411 N. 206th St., $195,000.

Schlitzkus, Lisa and Boler, Robert to Mindrup, Lori A., 20459 Taylor St., $334,900.

Medlar, Richard L. to Slotten, Ethen, 20114 Wirt St., $229,000.

Crown Ltd to Tru-Vision Custom Homes LLC, 2378 S. 218th Ave., $97,500.

Ideal Designs Remodeling & Construction LLC to Richard, Brent and Adrieene, 2432 N. 188th St., $544,189.

Fearnow, James D. and Lisa K. to Fearnow, Max, 207 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $310,000.

Cambridge Homes LLC to Shagabandi, Shivakrishna and Bangari, Harini, 2505 N. 185th St., $450,000.

Rice, Bradley D. and Mary C. to Hacker, Jeffrey W. and Jessica L., 2723 N. 189th St., $330,000.

Thomas David Builders LLC to Scholting, Thomas F. Jr. and Heather C., 1334 S. 211st St., $103,000.

Marasco Homes Inc. to Marasco, Amy M., 3631 S. 205th St., $290,000.


Bluewater Development Corp. to Zeisler, Russell Alan, 6324 N. 293rd Circle, $275,000.

Tomonelli, Dora E. and Vito to Remmick, Michael A. and Kimberly A., 515 S. E St., $60,500.

Wentz, Kenneth M., trustee of Wentz Family Revocable Trust to Wasco, Gary D. and Renelle K., 28018 Sunrise Circle, $429,000.

Getsfred, Christopher C. and Colleen M. to Mueting, Robert W. and Newton, Ryan P., 3826 N. 267th Circle, $715,000.


Spanke, Robert A. and Janis P. to Troia, Robert and Drake, Carol, 313 N. 248th Circle, $825,000.


Waskel, Amy, trustee of Lucile A. Schaaf Revocable Trust to 510 Old Market LLC, 1007 Howard St., $1,250,000.

Rosen, Scott D. to Flick, Nate, 300 S. 16th St., $100,000.


Galles, Gregory L. Trust to 100 Year Homes Inc., 6939 Bedford Ave., $88,500.

Harrison, Monique C. to Thomas Properties I. LLC, 4618 N. 54th Circle, $35,000.

First National Bank of Omaha to Bel Fury Investments Group LLC, 6639 Seward St., $56,941.

Ebert, Erika to Ronke, Dustin and Tracee, 5839 Grant St., $84,000.

Rudeen, Randall L. and Kimberlee A. to Scheerger, Anthony D. and Sharon A., 2019 N. 70th Ave., $150,000.

Holloway, Aaron N. Jr. and Daniela to Romero, Sergio Meza and Cruz, Reyna Betancourth, 3522 N. 56th St., $132,500.

Min, Mo and Paw, Kmui to Tin, Tin Po and Say, Paw Ku, 5623 Ellison Ave., $64,000.

Oehlertz, William to Bartlett, Sarah, 4728 Decatur St., $139,500.

McQuain, Alice M. to Four Jays LLC, 6764 Seward St., $83,225.

Gilroy, James P. and Christine M. to Burgos, Julissa and Pagan, Rafael F., 4543 N. 62nd St., $140,000.

Adams, Cheryl L. to Gayden, Anthony P. and Princess D., 6602 Emmet St., $115,000.

Horacek, Larry and Janet E. to MacDonald, Paige and Richard, 2318 N. 70th St., $90,000.

Miller Way LLC to Besse, Renee L. and Jack W., 2514 N. 62nd St., $93,000.

Girthoffer, Joseph Z. and Renata N. to Wesson, Tracie, 5823 Miami St., $161,000.

Messick, Nicholas Joseph to Evans, David and Amy, 6918 Wirt St., $75,000.


Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Deng, Lual and Kwany, Elizabeth, 1314 S. 27th St., $140,000.

Lara, Maurilia to Valadez, Juan A., 1103 S. 25th Ave., $39,700.

Dethlefs, Joseph and Jenifer to Osika, Adam D., 3529 Vinton St., $135,000.


Wonder, Cheryl L. to Hamilton, John A. Jr., 2111 S. 46th Ave., $175,000.

Ervin, Brian and Stefanie to Hoskins, Taylor M. and Bazzoni, Nicklas Vincent, 6715 Mason St., $185,000.

