Wever, Terry J. to Pat Brion LLC, 15440 Davidson St., $175,000.

Marc David Custom Built Homes and Charleston Homes LLC to Zito, Tony Michael and Lori Cristine, 17214 Clay St., $316,900.

Oltman, Michael R. and Debra L. to Behlen, Ward C. and Dana L., 18605 Northern Hills Drive, $675,000.

Curtis, Bradley J. and Kathy J. to Sullivan, Ashley, 7321 N. 153rd St., $390,000.

Moore, Ryan and Bailie to Douglas, Emily C., 17226 Clay St., $309,000.

Brandl, Gregory J. to Dennison, John M., 8025 N. 147th Ave., $216,250.

Vogtman, David R. and Lacy K. to Smith, Kyle S., 8038 N. 147th St., $180,000.

Tuggle, Jason C. to Harrison, Randy, 14612 Sunrise St., $196,000.

Kahn, Michael R. to Kahn, Michael R. and Hollands, Sian M. M., 7803 N. 152nd Ave., $118,500.

Maxey, Michael P. and Holly A. to Stier, Eric J. and Katherine R., 8202 N. 153rd Ave., $206,000.

Eagle Custom Ranch Homes Inc. to Schwery, Dallas and Jennifer, 16922 Potter St., $404,000.


Bodenner, Michael J. and Amy to Mason, Richard M. and Cindy L., 18302 Dewey Ave., $330,000.

Elkhorn 204 LLC to CPM 204 LLC, 1515 S. 204th St., $3,400,000.

Thacker, Terence L., trustee of Terence & Sherry Thacker Revocable Trust to Jackson, Brad A., 3105 Piney Creek Drive, $340,500.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Korte, Elise E., 18812 Boyd St., $430,000.

Kullbom, Dwight C., trustee of Kullbom Living Trust to Welty, James C. Jr., 20802 Plum St., $285,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Lehl, Bradley and Kimberly, 1625 S. 218th St., $1,063,796.

Wheeler, Rick W. to Koenig, Eric D., 19017 Ohio St., $285,000.

Wyrick, Thomas J. and Talena Felicia to Maxey, Michael and Holly, 18432 Dewey Ave., $355,500.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Senouvo, Messan and Kongo, Adjoa, 20616 E St., $333,166.

Sinner, Steven J. and Susan E. to Quinn, Tanya L. and Derek N., 4301 N. 193rd Circle, $385,000.

Anthony Company Builders LLC to Bray, Jerron J. and Megan E., 2319 S. 218th Ave., $750,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Ho, Kelli Ngoc, 3806 S. 204th Ave., $305,000.

Reibel, Eugene N. to Salama, Ahmed and Nilufar, 18052 Leavenworth St., $407,500.

Behlen, Ward C., trustee of Ward & Dana Behlen Living Trust to Huntley, Terri Sue, 19314 Spaulding Circle, $390,000.

Welty, James C. Jr. to Nordin, Jacob and Emily, 21203 Welsh Road, $176,000.

Fuhr, Ross and Kristie to Danker, Lynnsey LM and Hargens, Joseph M., 18958 Pratt St., $351,000.

Mindrup, Lori A. to Brede, Paula Marie, 4002 N. 210th St., $220,000.

Best Team LLC to Hahn, Cynthia J., trustee of Cynthia J. Hahn Trust, 914 Elk Ridge Drive, $492,000.

Brummels, Jeremiah D. and Rebekah E. to Bednar, Oren L. and Kathryn A., 1820 N. 206th St., $183,000.


Bluewater Development Corp. to McGill, Timothy M. and Joan C., 6109 N. 295th St., $235,000.

Basham, Angelina J. to Gutierrez, Francisco J. and Norma, 116 N. W St., $26,000.

Grashorn, Elaine E. to Teneyck, Mike, 621 S. E St., $115,500.

West, James A. and Maureen L. to Smith, Justin L., 24234 King Lake Road, $19,500.


Lysholm, Terry and Deanna to Randecker, Rebecca J., 24616 Jones Circle, $1,003,500.


Reed, Richard Claude and Selma Elaine to Bowen, Casey and Rebecca, 1024 Dodge St., $349,500.


Ellis, Felicia A. to Tovar, Cesar, 5435 N. 69th Ave., $150,000.

Grubbs, Gary R. to Farwell, Mark R. and Kayla D., 3136 N. 59th St., $163,700.

Schill, Michael P. and Kathleen to Schill, Andrew M., 2007 N. 62nd St., $137,500.

Rieckman, Ronald and Rita to Hale, Roger L., 6623 Pratt St., $142,000.

Gardner, Colleen M., personal representative of Johnson, Robert G. to Haugen, Nathan M., 6204 Kansas Ave., $100,000.

Keele, Mark Allen Jr. and Tabatha to Wilson, William W., 2611 N. 68th St., $120,000.