Omaha Municipal Land Bank to Birch, Nate and Kristina, 2120 S. 48th Ave., $12,500.

Nanfito, Valerie R. to Emmeybets Enterprises LLC, 720 S. 68th Ave., $139,900.

Kendall, Laura and Jeremy to Mansharamani, Raveen, 1311 S. 52nd St., $281,500.

Odonnell Properties LLC to Everett, Margaret M., 3201 S. 59th St., $140,000.

Red Ladder LLC to Petersen, Michael and Sarah, 1417 S. 52nd St., $138,500.

Williams, Erin M. to Upshaw, Travis W. and Hamernik, Ashley M., 5834 Frederick St., $165,505.

May, Keith A. and Patricia A. to Andres, Fernando, 2147 S. 49th Ave., $165,000.

Klostermeyer, Donald to JKP Properties LLC, 5224 Pacific St., $81,000.


HSP Investment Properties LLC to Peano Holdings LLC, 5062 S. 39th Ave., $125,000.

Stock, Jamie Paul to Clay, Ann and Torres, Matthew, 3916 S. 24th St., $185,000.

Buckman, Daryl E. and Barbara Jean to Tull, Michael D. and Tommila A., 3920 S. 26th St., $110,000.

Savicky, John D., personal representative of Savicky, Gerald D. Sr. to Spence, Larry A. and Kathleen M., 3959 E St., $115,000.


Gilroy, James P. and Christine M. to Gamboa, Miguel Angel Escobedo, 3332 Hoctor Blvd., $75,000.

14Williams LLC to Oremart Properties LLC, 1455 S. 14th St., $55,000.

Harris, Stephanie S. and Thomas E. Jr. to Wright Investments LLC, 1413 S. 12nd St., $72,000.

Aulph, David W. and Jing, Guo to Dragon Rabbit LLC, 2221 Deer Park Blvd., $109,000.

Lara, Maurilia to Valadez, Juan A., 2028 Vinton St., $42,000.


East Omaha Investments Inc. to Flatrock Group LLC, 2501 N. 21st St., $2,450,000.

City of Omaha to Luwo, Kojo, 1557 N. 18th St., $154,000.

Eure, Anwar Toussaint and Christian, Lakesha to Suess, Arkeisha, 2003 Wirt St., $102,000.

Parrish, Danny E. and Christine L. to Daves Rentals LLC, 5605 N. 24th St., $25,000.

Lindquist, Eric H. Trust to Pedersen, Grant, 2216 Maple St., $21,000.

Gall, Matthew and Natasha to Equity Trust Co. and William Nelson IRA, 3601 N. 19th St., $34,000.


Mix, Lisa J. to Wardlow, Tora L., 4215 Grand Ave., $31,400.

Cheloha, Josephine A. to Masika, Joel Kimeu and Kimeu, Daisy Chol, 1612 Military Ave., $105,000.

1017 Properties LLC to Kyle Hrabik LLC, 3325 N. 41st St., $45,000.

Mazariegos, Nancy Elizabeth Sanchez De and Marco Antonio to Gurung, Arjun, 3190 Meredith Ave., $113,000.

Freedom Worship Center Omaha to Rh Land Management Co. LLC, 3025 Parker St., $800,000.

Equivest Financial LLC to Crawford, Terrance, 3171 Larimore Ave., $15,000.


Smith, Carol, personal representative of Helen B. Berglund to Nixon, Christopher N., 810 N. 75th St., $160,000.

Kohout, Diane T. and Robert M. to Adams, Stephanie G. and Brian, 9963 Devonshire Drive, $445,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to TB2 Investments LLC, 1517 N. 85th St., $107,000.

Gosnell, Jason C. and Theresa K. to Cullimore, Zachary and Melissa, 8902 Westover Road, $486,000.


Zito, Tony M. and Lori to Douglas Street Properties LLC, 6417 N. 148th St., $231,000.

Potter, Jason P. and Megan to Lane, Justin K., 16825 Browne Circle, $198,000.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Pine Crest Homes LLC, 15479 Ogden Circle, $43,500.

McGreer Properties LLC to Ida, Kevin Kotaro Thomas, 15476 Spencer St., $175,000.

Becher, Jeffrey A. and Jolene M. to Carl, Kelly G. and Tara Knudson, 2320 N. 177th St., $449,000.