Howell, William G. to Chapman, Jacob and Arant, Katelyn, 2927 N. 58th St., $189,000.

Andersen, Brandon S., trustee of Brandon S. Andersen & Jeffrey E. Guenin Trust to Maxwell, Jessica E., 2020 N. 54th St., $325,000.

MBI Inc. to Trinity Properties LLC, 4640 Saratoga St., $47,500.

Packard, Michael Sean to Kosek, Carl III, 5035 Emmet St., $146,500.

Transformation Realty LLC to Horner, Ramona, 2948 N. 55th St., $130,000.

McCright Properties LLC to Wiles, Roxanne and Williams, Kristin, 2015 N. 50th St., $132,000.

Muller, Angelia, personal representative of Muller, John R. to D C-D Inc., 2042 N. 70th Ave., $40,000.

Main, Barrett T. and Danielle L. to Kennedy, Edward Paul and Rebecca Lee, 3303 N. 57th St., $205,000.

Hessenthaler, Nathan and Ashley to Casaccio, Alysen, 1501 N. 60th St., $175,000.

Cashelmore Buckheim LLC to Nguyen, Hung and Nguyen, Vinh, 4413 N. 56th St., $91,000.

Starks, Stuart to Forrest, Eldan, 2043 N. 48th Ave., $18,000.

Peterson, William J. and Laura L. to Sheldon, Chris, 3201 N. 69th St., $190,000.

Queen, Jeanette Rose to Cleland, Jessica R., 5406 N. 66th St., $110,000.


Looby, W. Henry, personal representative of Haluza, Steven T. to Cesh LLC, 3275 Hascall St., $69,000.

Lubash, Stacey R. to Gutchewsky, Mark and Stacey, 3111 S. 38th Ave., $112,500.

Fast Property Solutions LLC to Hernandez, Casimiro Garcia and Garcia, Perla, 1111 S. 31st St., $172,000.

Guardian Tax Partners Inc. to 11T NE LLC, 4427 Pierce St., $68,000.

Bata-Latty, Pablo and Brito, Pablo Bata-De to Dayne, Lana Caroline and Daigre, Rivet John Jr., 2834 S. 32nd Ave., $185,000.

Edison Street LLC to Barrera, Carmela, 2711 Pacific St., $37,500.

Buckingham, Melissa A. to Pace & Lee LLC, 1005 S. 38th St., $109,000.


O’Donnell, Nicklaus P. and Catherine M. to Knott, Allen, 2105 S. 63rd St., $118,000.

Wirick, Andrew Mark and Leslie Ann to Jensen, Kimberly Aracely and Maryanski, Kara Lynn, 857 S. 59th St., $268,000.

Khan, Mohammed Shaffiuddin to Torres, Zaida, 5228 Rees St., $150,000.

Friesen, Tara L. to Moore, Angela Sue and Christopher James, 1120 S. 52nd St., $248,500.

CRCF Properties LLC to Colon, Legna M., 6618 B St., $100,000.

McLaughlin, Katie S. and Thomas M. to Hamblen, Richard, 1510 S. 49th St., $155,000.

Hug, Harold C. Sr and Rita M. to Aserse, Banchayehu and Kefele, Tshaye, 5609 Spring St., $155,000.

Trapp, Christine A. to Briggs, Mark and Katie, 3708 S. 48th Ave., $155,000.

Barr, Emily and Michael to Highland, Garth L. and Zoe C., 6224 Poppleton Ave., $277,000.


Fitzmaurice, Monica Minutti and Gerardo to Castorena, Denise and Jose G., 2128 Drexel St., $140,000.

Zagozda, John Francis Jr. and Tricia M. to Zacatlan LLC, 3311 Q St., $100,000.

Muniz, Vincent Sr, trustee of Vincent Muniz Sr Revocable Trust to Sj Mora LLC, 2915 Q St., $235,000.

Dannelly, James M. and Molly to Patterson, Amber and Noah, 5054 S. 37th St., $110,000.

Utterback, Mike Jr. and Jacque to Galvan-Gonzales, Julio, 1524 Drexel St., $140,000.

Heartland Holdings A. LLC to Cortes, Jaime Silva, 4102 Monroe St., $154,900.

Eckles, Nathan R. to Toro, Fatima Del, 3305 R St., $59,000.

Flores, Irene and Alvarado, Juan to Jamrozy, Joseph A. and Cubrich, Carley A., 1506 Pasadena Ave., $160,000.

Diaz, Rafael and Maria N. to Square 1 Property Solutions LLC, 4406 S. 21st St., $43,000.

P3M Investments LLC to Mickley, Tyler, 5718 S. 32nd St., $78,000.

Ira, Susan M. to Paz, Jose Alfaro De, 6206 S. 36th Ave., $110,000.

Bizal, Michelle T. to Francis, Eric, 4320 Drexel St., $40,000.