Wasco, Gary D. and Renelle K. to Kunhart, Mark L. and Kay L., 4107 N. 159th Ave., $280,000.

Laire, Steven W. Sr. trustee of Steven W. Sr. and Rita K. Laire Joint Revocable Trust to Skrdla, Patricia J., trustee of Matthew J. Seger Irrevocable Trust, 4263 N. 163rd Ave., $280,000.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Richland Homes LLC, 6008 N. 154th Ave., $44,950.

French, Jack S. Jr. and Jill M. to Campbell, William J. and Sheila M., 3244 N. 159th Ave., $394,000.

Mikolajczyk, Edward A. and Peggy L. to Ellison, Aletha A., trustee of Aletha A. Ellison Revocable Trust, 17110 Corby St., $325,000.

Harris, Richard Jr. to Birt, Earnest, 15207 Jaynes St., $350,000.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Richland Homes LLC, 5810 N. 153rd Ave., $47,950.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Richland Homes LLC, 6002 N. 154th Ave., $45,950.

Bellinger, Britteny N. and Gregory A. to Barr, Michael R. and Emily, 2329 N. 177th St., $425,000.

Prigga, Pamela Rae, personal representative of Peterson, Collene P. to Hopes, William James, 15206 Emmet St., $115,000.


Eggers, Jennifer L., personal representative of Eggers, Lawrence L. to Sorensen, Raymond A. and Eggers, Susan, 5449 S. 49th St., $39,000.

Peppard, Ralph E., personal representative of Latek, Aniela to Williams, Jon, 5253 S. 52nd St., $60,000.

Digillio, Louise M. to Joe and Steve Partnership LLC, 4624 L St., $230,000.

Mastin, Ann M. to Mastin, Randall L. Sr., 5106 Drexel St., $130,000.


Radford, Nicholas J. and Kayla to Nelson, Kristina R., 1726 N. 176th Place, $186,000.

Thibodeau, William K., trustee of William & Janette Thibodeau Revocable Trust to Derozairo, Damian Mario Shaun, 17160 Parker St., $280,000.

Bojanski, Sharon, personal representative of Bojanski, Norbert F. to Flynn, Aaron, 15934 Nottingham Drive, $200,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Bennett, Ryan C. and Sarah L., 8518 King St., $189,899.

Shively, Ted R. Jr. and Joanne to Lash, Genevieve and Janowski, Joseph, 7179 N. 82nd Place, $169,000.


Gatzemeyer, Christopher G. and Ann M. to Jaynes, Ruth, 2937 Bridgeford Road, $280,090.

Laitner, Jeanette E. to Simodynes, Linda D., 3003 Paddock Place, $120,000.


Siedlik, Jeffrey A. and Carri J. to Heibel, Miranda E. and Gesner, Michael N., 10427 Washington Drive, $257,000.

Scaletta, Thomas J. and Carrie L. to Luce, Bradley G. and Kathryn C., 5080 S. 105th St., $174,000.

Fletcher, Lynn and Melissa to Scaletta, Thomas J. and Carrie L., 6319 S. 73rd Ave., $210,000.

Bradley, Nathan A.P. and Heather to Pierce, Nicholas A., 10235 Mockingbird Drive, $183,500.

Hooker, Patricia S. to Tuckerman, Jessica and Frederick, 6305 S. 79th Circle, $252,500.


Sestak, Lynn M., trustee of Lynn M. Sestak Revocable Trust to Wetzel, Olivia, 17206 Hickory Place, $231,001.

Wolfe, Barry T. and Ye Gan to Lichti, Tracy L. and Robert D., 1704 S. 179th St., $320,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Turner, Christopher W. and Lori R., 19820 Nina St., $318,835.

Liquori, Charles D. and Katie L. to Komilova, Farzona, 2020 S. 192nd Ave., $390,000.

Ritter, Brian L. and J. Paige to White, Elizabeth and Rossiter, 19273 Williams St., $539,000.

Ferry, Mark P., trustee of Mark & Abigail Ferry Living Trust to Parkhurst, Zane and Anna, 18926 Grover St., $250,500.

Mintken, Joyce L. to Becher, Jeffrey A. and Jolene M., 3805 S. 200th Circle, $335,000.

Helling, Robert F. and Duncan, Lynda to Zimmerman, Stephen, 1227 S. 180th Place, $490,000.