Palmisano, Leonard, personal representative of Purit, Zelma to Sell, Olyvia and Andrew, 4231 S. 16th St., $65,000.

PAE Investments LLC to Hallagan, Nathaniel, 2545 Drexel St., $89,000.


Manzer, Jack Arthur and Joanne to Huerta, Arturo Avalos, 1705 S. 9th St., $42,500.

Legado Group LLC to Oliveto, Anthony E., 1709 S. 9th St., $98,000.

Tull, Michael and Tommila to Emanuel, Marc, 1431 B St., $125,000.


JF Bloom & Co to Ames Industrial Park LLC, 4411 N. 20th St., $255,000.

Priestino, Thomas to Elliott, Adrienne Nicole, 1830 Spencer St., $105,000.


Thomas Properties I. LLC to Centeno, Martha Gutierrez, 3550 N. 41st St., $46,000.

Feld, Kerry Trust to Pederson, Grant, 5365 N. 29th St., $39,500.

Riggs, Jeffrey D., personal representative of Riggs, Eleanor L. to Riggs, Terry D. Sr and Hankins, Holly B., 3629 Himebaugh Ave., $45,000.

Ngo, Hao D. to Nguyen, Nicholas N., 4231 Burdette St., $82,900.

Guardian Tax Partners Inc. to 11T NE LLC, 4313 Seward St., $76,500.

K and P Investments Inc. to Miller, Andrew, 2706 Crown Point Ave., $26,000.

Sheriff to Heartland Holdings B. LLC, 3951 N. 37th St., $16,554.

Reams Enterprise LLC to Melesio, Margarita and Marin, Jose F., 3019 Pinkney St., $18,000.


Vacek, Darren to Thalmann, Joyce, 3117 Grebe St., $150,000.

Bulanda, Jerald M. to Bulanda, James M., 2583 Whitmore St., $78,400.

Howell, Lindsey B. to Gallego, Carlos Julian Palacio, 7165 Minne Lusa Blvd., $97,000.


Williams, Michaela to Christensen, Brandon M., 1404 N. 76th St., $130,000.

Sharma, Julia L., trustee of Julia L. Sharma Revocable Trust to Sutton, Adam and Katherine, 9504 Davenport St., $970,000.

Larson, Denise A. to Somberg, Susan A., 8405 Indian Hills Drive, $305,350.

Hein, Nicholas and Elizabeth to Andre, Trenton, 8334 Parker Court, $164,000.

Bartles, Karen to Johnson, Duane, 8504 Cuming St., $36,700.

Sager, Kara to Johnson, Duane, 8504 Cuming St., $36,700.


Meester Enterprises LLC to Phillips, William, 15306 Tibbles St., $120,000.

OCAT LLC to Bella Squared LLC, 14840 Evans Place, $1,870,400.

Jogi, Bhima and Kharka to Reiser, Patrick and Megan, 16414 Saratoga St., $224,000.

Oleary, Becky E. to Curtis, Kathy, 14707 Kansas Ave., $212,200.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Ezui, Tanya and Lawson-Betum, Yaovi, 5501 N. 152nd St., $281,537.

Kurse, Nagaraj Siddhivinayak and Bhat, Deepti to Parkert, Peter, trustee of Parkert Trust, 16507 Burdette St., $185,000.

Rathjen, David A. and Love-Rathjen, Kristine M. to Janssen, Brittany and Garrett, 16415 Miami St., $237,000.

Govier, Pamela H. to Kosso, Mahamane Mamane and Arzika, Binta, 16302 Hartman Ave., $375,000.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Ramm Holdings LLC, 3213 N. 179th St., $232,500.

Mueting, Justin and Jamee to Poskochil, Bryce and Cecilia, 4659 N. 162nd St., $288,000.

Farrell, Janet L. to Bottum, Thomas M. and Laurie J., 15210 Norwick Drive, $364,000.

Abbott, Michael Scott to White, Virginia F., 3310 N. 147th Court, $155,000.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Paus, Steven and April, 3319 N. 179th St., $148,500.

Danker, Lynnsey and Hargens, Joseph to Fuhr, Ross and Kristie, 4604 N. 148th St., $189,900.

Bruns, Matthew E. and Mogenson, Michelle T. to Farringer, Ashley, 6231 N. 159th Circle, $320,000.

Osborne, Ellen and Adam to Gonzalez, Hector Tinajero and Lindsay, 5907 N. 154th Ave., $305,000.


Baum, June and Novak, Justin to Vojslavek, Alex R. and Easterby, Rebecca Ann, 6065 G St., $85,000.

Senkbile, Zachary J. to Leeder, Jonathan, 4718 S. 53rd St., $152,000.

Melcher, Elaine Marie and Wayne E. to Gutierrez, Margarita, 4209 S. 60th Ave., $109,900.