H & S Partnership LLP to Omnicorp Saddle Creek LLC, 4410 Davenport St., $707,673.

Guardian Tax Partners Inc. to 11T NE LLC, 3008 Lafayette Ave., $76,500.

Brockman, Jennifer I. to Contrersa-Angulo, Edward, 4109 Lafayette Ave., $82,500.


Solheim, Gatsby Gottsch and David to Akromis, Richard and Kiaya, 5007 Hamilton St., $225,000.

Seda, Britany A. to Christensen Rentals LLC, 6502 Lafayette Ave., $174,000.

Martin, Lee Robert and Lauren M. to Hammer, Maggie, 222 S. 68th Ave., $247,350.

Despain, Donald Jr. to Despain, Donald Jr. and Shadden, Kathleen C., 5008 Western Ave., $87,000.

Hayden, Marty G. and Angela K. to Basye Real Estate Concepts Inc., 6759 Hamilton St., $100,000.

Koziol, Courtney to Koziol, Amy M. and Charles W. Jr., 918 Dillon Drive, $250,000.


McKenzie, Bryan and Angela to JBAN Investments LLC, 8941 Miami St., $75,000.

Buckingham, Michael A. and Jennifer S. to Tuell, Wyatt and Bottsford-Tuell, Lisa, 10269 Kathy Drive, $235,000.

Irwin, Kevin J. and Vanessa to Goslin, Cynthia, 8805 Spaulding Circle, $148,500.

Bates, Colby D. to Shirley, Shonda, 8121 Burdette St., $168,000.

Hjorth, Sharyn L. to Zianya Properties LLC, 5217 N. 86th St., $152,000.

Pike, Cheryl C. to Taute, Tyler and Lauran, 4917 N. 106th St., $192,500.

Merlin E. Brugmann Revocable Trust and Barbara A. Brugmann Revocable Trust to Lambert, Joseph R., 6124 N. 79th St., $160,000.

Kudlacek, Eugene and Constance to Kudlacek, Michael, 8010 Evans St., $100,000.


Eastwood, Randall D. and Donna M. to Marsh, Alan R. and Brenda M., 15612 L St., $284,000.

Stubbe, Alec J. and Lindsay to Volz, Lucas and Madalynn, 19719 X St., $208,000.

Steinacher, Craig J. and Cortnie to Herrick, Timothy, 6038 S. 187th St., $212,000.

Long, Amy M. and Botos, Daniel Scott to Hugo-Krieger, Manuela, 6105 S. 189th St., $206,500.

Lang, Robert W. and Loretta A. to Pokorny, Taylor and Beller, Stacy, 19430 W St., $195,500.

Fuller, John C., trustee of John C. and Tamra J. Fuller Trust to Hufford, Lawrence Robert II and Johnson, Heidi M., 19091 U St., $700,000.

Sharp, Jan W. and Joyce A. to Skwarek, Patty L. and Ronald E., 18404 Cinnamon St., $357,000.

Burchart, Thomas M. and Sharon A. to Tadepalli, Sri Hari Prasad and Kota, Srilalita, 17223 S St., $301,000.

Turecek, Matthew M. to Omarkhil, Mohammad Qasim, 18802 U St., $196,500.

Griffith, Robert M. and Elizabeth Ann to Shurter, Patrick A. and Angel M., 15804 Drexel Circle, $310,000.

Ebong, Fabian N. and Confidence to Doll, Jason and Kelli, 19621 W St., $185,000.


Lorenzen, Christine M. and Ramirez, John to Franco, Matthew, 12736 Weir St., $194,500.

Shurter, Patrick and Nazeck, Angel M. to Bregg, Jacquelyn, 6736 S. 142nd St., $166,000.

Staroska, Kenneth J. and Robin A. to Bernady, Thomas M. and Sharon K., 5311 S. 114th St., $173,000.

Taphorn, Joan E. and James A. to Comstock, James P. and Katherine A., 5939 S. 118th Place, $450,000.

Tran, Kelly to Fascianella, Patricia A. and John, 11631 Polk St., $150,000.

Ruffino, Thomas V. Trust and Ruffino, Joyce F. Trust to Pryal, James and Lorraine K., 5902 S. 118th Place, $385,000.