Edwards, Luella C. and Bowers, Rhonda Y. to Velazquez, Juan Antonio and Davalos, Ma-Del Carmen, 5215 Weir St., $147,000.

Cizek, Ronald J., trustee of Gordon J. & Hope M. Cizek Family Trust to Berney, Beverly D. and Anthony, 5152 Ohern St., $172,000.


1863 N. 176th Plaza LLC to Byrd, Mark and Kimberly J., 1863 N. 176th Place, $184,000.

Bohn, Helen P. to Miller, Debby, 1822 N. 175th Court, $170,000.

Cecava, Richard J. and Kristine R. to Wallquist, Ronald K. and Nancy A., 17706 Marcy St., $280,000.

Vihstadt, James and Deborah to Garrity, Michael and Paige, 1315 N. 162nd St., $282,000.

Schumacher, Roy J., trustee of Schumacher Living Trust to GC Residential Real Estate LLC, 16372 Page St., $880,000.

Nelson, Kristina R., trustee of Nelson Living Trust to Ruhge, Bruce and Lynette, 1725 N. 176 Place, $187,000.


Nkogo-Nze, Robert and Joselyne to Togbey, Kwamy Joseph, 8813 Kimball St., $171,500.

Poskochil, Bryce A. and Cecilia to Blackburn, Jacob Lane and Terri Renee, 7354 Potter St., $178,000.

Bloomquist, Dustin and Zuck-Bloomquist, Yvonne to Secord, Dennis C. and Tanya L., 7014 N. 90th St., $195,000.

Vaughn, Alyssa M. to Pappas, Zachary, 7360 N. 87th St., $208,000.

Leber, Barbara K. to Win, Mu and Ah, 8725 Quest St., $161,000.

Gonzalez, Hector and Lindsay to Soto, Ronald E. Gonzalez, 8917 Quest St., $170,000.


Muckey, James M. and Jennifer B. to Carlson, Scott A. and Tami M., 3309 S. 91st St., $161,000.

Johnson, Sheryl S. to Muckey, James M. and Jennifer B., 9515 Hascall St., $385,000.

Johns, Kenneth W. and Janice C. to Lincoln, Autumn Rachelle, 8660 Westridge Drive, $123,000.

Kubat, Francis, trustee of Matthew Francis Leslie-Kubat Trust to Gorby, Connor L. and Scott, Rachel L., 7815 Shirley St., $925,000.

Hiffernan, Cristen D. and John M. to Vondrasek, Nancy and Robert, 9327 Spring St., $162,500.

402 Homebuyers LLC to Coleman, Mackenzie S., 1322 S. 94th St., $289,000.

Baca, Daniel and Buffy to Sutton, Nicholas P. and Sarah D., 1115 S. 79th St., $705,000.

Bunderson, Jesse B. and Laura M. to Miranda, Genny B. and Edgar G. Cervantes, 7413 Rogers Road, $182,500.


Johnson, Scott A. and Donna M. to Wilson, Daniel L., 10510 Polk St., $290,000.

Golden, Connie M. to BAKS LLC, 9818 O St., $130,000.

Fenwick, Sharon L. and Peter to Harwan, Roberta and Steven M., 10237 O St., $210,000.


Inciarte, Douglas and Balza, Marisela to Caniglia, Jonathan, 19510 Briggs Circle, $385,000.

Proplesch, Howard R., trustee of Howard & Deanne Proplesch Living Trust to Gerald F. Lapke Revocable Trust and Joann M. Lapke Revocable Trust, 1320 S. 190th Place, $399,000.

Bray, Jerron J. and Megan E. to Dowell, Adrian and Stephanie, 19103 Marinda Circle, $462,000.

Breci, Vincent L. to Coburn, Scott Kevin and Tamara Jane, 1425 S. 189th Court, $385,800.

Hooks Property LLC to Fearnow, James D. and Lisa K., 1520 S. 182nd Circle, $815,000.


Trosper, Robert N. Sr. to Loya, Geronimo R. and Teresa, 3102 Myrtle Ave., $54,500.

Beckman, Melvin G. and Mary Ann to Schragg, Robert and Stephanie, 3304 Lafayette Ave., $75,000.

Collins, James C. to Dineen, Sean P. and Kelly K., 3000 Farnam St., $124,900.

Flick, Nathaniel and Zacharia, Thomas to Wirick, Leslie, 131 S. 39th St., $155,000.

Pryor, Bernadette J. to Schill, Michael P. and Kathleen M., 3820 Webster St., $185,000.


Harding, Julie A. and Laughlin, James to McMickell, Robert and Althea, 5111 Davenport St., $379,900.

Sorenson, Maryann and Darrell D. to Kavanaugh, Thomas G. and Patricia M., 6104 Hamilton St., $70,000.

Reo Asset Management Company LLC to HBI LLC, 6958 Cuming St., $221,000.

Bizhan Enterprises LLC to Eastwood, Sara J., 6310 Charles St., $125,000.

Prescott, Randy Allen to Roy, Lisa Rai, 5611 Western Ave., $249,000.


Mills, Phyllis to Baumann, Christi Ranae, 6345 N. 105th St., $210,000.

Al-Absy, Ahmad H. and Joann H. to Frazee, Bryant R. and Ashley M., 7320 Bedford Ave., $195,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Lindhorst Investments LLC, 8513 Vernon Ave., $125,001.

Wilson, Gary L. Jr. and Nicole to Applegate, Sean and Runnings, Jeff, 8616 Keystone Drive, $225,000.

Alfred, Alissa L. to Frisina, Vincent Anthony and Salavec, Steve Kenneth, 9418 Ames Ave., $198,000.

Humpal, Fred C., trustee of Fred & Rhonda Humpal Revocable Trust to Real Growth LLC, 5418 N. 91st Ave., $165,000.

Cochrane, Joan E. and Charles S. to Gilligan, Paul G. Jr. and Dolores B., 3403 N. 80th St., $240,000.

Serrano, Jose and Cayce-Kate F. to Flowers, Curtis A. and Roldan, Maria, 3705 N. 101st St., $192,000.

McLouth, Cale J. and Keri to Iwansky, Amanda, 10623 Boyd St., $222,000.

Manley, John and Abigail J. to Silva, Jairo H. and Nicole C., 4805 N. 81st St., $160,000.


Dutton, Kenneth L. and Erika A. to Plate, Jason C. and Jamie L., 20014 Blaine St., $287,000.

Len Properties LLC to Long, Oren E. Jr. and Carol J., 17245 Orchard Ave., $280,000.

Lui, Jude Y. and Nan L. to Whitmore, Matthew B. and Heather M., 19721 I St., $332,500.

Terry, Kristen A. to Zheng, William, 6850 S. 182nd Court, $132,000.

Draper, James A. to Hunter, Greg, 5310 S. 190th Terrace, $125,795.

Weland, Ingrid C. and William K. to Lane, Amanda and Caskey, Chris, 6202 S. 171st St., $349,000.

Wilson, Jaclyn N. to Miller, Jason, 19626 W St., $197,000.

Condon, Stephen T. and Caitlin J. to Barger, Susan, 18752 Drexel St., $265,000.

Stock, David A. and Lisa K. to Geiselhart, Daniel James, 4439 S. 198th Ave., $233,000.

Swanstrom, Stephen B. and Courtenay E. to Snyder, Margaret M. and Gregory S., 5722 S. 167th Circle, $313,600.

Junge, Kent W. and Ellen J. to Baccellieri, James A. and Trisha, 4983 S. 177th Circle, $380,000.

Schlarb, James A. and Cindy R. to Fehringer, Scott and Mary Victoria, 4303 S. 169th Circle, $512,500.

Blevins, Fred L. and Marilyn A. to Chavez, Humberto, 5022 S. 163rd St., $223,750.


West-C LLC to Clear Creek Holdings LLC, 14118 Orchard Ave., $150,000.

Whitmarsh, Donna M. to Whitmarsh, Wayne W. and Wade W., 6722 S. 152nd St., $158,000.

Rowan, Kenneth P. and Terri M. to Wilkens, Kenneth Ray and Rosemary Susan, 11611 Polk St., $201,500.

Wilson, Daniel L. to Pata, Lance and Nayeli, 11105 Madison St., $232,000.

Nichols, Roger F. and Mary K. to Nichols, Brittany N., 15072 Sharp St., $225,000.

Graham, Lori J. to Earnest, Gregory Michael and Maria Anel, 6217 S. 140th Ave., $182,500.


Landmark Performance Corp. to Wilt, Scott and Janet, 12927 Reynolds St., $551,346.

Platinum Builders LLC to Kelley, Karlin S. and Shelley A., 13019 Reynolds St., $85,000.

Harper, Jason M., trustee of Jason & Kristi Harper Revocable Living Trust to Lacey, Terry W., trustee of Terry & Wendy Lacey Trust, 13085 Potter St., $539,000.

Shamrock Builders LLC to Roberts, Scott C. and Grace A., 12409 Mormon St., $490,000.


Hawkins, Lucas Michael and Elizabeth Blum to Hostert, Derrick M. and Everett, April M., 2317 S. 148th Ave., $229,900.

Wilkens, Rosemary S. and Kenneth R. to Hawkins, Lucas M. and Elizabeth B., 1862 S. 147th Circle, $285,000.

Beck, Christine Anne, trustee of Christine A. Beck Revocable Trust to Haberman, Justin D. and Amy L., 2135 S. 113rd Ave., $360,000.

Garvey, Lydia and Lawrence to Mason, Michael P. and Pamela S., 1862 S. 135th Ave., $140,000.

McLaughlin, Keith Allen to Stewart, Melissa, 12323 Crawford Road, $260,000.