Bowzer, Gregory R., personal representative of Bowzer, Bill to Roseland, Mark and Jacqueline, 6020 Oakcrest Place, $185,000.

K & B. Associates and KBC Texas to Hernandez-Granillo, Diana America, 15172 R St., $169,900.

Amos, Alta M. and Swedenburg, Alicia M. to Swedenburg, Alicia M. and Michael E., 13534 Birchwood Ave., $67,000.


Rogokos, John T. and Tammy L. to Ramm Construction Inc., 7309 N. 125th St., $45,500.

Kramer, Jeffery C. to Thompson, Jessica J., 13903 Wyoming St., $100,800.


Royce Enterprises Inc. to Pitlor, Steve and Marcia, 12802 Woolworth Ave., $150,000.

Daedler, Jeri Lynn and Maguire, William to Sima, Steven R. and Doreen M., 1889 S. 133rd St., $206,500.

Klug, Pamela J., trustee of Edward & Wilma Ward Family Trust to Ward-Gloeb, Scott Bradley and Kendall Miranda, 1433 S. 134th St., $200,000.

Jacobson, Steven B. and Kelly K. to LIB LLC, 11315 Arbor St., $155,000.

Grace, Ted and Irene to SPF Holdings LLC, 13924 Gold Circle, $1,585,000.

SDG Investments LLC to Reeker, Shelby N., 13618 Cedar St., $240,000.

First National Bank of Omaha to 5109 Real Estate LLC, 13419 Marinda St., $125,000.

Weese, Jared to Carlson, Robert G., 13936 Pine St., $210,000.


PRN Properties LLC to Cayabyab, Coreena, 7124 N. 65th Ave., $152,500.

Carrington, Jerry and Marti to Kolkman, Paul D. and Marcy J., 7820 Fairway Drive, $525,000.

Swanson, Steffi A. Trust to Reo Asset Management Co. LLC, 6438 Vane St., $69,886.

Reo Asset Management Company LLC to HBI LLC, 6438 Vane St., $119,000.


Engelbert, Christopher Joseph, trustee of Engelbert Revocable Trust to Osborne, Ellen D. and Adam R., 12822 Decatur St., $390,000.

Ohri, Rose Mary to Johnson, Tiffany Dawn, 1736 N. 121st St., $175,000.

Sellgren, Sara F. to Edick, Parker and Molly, 12806 Harney St., $275,000.

Sacco, Samuel A. and Cheryl L. to Hackett, Robert Lyle II and Karen Elaine, 229 S. 111st St., $154,950.


Ferdig, Lynn A., trustee of Lynn A. and Pamela J. Ferdig Joint Revocable Trust to Kodirov, Bakhtiyor, 12949 Himebaugh Ave., $185,000.

Anthony Jane Holdings LLC to Peters, Noah and Shelby, 14161 Corby St., $225,000.

Anderson, Dana Brand to Pernas, Carlos Abel Fernandez, 11307 Sahler St., $173,000.

Parkhurst, Zane R. and Parkhurst, Anna C. to Archer, Jasha, 5716 N. 116 Circle, $187,000.

Maun, Patricia A. to Badley, Janis A., trustee of David Robert Lawrence Badley Irrevocable Trust, 2611 N. 121st St., $180,500.

3 Amigos Properties LLC to Bohannon LLC, 10935 Emmet St., $270,000.



Stump, Luis and Michael Jay Jr. to Perl, Hannelore, 505 Lincoln Road, $285,000.

Bishop, Marea W. to Williamson, Anthony M. and Stefanie L., 115 Gregg Place, $268,000.

Adams, Jeromy L. and Laura M. to Pitcher, Patti S., 122 Hillside Drive, $145,000.

Teager, Katelyn and Bryce A. to Conway, Zachary and Jamie, 913 Vannornam Place, $196,000.

Bieker Investments LLC to Koellhoffer, David J. and Marissa K., 2101 Victoria Ave., $192,000.

Dyer, Darlene Joan to Linden, Dustin L. and Rebecca J., 613 Nob Hill Terrace, $148,000.

Anderson Donald and Dona to Allen, Maryann and Jacob, Larry, 2709 Hancock St., $190,000.

Brink, Edward E. Trust to District Properties LLC, 1210 Willow Ave., $97,000.