Brown, Janet K., trustee of Janet K. Brown Revocable Trust to Otte, Mark and Lauren, 14913 Dorcas Circle, $310,000.

Fries, Karen J. and Kyle to Olson, Nicholas C. and Nikki K., 13962 Woolworth Circle, $215,000.

McFayden, Robert A. and Gail to Smith, Timothy and Ann, 13917 Shirley St., $225,000.

Kellen, Michael L. and Kathleen to Smith, Melanie M. and James F. Jr., 1207 S. 113rd Court, $675,000.

Snyder, Judith L., trustee of Judith L. Snyder Trust to Saowapa, Jintana, 2006 S. 135th Ave., $235,000.

Freye, Edwin J. Jr. to Kroeger, Matthew R., 11360 Gold St., $190,500.

Erman, Joseph A., trustee of Joseph A. Erman Restated Revocable Trust to Moylan, Sean D., trustee of Moylan Revocable Trust, 1218 S. 113th Place, $842,500.

Mueller, Matthew Scott and Kathryn Ann to Vallabhajosyula, Sandeep Vihaari, 1823 S. 155th Ave., $259,000.

Steavenson, William and Teresa to Brown, Joseph A., 3248 S. 126th Ave., $150,000.

Hallas, Betty Jean to Raynor, Grace, 2306 S. 119th Place, $144,000.


Thompson, Willie L. and Patricia J. to Howard, Tierra, 5410 Whitmore St., $165,000.


Damhoff, Leroy E. to Vogt, Mark A. and Christine A., 336 N. 153rd Avenue Circle, $200,000.

Foresman, Shannon M. to Hawkins, Jennifer and Jacobs, Christopher, 1806 N. 110th Avenue Circle, $170,000.

Complete Real Estate LLC to O’Donnell Properties LLC, 15029 Mason St., $159,500.

Kurtenbach, Daniel Harold and Mary Elizabeth to Mills, Nancy Jean, 1619 N. 109th Place, $117,000.

KP3 Investors LLC to Chavez, Raquel, 12756 Nicholas Circle, $315,000.


Mathiesen, William E. to Badley, Janis A., trustee of David Robert Lawrence Badley Irrevocable Trust, 11648 Raleigh Drive, $178,000.

Texmo, Ryan to Faltys, Matthew, 6342 N. 109th Circle, $184,000.

Urbanek, Bradley W. and Trisha to Zurlo, Dana, 11420 Grand Circle, $207,500.

Villa, Salvador Baeza to Rosa, Antonia Ivori De Lane, 12812 Miami Circle, $68,400.

Janssen, Garrett and Brittany N. to Ataye, Azizaqa and Mudasira, Bibi, 11724 Newport Ave., $176,000.

Jelinek, Jason D. to Jacob, Seth A. and McCoy, Heather L., 5708 N. 116th Circle, $175,000.

Self Directed Ira Services Inc. Cust and Strata Trust Company Cust to Rothstein, Amanda N. and Samuel Morris, 6602 N. 119th Ave., $163,000.

Tara Hills Inc. to Mres Torello Holdings LLC, 13915 Manderson Place, $34,650,000.

Garrity, Michael J. and Paige to Rowen, Douglas and Samantha, 5927 N. 126th Ave., $175,000.

Phillips, William C. and Anne Georgene to McCants, Ricky C. Sr. and Kennetta C., 13828 Hillsborough Drive, $275,000.

Bottum, Thomas M. and Laurie J. to Berryman, Richard C. II and Heidi R., 5724 N. 114th St., $194,000.

Peters, Noah and Shelby to Hanneman, Tyler, 11111 Martin Ave., $178,500.



Pignotti, Alexis A. to Bradford, Alicia R., 1903 Warren St., $150,000.

Benak, John F. Sr, and Gloria C. to Benak, John F. Sr. and Gloria C. and Pringle, Tara B., 802 Logan Ave., $41,000.

Glazebrook, Amanda M. and Joshua to Bliss, Shanon D., 808 M M Kountze Memorial Drive, $190,000.

Stafford, Daniel J. and Lois G. to McIntosh, Brian and Megan, 105 Kayleen Drive, $182,000.

Fox, Brian J., trustee of Ramon & Donna Fox Trust to Morehead, Samuel and Taylor, 1806 Smith Road, $235,000.

Ferris, Karlynn D. and Dalton, Dylan C. to Hamernick, Burt Paul Jr. and Nicole O’Neil, 2707 Jefferson St., $115,000.

Simodynes, Linda D. to Honaker, Gordon D. and Sherye G., 2724 Woodbine Court, $137,000.

Barrett, Wyn, personal representative of Tomie K. Barrett Estate to Dunham, Rachel, 1206 Sunset Drive, $110,000.

Conrad. Joseph III and Jennifer L. to Jones, Boston M., 903 Wolf Lane, $196,000.

Gilreath, Michael A. Trust and Gilreath, Carolyn W. Trust to Christensen, Jennifer A. and Armani, Elizabeth, 1712 Sherry Drive, $170,000.



Retzlaff, Pamela Ann, trustee of Bernadine W. Rueschhoff Living Trust and Retzlaff, Pamela Ann, trustee of Erwin Joseph Rueschhoff Living Trust to Newton, Donald O. Jr., 335 Highland Drive, $125,000.

Fools Inc. to Kisicki, Mary J. and Ostronic, Kelly A., 7854 S. 196th St., $270,000.

Hubbell Homes of Omaha LLC to Boyd, Andrew Lyle and Lawrence Boyd, Sonia L., 7701 S. 196th St., $355,000.

Fools Inc. to McKean, Darren and Rebecca, 18512 Robin Drive, $382,000.


Westcoast Properties LLC to Savage, John S. Jr. and Patricia A., 6507 Peter Parkway, $391,000.

Weiss, Harold E. and Terry L. to Rannells Properties LLC, 115 N. Washington St., $150,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Jost, Christopher and Lindsay, 10412 S. 105th St., $400,000.

Meinke, Don W. to Martin, Ivan and Lopez, Karla N., 814 Lake Tahoe Drive, $230,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Vallin, Simon A. Perez and Perez, Sussie, 10409 S. 111th Ave., $298,000.

Sorensen, Lori A. to O’Neil, Keara C. and Stacy L., 504 E. Patton St., $127,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Moore, Craig J. and Becky L., 10505 Cove Hollow Drive, $387,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Wiebelhaus, Matthew Allyn and Velasco, Lizeth Monserrat, 11038 Cove Hollow Drive, $320,000.

Tapper, Amber K. and Anthony M. to Rehanek, Ryan and Lynsey Ann, 1113 Hardwood Drive, $234,000.

Cameron, Robert L. and Christie A. to Salamanca, Isaac and Kelly, 2307 Aberdeen Drive, $275,000.


Cockerill, Barbara A. to Johnson, Chad E. and Julie A., 17101 S. 132nd St., $290,000.

Riha, Janice K. to Springfield Estates LLC, 105 Maple St., $285,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Gabriel, Lucas W. and Lindsey B., 14312 Tregaron Drive, $247,000.

Kriz Properties LLC to Marks, Robert and Erica, 13511 S. 33rd St., $230,000.

Hooper, Robert R. and Angela M. to Glazebrook, Amanda M., 11730 S. 28th St., $190,000.

Meyer, Matthew L. and Katie L. to Fleming, Anthony J. and Kaleigh S., 3213 Chad Ave., $188,000.

Shoop, Ryan R. and Moriah R. to Utterback, Michael F. Jr. and Jacque C., 10907 S. 18th St., $217,000.

Lemp, Ross McAger and Hailey Browne to Nelson, Matthew, 14411 S. 34th Ave., $205,000.

Grabenbauer, Ross and Joan O. to Daniels, Matthew and Tiffany, 3709 Coffey Ave., $207,000.

Fisher, Robert C. and Vickie L. to Leonard, Kyle J., 2410 Hogantown Drive, $195,000.

Camp, Dylan and Dara to Park, Leo and Victoria, 13810 S. 43rd Ave., $224,000.

Cutler, Reginald and Shipman, Sarah to Rodriguez, Guillermo and Maricela, 13801 S. 43rd St., $215,000.

Bader, Richard J. and Lisa to Sicner, Marc A., 3412 Comstock Ave., $132,000.

Smith, Lisa A. and Thomas M. to Scappaticcio, Christopher and McKenzie, 13606 S. 40th Circle, $255,000.

Bohnenkamp, Jachob Allan and Miranda E. to Colon, Christina and Giovanny, 14511 S. 25th Ave. Circle, $185,000.

Steigner, Joshua D. and Brittany N. to Leclear, Tyler and Emily, 10703 Lewis & Clark Road, $205,000.

Brink, Edward E. Trust to Ivy Properties LLC, 3403 Lookingglass Drive, $136,000.

Kline, Eric A. and Hyechong to Steigner, Joshua D. and Brittany N., 13808 Tregaron Drive, $300,000.

Gulick, Benjamin S. and Samantha J. to Mobley, Francis E. Jr., 3220 Golden Blvd., $194,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Newago, Bronson K. and Sara A., 14316 Tregaron Drive, $221,000.

Omahony, Jeremiah Joseph IV and Mallory Dawn to Claroni, Daniel John and Stanton, Elizabeth Julia, 1009 Eureux Circle, $173,000.


Whitney, Connie Jean to Phillips, Rickie D. and Tamra S., 7348 La Vista Drive, $120,000.

Brown, Dennis K., trustee, and Brown, Mary S., trustee of Dennis K. & Mary S. Brown Revocable Trust to Adams, Chris R. and Linda L., 8527 S. 103rd St., $342,000.