Ford, Grace L. Trust and Ford, John S. Revocable Trust to McGlothlin, Tyler and Matias, Maritza, 1701 Wayne St., $183,000.

McQuade, Edward A., co-trustee, and McQuade, Margaret R., co-trustee of Edward & Margaret McQuade Revocable Trust to Sanchez, Aracely and Guevara, Elmer Rivas, 601 N. 5th St., $165,000.

Thompson, David M. to McQuillen Jodi L., 316 Basswood Court, $188,000.

Gross, Larry L. and Nancy J. to Bitting, Bill D., 903 Moore Drive, $232,000.

Lebbert, Deborah A., trustee of Deborah A. Lebbert Revocable Trust to Davis, Christopher L. and Elizabeth B., 1103 Logan Ave., $208,000.


Arp, Duane L. and Nancy S. to Andersen, Christopher, 446 Brentwood Drive, $285,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Freitas, Lander and Diane, 16954 Christensen Road, $307,000.

Reed, Alexandra C., successor trustee of Dennis T. Reed Family Trust to Stephens, Zachary Aaron and Tobie Theresa Claire, 12668 S. 229th St., $130,000.

Midwest Home Designs LLC to Roh, Gregory L. and Marissa M., 17107 Middle Lane, $258,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Meyer, Christopher B. and Jeannette M., 7706 S. 197th Ave., $436,000.

Weddle, Christopher J. and Lindsay R. to Wright, Matthew D. and Ashlee M., 21414 Lincoln Blvd, $305,000.

Whittaker, Blake J. and Katie A. to Rose, Nicholas and Haley, 11213 Morgan Circle, $319,000.

Wilson, Charles and Muller, Shelby to Peterson, Tycha and Kerns, Douglas, 20804 Locust St., $260,000.

Peterson, Tycha and Kerns, Doug to Stonebridge, Matthew and Cori, 21108 Lincoln Blvd, $299,000.

Hancock, Jonathan R. and Heather S. to Carlstedt, Daniel John and Stefanie B., 19964 Gertrude St., $410,000.


Potter, James Richard and Roberta Anne to Tapper, Anthony M. and Amber K., 2141 Broadwater Drive, $371,000.

Daniel, Judy Michelle to Kohler, Andrew and Jasmaine, 1854 Kingston Circle, $219,000.

Joshua, Jonathan M. and Jennifer R. to Dumesnil, Thomas Montgomery and Samantha Jeanne, 12638 S. 80th St., $370,000.

Moore, Elaine L., trustee, and Young, Debra E., successor trustee of Paul A. Haug Revocable Trust to Richland Homes LLC, 11115 Cornhusker Road, $1,603,000.

Flanagan, Bradley J. and Jamie L. to Schraeder, Kevin M. and Melissa, 1009 Lambert Drive, $265,000.

Meink, Brant M. and Sheila E. to Gibler, Karen and Troy, 8608 Kaual Drive, $250,000.

Lucht, Andrew J. and Sheena R. to Dyrek, David J. and Arminda O., 12555 S. 81st Ave., $362,000.

Coleman, Robert L. and Jeanette M. to Leazenby, Jeffrey L. and Billie A., 2450 Glacier Drive, $294,000.

Dunlop, Matthew and Jennifer to Dunlop, Richard B. and Roberta L., 310 Concord Circle, $185,000.

Israel, Lanny C. and Buettnerm Kelly R. and Robert J. to Norman, Joseph F. and Joan L., 720 Villa Plaza, $285,000.

Peach, Shawn M. and Leah E. to Berta, William and Tiarra, 810 Donegal Drive, $210,000.

Olson, Penny L. and Dennis E. to Espinoza, Daniel A. and Laura I., 102 N. Osage St., $185,000.

Bell, Bradley G. and Mandy L. to Johnson, Hannah and Christopher, 10958 Grant Circle, $265,000.

Hansen, Ron and Suzanna to Jacobson, Josh and Harrison, Jackie, 11163 Laramie St., $314,000.

Wiegert, Joshua K. and Kayla to Stiles, Natisha M. and James K. Jr., 826 Arlene Ave., $201,000.

Hernandez, Tony M. and Stephanie K. to Kelly, Brooke Allison, 819 S. Madison St., $193,000.

Defreitas, Michael D. to Shunk, Tyler J. and Lopez, Korinne E., 315 Prospect Circle, $205,000.


Gay, Fred C. and Wanda K. to Cilker, Kathleen, 500 S. 7th Ave., $275,000.

Kessler Heikens LLC to Falk, Erik R. and Megan L., 240 Poplar St., $189,000.


Smith, Dennis R. to Christianson, David A., 2912 Sandra St., $175,000.

Fairley, Jeanne Kathryn, trustee of Jeanne K. Fairley Living Trust to Warner, David R. and Christina M., 1501 Sunshine Blvd., $300,000.

Markve, Robert T. and Ponec, Jordan D. to Andersen, John William and Kathleen Elizabeth, 1911 Mesa St., $215,000.

Jackson, Carl L. Jr. and Marlene to Vann, Matthew and Bethanie, 13001 S. 30th St., $164,000.

Taylor, Robert J. Jr., co-trustee and Taylor, Nancy C., co-trustee of Bob & Nancy Revocable Trust to Boudreau, John and Lori, 17209 Paradise Road, $180,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Erxleben, Bradley and Edwards Erxleben, Cynthia, 13710 S. 43rd St., $331,000.

Weber, Blaine A., trustee, and Weber Hamilton, Michelle A., trustee of Weber Family Trust to Byron Properties LLC, 13205 S. 33rd St., $155,000.

Schirmer, Dustin and Amanda to Pecina, William A., 14109 Kelly Drive, $254,000.

Merry, Brent and Kathrine S. to Wilson, Michael J. and Sarah W. P., 3201 Duane Ave., $238,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Miller, Mary F., 1912 Canyon St., $275,000.

McCartney, Nancy R. to Davis, James C. Jr. and Suzanne R., 13313 S. 20th St., $255,000.

Wall, Steven C. and Alexandria M. to Wenz, Leland and Rebecca, 13320 Courtney Drive, $197,000.

Hernandez, Carlos and Melissa to Whitfield, Christopher A. and Blankenship, Tiffany M., 1103 Terry Drive, $205,000.

Wyatt, Dillon and Richelle to Lemire, Eric and Shaunie, 4415 Amos Gates Drive, $238,000.


Lopez, Jeffery M. and Stephanie A. to Crawford, Thomas Leroy Jr. and Tammy Lynn, 7424 La Vista Drive, $112,000.

Sechtem, Cherilea Kay to Robinson, Brittany Camille, 8010 S. 67th St. Circle, $206,000.

Newman, Edward G. and Mary D. to Busekist, Bryan, 7778 Greenleaf Drive, $200,000.

Fowler, Frank R. and Sharon A. to Soadjede, Erica, 7813 Crabapple Court, $235,000.

Zeleny, William and Boettger, Jess to Randall, Shannon, 7111 S. 71st Ave., $126,000.

Tuckerman, Frederick D. and Jessica L. to Carter, Joseph Daniel, 7331 Park Crest Drive, $157,000.


Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC to Campbell, John and Heather, 5004 Waterford Ave., $365,000.

Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC to Stump, Luis and Michael J. Jr., 13706 S. 49th St., $367,000.

Carter, Richard N. and Sheila M. to Brown, Bryan, 11902 S. 53rd St., $330,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Beil, Jeffrey E. and Gretchen L., 5118 Lawnwood Drive, $349,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Hansen, Christopher and Leslie, 12808 S. 51st Circle, $332,000.

Ferzely, R. Michael and Mullen Ferzely, Mary to Elsasser, Vickey Ann, 11708 Bayview Drive, $218,000.

Druskis, Ronald J., co-trustee, and Druskis, Constance A., co-trustee to Erven, Thomas and Elizabeth, 4604 Brook St., $245,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Rogers, Earl D. Jr. and Constance B., 5114 Lawnwood Drive, $349,000.

Calderon, Amy Lynn and Erik to Ashby, James Lee and John, Linda Jo, 208 Charleston Drive, $250,000.

Avery, Daniel E. and Elizabeth M. B. to Sanfilippo, Nicole, 8903 S. 67th St., $240,000.

Lemke, Badley S., trustee of Bradley S. Lemke Family Trust to Bonneau, Andrew D., 405 Summerset Drive, $195,000.


Diamond, Tracy N. and Ryan D. to Burg, Joshua and Sarah, 8108 S. 190th Ave., $210,000.