Byrd, Mark H. and Kimberly J. to Horak, Mark and Kathy, 8104 S. 101st, $389,000.

Coghlan, Patrick M. and Chelsey D. to Fletcher, Lynn and Melissa, 9130 S. Glenview Drive, $265,000.

Lansman, Mildred Irene to Agbetrobu, Vihueso, 7101 S. 81st St., $160,000.

Pallas, Zachary J. and Sarah A. to Souza, William E. and Debra M., 7322 Plum Dale Road, $178,000.


Charleston Homes LLC to Tidmore, Matthew A. and Michelle L., 5110 Lawnwood Drive, $386,000.

Waddington, Clarence R., trustee of Clarence R. Waddington Trust to Kingkade, Daniel and Georgette, 4904 Lakeside Drive, $215,000.

Taylor, Kevin D. and Crystal A. to Moses, Safiyy and Milyka, 13808 Clearwater Drive, $257,000.

Campbell, John P. and Heather to Mitchell, Stephan A. and Aryal S., 4607 Springview Drive, $225,000.

Wrobel, Michael H. and Sheila A. to Meyer, Katie and Matt, 11412 S. 47th St., $275,000.

Parten, Benjamin and Samantha to Ricciardi, Adam T. and Rebecca D., 12103 S. 49th Ave., $339,000.

Bertelsen, Byron J. and Kim R. to Daedler, Jeri and Maguire, William, 2105 Aberdeen Drive, $279,000.


Allen, Clinton M. and Ashley Jacobsen to Omaha RJ2 Rents LLC, 16107 Robin Drive, $168,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Thompson, Natalie and Kevin, Tbd S. 184th Ave., $335,000.

Jennings, Brian D. and Schneider Jennings, Pamela S. to Kiely, Seth and Victoria, 8712 S. 169th St., $330,000.

Ruhge, Bruce and Lynette to Stevenson, David F. and Delores A., 7726 S. 173rd St., $230,000.

Kimmey, Kristopher T. and Sandra Hannibal to Manley, John J. and Abigail J., 7119 S. 161st St., $265,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Oshea, Daniel J. and Tara L., 7313 S. 184th St., $326,000.

River Oaks Development LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 7325 S. 184th St., $130,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Lys, Roman G. and Anna N., 18911 Birch Ave., $263,000.

Kosiski, Brian Steven and Autym to Madsen, Megan E. and Maresh, Kamryn P., 16111 Birch Ave., $196,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Yaro, Bamenetayi and Bahena, Gorebe, 8416 S. 169th St., $262,000.


Walters, Jonathan and Bethany to Jacobsen, James F. and Mazzotta, Alexandra D., 13424 Grissom St., $193,000.

Forest Top Holdings LLC to Bohnenkamp, Jachob and Miranda, 13518 Grissom St., $210,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Tomek, Charles and Debra, 10616 S. 127th Plaza, $438,000.

Marrufo, Santa Rosa to Perez, Chris and Everth, 13155 Gertrude St., $173,000.

Smejkal, Lori L. and Jeffrey L. to Kindler, Andrew M., 7009 S. 155th Circle, $190,000.

Essler, Michael P. and Renae M. to Wolf, Nathan Wesley and Sun, Wanling, 15135 Borman St., $250,000.

Kroll, Shelly M. to Lambert, Joseph, 7211 S. 142nd St., $204,000.

LCN SKO Omaha Multi LLC to Papillion Foods LLC, 10808 S. 132nd St., $25,157,000.


McIntosh, Darlene and Benjamin, Mary and Knott, Kenneth Jr. and Jennie to Knott, Zachary N. and Schandelmier, Christa J., 7672 S. 39th Ave., $137,000.

Wieczorek, John and Konz Wieczorek, Kellie to Urbina, Guerrero Jose E. and Gonzalez Maria M., 8115 S. 38th Ave., $116,000.

Hicks, Andy J. P. and Teresa L. to Rodriguez, Jose Alberto Sr. and Castro, Ines, 2905 Irene St., $152,000.

Peterson, Russell D. and Judy L. to Carmine, James A., 3405 Robert St., $140,000.

Lebaugh, Robert A. Jr. and Denise C. to Cabada, Jose and Rivera, Agustina, 2720 Greene Ave., $159,000.


Ross, Aaron II and Jaclyn to Ramirez, Ernesto and De Ramirez, Blanca Azucena Popoca, 7209 S. 49th Circle, $183,000.

Orchard, Donna M., trustee of Paul B. & Donna M. Orchard Revocable Trust to Gilbert, David, 8507 S. 45th Ave., $175,000.

Kuta, Paul Anthony and Alex to Clark, Mary A., 7409 S. 52nd St., $179,000.

Jaime, Roberto C. and Cuevas, Esmeralda to Inda, Jose Luis, 6909 S. 48th St., $209,000.

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