Richland Homes LLC to McCaslin, Jeffrey and Rachel, 16904 Portal St., $300,000.

Marasco, Amy M. to Sullivan, David, 7207 S. 183rd Ave., $200,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Haw, Steven A. and Beth E., 9413 S. 178th St., $297,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Diamond, Ryan D. and Tracy N., 18607 Blackwalnut St., $293,000.

Sump, Teresa K., trustee of Teresa K. Sump Trust to Dye, Arnie and Erin, 10311 Spyglass Drive, $385,000.

River Oaks Development LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 7317 S. 184th St., $25,000.

River Oaks Development LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 7919 S. 185th St., $32,000.

Buller, Lois J. to Price, Joshua and Margaret, 17129 Colony Drive, $245,000.

Olson, Jerod and Sarah E. to Hill, Mathew A. and Kara A., 18017 Lillian St., $230,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Whittaker, Blake J. and Katie A., 18510 Hampton Drive, $406,000.

Carson Custom Homes Inc. to Votruba, Larry and Vernell, 10202 S. 188th St., $441,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Stange Brandon L. and Stange Wendy E., 18821 Birch Ave., $272,000.

Witte, Greg E. and Connie R. to Kreun, Renee, 7207 S. 157th St., $235,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Faltys, Neal and Lori, 18505 Summit Drive, $321,000.

Carlstedt, Daniel J. and Stefanie B. to Mohan, Sujatha and Nagaraju, Mohan, 19027 Lillian St., $237,000.

Quinn, Patricia H. to Bruckner, Amanda K., 7112 S. 183rd Terrace, $260,000.

Merritt, Michael Lee to Dickerson, James, 7408 S. 174th St., $189,000.

Prasun, Fredric and Alexis to Kinney, Dana, 18814 Chandler St., $330,000.

Decker, Jason and Bobbie to Christiansen, Craig B. and Kathryn G., 10008 S. 176th St., $365,000.

Empire Homes & Remodeling Inc. to Riecken, Joseph and Shannon, 10710 S. 176th St., $398,000.

Schlabach, Heidi E. and Carr, Deanne E. to Van Pelt, Jared R. and Jennifer J., 17208 Bohling Drive, $282,000.

Stadjuhar, James and Tana to Stadjuhar, Eric J., 8013 S. 184th Ter, $250,000.

Tillman, Jacob and Bethany and Tillman, Gary M. and Elaine G., trustees of Gary M. & Elaine G. Tillman Joint Revocable Living Trust to Reissig, Scott D., 17228 Sage St., $345,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Hoshor, Patrick, 7845 S. 184th St., $372,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Beaudin, Edward J. and Susanna, 7914 S. 184th St., $304,000.

River Oaks Development LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 7902 S. 184th Ave., $36,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Panigrahi, Rajesh Kumar, 8518 S. 169th St., $280,000.

Hauger, Benjamin Joseph and Amber Lee to Krishnamoorthy, Nanda Gopal and Saminathan, Velmani, 8034 S. 165th St., $308,000.

Jensen, Steve and Tami to Moore, Caleb and Megan, 17020 Rampart St., $285,000.


Minarik, Adam L. to Wolf, Joshua B. and Rodriguez, Jennifer C., 7023 S. 130th St., $180,000.

Beecher, Loyal and Ashley to Logan, Brian and Kami, 15413 Greenleaf St., $295,000.


Kiaaina, Joseph H. III and Patricia R. to W. L. Investments LLC, 8805 S. 34th St., $99,000.

Bridges, Michele D. to Garcia, Juana Badillo, 6902 S. 33rd St., $150,000.

Cronican, Patrick A., trustee of Virginia C. Cronican Revocable Trust to Cox, David, 7014 S. 40th St., $155,000.

Andersen Group LLC to Lechtenberger, Jamie and Daniel Merle, 7514 S. 41st St., $112,000.

Vecera, Donald F. to Pannkuk, Brycelin and Tiffany, 3802 Groves Road, $155,000.

Thiel, Zachary J. and Sarah to Scarpello, Joseph J. and Patricia E., 7906 S. 22nd Ave., $190,000.


Elsasser, Vickey A. to Brezina, Louie, 4913 Glasgow Ave., $200,000.

Kingkade, Daniel M. and Georgette S. to Ha, Long T., 4705 Bernadette Ave., $245,000.

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